Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Week 34 - Player Picks

Apologies for the very brief Player Picks post this week. We're approaching the Easter Bank Holiday weekend & I'm off work for 11 days from Friday onwards, so I have work commitments that must take priority in the next 48 hours (hence why this entire post is being written in my one hour lunch break).

Straight in to it then, and as we know, four teams play twice this week...

FULHAM - @Wolves, Bolton
STOKE - @Villa, Wolves
WOLVES - Fulham, @Stoke
BOLTON - Arsenal, @Fulham

I know these aren't the four most glamorous clubs, but you all know the rule regarding DGers at this stage of the season - get in as many as you can!

Fulham & Stoke have the best fixtures from the DG teams, with Fulham having a marginal advantage because Stoke face a tricky trip to Aston Villa. Mark Hughes & Tony Pulis would both be hoping for a minimum of 4 points (home win, away draw) from their two matches, and I think that's realistic.

Wolves face both these sides & need to win one of them. Their best bet is at home vs Fulham, but unfortunately for them I see that as a draw & Stoke will probably have too much for them at the Britannia. Bolton will be devastated by their 5-0 humiliation in the FA Cup semi-final so may find it tough with two difficult games, but they always have a chance at home.

There are some attractive single game fixtures too...

CHELSEA v West Ham
LIVERPOOL v Birmingham
MAN CITY @ Blackburn

... so these teams give you some additional options if you really don't fancy an XI full of DGers.

Now on to the players. It's a just a list this week - no analysis - but you can work out why they're recommended; they are playing twice or have a really decent SG. They are listed in recommended order, DGers followed by SGers.



CY Lee
Van Der Vaart



My team currently:

Schwarzer, Wilson, Hughes, Luiz, O'Hara, Pennant, Dempsey, Etherington, Suarez, Sturridge, Zamora

This could be final barring any injuries, 9 DGers + Luiz & Suarez. Saying that, Huth, Jarvis, Petrov, K.Jones & Walters are still on my radar, but it may be tough to bring any of them in.

That's it for now. I'm out for the day on Friday so my update post will either be up late that night or early on Saturday morning. Sorry again, but nothing can be done I'm afraid - I have to take a holiday once in a while!

Let me know how your team is shaping up.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great work as always AM!!

For this week I've got

Kolarov Huth Hangeland Luiz
Lampard Dempsey O'Hara
Suarez Walters Sturridge

If Duff is okay to play I might consider him...


Anonymous said...


still considering ether, walters, o'hara and i really don't like shawcross. any suggestion for replacement?

Ken said...

Team in progress:


Kind of like it. Smalling at 4.83 along with Wilson will be upgraded pending the results of Drogba's totals today. If he gets a hat trick I will surly keep as his next feature may end with the same result. If an average day or a "benching", I will stiffen up the entire team for sure by dropping him for more d-gamers. (maybe)

Good luck all.

And a very Happy Easter!

Ken said...

Anon 2:58

Keep an eye on Adam as it appears he is a major doubt, unless you have held him at his low low price.

Martin said...

Is nobody considering Ebanks Blake?

I've got down

Cahill/ Huth/ Wilson
Dempsey/ Etherinton/ Jarvis/ Lee
Suarez/ Ebanks Blake/ Walters

Would anyone reccomend any improvements? Any insights would be welcome!

Anonymous said...

5ish for adam, is it considered as low low price?

Joe said...

Pls rate my team..

Luiz Wilson Hughes
Etherington Lampard Murphy Dempsey
Suarez Sturridge Zamora

i don't like fridel but is cheap..
any suggestion for replacement..

Anonymous said...

I have the same midfield as yours! I'm still thinking whether to get Sturridge in.

Ken said...

Yes..low low price on Adam. intentional zeros for me. I want that #2 spot in my league. Only about 60 points out and they all count now.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

There are some players that you don't mantion and I would consider having on my side, such as Milijas, Andy Johnson and Foley. Or maybe Gudjonsen.


Linesman said...

I'm worried about missing out on big pts for the Chelsea WH fixture so here's what I have:

Kol Luiz Salcido
Lamps Pennant OHara Dempsey Jarvis
Suarez Zamora

Only change I will make is Salcido for Hughes or Cahill and Jarvis for Petrov.

Worth keeping Lampard/Szczesny rather than going for a DG pair like Etherington/Schwarzer?

