Saturday, 7 May 2011

Week 36 - My Team


Gallas   Lescott   Bale   

Hitzlsperger   Modric   Silva   Van Der Vaart

Suarez   Crouch   Balotelli

I only had 5 minutes to look at my team this morning (I'm off to another wedding in an an hour) so I decided to keep it as it was yesterday. 8 DGers + Friedel, Hitz & Suarez, fingers crossed it'll give me a decent week.

A reminder that it's the Fantasy Football Challenge Champions League & Europa League Finals this week. These competitions were set up independently by Hans India and few of the chatroom regulars and they've done a fantastic job. Please visit for details on how you can join up next season.

Now on the barndoor you'll want to get involved in Arsenal, Chelsea & Man United players, as they have the pick of the fixtures next weekend (Arsenal v Villa, Chelsea v Newcastle, Man Utd @ Blackburn).
That's it - please let me know what you ended up with!



Chinu said...


Chinu said...

lolzz i m first!! :P
my team
gallas lescott bale
silva vdvd sandro modric
suarez balotelli crouch

ngochung said...

my team

Walker bale Kolarov Kaboul
Hipz VDV Yaya
Suárez Sturridge Bent

Anonymous said...

I tried to bring in Kaboul Friedel A. Young and Sturridge for Hart kolarov Luiz Defoe but my internet on my phone and computer chose the last 15 minutes before deadline to eff-up

this is the team i had earlier

Luiz Kolarov Zabaleta Bale
vdv Touré silva
Suarez Balotelli defoe

kendo said...

Luiz lescott kolarov
Adam silva yaya hitzl
Rvp balotelli Suarez

Don't want to change after looking at barn door fancy city v stoke and lpool v spurs next week as well

MB said...

foster, luiz, zabaletta, gallas, valencia, y toure, silva, vdv, sandro, rooney, defoe.

I'm relying on defoe doing to blackpool what he did to wigan last year! Well OK, I'm just relying on him getting on the field!

Eldwin said...

Lescott Gallas Kaboul Bale
VdV Silva Hitz
Suarez Sturridge Pav

Hope this will work this week! Had a frustrating time picking a team, so I just went with the best I'm happy with.

Ian Sanderson said...

Luiz Kolarov Kompany Bale
Adam VDV AJ Silva
Suárez Balotelli

For next week Bale has gone for Drogba.

Ken said...


Was reluctant to put in Balotelli but checking most of the top players teams and seeing him on their teams has made me feel somewhat better about the choice.

Right now the only players I am keeping for next week are Luiz & Suarez. The rest appear to be going.

All the players I want for next week are expensive so it will be another difficult week in finding the correct balance.

Good luck everyone

Also, for those this applies too...........


greginho said...

i am back from 8 days of not having a computer. i am sure no one missed me. i had half an hour on sunday night to pick some players on a relatives laptop, without looking at the scores of the games.
ben foster
luiz, lescott, dawson
van der vaart, pennant, sandro, silva
van persie, suarez, odemwingie

odem scored against arsenal in his last game, so he stays. he will hopefully outscore, the sad choices for strikers at city and spurs. pennant could have gone for modric, but i am just not that thrilled for his fantasy points and kept pennant. sandro is my weakest pick.

Anonymous said...

Sure missed you greginho, i was wondering why you've been so quiet.
lets see if the sad choices outscore, good.f.luck

Saiful said...

OMG....Friedel have just let in one.....

Raconteur said...

Saiful, of course he did, he's Brad Freidel remember?

Raconteur said...

Not a bad day so far. Glad I didn't spend all that money on Joe Hart, and glad I woke up late and just missed swapping yaya for Hitz. Shame about balotelli not starting but it was always a risk.

Nik, I think the decision to not allow anon posts is a good one, the comments section seems more informative and about fantasy football picks. As the season is drawing to a close just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts. Hope you do the same next year, and I'd be interested to know if you're sticking with yahoo even with it's faults.

gman26 said...

Well, Gareth. That was quick.

Yaya is my only good pick so far.

