Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Week 33 - Player Picks

Welcome to the most boring player picks of the season!

"Why the most boring AM?" I don't hear anybody asking, because they already know. But I'll explain anyway.

It's nearing the end of the season and when you near the end of a season you need do everything you can to scrape as many points as you can. There are lot of games to squeeze in, so that means we're going to see a lot of double game weeks (note: Wk 33, 34 & 36) & in these double game weeks you must fill your team with as many DGers as possible, forgetting all but the best discounts (Adam @5, VDV @6, Kolarov @4).

So why does this make the Week 33 player picks boring? Well, it's because only three teams have two games, meaning almost all of my picks are from these three teams & therefore very, very obvious.


CHELSEA - @West Brom, Birmingham
ARSENAL - Liverpool, @Spurs
BIRMINGHAM - Sunderland, @Chelsea

Chelsea have the stand-out fixtures, Arsenal have two tough but winnable games & Birmingham have a decent home & a very difficult away game.

From the single games, the only ones that would interest me are:

EVERTON V Blackburn - The Toffees the form team in the league.
MAN UTD @ Newcastle - United are hitting their peak at the right time.
BLACKPOOL v Wigan - If 'Pool play as they did against Arsenal they will win easily.

Man City, Fulham, Bolton, Stoke & Wolves DO NOT PLAY in Week 33, so don't bother picking any players up from these sides for this week (but note Fulham, Bolton, Stoke & Wolves play twice in Week 34).

Boring players list....



Southern (filler)

Van Persie
Santa Cruz (filler)

I'm not going to write analysis for each player because, as I said, it's obvious why they are listed. Some of them might only get one game, but that's still the same as any of the SGers and the chance that they COULD play twice across the week should tip the balance in their favour.

Who are the definites to play twice? I'd guess:

Cech, Luiz, Cole, Terry, Carr, Johnson, Ridgewell, Koscielny (Djourou could be back in Squillaci's place), Lampard, Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere, Larsson (provided Bentley remains out), Gardner, Van Persie & Drogba (given his performance from the bench last night & how garbage Torres was) will almost certainly start both matches, barring injury or suspension.

The others will probably see at least 90 minutes, possibly 120, and maybe even the full 180, depending on the mood of their managers, but hopefully I'll be able to provide a lot more information on Friday as the team/injury news starts leaking out of the clubs/press conferences.

So how does my team look? Well, it's not anywhere near finished, I've changed it four or five times already today, but this currently sits on my page:

Howard, Kolarov, Heitinga, Luiz, A.Cole, Wilshere, Larsson, Lampard, Santa Cruz, Van Persie, Drogba

7 DGers & Torres is gone. He was woeful last night & although I still think he'll get at least one start, Drogba looked close to his best & is going to cause West Brom & Birmingham major problems. His cost is hurting my team a bit, but I think he could be worth it.

Howard + Heiti are cheap & give me a chance of a clean sheet, Kolarov is almost certainly staying @ 4 because there's nobody worth replacing him for (can't quite stretch to Carr), Luiz is a no-brainer at under 6 & Ashley Cole is in despite his price as he gets forward like a winger against lesser teams. Wilshere, Larsson & Lampard should all start two, RvP is another no-brainer & Santa Cruz completes the line-up as an enabling filler.

By no means is this my final team but it's a good starting point with 3 days to go until the deadline. I think I have a good selection of the DGers set to play twice, but I am aware I'm missing a Fabregas/Walcott/Malouda from my midfield because of the Torres > Drogba upgrade, so that's something I'll think about.

I'm leaving it there as I'm off to watch Spurs try to salvage some pride against Real Madrid! I'll be back on Friday with my update post, but until then, please let me know how your team is shaping up. How many DGers for you? Who do you think is a rotation risk and who do you think will start both games?


p.s. Blog Cup Final results will now be up NEXT WEEK as there is still a chance of a point adjustment right up to the week.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Nik


Anonymous said...

1st (What is this all about by the way? Am a relative newbie)

Anonymous said...


kellz said...