Spanner said...

Luiz - Shawcross - Wilson - Hughes
Lampard - Dempsey - O'Hara
Zamora - Sturridge - Walters


Assistant Manager said...

Micko - the reason they aren't mentioned is because they're all unlikely to start mate.

gaius marius said...

gratified to see my thinking along your lines, AM.

foster @ 5.2

kolarov @ 5.3 - huth - baird

VdV @ 5.5 - dempsey - etherington - o'hara

suarez - zamora - sturridge

Anonymous said...


hate this

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here. It'll be the first and last time I spend big on a keeper.

FLScott said...

What I'm lookin at as of yet... heavy DGr's:

M. Schwarzer

David Luiz
C. Berra
M. Wilson
A. Hughes

C. Dempsey
M. Jarvis
J. Pennant

D. Sturridge
J. Walters
B. Zamora

Comments welcome, Happy bunny day.

Anonymous said...

why is everyone dumping van persie?

Papa Bear said...

@anon 10:23 maybe becuz he only plays 1 game

greginho said...

i am not dropping van persie, but i am dropping drogba, i just dont want both of them
i also dropped walcott even though he got me 6.5 in the first game and a goal in the second.

Papa Bear said...

any thoughts on matt taylor this weeks...he been coming off the bench the past games...but do u see him getting a run after the 5-0 drubbing

Anonymous said...

S. Mignolet

A. Kolarov
David Luiz
F. Aurelio

F. Lampard
C. Dempsey
J. O'Hara
M. Etherington

R. van Persie
L. Suárez
D. Sturridge
Happish... not overloading on DG's

Anonymous said...

Cole got subbed, Luiz gave away a penalty,add Benayoun and Torres to that and you get a magnificent combo.

Assistant Manager said...

People who are dumping Van Persie are going for glory - he plays once, other strikers play twice, they are gambling. I'm gambling.

There's another double week shortly & again Arsenal aren't playing twice. If you want to be successful in this game then sometimes you need to take risks rather than play it safe, especially at this stage. That may mean going with DGers each time, or sticking with the big guns at big price & big discount.

The people who want to play safe will keep the discounts at this stage. I'm speaking from 7 years of YFF experience, I once pulled back a 100 point lead from my private league leader in 3 weeks because he kept Ronaldo when he was suspended for 1 game. I dropped him & spent it elsewhere - I beat him by 7 points on the last day because of it, but it could've gone the other way, and I bet you it could work the other way this season!

It's up to you & it's what makes this game great!

Ken said...


I had the same choice but kept Drogba. They both are in good form but Drogba looks like a bomb ready to go off. He has a great home feature as opposed to RVP away game.

My way of looking at it as it's 50/50 or did I make a mistake?


Anonymous said...

I'm finding it tough to pick a time, torn between loading up on DGers and having expensive attacking players from Chelsea, Tottenham and Villa who all have attractive single games. Barn doored VDV and Drogba tonight, but not sure if I will keep them, especially as they may not play 90 minutes at the weekend after playing tonight. Aargh!

Anonymous said...

Current team for this weekend:

Luiz, Shawcross, Robinson
Etherington, Dempsey, O'Hara, Davies
Drogba, Suarez, Sturridge

Any thoughts/advice??

FLScott said...

Torres... you're KILLING me man... WTF?

Anonymous said...

how bout Bent? He's been in great form, scoring 1 goal and 1 disallowed goal the last 2 matches and he's cheap at only 13


kwyjibo said...

Big mistake of the week: Dropping Malouda @14.4.

Any other week, 118 points would be pretty good. But, not in a DG week. Dropped 48 places overall for the week.

I was going to hang on to RvP, but after this week, I need to take chances. Here's my initial thought for the week:


The only part I don't like is having to use Heitinga as a filler. If I downgrade one of Huth-Eth, then I can upgrade Heitinga. I'll have to think about it...

Anonymous said...

Why is nobody mentioning about Elmander? Is he injured?

Anonymous said...

Robert Huth/Paul Robinson OR Ryan Shawcross/Gary Cahill???

Mell 10-11 said...

Congrats to Spurs for holding Arsenal out and allowing Chelsea to number two in the league. Where do Arsenal season start from here then?

