Saturday, 9 April 2011

Week 32 - My Team


Smalling   Luiz   Kolarov

O'Hara   Lampard   Bilyaletdinov   A.Young

Suarez   Van Persie   Hernandez

I so nearly made big changes this morning to get Nani in, but in the end I would've needed a filler to accommodate him - and I couldn't justify that - so my team remains as it was on Friday evening with one exception... I changed Hitzlsperger to Bily with under a minute to go. Not sure why, just got a hunch!

Overall I'm quite pleased with it and hopefully I can break 100 points for the first time since Week 28 to continue my push towards the Top 50 (currently 61st).

Now, next week we have three teams with a double week & five teams not playing at all, so you need to be aware of that on the barndoor.

Chelsea - @West Brom, Birmingham
Birmingham - Sunderland, @Chelsea
Arsenal - Liverpool, @Spurs

Chelsea have the stand-out fixtures by far so you want to load up their players, Birmingham have a decent home & a very difficult away game, and Arsenal have two real toughies.

Man City, Fulham, Bolton, Stoke & Wolves
DO NOT PLAY in Week 33, so don't bother picking any players up from these sides.

Finally, GOOD LUCK if you're one of the 20 finalists in The Blog Cup this weekend!

What did you end up with for Week 32? Who's coming in on the barndoor?


p.s. Poor Boss FC, the 2nd highest ranked [AM.Blog] team in 4th overall, left a blank space in his team, so will score zero this week. I hope everything is ok mate, feel real bad for you! :(


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

OMG ! Boss FC [AM.Blog] fielded only 10 players !!!

Anonymous said...


My team: almunia luiz smalling walker caldwell(filler) nani fabregas lampard muamba

Just 2 more minutes to get this squad:
almunia luiz smalling caldwell nani lampard muamba fabregas hitzlsberger RVP suarez!!!!!!!!

Bradley said...

Smalling Luiz Heitinga
Nani Lampard Hoilett Hitzlsperger
RvP Sturridge Gyan

Not especially happy with the line-up, but hopefully it'll help me recover from last weekend's disaster.

Anonymous said...

My team :


David Luiz



Good Luck Guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

team AMLYA

kendo said...

Smallin Luiz kosn
Adam Vdv Barton Valencia
Suarez Gyan rvp

greginho said...

ben foster
luiz, stearman, smalling (last game for him)
van der vaart, lampard, adam, hitzlsperger
van persie, suarez, hernandez

i am hoping that van der vaart, lampard and adam finally go off. stearman is there because of a chance for a clean sheet, but also he gets 4-6 points a game without. everyone has this frontline so lets hope we all enjoy 2 goals from each.
next week, jiranek, koscielny, ramires, walcott (for adam if adam doesn't perform today) and torres or jerome come in for the double week.

Anonymous said...

I had Beckford @5 before but dropped him for gw32. Now he scored 1 and an assist. last week i dropped Bent and he scored 2. For those who have Suarez, Berba and RvP this week, weep bcoz i have all 3 of them :p

blueshoite said...

billy blue bollocks scores lucky %$£^^%

Anonymous said...

My team for week 32:

Kolarov Luiz Vidic
VDV Lampard Fabregas O'Hara
RVP Suarez Sturridge


Birty said...

i couldn't bring myself to drop rooney. most of my defenders are doubts. nani and valencia may be rested. apart from that i'm happy.

foster, bardsley, walker, smalling, lulz, lamp, nani, valencia, hitzl, rooney, hernandez and gyan.

Anonymous said...

imo crazy taking the zero for rooney with a double week in wk33 when utd aren't 1 of the team with a dg, but still a good team birty

Anonymous said...

AM ur a fucking genius putting bily in, i hate you :(

Ian Sanderson said...

Luiz Koscielny Evra
Adam VDV Nasri Malouda
Suárez RVP Hernández

Already regretting dumping Howard for Friedegg.

Anonymous said...

I have bily too :))))


Anonymous said...


what a tactical by FERGIE?

The Guy That Likes Turtles said...

