Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Torres Commits To Liverpool

Great news for Liverpool fans ahead of the new season,:

Fernando Torres insists he is 'really happy' to stay at Liverpool and has stressed he is at 'the best club in the country'.

The Spanish striker's future at Anfield has been a source of speculation during the summer following Liverpool's failure to qualify for this season's UEFA Champions League.

Premier League rivals Chelsea and Manchester City have been linked with big-money bids, while reports have also claimed he could head back to Spain. However, after returning to training following his World Cup winning exploits, Torres confirmed he is not looking to quit Anfield before the close of the transfer window.

"This is the best club in the country so the targets and expectations are always high," Torres told the club's official website.

"Hopefully we can stay at our level. At Liverpool the aim is to fight for every title. It was difficult last season, but we are sure we can improve this season."

"I am really happy to be back, really happy to stay with all my team-mates. My commitment and loyalty to the club and to the fans is the same as it was on my first day when I signed. I am looking forward to the challenge ahead."

So apart from the hilarious claim that Liverpool are the best club in the country, it all sounds genuine and will be another huge boost along with the signing of Joe Cole & the news of an imminent takeover which will finally get rid of Hicks, Gillett & the debt they brought with them.

Could they be an outside bet for the title? There's no doubt the mood around Anfield has been lifted recently, and their starting XI is very good, yet I can't help but look at their squad and think it's too thin to mount any sort of challenge this season. I think any sensible Liverpool fan would accept 4th as a great achievement after last year, but things are definitely looking up!



Anonymous said...

The "hopefully we can stay at our level" statement was also funny, because Liverpool's right now isn't such a catch. I'm not sure I see what you mean saying that their starting XI is very good. Sure there's Gerrard and Torres, but other than that they have no one who is special. Kuyt has very limited abilities as a striker AND as a winger, while Joe Cole tends to disappear into the darkness every other game (when he's not injured, of course). Maybe it's because I'm from Israel, but I do believe they are the losing side of the Benayoun-JCole deal.
Aquilani and Maxi might bloom this season, but you can't count on that after the last one they had, and Liverpool's defence is quite frankly poor. Of course Arsenal and Spurs, for example, also have problems in their defence, but they cover them a bit with a lot of creativity at the front, which Liverpool lacks. They have huge problems with their fullbacks - Johnson can't defend, while Aurelio and Insua aren't cut for this level. Agger isn't convincing and Carragher scores his fair share of own goals. The only thing that looks like a bright side at the back of Liverpool's formation is Reina. If he leaves, they're doomed.
Hodgeson brought with him thr mentality and players of a mid-table club, and I think that only the talent of specific players there can raise Liverpool to a european spot. Right now, there are at least 6 clubs that look better.


Mike B said...

Great news for Liverpool, and for the Premier League in general. He just needs to get fit, and stay fit now.

As a nuetral, i'm looking forward to seeing what Hodgson can do with Liverpool this season.

Birty said...

According to a scouser on Sky Sports News, if he'd been fit they'd have won the title for the past two years, despite them never having won the league since the back pass rule was introduced.

Anonymous said...

By the way, this is my team so far:

Terry Boateng Evra
Nani Petrov Silva Malouda Dunn
Chamakh Agbonlahor

I've recently replaced Essien with David Dunn from Blackburn. I just thought that he might play at a very defensive role and score only a few points, while only a goal or several assists can outscore his value. Dunn, on the other hand, proved to be a decent phantom-points-scorer, and he plays at home. Still not so sure about that move.
After watching Chamakh playing on pre-season I've decided to keep him as he seemed very sharp. I'm also looking forward for the Community Sheild in order to see if Nani is actually starting, and I'm pretty sure Silva will stay as he's talented and cheap. If I get some more money by downgrading one of the players I'll throw Boateng away, as I'm almost certain of ManC conceding against Spurs, but I believe this is very close to the final team I'll have.


Saul said...

Good news, it should make the league even more excitiong this year. Hopefully he, Torres, can be back to his old fantasy self.

Anyways here is my fantasy team atm...


I would have had Drogs-Rooney in but I am not willing to take the chance of them not even playing, on the other hand if they do play I will be kicking myself for not picking them. I am not sure about Silva, he might need time to settle, but from what I saw in LA Liga I am definitely willing to take the chance. That is my team right now but there are no guarantees because I want Lampard in so I will have to shuffle a bit to fit him.

