Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Week 8 - Player Picks

It does seem an age since I last wrote a player picks post. It's actually only been two weeks but the lack of football combined with the mind numbing coverage of the Liverpool ownership saga has made it seem longer. I really can't wait for the return of the Premier League this weekend so we can start watching and reading about actual football rather than a unscrupulous businessmen attempting to rip the heart and soul out of the game.

Thankfully I had a 90 minute distraction last night as England faced Montenegro at Wembley, although the result and performance were disappointing. Wayne Rooney had another shocker, Crouch isn't actually any good in the air, Gareth Barry is a waste of space and Glen Johnson chases the ball around in similar way to 6 year old boys when they first start playing football - nothing new learnt then.

Unsurprisingly the papers were out in force again this morning, calling for Capello's head despite the fact England dominated the game after 2 good wins in their first 2 qualifiers. We get it...they want him out of the job and they won't rest until they get it done.

Moving on, and there's been plenty of time for us to mess around with different combinations within our Yahoo team pages over the past 10 days and many of you have posted your provisional sides in the comments sections. It seems we have two camps - those who have kept Bale & those who have not. Those who have gone without Bale have constructed stronger midfields with the extra £7m or so, but there will be that nagging feeling that the young Welshman is still capable of 20 points each and every week, and you may've just thrown that away.

I'm having difficulty deciding which direction to go in - last week he was definitely going, but in the past couple of days I've considered keeping him. As many of us end up with 7/8/9 players the same each week it's often 1 or 2 players that provide the big points swing each week (e.g. Rooney v Drogba in Week 1), and I have a feeling this week will be dependant on Bale's performance at Fulham.

Anyway, before I get any deeper in to player recommendations we first need to look at the Week 8 fixtures and it appears there are three stand-out matches. Arsenal (with Fabregas set to return) at home to a struggling Birmingham side with just 1 win this season and who just can't seem to score at the moment, Manchester United at home to West Brom, a game United must win given their poor away form, and Manchester City travelling to Blackpool. I see 3 wins for the teams currently 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Premier League

The team in 1st have a trickier trip to Aston Villa, but I still think Chelsea will have too much for Houllier's men. They slipped up at City in their last away game but I don't think Ancelotti will allow that to happen again. I also fancy Newcastle to beat Wigan, but be warned I've incorrectly predicted home wins over Blackpool & Wigan already this season. Stoke have been improving recently but I think Bolton will see this as a must win game at home, so it's another I tip for a home win, albeit a narrow one.

The remaining matches are all tough to call, and my predictions for all four games are draws. Fulham are difficult to beat at the Cottage so Tottenham will need to be at their best to get 3 points, Wolves v West Ham is sure to be tight and scrappy, the same could be said of the huge Merseyside derby between Everton & Liverpool, while Blackburn v Sunderland has 1-1 written all over it in permanent marker.

With my fixture analysis out of the way, here are my Week 8 Player Recommendations...


Not many teams have been able to break down Manchester City's defensive line-up this season (including Chelsea) and I doubt it'll be any different when they visit Blackpool, so Joe Hart is the premium pick as I'm almost certain he'll keep a clean sheet. He's expensive but it's likely to be worth it - plus many will have him cheaper than 11.

Krul is the bargain of the week at under £4m but then we've thought that before with Newcastle keepers at home. I'm probably going to go with him as Wigan are unlikely to score more than 1 goal, but I'm nervous given my record this season. Jaaskalainen is perhaps a slightly safer bet - Bolton are solid under Coyle and are at home to Stoke - but he's out of my price range.

I mentioned earlier that Birmingham are really struggling, so Arsenal will not have many better chances to secure a clean sheet. Whether you want to risk Fabianski is another thing altogether, but at 5.77 he could be an option if you fancy a bit of a gamble.


