Monday, 25 April 2011

Spurs, Harry & Week 34 So Far

Excellent article that sums up my feeling on Spurs and Harry Redknapp at this point in time, specifically targeting Redknapp's recent comments about the fans, as our hopes of another season of Champions League football slip away...

Why Do Expectations Grate With Harry? - Such Small Portions Blogspot

The race for fourth has now become the slump to sixth.

It wasn't an awful performance - it just wasn't good enough. Not good enough to beat West Brom and not good enough for a side that wants to claim a Champions League spot.

We're officially on a pretty appalling run now. We've won one of our last seven league games. If you take the Arsenal game out of the line-up, we've played Blackpool, Wolves, West Ham, Wigan, Stoke and West Brom. And we've got seven points out of 18. The minimum we should expect out of that is 12. It's not wildly unreasonable to look for 14 or 15.

Yes, Harry, I said 'expect'. Harry seems to have a problem with expectation. Expectation, you see, leads to disappointment, possibly even disgruntlement. And Harry doesn't like that. He considers it an uninformed and ungrateful affront.

He thinks we're kidding ourselves if we expect to beat Blackpool, Wolves, West Ham, Wigan, Stoke and West Brom. And yes, maybe beating all of them in the space of six weeks is a tall order (although fuck knows it shouldn't be impossible), but surely we're allowed to expect to beat more than one of them?

But no, Harry gets all churlish and snippy when the fans dare to grumble. You can tell he wants to mention that eight games/two points thing, but even he knows the statute of limitation has passed on that one now. We should still be grateful, though; we must never forget...

After the West Brom game he said that when we were 2-1 up the crowd were all singing and enjoying themselves, then when they equalised it was like the end of the world - his voice heavy with sarcasm and judgement.

Well you know what, Harry? Fuck off. When we were 2-1 up, the mood lifted slightly, yes. That's kind of what happens in football, you must be aware of this. But there was still tension, still a nagging belief that we'd need a third, and an acute awareness that we didn't look like getting it.

And when they equalised it wasn't the end of the world, but it was something close to the end of our season. And we care, you see. We probably care far too much, but you're just gonna have to learn to live with that. Or fuck off.

What you can't do is keep deflecting criticism onto the fans with all this bollocks about 'Yeah, cos they were always qualifying for the Champions League before I got here, weren't they?'.

What you're saying is that it's okay for you to fail, because we shouldn't expect success. And that, actually, if we express disappointment at dropping points against immensely beatable sides, then the fault isn't with you and the team for dropping the points, it's with us for not understanding the true nature of the situation. It's with us having the audacity to expect more than a point against West Ham, or Wigan, or to not be the only club that fails to beat Blackpool over the course of a couple of months.

It's becoming as annoying as all these dropped points. And that's really fucking annoying.

The game itself? As ever, I'm going to assume you saw it and will be either reading or, like me, avoiding plenty of lovely linear reports elsewhere.

I think we could have just about scraped three points from it, but I'm not sure we deserved three points. Their equaliser was a brilliant strike which we all know that fucker will never repeat, but, sometimes, the first thing you've gotta say is 'yep, good goal, well done son'. (And is it true, as most of us on Twitter espoused last night, that players save their once-in-a-lifetime thunderbolts for us? It's probably not, but it feels like it).

On the plus side, our two centre forwards scored two good goals from open play. Then again, those two centre forwards did exactly that a few weeks back against Wolves - and it didn't mark a turnaround in form and it didn't result in three points.

We're not playing well, we're not picking up points, we're not going to finish fourth and I, like many of you, will be pissed off. Just don't tell Harry.

I could not have put it better myself.

Anyway, a quick review of how things are going so far. 59 points with 9 DGers to come, certainly not great at the moment but it's enough to get me back to 100th overall & seeing as Fulham / Stoke have their home games to come I'm still hopeful of a decent week.

How are you getting on?


p.s. As you can tell I'm back from my Easter break so the blog will be back to normal this week; full Player Picks & Updates posts to come on Wednesday & Friday.


First said...


and second look said...


No-one else logged on today said...

as I have third too!!!! :)

Must be the bank holiday... said...


Time to read the post now.... said...


Anonymous said...

69 with 7 to go.. still a decent week i guess.. DGamers is still the way to go because it works almost all the time.. i don't remember having under 100 when load on DGamers..

kendo said...

