Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Midweek News

As I'm sure you're all aware, it appears Liverpool are on the verge of being sold to the Boston Red Sox owners, with the prospective buyers planning to clear the Premier League club's debts when they take over.

Neal has already written an excellent article on the subject over on FantasyEPL so I won't go over the subject again, but I'd be interested to hear opinions from Liverpool fans and neutrals alike, especially those with a knowledge of New England Sports Venture / John W Henry.

Other news coming out of Anfield is Fernando Torres' abductor strain is similar to the injury he suffered in the World Cup final and he's a major doubt for the Merseyside derby in 10 days time.

Danny Guthrie is on the verge of a return for Newcastle after coming through a reserve game. If he was to force his way back in to the starting XI then he's likely to steal Barton's set pieces so it's one to keep an eye on.

Manchester City are planning to unleash Mario Balotelli on Arsenal at the end of the month, but how he fits in with Tevez in great form at the point of a three man attack is anybody's guess. I imagine they'll find a way, and that way is likely to push the outstanding Adam Johnson further down the pecking order.

Frank Lampard could return for Chelsea's game at Aston Villa, which will mean either Ramieres or Mikel dropping to the bench and Essien dropping back a bit. Alex faces three weeks out, leaving Ivanovic to cover and either Ferreria or Bosingwa at right back and there's bad news for Yossi Benayoun who faces several months sidelined with an Achilles tendon injury.

Finally, Cesc Fabregas has declared himself fit and should be ready to return for Arsenal vs Birmingham as they look to end a run of two league defeats on the spin. Birmingham aren't exactly in great form themselves so it could be a great chance for the Gunners to get back to winning ways and Fabs is now on my radar for Week 8. Theo Walcott is set to be back at the end of the month.

With all the news above I've adjusted my team and I'm like the look of it at the moment, although it remains unsaved.

Krul, Salcido, Boateng, Bosingwa (or Ferreira), Adam, Van Der Vaart, Nani, Fabregas, Carroll, Chamakh, Drogba

Early days yet!



Anonymous said...



rwlwhite said...

i'm having a dilemma now fabregas is back. here are my two options:

Salcido - Kosciely - Boateng
VDV - Etherington - Adam - DFLETCHER - NASRI
Berbatov - TEVEZ


Salcido - Kosciely - Boateng
VDV - Etherington - Adam - FABREGAS - NOLAN
Berbatov - CHAMAKH

Any advice?

Saul said...

@rwlwhite - If you had to make the decision right now I'd say 2nd. It's too risky to go with 2 Arsenal in defence as they haven't been that solid at the back, and that's not considering the chance that Verm might be back and we don't know which one of Koscielny/Squillaci Wenger might prefer. But it's too early to get closure on a team, there's still a week and a half until week8.

My BD team, which i haven't changed since the weekend, is...


Only change I'm considering at the moment is Tevez to Fabregas but I will have to wait and see if Cesc is 100% ready.

FLScott said...

T. Krul

C. Salcido
V. Kompany
R. Ferdinand

C. Adam
R. Van der Vaart
A. Arshavin

D. Berbatov
M. Chamakh
A. Carroll

For now anyway.... still along ways to kickoff. Comments anyone?

FLScott said...

Side note: What's up with Carroll at Newcastle stinkin' it up? Do you guys think he'll start, and do Newcastle really have another option?

Saul said...

FLScott - I can't find the article but the Newcastle coach said on an interview that Carroll was not assured a starting spot, he was going to have to win careful, Ameobi started last vs. City on the weekend.

greginho said...

AM dropped malouda, i may do it too, to get cesc in

FLScott said...

Saul - Thanks mate, and good to see you back again this year, always helpful insight.

Saul said...

@greginho - I'm thinking about Fabregas as a replacement for Tevez, I don't like the player/coach relationship problems between them.

@FLScott - Happy to help, and you knew I'd be back.

In the words of Bill Shankly...“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.”

Maxer said...

so look like AM has jumped off the malouda bandwagon.. i might stay on for another 2-3 (easy) matches and see how it goes.. he's returned very good points for me so far..

what's everyone thinks of barton for week 8?..


FLScott said...

@ Maxer - added him earlier today, but I'm not clicking the save button yet.

bean said...

@Maxer,FLScott - Guthrie played for the reserves yesterday, if he comes back, he may steal some points from Barton

FLScott said...

Hmmm.. Thanks Bean. Might pick up Fletcher instead.

Anonymous said...

@Saul good idea, Tevez, last 2 matches, 1 shot 1 goal average returns, they're not creating enough chances at City and he was right to complain, Totti did the same thing at Roma. Anyway until Balotelli comes i only fancy the defenders and goalie at City.

Anonymous said...

