Friday, 20 May 2011

Week 38 - Update

I had planned to write this on Saturday but we had so much good information today - with many manager's doing their press conferences a day early - that it seemed silly not to post it up now and update it if anything new comes through tomorrow. So...let's jump straight in to it!

We'll start at Old Trafford, where Alex Ferguson has confirmed he'll actually be playing a reasonably strong team against Blackpool. Darren Fletcher, Paul Scholes, Anderson, Dimitar Berbatov, Patrice Evra and Edwin Van Der Sar will all start the game. I'm expecting Rio & Vidic to be rested so Smalling & Evans should start too but there was no news on Fabio, Nani or Owen. I think they'll all start, but it is a risk.

You all would've heard by now that Carlos Tevez has (for the 347th time) said he wants to leave Man City this summer. I asked the question on Facebook, "Does this affect his starting status for the final game" but Mancini has since come out and reiterated Tevez is staying. I guess if there's any chance of this happening then it won't be helped by benching him but it has got me slightly concerned. Kolarov should also be back as Zabaleta has an injury and Balotelli is being tipped to return.

Van Der Vaart is out of Spurs' game against Birmingham which increases Luka Modric's value massively - he'll take set pieces and penalties - and I'm annoyed I dropped him at 8 whilst moving things round to get Tevez in. Things are less clear defensively; Hutton, Assou Ekotto, Gallas and Gomes are all fit to return which could spell trouble for Kaboul, Rose, King & Cudicini, although Redknapp will be aware those players were excellent in the win over Liverpool.

One of the most important pieces of news for me regards West Brom, and the fact Peter Odemwingie will miss the final game of the season against Newcastle due to injury. Why is this important? Well, he's the main source of goals for the Baggies and with him missing I think this makes Newcastle big favourites - Krul @ 1.76? Yes please!

Wolves could name the same the same team that defeated Sunderland after doubts emerged over Kevin Doyle and possible re-occurrence of his knee injury, which would mean Ward & Fletcher continue up front. It would also mean Matt Jarvis remains on the bench, although he'll push Stephen Hunt all the way.

Birmingham have Craig Gardner and Liam Ridgewell back from suspension but Cameron Jerome, Lee Bowyer and Martin Jiranek are all doubts.

Blackpool have no new injury worries, while Wigan have a full fit squad to choose from.

Chris Samba, Junior Hoilett & Jermaine Jones have all recovered from injuries picked up against Man Utd.

Meireles is the only doubt for Liverpool so it could be the saem XI which lost against Spurs.

Fabregas out of Fulham game while Clichy, Nasri and Diaby will all have late fitness tests. Djourou could be back and would surely replace the woeful Squillaci if he is, while Vermaelen will continue.

Aston Villa are at full strength and should keep the team that beat Arsenal.

Fabrice Muamba is the only doubt for Bolton so Tamir Cohen could come in, and Elmander is set to play his final game for the club, with his contract up in June.

Jose Bosingwa, Yossi Benayoun and Ramires are out for Chelsea and Carlo Ancelotti may go with Drogba over Torres after another poor showing from the Spaniard against Newcastle. Alex should continue ahead of David Luiz.

Tim Cahill is unlikely to be risked by Everton and Bily is suspended.

That's pretty much everything although I'll have another check tomorrow and update the information if necessary - there are a few more press conferences to come so it's very possible.

My current team:

Krul, Craddock, Fabio, Vermaelen, Hitzlsperger, R.Taylor, O'Hara, Adam, Suarez, Van Persie, Tevez

I'm thinking of going with O'Hara instead of N'Zogbia (although he's still held @12 behind the scenes), although I'm also considering getting Modric back in. Either of these moves give me the funds to go Wilson > Fabio. Berbatov may also come in for Tevez if I'm still feeling nervous about his starting status, but that's a decision I'll make closer to deadline. The rest should stay.

That's it! Remember, with no football over the summer I'll be taking a bit of a break from blogging in the off season, but I'll definitely be back next season. There may well be some changes coming, so please join the AM Blog Facebook Group or follow me on Twitter to allow me to keep you updated on any exciting developments!

How's your team shaping up?



HarambeeStars said...

Kol Verm Fabio
Adam Nzog Ohara Modric
Suarez Tevez Torres

Having doubts about Torres after that post :S
My feeling is he will get a start because it's the last game of the season, no?

Thanks again Nik for adding to what's been a great season!

Steven said...

