Friday, 1 October 2010

Week 7 - Update

Only 24 hours till deadline and we haven't really had much useful team news as yet, but this is likely to change as the day progresses so I'll keep this post updated.

Two of the big concerns are Man City and Liverpool...they played last night in the Europa Cup and don't play until Sunday so we're unlikely to get great information today. This is a problem for many of us - I'm currently trying to decide whether to bring David Silva in for Joey Barton and I know a lot of people are considering Jerome Boateng for their defence. 

Adam Johnson played last night so I reckon Silva gets the start here, but it's not 100%. With Zabaleta & Kolorov out, Richards & Bridge doubtful and Boateng playing 85 minute after returning from a long term injury my inkling is Boyata and Lescott start as fullbacks, but we'll have to wait and see.

For Liverpool I've just seen that as well as Konchesky being out with a hamstring injury both Kelly & Agger are doubts, so I honestly don't know who'll play left-back for Liverpool. Gerrard will obviously return after his rest.

It appears Fabregas is unlikely to feature (UPDATE - Wenger confirms Fabs is out along with Almunia & Gibbs) and Vermaelen will definitely miss out for Arsenal so that makes Chelsea clear favourites in the big game of the weekend. Lampard remains out for The Blues and Zhirkov could keep his place ahead of Ramires (who was woeful vs City last week). We await Ancelotti's press conference for confirmation.

Redknapp has confirmed he'll stick with 4-4-2 for home matches so Bale should continue at left wing after his fantastic performance on Wednesday, with Corluka likely to replace Ledley King (UPDATE - Redknapp has now suggested King may start which confuses things). This should mean another start for Alan Hutton at right back. Richard Dunne, John Carew and Gabby Agbonlahor are all fitness worries for Villa (UPDATE - Agbonlahor out, groin surgery)

There are rumours that Wayne Rooney could return, but I doubt he will - Scholes & Giggs are definitely missing for Manchester United's game at Sunderland so two from Park, Anderson Gibson will get a start and Ferdinand should retain his place ahead of Evans (UPDATE - Rooney is confirmed out. Ferdinand, Carrick & Anderson are slight concerns but could feature). Steve Bruce has to decide between the returning Craig Gordon and Mignolet in goal.

Stephen Kelly will miss the trip to West Ham with John Pantsil set to earn a recall at right back for Fulham, and he's only £6.36m,

That's it for now - I'll update throughout the day but please add any news you hear/read about in the comments section below.

Voting in the poll closes at 4pm UK time:

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Jon said...

am currently on

Foster (@6.5)
Bale (@13.3); Salcido; Stam
VdV; Yaya; Holden; Nani
Chamwow; Tevez; Odimwingie

Considering swapping Foster for Kirk or Bale for Kompany, then Tevez for Drog or Cham for Obinna

Or, i could do them all!!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated ...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Silva - Malouda vs Larsson - Downing ? Who win?

Will Stam play?


Anonymous said...

Nik - Ancellotti is not due to take the Chelsea press conference due to the death of his father. Ray Wilkins will be in his place so not sure if we will get the same information.


Birty said...

@RD if you have Malouda at a significant discount keep him for now. Villa, Wolves and Blackburn on the horizon. If not go with downing and johnson.

i've only got one spot left to fill in defense. can't decide between a discounted hutton, bird man alcaraz or random city defender

kwyjibo said...

@RD, @Birty - Yes, I agree. Keep Malouda if at discount. I'm still thinking of him as a season keeper for now.

I did go ahead and finally drop Bale. VDV is starting to get Bale numbers, but at less than half the price (if you got him at discount). He's much more likely to return his value week in and week out, imo.

My big debate is whether to keep Berbs or switch for Obinna, which would allow me to fit in Kompany. I'm worried because I don't have a single ManCity or Liverpool player so far.


Jussi (am I crazy?)

Berbs is only +1.4 above discount, so it wouldn't hurt too much to drop him and get him back on the BD...but, I also dropped him a couple days before his hat-trick, so it makes me nervous...

