Saturday, 23 October 2010

Week 9 - My Team


Bosingwa  Zhirkov   Bale

Nani  Adam  Reo-Coker  Van Der Vaart  Malouda

Obinna   Drogba

I think this is the probably the first time I've ever used my filler as the subject of the blog post photo, but I was sick of posting up pictures of Drogba every week so though it would make a nice change!

I don't often use a filler, but in order to get the big-guns in I had no choice but to go with Nigel Reo Coker in midfield. There are far worst fillers - he'll start, he's playing in a decent Villa side buoyed by a new manager, he could've (should've?) scored the MWG vs Chelsea last week, plus after picking 10 players I had 2.75 left over which meant bringing him in left me exactly £0.00m in the bank...that doesn't often happen.

Kirkland is obviously a huge risk but I imagine it's a risk many managers will be taking. Anything about zero points will be a huge bonus, but I won't be surprised if we see a negative score approaching double figures. Saying that, this is Kirks big chance to prove he deserves his starting place back, and stranger things have happened than a 0-0 between Wigan & Bolton.

My defence doesn't actually have any real defenders in. Bosingwa will play wing back as Ashley Cole does on the opposite flank in home games, Zhirkov (if he starts; @4.2 I won't be too devastated if he doesn't) will play in midfield and Gareth Bale will play left wing. Everton will be tough for Spurs so I think Redknapp will start Bale despite suggesting he's "running on empty" after Milan. He has 7 days to rest after today and we all know the last time Harry told us a player was struggling, Van Der Vaart played and scored after many of us dropped him, so I'm sure he'll continue on the left of midfield.

I've mentioned Reo-Coker, Adam stays for the season unless he gets a long term injury or 3 match ban and Van Der Vaart should play as a 2nd-striker behind Pav or Crouch so I'm expecting more good points. Nani will be at the heart of everything good Man United do at Stoke so he stayed and I decided to bet on Malouda starting. He was rested at West Ham a few weeks ago so I'd be really surprised to see him benched again after being subbed with 15 mins to go in midweek. I'd think if anyone gets a rest it could be Anelka who has played 90 minutes in most games (event he Carling Cup), but I've been wrong many times before.

Upfront is a full-priced Drogba (I want at least a brace for a cost of £24m) and Victor Obinna of West Ham, who surely has to break his goalscoring duck soon. He won't get many better chances than at home to Newcastle, who are starting to leak goals after a bright start to the season.

So that's my team - I'm aware I have quite a few player's who could get benched/subbed early, but these are big names who have done the business for me all season so I was willing to gamble on them. We'll know if that was a mistake in a few hours time!

The Blog Team picked by Mike & Hans (thanks for your continued help guys!): Kirkland / Bosingwa, Zhrikov, Bale / VdV, Brunt, Reo-Coker, Malouda / Hernandez, Drogba, Obinna

On the barndoor for Week 10 I'll be looking at Arsenal players as they face West Ham at home, Chelsea players at Blackburn, Man City at Wolves & Everton home to Stoke.

That ends the post - what did you settle on? Who's coming in on the barndoor?

Good luck!



Anonymous said...

my player pick choices for this week:

da costa



gkinz :)

Crazylegs! said...

I went for Essien over Malouda this week!

Your a braver man than I!

DC said...

Spurs team news was posted on Twitter just before deadline, which made me feel much better about not going with Bassong. Bale plays!

Nearly ended up with same team as AM again, but went for Boateng over Bosingwa, Scholes over Nigel Mediocre, and kept the faith with Chamakh!

Ian Sanderson said...

Bale Salcido Boateng Zhirkov
Adam Van der VaartT Nani N'Zogbia
Drogba Obinna

Anonymous said...

This is the team i wanted especially cos no one liked it

Ivanovic Boateng Cole Boss
VdV Nani Adam Essien
Tevez Kalou

this is the team i went with

A.Cole Boateng Bosingwa
VdV Nani Adam Mereiles
Drogba Tevez Kalou


Anonymous said...

Sorry Zhirkov in place of A.Cole

billthegrunt said...