Drogba turned my head aswell after the abject performance of Torres. It hurts to have to pick him up 2mil more than what his barn door price was at. However that being said I am likely to take both drogba and torres as it seems the run of games look good for torres to bag his first even if that means only one start and a sub appearance. My fillers are heiti with a good cs chance and aurelio with an attacking mind and on some set pieces. I have both at 3 mil. Gonna let my team sit however until ancelotti press conference.

Anonymous said...

keep kolorov...citeh DG coming !

Anonymous said...

Hey AM...

I hold Sturridge at 4.98...thoughts on holding him and taking the 0? Would appreciate your insight...


Anonymous said...

Made some changes on my team. The current one look like this:

Luiz A.Cole Heitinga
Lampard Wilshere Fabregas Southern
Van Persie Drodga SantaCruz

I am not going to pick Howard. He always a nightmare everytime he is in my team. Will try my luck wih Kingson. Southern just a fillers. He might not play if Vaughan recover on time. Fabregas is not on his form so i might switch him with Terry. There is big probability that Chelsea will get 2 CS.. Other than that i am happy with my team.


Anonymous said...

better u keep sturridge week bolton dg..hehehe.

rate my team..






Anonymous said...


At this stage you should have players that will play. Holding players at discount not gonna works at this stage. Everyone is hunting for DGers now. Therefore i would reckon you to get rid off Sturridge and bring on some DGers. Otherwise, u will surely get big fat zero before then kickoff for having him. Good luck


Anonymous said...


At this stage you should have players that will play. Holding players at discount not gonna works at this stage. Everyone is hunting for DGers now. Therefore i would reckon you to get rid off Sturridge and bring on some DGers. Otherwise, u will surely get big fat zero for having him before the kickoff. Good luck


alex d. said...

hi folks, any opinions:

Is it worth dropping lampard and beckford to pick up van persie and santa cruz? (drogba is my other striker).

Lampard has been pretty low on fantasy returns, but he could always have another 25+ week, especially given the talks about getting rid of the old guys at Chelsea, he may respond with a great performance (same goes for drogba).

Also, I imagine beckford will score more than santa cruz.

So I guess the main question is, given the matchups, is Van Persie likely to return more than Beckford and Lampard combined? (i'm seeing santa cruz as pretty much a 0 filler).


madness said...

who's Wilshire ? :p

Anonymous said...

lampard looks terrible (obviously in UCL) and his producing points is questionable for the past few matches compared to his value. i'm afraid his place is under threat for DG especially since benayoun returning from injury. i reckon benayoun will get more time in both matches as he looked lively on his cameo from the bench against wigan especially both chelsea matches are winnable. just my 2 cents :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't drop RvP for anyone right now. He's definitely a keeper for the rest of the season. Lampard may have another amazing week; however if Drogba does play 180 minutes, he will be on some of the free kicks and corners taking away from Lampard's value. Something to think about.

My question is Cech or Cole? Cech would be fantastic if Chelsea got 2 clean sheets, but one goal is all that's necessary to spoil that. Cole on the other hand will get pretty decent points in both games + the bonus of potential clean sheets. What do you think?

Assistant Manager said...

Anon @ 5:32 - you've described the exact reason I've gone for Cole instead of Cech.

Anonymous said...


Smalling | luiz | koscielny

eboue | ramires/wilshere | gardner | lampard

suarez | rvp | torres

ramires or wilshere ??


Anonymous said...


wilshere potentially to play both games rather that Ramires..


Anonymous said...

I thought about it and went with Cole, don't know,
Benayoun should get some playtime from Malouda or Anelka and not Lampard.

Anonymous said...

all the "must haves" are so expensive. it going to be hard to put a team together.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks lampards spot is under threat by yossi bennayoun needs a reality check.... but I don't doubt yossi to see game time at the expense of rameires or essien.

Anonymous said...

Ramires is the best Chelsea player at the moment, i'll be surprised if he's benched.

Anonymous said...

Nobody needs to get their head checked, lampard the worst midfielder after Mikel, any manager that wants to win anything will put him on the bench.

