Saturday, 2 October 2010

Week 7 - My Team


Bale  Jacobson  Salcido

Van Der Vaart  Adam  Barton  Malouda

Obinna  Drogba  Odemwingie

Not a long post this week as I've got very little explain briefly I decided to give all my big discounts another chance, with a plan to make major changes before Week 8 (two weeks away because of internationals) if it all goes wrong.

As a result my team is the same as last week with the exception of Jacobson for Koscielny, Odemwingie for Jerome & Obinna for Chamakh. I resisted the temptation to bring in Silva, Meireles or Cole and stuck with Barton as he averages 9 points per game while the other three mentioned average between 0 and 2. Not having a 'Pool or City player could backfire, but it's a risk I've decided to take.

On the barndoor for Week 8 (which I won't actually be able to take advantage of unless it stays open till Monday) I'd be looking at Man Utd home to West Brom, City @ Blackpool, Arsenal home to Birmingham and Newcastle home to Wigan.

That's it - I'll leave it to Mike & Hans to comment below with the full Blog Team line-up as I left it in their very capable hands this week :)

What did you settle on for Week 7? Any early barndoor ideas?



Anonymous said...

Al Habsi
Bale / Salcido / Faye
Adam / Vav der Vaart / Etuhu / Holden
Berbatov / Drogba / Odemwingie

City looking very solid at the back-- they've only let in 2 goals this season, and i'd like to think of the one against sunderland as a fluke. Unfortunately i couldnt fit in any of their players this week >.>


Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Bale Jacobson Salcido
Van Der Vaart Adam Barton Malouda
Obinna Drogba Berbatov

10 players the same. I might bring in silva and boateng to replace barton and jacobson.

Ian Sanderson said...

Bale Salcido Da Costa
Adam Ben Arfa Van der Vaart Gerrard J. Cole
Torres Odemwingie

Brought in Ferdinand/Nani/Tevez for DaCosta/Gerrard/Torres

khong-ten said...

Bale V. Kompany Salcido
Van Der Vaart Adam Barton Malouda
Berbatov F. Piquionne A. Carroll

I hope 100 point :D

Anonymous said...

@AM hold on to the discounts, i've dropped all of mine but surely their prices won't ever come down, Adam and Barton will never fall to 7 again and would be around 10 in no time.

Bradley said...

Hey AM, we share 10 players. Be afraid, very afraid...

Bale Jacobson Salcido
Van Der Vaart Adam Yaya Malouda
Obinna Drogba Odemwingie

Two decisions I made last week backfired badly (short version: I traded 3 goals for 1 RC). Hopefully fortune will smile upon me this time.

No Name Fc said...


I have 7 same players as AM Manager:



Van Der Vaart/Brunt/Kuyt/Gerrard/YayaToure


BD 7 new players:

Foster -> Krul
Jacobson -> Vidic
Brunt -> Etuhu
Kuyt -> Barton
Gerrard -> Nani
YayaToure -> Chamakh
Odemwingie -> Berbatov

Anonymous said...

Berbatov on the bench today. Fergie must be losing his mind. Thank god I got rid of him.

No Name Fc said...

ManU upfront : Macheda and Berba..hehe

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for an early substitute for Berbs

SK said...

After trying to get Owen into my team, I was persuaded out of it. Also swapped Alcaraz (CS) out for Jacobsen. I hope I don't regret it.

Bale Coleman Jacobsen Saicido
Adam VdV Nani Gerrard
Odenwingie Kalinic

Sold Malouda, Chamakh and Nasri on great discounts. If there is a week where everything can massively backfire on me, it might be this one.

Anonymous said...

burst pipe at sunderland :))

kwyjibo said...

Dropping Berbs at the last minute seems to have been a good move! But I have a feeling he'll be on in the second half, considering that Man U were completely ineffective so far.

Anonymous said...

Kwyjibo: Why is dropping Berbs at the last minute "a good move"?

Anonymous said...

woah that was fast, Wigan v Wolves poinst are updated already


kwyjibo said...

