Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Week 36 So Far

Just a quick update on how my week is going so far with Manchester City vs Tottenham to come tonight. I'm sitting on 92 points, up to 80th overall with what should be 8 DGers to go. I say "should" because the injury news is not good for Spurs.

Bale is definitely out for the season after Adam's horror tackle on Saturday and according Harry Redknapp, Luka Modric is struggling with a hip injury and Peter Crouch is unlikely to make the squad due to a back injury. That means it could be just 5 DGers tonight - Gallas, Lescott, VDV, Silva & Balotelli (if they all start).

Still, there's nothing that can be done if that is the case. Hitz & the outstanding Suarez did superbly combining for 40 points between them, while VDV, Modric, Bale, Silva, Gallas & Lescott all contributed. Friedel broke even at zero but at least he cost only £4m and I didn't spend £12m on Hart for -4. Balotelli and Crouch were total let dows with -0.5 between them.

My barndoor team for Week 37 looks like this:

Carson, Craddock, Figueroa, Vermaelen, Hitzlsperger, Valencia, Silva, Lampard, Suarez, Van Persie, Drogba

1.5m still in the bank. With the title out of sight now Chelsea may start with Torres instead of Drogba, so that's something I'll keep an eye on. I may try and get Nani in for Valencia as he's sure to get a game at Blackburn and he'll be looking to impress ahead of the Champions League final, I'll look out for team news regarding Vermaelen & Silva (who could be rested) and if I can upgrade Carson & Figueroa I will, but Craddock will probably stay as a filler.

That's it until the penultimate Player Picks of the season which are due out either tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Good luck tonight - please let me know how you're doing and how your early Week 37 team is looking.



Anonymous said...


bale injured @_@
bad news

James said...


I think "horror tackle" is a little bit ott. It was a bad, mistimed challange, but it's not exactly finished his career - it's just about ended his season (his season being 3 games). I think we unfortunately regularly see much worse...

Assistant Manager said...

Hi James - I don't think it's OTT at all, it was studs up on the shin and could've broken his leg, he'll be out of training for 2-3 months with ruptured ankle ligaments.


Anonymous said...

90 points already thanks to MAXI & SUAREZ!!!
and everyone told me I doing the wrong move 3 weeks before the end of the season by keeping the duo (or at least Maxi).

Not bad but I was banking on City (Hart, Kompany and Balotelli costing me around 25 Mils and combining for a total of -5 points) now hopefully, they'll deliver tonight, I've got Hart, Kolarov, Kompany, Zabaleta, Silva, Balotelli, VDV, Modric & Pavlyuchenko playing today (pending Modric's slight injury).

My team for next week is:
Hart, Kolarov, Zabaleta, Vermaelen, Carr, Maxi, Silva, Nzogbia, Suarez, Drogba, Rodallega

I still need to check whether Drogs will start or not, especially that the title race is almost over.
I like Wigan's odds fighting for their life in EPL, playing at home to WestHam...

kendo said...

106.50 with hart kolarov lescott silva ya ya and balotelli to go, will balottelli start though!

just had to make room to bd rodrigues last night!

BlueBlooded said...

Lots of people going for the 'RvP, Drogba, Suarez' trio upfront this week. Which obviously means compromising in midfield/defence. But there's plenty of good, cheap defensive options this week, for those interested:

* D.Murphy (Birmingham) - 2.54 (will play in absence of Ridgewell)
* Jiranek - 5.11 (at CB for Birmingham)
* Craddock - 2.31
* G.Caldwell & Figueroa - 3.89 & 5.86 repectively
* Vermaelen - 5.88 (could start ahead of Djourou/Koscielny after defeat to Stoke)
* Fabio - 4.98
* Shorey - 4.35
* Heitinga - 2.74

^ Many of them could end up with clean sheets as well.

Fleeties said...

My team doesn't really have much of a direction or strategy to it currently.

Koscielny/ Kompany/ Vermaelen
Silva/ Arteta/ Hitzlsperger/ Lampard
Suarez/ Sturridge/ Fletcher

kendo said...

thanks blueblooded

thats handy as i think its time to drop luiz even at a huge discount might go with figueroa

what about carr @ bham?

kwyjibo said...

