Saturday, 16 October 2010

Week 8 - My Team


Boateng   Salcido   Bale

  Nani   Adam   Nasri   Van Der Vaart   Malouda

Chamkah   Berbatov

I'm not particularly happy with my team this week. The injury news yesterday afternoon meant I had to make changes I didn't really want to make (I was quite happy with my previous team), and when I saved things a 30 minutes ago I didn't feel satisfied with it. We'll have to see whether my instinct is right or wrong...obviously I hope it's wrong!

I decided Drogba had to go, despite the fact I had him at a £4m discount. I'd never consider taking a zero for 1.00 Kirkland so I'm not going to take a certain zero on a player taking up over a 5th of my budget. I usually have a couple of million left over each week and spend it for the sake of it, so I'll just need to find a couple extra to bring him in for the Wolves game next week.

So anyway, in goal Krul is an complete risk - Newcastle are unpredictable, as are Wigan, but at 3.xx I decided he was worth it at home. We all know whoever I pick has a great chance of scoring negative points, so I may as well pick the cheapest playing keeping possible.

Dropping Drogba allowed me to keep Bale for another week although I may get rid next week to bring the Chelsea man back in . Most people will have Boateng at his ridiculously low price and Salcido is still averaging high enough points to stay.

The 3-5-2 makes my midfield look really strong - Van Der Vaart is a no brainer and Adam has been doing a superb job for me. I think Nani is set for a massive game for United, Nasri should be on Fabregas duty and I decided to keep Malouda as I wanted at least 1 Chelsea player, he's the league's joint top scorer, plus with Drogba / Lampard out he'll be taking the majority of set pieces.

Chamakh has let many of us down this season but he's been getting closer and one day soon he'll score a brace so I'm hoping it's this week. Berbatov was my choice to replace Drogs upfront, he'll be nice and rested after retiring from international football and 13 is quite a reasonable price for him vs West Brom.

That completes my Week 8 team. A quick look at the Week 9 fixtures shows Chelsea home to Wolves as the stand-out fixture by a mile, Man United at Stoke is worth a look along with Liverpool at home to Blackburn and Newcastle at West Ham.

That's it - good luck if you're in the 2nd round of The Blog Cup...what did you settle on? Who's coming in on the barndoor?



Anonymous said...

ferdinand boateng bale
adam malouda vdv nasri etherington
berbatov chamakh


DC said...

We have exactly the same team, and I'm not delighted with it either. I really wanted to have three forwards, with either Gyan or Kakuta, but I couldn't justify losing Adam to do it.

So good luck to you as always, but even more so this week!

Nate said...

Here is what I ended up with
Bale Kompany Boateng
Malouda Adam VDV Nani
Chamakh Gyan Anelka

Went all in on the Man City clean sheet - not sure they will win, but have trouble seeing Blackpool scoring. Also, I know Chelsea have a tough time at Villa Park, but the 7-1 and 3-0 results at the end of last year led me to pick up Anelka. I'm almost afraid to say it, but Rob Green has actually been very good for me the last 2 weeks and Wolves don't scare me - famous last words.

Plans are to go right back to Drogba with Boswinga coming in to help make room.

Superfly Jim said...


Anonymous said...

Last minute changes
S.Coleman C.Samba R.Ferdinand VdV Nani C.Adam S.Nasri
D.Berbatov A.Caroll J.Elmander

went from Boateng/Bale(full price) to Samba/Ferdinand, i feel i have a better chance of CS there, although i expect Bale to score big

Ian Sanderson said...

Bale Salcido Ferdinand
Adam Van der Vaart J. Cole Nani Adam Johnson
Tévez Carroll

Tevez and Johnson are going for next week but who to replace them with????

lambo said...

lets enjoy the matches tonight!!

my team

salcido rio j.boat
nani c.adam VDV arshavin malouda
berba chama(lets hope for WoW happen this time)

all the best guys.

kwyjibo said...

Well, AM, 8 of my 11 are the same as yours, so I hope your instinct is wrong, too! My only differences are Jussi-Ferreira-Elmander.

Good luck to all!!!

No Name Fc said...

I have 10 players same with you AM Manager.. :-) except Malouda..i have Rio Ferdinand in my team

Anonymous said...

Finally the long wait is over.
My team for this week:
Salcido Ferdinand Squirell
Adam VDV Arshavin Nani
Berbs Fletcher ChamWow

As you can see my differential turns out to be wolverampton striker steven fletcher. No Bale may hurt me as i sold him a two weeks ago and it's too expensive to bring him back in now.

All the best this week!


Anonymous said...