65 with 8 dgers to go I had Chelsea players malouda Cole and Torres who I dropped be interesting to see sturridge could take points away from my fulham defenders!

Ken said...

Already looking ahead to this weekend. 80 points so far with only (4) filler d-gamers to go.

I did barn door Rodrigues not so much for point chasing but his price was less then 8 so why not. Has a great match up. Also going with Kuyt for sure. Balotelli (adding this week) hopefully will do well today and with the double following may just say awhile.
Not sure I want to let VDV go even though this week is not to promising, I do want him for the "double" so he stays?
Adam may go and the rest is in progress.

Sorry, but I do hope the Double gamers have a repeat point performance as I have made nice moves this week, but that's the trap, there's always that second game!

Good luck all

Anonymous said...

kept rvp, suarez and lampard and earn 107.50. pretty happy because of right decision to keep them. 5 DGs still to go. hope can get more than 150 for this week.


Pete said...

Try being a Sheffield United fan nik. I'd happily swap places with you!
74points this week with 6 DGers to go, get to 100 I'd be happy, keep me 2nd in my private league and not far of 1st!

madness said...

80,5 with 8 players to go

Anonymous said...

80 points with 6dgers to go, frankly, a goal or 2 from them will be nice but i'm not expecting much. Can Zamora and Etherington give me 30 points? I doubt

Eldwin said...

60.5, 9 to go. Need some miracle, these 2 consecutive DGs have not done me any good so far.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are loads of this sort of thing for Arsenal fans. I mean, how many times can they f**k up? I expect that once second place is also out of reach, they'll crush their remaining opponent or two by four goals apiece.

Anonymous said...

Any good striker this week to barndoor other than Balotelli ?

kwyjibo said...

"A load of tottenham, that is. A steaming pile of hotspur."

Anonymous said...

Whats the latest on Joe Hart? As i plan to load up on Citeh players , bringing in Hart Kolarov and Lescot

Luiz Lescot Kolarov
VdV Y.Touré Hoillet D.Silva
Suarez VanPersie Balotelli

1.3 left, if i go wit Szczesny, i'll have 5 left so i can switch VanPERSIE to Drogba. Still early i know but

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at Spurs as their "Champions League adventure" increasingly looks like a one-season one-off. Frankly I'm sick of the Spurs lovefest that has gone on in the media this season, the 0-5 defeat to Real Madrid was humiliating, now they can go back to being Arsenal's bitches and Man Utd's feeder club.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add, I have a tiny penis.

chrism said...

@Nik re: Spurs&Harry

Alas there is still a faint glimmer of hope. Citeh goes today, if they drop 3 and Spurs win out there is still a chance for 4th and Europe. Which is in now way shabby.

For suffering Spurs fans, the key question now is who in the hell are they going to buy to be a reliable 20 goals striker. I think VDV outscored Crouch, Defoe and Pavel combined.

They also have one other major problem. Everyone has finally figured out Bale and are simply knocking him on his ass before he can start his epic runs. He will surprise no one anymore. Which is also probably good news because I don't see Real or whoever coming in with a $50 million offer.

Spurs collapse was no worse the Arsenal's. I think both teams are lacking a Captain that just refuses to let his teammates go soft. With the Gunners, Cesc was talking trash about Wegner rather than kick his teammates ass. Spurs have no one to take charge. A Rooney or a Terry would have kicked ass in the locker room. They need a hard man.

That said, 65 pts with 8 dg'ers to go. Hope a hard man gets in Zamora and Dempsey's faces and they do something. Save my sorry week.

chris m

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I am sh*t! 35 pts. so far on the DGr's... should have said my prayers on Easter Sunday. Oh well, maybe the next games will go better... ugh.

Anonymous said...

Disapointed with yahoo, kolarov had a block there is no doubt!

gman26 said...

91 with 7 DGers to go.

I think to DG or not to DG is a good debate. I usually go all in with DG except for discounts. I just did seven this week because I felt like there were only so many good options.

I have Lampard at 13.14 and felt like he could outperform a DGer potentially. Got a little lucky as he's been crap recently but he had a good week. Same with David Luiz (5.96) and Kolarov(4.43). I kept them and it's paid off so far. But I don't begrudge the all in DG strategy though. Then again, it's all about picking the right Double Gamers...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I dropped lampard@13 and Luiz@5 to get in more DGmers. Not great so far :(


FLScott said...

