Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Week 32 - Summary

A quick post to close Week 32. Saturday was a disaster for me, as Hernandez sat and the outstanding Sturridge struck twice, Lampard flopped completely & Bily was outdone by Hitz despite scoring a cracking goal. 30 points with only 5 players left & I'd dropped to 99th, but thankfully Sunday saw an improvement.

Van Persie started it with a goal and assist, before Young & Friedel added further good points in Villa vital 1-0 win over Newcastle. 48 points from those 3 players pushed me helped push me in the right direction & a further 15 from Kolarov & Suarez last night pushed me to 93.5, which isn't too bad after the start I had. I'm also delighted that Liverpool beat City, as it keeps Spurs' slim hopes of 4th alive!

I missed two of the three barndoors over the weekend which is a touch annoying, but have shaped a team for the Week 33 double:

Howard, Heitinga, Luiz, A.Cole, Wilshire, Larsson, Fabregas, Lampard, Santa Cruz, Torres, Van Persie

I'm sure it'll change before the deadline but I quite like it at the moment, 8 double gamers (4 Chelsea, 3 Arsenal, 1 Birmingham) + Howard, Heitinga (who have a decent chance of a clean sheet) & Santa Cruz as a filler - at just £1.6m I think he's a great enabler, needing only 1 shot on target to return double his cost.

It's unsaved so I'm still holding Kolarov behind the scenes at discount & I might keep him in Heitinga's place even though he has a blank week. I'd need an extra £0.5m to do this so it would mean switching Ashley Cole to John Terry - not really a problem. Larsson could go to Gardner or Bentley depending on team/injury news, but the rest may stay as is.

Finally, The Blog Cup Final. I was going to calculate the results tonight, but I'm going to leave it a few more days just in case Yahoo make any point adjustments. We don't want to crown the winner until it's 100% certain!

I'll leave it there for now - please let me know how you got on! How's your team shaping up for the double week?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You loose AM. Ure 3rd.

Anonymous said...

hey AM, how you can so RICH?
Lampard, C.Fab, RVP, Larsson, A.Cole is BIG price.

Anonymous said...

K. Phillips, anyone?? Just 4.97.

Anonymous said...

Wow AM, we have 10 similar players..Except; i am having Ramires and not Larrson..

Howard, Heitinga, Luiz, Cole, Wilshire, Ramires, Fabregas, Lampard, Santa Cruz, Torres, Van Persie..


Anonymous said...

Last week wasn't too good for me either.
Got rid of Sturridge, Valencia, Smalling and Friedel at the last minute for Chicharito, Wilshere, Lampard and Cech. Could've had a huge week if changes weren't made.

Currently on:

Kolarov Luiz A.Cole
Hoilett Wilshere Lampard Eboue
Van Persie Torres Suarez

Anonymous said...

I dropped Kolarov and my team is saved, also moved from Howard to Kingson. 78 Pts last week.

Luiz A.Cole Carr
Lampard Walcott Diaby VdV
VanPersie Torres K.Philips


STC3 said...

98.5 points for me this week. Currently at number 662.

I barndoored this team and I really really like it:

Luiz, Ivanovic, Heitinga
Fabregas, Wilshere, Bentley, Ramires
RVP, Torres, Santa Cruz

Can't see me making many changes.


Anonymous said...

B. Foster Week 32 point is -2.00... is it real?

Anonymous said...

my team is:

B. Foster

D. Luiz
A. Kolarov
A. Cole

F. Fabregas
A. Arshavin
F. Lampard
B. Ferguson

R. Santa Cruz (thanks for your suggestion)
R. van Persie
K. Phillips

Rich said...

The one problem with you telling us your team Nik, everyone now copies you with Santa Cruz!!! Shame for you, I know you are doing very well in top 100 but I bet you be top 20 if you'd never made this blog as you help so many people improve to your level!!!

Anonymous said...

oh boy

Assistant Manager said...

Rich appreciate the support. The main point of the blog is to help people improve in YFF, so hiding my hunches/picks would defeat the object. Anyway, I may not even go with RSC now as I've seen from other people's comments that Philips is under £5m and has a DG, so it works both ways!

Anonymous said...