Last minute changes
S.Coleman C.Samba R.Ferdinand VdV Nani C.Adam S.Nasri
D.Berbatov A.Caroll J.Elmander

went from Boateng/Bale(full price) to Samba/Ferdinand, i feel i have a better chance of CS there, although i expect Bale to score big

Joshtottenham said...

I have the exact same team. Dropped Barton for Nasri simply cos I had the cash, and those changes NEVER work out well for me, so expect a goal from Joey.

Birty said...

Jussi, Bale, Salcido, O'Shea, Adam, Brunt, VdV, FloMal, Berba, Gyan, Elmander.

I hate having two weeks to think of my team. I had Nani, Robinson and Dembele in up until 10am this morning and made some last minute changes and we know how well those normally work out.

Dave said...

On the barn door, I'll be taking a look at West Brom players for next week, like Brunt and Odem. If they don't fare well today, a nice little price drop would come in handy. And of course, Ferreira and Bosingwa are still very affordable.

Good luck everyone!

Bradley said...

I'm not at all happy with my team, but here it is:

Jones Salcido Bale
Nani Adam Nasri Van Der Vaart
Chamakh Berbatov Elmander

greginho said...

my 7 year old son's team is. he is usually busy on saturdays and doesn't get to barn door too many players, so only van der vaart, obinna, and nani where barndoored.
bale/ squilacci/ salgado
van der vaart/ dempsey/ malouda/ nani
obinna/ chamakh/ elmander

my team is
bale/ squilacci/ o'shea
van der vaart/ arshavin/ nani/ adam
obinna/ chamakh/ elmander

9 players the same, good grief! my son is not allowed to look at my team until he picks his team friday early evening when we leave for my soccer game. i sit with him and just tell him when he has made a bad choice. robinson, he has had 3 weeks now, it is i, who dropped ben foster for robinson. to me blackburn has the best match up and am happy everyone missed that call. bale we both have had since day 1. squilacci, he picked up last week when sagna went down, i traded down from da costa to squilacci this week, to afford nani. van der vaart, we barn doored when everyone else did, as well. nani, my son loves, much to my chagrin, and he has had him for 4 weeks, i picked him up, despite hating the player, because i was afraid i might lose ground without him. obinna we both barndoored 2 weeks ago. chamakh, my son has had for 4 weeks, but i only picked him up, because of the match up and i dropped nolan for him. elmander, i barndoored and my son chose last evening without knowing that i had him.
i just want to say the dropping drogba train has picked up speed. i only lost ground, last week when drogba just got his cost of 22 points and my bent pick didn't pan out, but gained ground the first two weeks.

Geobfree said...

there was a healthy diversity of player selection amongst MGRs who had Drogs and who didn't. Now that he has been dropped everyone has basically the same team, especially the mid field. Ho Hum. Next week shld be more interesting

Anonymous said...

Team "Liverpool" kept Drogs! Another in the top 5 took Rooney. Some strange choices or inspired gambles.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2-0 Wigan at the half ... kicking myself for following the herd and choosing Krul over Kirkland.

Anonymous said...

Captain Kirk is definitely a season keeper from today on. Enough is enough. *!&# KRUL !

kwyjibo said...

Only 51 points so far with 4 players to go. Chelsea-Villa still 0-0. Not looking good...

...seems it's bye-bye Blog Cup...

Birty said...

picking berbaflop over nani was not one of my proudest moments - him and elmander accounted for 1/4 of my budget and 3.5 points. Grr.

Some good points from Bale though.

Anonymous said...

how much time does a defender need for clean sheet points Ferreira came off aft 77 mins please tell me he got the points

greginho said...

are people going to say the season is over for chelsea, because they lost and tied there last 2 away games, without scoring a goal? since everyone has said, at one point or another that the season, is over for arsenal, man city, tottenham and manure, who will be there to beat the russian billionaires plaything?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:05

I totally agree - I can't believe that I've only had negative points from all my keepers for 8 weeks on the trot - from now on Capt Kirk will be boldly going where no keeper has gone before - into non-negative points!
The Blog Cup may be a low scoring cut-off point this week (I hope)as there's no big scores visible anywhere (yet)
On the barndoor:
Bosingwa; N'Zog; Carroll; Ode to ma winkie.


Anonymous said...

he got a big fat zero

Anonymous said...


kwyjibo said...

@Pauly - I'm thinking of Capt. Kirk, too. Although I've had Jussi since he's been back, and no negative points. But, also not very high scores. Only +5 this week, not returning his value.

And, yes, it appears that scores overall are pretty low. That gives me hope again. 71.5 with only Boateng and Adam to go. Kicking myself that I didn't get Tevez over Berbs and Chamakh over Elmander.

I'm seriously considering dropping Malouda after several bad weeks in a row. He's not even close to returning his value. Then again...Wolves at home next...maybe one more week.

