Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Week 3 - Player Picks

Ok - Week 3 is where my season begins. Forget Week 1 when I picked Rooney over Drogba. Forget Week 2 when I picked neither Walcott nor Carroll, and where my ISP cost me 25 all starts here. I really need a big score - after Week 3 we have a one-week gap before Week 4 due to international fixtures, and it's never fun to go in to a break doing badly.

Anyway, I'm writing my player picks post early this week, so there is a fair chance that some recommendations will be changed after the fall-out from the remaining Carling Cup/European games over the next 48 hours (suspensions/injuries etc). But there is one thing that won't change, and that's the Week 3 fixtures....there are some crackers for fantasy managers.

We have no less than four stand-out fixtures: Manchester United face West Ham (zero points) at Old Trafford, Chelsea face Stoke (zero points) at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool face West Brom (6-0 defeat in their last away game) at Anfield, and Tottenham face Wigan (zero points, -12 goals difference, 9-1 last season) at White Hart Lane. I see 4 comfortable home wins here, so you'd do well to get as many players from these teams as possible.

It's not quite so clear-cut, but I also fancy Manchester City to go to Sunderland and take 3 points after their confidence boosting win on Monday, while Arsenal should have too much for Blackburn at Ewood Park, especially as I think Wenger will be ready to start Van Persie & Fabregas. I can also see Fulham winning at Blackpool if they can get close to the performance that saw them draw with Man Utd.

The remaining three games are all tough to call and could easily end as draws: Wolves v Newcastle, Villa v Everton, and Bolton v Birmingham, so I won't be picking too many players from these teams. However, it's worth noting that Newcastle face Blackpool at home in Week 4, so think about that before dropping any Geordie players you may've barndoored.

That's the fixtures out of the way, so based on the above, here are my player picks...

Cudicini (added)

I'm not sure I've ever recommended 5 keepers before, but I genuinely think there's a great variety of options in goal this week.

I've excluded Cech, Van Der Sar & Gomes due to cost (*Cudicini now added as a great alternative @ 5.87), but Pepe Reina is the cheapest he's ever been so with a home game vs WBA he must be in your thoughts with a great chance of a clean sheet. Add Joe Hart in there too, who's in world-class form at the moment and will be looking to stop Bent & Co at the Stadium of Light.

Jaaskalainen is a keeper who will always make saves, which means he's very unlikely to return negative points, even in defeat. I could see Bolton v Birmingham being a tight win for the home side, which is the only reason I'm going for Jussi rather than Ben Foster.

Lots of people barndoored Steve Harper after the Villa game, and if you have him at around 4 then he's worth hanging on to with Blackpool in Week 4, but be aware it could be tough at Wolves this weekend - they've impressed me so far.

The final choice is David Stockdale, who'll keep his place after his superb performances in Mark Schwarzer's absence...if you want to do something different and think Fulham will win then he could be the keeper for you.

P Jones
Elokobi/Van Damme

Dear Gareth Bale,
I Love You.

We then have a trio of unexpectedly great value defenders - the returning Koscielny who should slot back in alongside Vermaelen, Martin Skrtel who had a bit of a shocker vs Man City but faces West Brom and Bolton's Steinsson. These three have all had tough starts to the season, with bookings, red cards and penalties conceded, but this means they are all priced under £6 million...catch 'em while you can!

My next batch are slightly more expensive, but are still great options at around the £8 million mark. Ivanovic will continue at right back as his height advantage over Ferreira is used to combat Stoke's aerial assault, Kompany has started the season superbly at the heart of the City defence and Corluka should get plenty of space to go forward as Wigan try to stop Aaron Lennon destroying them for the second season in a row.

Another Man City option is the improving Micah Richards, * but keep an eye on team news regarding Boateng's return...and for that matter, Kolarov, because if either of the new fullback's return for the weekend then they would move toward the top my defender recommendations.

Newcastle's Mike Williamson looks like he could be "the new Richard Dunne" in terms of defensive points - he seems to throw himself at everything, getting blocks in, last ditch tackles and has impressed so far, while Carr & Faubert are still affordable, with Faubert the slight preference playing in midfield, even at Old Trafford.

Speaking of Old Trafford, John O'Shea is an option but will be lucky to keep his place after his performance vs Fulham, which could mean a start for Rafael. The same could be said for Johny Evans, who may be replaced by Chris Smalling - team news will be the key to see if you can use these cheaper alternatives.

The final outside bets are Blackburn's Phil Jones, playing in midfield and getting up for set pieces, Wolves' Foley, also playing in midfield, and then either Elokobi or Van Damme depending on injury news.

A Young
M Petrov

Some familiar names at the top, so I won't go in to detail on why Malouda and Lampard are good options at home to Stoke, but Steven Gerrard appears near the top for the first time this season with his home game, although we'll keep an eye on the injury that's stopped him travelling to Turkey For Liverpool's Europa Cup match. I'm 99% certain he'll be back and I think it's about time he opened his goal account for the season.

Lennon tore Wigan to shreads in the 9-1 last season and there's no suggestion they're any better prepared to cope with him AND Bale on the wings this time. Nani annoyed Fergie with his penalty miss, but he'll start most home games, and Damien Duff will cause Blackpool all sorts of problems with his wing trickery and corners. Ashley Young & Martin Petrov both have home games and will both be on set pieces, so could be worth a look.

Scholes, Adam and Jones have appeared in all 3 players picks posts so far, and they are another group who have home games and seem to be returning their value each week. I'm adding Walcott because of his hat-trick, but there is a slim chance he'll be benched for places like Blackburn so we'll need to keep an eye out. Barton, Jarvis & Larsson are 3 more set piece taking choices that aren't going to break the bank.

Holden has had a bright start to the season for Bolton, Nolan is playing as a second striker behind Carroll, Ireland should be better prepared for his home debut and Adam Johnson was excellent vs Liverpool so will surely continue on the right for City. I expect Huddlestone will enjoy space to pass and shoot vs Wigan so could be a good pick to separate you from the pack and Mikel is really only there as a filler.


I've been quite surprised to read that many people plan to drop Drogba this week in favour of Anelka or an alternative. I understand the movement in his price back down to 21 means you can drop him for this week & pick him up again for only a tiny loss, and that he needs 2 goals to return his value, but I'm still reluctant to lose him knowing that he's perfectly capable of 35 point weeks in most home games. It's something I'll need to think about, but I definitely want a Chelsea striker and Anelka has burnt me many many times before. Maybe Kalou as an outside bet after his brace from the bench?