LOL! I should have kept nani/sturridge. Live and Learn!

Anonymous said...

My team:

VdV-Fabregas-A Young-Nani-Hitz

Finally, Torres is on!


kwyjibo said...

Switched Sturridge for Hernandez ... am now banging my head against the wall ...

Anonymous said...

Can't believe i convinced myself into picking Chelsea players.

roonaldo said...

AM u r wrong bout the next week! no double game... Bolton and Wolve only dont play.

Ian Sanderson said...

@roonaldo - maybe you should double check things before posting; this will stop you looking stupid in future.

Claude said...

Man, when I looked on soccernet and saw Nani had 2 sot and 2 assists I expected he'd get 15+ with phantoms, but Yahoo clearly don't agree with those stats. 7.5pts: rubbish. And fat Frank outscored by Darron Gibson today as well, units down the drain there. At least Sturridge was awesome but dropped him already.

Birty said...

@kwyj - did the same thing and then switched bardsley for hitz.

And I also put 12 in my team above - how come no one noticed (including me). Why can't yahoo let me get away with that?

Anonymous said...

don't know what happen to Boss FC
1 blank and still have Roon

kendo said...

Just as well I didn't drop smalling and Valencia after all!

Ff scout got that one wrong !

Anonymous said...

WTF? Bily scores and only gets 5.50pts?!?

Juggsy aka anon

Anonymous said...

Bily got yellow!

chrism said...

Did anyone do well today. If someone says they had Crouch and Sturridge they are lying. Last night in the chat room it was the total consensus that Valencia wasn't going to start. Naturally he starts. Everyone was hot on chicharito, naturally he sits. Of course I swapped out Valencia for Lampard. I dumped Cech for Alumina so I could pick up Hernadez. The result, 22.5 pts. RVP Nasri Suarez better come through for me tomorrow and Alumina needs a clean sheet or it may be my worst week ever.

I have a feeling that this thread will be filled with a lot of bitching and moaning by the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

no need to be bitching chrism, thanks to your advice on chatroll, i had hargreaves today. :)mili

SfSS said...

Well actually can't say that i did badly, yes swapped valencia for der hammer and had hernandez, but 76,5 with kolarov, fabregas and rvp to go.
Up 250 places, 19 from top 1000

Anonymous said...

@chrism: that's the fun of this game you never know who starting or who will do well :)

TARHEELS said...

I love the way the second Anon to claim he was 1st took the time to type in his two team selections while under duress of only having two minutes left to make his changes.
Hmm... Time management, time management.

Anonymous said...


billy 5.5 point
hitz 9 point

winner is............ Hitz!!

Anonymous said...

Hey AM! Remember a couple of weeks ago when you asked what the worst thing that's happened in YFF? Well, it finally happened to me. The worst Friday night trade last night... Dropped Smalling, Valencia, and Sturridge. 60 some pt switch. OUCH !!

ebi s. said...

24pts from Lampard Anelka Gyan VdV Ohara Luiz and Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Chicharito as a lone striker when Berbatov is fit, i'll be surprised if that happened.

Anonymous said...

I dropped Kuszsack Heitinga Nani and Valencia , 30 minutes to deadline.

Assistant Manager said...

Shocker - everything that could go wrong did go wrong! Hernandez benched when I could've had Sturridge, Valencia scored, Hitz outscored Bily, Lampard was awful. Just 31 points so far and I drop to 99th...need huge performances from Friedel, Kolarov, Young, Suarez & RvP to salvage anything, but at least Spurs won!

Anonymous said...

it seems that Ben Foster made a few saves, but Yahoo show 0 saves and -2 points. Anyone sharing the same problem?

greginho said...

yes yahoo has ben foster with zero saves, while soccernet had 5 saves and the official one has 3 saves.

Dave said...

Almunia on bench! What else could go wrong this week?

Anonymous said...

Luiz is shorted on points, 3.5 when the CS alone is worth 6

Bradley said...

Nani's points do indeed look screwed up as he's been shorted 2 SOTs and an assist. As for Luiz, on the other hand, he also racked up 1 YC and 3 fouls committed, which deducted 4.5 from his 6 CS points.

