Saturday, 30 October 2010

Week 10 - My Team


Bosingwa   Coleman   Bale

Van Der Vaart   Adam   Fabregas   Nani

Dembele   Chamakh   Hernandez

Hmm, not sure on my team this week. I'm aware that I have a couple of players who my not play...Bosingwa could be dropped to accomodate Alex & Ivanovic, Adam may not make it due to his ankle injury, but I decided to hang on to them both at discount in the hope they play. I will add that I'd appreciate if people didn't post things in the comments section such as "Adam confirmed out for 2-3 weeks" because it simply isn't true and confuses everyone. He's 50-50, as stated on he Blackpool official site.

Anyway, having dropped Drogba I had money spare so I brought in a full price Fabianski in goal, kept Bale (I had a dream last night he scored at Old Trafford in a 2-2 draw so had too!) and added Coleman as my third defender seeing as he's playing right midfield for Everton. My midfield pretty much picked itself - I decide having two doubts already meant I couldn't risk Malouda getting a rest too at a cost of £14m, so he had to go.

Upfront I have the two most popular picks in Chamakh & Hernandez and with my remaining £7.2m I had a choice between adding an extra defender in Salcido/Boateng or risk Dembele and I decided having the attacking option was more exciting after some advice from facebook people. We shall see how that one works out!

So that's my team. On the barndoor I'll be looking at Man United players as they face Wolves, Arsenal at home Newcastle & Man City at West Brom. At the moment it appears it WILL NOT be a double-week because if you look at the Week 11 deadline it states...

Week 11 (deadline: Sat 6 Nov 12:00 GMT, for games Nov 6 to Nov 8)

I'll leave it there - please let me know what you settled on for Week 10. Who's coming in on the barndoor?



Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Uhm, it's a double week next week, isn't it?

Birty said...

Drogba out for a million weeks after a hysterectomy ;)

Foster, Sagna, Bale, Bosingwa, Brunt, Adam, VdV, FloMal, Nasri, Chic, Dembele.

Bit of a risk with Nasri - I've had Walcott in all week and the last time I dropped him on a Saturday he got a hat-trick.

Next week should be a double week shouldn't it? with the Manc Derby and my birthday at the end of it????

Dave said...

Looking at these teams for the double week:

EVE: @ BPool, Bolton
TOTT: @ Bolton, Sund
ARSE: NUFC, @ Wolves

ebi s. said...

Its was really confusing to say the least, i really wanted Arteta but couldn't risk it, i forgot Coleman was below 6 and went with S.Taylor who i felt had a good game midweek
i doubt if any other team will look like mine. If everyone returns their value i'm ok.

Boateng Bosingwa S.Taylor
VdV Nani Cesc Gerrard Nasri
Balotelli Heskey

Ian Sanderson said...

Boateng Zhirkov Bosingwa
Adam Van der Vaart Nani Fabregas
Chamakh Dembélé Anelka

Some major changes after last week's disastrous 66.5 points.

Really need to know if next week is a double, surely it must be, but Yahoo fixtures and AM comments suggest not?????

Anonymous said...

Nice Team AM...cheers


The Greek said...

Knowing Yahoo i'll make my plans as if it is a double week.

Anonymous said...

I have a noob question...

if u pick a player when barndoor, u SAVE it or not means keep it at GREENbar?

if we don't save, and the player market value RISE, how to keep it at GREEN market value? can we click REFRESH or we should pay at the rising value means we miss the previous value?

Bobby said...

I did drop Drogba, but went for 5 in the mid instead of 3 forwards...
My team for this week:

salcido. bosingwa. zhirkov.
malouda. VDV. silva. nasri. nani
chico. chamakh.

Overall i'm happy with this team, strong mid... hopefully it will pay off, was thinking of wallcot instead of silva, but i think wallcot might hit the bench...

Anonymous said...

DOUBLE GAME next week??


billthegrunt said...

Bale / Bosingwa / Squillaci
Adam / Malouda / Reo-Coker / Van der Vaart / Brunt
Drogba / Hernandez

and "the GM:"

Coloccini / Bosingwa / Squillaci
Dempsey / Adam / Malouda / Y. Toure
Hernandez / Drogba / Chamakh

Anonymous said...

When u BD a player, you must SAVE changes.

billthegrunt said...

yes it looks like a double game week w another full slate tues and weds

Assistant Manager said...

I'm really not sure about the double week, Yahoo have never written a deadline in that way before:

"Week 11 (deadline: Sat 6 Nov 12:00 GMT, for games Nov 6 to Nov 8)"

It specifically states that the games covered by Week 11 are the 6th-8th, so I reckon the double week will be split between Week 11/Week 12.

No Name Fc said...

I have 7 same players as AM. My team look this way:


Boateng, Bosingwa, Squillaci
VDV, C.Adam, Fabregas, Nani, Nasri
Chamakh, Carroll

Anonymous said...