Away from Stamford Bridge, Berbatov looks a great pick at home to West Ham - I'm annoyed I missed him on the barndoor but he's still just about affordable. Like Gerrard, Torres has been left at home for Turkey but after 3 sub-standard appearances I think he'll be unleashed from the start vs West Brom...Liverpool desperately need a good win to kick-start their season after 1 point from their first two games.

With last season's 5 goals hero Jermain Defoe missing (groin surgery planned after the Champion's League game tonight) it will be down to Peter Crouch to lead the line again, and he could be a real steal at under £10 million. Elmander has relaunched his Bolton career in just 2 games, and he'll be looking to continue his excellent form at home vs Birmingham, while Carroll should be kept if you barndoored him - he'll get chances at Wolves and faces Blackpool in Week 4.

I'm unsure on Chamakh's starting status if Van Persie returns...for now I'm planning on keeping him, but there are others I'm considering. Zamora gave Vidic and Evans the run-around on Sunday so imagine what he could do to Blackpool's defence? N'Gog has looked bright, as has Kalinic for Blackburn, while Balotelli is expected to make his league debut at Sunderland.

That's it for another week, please let me know if you've think I've missed anyone! As I said at the start it's quite early to post my picks so I'll update them if we hear any injury/team news closer to the weekend deadline.

How's your team shaping up for Week 3? Remember to vote towards The Blog Team here:


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Anonymous said...


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Tournament rules and fixtures are already announced.

cheers !


Alper said...

great advices thanks Nik

Anonymous said...

simon davies could be a good pick as he is is taking some free kicks and looked great against Manure. Etuhu is good filler and should have scored last week. will pavy recover for the wigan match?? I decided to drop drogs for lampsy as stoke are physical and will give away many free kicks. I am excited for the match tonight go spurs.


Kellz said...

@Saito: Lots of people are talking about dropping Drogba for this one, admittedly I am beginning to see it as a move myself to afford Lennon/Crouch/A.Youg. However the flip side is Lampard has been out done by Malouda and Drogba is taking many Direct Free Kicks away from Lampard, Drogba did score a FK goal against West Brom week 1. So if you drop Drogba i'd pick up Gerrard instead, who will take ALL Free Kicks and most corners against a much weaker team. If you can fit in Malouda/Gerrard/AY with the Drogba money that sounds better to me than Lampard who really hasn't taken off this year.

But good luck still!

Without Drogba my team is looking like:

Bale, O'Shea, Skertl
Malouda, Lennon, A.Young, Nolan
Berbatov, Crouch, Carrol

With Drogba my team is:

Bale, O'Shea, Skertl
Malouda, Walcott, Nolan, Scholes
Drogba, Berbatov, Carrol

tough decisions ahead!

Anonymous said...

where is voting?

Anonymous said...

hm already decision to make, lennon and zamora or duff and crouch :) i know it is a tricky one


Chris O. said...

Yeah, I'm glad Anelka has bagged a couple of goals and all, but there's no way I'm dropping Drogba for him or, well, anyone. You just know as soon as you do that you're going to get destroyed. Like I did after I chose Rooney over him the first week.

bean said...

keepers (parantheses for the barndoor price):
VDS 14.08 (14.32) - 1 CS, 10 saves
Cech 13.69 (11.76) - 2 CS, 6 saves
Gomes 12.30 (11.71) - 1 CS, 7 saves
Hart 11.04 (8.83) - 2 CS, 13 saves
Jussi 9.16 (6.28) - 1 CS, 11 saves, 1 pen save
Stockdale 7.91 (5.59) - 1 CS, 12 saves, 1 pen save
Gilks 4.17 (5.59) - 1 CS, 11 saves, 1 pen save

I think Gilks is worth a look for a cheap option, first home match, fulham typically not great on the road, makes a lot of saves. And Kirkland is a buck, any takers?

I think Faubert is back to playing as full back.
Terry for headers against Stoke, and putting up points as opposed to Ivanovic(avg 0.25)
Enrique has been playing well
Baptiste as a risky pick.

along with MPet & Holden, I would add Lee
agree with saitogenetic, definitely would add Davies to the list
maybe dos Santos as a wildcard pick? slight chance he gets a start or comes as a sub, 'Arry seems to be into him more this year.

Hernandez (if he'll play?)
Davies (although he's been a foul machine, but cheap, ok home matchup)

also can't believe people are dropping Drogba

Eddy E said...

I'm wondering if the poll needs a little reworking. Have you considered Google Forms under Google Doc? You can create a form every week, giving people a chance to pick multiple players for each category.

And then under spreadsheets, we can rank them by popularity then by price and from there identify the blog team... i'd be more than happy to help in this...

Anonymous said...

brilliant post A.M. wouldn't it be great if tv/radio pundits could come up with such a well observed & well researched bit of work than that. most can't do good prep for just 1 game esp with regard to the smaller teams- the types who weren't horrified when rob green was starting for england at a w.c., or who beleive big sam when he tried to push paul robinson forward as the best english keeper ! . anyway end of rant. still not sure which of the 2 fantasy gods ( but w cup flops ) i should go for. torres or rooney ? both out of form but it could turn in a flash and be a good differentiator, before others jump on the bandwagon. roonney frustrated me in week 1 but i can't help thinking about rooney vs rob green- almost every shot = a goal ! :)) conceded 3 in both games so far & to be fair isn't well protected by that defence either.


DJ PIGG said...

Excellent comments, as usual, AM!

My worry about choosing between Ivanovic and Ferreira is that Ancelotti has chosen to substitute one for the other in both games so far.

That meant that, in the first game, those of us who chose either lost out on the clean sheet score because neither played for the necessary 60 minutes.

If one wants a Chelsea defender, wouldn't it be more sensible to go for someone guarenteed to play the whole match, like Cole, Alex or Terry?

bean said...

Gomes out injured in Champs League against Young Boys. Cudicini could be a great pick for 5.xx if Gomes is out for a while.

Douglas said...

10.38 to spend on any field position. Currently have Elmander and his 15pt. average and wondering if that will continue, or whether to add Terry as a fourth defender instead? Comments and any other suggestions welcome.

current team (all at discounts except Skrtel and Elmander):
Jussi, Bale, Carr, Skrtel, Malouda, Adam, Scholes, N'Zonzi, Drogba, Berbatov, Elmander

Anonymous said...


yeah, agree with that.. but we have wait the news to confirm whether gomes is actually out for the spurs game..

crouch is in good form tonight, scoring 2 goals so far.. nice pick for 9.xx.. but a bit worry though because arry might rest him..