I've mentioned Bale - if you think he'll continue to score 12-15 points each week despite Van Der Vaart's presence then keep him, if you don't then you should drop him. If you're not sure then you're in the same situation as I am! We're lucky that there are some really good cheap defenders this week - Boateng (although watch out for news on his recovery from flu), Koscielny, Squillaci, Ferreira & Bosingwa, all with chances of clean sheets and all priced between 4-6.

Rio Ferdinand's price went up a fair bit after United's 0-0 draw with Sunderland, but he's still around £9m and he generally averages around the 8-9 point mark most seasons. If you can't afford him then John O'Shea is the alternative. I'm hanging on to Salcido for another week and will be hoping for a bit more than the 5.5 & 4 points he's produced since I brought him in, and Phil Jones continues to score decently playing defensive midfield for Blackburn.

Newcastle's Williamson was very unlucky to concede a penalty in his last game but the negative points he received has sent his value tumbling below £6m, so he's a good choice. Paul Robinson is the cheapest Bolton defender if you want to covert that possible clean sheet. Seamus Coleman has been excellent for Everton bombing down the flank and I expect he'll keep his place, while Jacobsen and Mancienne are cheap fillers, priced under £5m and both likely to play.

Van Der Vaart

I'm torn on Fabregas - we all know what he's capable of in home games, scoring 30 points in 30 minute cameo's when only 50% fit, taking free kicks, corners and penalties he can be unstoppable - but will Wenger throw him straight back in? Arshavin is the alternative while Nasri stock rises massively if Cesc starts on the bench. We'll need to wait for team news but at the moment I'm thinking I might risk him.

Nani was one of the first name on my team sheet, I expect him to have a field day vs West Brom, and Van Der Vaart should be in everyone's team by now. I'm dropping Malouda but he's by no means a bad choice at Villa - plus he tends to do well when I don't pick him! I missed Adam Johnson on the barndoor but £9m is still affordable - the obvious issue is him vs Silva - I know who I'd pick but Mancini has other ideas. Again, we'll need to wait on team news.

Dempsey is a pick not many people will make, but he'll be playing upfront vs a Tottenham defence that can by very brittle away from home, Adam and Barton have been consistently scoring above their values this season and M.Petrov is starting to show the fantasy form that made him so valuable when he was at City. Pennant, (taking away a lot of set pieces from Etherington) is also on my radar despite having a tough trip to Bolton.

Darren Fletcher's first appearance in my recommendations this season, and I have a feeling he might pop up with a goal this weekend, Downing has been outscoring Ashley Young and costs less, Holden is Mr Consistent, while Scholes, Eboue and Etuhu provide cheap filler options if you're struggling to find the cash for some bigger names.



Drogba faces a tricky game at Villa but he's the top scorer in fantasy football by a clear 30 points and I hold him at a shade over 20, so he won't be going anywhere for now. Berbatov has been quiet since his outstanding hattrick vs Liverpool but the onus will be on him once again with Rooney out off form, and I think he'll grab a goal at home to West Brom.

Chamakh hasn't completely convinced as yet but with the likely return of Fabregas I expect he'll have more chances, so he's hard to turn down at £7m. I had initially brought Tevez in on the barndoor, but all this talk of arguments with Mancini and considering quitting football has left me wondering whether his head will be right. Saying that, if he does perform how we all know he can then he's capable of being Week 8's highest points scorer with a game at Blackpool.

Bolton's Elmander looks a different player this season and will look to continue his goalscoring form vs Stoke, while Gyan will have to lead the line for Sunderland with Darren Bent likely to miss out and he's very reasonably priced. Andy Carroll has gone off the boil as he's been struggling with a niggling injury and a virus in recent, but he should be fully fit to give Wigan's defence a hard time, Obinna will give Wolves problems & Kalinic is a decent filler who only needs a shot on target and a couple of free kicks won to return his value.

That's it for now - I am absolutely swamped with work at the moment so I haven't had the chance to write my usual detailed breakdown for each player/position above (UPDATE - Done!). I'm hoping I'll get the chance to complete all of these later tonight but if not it will be done before Friday.