Anonymous said...

nani + torres + southern or drogba + wilshire + santa cruz

Assistant Manager said...

drogba + wilshire + santa cruz by a billion trillion miles

Anonymous said...

nani(@13.57) + torres + santa cruz or drogba + wilshire + southern

kendo said...

Gonna hold on to Torres despite last night he is bound to turn good sometime


Kosn Cole Luiz

Adam malouda Ramirez wilshire

Suarez rvp torres

Suarez 7.18 at no discount should replace him his price is surely to go up soon?


Anonymous said...

Rameires best chelsea player at moment? Laughable. Lampard has hardly been poor he just hasn't translated his play into fantasy points as he once did. Reality check is needed for some of you lot.

Martin said...

Cech + Southern + Anelka
Kingson + Lampard + Ba

Anonymous said...

Wait, does the Ramires Red Card in the Man U game affect his availability?

Anonymous said...

Read above and you'll find the answer to your rameires question.

kwyjibo said...

Malouda(@14.42)-Torres(@11.02) or Ramires-Drogba at full price?

Anonymous said...

Lampard has been very poor, not just fantasy-wise and Ramires has been at least twice as good, you also need the whatever check you call it

GHL said...

Cech, parnaby, fabregas, and malouda. or howard, cole, ramirez, and drogba?

also, ramirez or wilshere?


FLScott said...

Drogs and Torres you maniacs - it's gonna happen!


Oh wait, the rest of the team:

M. Almunia (is he F'd or something? Need some help on this one)

David Luiz
B. Ivanovic
A. Cole

T. Hitzlsperger
F. Fabregas
L. Bowyer

D. Drogba
F. Torres
C. Jerome

Best of luck all.

Anonymous said...

Gomes is a superstar

Birty said...

big nani based decision this week

Anonymous said...

Some morons up in here. Lampard is always a threat, one penalty and he is delivering 10+ points, there is a reason why Ramires averages less than 4pts a game. Lampard is a great pick for a DG week against weaker opposition, the problem I have is I can't fit both Lampard and Drogba into my team without a lot of crappy filler. I also want to keep Adam @ 12, I feel he will deliver more points vs Wigan than Fabregas will do in 2 difficult games.

Anonymous said...

Tell me I am wrong to hold on to VdV at 7.78 with .01 in the bank...

I already have 7 Dgers with wilshere, fabs, malouda, luiz, terry, drogba and torres.

If I am wrong, tell me who do you replace at 7.79???

-Boxing Nuns

Also, I am avoiding lampard like the plague.

Anonymous said...

he may not be in form, but Lampard will hurt you if you don't have him. Millimetres away from scoring vs Wigan, shot cleared off the line vs United & great chance missed in 2nd leg, he won't keep missing and he takes penalties. But hey, your loss is our gain!

FLScott said...

@ All Anonymous - Get an F'n name already, so we can properly scrutinize your B.S., and feel free to have a go at me as well.

Assistant Manager said...

FLScott, you suck worse than Gomes


FLScott said...


Anonymous said...

Lampard Lovers.....

kellz said...

Guess all the lampard haters can't fit him in their team?

Anonymous said...

Damn you Torres. Don't think i wanna keep him now after yet another abject performance. Like many others i now feel like i need Drogba in my team. The way i see it Fabregas, Van Persie, Lamps and Drogba are now the real essential picks this week. Not easy to make a team around that lot. I'm looking at:

Kolarov Luiz Carr
Hitz Lampard Fabregas Wilshere
Drogba Persie SantaCruz

1.33 spare

God i hate fillers. It looks like they will be a necessary evil this game week though. Still, i can't say i'm loving seeing Wilshere and RSC in my team.

Another option could be Southern/Jerome for Wilshere/RSC. What combo you think is best?


FLScott said...

Cheers to the AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken said...

Two quick things...

I will try to limit the exchange of thanks you's, but I did appreciate your comments Dave. Thanks.

Next, I just cannot get away from D.Ba ending up on my team. I like the match up even though it is a single and most of the double gamers I can fit in with those funds I always drop and end up back with Ba. I like it!

Am I looking at this all wrong?

Anonymous said...

