Monday, 11 October 2010

Chelsea Defensive Worries

England injury news from The Guardian:

John Terry has withdrawn from the squad for England's Euro 2012 qualifier with Montenegro at Wembley on Tuesday because of a back injury. The former captain left the team hotel tonight after it had been confirmed that he would not recover in time to play but the concern for England goes beyond the loss of another centre-half, following the withdrawal of Phil Jagielka.

While Gary Cahill is now in the squad, the prospect seems to be of Joleon Lescott being in tandem with Rio Ferdinand on Tuesday. Capello also lost Aaron Lennon on Saturday to injury, replacing him with Aston Villa's Stewart Downing but the Football Association said last night that no replacement for Terry "will be made at this time".

Chelsea too, may be concerned at their captain's condition. Alex is out for three weeks and they face five games in 19 days including a visit to Aston Villa on Saturday and home and away Champions League matches against Sparta Prague.

I'd imagine Terry would be ready for Villa, but this is an injury that has been troubling him for some time and the prospect of 5 games in under 3 weeks is only going  put further strain on  it. With Alex out, Ivanovic will switch to the centre but Chelsea are certainly running short of cover in that area. We're still waiting to hear whether Bosingwa will be ready to start ahead of Ferreira but I guess both would be risks of being substituted before 70 minutes, so I may avoid and snap Bosingwa up on the barndoor.

Current on my team page: Krul, Elokobi, Salcido, Boateng, Adam, VDV, Nani, AJ, Fabregas, Chamakh, Drogba

As you can see I'm investing very little in my GK/defence although if Elokobi isn't set to start (very likely) then I'll upgrade him to Koscielny or Squillaci and move AJ to Carroll who's set to return after recovering from the virus which caused him to be benched vs City. If we don't get confirmation that Fabregas will start then I'll need to rethink my approach completely, and because of this the above team is unsaved - Bale, Barton & Malouda are still held at discount at the moment just incase I have a change of heart later in the week.

Week 8 Player Picks will be up on Wednesday night but until's your team shaping up?



L'Orange Noir said...

Currently on
Bale, Boateng, Kosc
Adam, Nani, VDV, Holden
Drogba, Obinna, Carroll

Newcastle and Wigan are both too inconsistent for me to put faith in Krul and Stoke have been very poor away from home so I fancy Bolton in that one.
Decided to give Obinna another shot @ Wolves.
Rest of the team is the usual suspects; being top of my private league I don't want to mix it up too much and take chances...

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Elkobi should start, i think the player he's been coming on for is injured.

Anonymous said...

Last week i was so sure of my team this wk's a bit confusing
Squillaci Boateng Kompany
Nani Adam VdV Nolan
Obinna Drogba Berbatov
Squillaci Boateng Coleman
Nani Adam VdV Nolan
Elmander Drogba Berbatov
Squillaci Boateng Kompany
Nani Adam VdV Nolan
Chamakh Drogba Berbatov

advice pls. Goal keeper and midfield is set. krul isn't going to let in 3 goals at home and a clean sheet will be a bonus.


Anonymous said...

FYI, in the last game, Elokobi came on for Fletcher, and Ward was pushed further forward from LB to MF.

I don't remember seeing any reports of Fletcher being injured though. I assume it is a tactical substitution to shore up the defence (remember, Henry was sent off earlier).

Even so, Elokobi plays at LB. Not sure how that would translate into him taking Fletcher's position. Although, it would be possible that Elokobi starts in place of Ward, or McCarthy plays Ward in MF.

Elokobi's start is far from certain, but since Wolves are leaking goals at the moment, and missing Henry due to suspension, McCarthy could very well put Ward back in MF and start Elokobi at LB.

Just my 2 cents worth. :-)

Kavedas said...

No Arshavin AM ???
Do you think AJ will start ahead of Silva ? Why ?
I have Silva now but i may change him

My team so far
Boateng Kompany Squilaci
Arshavin Fabregas Nani Silva VDV
Chamakh Berbatov
Avalable Units : 0.31

Good or Bad ??

Anonymous said...

Salcido/ Boateng/ Bosingwa
Nani/ Nolan/ Reo-Coker/ Cahill/ Gera
Berbatov/ Drogba

Not too sure on Bosingwa or Gera

Anonymous said...

Is M.Owen an option?I got a feeling he'll score big one.

Assistant Manager said...