I don`t understand the weekly Fab hype...for me he is FF-wise not that great at all. Then again, I`m just a first season rookie. Here`s my team :
Luiz Heitinga Carr
Lamps Ramires Wilshire Gardner
RVP Torres Zigic


Anonymous said...

why is Lehmann not included in Arsenal goal keeper??Almunia is not playing previous match. Any1 realize this?

Anonymous said...

Seems like everybody prefers torres to drogba this week. Is torres a better choice ?

Anonymous said...

Not a better choice maybe, but Torres is much cheaper than Drogba, so cheap that everybody can afford!

Bradley said...

127.0 points, which was a nice recovery after last weekend's catastrophic 59.0. My thanks to Sturridge, RvP, Hoilett, Smalling, and Friedel. On the other hand, Lampard underperformed, Luiz got himself YCed, and sadly Nani's and Gyan's fantasy points didn't reflect their real-world contributions. Regardless, I'm quite happy.

My track record on DG weeks isn't very good, so I'm currently filled with both hope and dread.

kwyjibo said...

Ended up with 113.5. Could have been better. Switched Sturridge/Lampard (36.5 pts) to Hernandez/Malouda(21 pts), but besides that not a bad week. Moved up 300+ to 1541.

Managed to squeeze in 7 DGers, still not sure what to do about my discounts (Kolarov/Osman/Hitz).


Doctor Teeth said...

Great week for me with 133.50 points on the strength of Sturridge, Valencia, Friedel and - believe it or not - Berbatov (it's about time he returned at/near his value when I picked him). It could have been a truly epic week had Lamps and Fabs not disappointed.

4-0 to Spurs at the Lane tomorrow night with Gomes saving a CRon PK to put Spurs into the semis.

Raconteur said...


Interesting looking side. How certain are you that Torres will start? He's started tonight's champs league game, and Drogba has been dropped. Are there any chelsea strikers almost guaranteed to start both games? Drogba could score big, but also worried he might only start 1.

Btw, funny topical link:


Raconteur said...

Rooney + Torres?

Anonymous said...

So who's dropping Torres?

Anonymous said...

@ Raconteur - Torres has been doing well with Anelka up front, but I think Drogs is simply being rested for the double - and I think Torres will join him on the line. Just another hunch, I'm going w/ both T and D.

FLScott said...

Is anyone going with Jerome upcoming? Yeah he's got to deal with Chelsea, but then again there's Sunderland... and he's only at 7.33! Should return his value by much I think.


greginho said...

if suarez's price doesn't skyrocket like it was supposed to have i will put in jerome.

NZ Pete said...

What do people think about Benayoun? On the bench tonight, but didn't come on - what are the chances of him getting some gametime?

Martin said...

I've just dumped a discounted Hoilett for Ramires. The question is is Jerome worth selling for Kalou? Kalou could very well super sub a goal whereas Jerome could be just as lacklustre as usual!

Almunia (Kingson maybe?)
Luiz/ Koscielny/ Evra
Valencia/ Lampard/ Fabregas/ Ramires
Suarez/ Van Persie/ Jerome (Kalou?)

Ken said...

Team in progress..

RVP/Santa Cruz/Suarez

Not to happy with it. Smalling at 4.83 may be a keeper. Sure can't find anyone at that price who will score his potential for the rest of season.

Suarez may go also
Holding Carroll at the moment and if not for Pool's features I would for sure keep.

Wish I could give you credit for Cruz AM, but thought it somewhat obvious if you were looking to stock up on double gamers and needed funds.

Cole/Luiz I think are solid picks. Chelsea do have some favorable matchups but seem to be lacking in attack. Potential for quite a few clean sheets here on out for them. Same reason I will stick with Cech.

Much left to do. Need to take risk to advance but maybe not on a "double". Single weeks for sure.

Good luck all

Dave said...


Are you assuming that Rio will continue to be rested from Prem games in order to preserve him for the CL? If that is not SAF's plan then surely Rio would start ahead of Smalling, right?

BTW I hope you are right since I have Smalling at 4.84 too.

Anonymous said...