If you had MaxiRod this past week, I will congratulate you on winning your private league. Sweet fancy Moses... wish I did.

Bradley said...

What a weird weekend. A hat-trick from Maxi, a brace from Henderson, and at least 4 goals from late subs (Andy Johnson, Simon Cox, Joe Cole, Tamir Cohen). Hopefully, some goals will come from less unusual sources during round #2 for the DG teams (and you know who you are... :) ).

greginho said...

try being an arsenal fan, at least rednapp is closer to sanity than wenger. he is still saying arsenal are mathmatecally able to still win it. arsene keeps saying that the team has an outstanding attitude. why would they? not one supporter has an outstanding attitude, right now.

wenger will not alter his lineup or his scheme. van persie is by himself, up front. interestingly, the team played the worst, when the best players were all healthy. how can you not be able to motivate the team to win, when they were so close.
he has not brought in players needed for the various positions. he is happier with the profitability of arsenal than the winning.

i have 66points with 6 more to go. 110 would be nice. biggest clunkers for me so far, stearman full game 0 and petrov not playing. if it was known that petrov was not playing, i missed it.

Dave said...

So Balotelli draws a yellow to finish with negative points and Dzeko comes on to score the winner from the bench. Which player will start this week after that?

John Doe is the Man said...

Mr. Harry has a tiny penis..with one ball less.

Linesman said...

I was wondering the same thing so I decided to stay clear of City FWs.

Here's what I have saved right now:

Kolarov Luiz Lescott Kompany
Silva Adam Dunn
Suarez RvP Torres

Putting all my eggs in one basket...or more like a wet paper bag. West Ham are capable of pulling a goal from nowhere so I may chicken out and change things around. But for now I like the look of this, especially with City's double coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Dzeko does not have the pace for the counter attack that Citeh plays, so i don't see him starting ahead of Balotelli unless Mancini decides to go with 2 forwards.

Bradley said...

Make that at least 5 goals off the bench, the latest courtesy of Edin Dzeko.

I have 62 points with 9 DGers to go, BTW (assuming Sturridge is still fit to play).

Ken said...

Watched a lot of the City game yesterday.
I am not trying to get in an argument but...

Did Balotelli & Dzeko just have an off day or are they, for lack of a better description, that bad?
Not sure I understood what Balotelli was doing most of the game & when Dzeko came in it appeared he was more interested falling then standing. The guy was going down easier then a $2 hooker.

I thought I would keep Balotelli for this week & the double to follow but if yesterday's game is an indication of what I can expect, I will be looking elsewhere for a striker.

Am I overreacting?

Anonymous said...

no you're not but no amount of negative talk will make me drop mario for the next 2 weeks

mmmm said...

as a liverpool fan im really happy lol - never mind 4th your lot are not even gonna finish 5th !!! im loving it lol

Anonymous said...

mmmm lol omg ur a prick lol

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to finish 5th because it means having to take part in the nonsensical Europa League. For that reason I think the majority of Liverpool and Spurs fans would rather finish 6th than 5th.

Anonymous said...

100,5 points with 4 dgers left.

luiz(12,50) smalling(0) huth(7.50)
southern(5) o'hara(3) lampard(21,50) etherington(4)
suarez(17,50) RVP(16) sturridge(11,50)

HAppy so far

mmmmm said...

anon 1.4 - omg you seem to be looking for a prick and salivating at the same time at the thought

Anonymous said...

126.5 with no DGers, and a great team for the run out

Anonymous said...

Balotelli has a good game 1 out of 3 games. So odds are that if he plays 2 games he might have 1 good game. Or,he might not play at all.
Where can I find a $2 hooker?

Martin said...

My Dad, who just happens to be my closest rival in my private league had Shawcross, Pennant and Jones in his team. He's en route to possibly 150 ish, not bad from those supposedly 'weak' double gamers..

Anonymous said...

Pennant just saved my week, and possibly my season, with his big points tonight. If only I'd gone for Shawcross instead of shitty Wilson!

Anonymous said...

For all those that doubted the double games from the weaker sides, if you chose right, you were well rewarded. As AM stated, the best match-ups were to come and Stoke home to Wolves didn't disappoint. Bonus is there is another favorable home fixture for Fulham.

126.5pts with all Single gamers not looking so hot anymore.

