Monday, 2 May 2011

Week 35 - Summary

With 3 weeks of the season to go, the title race is back on! Arsenal's 1-0 win over Manchester United leaves Chelsea 3 points behind the leaders with the pair facing off next Sunday. It would be truly incredible if Chelsea come back to win it from where they were just a few weeks ago, but they have the momentum right now.

They also had a fair bit of luck against Spurs on Saturday. Ancelotti's men did dominate the majority of the game, and Gomes has to go after another clanger, but we could all see that the first goal wasn't over the line and the second goal was offside. Chelsea probably should've had a penalty, so perhaps a draw would've been a fair result, but life isn't always fair.

Wins for Man City & a much improved Liverpool yesterday means they now look set for 4th & 5th respectively, and although I'm extremely sad about us missing out on a Champions League place, I'll be glad if we can avoid the Europa Cup and concentrate on our league campaign next season.

At the bottom, it's still extremely tight - every team from Newcastle in 12th downwards are still in trouble, but realistically I think three from the current bottom four will be relegated; Blackpool, Wigan, Wolves & West Ham. Blackburn have pulled themselves away for now with a vital win over Bolton & Birmingham are a point further ahead, but like the title race there's still time for some more twists & turns!

As for the fantasy week, it was quite a low scoring. I managed 89 points (thanks mainly to Reina, Silva, Pennant, Larsson & Suarez), but it could've been 100+ had I gone with Kuyt over the hugely disappointing Adam. Despite this mediocre total I moved up from 120th to 84th overall & back within 30 points of the Top 50, so I'm not giving up on that hope just yet!

On the barndoor I packed my team with next week's DGers, Man City & Spurs:

Hart, Kolarov, Gallas, Bale, De Jong, Sandro, Silva, Van Der Vaart, Suarez, Dzeko, Balotelli

I'm won't keep it like this as I don't want De Jong & Sandro. Paying 10 for Kolarov, 17 for Bale & 19 for VDV is killing my team, so one of them will have to go to balance things. I don't think I want both Dzeko & Balotelli either - if only we knew which Spurs striker would start then it would make life easier, but at the moment it's a lottery between Pav, Defoe & Crouch. I may go for a SG striker instead.

Anyway, I'll leave it there! Please let me know how you did in Week 35. What's your strategy for next week? Player Picks will be here on Wednesday.



paulyff said...

No youre not first!

paulyff said...

Have you done away with anonymous entries Nik?

Assistant Manager said...

Hey Paul - yes mate, getting rid of anonymous posters was the only option as it's really been spoiling things for me recently and know a lot of the regulars feel the same. People now need to put a name to their comments & if they get abusive I can track accounts/IPs and block them from commenting altogether. Cheers

Benjamin Wang said...

@AM, getting rid of Anons is a great move. Thanks!

Ken said...

Not a great week but I am over the 3000 point mark, (3003.50)..Ta da!

Have loaded up on mostly d-gamer defense, hate that, as I am sure my 30-point guy will not come from there.

69 points from second place in my league and have made little head way the past few weeks. I believe it is time to show how much I still need to learn and this just may be the week!

Everyone has mostly the same players and no real moves are being made. Everyone is pretty much where they were 3 weeks ago. First is out of reach and although a top 5 finish would be great in my first year I want that #2 spot.

Shame, on top of all else you have to be a mother to some, but it did appear it was time to clean house before the party got out of control.

Good luck all

ebi s. said...

Mancini is set to ring some changes, i feel dzeko and milner will get start agaisnt everton, who makes way if i'm to guess is 2 out of balotelli barry and a.johnson.

madness said...

97.5 points for me.
in the top 200 for the first time.

ebi s. said...

Getting rid of anon isn't everything. When we post we should know what offends others. 66 for wk 35.

bd team

luiz kolarov zabaleta bale
vdv toure silva
suarez balotelli defoe

i'm thinking dzeko, cos i believe he'll start the next 2. he looks hungry for match-time. And Mancini said post-match that he's going to make some changes because the same players have started the last 3 games.
fell about 300 places to 946. top 500 is looking impossible now.

Irons said...

I've been meaning to set up this account for a while now, cheers for pushing me to do it Nik!

i did enjoy some of the anon comments though, many made me chuckle. Let's hope we don't get loads of idiots impersonating others now.