The Week 8 poll:

My current team: Krul, Salcido, Boateng, Squillaci, Adam, Van Der Vaart, Nani, Fabregas, Carroll, Chamakh, Drogba. 

To keep Bale in Squillaci's place I'd need to drop Fabregas and be left with £11m to spend on a midfielder and a possible upgrade of Carroll....good move?

Let me know your thoughts on the week ahead - are you taking any risks? Which of the big names will flop?

Please keep checking back as this post will be updated.



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Nik & AMers! Good post as usual Nik, hope all of the AMer will be benefited from this post..

My current team atm:

Salcido J.Enrique Bosingwa(big hunch!)
Adam VDV A.Muhammadi(on form) Nani
Drogba Odemwinnie K.Davies

Any opinions & advice guys?


Anonymous said...

Odemwingie unlikely to play as he hasn't trained this week, keep an eye on it.

kwyjibo said...

Boateng does seem like a good buy...but now he's listed as a doubt due to the flu. So I'm considering replacing him and picking him up on the BD.

Drogba-Berbs-Cham(still not much)Wow!

I would really like to exchange Brunt for Nani, but it would mean dropping either Berbs or FloMa. Tough decision...

Thanks for all your hard work, again, AM. Your game analysis is even helping with the 'I know the score' game. So, double thanks.

kwyjibo said...

@MySL - Yes, check out FantasyFootballScout (link on the right). Odemwingie is listed as a serious doubt since he didn't even return to practice. I had him and replaced him with Chamakh.

Anonymous said...

thanks anon7:55 & kwyjibo for the info =)

any good striker/midfielder to replace Odemwingie excluding Chamakh? remains budget is around 10.8mill..


harrrr said...

why why you don't have Bale??!??!? he supposed to be season keeper!?! or what?

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Nik and everyone who contributes on this blog. If you don't know the importance try playing the fantasy la liga, you could pick a team with only 3 players starting. Once again thanks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks AM!

My team:

Bale, Salcido, Boateng
Malouda, Adam, VDV, Nolan
Drogba, Carroll, Tevez

I'm considering the following 3 options:

Kirkland, Salcido, Nolan, Tevez (current team)
Krul, Salcido, Nani, Gyan
Krul, Koscielny, Nani, Chamakh

Also, have to keep on eye on the Boateng flu situation.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

@MySL- excluding Chamakh, like that, i'm picking him for just the second time, i rate him so low but he's the only one at Arsenal i can bring in without moaning. I think Caroll is a good shot, though that'll leave you with extra 3.00

Anonymous said...

@lfcinpa- I'd take the first option as I think Tevez is likely to go off. Wish I had enough funds to put him in to the lineup but I can't afford both him and Fab. Cheers

Anonymous said...

@anon8:40 - thanks for the thought! i've already picked Carrol, Coleman & Ivanovic to replace Odemwingie, Bosingwa & J.Enrique..thanks mate


capiTeno said...

i want to drop bale,
i can make a better team without him,
he's not going to score his pts per ££ now VDV has nicked all the set pieces...

so why can't i click submit changes !!
this is agonising, mainly cause i'm welsh and have to watch him play with amateurs

Anonymous said...

Reo Coker (@2.90) and Tevez in a 352
Berbs and Elmander in a 343

Anonymous said...

help help help
J. Elmander & S. Holden or F. Piquionne & Yaya
red eyes

Saul said...

@Anon 8:58 - Berbs/Elmander all the way, they both have a good chance to score and have been fairly consistent thus far. In the first option you're relying too much on Tevez, and if he flops, Reo Coker will not be able to make up for the 20.xx pts.

@capiTeno - I wouldn't put too much emphasis on Bale's loss of FK's. I'd say with or without he's worth the cash, specially considering he's been averaging 14.43 pts. even though he hasn't had a CS, or a goal lately to his him nick a goal and a CS this weekend, 20+ pts. for sure.

