Monday, 4 April 2011

Week 31 - How Did You Do?

I've returned from my weekend away with the lads to find I scored a rather average 81.5 points, with my decision to switch Adam Johnson to Jamie O'Hara costing me an extra 18 - bollocks. Luckily it seems to have been quite a low scoring week, as I actually moved up to 61st overall.

Now I had time to barndoor Rooney on Saturday but apart from that I'll be paying full price for everyone I bring in for Week 32. Chelsea, Manchester United & Arsenal have the stand-out fixtures, so this is a very early look at my team:

Almunia, Smalling, Kolarov, Luiz, Hitzlsperger, O'Hara, Valencia, Lampard, Suarez, Van Persie, Rooney

Still got £3m left in the bank so I'll probably upgrade Hitz, O'Hara or Almunia. I'm obviously missing Nani, but unfortunately he's well out of my price range this week.

How did you do this weekend? How's your barndoor team looking?



Ken said...

Brought this over from previous thread.

72.5 Points....
My (luck) at picking goal keepers continues with Carson getting 13. The bad part is I believe I am "stuck" with him unless I decide to drop some nicely acquired players.

My down fall seemed to be Hitzandmissperger with this weeks miss of 1 point.
Acquired Rooney on the door but reluctantly let him go to keep Lampard...want him for the double plus next week looks inviting.

Zigic...well, not so good this week but I did have little to work with.

Question for AM if you are still reading this thread.

Do Fulham & Tottenham have a week (off) in the coming weeks? I seem to be a little confused in the area of doubles and team breaks over the next few weeks. Maybe you could address it in this weeks updates?? Sorry if this has been done but it remains unclear to me.

Looking forward this weeks post!


Jon said...

Scored an ok 92 - Rooney saved my week!!

To carry on a recent thread, regret moving out Valencia and AJ (28.5 points between them) for Tim Cahill and O'Hara - grand total of 0!! What is it they say about Friday trades ...

My team Absolutely Fabregas has moved up just over 100 places to position 666 - a horrible place for a vicar's team to be!! Roll on next week ...

madness said...

Bolton, Fulham, ManCity, Stoke, Wolves have no games in gameweek 33. Spurs have no week off afaik...

Ken said...

Hope I am not becoming a post hog, but I have a comment/request concerning game day post.

Being a rookie I personally would love to see more "barn door" recommendations. Something like..
Zamora is having a great day but be cautious as he has a bad match up next week and a break the week after, but I still believe now is the time to get him.

Most comments are along the line of..oh crap, I should have or I just did type of comments.

Personally, I would like a few more suggestions on where I should focus or what I should "not" be getting to excited about.

That barn door closes so quickly and most often I find myself grabbing a player that is soon removed for a variety of reasons.

I know there are chat rolls and other sources but I guess I am slightly lazy and this is where I shop... If you are going to take the time to post, maybe you could toss a bone out at the same time? Hold the mustard please.

Ian Sanderson said...

Ken, you're are lazy!!

Anonymous said...

145 points!
Shot up to 30th thanks to a gut feeling on Rooney and AJ :)

Ken said...

@Backcountry Dave..

Thank you very much. I do go to the links but I must have always just looked past the "next six ticker". Extremely helpful! Many thanks.

@Ian Sanderson
Will try harder. The information received above will enable me to be less of a burden. I will continue to (try) and build on it.

gaius marius said...

106 on the back of rooney and foster. thanks again, AM, for your (and your commenters!) direction earlier this year. the game's as much fun or more playing matchups, and the results are inarguably better.

favoring sturridge and welbeck this weekend over suarez -- any thoughts welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can anybody explain What is barn door i am practicing to play FB

Anonymous said...


1. the door of a barn
2. Informal a target so large that it cannot be missed
3. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Photography) Photog Television theatre an adjustable flap over the front of a studio or theatre lamp.


Anonymous said...

gaius marius,

My thoughts on dropping Suarez are to be very careful. This weekend will be Suarez's magical 7th game meaning his price will likely skyrocket up into the 15 range. Just be careful not to miss the boat there.