Anonymous said...

Almost 9 to spend on last midfield.

Barton Yaya or Albrighton

Or toying with 433 for first time ever. Bring in Coleman and Boateng.
Upfront I have Odem and Obin with Drogs.
Dropping Bale and Berbs so I can freshen up the squad.

Anonymous said...

I took the leap and dropped Foster and Nani with not-big-but-not-so-minor discounts. I think I've done the right choice, or at least the one that has more logic in it, and we all no sometimes logic doesn't matter in this cases so it all can go wrong. But still - I've dropped Foster and Nani in order to bring in Tevez and Reina, who both have better match-ups and play in better teams (at least Tevez does :)).
The only price I paid was dropping Barton, Skrtel and Elmander and buying Jacobsen, Silva and Holden, which seems like a trio that can AT LEAST get the same number of points like the former. I've been thinking about this switch for about 3 days and only now decided to perform it, and some would say it indicates how much I wasn't sure about it. They are right. But I just thought about that and realized that I would've regretted about not doing it the minute after the deadline, so I've decided to make the move.
I don't like my team, but I know that in this week it is impossible to build a team I like, so I've gone with the team I've disliked the least.

Bale Salcido Jacobsen
Malouda VdV Silva Holden
Odemwingie Obinna Tevez


P.S: Wenger informed that Fabregas and Gibbs aren't fit to face Chelsea. Just one more thing to take into consideration.

FanMan said...

AM - do you mean another starts for Hutton at RB, or another start for Hutton at RB !?

Basically - do you think Hutton will start?


Anonymous said...

I dropped Green and Berbatov to pickup Tevez, but now stuck with Kirkland.


Could be great or downright nasty. What do you think?


Assistant Manager said...

I meant "another start for Hutton". I think he's played well enough to continue but I can't guarantee he starts, Redknapp could play King again which may mean Corluka at RB.

FanMan said...

Thanks AM. I won't hold it against you like that dude the other week if he doesn't!


I would suggest dropping one of Odem or Obinna to upgrade Cap'n Kirk and Henry if you can.

Perhaps Foster and Silva instead?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fan Man. If I can swing it I may switch out Obinna and see if I can upgrade my GK! Good Luck


Anonymous said...


any comment? no drogba, no tevez and no nani.

Anonymous said...

VDV, Malouda,Adam,Silva
Drog, Odem, Tevez

Tevez or Gerrard anyone?

Anonymous said...

I've only had a negative once with my keeper picks and i feel this is the week to take a zero. Imo, besides Hart and Cech, there are no guaranteed picks for cs. Last week they were just a few goals, i'm expecting plenty of goals this wk, though not 6-0 type.

Anonymous said...

Kompany Alcarez Jara
Nani Adam Vdv N'zogbia
Drogba Obinna Odemwingie

I really want Tevez but don't want to tip my team on its head so i'll settle for this and i hope i do a 100+

Nikhil SC said...


foster/kompany/bent OR kirk/gohouri/drogba

Anonymous said...

Jara Carr Coleman
VDV FloMo Adam Gardner
Drogs Odem Obin

kwyjibo said...

Well, I've settled...I think...


I would love to upgrade Etuhu, but don't have the funds...then again, he's returned his value in 4 of 6 weeks, so maybe an ok choice.

Anonymous said...

Need some help here pls..
Replace ben arfa at 5.13 with silva or meireles or keep ben arfa. ??

Ken said...

Mr. "FanMan"

How long do I have to pay for my mistake? I have admitted I was in the wrong, apologized, and express great desire to begin my learning process to become a (new) fan of the sport. This becomes difficult when you start to believe you are now "marked" for life.
I have a million questions and wonder if I should even ask one. Guess I could remain anonymous!


Anonymous said...

Coleman Salcido Kuyt gerrard
Jacobsen zirkof Gerrard Odemwingie

Anonymous said...