I'm currently on:


I might drop Suarez and get Larsson in a 3/5/2. Any suggestions?

AM - thanks for all your hard work this season. I tend to read more than I post but I for one am grateful. I'm currently in position 387 and leading my private league by over 800 points!

Mike B said...

I have dropped a whole load of discounts and am going with the following...

Heitinga, Vermaelen, Kolarov
N'Zogbia, Adam, O'Hara, Larsson
Fletcher, Campbell, Rodallega

I can see many goals in these relegation dogfights.

On another note, I haven't been able to find the time to post like I did last season, but I have been reading regularly, and would just like to say a huge thank you for once again excelling yourself with this blog. It's a pleasure to read and still my first stop when I get a chance to go online.

Bravo AM, and good luck to all in this final week!

Scott said...

Slight shift in my line-up; I'm now sitting on:

Krul, Craddock, Fabio, Vermaelen, Modric, N'Zogbia, O'Hara, Adam, Suarez, Berbatov, Tevez

Shifting Cudicini, Kaboul, Hitz for Krul, Fabio, Modric...I think I like it.

Fleeties said...


Vermalaen/ Fabio /Craddock
Hitzlsperger/ Adam/ N'zogbia/ O'Hara
Suarez/ Fletcher/ Campbell


Vermaelen/ Craddock/ Heitinga
Hitzlsperger/ Adam/ N'Zogbia/ Scholes
Tevez/ Berbatov/ Fletcher

Risky, byt I quite like it!

Anonymous said...

Torres really? He's been awful and away to Everton, no thanks.

Mell 10-11 said...

Berba & Tevez will fight neck to neck. I like the idea to have both. Is it worth to drop Suarez and VPersie in favor of the golden boot battle?

Nzog & Adam are must have for the final game though.

MB said...

Foster, Verma, King, Evans, Adam, Modric, NZog, Scholes, Larsssssson, Fletcher, K-Davies

Lot of random clicking, can't really move anywhere in any of the leagues so I don't really care this week.

Chaos said...

Hmmm Fantasy football scout saying Hitz might not start.....

Something about WestHam playing players who will be there next season.

kendo said...

I have him @ 5.68 thanks chaos will I wait for more news?

Anonymous said...

@21.76 is Tevez worth it this week? I believe most of his big scores have come when he's played as a lone striker.
With Balotelli in contention will Tevez get the 2 goals to justify his value?

bengoh91 said...

Some tweaks to my BD team and it's now looking like this:

Vermaelen Craddock Kolarov
Adam O'Hara Larsson Modric
Fletcher Suarez Berbatov

I fancy Wolves this week, thus my selction of 3 Wolves players in Craddock, O'Hara and Fletcher. I'm slowly coming round to the idea of having Berbatov as Fergie has confirmed that he will play.

One player that has served me well throughout the season is Van Der Vaart. I have him at 6.14 and am finally dropping him this week as he's been ruled out of the Birmingham clash. He's consistently brought home the points and I stuck with him through his many injuries and doubtful status.Unfortunately next season he'll probably be priced around 17 so I may not get him. Thanks for the memories VDV!

With VDV ruled out, Modric becomes a very attractive prospect as he'll be on set pieces and pens. Only worry about my team is I don't have a single Wigan player but can't afford N'Zog. I have also dropped RVP@20 and ignored Tevez with doubts over his stsrting status. Could prove to be my undoing but we'll see how it pans out.

Special thanks to AM for helping us all throughout the season with his posts and not giving up in the face of some ridiculous criticisms. Great job, mate! I'm glad you'll be continuing with the blog next season! =)

Cheers everyone and good luck in this final week!

Anonymous said...

Final team

Richards King Fabio
Adam R.Taylor Nzogbia Hoillet
Suarez Berbatov Tevez

Chaos said...

Hi Kendo, I have him @ 5.68 also, really not sure what to do.

kendo said...

Deadline is tomorrow chaos going to hold until further news any alternative suggestions ?

Irons said...

I wouldn't worry about Hitz, he will start. Fantasy Football Scout is talking rubbish there.

Anonymous said...

Craddock, Heitenga, Vermaelen
O'hara, R.Taylor, Modric, Scholes
Tevez, RVP, Berbatov

I could go with Fletcher instead of the golden boot chaser with issues in Tevez and then upgrade Scholes. What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

hmm if Hitzlsperger isn't going to be featuring I'd need to mix up the lineup.