@Anon - Because he wasn't playing, and at 13+ that's a lot of money to pay for a zero score. Of course, he's playing now...

I'll probably pick him up on the BD for the favorable match-ups they have coming up.

Birty said...

Boo Foster again!

Odemwingie and Brunt seem to have had active games - BBC text commentary - VdV scored but loads of peeps had him so not much gained. Only 2 clean sheets with 12 to go in the United game. Still holding out for Berba to score the winner.

@kwyjibo - that's a cracking name!

Anonymous said...

Forster>Kirkland and i'm happy i did that.

kwyjibo said...

@Birty - Thanks!

I'm assuming you know where it's from...:)

Anonymous said...

wow i remembered when i pick VdV for
the 1st time at 5.XX,
and now his price goes up to 12.26.
definitely don't wanna get rid of him :)

pick up 70 points so far.
kompany,skrtel,c.adam,and drogba to go.

Kellz said...

59.5 pts w/ Drogba, Malouda, Mierales to go. Hoping for a decent return around 35-40 pts from these 3.

Current BD Team:

Bale, Salcido, Squillaci, Boateng,
Malouda, Nani, Mierales, VDV
Drogba, Chamakh

Mike B said...

Just to let everyone know that the Blog team this week was as follows...

Foster / Jacobsen, Salcido, Bale / Nani, Van der Vaart, Meireles, Silva / Odemwingie, Berbatov, Obinna

Anonymous said...

61.5 points with kompany, adam, gerrard, merrieles and tevez to go. Fingers crossed on hitting 100 this week.


Eric said...

Week 7 Team
Bale, Salcido, Kompany
FloMal, Adam, VDV, Brunt, Pennant
Odem, Torres

(73.5 so far with Kompany, Malouda, Adam and Torres to go)

And here's how my early set-up is looking:

Bale, Salcido, Boateng
Malouda, Adam, VDV, Nani, Arshavin
Carroll, Chamakh

What do you guys think? I haven't hit save yet...
Was thinking of possibly going with Berbatov, or Tevez... but that midfield looks pretty sexy right now.

I'm slightly hesitant to drop Brunt since he's been doing so well the last few weeks. Pennant seems to be performing as well.

Chamakh has disappointed us all a few times already so I'm not sure about him either.

Anonymous said...

Foster become nightmare again :)). VdV was so outstanding :x.

Next week is for MANU team.


Anonymous said...

Current team

Bale Carr Boateng
Malouda Nani Adam VDV Silva
Berbatov Odemwingie

Last minute swop out Albrighton for Silva so he better do good.

BD Team:

Bale Boateng O'Shea
Malouda Adam VDV Nani Silva
Berbatov Obinna

Not much changes except for Krul(home to Wigan) in for Robinson, O'Shea(home to West Brom) for Carr and Obinna(against free-falling Wolves) for Odemwingie.
My midfield is pretty stuck right now as I'm reluctant to drop Malouda, Adam, VDV and Nani

Stato said...

What to do about BFGB?
We have two weeks to get it sorted.
Points since the start of the season are:
VDV played in last 4 with Bale averaging 38 points in 4 games = 9.5.

Personally, 57 points so far with Stevie G, Joe Cole, Charlie A and FloMo to come - so not too bad.
Concerned about a Drogba goal fest so have BD'd him by taking out the L'Pool players.

Should Bale go?

rwlwhite said...

for next week do i go with bale/odemwingie, or boateng/tevez?

Anonymous said...

Liverpool vs Blackpool, upset of the week, 0-1 already. Ebi

Anonymous said...

I think Coleman had a good week, outscored Bale and is playing at RM too. My defence is currently:

Bale Salcido Coleman Boateng

Anonymous said...

Piquionne or chamack for next week??

Anonymous said...

Why Chamakh, with all the options available?

Dave said...

Boateng is currently at 4.xx. Should I drop Kompany for him?

Anonymous said...

@Dave i've done that already.

kwyjibo said...

It seems that Yahoo are actually listening to all the complaints...the updates this weekend were FAST! It left almost no BD time. Of course, the positions haven't been updated yet.