Anonymous said...

Sylvain Ebanks Blake is my suprise ick for the week. Very much a confidence player and will be on it against average Newcastle defence. Dirt cheap too!

meyo said...

to DJ PIGG..

for fantasy.premierleague, it's true that plyrs need to play 60 minutes to get CS point.
but for yahoo.fantasy, i think plyrs need to play 75 minutes at least to get CS point..

correct me if i'm wrong..

DJ PIGG said...

@ meyo...

I don't know what the cut off point is (it should be mentioned in the Rules section but it's not) but either way Ancelotti's swapping of the pair ruled them out for the clean sheet points in the game against West Brom.

Anonymous said...

I have taken Drogba out of my team as i cannot resist Torres at anfield to WBA.

My team as it stands is

Bale, Koscielny, Skrtel
Malouda, Lennon, Holden, Henry (Filler)
Carroll, Torres, Crouch

Does anyone think i should change anyone?
If i lose Henry, i can only afford someone cheaper than him.


chrism said...


I feel your pain. The season starts now. I have just gotten killed, by Rooney, Joe Cole, Kirk, one blunder after another. 154 pts and languishing near the bottom in all of my leagues.

I really thought this would be Rooney's year. Out with a stomach bug last week? He is now dead to me, and according will score a hat trick this week.

Some random observations. Torres still looked lost and out of shape against Citeh. I wouldn't go there. Citeh just is too loaded to pick from. Who is going to sit for Balotelli? AJ? He was the best player on the field Monday. Citeh actually looks awesome in the midfield with Ya Ya turning out to be a beast, de Jong too, but not for FF, no points.

I wonder at the FF love for Scholes, yea, he had been putting on clinics, but little FF yield and he is always a red card waiting to happen.

Dr Teeth in the chatroom last night pointed out that Arsenal has 11, count'em midfielder's to select from. Wenger mentioned on ESPN soccernet that he sees Walcott eventually as an Henry like striker. Arsenal's team choice up front and in the midfield is going to be too confusing. I have both Chamakh and Walcott on the bd at week one costs this week, I can't see Wenger sitting Theo after a hat trick, but I think this is the last week for any surety for either of them.

I think Liverpool may actually fall out of the top 10. With Kuyt wanting out, no attacking options, Masch gone, they are in huge trouble. They urgently need another striker. Santa Cruz seems headed to Lazio, but 'Pool might look at him, if he's fit and has anything left in the tank it might not be a bad play. Ngog just is not an answer. However, with the ownership issue so screwed up, there will be no $$. Desperate times.

I will stake this season on Drogba. He has usurped Lampard's role as free kick taker. He seems healthy and motivated. This is his year. I don't see anyone winning FF gold without Bale and DD.

There doesn't seem to be a Vermalaen this year. I had hopes for Kolarov, Koisceny and Boateng but Citeh is stacked in the back too, Richards is playing well, they had Lescott at RB, god knows what they are going to do. So there doesn't seem to be any low cost defenders that get up on offense and score some points.

Its 3 weeks into the season and my brain hurts already, there are too many variables and too much uncertainty to ponder. That's it I am going to go get pissed.


DJ PIGG said...

lol @ chrism!

Enjoy your drink!!!

I think Koscielny and Boateng might still fulfill your desire for a cheap Verm replacement. Koscielny got sent off during his first match for a weak second offence and Boateng's been crocked by some trolley-dolly.

They're both still worth considering.

Anonymous said...

Well, here is my dilemma:

I have a great team barndoored:

Harper @ 3.88
Bale 12.89, O'Shea 6.74, Carr 4.62
Malouda 12.87, Adam 5.49, Scholes 5.00, D.Jones 4.71
Berb 11.27, Carroll 5.96, Drogba 20.54
+4.00 in the bank

This is my plan:

1. If Rooney plays, drop Berbs and add Gerard.
2. Drop Carroll and add Crouch if Crouch appears to be sole striker.
3. Drop Carr and add Ivanovic or Corluka.
4. Will O'Shea start?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Advice Needed!!

Bale Koscielny Skrtel
Malouda Adam Nani Holden
Drogba Chamakh Carroll


Bale Koscielny Skrtel
Malouda Adam Gerrard Holden
Berbatov Crouch Carroll


Anonymous said...

Yo people.

Ended well last week with 157.5 pts, not too outstanding, but decent. =)

now #22 on the AM blog league 6.

My team for next week:


Will still change my team though.
Had Tevez earlier, but thinking of dropping him for crouch.
Which striker do u think is better? Crouch or Ngog? Fancy Ngog's chance to at least to bag a goal.

Even with Crouch I have 5.5 left in the bank.

Any advices?



kwyjibo said...

As expected, Spurs cruise at WHL. But, what is the chance that Crouch will follow-up with another hat-trick on the weekend?

I'm currently in a holding-pattern waiting for some more team news:

+1.01 left

I'm pretty much set on keeping Bale-Malouda-Drogba the whole season, barring injury.

Cusut07 said...


plz rate my team ^^!

Anonymous said...

i'm currently torn whether i should drop those discount from BD

current BD team (not sure abt chamakh and walcott)
bale, kosceilny, skrtel
malouda, scholes, nolan, walcott
drogba, caroll, chamakh

team for week3 (drop my discount on drogba, walcott, chamakh, carroll)
bale, kosceilny, skrtel
malouda, scholes, nolan, lennon
crouch, ngog, berbatov

pls help me make the decision now as i will be away tomorrow with no internet access. thx alot!


Anonymous said...


bar walcott, i don't think that you should drop drogba, chamakh and carroll this week. drogba because of the obvious, chamakh because we don't know yet whether he'll be dropped with RvP in (although i think Wenger will keep him with Fab and RvP in, and drop walcott instead), and carroll because he has an awesome match-up against the blackpool "defense" next week.
With walcott off, I'd get a chelsea defender if I were you, in the form of alex or JT. I have a hunch that the latter will have the "winner" against a physical stoke.


Anonymous said...

blackpool? you mean wolves?

Anonymous said...

no, i meant for the week after. newcastle plays wolves this week and blackpool next week. AM mentioned it too.

Anonymous said...

ah..i see. I missed that one. seems like carol is a good pick then. Gotta decide whether its gonna be Ngog, or crouch this week.