Anonymous said...

Nani only had 1 assist, the 2nd goal by Valencia was headed by the defender first. Also, people always assume Soccernet stats are correct for SOT in relation to Yahoo. They aren't the same - Soccernet counts any shot that was heading on target as a SOT, even if it is deflected wide or blocked by the defender, Yahoo only counts those that are saved by the keeper.

Anonymous said...

But Luiz got 1 sot...

gman26 said...

I want to thank AM for his advice this week. I've been crazy busy and don't have time to research. I relied on a lot of your suggestions. It didn't work out on Saturday with a measly 18 points. But Friedel was a great call by AM. Points aren't up but he should be big. And it looks like Kyle Walker qualified for a CS. 75 minutes right.

Also, I picked up Ashley Young thanks to AM as well. He should be all right. Lots of SCs out of Ashley.

Bradley said...

I guess I'll have to rewatch that Valencia goal. :)

Good point about Soccernet. Yahoo gets its stats from Opta Sportsdata. Although Soccernet is useful as a provider of live stats while watching matches, don't take their numbers as gospel. As far as I can tell, they also seem to be generous on counting SVs. At any rate, it's often flaky or downright wrong.

Anonymous said...

Of course Soccernet can't be trusted. After all, they can't even get the name of the sport correct.

Bradley said...

The word "soccer" for Association Football was coined in Oxford in 1863 by Charles Wreford-Brown, so complaining about use of a term originating in England itself seems a bit silly. I saw someone whining in comments to a Yahoo sports blog because the article referred to the game as "soccer" instead of "football." Alas, the story was about the Milan derby, and of course, in Italy they call it "calcio." Just be glad people are following the sport.

Bradley said...

Well, not 1863. He wasn't born until 1866. :)

gman26 said...

As Soccernet is owned by ESPN, they are angling for the US 'soccer' fan. They have every right to do that. No one is forcing anyone to go to the site. There are plenty of other good soccer, er, footy sites that you can use for live scoring. Or are there?

In America, we call it 'soccer'. As they do in Japan as well. The Aussies call their team the 'Socceroos'. Since they are part of the crown, maybe there could be some law for them to change it. Canadians call it soccer as well so maybe the Queen can force them to change it.

The whole argument about 'Football' or 'Soccer' is really a waste of time. There doesn't have to be any logic behind why we call it soccer and American Football, Football. It's just the way it is. And it won't be changing anytime soon. So let's all accept it and move forward.

Davis said...

Hi folks, I was just wondering if there are any other principled managers out there who are doing well in the rankings? For example, I'm a Newcastle fan so will never pick any sunderland players or anyone playing against Newcastle (with the rare exception of players on deep discount like RvP @9). For instance Friedel semmed a fairly obvious pick this week but I opted for Almunia instead and although that clearly didn't work out I'm still up in the top 100 overall.

I realise it must be much more difficult for, say, Spurs fans not to pick any Arsenal players but surely people must end up hoping a player scores against their own team in real life just for the sake of fantasy which just seems ridiculous. I remember feeling really shit during that 4-4 draw with Arsenal when van Persie scored and my fantasy team benefitted from it. (A side point but search for "Hitler Reacts To Arsenal's 4-4 Draw With Newcastle" on you tube).

Anyone have any good conflict of interest tales to share or have their own personal rules on player selection?

Kellz said...

@Davis: I certainly followed similar rules in my first season, picking players from Liverpool and opting against players from Manchester and Chelsea. But as I continued through the season I realized it only hurt my team, and as much as I hated it, I started picking players based on matchup regardless of team bias or rivalry. I ended that season floating around in the 9000's places.

Of course I hate to see a player from a rival team scoring against my team and I benefit from it on my fantasy team. But once I let that go, my second season I finished 545th and this season I am currently 20th overall.

Basically I try to select as many players in a home game, that either take PK's or Free Kicks, defenders and goalies that have cheap prices but reasonably good chances of CS, and forwards that play against a favorable opponent.