Right now I'm on

Vermaelen, Craddock, Spector
Adam, Modric, Hitzlsperger, D. Silva
Suarez, RVP/Tevez, Berbatov

however if Hitz doesn't show:

Vermaelen, Craddock, Spector
Adam, Modric, Scholes, O'hara/Arshavin
Suarez, RVP/Tevez, Berbatov

Anyone have any opinion on O'hara vs Arshavin or RVP vs Tevez. My gut this season has been horrible wrong on these heads up decisions. I'm with AM in the fact that whenever I make last couple hour changes it usually costs me 30 pts.

Irons said...

Stephen - i reckon Fletcher will at least match Tevez, so well worth bringing him in to upgrade Scholes. I wouldn't take a filler if you can get someeone good in his place.

Benjitrain - Spector is far more likely to not play than Hitz. Look at shifting him before Hitz!

Irons said...

Ok, this is 95% my final team, hasn't changed for a good 3 days!

Verm Craddock Enrique
Hitz Nzogbia MTaylor O'Hara
Fletcher RVP Berbabtov

Very confident of this team scoring well.

Chaos said...

Like your team Irons, whare are you overall? Where do you hope to finish.

Irons said...

391 currently, i guess i'll be lucky to get into the top 350. It took me ages to shake off a shocking start..

1st half rank: 4058
2nd half rank: 80

Not sure why i was so bad to start, haven't really changed strategy or anything..

Chaos said...

Your 2nd half rank is excellent Irons, given a good last week could you make the top 50? I was 1038th 1st half, have had a stunning 2nd half rank 1st, but I have changed my strategy quite a bit since Xmas.

Ken M. said...

Last minute changes:

Will not take (slight) risk of Hitz either not playing or having pitch time reduced sooooo

Even though I held him under 6 I moved him out plus O'Hara and put in Ward/Modric

I know, does not sound great but was just going to move Hitz for Ward and with no other changes that would have left me with 4-Wolves players in Craddock/O'Hara/Ward/Fletcher so to balance out things I did move Hitz to Ward and then O'Hara to Modric. The only way this works is if Hitz has playing time cut...if not I see a big oops in the making.

I see Modric more & more as a must have this week so maybe it will pay off...

masfina11 said...

K-rov, Verm, Fab
N'Zog, Larsson, Modric, M.Taylor, O'hara
Berba-king, Fletcher

Feeling confident!

masfina11 said...

Nope, M-Tay out. Hitz in.

I hate this

Geoff said...

Still pulling my hair out over Tevez. If I don't keep him I've got some serious candy to play with.

Right now:

Heit, Craddock, Fabio
Adam, Larson, Modric, Nzogbia, O'Hara
Suarez (@7), Berbatov

With Tevez I had Spector at the back, and Hitz @5 but doubts about his playing time have shooed me off the discount. Nothing saved yet, so I can still run whimpering back to my original team w/ Tevez.

Input welcomed!

(And thanks AM for the smashing year - first year I've followed you. Been on Neal and Jeremy's boat for a while, but w/ both blogs I'm enjoying this experience even more. Congrats on all the followers who are doing so well).

Ian Sanderson said...

At this late stage in the season, I've just (thanks to Chaos's post) found how to see your position in 1st and 2nd half of season.
In 1st half I was 2029.
In 2nd half I am 1198.
Yet strangely I am currently 931 overall.

greginho said...

well here goes my last chance at picking a team for a while and feeling the excitement that builds before each game week.

ben foster (thank you for serving me well)
vermaelen, fabio, kaboul
ashley young, ward, larsson, mulumbu
van persie, suarez, fletcher

odemwingie left for fletcher, van der vaart, whom i too had at $6, left for ward. young is my surprise pick, because villa always plays well and usually wins against clubs bigger than them. i am expecting a brace from ashley and suarez. i had m taylor, but i think larsson will be a better pick.

i had the most drastic first and second halves i think.
first half....675
second half...6581

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Verm Craddock
Hitz N'Zogbia Modric Adam
Suarez Fletcher Berba

Dropped Tevez for Fletcher, and Ward for Modric. Think it'll stay that way but we'll see. Loads of options for points all over the place.

Not playing for much since it's been a poor season - ranked 3150 - still better than last year.

Irons said...

I'm 145 points off 50th place. I like to think positive, but this is too much i think :D

Unbelievable 2nd half from you, you must be very proud. I scored 109.5 pts less than you there (2030).

Irons said...