Bale Carr Salcido
Malouda Adam VDV Silva
Drogba Berb Piquionne

any comment?

EE said...

Thinking of my defense line--Teams like Liverpool and maybe Fulham maybe have a good chance for cleansheets, but i'm also wondering how much action the defense of those teams might get and how that translates into points.

All to say, I'm picking Alcaraz over Kuyt (assuming that the Wolves will challenge the defense a bit more, thus giving Alcaraz a bit more chances at saves and such)... thoughts?

Anonymous said...

kirkland is the only sure bet for someone not to have negative points- unless he plays, of course.

Saul said...

@Anon - Actually Kirk would be worth a lot more if he does play, thus giving him a chance to make saves...and only @1.00 buck, he can easily justify it. Wolves are not playing well at the moment, and Wigan look like they're on the rise.

AM - I'm confused about the City defence, will Boateng play? I have him in my line-up and plan to gamble on him.

Good luck to all.

greginho said...

i am happy as heck that nobody is going for bent. he was the first player that i wanted on the barndoor. he got 1 at arsenal and 2 at liverpool, so it stands to reason he will pop in 3 at home to a poorer manure side. i hope he does get a goal. i dropped 2 of my defenders to bring in jara and da costa, playing at home to bolton and fulham, especially with all of the injuries up front, while dann and koscielny would have been at chelski and at home to everton. up front i brought in obinna and odemwingie over berbaflop and chamakh. i want to trade out adam for somebody, but his lowest game was 5 and i paid 5.49 for him, so he has definitely covered his cost every week, but i am getting greedy.

El_Fenomeno said...

my team at the moment is :
bale skrtel boateng (gamble )
malouda VdV holden j.cole meireles
drogba piquionne
what do you think ? any suggestions ?

Emperor said...

meireles/silva & salcido or skrtel & holden ?

Anonymous said...

Thx for ur advice. Now i have two team to go. Need an advice again.

Bale - Salcido - Jacobsen
C.Adam - VdV - Larsson - Nani - Downing
Odemwingie - Kalinic

Bale - Salcido - Gouhouri
C.Adam - VdV - Silva - N'Zogbia - Malouda
Odemwingie - Obinna


Anonymous said...

I think you could drop Obinna to for Kalinic to have money for Nani. This can be risk but this could be a better team.

Bale - Salcido - Gouhouri
C.Adam - VdV - Silva - Nani - Malouda
Odemwingie - Kalinic


greginho said...

2nd choice rd

Anonymous said...

what do you think ?
tevez torres odemwingie zhirkov hleb or
drogba malouda piquione skrtel j.cole
pls i really need your help on this one ...


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... What do you think??

Bale - Johnson - Kompany
Malouda - Gerrard - Adam - VDV
Berbatov - Drogba - Chamakh

Dave said...


Don't trouble yourself--your slate was wiped clean long ago. Glad to have you in the game and feel free to ask your questions--folks here are very generous and willing to help.

Anonymous said...

@KT: 2nd choice ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello guys,
Need some advice on who should i pick...
Gerrard or Torres from Liverpool...

Please advice..

Anonymous said...

@P.K: this is from FantasyPL blog:

"Not Torres - for those wondering why the hate for Nando, I'll refer you to his weekly scoring chart - his average is under 7.5/week and that INCLUDES a 20 point effort. Outside of that, he hasn't topped 8 points. Could it change this weekend? Yes. Am I spending 16.64 this weekend on the chance he returns his value for only the second time this season? No."

"Gerrard - I'm not doing it but I can certainly see the argument here. He's third on my Premium Midfielder list this weekend behind Nani and FloMal but if you have a feeling that this is Liverpool's week then you'll want Gerrard as they lynchpin/only guy who has produced anything."

Hope this useful.

SK said...

@-P.K-: I think Kuyt may be a better investment here. He's likely to play as a forward alongside Torres in 4-4-2, where he has scored well in the past.

