Friday, 22 April 2011

Week 34 - Update

Sorry guys, I've been in Brighton all-day so I'm sending this from my phone as I'm not going to get back in time to write a proper update post tonight. I therefore recommend you visit the following sites for all the latest team & injury news.

Fantasy EPL - Jeremy & Neal always provide a great summary of injuries & suspensions.

FF Scout - Team news constantly updated throughout the day.

BBC Sport - Decent information on each fixture.

I'm not going to get a chance to update my team either so it will remain as it was earlier in the week:

Schwarzer, Wilson, Hughes, Luiz, O'Hara, Pennant, Dempsey, Etherington, Suarez, Sturridge, Zamora

How's your team shaping up?



markygoods said...

Thirst.....goin out for a pint!

Anonymous said...

2nd yesssssssssssss.

Anonymous said...

3rd! Awesome

Anonymous said...

^^ you're all gay

Bradley said...

Wilson Salcido Luiz
Jarvis Pennant Dempsey Etherington
Suarez Sturridge Zamora

Well AM apart from two differences, our teams are almost identical (Hughes=>Salcido, O'Hara=>Jarvis). I'm not entirely happy with it (4 Fulham and 3 Stoke -- really?). However, I'm not in the mood for a wholesale rethink at this late date, so I'll try to leave well enough alone.

At least the team is better balanced than last week's. RvP and Drogba were the only players I had who actually gave me 2-matches worth of performance. I dropped 70 places off 124 points.

I hate DG weeks.

Anonymous said...

baird hange salcido
pennant davies ethe
zamora suarez jones

sorry to hear what happen to houllier health hope he will recover fast.


Anonymous said...

PSN still down!!!

Anonymous said...

David Luiz(@5.XX) or Ryan Shawcross at full price?

Anonymous said...

I got a few question and really need help here:
1. Carlo Ancelotti said 'there's a chance we could leave him[Drogba] out on Saturday', what does it imply? Will Drogba be left on the bench?
2. Will Nani play and should I drop him at 11.18 and go for a dger?
3. Which one is better, A.Hughes or C.Baird?

Any comment is welcome, thanks in advance!

greginho said...

ben foster
luiz, wilson, stearman
van der vaart, petrov, pennant, jarvis
van persie, suarez, elmander

i am excited because stearman is pushed out wide with craddock back, meaning he should get his fill of fantasy points again. van persie, has less risk of rotation between him and drogba, so i kept van persie. i am excited about jarvis, pennant and elmander. they could do well. i am hoping for another brace for van der vaart.

Linesman said...

Anon @ 2:07
I would keep Luiz. Chelsea have an easy game against a Parker-less WH and Stoke have to play away at Villa.

@WM Wong
Ancelotti said that if Drogba doesn't start he will play in the second half. Now if Torres does scores, it may be a different story. If you have him at full price I would sell him. ManU have tough games coming up, but I would keep Nani at that price. In terms of fantasy Hughes and Baird are pretty similar so go with Hughes to spare up some points.

My team

Kol Luiz Salcido
Dempsey OHara Pennant Jarvis
Suarez RvP Walters

Haven't been able to build up the courage to drop RvP (@17.82). I have a bad feeling that Bolton will keep Arsenal at bay. If I do end up changing I will go with Zamora/Jones combo.

Good luck to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any chance Begovic will not start this week? Sorensen played in Stoke last game. Thanks all


Anonymous said...

Im taking a flyer on John Carew. Even if he comes off the bench, I have a hunch

Anonymous said...

my team


to many of stoke it ok or not?

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Luiz Huth
VDV Dempsey O'Hara Etherington
Suarez Sturridge Zamora

Any suggestions?

richard said...

Kolarov Luiz Salcido
VdV Etherington Fabregas Dempsey
Zamora Walters Dembele
(0.74) left. Any advice?

jaxy said...


markygoods said...

crap forgot 2 refresh

kendo said...

Luiz shawcross Hangeland
Adam Dempsey Etherington pennant
Suarez Walters Zamora

Last minute thoughts sturridge instead of Zamora? Advice anyone?


kendo said...

Swapped shawcross for Hughes and Zamora for sturridge !

Feeling lucky this week! ;)


Anonymous said...

my team

A. Begovic
David Luiz M. Wilson R. Shawcross
M. Etherington M. Jarvis J. Pennant C. Dempsey
K. Jones S. Ebanks-Blake A. Gyan

Thorn between Jones and Zamora. I have 3.0 left

madness said...

@greginho: Gooner derby in Europa League semifinal :)

Anonymous said...

Shawccross / David Luiz / Steinsson
Lampard / Etherington / Jarvis / Dempsey
K. Phillips / Walters / Sturridge

Good luck to all, but especially QP FC, who's in cracking form, moving up from 96 to 86 in BL #5.

Birty said...

luiz, non-playing smalling, shawcross, hangeland
valencia, shawcross, dempsey
rooney, gyan, zamora

Anonymous said...

Luiz Huth Wilson
VdV Ohara Jarvis Etherington
VanPersie Suarez Zamora

Anonymous said...

so much for the fulham player..dempsey with 0.50 pts!!!

kenji said...

I dont Know if I'am happy with this so I want to share it: Howard; coleman, kolarov, luiz; vdv, silva, kuyt, a.johnson; suarez, jerome, balotelli.
any advice!?!?!?!

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