Team i'm looking at atm:

Carson (!)
Kolarov Bale Lescott
VDV Silva Modric Johnson Hitz
Suarez Bent
0.98 spare.

I think i have all the DG players i want, with a few dodgy ones thrown in. Carson @1.3. May have to roll the dice with that one.

Ken said...

Here I thought my pick of Bent would help separate me from the pack. Not sure which way, up/down.

Great minds?

I still have one more striker I believe few will pick...

Until the next post that is.

Good luck Irons, hope most to the d-gamers on their strikers. I have 3-strikers none from the d-gamers.
Suarez, Bent, Mystery man!

Smart??? not likely!

ebi s. said...

63 points for last week not 66

kendo said...

90 points to go top of my own private leage for first time this season well chugged! Had odewhinge instead of Torres! Shopping with the other half beckons catchyas all later

Anon ;)

Irons said...

Well, hope it pays off Ken! Gotta say after hearing the Mancini comments i'm tempted by Dzeko and Milner now. Thing is i don't see many goals for City at Everton, Mancini likely to go defensive (Dzeko upfront on his own?). I think i'll get rid of Johnson, most likely player to be benched. Johnson --> Milner.

Off-topic, i'm still not sure if i'll sell Luiz @5.95 yet..

Fleeties said...

That's a very fair judgement of the Chelsea v Tottenham game there Nik.

Heres my preliminary team for the next week:

Most of the players are close to full price but have a minor discount.

Hart (@9.69)
Kolarov/ Kompany/ Corluka
Silva (@7.52)/ Arteta/ Modric/ Valencia
Suarez (@7.20)/ Balotelli/ Pavyluchenko

4.49 left..
Is Bale a real MUST this week? I'm not too convinced..

Arteta, Valencia and Hitzlsperger are all really cheap but are they worth it at this late stage of the game?

There's no way of knowing whether Valencia is playing or not!

matt said...


Which one to drop to free some funds ?

Thanks & keep up the good work


kwyjibo said...

94.5, +287 to 1169 overall.

@Fleeties - I agree with you about Bale. His output hasn't been great lately, and he's been struggling with injuries. If his price were lower, maybe, but at 17+? I'll probably stick with VdV as I can't afford both.

I picked up Hitz because it was his 8th game, and I was expecting a big price jump...but it didn't happen. Strange.

Hart (@9.69)

8 DGers. Who's a better SG pick, Odemwingie or Kuyt? Both are on fire with favorable matchups, but also both on the road.

Ian Sanderson said...

A disappointing 71 points, but didn't move down much and still just outside the top 1000.
Thankfully I kept the BD Maxi although he's gone now.
Sitting on Hart, Luiz, Skrtl, Kolarov, VDV (6.14), Adam (5.4), Johnson, Hitzberger, RVP. Suarez (7.2), Balottelli.
7.6 in the bank so lots of tinkering to be done. Skrtl & Hitz to be upgraded.

Stephen said...

Worst fantasy week since Jan. 40 points. Since week 27 have climbed from 7th to 2nd place in private league but bad week 35 finds me 22 points back of second and 221 points adrift of first.

Week 36 Team

Luiz, Kolarov, Kaboul
Lampard, Toure, Silva, Lennon
Dzeko, Pavlyuchenko, Torres

with 2.16 left

Is VDV worth the money?
Who would be a good priced DG?
Is there better SG forwards?
What about Drogba? 21points without a goal.

Looking to make some changes but need some points to climb back into second and challenge for first.

alexis said...

hi, Nik..)..first of all thanks for your innovation with "signed in" users... as it also pushed me to the decision to register the account..!)Coming back to fantasy...disappointing week with my main rival in private group came to the distance of 97 points...)I lost this advantage 2 years ago just for 2 tours left so I'm totally concentrated on the finish of the season!...guys, please, do you think current VdV is equal to 19mil I pay for him, and how about Gomes, Blackpool-90% of clean sheet, MC-may be..)?

alexis said...

by the way sitting on 107th position, highest ever for 3 seasons)

Paphos Toffees said...

Thanks Nik

speed addict said...

hi AM,greeting from far east..great blog from a great mind..should i pick fantastic gomez over hart for this week?

Paphos Toffees said...

I've got a really bad feeling about the double gamers this week - for a start the striker situation isn't clear at either Spurs or City, while with the exception of VdV none of the other midfielders for either club consistently scores decent points.