Ken said...

Be careful..

The answer to "where can I find a $2 hooker" is one of the oldest set-ups I can remember.

some COULD say...Your sister, Your girlfriend,etc.

Not that I would stoop to those kind of responses but others good thing you posted anonymous.

FLScott said...

@ Ken - LMAO!

Here's what I'm looking at for the upcoming week... I hate this team and maybe I shouldn't.. but please disect if you're so inclined:

J. Hart

M. Olsson
V. Kompany
R. Shawcross
S. Carr

D. Dunn
D. Silva
K. Southern
Sebastian Larsson

D. Bent
K. Jones

Cheers, and good luck.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

"Their equaliser was a brilliant strike which we all know that fucker will never repeat, but, sometimes, the first thing you've gotta say is 'yep, good goal, well done son'."

Simon Cox has made lots of crazy goals from way out, I just think that Spurs didnt know how much of a threat he could be.

Anonymous said...

102 with just zamora to go, this should be my worst doubles score.

Anonymous said...

Ian Sanderson are you watching.....

Double gamers DON'T work he says....

The Experts know NOTHING he says....

Shawcross 25 points..... Pennant 27.5 points....

Oh dear Oh dear Ian....

Superfly Jim said...

Sitting with 76pts with 4 DGers still to go - Zam, Clint, Schwarz & Hughes.

Have slipped out top 1000 for first time in about 6 months...not good.

Provisional BD team


Anonymous said...

team for wk35

luiz olsson carr
AJ silva valencia fabregas
bent torres ?(11.28)

Any suggestions? PLease comment

Anonymous said...

@Superflyjim wilson play as a defensive midfielder and will most likele give you negative points.

my team atm

Luiz kolarov Zabaleta
VanderVaart Toure Gardner Nzogbia
Suarez Torres Balotelli

2.4 left

Anonymous said...

City heavy week..

Shorey/ Kolarov/ Zabeleta/ Kompany
Silva/ Valencia/ Merieles/ Yaya
Suarez/ Balotelli

Could anybody suggest a wiser investment other than Merieles? He's not been scoring brilliant of late.

Ian Sanderson said...

Anon @ 6.57am.
I presume English is not your first language as you have completely failed to understand what I was saying - I suggest you reread my posts.
First you say I have said DGers don't work - I have NEVER said this.
Then you say I have said the experts know nothing - another lie.
What I have said, and I stand by, is that it is wrong to say you MUST load up on DGers and that having 7+ DGers in your team GUARANTEES 100+ points.
It's common sense really and I fail to see how anyone could disagree, I am a little disappointed AM is standing by his (incorrect)statements - maybe he should be a politician.
Having said all that, I must point out that this is not only my favourite FF website, it's my top site and first stop every day. Please continue the good work and take my comments in the manner they were meant.

Assistant Manager said...

Ian - I had a think & I'm planning on changing my statement to something like: "In my opinion you should always be able to secure a minimum of 100 points by banking on 7+ DGers if you choose wisely, something far more difficult to achieve with SGers. For that reason, I feel the best tactic is to fit in as many DGers as you can."

I hope the removal of the word "must" and "guarantee" will change your opinion that I should be a politician :)

Assistant Manager said...

P.S Week 35 Player Picks will be up either tonight or tomorrow morning - cheers!

Ken said...

Is anyone considering Chris Brunt this week? I am. Match up seems to favor the home team and they (West Brom) are playing very well, also Villa seem to give up goals on the road.

I like Kuyt though pricey, he appears to be playing up front with Suarez. Got to like that.

At the moment I am having trouble fitting both in. Would have to bring in Merieles for Kuyt, and I just don't see that happening.

Lots to ponder but as always I will fine tune after this weeks player picks as they always help in making that final decision.

Good luck

Ian Sanderson said...

@AM - hurray!

DeviLxDeviL said...

Wohoo, Pennant + Shawcross really saved my day 121.5 pts + Zamora/Dempsey/Schwarzer to go. Go go.

By the way, top class performance by Manchester United. One more thing, so impressed with Neuer performance. World class GK.


Anonymous said...

Here comes the monster team for next week :

Luiz Kola Carr
Adam Pennant Lamps Henderson Silva
Suarez Drogs

Anonymous said...

