Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Blog Cup - Final Results

The 2010/11 Blog Cup

800 team, 8 rounds, 1 winner!

And the winner is... 

Rank  Team  Final Total
1 S 129.5
2 Tai Tam Tigers 120
3 Knockoutkingz 118.5
4 CaptAwesome[AM.Blog] 114.5
5 AM Blog Team [AM.Blog] 114
6 Matang Gerdu FC @Malaysia 110.5
7 Numero Uno 104
8 Shanghai Skyline FC 103.5
9 Hammer Attack 93
10 A new king is born ~ RAJAGOBAL 91.5
11 Bull 90
12 PBS Lions [AM.Blog] 88
13 Fighting the Drop 87
14 Arsenal_Bergkamp [AM.Blog] 83
15 Eric 81.5
16 Peculiar Purple Pieman 80.5
17 無名 76.5
18 Big Banana Bruises 74.5
19 Real Sikopath 73.5
20 Ultimate FC 69

***'S' from AM Blog League 7***
who pips 'Tigers' to the Cup by just 9.5 points! 

S is one of our blog members from Hong Kong having a great season, currently 6th in his Blog League on 3111 points & he's finished it off very nicely by taking the 2010/11 Blog Cup title!

It could've been a very different story though - he scraped through Round 1 in 590th position, just 1 point away from being knocked out at the first hurdle, but he's performed strongly ever since & deserves his victory.

I'd like to say a huge congratulations to S, Tigers and all our other finalists, and a special thanks to Hans India for managing our AM Blog Team to 5th position!

I hope all 800 managers who took part in the Cup enjoyed it? It can be hard work to administrate but it's worth the effort because it adds another level of interest to an already great fantasy game. It's definitely something we'll look to continue next season, possibly pushing it up to 1000 teams.

S - I have emailed you via the address linked to your Yahoo ID; please reply so we can arrange your prize!



Anonymous said...


WMA (Bale Forever)

Anonymous said...

Dear AM first of all I would like to thank you for all the things u have done secondly I have a question me and my friends started to play zs FAntacey football zs season by creating our Owen group with little prize and we liked it very very much but we don't know about zs blog cup so if u have time can u explain a little about it and how can we join next season. Tnx in advance

Eldwin said...

Gratz to the winner. I'm going to join it next season too, sounds fun! :)

Ken said...

Congratulations to this years winner. Although I am somewhat hazy on exactly what it takes to qualify to enter the blog cup, I surly can recognize the accomplishment. 800 teams! 8-rounds!
Against the top players, it is truly a goal all who play would love to achieve.

kwyjibo said...

Thanks AM for all your hard work, and congrats to 'S'.

@Ken and others. All you have to do to qualify is join one of the AM Blog private leagues on YFF, listed under the 'Groups' link. The thing is, you have to get on early, because this year's 8 groups filled up fast!

The info you need to join is posted on this blog at the beginning of the season.

Next year, it sounds like he might raise it up to 10 groups (1000 teams). So, good luck!

Anonymous said...

I finished 13th. Thanks for doing this Nik and congratulations to the winner!


Anonymous said...

wow I just knew there is a prize for this competition. What is the prize btw?

Anonymous said...

it's a jersey.. you can choose from which team..

TwoFace said...

congratz to the winner!

DJ PIGG said...

Congratulation S and thank you AM!

Assistant Manager said...

The prize of a football shirt was for the 2009/10 Blog Cup but I didn't have the funds this year so the prize is (taken from the first 2010 Cup post back in September 2010):

"Prize - The winner of the cup will obviously win the respect of his fellow managers :) but also a £20 voucher to the online store of their choice (Amazon, Play, CDWow etc)."

Anonymous said...

Meaning, we play for free and still get to win a price, thats phenomenal Nik

yff_gamer said...

Congratulation S and thank you AM!

maxx said...

Congratz S, you deserve it ! we're happy for u

Papa Bear said...

Congrats man...i cant wait for next season...cuz i wanna at least make it to the final

Ken said...

Maybe we could get a picture from "S" showing what they purchased with the gift card and start a "wall of fame". Does not necessarily have to be a picture of "themselves" for those who wish to remain modest, but something to post up either serious or humorous to go along side their spot on the "wall". Would make for a nice display several years down the road? A personal touch if you will....

or not??

Anonymous said...

AM, I would like to join ur blog cup in the next season also..How ya?

Anonymous said...

Well done HansIndia !!!

Its a special effort to be there in the list without the help of BD.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for OT post, but wondering, how long does a player have to be on the pitch to get FF points? For instance, if someone subs on at 70' and scores a goal, do you get points for that?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:21pm, yes of course you get points for that. Do you really think you wouldn't get credited points for a goal just because the player didn't start the game?

Minutes on the pitch only matters for clean sheets. A defender/goalkeeper has to play at least 75 minutes to get the 6pts CS bonus. I've been hit by this rule a few times when defenders have been subbed after 60-70 minute and got nothing, but it does make sense - otherwise theoretically a defender could be subbed on for the last 10 minutes and pick up a clean sheet, which is kinda stupid.

Joshua said...

Lots of fun. Thanks for organizing!

Papa Bear said...

well thanx for the dud game man utd....atleast we 7pts ahead....and CS from smalling and simpson...

Anonymous said...

Hey AM -- Thanks for organizing, good fun! . . . 2nd place is not bad. I had a feeling 120 would be just a little short. Last minute switch of Malouda/Meireles/Gyan to Downing/Fabregas/Sturridge cost me as I was trying to cover some people in my private league (which I did). At least I got Sturridge right!

Hoping for a Torres brace and Cech/Cole CS tonight!


John Doe is the Man said...

so AM....I really like to join the blog cup in next season. By when should we send our entries? I mean, it could be a week before new season kick off? or a day or two before?...

John Doe

kellz said...

New season wont kick off til about early august so you have lots of time.

Anonymous said...

congrats! thanks for all the great hardwork!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nik !

My special thanks also to Mikey as he too was an integral part of the blog team.


DeviLxDeviL said...

Congrats S ! Well Done.

Thanks to Nik, Hans India and the rest. This blog is awesome, our AM chat roll regulars too ;)


Anonymous said...

Hoping for cashley Red card

Anonymous said...

can i join the blog cup next season?
i just newbie playing this in this season.
i am very interest..
please explain me how to join?

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