Add into the mix that Mancini is talking about freshening up his team anyway, so a fair few of the double gamers are actually not guaranteed to get two games.

Meanwhile there are a few rather tasty single games this week. While normally it is a no brainer to pick as many double gamers as you can, I've got a feeling that this is one of those exceptions to the rule where a well chosen team of single gamers with one or two doubles will actually score more points this week.

Or am I overthinking it again....

HarambeeStars said...

@kwyjibo - I went with Hitz as well expecting a price jump...maybe it's the 9 game rule now?

My saved team:

Kol Luiz Bale Gallas
Hitz Silva VdV Johnson
Suarez Balo

Still got 2 left and undecided on what changes to make...

alexis said...

guys, describe me the 100% popularity of picking Hart for GK spot...for me Gomes or at least Reina presents a better option?

Michael said...


Haven't written before but thought I should chime in base on the flak you apparently took last week. I've been winning my small group since finding your blog, and this year won't be an exception absent a blunder of Gomesian proportions. As a Spurs-fan the last 30-something years, I also enjoy your posts and thoughts. Please keep them coming, and thanks!

matt said...

Kolarov Kaboul Bale
Nolan Sandro
Lennon VDV Johnson
Suárez Dzeko
My final team ?
looks good ?
I also hold Hart @9xx and Luiz @ 6

chrism said...

Ah, just figured out the new sign in. And Nik, great move getting rid of the anons. Now, there are a couple of guys in the chat room left to sort out.

Anyhow. This week is so problematic. Both Spurs and City looked crap last time out. I was in heavy on City, De Jong scores his first goal in 3 years, Hart leaks a goal, causing most of us to lose 20 pts or so, result, 58 pts and my worst week of the year.

Is there any reason to think they will look better in a DG. Liverpool is on fire. Chelsea will be out for blood. I am almost thinking of forgetting the DG entirely.

A question for Nik. Do Spurs want a Europa league spot or will they just give up now they are out of CL contention and just phone it in.

matt said...

Just a thought if Man U win the champions league is there another spot available ?

Superfly Jim said...

80.5pts in last GW.

Nik, Thanks for getting rid of the anonymous posters. Look out for all the "new" profiles that will be commenting this week... ;-)



kendo said...

Luiz kolarov lescott
Adam silva yaya Dejong
Suarez balotelli rvp

3.27 in bank should I replace rvp (no discount) with Vdv?

matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken said...

Ok, I'll be the one to say it. Is anyone considering Elmander this week?
Torres got a lot of love each week, always with he's due.
Well,if anyone is due it's Elmander. With a porous Sunderland coming to town and with strikers less the certain this week, a pick like Elmander could be that pick?

Think of it. I would have Bent/Elmander in the same week. If history repeats itself that should be good for a total of 6-points!


kendo said...

Isn't it a lot better without anonymous posts?

ebi s. said...

Anonymous posts is that what we're here to discuss now? You don't need to be anonymous to be irritating.

Michael said...

Has Mancini/Redknapp indicated what DG strikers are likely to start both games?

kwyjibo said...

@Michael - we all WISH they would!

But, there's only a slight chance they will make an announcement before the first game, and certainly not in time for the second. So, you have to pick and hope for the best.

I wish, just once, these managers would think about us Fantasy Footballers...

Saiful said...

As a l'pool fan,
It would be interesting if chelsea beat MU in OT with torres scores the winning goal.
Torres, you are forgiven.

Enright said...

hard to field a team of double gamers.. currently sitting on hart, bale, kolarov, gallas, luiz, vdv, silva, AJohnson, balotelli, saurez, and defoe


Saiful said...

hart and VDV prices are killing me. Can't afford bale and kolarov...switched to gallas, lescott.

Iceberg_s said...


alvin said...

guys..correct me if i am wrong... but is VDV gomes kolarov and gallas a card away from suspension?

ebi s. said...

Nik, what do you think about Pablo Osvaldo? I've only seen him playing once but he's a class act if his fantasy returns are anything to go by.

south-of-europe said...

is Bale worth 17,4 mill?

Wahyu said...

8 games rule does not apply for hitz..he is in westham since the very beginning of the season..8 games rule apply for new player come in after yff start..cmiiw..

hockhoo said...