@Ken i made the mistake of not picking kyut before his price went up. Presently i have 14.21 and can't seem to fit in any of the midfielders i like. like, Adam, A.young, Kyut...

Ken said...

I did pick up Kuyt at 14.88 before this last increase. With only a few weeks left I am focusing all on attack and right now and only Luiz is safe on defense as I hold him at 5.96.

Unless I just can't help it defense is "filler time"...

I also like A Young this week but may fall short on fitting him in.
Would have to drop Adam and home game over away game most likely will make me decide on Adam.

Good luck, I love these "crunch" time decisions!

gman26 said...

122 with Dembele, Dempsey and Sturridge(looks like he's fit) left to play. So the 122 so far was done with 4 DGers although outside of KJones, not the 'right' ones. How does this apply to AM's new formula? Unsure. But I'm tentatively happy with the week(Please start Deuce, Hughes!)

Looking ahead to another DG decision, I'm no scheduling guru but ManCity has a DG week coming up right? So why not stock up on MC players this week against WHU(3rd most goals allowed in league play) and keep them for the Double week. As a fantasy manager across many sports(NBA, NFL, etc), I know that my players like consistency. Granted this game demands change, but I think these players would enjoy seeing the same faces in the locker room for at least two weeks in a row. I know that having Kolarov all season has helped us foster communication and a relationship that has spurred his play.

On the BD, I picked up three of Kola's teammates - Hart Silva and Balotelli. Only Hart's value jumped significantly. So let's go Man City! (what exactly is their cheer?)

LC said...

Struggling for this week.

I want too many high priced players in my team.
Just thinking though.

Is Kevin Davies of Bolton worth a shout @ 5.57 against a bad Blackburn?

My team Atm is

Kolorov, Kompany, Luiz, Wilson
Silva, Pennant, J.Jones
Dzeko, Sturridge, Suarez

Im considering taking Suarez out at full price and possibly moving back to Walters or K.Davies.
I know Suarez will get the points even for full price, but i want a cheaper alternative, maybe Kuyt so i can upgrade Wilson and J.Jones too.

My alternative team would be

Kolorov, Kompany, Luiz
Silva, Pennant, Kuyt, Hitz
K.Davies, Sturridge, Dzeko.

I would probably then change Sturridge to Torres because i dont really want 2 strikers of the same club on the same team.

What do you think?


kwyjibo said...

I picked up Hart, Silva, Dzeko on the BD. I see many people are picking up Balotelli, but I just can't get myself to do it. He is such a prat, smeghead, whatever you want to call him. I just can't get myself to pick him, no matter how many points he scores (or doesn't, like his negative points in a winning game ... why? for being a prat).

Still a lot of changes to go, especially with 11.17 still in the bank! But currently:


I'm dumpting Wilson and O'Hara, and probably Dempsey or Meireles for Kuyt. We'll see.

But first, I'm waiting for a cracking game between Barcelona - Real Madrid! Go Barca!

kendo said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, so Nik's team with 9 DGers and only 2 SGers made 85.5. Only 55.5 w/o the SGers and 39 of that from 2 players, the rest were total crap. Well under the 100 point week "guarantee".
Nothing personal against Nik, I love the guy and fully appreciate his work.
But obviously this theory of picking DGers from shite teams who play against each other is absolute nonsense. Sorry to have to point this out

Anonymous said...

Most DG teams were in the mid 90's this week.

kendo said...


kendo said...

So much for shit dgers cheers nik! :)

kendo said...


kendo said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon 9.21pm - you are aware that there is still one final DG match going on tonight right?? And that this match was one of the best DG match-ups?? And that Nik will make about 50-60 points from it with Schwarzer, Dempsey, Hughes etc.?? Please shut the fuck up.

kwyjibo said...

Woo hoo! What a match! Messi! Fights, red card, Mourinho removed from the sidelines, a Real player removed by security at the end of the match!

And, once again, a magical brace by Messi! The first was just a tap in, but the second was pure Messi magic, leaving 5 players in his wake!

It's sure looking like ManU-Barca in the final.

David said...

I made some comments in an earlier post about being sceptical about DG weeks for the so-called 'weaker' sides, but it should turn out all right in the end for me, mainly thanks to Pennant and Schwarzer (please note that I wasn't one of those idiots abusing Nik... you morons don't deserve any points at all if you are just copying someone else's team anyway).