L'Orange Noir - fair play mate, nice looking team and I don't blame you at all for avoiding Newcastle v Wigan...whoever I pick in goal will screw up so spending the bare minimum on a playing gk is my plan and that = Krul :)

Ebi - I like team C because you need an arsenal attacker

Kav - If Fabs isn't gonna start I may downgrade to Arsh but I would not consider both; too much investment in one team always makes me feel uneasy. AJ has come off the bench in the last two games and scored vital goals while Silva has done very little, but it is risk so I'll be monitoring team news.

Anon@1:59pm - Not sure Gera, Reo Coker or Bosingwa, while Cahill in a derby could score but could also get sent off! Eboue could be good filler for your midfield as he's set to replace the injured Sagna (albeit at right-back)

Anon@2:03pm- Can't see any reason to pick Owen, Rooney and Berbatov are likely to be paired up again.

Thanks to all for the comments on Elokobi


Anonymous said...

I have gone for something a bit different.

Boateng, Salcido, Kompany
VDV, Nani, Arshavin, Muamba
Berbatov, Chamack, Carroll

What do you think?
I think Hart has the most chance of a clean sheet as City are doing ok at the moment.

Any Ideas?
(Not Drogba though because Drogba is going to be in for next week on an easier game.)


Anonymous said...

arshavin or malouda?

Anonymous said...

@AM thanks, Obinna didn't play too well for Nigeria, so i'll go with option C.

@LC i'm going with Kompany and Boateng but Hart Boateng and Kompany could easily give 5 combined.
Boateng is recovering from flu
Hart won't make a lot of saves against Blackpool, plus he could concede a set-piece goal.
Long story short, too much risk, the kind of risk that sent me tumbling to 7000+ during the blog cup wk.

Anonymous said...

Will Nasri still features?? Saw him played well in the Euro qualifiers.

Anonymous said...

With 6.26 left in the bank, who should I get? Def, Mid or Fwd?

Mike B said...

So far it's looking like this...

Jacobsen, Boateng, Bale
VdV, Reo-Coker, Barton, Nani
Chamakh, Drogba, Berbatov

I don't like having Reo-Coker in there, so i'll probably downgrade Fabianski and Berbatov in order to get a few £ to upgrade him.

The thing is, i don't think Newcastle will keep a clean sheet, and i don't think Carroll will do well, he has been very poor since his decent opening couple of games.

I'll decide what to do on Friday after i read about all the press conferences.

Ken said...

Take a walk on the wild side.... My team

Kirkland, Salcido, Alcaraz, Koscielny

Malouda --last week? VDV, C. Adadm, Nani

Chamakh, Odemwingie, Tevez

init said...

ha ha ha the bale/malouda/drogba trio of "keepers" are at risk for the first time this season...

The big question is are we jumping off a ship which is about to sink or not?

Bale/Malouda/Drogba between them can score 75 points...and average just below 50...

I guess slightly disappointing for those who have stuck with the threesome is although their averages are high, their values have only gone up by a point or two...which means getting back in even if you drop one or all won't cost you so much...

Personally, I am sticking because I quite enjoy the bargain hunting for the other 8 places, but I would love to get out and go for Fab/Nani/Rooney instead (I won't...but AM I love the look of your team except Chamakh who I don't like as a player!) cos Rooney is BOUND to start hitting the points soon isn't he?!

Kellz said...

@Init: Have to disagree with you mate, for those who have stuck with the Trio, like me, Bale at 12.87(15.58), Malouda at 12.71(15.07) and Drogba at 20.31(24.41) which is a total discount of 9.17mil, hardly raised by a point or two, their vales are almost 3+ and you wouldn't be able to get all 3 back without seriously hurting other positions.

That being said, of the 3 I believe Malouda is the most likely to be dropped by managers. He has proven not to score well without a goal, and although Villa shouldn't prove enough to beat Chelsea, I don't see the score eclipsing 2 goals for either side. I am figuring most will keep Drogba/Bale, including you AM! If Spurs keep the CS, Bale's pts for the week will be 20+

My team unsaved ATM:

Bale, Salcido, Boateng
Nani, Malouda, VDV, Adam
Drogba, Carrol, Chamakh

But if I drop Malouda, Kirk, and Carrol I can get in Berbatov, Fabianski, and AJ and I am leaning towards that option.

Still waiting to finalize on Thursday

GOOD Luck as always

Anonymous said...

between arshavin and floma.which one do u guys think gonna perform well next week?


Ban said...