At my page it shows that:

Week 11 (deadline: Sat 6 Nov 20:00 SGT, for games Nov 6 to Nov 9)

and if we check back on the fixtures:

Tuesday November 9 - Day 12
9 Nov, 19:45 Stoke City v Birmingham City Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent
9 Nov, 20:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland White Hart Lane, London

So based on this it may be double week for:

"Stoke, Spurs, Sunderland, Birmingham"

Stoke vs Sunderland,Birmingham
Spurs vs Sunderland,Bolton
Birmingham vs West Ham,Stoke

all info is correctly taken @ SGT 2056

Correct me if I wrong, Cheers!


Fidan said...

It says (November 6 to November 8)...!!! So no double week according to Yahoo...YET!!!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news everyone.
Alex playing, ivanovic on the right.

It means Bosingwa benched.

Luckyly I opt Zhirkov again Bos,
LEts hope the point reflect this my luck as well


Raconteur said...


Bosingwa on the bench, and Malouda on the pitch. It's happening for me (i went Zhirk over Bos), but not happening for you in these early days.

Let's hope Charlie is playing for the both of us :)

I'm wishing i kept Fabianski, after spotting his upcoming fixtures, but you live and learn.

Seen that story from Bob Wilson about Arsenal putting in a big offer for who he considered to be the most consistent keeper in the premier league? And that they were playing for a club who would be considered to challenge Arsenal? Surely Pepe Reina?

Anonymous said...

bosingwa SUB!!!
lucky i get rid of him @@

Maxer said...

mine also like that -j-.. but i'm thinking of loading on arsenal and spurs just in case Yahoo change the fixtures again..

anyway, did the unthinkable this week by dropping both malouda and nani from my team.. but doing so manages me to get fabregas, keep drogba and drop a filler out (coker).. only too bad that i cant get enough fund to drop captain kirk for someone better.. :)


Anonymous said...

It could also be Hart. But either way it sounds too speculative to me.


Anonymous said...

AM, can you confirm when double week will start?
Is it next week or next 2 week?
and is it involve all of the team or not?



Anonymous said...

Anyone going for Dempsey next week?


Anonymous said...

What a shit this week...

Any BD picks anyone ?

Anonymous said...

No bosingwa
No Bale

If no Adam , fuck me

Anonymous said...

So much for loading up on Arsenal.

afif-here said...

I think its just messed up that when its United's day then people will come up to say that we paid the ref..what happen to the :-

1)the ball that was outside which Bale played
2)penalty for Nani
3)after Nani scored then only the ref put his flag up..I mean seriously..only after he scores then the flag have to go up.. in fact Nani eve ask the ref what was the situation before he kicked it in

now!! how the in the world you have the guts to say that United didn't deserve the win

Anonymous said...

Week 10 :
88 points I can live with it...

Here`s my premature team for week 11

Salcido (BD) Vidic (VD) Zhirkov
Nani VDV Fab Brunt
Adebayor Hernandez Benjani

Any BD tips ??

chrism said...

what a god damn disaster. My worst week ever and I have been playing since year 1. 27 pts from Drogs, Chamakh, Hernandez, VDV, Bale, Malouda, Boateng. 0 from Adam and Bosingwa, with only Krul to go and he might put up negative numbers.

This team is going into the scrap heap. Good bye, Drogs and Malouda who I thought were season keepers, did nothing today. I will buy either Nasri or Nani both of whom were all energy today. Maybe Torres if he shows up tomorrow and looks fit.

I still have doubts about Bale. My sense is now that teams have figured him out and take him out before he can start any long runs.

If there is a double week I can';t wait, I need to get back in this thing before its too late.

Anonymous said...

I must agree...Drogba, Malouda, Bale and Chamakh are history...
I will go for Yakubu and Adebayor

Anonymous said...

Malouda is no playmaker and when he starts dropping to the midfield.... Well i dropped him after wk3 and i've not had cause to regret, dropped Bale after wk3 for Van der Vart too.

Anonymous said...

decent week for me with a team of.
Zhircof, coleman, Squillaci
Van der Vaart, Fabrigas, nasri, walcott
chamakh, dembelle, berbatov

89 points. Only changing Coleman for Koscienly

Ron Manager.
p.s keep up the good work A.M - great site

Anonymous said...

p.s did VDV come off injured today, if so, whats wrong with him?


Ian Sanderson said...

Bloody Hell
The wife scores 122 with more to play.
Going to be a humiliating week.

Anonymous said...


He was holding his leg so could be a slight hamsgring further news


Julio said...

Common krull

Anonymous said...

63 with just Gerrard and Heskey to go. How i went from Salcido to Steven Taylor i'll never be able to explain.

kwyjibo said...

I for one was happy to see the bizarre goal by Nani, it was the only thing that saved an otherwise horrible day!

70.5 points
46.5 from Nani + Salcido
24 from the rest
Only Brunt to play, since Adam looks to be out.

I'm so glad I added Salcido at the last minute. I really needed more from Arsenal. 1-0? Seriously? Overall jumped up a little over 100 places, but with only Brunt to go, will drop before it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Why no clean sheet points for Seamus Coleman? He started and played 62 minutes and is classified as a defender, but Yahoo didn't give him the points. Can anyone shed light on this?