I am taking a big gamble by dropping Malouda, Gerrard, Chamakh and Saicido at good discounts to go for Nani, Kuyt, Alcaraz, and Owen. Horrible idea? I'm now at this team:

Bale Alcaraz Coleman
Nani VDV Adam Nasri Kuyt
Odemwingie Owen

Anonymous said...

Bale Carr Boateng
Malouda Adam VDV Nani Albrighton
Berbatov Odemwingie

I'm thinking of swopping out Albrighton for Silva, but having Silva and Boateng could be too much risk if they both dont start

Anonymous said...

do you think Owen start ?

Anonymous said...

I think MANU will play with form 4-5-1 with Berbatov start. Owen will be sub.

Saul said...

@Anon 4:08 am - I'm banking on Torres, I know he hasn't done much this season but this is the perfect game for him to get his scoring streak going.

@Anon 3:49 am - That is a killer team imo, I would not change a single thing about it. Love that you kept Chamakh, everyone got rid of him but if he does well you'll be the one to benefit. Love that defence!

@KT - I like your first option better because you're spreading your chances around. Although Zhirkov is doubtful so if you can, upgrade him to Jacobsen or another sure starter. You don't want to take a zero right now.

@RD - Second option imo.

@Greg - Bent is a great hunch pick, almost always scores vs. top teams.

Now, my team and it's final!

Adam-VDV-N'Zogbia-Gibson(my super hunch)

Quite happy about it and will keep it. Good luck to all and hope my suggestions help.

Tough week to decide for me, I just now finished it which is surprising. I'm usually done by Thursday. Anyways good luck again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon & SK...

SK said...

@anon 4:59 am - if ManU plays 4-5-1, it will be basically just Fletcher, Carrick and Anderson, but all three played against Valencia. Who else does SAF have that he can have a 3rd central midfielder?

Anonymous said...

elmander or obinna better? pls comment this 2 striker

Anonymous said...

This is a difficult week to pick up V_V.

@SK: Ando was rest last 15 mins @Valencia, so I think he will start. Sir AF knows how "dangerous" Sunderland is, so he could end up with 5 midfielders like this:

Nani - Flet - Gibs - Ando - Park (Carrick is subs)

This looks like the form played against Valencia. If this match was at Old Trafford, 4-4-2 for sure but not now.

Hey, buddies, what do you think about this midfield team:

Adam - VdV - Silva - Nani - Malouda

I am not sure about Silva? Any advice? Thx a lot.

Saul said...

@SK - Gibson

Saul said...

@Anon 6:36 - Silva will start, Mancini seems to like him alot...even more than AJ. He also only played a few minutes in the EL so I'm pretty sure he'll start vs. Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

My team:
Bale Kompany Boyata
L.Cole VDV Y.Toure C.Adam D.Silva
Tevez Berbatov

I'm worry about C.Adam because Blackpool vs Liverpool, If sell C.Adam I have 7.8m. Please give me some counsel about defender, Midfielder or forward I should buy OR I should keep C.Adam

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:01
C.Adam had an OG last week and his pts was 6.50. This means no doubt about his position. Just my thought,u r free :D.


Anonymous said...

Rate my team please:

Bale Solcido Coleman
F.Mlo Adam Barton VdV
Drogba ChamWow Odem

Anonymous said...

Should drop Chamwow for another foward or midfielder.

Anonymous said...

my team this week

salcido coleman boyata
nani vdv adam barton
drog obin odem

GK I wanted Reina but didn't know how to squeeze the funds out so, decided birm at home aren't to bad and foster should be in the + this game may be 0-0

Def - made the deciion to drop Bale this week even though I feel he will perform well and get 10+ simply because he was hogging 14.9 and i didnt have him at a discount, I think over the season when he is sometimes deployed at LB he may not get his value at 15 so this sacrifice helps me toy with my team more. Salcido is staying for the duration will be like bale. Coleman I told everyone about last week no one would listen. I just hope he stays in the side this week with hibbert still a doubt but in the squad. Boyata is a gamble as boateng may play I did have Kelly but he is now doubtful I figured with boateng playing in the euro game and getting fitness back boyata will start after impressing against chelsea.