Wow! My team is ready, but not consider as 100% ready^^

I have no idea at all, cause Fabregas maybe getting back to team now! No Cecs and take in Arshavin + Nasri, Good action?

Carr Boateng Jacobsen
Nani VDV Adam Fabregas Barton
Drogba Carroll

I want Chamakh, Arshavin or Nasri in my team if Fabregas no play, but 1 Cecs > 3 Arsenal players?

Arsenal will win against Birmingham? Although Birmingham is not in form now, but I believe that 'Ball is Rround'! Nothing is impossible, right?

If, I just say IF, IF Arsenal play with too confidence (As previous match we watched), Gunners may lose the game, like vs Wigan last season and West Brom this season. IF Gunners still not in that lesson, maybe they will lose.
But my predict is not that accurate as 1&, I think so. So how do you think?

Anonymous said...

For next week Arshavin surely, myself i can't only bring in Chamchow, a player i rate lowly and i see in fantasyfootballscout he's rated about 8 or so even below Elmander and Caroll

bean said...

right now i'm looking at:
O'Shea J.Boat Coleman
VDV Nani Arsh M.Pet
Berb Elmander Carroll

surely to change after a few more international matches and team news.

kwyjibo said...

@Ebi - I also like your team c.

@L'Orange Noir - Nice to see someone else besides me picking Jussi!

@Kavedas - Every time I have picked Arshavin, he has had a bad game...lucky for you, I have not picked him. So, maybe a good choice. I just don't like that his average is almost 3 points lower than his cost.

Big debate this week:


I have Brunt, but don't think he's a good choice against ManU. What about Odemwingie? Is it time to drop all WBA players?

Also, Berbs or Nani? Fitting in both is not really possible for me. If I switch Berbs for Chamakh, then I can add Nani. Of course, I suppose the other option is to swap out FloMa for Nani...

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov to Nani
Brunt to Chamakh,
you could take the risk on one WBA player

Anonymous said...

took 4 zero's last wk, J Bo, J thomas, Berbs & gudjohnsen expected gud but not the other 3 so i came out with an embarrassing 61pts probably my worst ever. any way my team this wk before AM puts up player picks and injury news frm international games.
Bale Salcido J.Bo
Malouda VDV Nani Holden
Berbatov Elmander ChamWOW(still waiting for the WOW)all comments welcomed
Ac Trinidad
Red eyes

Anonymous said...

Some of my early notes/thoughts for this week:

-Man City MF (BPL tend to give up goals to MF) but there's no one that jumps out who is great value to me. If AJ starts I would buy him for sure.
-Man U FW (WBA give up goals to FW regularly, and are somewhat set-piece prone): all green for Berbatov. This is why I also brought in Elmander for last week's goal vs WBA. But is this the week Rooney gets it together?
-Wigan DF might be a sneaky play. Newcastle score a lot with Set Pieces, Wigan give up none. Last 2 games, NEW's goals were Nolan pen and gift goal when Kompany flubbed his clearance in his own box. Man City also do not give up Set Pieces.
-Some might have brought Elmander in, but all his goals have been away, and Bolton's home goals from a FW (2) have been scored by K Davies (1 of them a pen). Davies is YC prone, but is on pens. I rather go with Bolton MF. I wish M Pet was cheaper.
-BIR score a lot from Set Pieces, but Arsenal are good at defending them (so far). So Arsenal defenders a good play, but Arsenal giving up goals to opposing FW a lot. Won't be surprised if Jerome breaks through on some long ball while ARS DF is pressed forward (i.e. out of position).
-NO GOALS for EVE FW so far, as only their MF scores. But LIV are conceding to opposing FW. Nevertheless, wondering if Arteta is a good play.
-Piquionne is in form and even should've scored against Chelsea with a header that hit the bar.


Anonymous said...

My unsaved team, think it could be the one i go with:

Bale Salcido Boateng
Adam VDV Barton Petrov
Drogba Berbatov Chamakh

0.86 spare, currently still hold Kuyt and Obinna on discount.


NZ Pete said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks heaps for all the tips this season thus far – first time I’ve posted. I need a bit help as I just seem to be treading water and not making much inroads on my mates.

Recently just dropped Bale/Drogba as I wasn’t sure that the big investment was reaping its rewards...