Anonymous said...

Gerrard is out for 5 weeks ???

Anonymous said...

Thanks CvB for your comments. Appreciate that!
After 3 teams with 6-0 scorelines last week, i can't help myself but to have a feeling of another goal fest week for the big guns like Chelsea, MU, Liverpool and Tottenham. Thus, i don't wanna miss another hattrick heros and try to grab as many players from these teams as i can. crouch grabbed a hattrick last night, berba i think he's the best MU player atm and ngog, well because he's at home to WBA. I guess i can't really fit them all..


Anonymous said...

Do u guys know about S. Gerrard' injuried.... ?

I just checked in Physio website ..

He got Back Injury for about 4 weeks...

Is this news true?

Assistant Manager said...

There's been no reports whatsoever regarding Gerrard being out for any length of time - I believe he is merely being rested and will be back to face WBA, but lets keep a look out for any news.

More interesting is the Tottenham goalkeeping situation...Gomes is out for a few weeks with a groin problem, so Cudicini is likely to face Wigan - he costs under £6million.

Anonymous said...

Hey AM and everyone,

Sorry to bother with minor issues like this, but I'm quite troubled because some of my friends picked bale up for a much lower price at barndoor(12.87) after the first week compared to the time I picked him up since the first match. Now, I'm still having him at 13.22. I'm wondering if bale's value had dropped, my Bale selling value could have dropped lower as well so that I can have more cash to spend on players. But it didn't happen. Any idea on who can I speak to regarding this problem?

Rob said...


how random, my team is exactly the same as yours but includes Barton instead of Nolan (set peices win in my book).

The only alternate I can offer anyone which hasnt been mentioned is the returning Jermaine Jenas - scored 10 last week and is still 6.5 (approx) - surely he'll return his value?

Guy said...

anon @11:07 - you won't get anywhere with this. If a player's value drops below the price you paid for him then you will see this reflected in the amount you have available to spend, and also your team will show that there are unsaved changes. If you don't save these changes (which then say 'no players being bought or sold'), if the player's value goes up again, you still hold him at the original purchase price, and you'll have less available to spend again. In other words, a player on your team is not automatically reduced in price for you.
At least I think that's what happens, and it explains why people sometimes have a player for a lower price than you even though you've owned them all along. I can't remember how many times prices changed around the end of week 1 but if people have Bale for 12.87 then that price must have existed for a while. I bought him as soon as the site came up and have owned him all the time since then, and his price is 13.16. So I'm a bit gutted to have missed out on the 0.29 - that could come in handy at some point. For a player who's likely to stay on your team for a while this is bad news.
You just have to keep on coming in and checking in case things have changed if you want to get the very best value out of your players.
I don't mind price fluctuations, but it does seem a bit unfair that you don't automatically benefit from them for players you actually own.

Anonymous said...

@ Guy

I too have noticed that.
I can assure you though that i added Bale as my 1st player on the game (After Yahoo fixed the dodgy prices) and havent ever thought of taking him out. The other player this has happened too was Malouda. Someone has got him for 12.** and he was my 2nd player on the team sheet.
I appreciate that as a players value decreases, the funds get re-added back and available, but if they have been in from day 1 then it must be a Yahoo Glitch, or there is some sort of cheating going on!


Anonymous said...


Thank you very much for the reply. Oh well, at least I know there is nothing I can do. XD


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 11:07 AM,

Yeah, you're right. I had Bale too since Day 1, at his original price of 13.xx.
But earlier this week, when Yahoo had issues updating the points and were finally getting around to fix it, momentarily, Bale dropped to 12.87, Malouda to 12.71, and Drogba to 20.xx. I presumed it was because of Yahoo's glitches, and thought it best to 'save changes'.

Later that evening, his price shot back up to current levels. So those, like me, who saved changes at 12.xx, were lucky. You probably didn't, and then Bale's price went back up to 17.xx.


Bombay Blue

macgill said...

I really don't understand why everyone is so ready to drop walcott and to keep chamakh. Walcott was easily the best player for Arsenal last week, and the week before even though he didn't start, when he came on he still played very well and certainly impressed me. That substitution appearance is what made me pick him for last week. On the other hand, chamakh hasn't really impressed in either of the two games but was able to score well last week because of arsenal's dominance. I believe walcott is in much better form and I think wenger sees this and will continue starting him

Guy said...

@Bombay Blue
Thanks - that's what I thought must have happened. I had (and still have) all those players in my team but have missed out on maybe 0.9 simply because I wasn't checking the game at the random time they chose to finally update the points.
I don't see why reductions shouldn't automatically get credited to you for players you own, but there you are, we just have to keep checking and hoping we get lucky I suppose.

MPFC/KPM said...

Here is where I am at as of this moment. Had temporarily taken out malouda and walcott and slotted in Gerrard and Rooney, but sanity returned.

Bale Skrtel Mancienne
Malouda Walcott Nolan Gera
Drogba Zamora Carroll

Still have $1.53 in the bank.

Anonymous said...

I heard that some even got bale for 12.71 / DD for 20.21 due to yahoo glitches.

All this decimals makes a lot of difference in the end. Like the difference of having henry or adam as filler.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal sign Squillaci; looking for more defenders

Gasper said...

I should never change my team in the morning.Had Anelka in @15 and saved some team I've been testing :(

So my team now:
Bale, Kosc, Terry
Malou, Adam, Etuhu, Holden
Cham, Carrol, Drogs

It hurts me to pay 21 for Drog but I can see him smacking 3-4 goals in the next 2 matches.

Please give me some advise which would be better, because I just can't decide
Cudicini/Lennon/Crouch and Berb

Tnx guys and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon post 2:17pm, Wenger said the following about Squillaci today, so Kos still looks a solid pick for this week:

"He is a real defender and is good in the one against one, good in the air, and can score goals on set-pieces as well."...

..."He will train with us tomorrow morning, but will not be involved on Saturday."


Will said...

Current team:

Malouda(12.71)Walcot(8.21)Scholes(5.00)Adam (5.96)

Still have 7.44 in the bank. I don't know wether to upgrade my midfield (Adam) or strikers (Cham). I'm thinking about the following: Torres, Berbs, Defoe, Lennon, Persie/Fabs (who will play).

Suggestions anyone?

Anonymous said...

Anyone's thoughts on Dirk Kuyt at midfield for 10+?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:47pm

Going Inter isnt he??