Mid - needed to get VDV hes only gonna rise and rise the rest is pretty simple nani barton and adam constant scorers at good prices

Att - was so tempted to drop drog and go for torres or tevez but I think he will score against arse like he always does and he was rested midweek due to being banned. obinna looks a good buy shooting from anywhere with a good fixture and odemwingie is on form and should score at home to bolton.

pretty happy with this line up any ideas suggestions please post

current position 502

Anonymous said...

no one has mentioned dyer at west ham a home against fulham hes fit and can get points for his low price.

also owen is maybe worth a look if he starts.

my dilema at the moment is i have one def slot left who shall i pick and why out of the following


Anonymous said...

Salcido Kompany Bale
Malouda vdv adam Kuyt
Carroll Obinna Odemwingie

0.39 left

guys plz help with suggestions??

Anonymous said...

@Anon-9:40: Gouhori because Wigan can be CS against Wol

@Anon 10:14: Maybe drop Kuyt-Carroll for

Larsson - Piquionne
Larsson - Crouch
Larsson - Keane
Larsson - Chamakh

N'Zogbia - Piquionne
N'Zogbia - Crouch
N'Zogbia - Chamakh

@Anon9:34: Just ne sentence: should not drop Bale ^^.

RD, hope this useful

Anonymous said...

Jacobsen Kompany Jara
VDV Ethuhu Malouda Adam
Obinna Drogba Odemwingie

??? your advise ?

Anonymous said...

Bale Salcido Jones
Silva Nani Adam Barton Yaya
Tevez Berb

Anonymous said...

what do you think about my team ?
bale jacobsen zhirkov
malouda VdV j.cole silva/hleb
drogba obina piquionne
i'm thinking between silva and hleb ? which one is better ? pls help ....


Anonymous said...

Yahoo and The Guardian have Beausejour in their starting line-ups, but Sky and BBC report that Fahey could start.

I did have Etuhu, but with already having Salcido didn't like the look of two Fulham players away from home.

52 minutes to deadline, and just going to press confirm... well maybe.


Anonymous said...

About Jara, with 6.90 you can have a better-bet such as Boyata(not sure about start) or Gouhori, Stam

Wesbrom play well agianst Arsenal but no one can say about Bolton ^^.

This is from FantasyPL blog
"Not Barton nor Ben Arfa - I have both at a discount but this isn't the weekend to buy in on either guy since Citeh have been stingy."

You can drop Berb for another cheaper foward and have more money for another midfielder.

@AR: I have Silva for my team :D

@Paul: Do not drop Salcido :D


P/S:...GL everyone, i hope my suggestion can help you all. If not, i will be so dead V_V...

Anonymous said...

guys,which 1 is better?
Jole cole+D.Silva

Anonymous said...

I like Meireles-Silva than others :D


Anonymous said...

Salcido Kompany Bale
Malouda vdv adam Kuyt
Carroll Obinna Odemwingie

0.39 left


Salcido Kompany GOHOURI
Malouda vdv adam GERRARD
Carroll TEVEZ Odemwingie

1.10 left

guys plz help with suggestions??

Anonymous said...

I prefer Kuyt to Gerrard. Blackpoool are a fit strong side and with Gerrard lacking fitness he is likely to sit in midfield rather than getting forward for most of the game.

I would never go with a goalkeeper like Kirkland that isn't starting. Goalkeepers return the most pts per £ over a season.

bobby said...

Bale, Salcido, Jacobsen
Malouda, VDV, J.Cole, Meireles
Obinna, Chicharito, Torres

Hopefully Chicharito should do well against Sunderland... :D

Anonymous said...

wigan 2-0 wolves

Anonymous said...

srr guy about Owen start. MANU's form made me suprised so much.

Gouhuri had CS but Foster was back to nightmare.


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