Ohara, Dempsey, Ethers and even JWalters are the best pick this weekend no doubt

Sturridge, Elmander & Co have some toughies ahead though

John Doe is the Man said...

Here's a doubt. I dont think all the Dgers gk will keep a clean sheet afterall. Bolton is a wounded tiger but facing a tough games, at home vs arsenal while playing away at Fulham. No CS. Stoke meanwhile going to villa park and will play at home to wolves. Wolves, as we all know, is fighting for their lives to avoid relegation so somehow they will try with all their lives to score. Anyone who playing wolves these days, either home or away, CS will be a 50/50. Fulham may have a decent shout for CS but they are too, will have to play at wolves and at home to Bolton, with Sturridge on fire. I would go for Sger gk with better possibility of clean sheet, Jose Reina or maybe Petr Cech. Dgers gk sometimes is a risk, you will get a good points in his first game but then you'll find your points deducted because of no CS (or vice versa) and end up with 6 or 8 total points (like cech for his dg) while sgers, with CS, usually with 12 to 16 points. Another point to take note, watch out Walters, he is really picking up now and his price is very cheap.

John Doe

Anonymous said...

seem like everyone is picking up Dempsey, can anyone tell me who takes FK for Fulham? If I'm not mistaken it should be Murphy, am I right? I thought Dempsey attacking role is limited by the returning Zamora.

greginho said...

two things
one, i am glad noone is picking elmander because he was the second player i picked.

congrats to spurs for holding arsenal at spurs is a strange statement. spurs should have lost that game because of another incorrectly called offside decision. i will say congrats for spurs and arsenal to have played so average, when it was needed, neither team did much down the stretch and are paying for it. one is not gonna return to the champions league and the other is going to have gone from a chance for 4 trophies to none, again.

Anonymous said...


Like!!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Now your forward are RvP and Elmander right. The rest must be Sturridge@Zamora. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

May I ask who will take penalty kick in Fulham?Zamora or Dempsey?

Anonymous said...


It's Dempsey. Sometimes if Zamora play, Dempsey will give the honour to him to take it. Clarify!

south of europe said...

Robinson picked up his tenth yellow card in the season, playing in the FA Cup semi-final on 17/4. He will sit out the games against Arsenal and Fulham so be carefull.

good luck to you all!

Anonymous said...

i think duff is better pick than dempsey as zamora presence detract dempsey's fantasy points

Assistant Manager said...

South of Europe - The 10 Yellow Card rule ended on 10th April, so Robinson is not suspended.

Assistant Manager said...

Greginho I can't believe you're moaning again! :)

If you want to talk about decisions why wasn't Szczesny sent off or at least booked for bringing down Lennon as last man in the box? Why wasn't a penalty awarded when Modric took the ball past Djourou only for the Arsenal defender to put his arm across him to block him off (even Alan "Gooner" Smith in the Sky studio said it was a penalty).

Every team get decisions for and against them each week. This victim mentality is coming from Wenger, it's getting in to the players & fans and I think it's affecting you all in a negative way.

Anonymous said...

Not much love for Dembélé on here.

I see him as a reasonable option. Don't get me wrong, I'd like Walters, but I already have Pennant and Ethrington and they worry me away @ villa, especially on the back of their great semi final win.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm maybe Walters is the man...

Just read Houllier was rushed to hospital last night and that McAllister is expected to manage the side on saturday.

Over here in the midlands the rumors are that McAllister is a very unpopular figure within villa the squad.

Anonymous said...


Good morning... :)

Just one, Steve Sidwell?

John Doe is the Man said...

McAllister thing wont matter anyway. I'll take only dgers.

Anonymous said...

Dempsey & Sturridge or Petrov & Zamora??

Anonymous said...

Not even one hennessey :) well better for me, when he hits 40p, also owner of ebanks-blake..

kwyjibo said...

Salcido/Walters or Heitinga*/Zamora

*-or any filler 3.69 or less

Anonymous said...

Anyone keeping Drogba for the weekend???

Anonymous said...

For those picking Elmander, know that he plays in midfield now and if Owen Coyle was at all smart he would be on the bench because bolton do not have the right players for a 3 man forward line, plus he's more expensive than Zamora. Well

Ken said...

Over thinking?