My main BD work was to drop Berbs immediately, and fit Drogba back in. Had to drop Nasri to do it, but with Arsenal away to Citeh, maybe not so bad.

Anonymous said...

One conclusion after spending 13 on Mr. Edwin Hero Van der Sar : Captain Kirk Is DA MAN from now on.
Next to that, I´ll go on dry statistics :

BALE MALOUDA DROGBA ADAM and BARTON for the rest of the season.

No more bullshit

Anonymous said...


Captain Kirk is the best bet indeed...lost too many on GK already. Will take back Drogba AND Malouda as well.

Anonymous said...

I am VERY against accepting a zero. But seriously?! Capt. Kirk is Barndoored.
Looks at the PRICE of keepers and their points. Hart is the only one worth money.
Cech cost 14+ and rarely reaches that many points.
You can't even count on strongholds like Howard and Reina anymore.
Capt. Kirk it is!

Anonymous said...

72.5 points so far. stil have adam and boateng to go. i have bale return me 12. thought to drop chamakh before deadline but AM chatroom mates suggested me to keep it. really appreciate to them. so will keep chamakh just for a reason he is at 6, easy to return 6 to me every week. but if i want other 3 FWs someday ? just depend on what situation. good luck to you all in this week. i hope i can enter 3rd round of AM blog cup. :)


Anonymous said...

im so happy. 784.5 points just for 8 weeks and adam,boateng to go. hope to reach 800 and above. my overall ranking is 153. i'll try hard to get under 100.thank you so much AM. your blog help me a lot and a lot. plus my few years playing fantasy football experience, finally i have this result. really enjoy fully. you all can do it also. good luck to you all. :)


Anonymous said...

Stuck with a zero for Drogba and his 20.54 price. would have been Berbs plus a better midfielder than my Barton so not too bad.

what hurt was no show Shea-- guess I had some warning at about 0200 here-- might have used Ferriera.

there is such a bubble of last minute gibberish and rumors that it's difficult to separate fiction-- Worst was Tevez- don't have him but saw a few make moves based on rumor. 50 with Hart, Adam, Boat to go.

Wonderful advice here by AM, especially the list of players in rough order.

Anonymous said...

Oh the rumour and gibberish is on the fantasy scout board, NOT here.

Maxer said...

currently at 62 points with adam and boateng to play tonight.. not much hope to get to 100 but i'll be happy if each of them got at least 10points to carry me to 80points and maintain my position in my private league.. cheerss everybody btw.. :)


Anonymous said...

Its Crazy saying Tevez would not play when he's the only fit forward. Travelled to Japan to play a meaningless friendly, he's got no option but to play to earn his fat wages. Like i earlier said if there's anyone who's sure to start its Tevez, i'm biting myself for not picking him over Berbatov even though City are yet to play.


SK said...

So far, the probability of a side to keep a CS has been about 26%, compared to 29.1, 32.5, 28.7, & 30.7 % the past 4 years. Average goals scored per side per game is also 1.338, which is on the higher side, with each team scoring 1.386, 1.239, 1.318, 1.225 goals per game. This suggests that goals have been on the higher side while CS have been quite difficult to get. A further point to consider is that with 7-8 games in, only Chelsea, mancity, manu, AV, and wigan have kept more than 2 CS. In terms of GK/DF, only Wigan's lineup is cheap and easily predictable.

I think these facts suggests 2 things.
1) Law of Averages suggests that the likelihood of CS should increase to an average close to 30%. May not turn out to be the case, but I find it more likely than not that GK selection will be less of a nightmare in the future.
2) Many teams (Arsenal, Tottenham & esp mid-low tiered teams) are struggling to keep a CS. So saving money to go for cheap GKs have generally backfired, but I see this less likely to occur with time. But we tend to forget that some GKs are cheap for a reason.

Joshtottenham said...

SK, while I think the no. of clean sheets will begin to increase a little the low numbers are indicative of the more balanced premier league we are seeing. None of the big teams are dominating any more (other than chelsea right at the beginning of the season) and that is where a lot of the clean sheets came from in previous seasons. Add to that a strong middle of the table group (everyone except west ham...) and you have more even games. As a result very few teams are playing defensively now, most are playing to win rather than nick a draw/cheeky 0-1. City seem to be the only team hell bent on committing no more than 1 player to the attack, causing Hart to be the best fantasy keeper. However, I think some of the strong group will begin to drop off, as injuries take their toll on the smaller squad, key players drop out of form and early season confidence drops. Also Man Utd, Arsenal and Tottenham will eventually sort out their defensive issues to a greater or lesser extent. Hopefully by Christmas there will be more safe bets at GK.

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