Arizona6 said...

yes, you have cut down about 90% of the posters-- I liked the anon posting (more spice), but it's your blog of course and you do a wonderful job.

Well Crouch was a mess. Bale was a master while he was upright- shame about the injury- hope he's back for a game or two. My mids based on your picks did well. Just Balo and Crouch were let downs and of course Hart- but hope for the next game.
Keeping Silva, VDV at discount and Suarez and Luis. Concerned about VDS actually playing next weekend, but that will become clear with tomorrows result.
Congrats to AC Milan- champions of Serie A.

Irons said...

Looking to next week, my saved team is:

Kolarov Shorey Djourou
Hitz Yaya Valencia Adam
Suarez RVP Drogba

Adam was a BD, i think i might take Walcott over him. I love this team though..quite likely to be my final team. If Djourou is a risk then i can afford any of the Arsenal CB's (Vermaelen?)

Arizona6 said...

Irons-- wow, strong team, I may have to muck around with mine- have to decide if Lampard is worth retaining and Carson (the unreal Cola of goalies) worthwhile.

Kolarov is driving folks on the FPL game NUTS, with his low scores- a ZERO today. This game rewards him differently, but I have had Luis. Bye

Anonymous said...

Spurs, Citeh, not good enough or maybe their managers are not good enough because there's nothing wrong with their squads. Bring back liverpool.

Anonymous said...

79.5 with just David Luiz to play before DG'ers go again. Amazed and very lucky Adam wasn't shown yellow or red for that hit on Bale. Adam put me through the wringer but very glad I picked him. He did what he said he'd do -- give 110%.

Ian Sanderson said...

...and there it is - Hitzberger jumps from 5,68 to 14.77

Ian Sanderson said...

...or whatever he's called...

Saiful said...

Raconteur, I know but i did not expect it come that quick......:)

Bayu Ekaputra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexandra IX said...

I hope I can continue to do 'relatively' well this week.

Avoided some players, ended up with:



Wahyu said...

Vermaelen is back..!!!
Late but useful with his current price..

Ken said...


Once again my never ending decision to include D. Bent on my team has proven to be consistently a poor one if nothing else. Last time? Doubt it.

At least I still have Balotelli!!!

71 points with Bale??, last time, VDV-YES, Silva-OK, and Modric?? as my double gamers and Suarez still to come.

Not exactly what it's going to take to move up this week but the up side is I am really not losing ground either.

Already torn between going with the more or less "obvious" picks from the teams Nik mentions, or looking to teams that are more.. desperate?

I did have an outside chance of getting to second place in a "public" league I jumped into mid-season, but it appears we have a new manager as of this week and he has come in taking the top spot with his point totals.
Not that it matters but it has confused me somewhat. If lucky, third is now my best shot.

Good luck all..

Ken said...

I just thought of something....

As it stands now, I will finish the season about 1,000 off the overall leader!!!

Imagine, that's only 10 games averaging 100 points more then the current leader.


Only missed it by / / much!

kwyjibo said...

WTF! Since when did Maxi become a scoring machine? A 7.88 investment 3 weeks ago would have gotten you a TON of points. This came out of nowhere.

Congrats to anyone who had him. I'm jealous.

Arizona6 said...

The overall leader had four non- DGW players--

His humble four (Young, RVP, Hitz and Suarez) gave him 80 points- jimmity-cricket that's luck and skill. I am 600 points behind him with two weeks to play- 22 players, I need a MAXI x 22. Suggestions?

Chaos said...

Moved up to 28th overall.

Suarez is just sublime.

Arizona6 said...

Great job Chaos--- what's your strategy? Did you have a couple of extraordinary weeks or just consistent scores?

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys,

108 points for me, very poor by double week standards, but then with Friedel, Crouch & Balotelli combining for a magnificent -3.5 points I guess it could've been worse! I remain in 86th overall. How did you do?

By the way - I'm really busy at work today so Week 37 Player Picks are likely to be started tonight & posted up tomorrow. Thanks, Nik

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