Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Final Standings

Rank  Team  Total
1 Matang Gerdu FC @Malaysia  4,062.50
2 Arsenal_Bergkamp [AM.Blog]  3,863.50
3 south city [AM.Blog]  3,849.00
4 AC KeLLz [AM.Blog]  3,840.50
5 Numero Uno  3,838.50
6 Maestro Harriers  3,836.50
7 Tardy 11  3,831.00
8 Cincilatori (Kosova) []  3,793.50
9 Axel's Eleven  3,790.50
10 Lengkee Wanderers [AM.Blog]  3,769.50
11 Fighting the Drop  3,760.00
12 Black Hole  3,756.50
13 Bail Out  3,755.00
14 AM FC [AM.Blog]  3,754.00
15 Electric Mayhem FC  3,750.50
16 blah blah [AM.Blog]  3,749.00
17 Homage to Catalonia  3,741.00
18 Remisheva  3,735.00
19 Dragonbalz [AM.Blog]  3,732.00
20 Woodford Reserves [AM.Blog]  3,731.50

So we've reached the end of another fantastic Fantasy Football season - and above you will see the Top 20 teams from across the 8 AM Blog Leagues. Massive congratulations to everyone for a fantastic effort; all of the scores above were enough to get in to (or very close to) the Overall Top 100, which is mighty fine indeed when you consider there are approximately 250,000 YFF teams.

A special mention must go to Matang Gerdu FC from Malaysia, who won the entire Yahoo competition by massive 125 points from 2nd place, the only man to break 4000 for the season - a truly remarkable effort mate, well done! Arsenal Bergkamp & South City both sealed Overall Top 10 finishes, Kellz finished just outside in 11th and Numero Uno in 14th. Maestro Harriers & Tardy were both in the Overall Top 20, Fidan (Cincilatori) Top 30, while Axel, Lengkee & Fighting the Drop were on the leaderboard inside the Top 50 - great stuff lads!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Hans India and Mike B for helping me put together the AM Blog Team throughout the year. You may remember we ran this by taking a poll each week for the first half of the season - with the 3 of us then discussing the results via email/chat and picking a team each week - but this tailed off towards the end as I couldn't keep the poll going, so Hans actually took on full responsibility for the final few months. The Blog Team finished in a very respectable 1,130th position overall with 3500 points, which is pretty damn impressive.

A second thank you to Hans, Mikey & Gordon (Arsenal Bergkamp) for running the outstanding Fantasy Football Challenge. This consisted of Champions League & Europa League competitions and ended with a Super Cup final between the winners. Organising this took a huge amount of effort and they really did an amazing job. The results can be seen on their site, but they deserve a mention here too:

Champions League Final: Mighty Red Army (128.5) beat TuHaU FC (71)

Europa League Final: Bunch of Idiots (116) beat Bolanos CF (103.5)

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who got involved! If you'd like to know more and take part next season then make sure you check out their site:

I guess that's it for now! I'll just repeat two things I added at the end of my final player picks post last week:

1. With no football over the summer I'll be taking a bit of a break from blogging in the off-season but I'll still add the odd post regarding transfers & I'll definitely be back next season. There may well be some changes coming regarding the blog so please join the Facebook Group and/or follow me on Twitter to allow me to keep you updated on any exciting developments!

2. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for all your amazing support this season. The blog continues to be hard work but it is 100% worth it when I see the community we've created here; the fantastic comments offering advice to your fellow players, the non-stop assistance in the chatroom and the amazing success people have had, with the [AM.Blog] tag littering the leaderboard. I'm very proud to have started it all but I'm even prouder to be a part of what it's become.

And finally, a cryptic message left by the Fantasist in his final post on Yahoo's Official blog...

"Yahoo! Fantasy Football will be back next season in an exciting new format."

Sounds very interesting but I honestly don't know anything about these plans for a "new format" and neither do Jeremy or Neal. If we do hear anything we'll be sure to let you know.

Enjoy the summer!



Eldwin said...

Umm first! Always wanted to do this :P

Eldwin said...

Anyway, congrats to the winners and top finishers! I reckon all the AM players should have tag behind their names to show appreciation to Nik! :P

Last, but not least, job well done Nik! You're the man! I'm sure everyone will agree with me. :) I can't wait till next season to come here on the very first week and learn from your tips. Will be challenging though since everyone many of us came second half of season too, so everyone will be ready for the next coming full season. But hey, more competition makes it more fun. :D

Oh btw, the signing up to post thing is really working. No more trolls!

kwyjibo said...

Points Adjustment Alert! Just lost a point and a place. Figures that Yahoo had one more point adjustment in them...not sure if it affected the final standing above at all.

Anyway, congrats to all the winners. Looking forward to next year. Have a nice summer, everyone.

Now it's on to the CL final, and Copa America to keep me busy...

Take care,

Assistant Manager said...

Yep a slight points adjustment has dropped me 1 place, 60th overall - no biggie, hasn't changed much.

capiTeno said...

big love and thanks to you AM for your infectious enthusiasm
i've enjoyed the whole year from the annonymous idiots who thought you knew the answers to everything (stay calm and don't take the bait !), your obvious joy at spurs adventure in CL, the continued confusion about which time/day yahoo would update any scores, no double weeks then double weeks for some but not all, great BD info and
The summer's going to be too long


Chaos said...

Points change has seen me move from 13th to 11th!!! Delighted.

Didn't find this Blog until December so looking forward to joining one of the AM Blog leagues next season.