Wk8 for NOW
Boateng Squillaci Coleman
Nani Vdv Adam Barton
Obinna Drogba Berbatov

every comment is welcome, No Arsenal players, can't fit in Fabregas and i still prefer Berbatov to Arshavin. With Fabs back Chamakh might score big though i rate him below Caroll. 113 last wk and my team was well spread, so i'm worried about Nani Berbatov.

Anonymous said...

Also Ameobi got his chance last week, i expect Caroll to start therefore, i'll put my money on it.

Stato said...

ebi s.: like your midfield which should earn points with goals or no goals.
Nani good choice with Utd mids struggling with injuries and Barton due a goal.
I like the Coleman pick (and Berbs but only for this next game at home).
Check out opinion on which centre mids Wenger will play.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

Ok, this will be my carzy week. I have chosen a crazy team for now.

Crazy pick
Insane pick - outofmind pick - OMG pick
C.Adam - VdV - Nani - A.J
Kalirisk - Di Santo - Piquionne

I just want to ask about the start for Kalinic, A.J and Di Santo?

P/S: I will post my GK and DF later.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

carazee picks RD! lol

Anonymous said...

Barton or Nolan?
Then Nzonzi or Muamba?


Anonymous said...

Barton & Nzonzi


Nolan & Etuhu?


Anonymous said...

Malouda and Salcido
Bale and Barton

irwan_naruto said...

LC - nolan etuhu i supposed..
Anon@10.37 - bale & barton surely

Superfly Jim said...

What do you think of this team ???


Obviously Kirk & Kalinic are fillers but i'm liking the look of this team and Kalinic is a decent filler against Sunderland @ home.

Let me know what you think

Anonymous said...

@Superfly Jim
you could save this team and quit the game and still have decent returns every week

Anonymous said...

Rule number2.
Don't pick players against Man City and Chelsea, unless they're season keeps. I can't pick Fabs till after the Man City game.

Anonymous said...

Haven't click save yet

Salcido, Boateng, O'shea
FloMal, VDV, Adam, Nani, Fabs
Chamakh, Elmander

Still unsure for some positions,
GK, coz the same with AM :)
Will FloMal rested (busy week)?
Is Fabs fit enough (according to AW not to himself)?
Not confident with the strikers either...

Any insight?

Giggsy1972 said...

Can anyone tell me who are Wolves back 4?
Also, is Hutton playing?
Looking for a cheap DF fillers.
Neal, Jeremy, help?

Anonymous said...

Boateng Man city
jacobson westham
elkobi wolves

Anonymous said...

@Giggsy1972: AFAIK, Wolves starting back 4 are Foley, Berra, Craddock, Ward, barring injuries, suspensions and tactical changes. (Note: Ward is listed as a midfielder in YFF, playing at LB position.)

Foley, Berra and Craddock are pretty much nailed on for their spots. LB may depend on McCarthy's tactical formation. Elokobi came in for someone (can't remember who) midway in the last game, slotted at LB and Ward was pushed into MF.

Tayo said...

Hey guys & gals,


How would you rate my potential team for week 8:
Krul / Bale, Kompany, Steinsson / Adam, Nani, VDV, Barton, Fabregas / Obinna, Odemwingie.

Many thanks in advance for your insight...

Best regards & good luck to all!!!

Anonymous said...

cristiano ronaldo


xabi alonso

oh sorry, a couple of years out with that one!

Anonymous said...

Ferdinand went down from 11 to 9 ???

Anonymous said...

Need help :

Van der sar - scholes
Krul - Nani

Not convinced that Krul will produce

FLScott said...

I can see how Krul is a bit of a risk, given the last two performances,.. but then again it's Wigan, on the road, and nearly always in crap form when. For now I've got (slightly reworked):





Probably change again tomorrow though.

Kellz said...

Trying to decide between Krul/Adam or Kirk/Nani. I am not convinced Newcastle will keep a CS after losing 2-0 to BPool at home, nor am I convinced Adam will get more than 7-8pts against a VERY good defensive Citeh, who have only conceeded 3 goals all season.

Therefore my team changes to:

Bale, Salcido (could go for Squillaci), Boateng,
Malouda, Nani, AJ (depends on starting status), VDV
Drogba, Carrol, Chamakh

Feel its very balanced, many people seem to be contemplating selling Bale or Malouda, but I have stuck with them all season and Bale has a very winnable CS game and Malouda scored a doubel on Villa last time out (at the Bridge), but Villa aren't the same defensive side they were for most of last year. If I do ship out Malouda it will be to bring in Arshavin and force AJ to go down to someone like Silva, who could very well score his first league goal next week.

Overall its too early to settle, but the time between weeks in an international break is painful. Changed my team multiple times already.

Thank god someone who actually cares is trying to buy Liverpool. I am really excited and hope the deal goes through. Theres no worry of -9pt deduction if we go into administration so not worried about that. But we need a new direction and hopefully we found it.