Cech / heitinga,carr,luiz / fab,lamp,wilshere,hitz / torres,RvP,ba (I have 9.5 mil worth of discounts)

This is my barndoor team.... I absolutely LOVE it.... however, the Drogba and Cech discussions are very interesting and maybe even persuasive.

I still figure Torres to start one game and to return his value. Cech to get 2 CS with bonus saves.

BUT Drogba could go completely mental scoring 4 goals and Cole would get those same clean sheets... so I might look into the Kingson pick (scary as Bpool defense is HORRRRRIBLE)


I really think the no brainer/conservative picks are: Luiz, Carr, Lampard, Wilshere, and Fabregas.

sorry, staying Anonymous as competition too close in my private league and my entire league reads this :)


Anonymous said...

luiz cole terry smalling?
fabregas wilshere ramires
rvp drogba santa cruz

question is do I stay will Smalling at 4 something or take a chance on Mikel or some other cheap double game option. Team name is "721 and moving up". This is my 3rd season following the EPL at all and I am currently in 323 overall and dominating my private league. Thanks AM

Anonymous said...

Why everybody go for Lampard rather than Malouda? Lampard sucks!!!

SK said...

@ Anon - Malouda is not guaranteed to start both games.

SK said...

The past few years, Lampard have always picked up his form near the end of the season. He's due a 25+ pt week.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Drogba is a phenomenon, running backwards and chesting down the most brilliant longball as he 180's and drops the ball right at his feet with some "Zidanesque" precision....all those haters saying that Drogba would be sold in the summer need to rethink their hasty opinions in the future, DOOD HAD MALARIA FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!!

Anonymous said...

@SK - Noted. Seems like we have to go for Chelsea trio. Lampard, Drog, Torres. Gamble??!!??

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

i want Lehmann in my team if he Szczesny is indeed still out...i like wilshere this week too, but I really think Drogba and Essien will get big points....Essien is my pick of the week!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Green/ Wilson Walker Luiz/ Essien Wilshere Ramires Diaby/ RVP Drogba Torres

Anonymous said...

I have Lampard, doesn't change the fact that he's shit, i don't think he's returned his value more than 6 times this season, 10+ uh??

Anonymous said...

Lampard scores about 18 league goals every season and provides about the same number of assists, currently he's on 6 goals and 1 assist. I think he's not up to his lofty standards or in any kind of form.

Anonymous said...

Plus he's only scored 10 points or more, just 6 times.

tosh said...

i think yossi is a better pick than ramires

Anonymous said...


luiz walker terry
fab lampard hitz valencia gardner
rvp santa cruz

pretty love my team if DG tactic


Anonymous said...

i would rather go with adam rather than lampard. but i have drogba n torres at discount :)

Anonymous said...

nicky shorey as a filler anyone?

Mell 10-11 said...

Between the three doublers, Chelsea are having the best set of fixtures, no doubt. Dont give up on penalty taker Lampard yet. They just experiencing the all too familiar heartbreak and might be raring to go. But indeed a tricky one against the inform Baggies. Anybody reckon another thriller on the North London derby? VPersie vs VDV, Battle of the Dutch maestros

Jon said...

Any thoughts on

Torres + Lampard + Phillips


Drogba + Fabregas + RSC

can't seems to find a way to fit Drogba and Lampard in without dropping RVP at a discount, which i don't really want to do ...

Anonymous said...

@Jon - definitely 1st option.

bingo wings said...

@jon definitely 2nd option!

my team:

kolarov luiz terry cole
benayoun lampard wilshere
santacruz van.p drogba

not liking dropping adam at 12.xx with the blackpool game vs wigan and their run in of home games, but needs must.

could terry/wilshere to fabregas/ramires?

hard week this...

spaz pants said...





tough one that...

Anonymous said...


Here's the top filler picks for a week when many will be looking for good filler options. For this reason DG and SG (double or single game players) will be noted on the analysis too!