My current team is:

Skrtel – Salcido – Boateng
Adam – Gerrard – VDV – Nani
Tevez – Carroll – Odemwingie

Boatneg, Nani, Tevez and Odem are all at market, with the rest at a discount. Not too sure about Nani or Tevez/Odem. Any tips/suggestions on some better picks would be awesome.

Geobfree said...

dropped Foster for Krul

Salicido R.Ferd Koscielny Bosingwa
Malouda Nasri VDV AJ
Drogs Berbs
Have only 0.61 units

Any comments or ideas? Unsaved

pulsa said...

krul, j.boa, squill, rio, adam, vdv, barton, silva, chamakh, carroll, berb

confident with my roaster and i have 25.47 to spend on premium GK and Mid. perhaps vds and nani or fab or arteta..i'm not sure. also considering: jussi, bruma, manciene, kos, o'shea, ferreira, nani, petrov, kdavies.

Aidan said...

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rwlwhite said...

my saved team:

salcido, koscielny, boateng,
VDV, Etherington, Adam, d.fletcher, nasri
Berbatov, Tevez

but the following is the team i'm considering:

salcido, koscielny, boateng,
VDV, Etherington, Adam, Fabregas, Nolan
Berbatov, Chamakh

Which one do you think is better? I kind of like both

Anonymous said...

flomal at 13.57 or nani? need your opinions :)


Anonymous said...

My team ATM

Bale Salcido Mancienne
Mpet Nasri VDV Adams
Gyan H-Rod Tevez

I plan to retain this line up for the whole week. Please advice.


Anonymous said...

Nani at home imo is a better option to Malouda.

Anonymous said...

@rwlwhite- second option without a doubt

Anonymous said...

After hours and hours of head scratching, I finally come up with my winning eleven

Boateng, R.Ferdinand, Jacobsen
VDV, Nani, Malouda, Nasri, N'Zonzi(filler)
Piquionne, Berbatov

Hope everything go as planned. Please rate my team.


Anonymous said...

@NZ Pete- you really dropped Drogba/Bale and you have Gerrard??? Really.

Anonymous said...

How about barton??
Good choice or not??

Anonymous said...

Hi again.
After the comments made to my earlier team, i decided to go from the team below.

Boateng, Salcido, Kompany
VDV, Nani, Arshavin, Muamba
Berbatov, Chamack, Carroll


Boateng, Salcido, O'Shea
VDV, Nani, Etherington, Arshavin
Berbatov, Chamack, Gyan

Any changes required you think or?

Anonymous said...

My team is almost ready, but have one dilemma :

Krul - Nani


VDSar - Scholes ?

What combination will get more points ?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Odemwingie is an injury doubt for the weekend. Is Elmander a good replacement at about the same price?

LC said...

Pennant or Etherington


Ian Sanderson said...

Rooney won't be in my team for a while yet on that performance.

Saul said...

Ian - Same thoughts here. I was kind of hoping to make him my dark horse for the weekend but after today, who knows when he'll look good to pick.

Although he might score vs. West Brom but it's too much cash to invest on a 'maybe'.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you guys can help me out...

Obinna, Barton, Kompany


Chamakh, Elmander, P.Jones

As someone said, Barton may lose some pts with Guthrie returning, and someone else said Obinna didn't look very sharp for Nigeria this week. I like the idea of having an arsenal attacker, it would be the only one gunner in my team. elmander also looks like a nice option at home to stoke - and jones plays in mid and listed as a def so always a bonus.


L.A. Phallusy

FLScott said...

@ L.A. - I like the P. Jones option, especially with Bent likely out. One of the best calls I've seen for the upcoming matches w/o a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Two question for now:

R.Ferdinand had played lastnight, so can he plat at weekend or J.Evans will replace?

O'Shea and Rafael who has bigger chance to play because Evra will take the LB position?


Dan said...

RD ferdinand shud play @ old trafford..
rightback could well be rafael cuz o'shea
played twice midweek..

Anonymous said...

Thx Dan,

btw,who are good for 2 slots/ position ?

Midfilder: A.J - Asharvin - Silva - Demsey - Barton - Larrson.

Foward: Chamakh - Carroll - Elmander - Piquionne - Di Santo - Rodallega.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one is picking Ashley Young at home, even to Chelsea i'll still rate him over similar priced midfielders at full price.

Anonymous said...

Hi AMers!

My current team atm:

Salcido J.Enrique Bosingwa(big hunch!)
Adam VDV A.Muhammadi(on form) Nani
Drogba Odemwinnie K.Davies

Any opinions & advice guys?


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