Good luck guys, lots of international fun tomorrow, probably injuries too!

Anonymous said...

I've made a big mistake in yff when I dropped c.adam to get k.toure in week7, thinking that I would be able to get him back after the liverpool game.

I made a bigger mistake during the citeh game when I dropped drogba to get tevez when he scored, fearing his price will skyrocket. Then drogba scored against arse and scored even higher fantasy points than tevez. Now drogba's price has skyrocket while tevez's price only increased less that 1 and I can't get him back.
Worse still, I have lost my top spot in my private league to the runner-up who still holding on to drogba and c.adam, now I'm struggle badly to get back my no.1 spot.I have lost my motivation now as I have lost 2 players whom consistently generate points.

Dumb-fool Me!

Anonymous said...

Silva will not score now or in any other game and will continue to struggle, his best chance of points is through assists and corner won.

Tayo said...

Hey AM, guys & gals,

Fantasy greetings to y'all!

How would you rate my potential team for week 8:
Krul / Bale, Kompany, Steinsson / Adam, Nani, VDV, Barton, Fabregas / Obinna, Odemwingie.

Many thanks in advance for your EXPECTED insight...

Best regards!

Anonymous said...

Is Johnson playing ?

Anonymous said...

Elokobi Jacobsen Boateng
Adam VDV FloMal Nani Fab
Drogba Vela

This midfield is galactic !

donut said...

Not making so many changes for next week, in fact I'm going to wait until Midweek internationals finish first...

Mignolet (0-0 with Blackburn!)
Bale Hutton Koscielny
Adam VDV Malouda AJ Barton
Drogba Carroll

Sticking with Bale/Malouda/Drogba - see no reason why they won't keep racking up the points.
Wish I had Nani/Cesc and may try and get one in by using Kirkland, but as I say going to wait until internationals for any decision...

Anonymous said...

Thinking bout Fabianski for next week. Any comments bout him?

Anonymous said...

One HUGE question.....since Fabs declares himself fit, how will this affect an in-form Nasri?

My Pending Team are:

Salcido, Boateng, Jacobsen
VDV, Nasri, Pennant, Nani
Piquionne, Drogba, K.Jones

with 1.99 in bank


bean said...

@Kellz - no worry of 9 point deduction if they go into administration?

bean said...

interesting article on club debts (from February):

Kellz said...

@Bean: Its my understanding as long as the club remains solvent, the company that owns the club can go into administration without the -9pt deduction, similar to what happened with West Ham. All reports I have read with the exception of today have pointed Liverpool would be fine if their parent company were to do so, today reveals something different and it is unsettling.

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Missed all the games last weekend because my dad just released from hospital since last Friday.

Adam, VDV, Barton, Malouda
Drogba, Berbatov, Obinna

Only 2 changes from previous week and I am considering Chamahk over Obinna right now.

Any suggestions?

FLScott said...

Kompany needs more company.

FLScott said...

Side note: with everyone going Fabs, I'm def not. Could be a game changer on a week like this.

bean said...

@Kellz - more the reason to hate Hicks & Gillett: leaveraged an amazing club into the ground (financially) and still are trying to milk a profit out of it. I'm sure it will work out in the end for Liverpool, they have a group willing to buy (at logical price), they've passed all tests, the League wants them to buy and it's just the hurdle of H&G legal challenge to overcome. I guess it's just the problem of appeals, but don't know much about the courts.

and on the field, I have confidence in Hodgson. He'll make things happen. Just needs to play Gerrard behind Torres and get a few goals Nando and they'll be fine again.. It's still so early in the season...

Edd2 said...

Available funds : -0 !

Ferdinand, O`Shea, Boateng
Adam, VDV, Scholes, Malouda
Drogba, Chamakh, Berbatov

Man U , Arsenal and Chelsea are certain for week 8

Anonymous said...

Pls any news no Kompany, he didn't play tonight and he's in my wk8 squad? I think he got a card in their last match, i don't know what colour. Was it a red?

Anonymous said...

Kellz. You say "Its my understanding as long as the club remains solvent, the company that owns the club can go into administration without the -9pt deduction, similar to what happened with West Ham."

The same thing happened to Southampton, but they still had a 10 point deduction.

Sad thing is the Football League rules and the Premier League rules differ.

Premier League clubs always get better protection.

I wouldn't want Administration on any fan, and as a Palace fan have been through it twice.

I just don't like the way bigger clubs in the PL can be treated differently to so called smaller clubs.

Unfortunately something big needs to happen to a PL Club for people to wake up, and it needs a bigger club than Portsmouth.

YFF football is the main reason why I bother with the premiersh$p these days. Sad I know.

Anyway good luck...