I scored 109.5 this week taking me to 3030 points total. Good enough for 55th place. Almunia, Smalling, Meireles, Valencia, Adam, Kolarov, Suarez, and Tevez all scored solidly for me. RVP, Hitz, and Luiz not quite as good.


Kendo said...

85.5 last week but others seem a lot lower!

bd's rooney as well (for RVP) :( will rooney be suspended????

dropped howard for jasssskkkk

ba for gyan

bd'd osman for essien (seemed like a good idea before 3 on sat!:) :(



smalling kosn luiz

adam (5.4) vdv barton essien

suarez gyan rooney

greginho said...

83.5 points without any goals or assists is acceptable i guess. i had ben foster, smalling, lampard and suarez where the only ones over 10 points. i didn't make any friday trades that hurt me. wanted duff and could not find a spot for him because i thought adam would be better but i only lost 4 points there and i have adam at 12 in case i want to keep him. last weekend i had koscielny barndoored but then barndoored ridgewell in his spot, i didn't think that arsenal would get a clean sheet. so i missed 8 points there.
for next week, i brought in rooney and a filler heitinga until i get more cash. tottenham has not scored in 3 games so i am staying away from that team, except for a $6 van der vaart. arsenal have no fire and are not running very hard, so i am avoiding them for sure, i think i might drop van persie and pick up drogba, elmander, odemwingie, sturridge or eubanks-blake. hitzlsperger might go for valencia and heitinga will be upgraded if so. i like odemwingie but at sunderland is not a good place to play.

donut said...

Rooney is unlikely to be suspended in my view because the league is scared of upsetting Fergie (just watch Vidic yellow card (??) v West Ham for an example)

They could easily suspend him because the referee didn't take any action at the time, but to be honest he would probably have been given a yellow card if the ref had seen/heard it...doesn't excuse him though...

81 points for me, up a couple of places to 312, not great, no great performers but only O'Hara let me down...

Good tip on 7th game for Suarez but just a slight word of caution, I don't think its the time of the season to think too much about discounts...

There are always good options at good prices to replace lost discounts...

Kolarov Smalling Luiz (will he be dropped after mistakes?)
Adam OHara Hitz Walcott
Suarez RVP Rooney

Walcott if fit will rip Blackpool apart in my view and RVP will be there to pick up the spoils after a few off weeks!! (hoping...)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kellz said...

Update: Wayne Rooney charged by FA over abusive language. Has until 6pm tonight to respond to the charge. Just reported on sky sports new.

greginho said...

i am secretly hoping that rooney is suspended then i can upgrade heitinga and hitz. if so, hernandez will be the choice to replace him.

Linesman said...

Ouch, two match ban for swearing at the camera? A little bit ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sold on Suarez, every week their will be good options below 10, i'm not even sold on discounts anymore at this stage.

kendo said...

Berbs could be a replacement for rooney but what about elmandor who is on fire v west ham?

greginho said...

elmander and odemwingie are back in form.

Anonymous said...

Rooney possible two game suspension, one would be the FA Cup- so just one regular game. Sounds harsh, but so were his works purposely broadcast to all viewers. In America, a suspension normally means no GAME MONEY for the player. .. wonder what it is in the FA.

...Barn door definition- a door with a very large spring this time of year that whacks you in the face and seldom pays off because the player will suck next gameweek.

....or that period of time after the game ends and before a player's value rises substantially because of a great game. Anywhere from one to five hours after the game (or maybe longer if Yahoo is lazy.) The sweetest time is those few minutes after his score is posted and before the computer recalculates the increased value.

The Barn door seems to have much less importance this late in the season except if a good player had a big drop last week and now does great, or is in his first game back in action after a red card or injury.


FLScott said...

Defoe is JUNK. Never again.

Anonymous said...

A serious WTF moment?:

Anonymous said...

@anon: not sold on suarez? What are you smoking? Show me a better option under 10 mil that will get you 12pts per match even with no goals or assists? Maybe you haven't seen him play yet? Your missing out on a very talented option. Unwise.

FLScott said...

I'm SO sorry Fulham fans.... see above link.