Oh yeah, what's your strategy been since xmas by the way? Not caring about discounts too much and going by match-ups?

kwyjibo said...

Mancini was funny in his press conference. The first question:

Reporter: "Roberto, is Christiano Ronaldo a player you will be trying to sign this summer."
Mancini: "Yes. We sign with Christiano Ronaldo for £200 million." (laugh)
Reporter: "I suspect you may be joking..."
Mancini: "I think so"

In the end, no new info. But, I can't imagine Tevez getting benched for the final game. It's his chance to win the scoring title in the Premier League, if Mancini denies him the chance, he's almost assuring that he will leave in the summer.

Moreover, if he leaves Tevez on the bench, and Man City lose to Bolton, and third place, Mancini is also almost guaranteeing he'll be out of a job. So, I can't see it happening. Carlos stays.


I'm going for it with the two battling it out for the scoring title. I think both teams will try to get them the ball in scoring positions to help out. At the very least, both should get some SOTs.

Foul Master said...

So if Ronaldo comes to Citeh, will he enter YFF at 6-something?


barglancy said...

Have tevez berbs and suarez up front. Beaujoser of brum is a filler but if i drop tevez at 17.xx i could get modric into a midfield that already has adam o'hara and nzogbia. Then upfront i could go for rodallega sturridge or fletcher. I like the balance of the second option but there's a reason these teams (wigan and wolves) are threatened withrelegation. They're shite.
Gamble it all on tevez?

Alexandra IX said...

Final team of the season


i missed Tev at BD price. so my middie a bit weak. I hope i dont regret replacing Larsson with O'Hara.

Good luck to all of you. It was a very fun season. See you all next season


Chaos said...

Irons its a lot more complicated than that, but yeah Im not one for holiding onto a player. I would say though NEVER be afraid to spend money.

MB said...

Geez, I'm going to end with about 200 more points in the 2nd half of the season and be 8,000 places lower. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

First half position 2243, 1545points
Second half position 324, 1967.5 points
a good
second half improvement for me.

Proudly Nigerian(AM blog 2)

roonaldo said...

i have problem on whether want to choose adam or nani...can someone pls assist me on this.....

Anonymous said...

Adam is a 100% sure starter, Nani is not.
That's it.
@ MB - Average scores are much higher in the 2nd part of the season due to higher scoring games, double weeks, and this blog!

I'd like to spare a thought for Owen Hargreaves - who has spent another 20 mins on the pitch this season, just like the last one in 2010 - who SAF loyally continues to name in his squad.
O H must be one of the most frustrated sportsmen on earth & who will almost certainly never be remembered as part of a great Man U side although he has the talent to be playing week in, week out.
Owen, I feel for you dude.
(You're still not going to be in my FF team this week though;))

Good luck

masfina11 said...

Any word on Hitz??

Anonymous said...


He's staying in my team.
Don't know if that helps!

Ian Sanderson said...

I still haven't dropped VDV or Hitz, waiting for official news. I know VDV has tweeted he's out, but not convinced, also heard WHam playing players staying next season.
It's a long wait till 4 o'clock.

kendo said...

Provisional west ham team re hitz

I'm gonna keep him in

Ken M. said...

Well, sort of went off the "grid" this last week as I thought most teams would look very much the same, and now briefly looking over the leaderboard, it appears that I was mostly right.

My last minute changes include dropping Hitz,O'Hara,Tevez and Modric.

My final team consists of:


Started wondering if Modric would it up in a grid out style game with little opportunities.
Hitz appears to be playing but started to feel that the Hammers may not get it done with all the rotation talks on who will or will not play.
O'Hara is my biggest worry as I believe he will do well regardless.
Tevez also could be a mistake but after seeing his road record of scoring added to all the, stay/leave talks I just felt the risk was increasing all the time.

Barton, just had a feeling about him all week so I just went with that.

Walcott,if all scoring does not fall to RVP, I feel he will be next in line to pick up some possible nice points this week. At least equal to O'Hara with the possibilities of much more..or less?

The rest of the team is in there for all the same reasons they are on most all other teams.

Good luck to all. I look forward to seeing you all again next year and hopefully be able to improve on my current score of 3225.50 plus todays totals in my rookie year and have set my sights on much higher goal.

Thanks are the best.

Ian Sanderson said...

Good Luck all...

Vermaelen Alcaraz Evra
Adam Hitzlsperger O'Hara Taylor
Suárez RVP Berbatov

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