Bale / Jacobsen / Bosingua
Van der Vaart / Malouda / Adam / Brunt
Drogba / Piquionne / Kalinic

Seems like everybody has Kirkland, which scared me off him. He's a much better play when he's not playing.

Good luck to everyone.

L'Orange Noir said...

I went with
Bale, Coleman, Zhirkov
VDV, Adam, Nani, N'Zonzi
Drogba, Chamakh, Obinna

Very similar to AM's teams.
I went with N'Zonzi as a filler (picked up on the BD!) because I hope he has a chance of scoring some decent points V Liverpool. Traded Boateng for Zhirkov, so I hope he does end up playing.
Stuck with Coleman after some good recent points hauls.

rwlwhite said...

My Team for this week:

Cole, Bale, Boateng, Jacobsen
VDV, Adam, Silva
Bent, Tevez, Carroll

My provisional BD team:

C. Kirkland
J. Boateng
J. Bosingwa
S. Coleman
B. Sagna


R. Van der Vaart
C. Adam
D. Silva


C. Tévez
M. Chamakh
D. Drogba

Dave2 said...

Watching the Spurs game - so far VDV has run over and literally taken away 2 free kicks from Bale LOL. They were crosses into the box, not shots, but still...and now VDV scores!

Bradley said...

My team:

Salcido Boateng Bosingwa
Adam Van der Vaart Nani N'Zogbia Brunt
Obinna Drogba

Having gotten -10 from Kirkland in Week 1, I couldn't stomach rolling those dice again. We'll finally find out whether AM's really the one with the keeper curse, or if was me all along. Sadly, I had to drop Bale to bring Drogba back in. Given how few points I got, I would've been better off just taking the 0 last week.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Adebayor will play tomorrow ? Took a huge risk in my front line ..I welcome your comments !

Anonymous said...

My team for this week

Salcido Kompany Bosingwa
Adam VDV Henderson Brunt Nani
Drogba Obinna

I fear Kirkland may ruin my score this week. Also scared about going without malouda due to doubts about his starting status


Kellz said...

Bale, Bosingwa, Zhirkov
Malouda, VDV, Brunt, Meirales, Silva
Drogba, Obinna

So far 2 goals 2 assists, but goal conceeded and own goal for Carson

Good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Cech has made probably a million saves

Anonymous said...

Cech has made probably a million saves

Anonymous said...

10 saves from Cech..gosh... i am thinking to bring peter cech in my team..

BD fabianski at the moment..

Anonymous said...

HRod is banging the shots in. 9 so far, 3 on target, & goal in that obv. he was in the top 5 last yr for SOT'S, and is already in the top 5 this yr. milijas amazingly 5 sot's, giving cech lots of saves pt's. not a great game next wk vs citeh or else he'd be worth a punt pn BD. drogba only 1 sot- yeah ! ( i not got him ). anelka 0 . :(( ( i have got him ! )


Birty said...

Let my Girlfriend pick my final striker from a list of Carrol, Dembele, Odemwingie, Kalou, Obina, Elmander, Jones K.

She picked Obina - given that Kalou and Elmander have already scored Obina better get a brace!!

Rest of the side is doing OK, CS and win for Foster, CS for Bosingwa, assist for Brunt, goals for Malouda and VdV. Looking OK so far.

As for next week, choice between Walcott and Nani which I can leave till the mini-Sunday-barndoor

Anonymous said...

Dropped A.Cole and Ivanovic to get Drogba, knew i was going to regret it.


SK said...

Going for Drogba for the first time since week 2 seems to have turned into a costly maneuver. Would have had Foster instead of Kirkland, and now he seems to be getting 20 more pts. Also sticking with Coleman instead of getting Bosingwa alongside Zhirkov is turning out to be a disaster.

It seems like Bale is a great CL fantasy option considering (until very recently) the lack of info regarding him outside the UK, but I think I should sell him in the EPL leagues. Maybe I'll pick up Crouch instead.

Anonymous said...

Kirkland beaten by another cheap goal.

Anonymous said...

Carlo Ancelotti is a YFF player.