Kellz said...

Uhhhg the guys gave the world some truly awesome music, I thinks thats testiment enough to his legacy, not that hideous statue ROFL.

Anonymous said...

As to the statue, "beat it", seems like there could be a better tribute to a genius, who was flawed.

Anonymous said...

Not sold on Suarez, meaning i can pick based on match-up. I bd him for last week and dropped him and my 2 replacements scored better. I've always known him to be a very fine player btw.

greginho said...

the police will have to keep the youngs boys under the age of 14 away from the statue of micheal jackson, to protect them.

Anonymous said...

i have drop adam johnson n zamora fof defoe n o' hara..what a waste..!!!

Anonymous said...

Ferdinand's return means drop smalling?

Pulsa Murah said...

scored average 83.5 points. looking forward for bent, young and downing to repeat their score for next week.

Anonymous said...

i think it may be time for torres. he is in the 10 range now and he did look a little brighter when he came on vs stoke. at home to wigan could be his chance to start hitting the goals

Anonymous said...

what did rooney actually say? there was a lot of "what what" in it and then something with fuck but i didnt quite understand it.

Anonymous said...

Good spot, Torres @10.92. I can see him starting next game, and home to Wigan could easily end in 4+ goals for Chelsea. Still, i don't think i'll go with him. He's still a risk to start and without goals he rarely scores well. Lots of replacements i've got lined up to chew over:

Torres 10.92
Hernandez 10.26
Berbatov 16.24
Gyan 9.02
Wellbeck 8.84
VDV 15.66
Walcott 14.00
Fabregas 12.19
Young 15.32

I think i'll pick a penalty taker though, so it's out of Gyan, VDV and Young. Considering i currently hold a filler (Sandro), i may go for Gyan as i could use the extra funds. Ideally i'd take VDV though. Here i would replacing Sandro with Hitz:

Kolarov Smalling Luiz
Adam Lampard Valencia Hitz
Suarez Persie Gyan

5.46 spare. Further changes are inevitable! Will be keeping a close eye on the Rio situation, at least i have spare funds to change Smalling if needed.


TARHEELS said...

Yeah, the lousy Friday moves blues...
Seeing how high everyone was on cheapish O'Hara, I thought I'd get him to upgrade other places.
I dropped Kos, Osman and Hernandez for Kola, O'Hara and Beckford.
That cost me 18 points; ended up with 66.5.
I did manage to BD the loony Rooney, but that's prob no help now.
Woah (pun intended) is me on Friday changes...

Ken said...

Little bit of a dilemma....

I will be out of town this coming weekend and most likely (not) have access to a computer so I am trying to select a team that will fair well this weekend as well as the upcoming double week.

So far this is what I have and really only hold Adam at 12.26, behind the scenes.


I know about Smalling.


greginho said...

irons i would avoid van der vaart at $15. i have him at $6 so he stays because he can easily get 6 points but it has been a long time since he got over 11 points, only one time in 10 weeks. he is not in form, or in a different position, i don't know why. also tottenham, offensively are horrible, they have not scored in 3 premier league games. i think you can spend the money elsewhere. i have been telling this to people for 3 weeks now, to not pick up van der vaart and they still do.

Anonymous said...

greginho, please can i ask you where your team sits in overall rankings? thx

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah greginho just shut up

Bradley said...

Let see... I had Howard in goal, dropped Adam Johnson for O'Hara, and still had Nani (darned 6 AM deadline). At least I replaced Heitinga with Koscielny, the one move that went right. Grand total: 59 points. We shall speak of this no more.

chrisC said...

"have been telling this to people for 3 weeks now, to not pick up van der vaart and they still do."

Greginho, I'd also love to know where you are in the overall rankings and I'm assuming you're in the top 10 seeing as you clearly know it all!?

Anonymous said...

Greginho, although i agree that he has not been scoring well lately sometomimes you've just gotta go with your gut. The fact remains he is class player, on set pieces and pens.

I try not to read too much into streaks such as spurs not scoring. Just cause they haven't scored lately doesn't mean they won't explode against Stoke, in which case VDV is likey to heavily involved. FWIW i dropped VDV at week 26 and only picked him up once since, on week 30, where he scored 10pts without a goal or assist.