@lfcinpa - If there's a must have player this week, I'd say it would be Nani. Everyone's on the wagon so if he has a massive week, which is very possible, you will fall behind. I'd say find a way to get him in. That said, I'd go with Krull/Koscielny/Nani/Chamakh. Although check news to make sure Koscielny will start, Vermaelen is expected to be back now.

Hope that helps!

And AM - Thanks for the great picks, I'll follow you with the Fabregas pick...if fully fit. My team atm...


Would love to have Berbatov instead of Chamakh but I just love the rest of the team too much so won't destroy it, and I'm thinking with Fabs back, Chamakh cannot do any worse :)

Good luck to all! and here's to me getting back to the top 100 haha :)

Anonymous said...

help help help
J. Elmander & S. Holden or F. Piquionne & Yaya
Nani/Malouda/VDV/(Holden or Yaya)
Berbatov/Chamakh/(Elmander or Piquionne)
@ saul do u think fab wld make an immediate impact ?
@capiTeno - bale scored again in Wales last game fk's or not he is in the form of his life and defiantly a season keeper imo
good luck to all
red eyes

Saul said...

@red eyes - I've seen fabregas play for 25 minutes and get 25+ pts, and I've seen him play 10 minutes and get 10 pts. last game before he got injured. To be honest I'm not sure how much of an impact he'll make but considering that, he seems like a gamble worth taking.

Anonymous said...

Elmander already had 2 yellow cards? He suspend for this coming game, rite?

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:25

No, you need five yellows for a suspension.


greginho said...

i am flying under the radar with paul robinson and da costa from west ham. nobody is talking about them, nor picking them.

i need to replace odemwingie, so i will chose between chamakh or gyan. i think gyan starts, if healthy. i need to check and make sure he is suiting up.

Doctor Teeth said...

I'm curious whether the congregation feels that the appeal of Nani and Fabregas is lessened due to (i) the return of Rooney (presumably, then, Nani will be off of PKs and less of a focus offensively) and (ii) Arsenal's upcoming CL match (coupled with the fact that Fabregas is just returning from injury, how confident are we that he starts/lays significant minutes)...thoughts?

Benjamin Wang said...

Nicklas Bendtner seems to think that he is fit and ready. Does anyone think that Wenger will start him

kwyjibo said...

@Ebi - I know EXACTLY what you mean!

YFF - 1,562nd place
Fantasy La Liga - 15,549th place

Having a blog like this one makes a HUGE difference! Thanks for everyone's help...

Saul said...

@Doc - That's a good thought, although I do expect Fabregas to play at least 60 minutes and get his points. Nani on the other hand does not worry me so much as he is on most set pieces, although not penalties. He should do fine, I feel it's his week to break the 20 pt. mark. If all goes right, and I hope so after a few down weeks, those 2 picks should return 40 pts. together.

If you had to pick, who would you choose from Fabregas and Tevez?

Geobfree said...

Arsenal Def:

Squilly or Koscy

Any opinions or preferenses?

Saul said...

Another though on Fabregas, Wenger cannot afford to leave him on the bench...Arsenal are falling behind on the league and cannot afford to keep loosing pts. vs. in winnable opposition.

kwyjibo said...

I'm down to 2 choices:



Drogba-Chamakh-(Elmander or Obinna)

I've been burned by Berbs more than once. As for Nani, I've never picked him before. I have a feeling that one or the other will have a big game...just no gut feeling yet about which one.

Anonymous said...

stuck here... tevez or berba...

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Kompany and Piquionne name listed. Am I missing sometimes here? Are they injured/suspended?

Gasper said...

I like the second team better.

My team:
Boateng, Squil, Mancien
VDV, Nani, Nasri, SParker
Drog, Berbs, Chamwow

I was having a Drog vs Tevez dillema but finally decided to keep Drog. Next match is at home to Wolves, while City play Arse. Parker is a big hunch :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Nik,

You are doing a stellar job.

