Sunday, 22 May 2011

Week 38 - My Team


Craddock   Smalling   Vermaelen

Hitzlsperger   R.Taylor   O'Hara   Adam

Suarez   Van Persie   Berbatov

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Wahay 1st for the first time lol

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Craddock Vermaelen
Hitz Adam N'Zogbia Modric
Suarez Fletcher Berbatov

bengoh91 said...

My team for the final week

Kolarov Vermaelen Craddock
Adam O'Hara Larsson Modric
Suarez Fletcher Berbatov

Good luck!

Ian Sanderson said...


kendo said...

speedjunkies said...

my best move of the replacing riveros with scholes, owen with bent and RVP with tevez...cmon yahoooo..where's the points????

Wenyu said...

A bit of bragging from me: I believe I've won the AM League in Fantasy Premier League, the official one that is. Also should finish within the top 1000 for the Yahoo game. I guess that's not too bad for a starting player. Thanks for all the tip over the season, Nik!

FlyingHamster United is the team name.

munafix said...

last minutes switch from hitz + bent to rodalega + hunt is paid off. looking forward for first finish in the top 500 after 3 seasons.

Ken M. said...

Points are in!!!

I could not wait so I took it upon myself to figure out just how many points I received in my final week.

To the best of my knowledge I finished with 363.5 points for week 38.

Give or take a couple of course for rounding errors.

Ian Sanderson said...

Points are (really) in.

106 points jumping me up 177 places to 754th place.

Thanks for the Blog, see you next season.

Hope to see Charlie Adam there too.

Anonymous said...

79 points, dropped 6 places to 477. Like Mancini i met my seasons target.

Arizona6 said...

Unusual first half in 9800th place, second half 190 -- what a change, must be the folks who don't know how to play DGW in the second half to the max plus a bit of my learning the game in the first-- although remember new players had a very generous amount of time on a four day barndoor to get a decent team with Bale and others.

Finish around 1100th

Arizona6 said...

Just like the good old days to finish the season with a negative return from my goalie-- Krulela de Ville of NewCastle. But thank you Charlie Adam
Jimmity Cricket.

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