@BlueBlooded - Thanks. I currently also have Spector as a cheap filler, not sure if I will hold on to him or not.

I'm at exactly 100.00 for the week so far with only 5 DGers to go (4 depending on Modric).

I am attempting to build a time machine, go back 3 weeks, and pick Maxi.

My current team is so far from finished that it's not really worth it to post, but, for what it's worth, in the interest of sharing:

Jussi (will drop)
Kolarov (time to drop?)-Spector-Vermaelen

Is Szczczczczczesny worth it now that his price dropped a bit, or are Arsenal just complete Arse(nal) right now and going to give up another 2-3 goals to Villa? I also didn't BD RvP. Is he really worth it at 22.38?

HarambeeStars said...

AM, sorry for Bale's injury. It was a pretty rotten tackle. Although, I do remember you saying that you'd prefer not to qualify for Europa, so in that sense this may be a good thing no?

92.5 with Kol, VdV, Silva, Modric, Crouch to go.

After yesterdays match I went straight for Jonjo in case Meireles is out for next week. That added a little more flexibility to my team

Kol Vermaelen Heitinga
Hitz Shelvey Adam Malouda
Suarez Drogba Rooney

Lots of potential changes...I don't even remember when and why I dropped Silva, but hoping Tevez's return will lower his value a bit.

C Hawk said...

Scored 105.5 thanks mostly to Hitz, Vdv and Suarez. Still have VDV Kolorav Silva Yaya and hopefully Balotelli to go. My closest competitor has Modric and Crouch so I wouldnt be upset if they missed out completely.

As for next week I was only able to barn door players on Saturday and in goal i brought in Mignolet thinking he would be a solid pick vs Wolves but after Wolves outburst Sunday i may be looking elsewhere.

Jay said...

85 pts with Gallas, Kolarov, Kaboul, VDV, Silva, Dzeko & Crouch to go.

Current BD Team is:

Heitinga, D Murphy, Craddock
Hitz, Lamps, VDV, Nani
Suarez, Rooney, Torres

Have gone with the fillers at the back so I can go big name all out from Mid-Att.

What's everyone think ?


Superfly Jim

Scott said...

Once again, let this week be a lesson to those managers who see a DG week and gut their teams of SG players. As with the last DG week when my 4 SG players returned me 79 points), my 94.5 point haul so far this week owes a lot to Lamps, Suarez and Hitz. I agree with AM (and others) that, on balance, you should stack your side with DG players when possible but not at the expense of quality SG players with good valuations and good match-ups.

For the first time in my YFF "career" (yes, sometimes it does feel like a job), I'm finally into the top 100 (#94 overall), largely on the strength of a great second half of the season for me (#26 overall in the second half). Very psyched! Now if I can only maintain this for another two weeks, I'll be happy.

I'm frankly surprised that so many folks are talking up big front lines with RVP and Drogba and a MF with Nani...for me, I'll be looking to fill my side with players from teams that truly have something to play for at this point. HRod, Adam, DJ Campbell, Hitz, O'Hara immediately come to mind.

Doctor Teeth

stjting said...

AM..your blog have been useful to me since involve in fantasy hre n im a newbie hre..cn you give me some advise for my team in next week !!




stjting said...

oops..forget def line

def:hetinga figueroa vermaelen

kwyjibo said...

D'oh! Kolarov on the bench...

Woo hoo! Modric playing.

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for Spurs for your sake AM and to make the race interesting. When is Crouch going to stop pissing and whining and play some football?

David said...

Well, my initial delight with Crouch's start has certainly been tempered.......

gaius marius said...

so far for week 37:


kolarov - gary cahill - ashley cole

VdV - silva - yaya - walcott - n'zogbia

suarez - sturridge

David said...

What exactly is it that Mancini sees in Dzeko? He is completely non-dangerous. At least Balotelli is a threat.

SCOTT said...

@ David.. Huh? Check the averages, was that a typo?

Dzeko - Last three games - 7.13
Balotelli - Last three games - 1.17


Arizona6 said...

You know SCOTT (all in caps)- you are confusing real life with fantasy- a common malady that maybe Dr. Teeth, who is still insufferable, "let that be a lesson" rubbish, could treat.