Names his teams early and subs after 75 mins LOL

Dave2 said...

Brunt should be on good points today - 2SOTs, 1A, and quite a few crosses. He could have a sneaky nice score, maybe even better than Malouda ;)

Charlie Adam limped off injured on 66 minutes - watch that...

Birty said...

@Dave2 apparently Adam "assisted" in Birmingham's second goal, maybe he went off in shame ;)

kwyjibo said...

Yes, Drogba was a bit of a waste this week, but I still managed 72.5 with 4 players to go. Cracked the top 1000 for the first time ever up to 840! And I have this blog to thank for it.

Thanks everyone...I hope you had some success this week, too.

Merv said...

Wow 116 pts with Rio, Nani and Hernandez to go! Went up to number 19 on overall rank, and 25th highest of the week so far. Couldn't ask for more.

greginho said...

snicker snicker snicker. i have been living in a drogba-free zone for 5 weeks now. all of those drogba owners have gotten 7, 0, 22, 6.5, and 18.5 points, since i made the drop. is anyone going to start listening? i now live in a bale-free area, as well. i dropped him for hutton and $6. i got .5 more points with a guy 6 bucks less, i like that.
my team is
hutton/ carr/ boateng
cesc/ van der vaart/ adam/ nani/ silva
obina/ tevez
i doubled up on birmangham and am happy. foster 23.5 points and carr with 9.5. van der vaart got his goal. adam got his cost. obina and hutton were a couple points off of there cost, so happy with the score considering my heavy weights are tomorrow with cesc and tevez and nani and boateng and silva

Anonymous said...

Quite an impressive week for a newbie..82pts with Silva & Tevez to go..Hope they can make a big impact against Arsenal..thanks AM for the great blog, it help me a lot =)

Some of the Arsenal & United player are in my BD radar in order to fulfill the remaining 2 positions; with 20mill budget.

Many thanks mate,

Anonymous said...

Ronaldo 42.00 with 4 goals already today he'll be moving to the highest possible, which if i'm not wrong from last season is around well 42.00

Anonymous said...

bale bosingwa zhirkov
malouda vdv adam holden
elmander kalou tevez

total 117 pts and tevez tomorrow...its ok

Anonymous said...

seriously greginho the more i see u post on here nowadays the more you sound arrogant about everthing. chill out dude, you got something right, stop telling people to listen to you, drogs will end the season as top points scorer like he does ever year and those who have him will do just fine its very very early in the season


p.s. i dont have drogba either, just sticking up 4 peeps cos ur attitude is sometimes bad on here

greginho said...

sorry dan, you are probably right, i am coming across arrogant. i certainly don't have any reason to be arrogant because i am only in 664th spot. i am nowhere near the top 100 or even top 50 like so many of the other bloggers.
i just have been listening to people say you are an idiot for not picking him up and am happy that some of my decisions are working.

Anonymous said...

A fine week so far with 85 points and a rise of almost 1000 places to 1314th in the ranking. I wasn't quite happey with my team before the deadline, but for now it proves to be a really good one. Holden, Ivanovic, van der Vaart and Zhirkov all did well - all of them between 8.5-11.5 points. Foster was amazing, while Jacobsen and Obinna returned me valuable points fron the late match. Drogba was very disappointing and I might drop him to afford a better team overall, though I'm not so sure about it right now and for now I'm keeping him on my team. Adam was also disappointing after I bought him for the first time this season above 9mil, and returned me 5.5 points. I dropped him, but I'm still thinking about a way of buying him back.
Still have Nani and Konchesky to go so I hope for an above-100 finish, maybe even more.

This is my BD work so far, when I'm still keeping Drogba:

Squillaci Coleman Boateng
VDV Nani Brunt Nasri JGómez
Drogba Chamakh


Anonymous said...

Well i wouldn't keep Drogba even at gun point for next week, after this weeks disappointment. Need to get a keeper and at least Fabregas. In superliga i got Messi for 35 and he returned 33, i couldn't get Ronaldo at 42 but with 4 goals plus assist he's surely returning his value. Drogba i'll get later for the home game.