Kingson - Bpool 3.07 H SG **
Green - WHam 5.30 H SG **

Heitinga - Evert 4.24 H SG *
Shorey - WBrom 3.97 H SG *
Cuellar - AVilla 5.98 A SG *
Luiz - Chels 5.96 A/H DG **
Carr - Bham 5.85 H/A DG **
Parnaby - Bham 5.92 H/A DG * ?

Ramires - Chels 5.96 A/H DG **
Ferguson - Bham 3.70 H/A DG *
Puncheon - Bpool 5.44 H SG *
Benayoun - Chels 5.26 A/H DG (Supersub pick)

Phillips - Bham 4.97 H/A DG **
Zigic - Bham 4.67 H/A DG **?
Piquionné - WHam 5.99 H SG **
Santa Cruz - Bburn 5.76 A SG *

* - good filler ; ** - Top filler!
H - Home match A- away match
? - Not sure starter - check team sheets

That's it for what could be a very tight week, points-wise, so choose wisely! Good luck to you all


Anonymous said...

For all of you choosing Santa Cruz, remember that Bburn are awful on the road, Everton are solid defensively, and he's an irregular starter. My first attacking (FW) pick would thus be Piquionné, at home, for only 0.23 more invested; or Phillips of Bham, who is even cheaper and could play more minutes as a DGer!
Just my opinion


bum teriyaki said...

santa cruz is 1.59 pauly....

Anonymous said...

Thanks bum teriyaki
I stand corrected
Still think he's not a top pick!

WaLaWaLa said...

Guys, please help wich one better
Lampard and anelka or malouda and essien..

Anonymous said...

Santa Cruz @ 1.59 is simply an enabler to free up funds for the big guns like RVP, Drogba, Lampard, Fabregas, Nasri, Torres etc. I wouldn't expect any pts from RSC if I picked him.

bum teriyaki said...

as AM says, 1 SOT and double his price scored, job done, thank you very much. plus presuming he's back from his knock, which it looks like he will be, Kean has said he has faith in him and would like to make the move permenant, so he should probably start I imagine..... plus it means i can get drogba,lampard,fabregas,cole and RVP in the team. top pick I'd say, even if he does score 0...

LC said...

I am going for it this week.

Dont want to drop Lamps as he is probs on PKs, possibly same with Fabs.

My biggest decision was Torres, Anelka or Drogba.

I am on Drogba and as a result i have more fillers than i like. I do however think i shall get about 130 - 150 pts so could be good depending.

8 DGers and team is

Cole, Luiz, Carr
Lamps, Fabs, Benayoun, Southern
RVP, Drogba, Santa

Any suggestions?


Ken said...

Each week I feel I gain more "knowledge" and each week it gets harder to make decisions. Could it be I have finally reached the outer edges of insanity that goes hand & hand with becoming a true football fan??

I have breached the outer ring and have started my upward spiral to the core of what is sure to be an obsessed/possessed way of life.


Anonymous said...

@ LC - I have the same team as you, only I have Howard (3.99) instead of Kingston and Adam (12.75) instead of Fabregas. I feel very anxious with having two fillers (Southern and Santa Cruz) in my team though!

kwyjibo said...

@Anon 2:23PM - I was debating Southern and RSC, too.


8 DGers, but I could make it 9 by switching Hitz to Southern, allowing me to bring in Phillips for RSC. After all, the discount on Hitz is less than 1 pt. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

@ Kwyjibo - thats a nice team, though the midfield looks weak to me. That's the problem with these DG weeks though, Ramires and Wilshere could get a ton of points and suddenly thats an awesome team. Hard to call. I personally would rather put someone cheap in goal and beef up the midfield (maybe upgrade Bowyer to lamps or something similar), but that's just me. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Will rooney play?

Anonymous said...

Heit Luiz Cole
Lamps Wilshere Diaby Ramiries Bowyer
Drogs RVP

Fabs has been a let down almost every time I've picked him.
I see only one mention of Eboue. I have him at 2.17. Does he get any time over the DGs?

Also does anyone know what happened to Boss FC? I feel bad for him after he only had 10 players in his side last week and as a result got a zero.


Anonymous said...

Boss FC keep chatting in this room asking for players recommendation then he realize that the deadline was already passed and missed the save button.

kwyjibo said...