LC (FC Hebrew Latino)

Anonymous said...

Good day guys!

I'm quite new here..I just want to ask, will I start with 0 pt again if I wish to join other private league? My total point on YFF homepage still the same with 'n/a' ranking for the new league but my point turn out to be 0 once I viewed on the league page. I become confuse. Which one should I believe?

can somebody explain to me regarding this matter?


Doctor Teeth said...

Can I just say that this altering of player values by Yahoo over the past few days is total BS and completely absurd. I have owned Gareth Bale and Florent Malouda since the END OF JULY and yet their values have jumped by more than 0.50 combined in the past day or two. I also BDed Berbatov on Saturday and his price went up by 0.12 for me in the past two days. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? There are literally people now who own Bale for less than me that didn't play him the first two weeks and BDed him after the Stoke game.

Honestly, this type of stuff just make me want to stop playing this game. What a joke...I'm playing the rest of the season under protest.

donut said...

lol Dr Teeth!!

I have been playing this game for probably 10 years and seen plenty of these glitches and issues - so you just get used to it and go with the flow...its just part of the game I'm afraid...

This will be old news for seeasoned players, but for the record for those who are more new to the game, you really can't be TOO concerned with discounts and the amount you pay.

There are loads of players and loads of potential bargains to be had each week - actually having lots of players on discount can turn out to be a disadvantage because you hold on to players who you should really drop because you have saved a few units in favour of players who have a great match-up...

You will see that when we get to the half way point, the top managers all completely change their teams every week (there are exceptions to this, such as Bale at 2.xx last year, dropping him not an option, even if he wasn't playing!)

So chill out about losing a few extra units and look at the matchups, using the great data and hard work available on here from AM! If you can't afford someone get into the bargain basement and see who is there!! Last year, Bale didn't even start getting any points until December!!

Doctor Teeth said...

that's nice, donut...I have a team saved at under budget, make no changes and then I log in two days later and am informed that I am over budget now because the purchase price of players that I have owned for a month have increased?

love, DT (an unseasoned player?)

donut said...

i was laughing at your comments about playing under protest...

Its a very annoying game and this is a particularly annoying thing to have happened, just glad you noticed before they gave you zero points for the week...

Anonymous said...

@ Hans India
How do we join the knockout competition as per your first post - I've signed up to the site, but don't see how to enter a team
Thanks for replying


Anonymous said...

I am really excited about my team this week. my upset of the week is blackburn against arsenal I can see a 1-0 win blackburn or a 1-1 draw. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that tottenham won't dominate like last year so I only have Bale from tottenham. really want a manure player but berbs seems like the only reasonable pick.

Bale Skrtel P Jones
Lampard Gerrard Malouda S. Davies
Kalinic Chamwow Carrol


Anonymous said...


Our competition is strictly restricted to the members of AM CHATROOM REGULARS GROUP.


Anonymous said...

sorry mate...just checked and found out that you are a member of our group and hence no question arises for entering team again. You are there by default.

You can check the fixture of "KNOOOCK EM OUT" cup in the site.


kwyjibo said...

AM seems to be correct about Gerrard. It seems that the info on is incorrect. They have him listed as being out until 29 September. I think it is a typo, and should be 29 August. At least, that is the date that is listed on

Injury Date Injury Expected Return Last Updated
25 Aug 2010 Back 29 Aug 2010 25 Aug 2010

"Steven Gerrard has a slight back problem and is ruled out of the trip to Trabzonspor. He hopes to return against West Bromwich Albion on Sunday."

I hope it's true, because I added him for the WBA match.

Anonymous said...

Is Gomes definitely out for this weekend?

Saul said...

Looks like Gomes is out for sure Anon - AM replaced him with Cudicinni in the players pick(keeper section)

By the way, did Defoe get that operation? I've heard nothing about it lately.

Kellz said...

Having a very tough time with my team this week, with the biggest question of whether or not to keep Drogba. The idea is, even though he may well score on Stoke, his price is only 1 mil below his BD value and the money used from his sale could help build a solid selection.

So I have 2 possible teams:

Bale, O'Shea, Skertl
Malouda, Walcott, Nolan, Scholes
Drogba, Berbatov, Carrol


Bale, O'Shea, Skertl
Malouda, Lennon, A.Young, Nolan
Berbatov, Crouch/Pav, Carrol

I feel Lennon could destroy Wigans left side, A.Young playing as an aux. Striker against an Everton side that really hasn't settled into a rythm yet, and a cheap Crouch/Pav who could return their value + more is a justifiable reason to drop Drogba.

Anyone thinking the same?

Saul said...

Kellz - It's been done!!! Drogba's out of my team and I'm happy with the final result...hoping it doesn't come bite me in the arse! Current team, pending on further news...

Bale, Skrtel, Carr
Malouda, Gerrard, Scholes, Adam
Berbatov, Crouch, Pavlyuchenko

Good luck to all!

Saul said...

Who would you guys go for?




xeem said...


Spurs played Lennon for the full 90 minutes against Young Boys. You're still confident Lennon would be a sure starter against Wigan?


Anonymous said...

Hi Saul

I can never bring myself to include Scholes due to his violent playing style, picking up cards like he's doing magicians' tricks, so I'd go with Hudd Ngog. Got a good feeling for Ngog this week too...


Anonymous said...

Do you think Palacios will start, a fine filler at 4.06 ?


Anonymous said...

@ LC

Kuyt is staying at Liverpool (the Guardian web site this eve.)


Anonymous said...


Ok. Thanks for that. I knew he was linked.

Also, do you think that both Pav and Crouch will be up front against Wigan.

TBH i can see another 6-0 coming on.


greginho said...

isn't strange that wenger has been doing his buying early, without making us wait, to add the players, as usual.

can anyone explain to me, why they have the transfer window open during the season, that is idiotic and very disruptive? it seems they could be done in time.

Saul said...

Defoe is getting his operation next Tuesday, which could mean he starts vs. Wigan...

Damn, Damn, Damn!!!

Mark said...

Friendly reminder to folks, La Liga kicks off this weekend. Still time to sing up for the unofficial/official blog league.
ID: 371
PW: yahoo

Preshant said...

i need help here guys!!..... at the moment i have

Bale , skrtel, Kompany,
Malouda, Adam, Nolan, kuyt,
Berba, caroll, Pavlychenko.

but im cosidering Hart/ Williamson for Cudicini and KOmpany .... what say guys???


sabz said...