Anonymous said...

fair enuff greg, no hard feelings, ur above me (im 800ish) it's just drogs cud easily have scored a hattrick today against a team like wolves and then suddenly ur decision is compltely wrong. so much of this game is luck and people deserve luck for sticking to their guns and makin their own choices, you deserve your success today cos your risk paid off and that is great, the only thing that annoyed me was that you said people should listen to you as if you had a time machine and went forward in time, saw drogs didn't score, came back and knew the outcome :)

peace dude :)

Anonymous said...

Let`s talk business in this blog :

BD picks ?
Team week 10 suggestions ?
Bargains ?

My very premature team so far :
Boateng , Bosingwa, Kompany
Nani, Malouda, VDV, Silva
Carroll Berbs Chamakh

PS : I have Adebayor tomorrow, hope Mancini will start him

Good luck to all

Anonymous said...

BD PICKS: Carroll for Obinna so far. Weighing up City, Arsenal, and Liverpool tomorrow.

TEAM WEEK 10 SUGGESTIONS: Happy I didn't jump aboard the Drogba bandwagon this week. But if Samba is still suspended for next week's game I will probably buy my beloved Drogba back. Only a little cheaper than before.

BARGAINS: Steve Sidwell.

Anonymous said...

Samba is still suspended

Anonymous said...

Bale Boateng Bosingwa Zhirkov
Malouda Adam Nani VDV
Tevez Obinna

65 points so far with Bosingwa, Zhirkov, Malouda and VDV doing ok, though Carson and Bale disappointed.

For the BD:

Bale Boateng Bosingwa
Malouda Nani VDV Adam
Tevez Yakubu Chamakh

Dropped Carson, Zhirkov and Obinna for Kirkland, Yakubu and Chamakh. Yakubu will probably go.
I want to get Fabregas, so I'm thinking of dropping Bale.
That would probably be Yakubu/Bale to Fabregas/Squillaci or Coleman. Is that a good move?

Anonymous said...

Treated 1 joker last year from the US. He became sensible and is so far keeping away from acting as GURU.

Time to treat another patient. He is from Brasil.


Anonymous said...

Samba is NOT suspended for next week. Once again, red card sending off does not automatically mean a 3-game suspension (it depends on the type of offence).

Samba need only serve a 1-game suspension, which is the game against Liverpool today. He will be free to play next week against Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Ok! Cool, that makes my dropping Drogba looks more sensible.

Anonymous said...

drogba sucks!!!

donut said...

Kirkland gamble "paid off" with his zero - I had some ridiculous excitement flowing through the veins when Wigan scored, but it came crashing down and of course Kirkland was responsible for the goal...

I brilliantly decided to break the Bale/Flomo/Drog holy trinity by dropping Flomo...

I had Foster and Carroll in the team at various stages of the selection process but Piquionne and getting cash for Drogba took over!!

Luckily for some reason Brunt got 16.5 and Bosingwa 16 to rescue me a 75 pointer with Nani and hopefully Silva to go so it could have been much much worse...

Dan I take your point about luck on this game, Drogba could and should have popped in at least 2 and I could have been self congratulating...
But fair play greginho it feels fkin good when your decisions pay off!

I think we as a blog group need to be supportive and congratulate good luck as well as sympathetic to bad luck...

greginho said...

mixed week to get to 100.5.
the drogba/ bale money that i had i used to spread around to cesc, tevez and nani, didn't work as i got 19.5 points. i had double digits from ben foster, silva, van der vaart, and nani, as well as boateng and carr chipping in with 9.5.
i moved up 320 spots to 305th, so i am happy. i finally moved up to the top 10 in the blog league II with an 8th spot and a 7th spot in chatroom regulars league.
lots of twists and turns this week and the barndoor activity will be furious. arsenal came out good with a team superior to them, man city, so maybe, this is there year. as long as the schedule makers only make them play chelsea one more time. maybe with a healthy van persie arsenal can get the monkey of chelsea of there backs. i brought in squilacci, nasri, and hernandez for tevez

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