@Anon 3:21PM - Yes, I agree, I worry about the midfield. I'm a little reluctant to drop Cech. Even putting in Howard wouldn't give me enough to bring in Lamps, but I could get Nasri or Fabs.

Another possibility:

Anonymous said...

BIRMINGHAM: Looks like Jiranek is still doubtful, so Curtis Davies will get some game time. Could be a decent shout @ 5.42. Johnson returned to training today and should start against Sunderland. Zigic, Bentley and Beausejour will return to training over the next few days, but probably too late to be considered worthwhile FF picks. Martins looks doubtful.

ARSENAL: Szczesny (11.46) and Djourou (9.84) are both in training and expected to start against Liverpool, although both remain expensive FF picks. Vermaelen has returned to training and is said to be making "impressive progress", but it is unlikely he will play again this season. Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey both came on as subsitutes in the last Arsenal game, but it is hard to say home much game-time either will see over the DG.

CHELSEA: Have a fairly full-strength team, Benayoun could be a nice cheap pick (5.26), he played 45 minutes last week, the question is how much he will play over the DG though.

Anonymous said...

My current team:

Luiz, Cole, Davies
Lampard, Nasri, Ramires, Southern
RVP, Drogba, Santa Cruz


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kwyjibo said...

I could really upgrade my team if I could just trust Kingson. Despite the fact that B'pool looked good against Arsenal, the fact is, they have conceded the most goals of any team this season (66). Their home record is worst in the league (15 pts), and worse than their away record (18pts), and only 5 clean sheets all season.

Sure, Wigan isn't much better, having scored the fewest goals this year. But still, it's a bit of a risk.

Than again, isn't the end of the season about taking risks?

Anonymous said...

My current team:

Luiz, Cole, Smalling
Lampard, Wilshere, Ramires, Southern
RVP, Drogba, Santa Cruz

-Amlya peter S.g.f.c

gman26 said...

@brb I picked up Eboue as well at 2. Figure he has to earn his value back. Is Koscielny playing? Any thoughts to Arsenal defenders?

I have K Walker at 5.72 and 1.04 in the bank. Any DGers you would swap for 6.76? Or keep Walker for his one game against a bad team?

Birty said...

I have a straiight choice between Walcott for the double week and the other players or Nani for the rest of the season.

Ken said...


I am unclear about the price jump after so many games. The talk last week was that (if) his price was going up it would have been last week? This week?

My question is did his price already level off (or) will this weekend be the one?

OK...If I drop him with the intent of putting him back Saturday morning, will I wake up to find him at 7.13 or 13.50?

I would drop him if his price will remain the same but if this is the week of a (potential) jump, personally I will keep him. The upcoming double game players (next weeks) are no where near the price of this weeks players,and I cannot see any problem with fielding a fair team. Suarez could almost be considered a filler at that point, and a nice one at that.


Kellz said...

@Ken: You have become quite the little poster sir. To clearify, traditionally Yahoo has added a somewhat mysterious price jump for newly added players into their price rubric. This dictates that after 7 games a players price will be adjusted according to his relative performance over those 7 games. Call it a feeling out period?Historically it happened with players like Arshavin in his debut season from Arsenal, going from 6mil to over 12mil after his 7 games. Why exactly it hasn't hit Suarez yet, I am unsure. Yahoo is always full of little inconsistencies that frustrate us all. But this is actually a good thing as now we can all drop him for the double game and pick him up after the deadline passes. Its my thought the jump wont take play until after pts are updated but to be on the safe side i'll be bringing him back in at 4:01am Saturday morning.

Hope that helps make things a bit less murky. Bottom line with YFF we just dont know how the hell they runs things!

Anonymous said...

@ Ken
Join the club mate!
Possessed Pauly

Ken said...

Thank you Kellz.

Hopefully I am not becoming a blog hog. I do attempt to get answers elsewhere and do read all the time, but when I do have a question this is where I seek clarity. Obviously!

Not sure if you are aware, but not all blogs are as kind and knowledgeable as this one...