Bale,koscielny, Carr
Malouda,Walcot, Scholes, Babel

Suggestions anyone?

Kellz said...

@sabz: Cudicinni seems to be in line for a start at home to Wigan if Gomes is out injured, cehck Friday team news and if hes in, I'd suggest him over Foster.

As for Babel, hes just not a starter, you better off taking a look else where, maybe C.Adam if hes still in your price range? Or maybe take a punt on Etuhu?

Rooney is not in any sort of form, but who knows, West Ham at home may just be his ticket to breaking his duck. But if you doubt him, I'd try and cash in on the great match up of Spurs v Wigan with either PAv or Crouch at just 9mil respectively.

Good luck!

Kellz said...

@Preshant: Nice team, but if you didn't get Hart on the BD then I would not pick him up now. He maybe a very strong keeper who makes a lot of save, but some time Citeh are going to concede and there are some good value keepers out there right now, I would stick to what you have.

Kuyt may be a little tired coming from a long distance game in Turkey, you might want to go down to someone like Valencia, Nani, MPet, or outside bet on Downing. If you have spare cash maybe upgrade to Lennon or BFAY?

Good luck!

Preshant said...

@kellz : thank mate

i've got hart at 8.33 .yeah , i agree with you...but even with goal conceeded he'll still get a lot of points for his saves.

would you recommend gerrard for kuyt?


sabz said...

@kellz : thank mate

Anonymous said...

I am actually happy with my preliminary team, but can't get a though out of my head that if i drop Drogba, i can have Berbatov and Lennon or A. Young insted of Henry who is a pure filler

Now my team looks like that
Kosc. Skrtel Bale
Duff Malouda Henry Adam
Chmk Drogba Crouch


Anonymous said...

To all Tottenham Fans

Will Defoe play tomorrow do you think?


Anonymous said...

What do you think of this team?

Bale Evans Agger
Malouda Gerrard Holden Lennon
Carroll Ngog Davies

0.01 in the bank.

It's slightly different from the rest. It looks to have covered all the good matchups sufficiently. Looks good to me except it's missing an attacking Man Utd player.

Or I could have this....

Bale Skrtel Steinsson
Malouda Gerrard Holden Lennon Valencia
Carrol Ngog

3.35 left over....

I could go 3-4-3 and get Berbatov in for Valencia with the 3.35 million. So many options this week! Help please!!
Many Thanks!


Anonymous said...


great team.. i go with the second, but swap berba for valencia..

Anonymous said...

Says this on the guardian website, which tends to be pretty reliable:

'But Redknapp said that, for the moment, Defoe is fit and Tottenham's medical team will assess the problem again after tomorrow's match with Wigan. "Now he feels OK so there's a chance it may not happen," said Redknapp, whose side will also play Internazionale and FC Twente in Group A of the Champions League.

One Tottenham player who will be missing tomorrow is the goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes, who faces a short spell on the sidelines after injuring his groin in Wednesday night's game. Carlo Cudicini, who replaced Gomes at half-time against Young Boys, will again deputise.'


Anonymous said...

Walcott on BD but thinking of dropping him and picking up a Spurs midfielder or open to suggestions. I have 10.11 to spend. Suggestions? Is Modric playing tomorrow?


Bradley said...

Wigan have accepted Brummies' offer for N'Zogbia and given permission for them to negotiate. Zog has a track record of being the first to jump ship when it starts taking on water (see Newcastle before the drop). Another nail in the Latics coffin. Too bad for Martinez.

fronaldo said...

will scholes start again this week?how bout rooney chance?

Anonymous said...

what about crouch than,is he in starting 11 after wednesdays performance or harry will go with fresher option(pav,keane)??

Anonymous said...


Had Walcott on BD but dropped him, I don't think he will score at least half his last week points this time and it is not the best idea to chase past weeks' points :)


Wil said...

Gerrard Playing?

barry or kuyt?

kwyjibo said...


Is DJones the best pick? Other choices with my available funds include Henry, Mikel, Touré. Out of those 4, who is the best choice?

Of course, the other option is to drop both Lennon-Jones and replace with Gerrard-Reo-Coker. But, since Reo-Coker is just a filler and likely won't score any points, that would mean Gerrard would have to outscore both Lennon+Jones. I'm not convinced that he would. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Ive been tinkering for awhile now and currently have
Bale Kos Skrtel
Floma Lennon Duff Barton
Zamora Crouch Carroll

Duff hasnt done a whole heluva lot so he may be the 1st one to go if i continue changing my team, but what do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Holden or C.Adam


Anonymous said...

OK ive already decided to swap Duff out with either Nani or Valencia. Not sure which one, id prefer Nani but after his PK miss who knows if Fergie will give him the start.


Anonymous said...

How about Babel this week against WB?


Anonymous said...

u all think Defoe being fit will affect Crouch from getting chances to scoring?

CH said...

Any idea on Verm + Walcott (barndoor price) or Lennon + Skrtel? Thanks....=)

Anonymous said...

@Anon i dont think Defoes fitness affects Crouch very much im more worried about Crouch possibly being rested


Anonymous said...

"We must pay attention, we may have won the first game but it's going to be a difficult match on Thursday. I'll probably make three or four changes, because it's impossible to play with the same players every three or four days."

Left-back is one area that has had to be addressed with Wayne Bridge, Alex Kolarov and even possible cover in the shape of the versatile Jerome Boateng all in the treatment room. Joleon Lescott has stepped into the breach admirably over the last two games, with Roberto adding,

"We're very unlucky with our full backs at the moment! We have three injured at the moment, Jerome will maybe be out for another two weeks, Kolarov could be six or seven and Wayne I hope will only be another two

So i guess still no Boateng,kolarov or bridge :(

Anonymous said...

So i guess still no Boateng,kolarov or bridge:( so i brought in Baptiste seems to return his value even with out a cs.
J. Jääskeläinen
G. Bale, M. Williamson, A. Baptiste
F. Malouda, S. Gerrard, Yaya Touré, K. Nolan
M. Chamakh, N. Anelka, M. Jovanovic/M. Balotelli

cant decide between jovanovic or balo any suggestions.
Red Eyes

Saul said...

Red Eyes - Jovanovic is the better option because 1) He's a sure starter and, 2) He's playing West Brom at Anfield.

Balotelli, on the other hand, has not been confirmed fit or to start. He's playing away and Mancinni might just decide to start Tevez up front by himself...with Milner and AJ flanking him.