I see you axed Bale and Malouda in pursuit of Nani and Fabregas. I'm still holding on to the holy trinity of Bale-Malouda-Drogba but with Fabregas back, and Man Utd needing Nani so much, I understand your thinking.... Fabregas can potentially outpoint Malouda and Nani could catch fire while some of Bale's points are eaten up by Van Der Vaart.

A couple of weeks ago I had Foster in goal, he rewarded me handsomely, and then I axed him. Went the Kirkland route and was happy for it. Had Hart earlier this season and he rewarded me too but I axed him at the right times. I might play the Kirkland card again this week because I'm not so sure of Krul or Fabianski.... All I know is if Al Habsi gets injured, Kirkland is good enough to make a save or two before he lets in a goal. And his price is rather attractive.

In defense, we both have Salcido and while you are keeping it cheap and shrewd with Boateng and Squilacci, I've got Bale and Kompany. Feeling OK in that department, barring injuries, over the long-term season.

In midfield, we both have Charlie Adam and VDV. You've invested in Nani and Fab which is electrifying. I've got Malouda and Barton (who could be Carroll or Nolan).

Up front we've both got Drogba and Chamakh. The other player I have is Adam Johnson. A real wild card. He did well for England and I hope Mancini lets him play. Silva? Johnson? What gives?

For this reason, in my AJ-Barton grey area, I'm also marinating over players like Coleman, Meireles (great goal for Portugal), and Gyan.

Other players on my radar to enable turning AJ/Barton in to Nani are Scholes, Obi Mikel, Muamba, and Reo-Coker.

One love. Bless.

We've been very similar in our teams all seasons but this week is different. Nani and Fabs, eh? Hmmn, interesting....

Anonymous said...

I wont think about Cecs right now because he just comes back from injury. And, if, just IF, he has another injury like Torres or Ben Arfa last week? So, >18 pts for an injuriable-guy?

Now, big question about the start for A.J, AGAIN V_V. I have to think about other forms if A.J can not play.

Adam - VdV - Nani - A.J - Barton
Berb - Elmander

Adam - VdV - Nani - Albrington/Silva - Barton
Berb - Elmander

Adam - VdV - Nani - Silva - Barton
Berb - Rodallega

Adam - VdV - Nani - Barton
Berb - Elmander - Chamakh/Carroll

Hard to choose. Please help! Thx alot!


LC said...

Im now settled on my team

Salcido, Boateng, Ferdinand
VDV, Arshavin, Muamba, Nani
Berbatov, Chamack, Gyan

I am happy with my rounded team but any ideas for changes would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

@RD -i'd go with 1 or 4, prefer 4 though.

makinante said...

@Ebi. Hello. To play the fantasy la liga try this blog maybe can help you

Bojan said...

my team:





Jon said...

Anyone else got a nagging feeling that SAF might see WBA at home as a game they should win (even after what they did to Arse)no matter who plays and rest Nani with the CL in mind? Giggs and Park anyone?

Got to say i agree with AM about being nervous about Tevez, so currently thinking about having Fab4 instead. Think Wenger has to start him, with the hope of not having to play him for the full 90

kwyjibo said...

@makinante - thanks for the link. Fortunately I can read Spanish. I just revamped my La Liga team.

Now, back to the task of fitting in Nani...

Anonymous said...

@Makinate- unfortunately i can't read spanish. Thanks bro

Ken said...

finally saved: Pushed button on...

Salcido Koscielny Boateng

Malouda VDV C. Adam Nani Arshavin

Chamakh Berbatov

Where did I go wrong?

Jon said...

Latest from is that Wenger says Cesc is "very, very short" and unlikely to play on Sat, with a small chance for Tue. Almunia also days away, but Theo looks sharp and could be in the squad against Brum.

Back to the drawing board!!

Saul said...

Yeap, you're right Jon. It says that Fabregas and Almunia are "nearing" return, not too assuring if you ask me. Good I had Tevez as the replacement.

Anonymous said...

More likely to start?

Chamakh (with Bendtner returning to fitness)


Gyan (with Bent's injury not as serious as first believed)

Saul said...