86.0 pts. Improved to 8,806. Was ranked 50,000+ after wk16 and trailed the leader in our private league by 120pts. Then I found this blog and started following the picks and the comments. Now lead our league by 130pts and the overall ranking improved so much. Thanks Nik and everyone who has contributed positively in this blog. Haven't rank this high before. (One early season ranked quite high when Arshavin scored 4goals)Hope to maintain the status till end. Definitely will come back to this blog next season and hope for better things. If it doesn't work then may be I'll blame AM :)
Thanks guy!

kendo said...

well done hockhoo!

(hope this post isn't irritating ;)

kendo said...

dont think its worth paying 17. 4 for bale this late in the season south of europe

what about sandro? money for other players then?

Ken said...

Pretty happy with this:
Hart (9.69)
VDV (15.16)/Silva/Hitz/Sandro
Suarez (7.20)/Bent/Odemwingie

Had Kolarov but felt price was just to high. Focusing more on attack and less on defense. Have Luiz very cheep but Hart/Kolarov would take up 22.37 and that's a lot right now where one goal could cut point totals in half.
Still toying with dropping Hart for Carson and really adding some beef.

I know double gamers are the safe bet. Maybe that's O.K. when you are out in front but to pass you need to "go around" and that does not happen sitting behind going the same speed.

feedback: Like the new format Nik. Really didn't mind the old but I did not have to deal with it at your level. I believe I would have made the same move.

Good luck

Ian Sanderson said...

If you hold Hart @9xx and Luiz @ 6 I'd think twice before dropping them.

Eldwin said...


There's no more YC suspensions now until next season. :)

kwyjibo said...

@Wahyu - Thank you for clearing that up! Yes, I forgot, he was just injured all that time.

@hockhoo - I'm sure a lot of people have had a similar experience, including me. In just 2 months last season, I went from 25,000 to 11,000 after discovering this blog mid-March 2010. My first full season with this blog, I am at 1169. So, yes, it made a huge difference!

Ok, on to the DG week. I have this big dilemma. I wanted one of Odemwingie / Kuyt since they are both on fire with favorable match-ups. But, then I thought, why not both? Is VdV a good pick @19.04?

So: VdV+Hitz OR Kuyt+Sandro to go with Odem up front.

Or, should I keep VdV and then which one of Odem or Kuyt?

The LC said...

Yay. Im up and running!


Kate Okwuchi said...

eating clams amd mussels

lfcinpa said...

I too am up and running.

Kolarov, Lescott, Bale, Luiz
VDV, Yaya, Johnson, Sandro
Suarez, Dzeko

SCOTT said...

I'm thinking:

S. Carson

M. Olsson
V. Kompany
A. Kolarov

D. Silva
L. Modric
Yaya Touré
Adam Johnson
R. van der Vaart

E. Dzeko
R. Pavlyuchenko

Chancy in cases, but will see...

SCOTT said...

Pav is out for Balo... yeah I'm jumping on that wagon too.

Sulldaddy said...

this week is a puzzle, I dont really love either DG team due to mysteries around starters and quite honestly some great single game matchups. That being said I currently have a roster filled up with DG options. Not saved and not really digging it.
My team ATM:
kolarov, XXXX??, Shorey
VDV, AJ, Hitz and Lennon
RVP, Suarez, Balotelli

I have 7.35 left in the bank and will shuffle in some defender. My roster could change is Brunt is back and Im not sold on keeping RVP even at 17.82.
Suarez and Kolarov are the only for sure roster spots at this point.

Im up by 35 in my pvt league for the title and dont want to give up points. Ill be looking forward to more news and advice as the week progresses

Sulldaddy said...

By the way, anybody know the odds on a Tevez return for this weekend? I am sure that would cause massive restructuring for everyone reading this blog.

SCOTT said...

@ Sulldaddy - Tevez and Richards are back in training as of May 1st, but I wouldn't risk it.

ebi s. said...

I'll expect Tevez to play some part in the Tottenham game in preparation for the fa cup final but he's not starting the next match.

jimmy said...

hey all


wil lennon get start or wil redknap play
vdv on wing again? dono anymore?

Chaos said...

"your own initiative to make your decisions"

Own initiative, some people are going to be outraged by this Nik....

Currently 32nd overall, but this DG week is really perplexing my trail of thought.

Michael said...


Thanks. Yes, that was probably a much too optimistic question. I might field five midfielders and stick Pav and Balotelli on top in hope they'll get some minutes. I also forgot the FA Cup final is looming on Man City's horizon - another factor that will mess with our minds!

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