Anonymous said...

hey MRA,

don't get discouraged! there's still a lot of weeks left!

What you will have to do now is take chances: Bent, Arteta, and many many others can score as much as or more than Drogba etc...also they are priced high enough that your opponent who has Drogba might not afford but not high enough that they are out of reach for you. Berbatov next week for example stands out but many will have him i think. Bent, Arteta or Fabregas next week could be good differentials for Drogba-less teams.

Last year I was 2nd place all season and overtook my rival in the last 2 weeks. Don't give up.


kwyjibo said...

So, Man City gets Assulin...the 'new Lionel Messi'. lol! I always laugh at those types of claims. After all, if he was the 'new Lionel Messi' he would be in the Barcelona starting lineup at 19, not being traded to City! Ah, the media, you gotta love(hate) them...

The real question is, when the transfer actually happens (now? January?), if he will figure into YFF considering he is a midfielder going to a team with an already crowded midfield. Unless they let him take De Jong's place, which I really wouldn't mind...

Kellz said...

Really trying to fit Nani in my team without dropping Malouda, Bale, or Drogba, these guys have been extremely valuable and solid performers. I can forgive Malouda as facing Citeh and Arsenal back to back, it was plain to see he wasn't going to surpass 10pts in each game. But Villa aren't the same calibur and I expect a renewed showing from him.

Therefore my switch would be AJ, Adam, Salcido + 4.3mil for Nani, Silva, Squillaci, and I quite like the looks of the change. AJ, for how good he has been playing, is obviously a rotation risk, and Mancini could very well stick to Silva, who scored midweek, and bring on AJ for Barry again. Adam is playing at home to Citeh and has yet to have a game where owners would be disappointed, however I am buying him for 7.54mil, 2 mil higher than his original price, and against a VERY defensive Citeh squad, I can see this as being Adams all time low scoring week thus far. Salcido started out with a cracker, 16pts with no CS or goals, however since then hes been disappointing with 5pts w/ a CS, and 4pts last week. Even though hes at home, Spurs will score and I can't see the major pt return here either.

My replacements being Nani, who I think is a no brainer this week, Scquillaci, who should start even if Verm is back and has a very decent chance at a CS, and Silva, who hasn't down anything in the Prem yet, but could be time to get his first goal/assist.

Well only 7 more days to toil!

Anonymous said...

Morcambe 1 Vs 0 Shrewsbury

Gutted, we're starting to really stumble now.


kwyjibo said...

My big debate is Berbs-Nani-Tevez. I can fit one of them in, but no more...which to choose?


Brunt has been playing well, but I don't think he is a good pick against ManU? Pretty week defense, too.

I have a feeling I have a lot of changes to make, but I'm not sure where to start. I'll probably wait for the player picks post...

Anonymous said...

Like I said before, this will be my crazy week to pick a crazy team. Here they are!

Vida - Evra - Rio
Adam - VdV - Nani - AJ
Kalirisk - D.Santo - Piquio2ne

5 MANU players in my team. Ok, i admit that i am a fan of MANU but this is the first time i pick more than 2 MANU players. Because i can not see any team can has CS with 100% like MANU. So i decide to has an advanturous bet. If you see WB has goals, just say GB to me V_V.

@Kellz: Adam play at home and he always plays well and has high pts even he has OG. He keeps Pen's role, hay can shoot. A.J just played the last 15 minutes and he scored. Mancini will not let him behind.

Now i need your helps, guys. I wonder about the start of Evra and Rio (Int'match). If they not, i will think of O'Shea or Refael. The same for my Fowards. Who can not play?

Thx alot guys :D.

Anonymous said...


Terry Ivanovic A.Cole

Malouda Essien Ramires Obi C.Adam

Drogba Anelka


Kavedas said...

No Bale , No Adam , No Drogba , No Tevez ....
My team so far
Boateng Kompany Squilaci
Arshavin Fabregas Nani Silva VDV
Chamakh Berbatov
Avalable Units : 0.31

Good or Bad ??

Anonymous said...

Funny, we have the same keeper/defence.

Anonymous said...

Funny, we have the same keeper/defence.

bean said...

Tevez has a bust up with Mancini, and now this:
"Let me tell you I am not enjoying the life of a footballer."

Anonymous said...

Still waiting news on Fabs. Nasri played well during Euro qualifiers so I need help

Team A:

Salcido, Boateng, Jacobsen
VDV, Nasri, Pennant, Nani
Piquionne, Drogba, K.Jones

with 1.99 left in bank


Team B:

Salcido, Boateng, Jacobsen
VDV, Pennant, Nani, Malouda
Piquionne, Berbatov, M.Owen

with 1.2 left in bank

Help me...


Anonymous said...

My team is

bale Salcido Kompany Rio
Adam Ethers Holden Albrighton
Berbatov Chamakh

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