I try and stay away from picks based on hunches (normally don't work but they can), or picks based on the idea "hes due a goal". These moderate rules have helped me improve each year. However I understand different strategies can work for others and have the same if not better result.

Good luck to you sir :D

Anonymous said...

97 with Suarez to go, that feels average- I went up a hundred or so to 2800, still feel stuck around there.

Lampard a colossal waste of coin-- and not sure I want another double helping of him next week-- so may go for Ramirez and Cech and upgrades elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my..... Boss of AM Blog in 40th place (about), miscast his team (I think) and scored zero.

Hope he is well, and not in any distress-- this game is just for fun, so I send out my best wishes and hopes for him.

kwyjibo said...

Sitting at 98.5 with Suárez + Kolarov to go. My decision to switch from Sturridge to Hernandez wasn't as bad as it could have been, since the extra cost of Hernandez forced me to switch Lampard to Malouda ... which turned out to be good. Up 200+ to 1608.

Good luck everyone over the last few weeks!

Anonymous said...

A very good week with 147.5 points, Kolarov to go. My hunch on Sturridge and not swapping my Friedel to Almunia indeed pays off. And Valencia too!

Hoping for another good week next week.


Anonymous said...

127 points and kolarov left.. but I don't understand why Nani has only one assist? Do you think they will correct it in addition or will be robbed..
on premier legau site i found this sentence:
"Nani now has 14 assists this season - more than any other player in the Barclays Premier League - after setting up both Manchester United goals in the 2-0 win over Fulham."

Assistant Manager said...

You haven't been robbed. Nani only gets an assist for the first goal when he poked the ball through to Berbatov. For the 2nd goal, Nani chips the keeper but it's headed off the line by the defender, deflecting the ball to Valencia. Yahoo has never given assists if the ball is deflected by a defender or keeper before a goal is scored, only direct passes/crosses are rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Its was the fulham player that assisted Valencia not Nani, so don't expect any corrections. If there's any touch along the way by way of deflection or a block, i believe the assist doesn't count again.

Martin said...

So nearly dropped Almunia for Freidel too! Grr. At least Agbonlahor doubled his cost, I think everyone is hoping for a Suarez hat-trick

kwyjibo said...

So now the decision is whether or not to hold on to Kolarov @4.43. I know many people have said that at this point in the season, holding onto discounts isn't usually worth it. But, who to replace him with? No one else at the price hardly even plays, let alone scores much. He may be a keeper until the end of the season.

What are other people doing with Kolarov? Of course, his value may drop after a Suarez hat-trick! ;)

Anonymous said...

Kind Attn: Mr. Self Styled Expert

Now that you are in top 50. Repeat the feat next year. Till then your achievement is considered as "FLUKE".


Anonymous said...

just 78 points so far with
Kolarov Luiz Walker
VDV Hitzlsperger Lampard A Young
Suarez RVP Hernandez
hat-tricks from both Suarez and Kolarov will help :-)
Team right now:
Kolarov Luiz Zhirkov (?)
VDV Hitzl Maluda Valencia
Suarez RVP Torres
Any comments?
Gazprom (2954 points; rank 614)

Ken said...

88.50 points so far with only Suarez to go. A fair week and I have no complaints. Most of my players in question ended up being a wash. Example, Lampard over Adam and so on.

I do have a question where I could use some feed back.

Is Lampard worth keeping for the double. He seems out of form but against his upcoming features, he looks like a good play...

Torres to me, brings about the same concerns.

So, to Lampard or not to Lampard..that is the question!

Thank you..

Anonymous said...

I've dropped Kolarov at 4.43 for kevin Philips at 4.71

Anonymous said...

I assume Kolarov is the new Man City goal keeper then, since his value will drop with a Suarez hattrick

FLScott said...

Glad I picked up Drogs and Torres who claimed their price tags in points (umm... hunches can be right afterall) as their prices have jumped about 5 mil between the two of them. Double week should pan out!


Anonymous said...

At this point its safe to call Dzeko a flop alongside Milner.

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