Dave said...

@anon 12:07--

No CS points for Coleman because you need to play 75 minutes to qualify for them.

Kellz said...

92.5pts for the week, very satisfied. But worried about those with Torres, Carrol, and/or Brunt. Could drop me quite a bit. But seems like my score is above the average so I can't complain.

In all honesty I will probably go with my same line up next week:

Bale, Bosingwa, Salcido
Nasri, Nani, Malouda, VDV, Silva
Chamakh, Hernandez

I do have Squillaci in for Nasri but I also hold 7mil in the bank to get Nasri back in.

Good luck tomorrow for those with players left

meyo said...

drogba got me just 5 points.. but no complaint due to my team score already 97 with brunt & beye to go.. thanx to salcido, nani, fabianski, zhirkov..

No Name Fc said...

82 points so far for my team. Thanks to Nani, Fabianski, Squaillaci & Fabregas. Another 2 players to go C.Adam & Carroll.

Brought in Berbatov and Yakubu for Nasri and Carroll for Week 11

Hooligan Gangstaz said...

Interested to hear the AM's take on Nani's "goal". Seems unfortunate but not wrong for Spurs. Yes, Nani grabbed the ball with his hand. Did he dive? Hard to say. But no whistle, no flag, no free kick? Then it's a live ball. Some will say it's a cheap shot...I say it's smart football.

Anonymous said...

Dave - Thanks for the info on the Coleman situation.

Anonymous said...

Week 11 team


Salcido Zhirkov Bosingwa

Nani VDV Fabregas Walcott Silva

Hernandez Chamakh

Your comments please ...

mikl-em said...

Nightmare week. I should never say that I like my team ever again. 40.5 and everyone has played (except Bosingwa, who we know won't play--a lot of us got burned on that one). Awful.

Zhirkov scored great, everyone else awful--and guessing correctly that Balotelli would play is great, unless he scores negative points (as did Hart, who I put out cash to buy...)

Meanwhile I've had a strong week on fantasy, and a *very* strong week in "I Know the Score". So I've got that going for me. But, boy, the top 4 did not perform as expected!

Anonymous said...

Currently 85.5 with Carroll, Enrique & Adam(?) left to play so not unhappy ;)

As for the double gamer...anyone got any news ? I'm notoriously cr*p at double weeks and have finally just gone top of my work league!


p.s. Quick note to AM, since picking up on your blog 18 months ago have got my stuff together, so a big THANK YOU to you...GREAT BLOG

p.p.s. @ Ian Sanderson...I feel your pain !

Anonymous said...

Nolan got hattrick, so who got Nolan must be very very happy...


GTR34 said...

Had 65 points going into today with Nolan (Hat trick), and Carroll who played well. That's me over the 100 mark:)

Very surprised that none of you had Nolan. He was averaging more than Barton prior to today. I can only think you were nervous of it being a Derby, and the possibility of cards flying around.

Well, they did - 12 in all, but mostly for Sunderland players.

kwyjibo said...

Wow, I wish I had Nolan...missed the barn door, too. Not sure what to do right now. It seems we complained to Yahoo a little TOO much. Now they update so quickly, there is almost no barn door anymore. You have to be careful what you ask for?!

I've got a great team on paper...but they just didn't produce points. Then again, I'm up 64 places overall (so far) with only 70.5 points, so it seems that it is yet another low scoring week for most.

I have to hope that Brunt can match Nolan tomorrow.

On a positive note, I see the top 2 overall (so far) are AM Bloggers! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

And next week will be even more difficult...
Grabbed Barton, Holden and Ameobi on BD, probably only keeping Holden.
Thinking of getting Drogba back, he is 21.98 now.
Shoot your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

this is the most worst week ever..kick nani to get gerrard and sell nolan just to fund drogba...i should stop tinkering with my selection then ;P

Anonymous said...

carroll may just about be dead to me now... apparently he had a great game causing sunderland all kinds of bother and his team wins 5-1 and he gets 4.5 yahoo points...!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Nolan!! What a savior. 99 pnts this week with Bosingwa not playing. hope next week to be alil better.

The team for next week so far is

Boateng, Salcido, Clichy, Squillaci
Nani, VdV, FabS, Mikel
Chicharito, Benjani

Still feel like some changes gotta be done, but not sure exactly who I drop and who I replace em with. Good luck on the games coming up!


Anonymous said...

just to note on the double week...

as well as saying "deadline ... for games Nov 6 to Nov 8" on the team selection screen...

if you look at the fixtures on the 'more fixtures' button, Sat and Sun are listed "Day 11" and Tues and Wed are listed "Day 12", which in my opinion would all point to it not being a double week...?

don't think we're going to find out in a hurry anyhow, so your guess is as good as mine. just thought I'd throw my two cents in...

good ol' yahoo for making these things clear.


Anonymous said...

how do i check my weekly ranking?

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