My MAIN concern: Are both VDV & Drogba going to play a full game????? If yes, then I might gamble and hope for the best. The current pick of double gamers, more so their combined road records of 8-16-40 and Bolton LEADING the pack with a total of 15 road goals all year makes this weeks double gamers look more & more like a single as the road games for all clubs regardless if they are playing each other appear to be...well BLAH!

So, what are the chances both Drogba & VDV will play full games???


greginho said...

i am not moaning but bemoaning the fact that spurs and arsenal let city, chelsea and united take it when they all had not very good seasons.

hey i even root for spurs and not chelsea, pool, city or united, whom i hate. i doubt you root for arsenal. i wanted a spurs, arsenal final in the champions league.

Assistant Manager said...

Greg - the :) was supposed to indicate the moaning comment was tongue in cheek mate. I don't hate Arsenal, I just think they need to learn to take defeat a bit more graciously. Wenger blames everything on other people when I think he needs to look a little bit closer to home.

Anonymous said...

gaius marius - you have Foster and VDV at deep discounts so you obviously held VDV through his barren patch. I'd be interested to know how you're doing overall. Points total and position?


Anonymous said...

luiz wilson hughes
o'hara petrov dempsey pennant
sturridge walters zamora

schwarzer/bent or reina/zamora? have 1.85 in the bank left. And am thinking of dropping luiz due to his dismal form the past few matches


Anonymous said...

please comment...:)


Anonymous said...

Leaving town tonight for the long weekend, so no more time to agonize over my lineup (and no BD for me!) Here's what I'm on:

Luiz Hughes Robinson
Dempsey Etherington O'Hara Pennant
Suarez Zamora Sturridge

Good luck all!

Anonymous said...

...or begovic?


Anonymous said...

AM How about Bent at 13.55? bent/sturridge/walters sound good a combination dont they?


Anonymous said...

hughes shawcross vdv (15.16) or hughes salcido dempsey?

After coming off of a somewhat poor DG week 127.50, I am looking hard at gambling on single gamers who offer big returns. VDV against West Brom, a Chelsea player other than Luiz against West Ham. What about Kalou? Yes it's points chasing but Chelsea look better with him and Drogs together. Ride the bench Senor Torres.

Also I fancy Everton to play ManU tough this Saturday. A great comeback earlier in the season by the Toffees and they are the form team right now. An away win wouldn't be a huge upset but I see a 1-1 draw on the cards.


Anonymous said...


It's getting harder & harder to find good fillers as we near the end of the season, because it's only the regularly low-scoring players who have a price under 6, but all is not lost because we have some DG (2 game players) this week, so here goes:

Hennessey - Wolvs 5.14 DG **
Mignolet - Sund 5.19 SG H **
Robinson - Bbn 5.90 SG H *

Wilson - Stoke 4.40 DG ** (actually a MF)
Robinson - Bolton 5.41 DG **
Upson - WHam 5.79 SG A *
Gallas - Tott 5.47 SG H **

Puncheon - Bpool 5.27 SG H ** (if Adam out)
Leiva - Lpool 4.36 SG H * ?
Southern - Bpool 1.96 H * (Enabler)
O'Hara - Wolvs 5.87 DG **
Muamba - Bolton 3.25 DG **
Murphy - Fulham 5.96 DG *
Delap - Stoke 4.25 DG **
Gera - Fulham 5.45 DG * ?

Fletcher - Wolvs 5.30 DG **
Klasnic - Bolton 4.53 DG * ?
Fuller - Stoke 4.50 DG **
Kakuta - Fulham 4.24 DG *
Gudjohnsen - Fulham 1.63 (** supersub enabler)

DG - double gamer SG - single gamer
H - home match A - away
* Good filler option ** Top pick

Good luck to you all this week-end - may all your dream fillers come through!

greginho said...

i am sorry mate. i misunderstood. hey at least your manager isnt still saying that spurs can still win the league, like wenger. he is pretty whiny, but the leader of that will always go to mourinho first and sir alex second. i would be able to take arsenal defeats easier if they weren't so heartbreaking sometimes.

Papa Bear said...

Ok i have locked my team for the weekend and off to njoy this great long weekend...hopefully when i com back on Monday i will be happy..

Simpson Luiz Smalling
Lee Etherington ohara taylor
rvp zamora sturridge

6 DG with Matt Taylor the only iffy one i have...sold drogba and i bet he gets a we have learnt over the years DG is the way to go...i am ahead in my league by 47 pts and these guys closing hopefully they stick with the single gamers this week....