@Anon 4:05 - I don't know if I'd risk Gyan now...,19528,11661_6444669,00.html

Anonymous said...

arsenal inj news.
cesc as stated above- unlikely for sat. small chance for tuesday. bendtner should be in squad.
sagna & verm both 10 days. van persie- bit longer. almunia- touch & go for sat.


Anonymous said...

Gutted, i picked Chamakh on the news that Fabregas will be starting, now this.

Saul said...

@AM - If Fabregas is out, how about the switch...Fabregas/Squillaci to Nasri/Bale? Seems like a good trade to me.

Mike B said...

So with Bendtner back, he'll be stealing minutes from Chamakh then i presume.

Anyone else thinking that too?

Anonymous said...

Obinna or Dembele ? O'Shea or Rafael?

Anonymous said...

Berbs and Jussi
Tevez and Krul

Anonymous said...

Etuhu , Scholes, Mikel or Kalinic ????

Anonymous said...

any news on danny guthrie???want 2 pick him but not sure if he would be playing

NZ Pete said...

I'm in the same camp re danny guthrie - think he may be a good cheap buy when he starts playing but not too sure if he is going to get picked this week or not...

If not Guthrie - any tips for a midfielder/striker around the 6 mark?

FLScott said...

@ NZ Pete - What about Meireles? Pools been spotty, but he seems to be on the up and up to me (5.93)

Anonymous said...

to second poster Mignolet is a starting risk in goal. Bama in USA

who is better-- Skrtel (who I have @5.20) or boateng or Kosc? Is boateng a sure starter every week, I like to hang on to a player for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

What about Ngog? With Pool's offensive problems, he'll surely play I think. He might not score but he doesn't have to do much to cover his >7m price tag.


Anonymous said...

Ken you are doing good and out of the Bale, Drogba golden handcuffs.

Ken said...

Doing fair? Have 547 points to date as first year player. Made most (large) mistakes at the beginning of the year in player selection. Had zero knowledge to start, but have found much help along the way.
Great sport..great culture surrounding it!

Forwards seems to be where I have the most trouble.

Ken said...

Last thing..did change team again.

Back to Kirkland Boating-out M. Richards-in

Will see??

Saul said...

AM - I guess we all should be off the Fabregas wagon...,19528,11661_6444749,00.html

Saul said...

AM & friends, what combination is better...




I'm torn between the 2, and like them both.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:54 - is't true?can u give me the source that report Mignolet's injury doubt..As for ur DF selection, i would suggest Boateng instead of Skrtel (L'pool not that good enough for an away esp for Merseyside derby) & I've heard that Verma is back, so just wait for the latest Arsenal news ..Mancini seems unpredictable with his player selection especially when it come to DF position as he has plenty of players to fit in, nevertheless it's safer to be updated with Boateng's flu report..

Saul: Its hard to choose, both seems good but I'm preferring the 1st option. Just need to wait for Arsenal team news before deciding to pick Kosc. Maybe Squilacci is a better pick?

Hope that help

Maxer said...

so.. any latest news on boateng?.. with nani in my team, he'll be perfect in df (considering his price and matchup).. but only if he play..


Anonymous said...

@MySL- Mignolet isn't the first choice keeper and the first choice is fully fit now, could still keep his place as he's not done bad so far.

Anonymous said...

MySL yes, just as Anon before me said, ..... latest is that Migs will probably start but the honeymoon of a cheap Goalie 4.0 in the EPL game is about over because Gordon is back. Quote in the

Simon Mignolet prepared to make way for Craig Gordon's return ahead of trip to Blackburn # 12 hours ago.

Anonymous said...

Between Holden & Emerton who should I pick?

My current team line up:
Salcido, Boateng, Coleman
Adam, VDV, Nani, Holden/Emerton
Berba, Drogba, Carrol/Chamakh

Anonymous said...

petrov/berb/elmander (3-5-2)

I have 11.46 left for a midfilder? Who can be? Or should I make a 3-4-3 for a foward? And who can be?

barton/tevez/berb (1.46 left)

Wonder between Barton and Pennant. Who is better?