That's me..sucking up!
Could always go underground and post anonymous..ha ha
oops, sorry i'm old school. I ment lol...

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I think the jump in price is usually after 8 games, take a look at O'hara for example he has just played 8 games and his price went up pretty high after a not so solid performance.

Anonymous said...

From what I can tell the mysterious "yahoo 7 game rule" appears to have become 8 games at some point during the season. Look out for Suarez's value to leap to about 15 after the arsenal game. I'm dropping him for the DG week then will probably pick him back up on the barn door.

Anonymous said...

Seasons past it has been after 7 games. But yahoo are always shit with consistency

Anonymous said...

Just like to note what is wrong with the yahoo spanish league price rubric. You had to pay almost 40mil for messi last season and cron for amost as much

Linesman said...

100 :)

Linesman said...

Kol Luiz Aurelio Cole
Lampard Valencia Walcott
RvP RSC Torres

Still deciding if I should go with Drogba which means switching Terry/Walcott/Torres to Cole/Bentley/Drogba. If Bentley is back for both games I will most probably go with the second option.

I think Valencia will get more points in one game than Ramires/Wilshere in two so I'm hanging onto him.

Suarez not going up saved me as well this week!

Anonymous said...

ivanovic anyone??? he can score.. he can assist..

Anonymous said...

Cech at 13.94 . . . Kingson 3.07 . . . Howard 3.9

Will Cech score 4.5 times as much? . . . 3.4 as much?

My opinion on scores:
Cech = 2wins or 1win/1draw, 1or2 CS, 4-6 saves, 1GA = 20 - 28 points (his average is 8.26)
Kingson = 1win/draw/loss, doubtful CS, 3-4 saves, 1or2 GA = 4 - 9 points (with chance of lower score) (his average is 2.83 and much lower if you take away his early success)
Howard = 1win or draw, 50-50 CS, 2 saves, 1GA = 4 - 14 points

Cech is by far the "safer" of the three picks.... just my opinion

kwyjibo said...

@Anon 1:23AM - Yes, Cech is the "safer" pick, but the point is, downgrading him lets you bring in other players into your team. So, it's not just how much more Cech will score, but how much more or less the players you bring will score.

For example, I have Hitz-Wilshere-Ramires-Bowyer in the midfield, Santa Cruz filler up front. Pretty weak. If I downgrade to Kingson, I can bring in Nasri or Fabs for Bowyer + Phillips up front. If I even down-grade Hitz to Southern, I can even bring in Lampard.

Is it worth it? Which line-up will score more? And that is the challenge!

So, yes, I agree that Cech is "safer", but there is a lot more to consider, too.

Anonymous said...

After giving it much thought, I've decided to just say fuck it, payed big money for Drogba, RVP, Lampard, Fabregas and Cole and then gone for cheap filler around them.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to have picked Friedel? Is there a problem with him or the fixture? I have him at 4.12. Thanks!


Linesman said...

Friedel is a good pick now that Villa's defence is back in place. I dropped him at around the same price and now I'm regretting it. Have to go with Kingson now that I've decided not to go with Cech.

Anonymous said...

Kos/RSC/Drogba or A.Cole/K.phillips/Torres ?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:51 - 1st option surely.

Anonymous said...

my team (not save yet!):

still want somebody advice me..please!!

Anonymous said...


ok or not??
please assist me.... =(

Anonymous said...

luiz heitinga (3.33) a.cole terry
lampard wilshire(5.54) southern
RVP Drogba RSC

0.41 in the bank
Please comment and rate


Anonymous said...

luiz cole/terry caldwell smalling(4.18)
fabregas lampard wilshere/ramires
RVP suarez(not sure) torres(not sure)

any advice??????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

lamps or FloMal?

Josh said...

@ AM,

Regarding Bentley, do you figure he starts?

"Meanwhile David Bentley and Jean Beausejour are expected to return to the matchday squad after recovering from groin and hamstring injuries respectively."

His only "real" value is against Sunderland so if he is eased back in it's quite a risk...

What say you?

Anonymous said...

isn't carr a good cheap DGer?

Why does it seem no one is buying him?