I finally broke 100 again...barring another post-weekend adjustment. 106! Now I can go into the break happy.

Malouda didn't score well again...maybe it's time for a replacement?

kwyjibo said...

Ok, now the positions are updated. Up almost 1000 for the week at 1613.

But, 3 AM.Blog tags in the top 10! Congrats!

ebi s. said...

Kompany Alcarez Jara
Nani C.Adam N'zogbia Vdv
Drogba Odem Obinna
113 points
i'm happy about all the choices i made and didn't make.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the big winners this week didn't have Nani Malouda or Arshavin, all their midfielders were 7ish, and they put their weight in Keeper, solid defence and one good striker.

Anonymous said...

pretty poor this week. went big on liverpool- talk about backing the wrong horse! reina lets in 2 & gets YC- bastard !!!!!! . yet another negative from him. torres off early injured. gerrard can't even get a sot. thankfully adam got some of the gains. berba was on bench , then rubbish o sot's !. brunt did well . as did alcaraz. & i didn't have drog's or VDV . :(( .
oh well- at least malouda didn't punish me too bad,.. as i didn't buy him back.
next week looks easier fixtures to call. definitely going with kirkland. i guess A.M. might do that too after yet another g/k nightmare ! next best would be Ars g/k but you can't be sure who it'll be .

SK said...

@kwyjibo: the best time to drop Malouda was last week before Man City or before this week. If you have him at a discount, I would hold onto him unless you hear something before next game.

108.5 pts, moving me back up to 139th overall. Selling malouda and nasri seems to be a good choice, but should have opted for Kuyt instead of Gerrard to invest on better striker than Kalinic. Otherwise I'm happy.

Bale Coleman Boateng Koscielny
Adam VdV A. Johnson J.Cole
Elmander Drogba

Obviously either Boateng or Hart will go depending on if Boateng plays, but I'll bring in an Arsenal player once I know who survived or recovered through the International week.

Yippee said...

Week 7 : 93 points , not too bad

Here comes my Week 8 :

O`Shea Kompany Alcaraz
Malouda Barton Adam VDV Albrighton
Drogba Chamakh

Your advise ?

Anonymous said...

Omg, dont know what to do for my week 8 team!

Should I do this:

Drogba -> Berba
Bale -> VDV
Emerton -> Dempsey

Or should I do nothing??

kwyjibo said...

@Anon 9:04pm - Bale -> VDV may be a good choice, although the price difference is no longer as big as before.

Well, I had 2 hunches that worked out this weekend.

The first was going for Jussi instead of Foster. I'm surprised more people didn't go for Jussi, considering he was doing so well before his suspension.

The second hunch was dropping Berbs. It allowed me to bring in Obinna and Kompany, who didn't do great, but still better than Berbs' 0. Plus, his value dropped, so I was able to buy him back at a loss of only .55.


A few too many fillers, perhaps, but two weeks now to think about what to do.

Adam and VDV are the steals of the season so far, both averaging FAR above their value if you got them for cheap early on.

Anonymous said...

it's past BD time and also there is international break week ahead.. so i think it's best to do nothing and wait after int. matches in cases of the injury, before dropping the disc player..

Anonymous said...

Bosingwa slated to return Oct. 16
Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Week 8 will be my crazy decision. But still wait for Int matches and suggestion from AM and others.


Anonymous said...

Horrible Horrible week for me...

Berbs out, Torres limped frontline practically returned w 0. Nasri's ineffective and Ben Afa another blow :(...sigh my only saving grace was VDV and also super relieve that this wasnt a blog cup week

Anonymous said...

International break coming it's obviously too early to commit any team changes. But for some preliminary work, can Fabianski be expected to start again, against Birmingham, in the next gameweek? Or will Almunia be back between sticks?

And dropping Kompany for a half-priced Boateng...risky, yeah?

How do you guys see Tevez for next week?

-Bombay Blues

Anonymous said...

my oh i glad to drop malouda and keep drogba.
119pts overall.
c.adam and VdV totally my season keeper.
unless they're injured or something.
for week 8 probably i'll wait until the int matches over.

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