What y'all think of the side..

Anonymous said...

Huth-Walters or Wilson-Zamora?

Linesman said...

@Anon 4:37
I would go with the second option. Villa is on form and I doubt Stoke will keep a CS against them.

Changed my team up a little bit. Getting rid of Lamps and keeping RvP.

Kol Luiz Shawcross
Dempsey Ohara Pennant Petrov
RvP Suarez Zamora

Need some advice here. Should I go with Petrov or Jarvis?

Ken said...

A nice blend:

Holding VDV/Schwarzer

I agree that a clean sheet may be hard to come by, and with the investment in Cech this past weekend I am passing on a big price net minder.

Hennessey will be my make/break pick. As long as he keeps the (minus) at a minimum if indeed there is one. Big points would mean a big move.

It's just all the teams are looking somewhat the same. 1-2 players in my opinion will be the "swing" to make a BIG MOVE.
Players like Pennant should score well but I do not believe will be the factor that allows you to make any moves... A big gun single gamer or a player like Hennessey will be THAT GUY.

I believe I am set but will continue to follow up until the final minute as always.

Good luck and again HAPPY EASTER to all.

Anonymous said...

Put GREGINHO back to the mental asylum !!!
Hes a misfit in our society.

Anonymous said...

zat knight or showcross ?

Anonymous said...

I'll feel better supporting Wigan than Arsenal

Anonymous said...

ummm..... shawcross.

Kellz said...

Schwartzer, Shawcross, Luiz, Kolarov, Lampard, Ethrington, Dempsey, Pennant, O'Hara, Sturrage, Suarez

95% sure I am keeping this lineup.

Lampard taking PK's, back on corners with Ancelotti hinting his forward line will be reshuffled to see Drogba benched, at home and facing his old club, West Ham. I'll take the gamble.

Bradley said...

I don't know if this is original or a standard taunt, but someone on the Fantasy Football Scout site posted this gem: "When you sit in row Z and the ball hits your head, that's Zamora!"

Anonymous said...

@ Kellz - I was thinking along similar lines. My current line-up:

Luiz, Wilson, Robinson
Lampard, Petrov, Pennant, O'Hara
Saurez, Sturridge, Zamora

Going to check team news tomorrow, but final line up should be similar to this. Not convinced about Petrov yet.

kwyjibo said...

This is what I'm looking at for the upcoming week. 9 DGers, but I'm nervous since even a double week from big teams produced little for me. I sure hope the minnows can do better...


Never in my life would I have ever imagined picking up 4 Fulham + 3 Stoke players in the same week, until now. Maybe I should switch one of them for a Bolton middie, but they really looked awful in the FA cup.

Anonymous said...

Just one question:
Would you trade out D.Luiz @ 5.96 for O'Hara @ 5.87 for the DGW? Or keep D.Luiz for single game and season keeper.
D.Luiz is not price @ 9.25 and for me he does perform well.

Anonymous said...

Duff...MPet...Jarvis? Pick one of the 3?

Anonymous said...

Picking DGers from bottom feeder teams is a losing proposition. Those 4 teams don't have more than 2-3 good players between them.Didn't you get to see that a few weeks ago when everyone got 50-60 points.

I own players like VdV, vanP, nani, nasri, suarez, hernandez. They can make more points in 1 game than any of those crappy players in 2 games. And they'll be good next week as well. Dempsey might be a good pick but that's all.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2 above - Jarvis
@ Anon 1 above... bollocks.

Anonymous said...


I just read your published mail on football365. First off, congrats (I hear it's quite difficult to get your mail published there), and second, I totally agree that it would be a shame not to see Tottenham in the CL next year. As a neutral fan I'd love to see what they can do with a smart acquisition or two.

Not to hate on Man City but they haven't really endeared themselves to me as much as Tottenham have this season.


Anonymous said...

What about SGs with great match ups like Bent VS stoke, Bale/modric/vdv VS westbrom, or meireles/kuyt VS brum?


Anonymous said...