David was simply saying Balo is a real life threat which he is ... in contrast to the oafish, bumbling Dzeko, who may just get some fantasy points for running around in circless.

SK said...

@ David - he has a proven track record in Bundesliga and city paid a lot for him. The real question is whether he'll be used to being benched every other game.

KRB said...

So far:
Luiz - Kolarov - Gallas
Toure - Ji-Sung - Valencia - Ramsey
Suarez - Hernandez - Torres


David said...

@ Scott--unless Mancini plays YFF, I still don't understand why he starts Dzeko over Balotelli.

SCOTT said...

@ Arizona6 - Fair arguement mate, however, the purpose of this blog IS Fantasy Football points.


kiNz said...

i dropped Maxi !! lost 32 points!! grrrrhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Mancini will win the fa cup, that's all he's good for.
Who cares how many fantasy points Dzeko scores, Balotelli is a better fit, in the system they're playing presently.

How do you play counter-attack with a slow forward?
With Balotelli, the other Citeh players will probably have scored better. Besides the statistics say Balotelli is a better fantasy player.

Ken said...

Wow! After two years I think I might have just figured out how to post on here.... now that my anonymous option is gone.

and "yes" another Ken.... it means all knowing, look it up :)

going very cheap in the back line, but will have lots of cash to get players from the teams that start with "B" or "W" as they have something to play for.

fell on my face with the double gamers... Crouch & Kaboul..... though ended up with 109 and knocking on the door to be back in top 300.

Single gamers saved me.


Chaos said...

109.5 for the week, not great, however I started the week in 32nd overall and finished it in 31st overall.

The dream of finishing on the leaderboard is still alive....

HarUtd said...

119,5 pts but i had 61 pts before the last game! so i´m happy :)

kendo said...

138.50 for this week, having been getting results towards the end of the season thanks to this blog!

big question??

should i drop luiz @ 5.95? will he be dropped after last week??

lots of good suggestions for a replacement from blueblooded


kendo said...

well done chaos!

Anonymous said...

121 points @ 771, looks like the top 500 finish is not possible, unless i can get one good week out of the remaining 2 .

figueroa Onoha Richards
vdv Adam nzogbia touré
vanpersie suarez torres

2.09 left, i can downgrade onoha and torres to get a goalkeeper as i'm not comfortable with Carson.

Ken said...

Ken x 2?

Now if I make a mistake or upset another I can just say...that wasn't me!

Wait a minute..but it would be me?

I'm confused!

Ken M. said...

I know the season is ending but hopefully I did the correct thing by updating my profile.

If you will...

The "original" Ken will post as Ken M.

Hopefully if there are more Ken's to follow adding an initial, may not be a bad thing. Hopefully yours is not also (M)


The LC said...

My team for next week is

Vermaelen, Murphy, Craddock
Hitz, Larsson, Adam, Insomnia
Rodallega / Rooney/Berba, Sturridge

Any thoughts?


kwyjibo said...

A very disappointing 12 points from 5 players in that last game! Had managed to pull into the top 1000 before that, but now dropped just outside at 1032. Still, 112 points and up 134 places for the week.

Earlier, people were talking about consistency vs top scores. I still think that being consistent is more important. The leaders only occasionally get a top score, for the most part, it's consistency that gets them there. You only need top scores when you are behind and need to catch up.

My score: 3343 points, 1032nd place
50th place: 3580.5 points

That averages out to only 6.6 points per week more than me, for a difference of almost 1000 places! A few points per week make a big difference.

Consistency is the key, but it's not that easy to achieve.

kendo said...

I'm a Ken.. doh!

Joshua said...

my 2c:

Adams tackle was disgusting, and deliberate. That type of 'tackle' is never, ever going to get the ball, he meant to go in hard on bale and he succeeded. The general play of Blackpool in that game sickened me, the lad Rose at LB took about 6 strong challenges that got nowhere near the ball and probert just didnt want to know. If Harry was Wenger you would no hear the end of this for about a decade (and you wont from me either, Adam has gone from one of my favourite players to my biggest hate figure in the league).

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