Anonymous said...

thanks Saul. and good luck to all.
p.s. @ saul are u still going to go with crouch and pav given the Defoe news. just wondering thanks again
red eyes

Anonymous said...

Please advise on my Week 3 line up:

Bale~ Enrique~ Skrtel
Walcott~ Scholes~ Malouda~ AJ
Drogs~ Jovanovic~ Berbatov


Saul said...

Red Eyes, no not both.

I'm taking a chance with Pavy. I figured that even if he doesn't start, he will replace whoever comes off for about 30 minutes and get a few SOT's, and maybe a goal to return at least his value...on the other hand, I may get lucky and he plays from the beginning. It's a gamble though but I just don't like my other options too much. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Saul as the day has gone on im leaning more towards Pav as well, Defoe definitely cant play an entire match and should probably be left out entirely to rest up while Crouch has played a lot lately so Pav looks like a safer bet to get atleast some minutes, which against Wigan is all you need.


Saul said...

That's the way I'm looking at it C-Hawk.

Saul said...

...and the last 3 games, Defoe has been substituted by minute 60 so surely we'll see Pavy on the field...even as a sub.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Konchelky is headin to The Kop...

Anonymous said...

Would you go with Berbatov or Crouch? Not too if Crouch is going to start...

Dave said...

Koscielny or O'Shea?

Anonymous said...

@ dave he means KONCHESKY HEADLINES: Liverpool accept Barcelona Mascherano deal... Spurs move for Huntelaar and Young... Adebayor wants out of Man City... West Ham sign Obinna... Konchesky set to leave Fulham for Liverpool

Anonymous said...

is o'shea going to start vs. west ham and baloteli vs. sunderland ? and who is a better option ? silva or a.johnson ?

Raconteur said...

Do you think it's wise to stick with O'Shea at 6.80 as a bit of a keeper, or should I go for Skrtel this week, and continue to rotate around defenders with good matchups?

Reading a few worries that Rafael might start, after O'Shea's performance against Fulham.

Anonymous said...

raconteur imo go wih skrtel for this week cause he's playing west brom at home and it's almost a sure cs....i have picked skrtel,carragher,bale fot his week

Raconteur said...

Cheers mate, i've got Bale, Kos & i think Skrtel. I'm going to try the best team for each gameweek tactic this year, instead of holding onto discounts just for the sake of it. Although i'm already finding it difficult.

Anonymous said...

I finally set up my team for week 3 as follow:

Bale Williamson Skrtel
Malouda S.Davies Kuyt Holden
Carroll Drogba Jovanovic

Cudicini <- Howard
Williamson <- Carr
Skrtel <- Vermaelen
S.Davies <- C.Adam
Kuyt <- Arshavin
Holden <- Dorrans
Carroll <- Saha
Jovanovic <- Chamakh
Drogba <- Bent

Only 2 survivors in my team (Bale and Malouda)

Apache said...

do you think that cudicini will start vs. wigan cause i heard gomes was injured against young boys....
can i hear your opinions on this one .... ? thx

Anonymous said...

This week is driving me crazy

Bale Williamson Skrtel
Floma Lennon Barton Adams
Carroll Berbatov Crouch

Im still not totally happy, what do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Uh Oh now Carroll is a doubt this week may be the death of me!


Anonymous said...


Yes Gomez is out. He faces a short spell on the sidelines after injuring his groin in Wednesday night's Champions League play-off, meaning Carlo Cudicini will deputise.

I heard Carroll is a doubt as well. Gosh need to rearrange my team again..

bean said...

yes, Carroll is a doubt:

Ron said...


bale , skrtel , Steinsson

malouda , holden , gerrad , davies

berbatov , crouch , carrol

plz comment ... should i make any changes ??

No Name FC said...


Great line up for week 3. But Carroll is a doubt. I would suggest to bring in Jovanovic to replace Carroll. He has a a better match-up against WBA.

Dave said...

@No Name FC: why Jovanovic over Ngog as a replacement for Carroll?

Dave said...

With Ivanovic a doubt, is Ferriera set to start at right back for Chelsea?

No Name FC said...


Liverpool seems to be a better team when the played 4-2-3-1 formation. I personally felt that 4-4-2 formation is not effective as what happened against Man City. Hodgson used 4-2-3-1 when they played Trabzonspor in Europa League clash on thursday. I guess Hodgson will continue to use this formation against WBA, therefore Ngog must wait and see if he retains his spot alongside Torres.

I believe Jovanovic is a better option because he's a sure starter and i think he will get a couple of goals against WBA at Anfield.

No Name FC said...


I think Ferriera will start at right back against Stoke City. Jose Bosingwa has resumed training and could only return to action in one or two weeks. And Jeffrey Bruma is still recovering from a hernia operation.

Dave said...

@No Name FC: thanks for great answers to both questions.

STFC said...

Any last minute news on Gerrard and/or Fabregas?

Im pretty confident Gerrard will be back for the WB game but not so sure if AW will start Fabs. Anyone know?

No Name FC said...

@Dave : no problem and good luck for week 3.

I made some final changes. And the final line up looks as follow:

Bale Williamson Skrtel
Malouda S.Davies Kuyt D.Jones
Crouch Ronney Jovavonic

Just gamble on Ronney. He is back in the team and he always scored goals againts West Ham.

No Name FC said...


Gerrard will be back in the first 11. He is fit.

I am not very sure about Fabs. In the previous match, Rosicky, Diaby, Arshavin, Walcott and Wilshere were superb. Fabs came in for Diaby and only played for 30 minute. I personally think that Fabs may play but i dont think he gonna get full 90 minutes. This is one of the reason why i try to avoid any Arsenal players for Week 3.

gman26 said...

I found Ridgewell the other day just based on average points. He seems to be doing very well. I'll give him a try for the week. Like others, I think N'Gog is due not to mention Hodgson doesn't seem to sub him. He's not a great player but with this matchup, I think he's a great value.

Mark said...

Trying not to stress too much over my team this week like I usually do.

Last call for La Liga...
ID: 371
PW: yahoo

Thanks to those who signed up!

Anonymous said...

Carroll is out !...

Anonymous said...

Here's my almost final team:

Bale Steinsson Carragher
Malouda Gerrard Holden Lennon Valencia
Carroll Ngog

I think Pool will get a CS and want one defender from them. But I'm not willing to gamble on Skrtel not starting so I've gone for Carra although he burned me last season by getting sent off. My gamble on Djourou last week didn't pay off so I'm playing safe this week.