Max said...

i'm still deciding,

1.lampard, malouda or c.adam..
2.carr or parnby..
3.drog or torres
4.santa cruz..

Anonymous said...

I am staying away from the B-ham midfield.... too much speculation on who plays. Gardner, Bentley, Beausajeur, Larsson, Bowyer, Ferguson, and Hleb are all healthy and will be vying for playing time. I would not pick any of them in a normal week except for maybe Gardner.... Beausajeur did return huge value in the last double week though. - - Ferguson might be a decent filler at 3.7; got to love a guy who plays with cracked ribs!

Carr is a top pick over parnby as he is guaranteed 2 starts as B-ham captain. He will surely be on my team. I went with him last double and he earned me 10 points. Also went with Ridgwell and he got me -4 ...


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this will be my team:

Luiz, Cole, Carr
Lampard, Fabregas, Ramires, Southern
Van Persie, Drogba, Santa Cruz

0.11 left in bank. Not too happy with having two filler players, but it is the only way to get Lampard, Drogba and RVP in the same team, hopefully these players deliver the points!!

Anonymous said...

Ramires and alex both ruled out of saturday's game against west brom.
They could return against bir

Anonymous said...

suarez,torres or santa cruz,drogba??????

Anonymous said...,,10268~2339320,00.html

- Alex and Ramires ruled out, Ancelotti still undecided on starting line up for game vs WBA, hints he may start Torres?

Anonymous said...

Kolarov - Luiz - Cole - Carr
Eboue - Wilshire - Ferguson
RVP - Torres - Drogba

Thinking of changing Carr to Benayoun now that Ramires is out.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

So who's picking Torres and benayoun like me

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Luiz Carr
VDV(@6) Lampard Wlishere Larsson
RVP Drogba SantaCruz

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Had a play around with my team and came up with this:

Kolarov@5 Luiz A.Cole@10
VDV@6 Lampard@13 Fabregas Ferguson
RVP@17 Torres@11 Jerome

8 DGmers, good disocunts on a few players.

Only concerns are Ferguson and Jerome. Ferguson is cheap and will return value. Will Jerome play both games? I don't know.

Kolarov has no game this week. Should I switch him to Carr? I have no idea. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

@Anon2.12: Omg that midfield sucks. Downgrade one of Torres or Drogba.

Anonymous said...


Keep Kolarov at big discount as Carr isn't likely to return much more than value over the two games and Kolarov has a double game himself in a couple of weeks - you'll likely want Kolarov back then and will end up paying 10 or 11 for him. Doesn't seem worth dropping him unless you are sure Carr is going to score serious points.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.31: Yeah you are absolutely right, but on the bright side they only have to return 13 points between them over two games and I'm in profit. Cesc, Nasri, Arsh, FloMal and Lamps at much more money all have the potential to flop even over two games, and I've really got a hunch Torres is due. It's a huge gamble, I grant you, especially since I'm banking on two clean sheet wins for Chelsea.

Do you think Benayoun will replace Ramires?

Anonymous said...

It does indeed seem to be an 8-game rule now, not 7. It happened to Walker recently and as someone else mentioned, O'Hara. Make sure you don't forget to pick him up after deadline passes.

Word of warning about Valencia..he probably won't start the league game. He will play against City in the cup on Saturday, and will probably be rotated on Tuesday for the league game. This is all guesswork but i think it's pretty obvious, due to the team fielded against Chelsea on Tuesday. Certainly not worth keeping a big risk like that at this stage.


Anonymous said...

Linesman thanks for your comments!

Also, to another Anon, I would lean towards Flomal over Lamps, just a hunch.


Anonymous said...

Anyone considering Zhirkov now that Ramires is out??

Zapatista said...

my team:
B. Foster
D. Luiz, A. Kolarov, S. Carr
S. Larsson, J. Wilshere, A. Valencia, V.A. Diaby
K. Phillips, R. van Persie, D. Drogba

Anonymous said...

Ferguson or mikel????
plz let me know..

Anonymous said...

thinkin of malouda or lamps
since lamps currently lously

Anonymous said...

anyone pick essien???

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