@ Ken - Bowyer for sure for me, but it's just how the numbers played out with my line-up.. him being a slightly expensive filler mostly. Should note, he doesn't always seem to end up on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Kol Luiz Aurelio
Ramires Fab Larsson Song
RvP RSC Drogba

I'm left with 0.00 to spend :)

Originally had Torres and Lamps, but after tnite I'm not sure what I should do with them. Hopefully Ancelotti will announce early whether or not Torres will start.

Ken said...

I have the same concerns about Smalling. At 4.83 I may take a risk at a rotation "benching" but only once. At his price even 4/6 games played should still outdue most 6/6 4.83 players available. Spreading the funds around would surely wind me up with a filler and my team seems to be heavy in that area now. Makes for an interesting week though...

Truthfully,I know little about Bowyer. Just fits that d-gamer/no funds left player for now.

Glad I have a few days and many suggestions to read before saving.

Best of luck to you Dave, and I hope things are well with you. How is your season unfolding? I am currently at 2704.50 and finding out how much I DON'T KNOW...daily.

Good luck to you also anonymous....

Anonymous said...

Ancelloti said that he might have made a mistake by starting Torres against MU. What does that tell??... making Torres a risk in the DGW, btw I have Smalling too and I dropped lots of point lately

Kolarov, Smalling, Luiz
Malouda, Valencia, Fabregas, Wilshere
RVP, Torres, RSC

Available Funds = 0 makes me want to save this team. Currently holding Suarez and Carr behind the scene. Comments?


flaps said...

phillips-torres-van p

bit of a disgrace of a team really, can feel the double week points though...


Ken said...

I get somewhat confused...with his red card last night,is Ramires banned for the weekend??

Anonymous said...

Hi. wilshere/ramires????

my current team:
kingson(not sure)
luiz smalling(4.50) caldwell cole
fabregas lampard ramires or wilshere
suarez RVP torres

dropped: nani,walker,muamba and almunia

Please give me your advice?!:D

Anonymous said...

kingson luiz smalling caldwell cole fabregas lampard ramires/wilshere suarez RVP torres???

still 1.1 in the bank!! Who should i trade or buy or whatever...

dropped: nani,muamba,walker,almunia

LC said...

@ Ken - No - Champions League is seperate to Premier League.

Suspensions in FA Cup & League Cup can count as suspensions in Premier League.

@Anon 12:38 - I personally would go for Ramires because he isnt afraid to shoot, although he probably has more chance of getting carded.
Also Kingston could be a good pick against a Wigan side who dont score many goals.

I havent properly looked at my team.
I did BD, Howard, A.Cole, Ramires, Torres, Lampard and Larsson though.
May consider Drogba and Malouda if i can.
My front 3 would then be Drogba, Torres & RVP
To get Malouda in, i would probably have to take a player in the 3.xx mark so not sure yet.


LC said...

Also is anyone thinking about Diaby?

I dont know alot about the Arsenal Midfield.
All i know is they have alot of players, all who will not start.


Superfly Jim said...

Just a thought - as everyone has Torres and some people are thinking about having Drogba, why has no-one mentioned Anelka ?

He's the msot likely out of the 3 to play both games, as he starts with Torres & Anelka or Drogba & Anelka.

Also Anelka is the cheapest option...

Just my 2c.

Ken said...


Thank you...I thought that was the case. I was considering him and sure did not want a double zero.

I only wish I could get Drogba in. He looked good last night and with the "potential" of two starts against favorable match ups I sure would if I could. Personally, I would have to drop RVP and right now I just do not see the advantage to that.

Thank you and good luck..

Spanner said...

Luiz, Zhirkov, Squillaci
Lampard, Valencia (discount), Fabregas, Bowyer
Torres, RVP, Phillips

Yes, I am bottling out on a guaranteed ZERO on Hahnemann but it gave me points to get more decent DGers in.


Dave said...


Had Hernandez and Almunia this past weekend, so ended with a disappointing 71 points and tumbled out of top 1000. Currently at 1352 with 2891 points.

Congratulations on a fantastic debut season--you've scored very well and become an important contributor to the blog all in just your first year.

Anonymous said...

Szczesny and Djourou back for this weekend...I still can't trust Arsenal to keep two clean sheets in their fixtures

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