Absolutely loving my midfield. Most of my points will come from them as my strikers are shite.


Anonymous said...

I'm holding Foster on 5.18 should I still go for him or change to Cudicini?


Kellz said...

After a LOT of shuffling, with and without Drogba, I have decided to stay with mostly the same team I BD'd last weekend. I wast burnt last week for dropping Carrol/Walcott/Verm at the last minute so I decided to leave my team be, something I failed to do last week and cost me nearly 90 pts.

Bale, O'Shea, Skertl
Malouda, MPet, Nolan, Etuhu
Drogba, Berbatov, Carrol

It was tough to releae Walcott on the BD but BBurn will be physical and tough for Arsenal in an away match. As much as I want him in, I feel its like I would be chasing his pts from week 2, and fankly, I don't think he will match last week.

Etuhu is simply a filler who will start against a very beatable side, even at home. He allows me to get in MPet.

I chose MPet for Walcott because I believe his set piece delivery and crosses with a possible long range bomb will provide some decent pts. Plus I was swayed into having him by Fidan so if he fails Fidan knows what I will do to him :D

Carrol is listed as a doubt, but he was injured in training and I feel will pull through his late fitness test. Plus losing 5mil on a player facing BPool at home next week would mean I dropped Chamakh for nothing, so I'll keep him regardless. Lets hope he plays!

Good luck guys! And be sad as we have to wait a full week after this one for week 4!

Cescy said...

unless someone tells me something i have missed, my final saved team is:


steinsson skrtel bale

lennon fletcher adam malouda

berbatov crouch jovanovic

2.71 left to spend...

good luck for the week everyone...
Cheers Cescy

Anonymous said...

My Dilemma:
Berba + Lennon



Anonymous said...

Jovanovic & valencia or Carroll(BD) & Walcott (BD) ??

fronaldo said...

what is BD?

Anonymous said...

@Nsc: I'll rather pick Drogba/Scholes..Simply no-brain is needed to pick drogba as he's at home match & scholes always been chosen by AF & prove to be worth on his price tag..

@Anon 9.21am: carroll is doubtful, but i'm not sure about his injury think that u have it BD, better to keep him for next week game against b'pool & let's hope he'll be fit for this week =)

@fronaldo: BD is bandoor term..please refer to this link:


bean said...

i was going to keep Carroll for that price home to Blackpool next week, but I chickened out.. trying to follow the change your squad every week method based on matchup. went with a risky selection of Hernandez hoping he'll at least come on as a sub once Rooney scores his hat trick. Also decided to stick with Hart, even though i was very tempted by Cuducini & Gilks (and even Capt. Kirk at one point)

O'Shea Terry Bale
Davies Scholes Holden Malouda
Kali Drog Hernandez

Anonymous said...

^ Bean,

So you decided to go with the 'change your squad every week method based on matchup' policy, and yet you've stuck with Hart away to Sunderland? And you (somehow) foresee Rooney's hat-trick and yet haven't drafted him in? Quite contradictory, isn't that?

Anonymous said...

any ideas who will play forward for tottenham? :) i am so confused with all sorts of different articles, so for now I just put Jovanovic instead of Crouch or Pav., maybe Bale is the only player i should keep from that team


bean said...

just because you have a method doesn't mean you have to 100% stick to that for every single pick in your squad. what is this, judge judy?

Okay, so Hart is away, but he's averaged 21.50 points, made 13 saves (most of any keeper) and I have hime for 8.83. O'Shea, Terry & Bale great home matchups and their teams top in the odds for cleansheets, Davies playing against Blackpool and has been playing great, Scholes also at home playing great, Holden as well, Malouda as well, Kalinic at home, Drogba at home and Hernandez at home.....

not sure why I'm wasting my breath with you, you're just an Anonymous troll. what's your team?

bean said...

@SfSS - not directed at you, was meant for Anon 10:13

My guess would be Defoe & Crouch, since Keane could be on his way to Villa as part of A.Young coming to Tottenham from what I've read.

Anonymous said...


I am afraid Crouch or Defoe may sit in favour of Pavlyuchenko, but if info on Keane is true, Pav may get involved even more agains Wigan, which makes him more attractive than Jovanovic as i do not believe in Liverpool even against West Brom at home (i might be wrong of course)


Anonymous said...

I'm quite satisfy with my team selection but looking forward for your favourable opinion:

Bale Terry Williamson
Adam FloMal Scholes Holden
Drogba Chamakh Carroll


Anonymous said...

My last dilemma: Holden or Nolan? What do u think?

Anonymous said...

hi guys looks like ill be stickin with this team (without drogs)
reina, bale, kompany,koscielny,gerrard, malouda, scholes, adam, berbatov, carroll, pavlychenko....?

0.41 left

any suggestions or comments would be appreiciated....thanks

rwlwhite said...

i find it funny how at this stage people are trying to justify picking people because of their 'average'. there have been 2 games so far! (andy carrol has an average of 23.75 because of one good game!)

at this early stage of the season, i would suggest players be picked solely on match-ups, maybe until about week 4 or 5 when all the players have had a chance to play, the transfer window has ended and all the new imports have played. then you can get a realistic view of their averages and form rather than one-off games

my team for this week is:

Bale - Koscielny - O'Shea
Malouda - Walcott - YaYa Toure - Scholes (going against my never picking scholes policy)
Drogba - Chamakh - Carroll

All picked on their matchups except drogs and malouda (obv), and Bale and Hart who I think i will keep all season

Anonymous said...

Andy Carroll has emerged as a late injury doubt with reports suggesting that he had suffered an ankle injury in training and did not take part in Friday’s session as a result. Chris Hughton will assess him prior to kick-off with Ameobi standing by to come in.

Is that true?

GTR34 said...

Team is decided after 3,245 changes ha ha.

Bale Skrtel Kompany
Malouda Holden Nolan Adam
Drogba Elmander Carroll

Cannot risk Jussi for Cuda. Don't like Skrtel one bit, but against WB he should keep a CS.

Bale, Malouda, Drogba, Adam and Elmander are all there from last week.

Carroll, Nolan and Kompany were all on the BD, and have played well so far.

However, I agree with rwlwhite - it's only 2 games so far, so remember that class is permanent, and form is temporary.

Wanted to make other changes, but just cannot bear the thought of selling Drogba.

Good luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

huddleston/adam or terry/etuhu?

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