Anonymous said...

Ken. Although it's too early to say anything for sure yet, i think you have some major changes to make :p

smalling (you know about that anyway)
bentley (seems to have lost his spot, gamble)
essien (crap ff player)
wilshere (crap ff player)
zigic (not guaranteed starter, coming back from injury, a bit crap)

Sorry, haven't looked for alternatives but i think there is lots of good cheap player picks..


greginho said...

i am comfortably in the TOP 2500 gentlemen and ladies.

Ken said...

Thanks for that feed back, Irons...

I was way to premature (bad guy word) in posting my "team in progress". My main mistake was trying to put a team together that would carry on through to the doubles week. This I could not due.

Instead, I just focused on a couple key players I believe are a "must have" over the doubles week and I am now in the process of piecing together the remaining players for this weekend only. Being computerless this coming weekend I felt I needed to secure a couple "key" players I am sure I could not afford after missing the upcoming "door" and will just have to take my chances on filling in the remainder at cost.

Cech,RVP,Lampard....are my picks. Currently have RVP at a slight discount and Cech & Lampard at (current) cost but as stated....I believe they will rise out of my price after this week if they are not held now.

I did agree 100% with your analysis, and I am currently working with a clearer eye now that I took some time away to calm my frustration.

Thank you again very much and good luck to you this week.

Anonymous said...



nick said...

what happened to smalling?

nick said...

Also I have like 15.57 for a mid field, right now I have this:

Luiz/Smalling/Heitinga (Filler)
Reo-Coker (Filler)/Young/Lampard/_________( SUGGESTIONS?)
Suarez/Hernandez/Bent (Also thinking of replacing Bent)

For Midfield I have thought of Walcott, Arshavin, Kuyt, Park Si-Jung, Scott Parker, I am open to suggestions??

ben said...


I like scott parker or walcott

Any thoughts on starting Drogba in what is sure to be a victory for the blues

Kellz said...

A pretty paltry 75.5pts, lost top spot in Chatroom Regulars, however only 5 pts separate myself, Cinilatori (Fidan) and Maestro Harriers (Jackal) for top 3. Should make the final games really exciting as we continue our fight for 1st.

Team ATM:

Luiz, Kolarov, Smalling
A.Young, Lampard, A.Johnson, Valencia
RvP, Torres, Suarez

Big, big ifs on Torres, who has only managed 1 SOT since moving to Chelsea in the league, but for 10mil at home to Wigan, the price and matchup seem right and worth the risk. A.Young could be easily swapped for VDV with both having favorable matchups and on PK's/Kicks. A.Johnson might go for a cheeky punt on D.Dunn who plays at home to BHam and will also be on PK's for only 5.95mil. Otherwise my team is pretty much set.

Poor on Spurs, really had nothing in their pocket to cope with RM with only 10 men. Really not a bad tackle from Crouch for the second yellowm but it was unnecessary and in the end deserved. I am calling the Spurs 5-0 home leg win with a Bale hatrick :D

Cannot wait for Chelsea v Utd tomorrow!

Good luck gents

bullocks said...

what a farce tottenham in champs league - 4-0 embarrasment representing england !! bring back liverpool

greginho said...

so the real players are more gracious than the barca ones. many of the players said it was harsh on crouch to get both yellow cards, that the ref should have held the second one. at the time of the sending off spurs were already down one goal.

not one of the barcelona players said that van persie's sending off was a bad call. they bitched about the referee. van persie got sent off for kicking the ball away and not a second bad foul. at the time of the sending off, arsenal were going through.

Anonymous said...

well let face it, even without the RC i think spurs not gonna win that game.. but the scoreline might be different, 3-1 maybe.. with player like ozil, di maria, ronaldo, alonso, even the motivated adebayor with the like of kaka, higuain on the bench.. all of them the type of player that can make a differences.. spurs only have modric, vdv and bale.. but i hope that they can spring another comeback at WHL because i would really like to see EPL team to go through..

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