I still have some thoughts about it all though - I would have picked Etherington over Pennant if I had the money, and that would have left me below the magical 100pts mark. I guess that is just the luck element of it all though, as I also dropped Dempsey for Zamora, which is looking pretty stupid right now as Dempsey should pick up about 25pts tonight, so maybe it all balances out!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Nik for running this blog, it's really pissed me off to see ungrateful trolls on here attacking him because his picks didn't appear to work out perfectly (ironically, his team should now be getting about 150pts after tonight, which is a great haul).

Assistant Manager said...

Boys, once you make the wise choice to go with DGers it comes down to luck, and when you take the DG risk you usually earn the rewards. Hope you came out of this the same :)

Player Picks tomorrow :)

kendo said...

Thanks nik have Dempsey hangeland schwarzer and Hughes :)

chrism said...

YEAAAAAAH !!!!!!! I can't wait to they post the pts. Had Dempsey-2 goals, Zamora, a goal, Salcido a CS, and Schwartzer a clean sheet. But then again most of us probably did too so we are all pretty good. I figure to walk away with maybe 60 pts from todays game. But time I got lucky.

Anonymous said...


no goal for Zamora. He was booked for an "intentional" handball instead.

kendo said...
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kendo said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

haha..big fat zero fo Bobby Zamora..luckily i dont have him..thanks dempsey, hangeland, schwarzer and salcido..

kendo said...

168.5 points this week thanks to nik's dg advice!


Kellz said...

@Anonymous: Lets not start this again, being American has no baring on whether or not you do well at fantasy football.

Team AC_Kellz and I am a proud American :D

Anonymous said...

DGers? I had a lot of DGers, and still get more than 100 points. For Anon who was saying under 100 points is guaranteed, is your picks that bad?

I had hitz and balotelli, both giving me -1 and -0.5.

If you didn't get more than 100 points, means you have a bad picks. If by now you already have more than 100 points, maybe you should throw such comments until all the games finished?


Anonymous said...

@kwyjibo how do we know you're not a prat yourself. Its people like you who become serial killers, killing people for not just conforming to whatever it is you like.

Anonymous said...

who dare to say getting DG players (even if they are teams from the bottom) is a mistake now? look at dempsey, hangeland, shwarzer, shawcross, huth, pennant, k.jones they all get over 20pts each.

Anonymous said...

end up with 143.50. a little bit disappointed just because of can't reach 150 what i expected before.


Anonymous said...

p/s: but i still have a lot of big discount :P


Anonymous said...

160 points with 8 DG's.

Totally gutted, as I'm sure Ian Sanderson got over 200 points with all his SG's.

I'll only be listening to Ian from now on.....

madness said...

@kwyjibo: Ray Hudson ? that you ? :d

Anonymous said...

who is this Ian Sanderson?

Anonymous said...


This week's fixtures:

Stand Out
CHELSEA v Tottenham
LIVERPOOL v Newcastle
MAN CITY v West Ham

Should Win
MAN UTD @ Arsenal

Blackpool v Stoke
Blackburn v Bolton
Wigan v Everton
West Brom v Aston Villa

Now the players:


Roger Johnson/Ridgwell
Shorey/Jara (filler)
Wilson (filler)

C. Adam
M. Taylor

Gyan (see updates)

This is my team at the moment:

Hart, Luiz, Skrtel, Kolarov, Silva, Larrson, Valencia, Kuyt, Pennant, Suarez, Balotelli, Drogba


-No Name FC-

Anonymous said...

birmingham v wolves is a stand a fixtures ^^

leave the writing to people who aren't gimps...

Anonymous said...

nb like me obviously...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.45am

the way u r writing showed how gimps u are mate.. by the way, the are lot of people like u.. so we have to get use to it :-)

Anonymous said...

team for wk35

luiz kompany carr
kuyt silva adam vdv
balotalli saurez jerome

Any suggestions? PLease comment

Anonymous said...

anon 10:47 = bint.

Ken said...

Bad form.....

Personally, I believe that participation is one of the most essential parts of a successful blog.

That being said, I also believe it is bad form to "cannibalize" the author's format and then post in that same manner.

It is said that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery. I believe that mark was missed here.

I am sure the intent was a fair & honest one....Just seems out of place to me.

Anonymous said...

well i don't know bout others but i got 179.50pts from the following team:


thanx Nik and keep on the good work

-Kayoti FC

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