Have a great summer Nik.

mrliew said...

thanx guys fantastic job see ya next year

Chris Oien said...

Pretty sick of Yahoo, hopefully their new format works out well, otherwise I might be considering a new format of my own and just focusing on the official Premier League game, or another that looks good. Cheers for the excellent blog, regardless.

Michael said...

Many thanks for the great posts Nik. Helped me win my mini-league for the 5th straight year. Hope Yahoo doesn't tinker too much with the format, but for some of your suggestions (barndooring, etc.). COYS!

Anonymous said...

If City does buy Ronaldo next season will he come in as a 5.99 player? If so, that's the buy of the season I think.

Maya Rani said...

Thanks Nik....for all the good words about me / mikey / gordon & all of us who were involved in CL & EL.

You made us famous !!!

Enjoy the 3 month break ...recharge yourself & do an encore.


kwyjibo said...

@jddh1982 - Mancini said, as a joke, 'sure, we'll get Ronaldo for £200 million!'. It was just a joke. I can't see it actually happening.

Then again, stranger things have happened, I suppose!

In general, it should be an interesting summer. But, looking back on this year, is there anyone you would consider the 'buy of the season'? VdV or Adam @5? RvP @9? Someone else?

Well, anyway, at least we know which blog was the 'Blog of the season'.

MB said...

@Kwyj - buy of the season for me had to be Foster @ 6. He ended up averaging 7 and being the third highest scoring goalkeeper.

although those that held on to Adam at 5 probably have a winner there.

Ian Sanderson said...

@jddh1982 , as kwyjibo said, can't see it happening but if it did Ronaldo would not be a 5.99 player because he already has a history in the Premiership....

...however Man U's new goalie could be worth a punt.

DJ PIGG said...

Thanks for all your help over the last season.

Although I 'only' scored 3372.5 points, that was enough to win my private league by 198 points (not as good as last season when I won by almost 600!).

Your suggestions (as well as those of Neal and Jeremy) were instrumental in my (relative) success!

Have a great summer and we'll see you back in August!

greginho said...

great job all this year and good luck next year. i appreciate your efforts nik and everyone else and look forward to next season. i might be moving back to the country of my birth, good ole USA, so if so next year, i will revert back to my original name gregandtonic.

if anyone wants to pass the time until the next premier league season, the Brasilian Championship started last weekend and i am doing the fantasy. it is a blast. it is my first year doing this. it has luis fabiano, ronaldinho gaucho, deco, elano, ronaldo, lucas, maybe seedorf, neymar, ganso, leondro damio, and most importantly, rogerio ceni, the goalie from Sao Paulo(my team), who has scored 101 goals in his career. most of these were free kicks. imagine having a goalie get game winning goals with the extra points for a free kick.!/home

i am hoping we have lots of newbees to choose from as i more than just a few choices this year.

Chaos said...

Hey greginho, is there anywhere I can change that site into English?

Anonymous said...

Van der Vaarts' average is 8.89
for about the same value he scored about 70 more points more than Forster. While Adam's average was 9.99.

paulyff said...

This game shows me that it's not just the result that counts (although my ego just loves to win!)- it's the community sharing on the blog that gives me a greater potential in the game through working together with others.

Thanks Nik for creating the platform for this sharing and pot-pourri of ideas - it's been fun (again!)

I'm looking forward to next season already!
Have a great summer

greginho said...

chaos i just googled everything. even though i can carry on basic conversations in portugese, i found that i did not know much for setting up a fantasy team. i hope you join it is really cool.

greginho said...

eating crow again. those boobirds who tore into arsenals lame champions league loss to barca are now seemingly going to have to rip apart uniteds lame performance against the same barca team.

people said that it was all barcelona against arsenal and it was, but it was, as well for united. stats are 3-1 losses for both teams, albeit the loss for arsenal was at barca, not a neutral ground.
arsenal 0 shots and 1 lucky own goal. united 1 shot and 1 goal. no other even half shots for either team. both teams gave up 11 shots on goal.
the ball possession was 76% for barca and 24% for arsenal. barcelona 68% and a more respectable 32% for united.

the biggest difference was that van persie was sent off for kicking the ball 1 second after he was whistled for offside, which amazingly chicharito did twice after gettting whistled for one of dozen offside calls and no card. so arsenal played a man down the last 34 minutes and that could have been a reason for arsenals much worse ball possession.

it is ironic how much vitriol was dumped on arsenal and a lot of it came from AM, himself, and kellz. spurs got a similar whipping in the champions league by a different spanish team, but had 2 shots on goal, that was the only better stat.

today united defended like boys against men. i hope that goes on next year so the the kings can be cut down.

Eldwin said...

Well greg, I didn't expect MU to win at all too. I think the bookie's odd says it all too. Whole season they been playing at best average for most of the game. EPL alone, other teams failed to capitalise, otherwise I don't see the trophy going to MU. Then again, there's no deny that Fergie is a great manager.

Next season, if other teams especially Arsenal play better, I don't see MU getting the title. I hope Wenger smarten up!

Arsenal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arsenal said...

Thank You for the wonderful Blog AM! I really learned a lot from your posts as well as the community. This was my first time ever playing YFF and I ended up winning my private league thanks in large part to reading the Blog since December. I went from 14000 in the first half to 4600 in the second half of the season. I look forward to playing again in the Fall and trying to get into the top 1000. Cheers and have a great summer!

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