Saturday, 14 May 2011

Week 37 - My Team


Fabio   Vermaelen   Craddock  

Hitzlsperger   Adam   Lampard   Valencia

Suarez   Torres   Van Persie

Please let me know your team...and good luck to all!



Anonymous said...

nice picture nik :)

Laura said...
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Anonymous said...

fabio vermelen craddock
hitz adam lamps valencia ohara
rvp suarez

chikuera []

AMos said...

Suarez/Van Persie/Torres

Ian Sanderson said...

Like many of us I'm hovering just above the top 1000, here's my team...

Luiz Vermaelen Alcaraz
Adam VDV Hitzlsperger O'Hara
Suárez Torres RVP

Good Luck

Chaos said...

Well I start the week in 31st overall, my-self and Nik have 10 of the same players!

MB said...

Already a good start all my United's are playing.

Vermaelan, Fabio, Figueroa,
Valencia, Moses, Larsson, Giggs,
Rooney, Hernandez, Odemwingie

Next week's games have me flumoxed. I've no idea who to pick - spose a lot will depend on who still needs points. I'll grab a few cheap United players, maybe Adam but I'll wait until we get a picture of today's scores.

greginho said...

my team
ben foster
jiranek, figueroa, vermaelen
van der vaart, silva, kuyt, bowyer
van persie, suarez, odemwingie

i had no time this week to be on the computer, looking at players, with mothers day, a sons birthday and my wifes birthday in 6 days. yesterday i decided that zenden was points chasing when i barndoored him. i really wanted bowyer, as he has a much better chance at a goal than zenden. i also dropped luiz for jiranek. luiz is suddenly out of favor with the coaching staff, may not play, and has not done well fantasy wise, since he moved to the middle. silva has a great matchup, so he stayed. playing against newcastle is much better than playing spurs.
i just saw that zenden just got an assist, so i really need a bowyer goal to make it worth it.

MB said...

well done if you went with any of the attackers from bolton or blackpool #bigpoints

DJ PIGG said...

With two minutes to go I dropped VDS, Fabio and Ferdinand in an almost total rehash of my team.

Brought in Carson, Craddock and Distin so am pretty pleased with results so far.

Add to that, the fact that my main opponent in my private league chose Mingolet in goal and my 185 point lead looks quite safe, so far.

Good luck to Stoke in the cup!

Chaos said...

Yeah I felt Adam was a must this week regardless of his price.

Chaos said...

2nd overall since Xmas!!! 23rd overall for the season.


6th season playing Yahoo, have never got close to doing this well before.

C Hawk said...

Kolorav Verm Caldwell
Nani Adam Hitz NZog
Suarez Odemwingie Sturridge

67 points from 5 players including my premium pick of the week Nani with a whopping 2.5 points. Besides the 19 invested for 2.5 points the only other thing im kicking myself over is switching Craddock to Caldwell at the last moment but oh well im pretty happy with what ive gotten so far.

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen / Craddock / Jiranek
Adam / Beausejour / Lampard / Hitzelsperger
Rodellega / Torres / Sturridge

So 50.5 with seven to go. Can't be too disappointed with Kuszczak's goose egg because the Carson plan was to use the extra points in back and dump Craddock.

QP FC is 61 points with four to play, and now in 84th place in BL5 (from 99th). Anyone for a Mixed Doubles Cup next season?

Irons said...

42 pts. from Carson, Fabio, Adam and Valencia. Good start, up to 407 overall.

My saved team at the moment, which i very much like the look of..

Vermaelen Craddock Jacobsen
Hitz Taylor Lampard Pennant
Surez Fletcher Persie
0.07 spare.

I reckon i might be able to do something better with Lampard as i'm spending 18.30 on him. Lots of time still, i want to try and finish season in the top 300 (realistic target).

kendo said...

Swapped hart and silva for kusz (have given up trying to spell it!) and Hernandez for 4.5 at the last mo :( have adam tho and 8 players to go!

Ken M. said...

Exactly 60 points so far with...

Caldwell/Hitz/Lampard/Suarez/RVP/Torres still to play.

Looking like the week I needed to make that final move. Only "problem" is that there are a lot of fine scores being posted.

Hopefully, the best is yet to come.

Good luck all

gman26 said...

46 points through Carson, Sturridge, O'Hara and Brunt(only .5 you Cu--)

Kolarov, Luiz, Vermaelen, Lampard, Hitz, Ranger and RvP to go. Good news is I'm tucked in at 995 overall now. Just inside the top 1,000 for now. Better news is that 2nd place in my league didn't change his roster, pretty much giving me the title. Although, my lead with 2 weeks left was 100.

I don't like ManU so I was not happy to see them clinch. Strike that. I don't like SAF. He's such a sore winner and loser. Nothing against everyone else on that team.

I don't like all the haters that Man City had from the beginning of the season, so I'm happy to see them win the FA Cup and silence their critics.

chrism said...

@nik how in the hell did you pick Craddock. He scores his first goal in a year. That is the pick of the week. I also had Adam and Carson so I am feeling pretty good right now. But Craddock!!!! Give me a break.

chris m

Anonymous said...

Back into second in my private league wish I had found this site a lot earlier in the season but hard to complain since I have moved from 7th place to 2nd since finding this site in week 27.

43.00 = Carson(14), Craddock(12.5), Heitenga (-2), Carrick (4) & O'Hara (14.5)

Looking for performances reflecting their cost from Vermaelen, Lampard, Toure(Scored FA cup winner), RVP, Suarez and Torres. If they hit or exceed their costs should be another top scoring week in my private league.

Craddock and Carson where definitely pleasant surprises.

Ian Sanderson said...

35.5 points, BUT only Adam and O'hara have played.

SK said...

47.5 from just Adam, Carson and Craddock (26.5 pts from 3.30 m, simply wonderful). I think 150 is easily obtainable looking at who else I've got (just Carr and Toure in place of AM's Fabio and Valencia).

Eldwin said...

Latest points: 74.00
Total points: 3,177.50
Overall rank: 4,103 +1,093

Only wanted to break Top 5k, and I have a shot at Top 4k or even 3k if something special happens next week! Still have lamps, hitz, suarez, rvp, vem to go. I love this week oh and Craddock pick how epic is that?!? Excellent job Nik! :D

Anonymous said...

35 points. Moved Carson and Larsson to Bowyer/Kuzs. Glad i went back to Carson/Larsson. Hoping for some differential
from my defense, since my midfield and attack seems to be quite popular

Figueroa Richards Vermaelen
vdv Adam Nzogbia Larsson
Suarez VanPersie Torres

bengoh91 said...

My team for week 37:

Kolarov Vermaelen G.Caldwell
VDV Hitz Adam Larsson
Suarez RVP Torres

21 points so far with 8 playing today and 1 in midweek.

I swapped out Carson, Craddock and Lampard for Kuszczak, Gary Caldwell and Larsson. That turned out to be a really poor decision, one that saw me drop out of the top 200. Hopefully Larsson and Gary Caldwell will vindicate their selections today.

I had a hunch on DJ Campbell this week but decided to go with Torres instead. So many points that I missed out on this week!

Anonymous said...

I did exactly the same thing bengoh91! Had DJ Campbell and swapped him out stupidly for Torres, even though I had a big hunch for DJ! Arrgh missed so many more points. Ended up with 109 with Kolarov to go but it could have been so much better.

My team was:

Kolarov(@4) Vermaelen Carr
Lamps Hitzlsperger Adam N'Zogbia
Suarez Sturridge Torres

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