Duff is out of the next game. Though i have just five dgers, i expect all of the popular picks to do well. I was planning to go with Hennesey in goal before Szcznesy value dropped. To say players from the bottom teams wont do well is a fallacy of hasty generalization and conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Please choose A or B

Team A: 0 fund left
Kolarov, Smalling, Luiz, Wilson
Etherington, Dempsey, Pennant
Suarez, RvP, Sturidge

Team B: 0.22 fund left
Kolarov, Smalling, Wilson
Etherington, Dempsey, Pennant, Jarvis
Suarez, Sturidge, Zamora

Basically is Luiz+RvP (SG) vs Jarvis+Zamora (DG)

Appreciate your comments.


Anonymous said...

will entherington will get banned when get another yellow card? since he ald have 4 yellow cards now.

Anonymous said...

Why is Elmander missing the attraction of my fellow bloggers despite being a certain DG'er Or Is it only me?

Anonymous said...

Because he costs £14m and he's playing in midfield.

Anonymous said...

All the attacks shifted focus to sturridge 5 SOTs... But Elamander got the goals in recent match.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:46

Duff out???

Anonymous said...

Zamora @ Elmander???

Anonymous said...

Gudjohnsen wild card anyone?

kendo said...

Feel like I'm ripping a good team apart Togo for dgers but like nik says it's not the time of year to hold em!

Even let rvp go!

hangeland Luiz shawcross
Adam Dempsey pennant Etherington
Suarez Walters zamora

Feelin lucky this week ;)


kendo said...

No one else goin for hangeland?

Ken said...

Just a quick observation on "risk" taken at years end to make that final move.

Wouldn't it be more of a "risk" to (not) pick d-gamers (from average teams) and load up with single game "power players" who have a chance at a great week?
Adam,Young,Drogba,RVP,VDV,Lampard, etc.

Jumping into the end of the pool where all others are jumping is not a risk...

Jumping in where nobody is jumping in..thats a risk!

Hope I don't hit a rock!

Anonymous said...

I am giving serious thought to picking Torres. Am I mad?? It just appears that he may be starting tomorrow, and I have a feeling he may finally end his drought against a west ham team which leaks goals for fun. Any thoughts??

Anonymous said...

Luiz Salcido Shawcross
Etherington Pennant Lampard O'Hara
Zamora Dembélé Suárez

Am currently 67th overall.

Anonymous said...

dropping NANI price @12 for buy M.JARVIS & M.WILSON.

my BIG decision for this season.

hope is gonna be very worth


Anonymous said...

Shawcross+Zamora OR Hughes+K Jones?

Anonymous said...

Hello all:

I currently have

Kolarov (@4) Luiz Huth
VdV (@5) O'Hara, Dempsey Etherington
Suarez (@7)Sturridge Zamora

is it worth changing Reina Huth Zamora to Mingolet Hughes Drogba? Or switch Reina to Schwarzer? Adding Maluda as 5th midfielder?
Any advice?

Ken said...

Well, a few minutes ago I "clicked" away Drogba by mistake and now I believe I have gone crazy.

Saved and not looking until Easter....what better time for a "Hail Mary"?

Anonymous said...

Comment my team PLEASE :D

luiz smalling cahill huth
lampard southern(filler) o'hara
RVP suarez sturridge/zamora

luiz smalling cahill huth
lampard southern etherington
RVP suarez sturridge

kwyjibo said...

Barring any last minute news, I think I'm ready for the weekend.


The only other option is to switch Zamora-Wilson for Walters-Huth. But, I've had bad luck with high-priced defenders, so I'll probably stick with what I have.

Anonymous said...

Need some help, for some reason I cannot make my mind up about which 2: Sturridge/Zamora/VDV.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

torres could be a good shout indeed according to this:

Martin said...

I personally would avoid:

Bent - Scores away regularly but can't seem to strike at home.

Elmander - Reduced striking threat, although he is always still likely to score and take some free kicks.

Zamora - (Inconsistent) His last two goals were against a Blackpool defence that are easily teared apart at the moment! He is an OK pick but I wouldn't choose him over Dempsey.

Anonymous said...

I think Ive settle on my team:
Luiz Kolarov Wilson
VDV Jarvis Ohara Eth Dempsey
Sturridge Suarez

I still may add Zamora before the deadline but Ive got VDV at a discount and i know its not the time to worry about discounts but I believe Tottenham have a double week in a few weeks and ill want him then.


FLScott said...

Torres is a bull with clipped horns.

Anonymous said...

lampard & santa or walters & lee?

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