Could you guys help me?

Anonymous said...

Replying to random ppl above me:

:: Obinna over Dembele (doubt); O'Shea over Rafael (more likely O'Shea starts)

Berbs and Jussi
Tevez and Krul?
:: Berbs and Jussi (Jussi is a save machine). Also, Berbs and Fabianski if you don't have Arsenal exposure, Berbs and P Robinson (I like Blackburn's chances for a cleansheet, home win, esp with Bent a doubt). Berbs and Krul and upgrade some other position?

Etuhu , Scholes, Mikel or Kalinic?
:: I like Scholes or Etuhu, will take scholes myself...will Kalinic even start? Mikel has a 3 point ceiling imo.

any tips for a midfielder/striker around the 6 mark?
:: I like Al-muhammadi (however u spell it on YFF, he is a consistent crosser), D Jones on wolves for a shade over 5+, Song 5+, Scholes 4++,

Between Holden & Emerton who should I pick?
:: I would sub holden/emerton out and make 4 3 3, mancienne 4+ (MF listed as DF), blackburn DF (I have Salgado on my team currently at 7); both have a shot at cleansheets imo; but if you HAVE to have one of them I would just go with the Home gamer: Emerton


Anonymous said...

I am having problem picking players who just played TWO games on International duty.... AND have Champions League mid-week.... just a thought.
anyone have time to compile such a list? wish I did.


Anonymous said...

guys,which combination much more better?

Kos Boateng (Bale)
VDV Adam Nani Arshavin
BerB (Caroll) (Elmander)


Kos Boateng Mancienne
VDV Adma Nani Arshavin
BerB (Chamakh) (Tevez)

Wondering with Tevez vs Bale actually..
i had dropped Drogba once,and now bale turn to make me suffering.


Anonymous said...


does this week is the blog cup?

Anonymous said...


I think i would go with the first choice. All confirmed starters, all with good match-ups. For the second choice, mancienne is a risk and the forward line isnt THAT much better. Tevez looks good on paper, but returning from an international break the ManC players might be tired against a fresh and motivated Blackpool (Bear in mind that tevez had a bust up with Mancini)

Anyway, with regard to my team, my league mates have killed me when i didnt have drogba, so im considering breaking the bank for him. Which sounds better - Drogba + Kalinic + Coleman or Bale + Chamakh + Arshavin?


Doubtful Cheese said...


Does this make Nasri a better choice?

Anonymous said...


does this line-up perfect for week 8? pls comment..

Anonymous said...

@Jubjub- i know u want to pick Drogba but Bale Chamakh Arshavin looks better.

Doubtful Cheese said...

@Anon 8.26

I like your team! If your results go the way they should, you'll do really well. But looking at how things are going, that might not happen. Carroll and Chamakh are two that wont score that high unless they score, so you might want to look at that. Other than that, its great! If i had drogba at a discount, i might have done something similar.

Anyway what do you guys think... Which is better Malouda or Bale. What about Coleman or AJ

Anonymous said...

Rooney 30+ points this week! Mark my words;)

Anonymous said...

Anon- a name please so we can mark your words, Rooney might not even play.

Anonymous said...

chamakh or carol..

Emperor said...

which one do you think is better ?
boateng squillaci bale
vdv nani barton scholes
drogba carroll chamakh
boateng squillaci bale
vdv nani barton nasri
tevez carroll chamakh
my doughts are scholes & drogba\tevez & nasri

Anonymous said...

Bendtner (8.79) will be back for the game. I feel that he will be more point-rewarding then chamakh

Anonymous said...

will chamakh play ? i'm hearing some rumours that bendtner will take his place...or they will both play ?

Kiko said...

fabianski bale & carroll


krul koscielny & tevez

Drogba said...


or mancienne ??
i think mancienne is a better option...he's a sure starter...and he might get a clean sheet...boateng could also get a cs but he's not a sure starter

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