Anonymous said...

@ comment no.1 - > mate...you have now surely incurred the wrath of a certain joker from the US.

I am positive he will appear very soon and hurl abuses to anyone who dares to criticise the KOPS.

No prizes for guessing that person.


greginho said...

we have all incurred the wrath of a "certain joker fro the US, even jeremy and neal, recently. i never missed an ounce of sleep due to being harangued by him.

ToffeeDave said...

You guys hate on Kellz too much. Where's your passion in watching/supporting a football team?

donut said...

did anyone see Torres at the World Cup or is that being put down to lack of fitness. He wasn't very good...

Assistant Manager said...

Guys, please can we get back to discussing football!!!

bean said...

All it took to keep Torres was the promise of a billionaire owner. While it was a laugh for Fernando to claim Liverpool as the best club in the country, how about claims of them potentially being "the most powerful club in world football"?

joshtottenham said...

Spurs had the 2nd best home defence record in the league last year, so I'm not sure how they have "problems" in defence.

Kellz said...

@ToffeeDave: Thanks mate, I always enjoy your high energy about Everton, well in and good luck!

greginho said...

Hey ToffeeDave,
How is this?

Doctor Teeth said...

Ivan Klasnic was just signed to a two-year deal by Bolton...he was a nifty fantasy player during the second half of last season, always a threat in front of goal. With him, Davies, Petrov, MTay, and Lee (and not to mention Gary Cahill), the Trotters have some pretty decent and relatively affordable offensive options.

Doctor Teeth said...

Notice how I did not mention Johan Elmander....ha ha ha ha

Saul said...

@Doctor Teeth - Yeah and since he isn't available in the game yet his price should be extremely affordable, 6.xx. They've sure invested well with a couple of good signings, hope it works out well for them and for us fantasy wise.

Saul said...

Oh and add R. Blake to their squad as well.

Doctor Teeth said...

Drogba played the second half in Chelsea's friendly today...I suppose that means I have to drop Salomon "Money doesn't buy titles" Kalou from my side.

chrism said...

Hey guys,

A couple of early observations. ESPN reported that Drogba played the second half of a friendly against Hamburg on 8/3. Which says to me that he will be ready to go.

This thread features Torres. Torres is dead to me. He is the reincarnation of Michael "sick list" Owen. This I think is an ongoing Liverpool curse. "Pool did nothing about acquiring a second quality striker. When, not if, Torres goes down they are toast.

Biggest fantasy decision. Can Gareth Bale, who many of us had last year for a ridiculous 2.65 or something like that, continue his reign of terror and justify his 13+ price tag. This will be the early season make or break decision for many managers. I am betting that he does.

Second biggest fantasy decision. Chamka or Boselli. A starting striker new to the league scoring pts at 6.4 is fantasy gold. Hrod for Wigan was last year for the first few weeks and got me in 1st place in the world for the first two weeks. (Yea, I know, but I still can't let it go). Bendtner is still injured so I figure Chamka will start. Going with him.

Third biggest fantasy decision-Rooney, Drogba or Tevez and in what, if any combination. Last year I had Drogba from the start at 10+. If I had dumped and went to Tevez later in the season I think I would have been top 100. Rooney has a lot to prove after the WC debacle. If he is a true professional, and a potential all time great, he will have to come out kicking ass. The only 2 other options for high yield strikers are RVP and Torres. You know what I feel about Torres. I had RVP on my WC team and he sucked. The is the old Christiano Ronoldo, Thierry Henry debate. To win the fantasy league you need the top scorer, even though he might be an asshole.

Fourth biggest fantasy decision-Does David Silva start and do anything.

And lastly, and 5th, who is your goalie. Most successful managers last year started with Given who was underpriced at 3.0 or something like that which worked real well. I would go with Gordon but he's hurt. Hilario v Turnbull is a toss up an Cech may be back. I am tempted by Howard who starts every game, but don't want to spend the money on a GK. So I am leaning toward Kirkland. This, as everything else is still iffy.

Ah, it feels so good to have my brain engaged again.

velvet underground allstars

Fifth biggest-who is this years Vermalaen.

I have my team penciled in mostly based on the above. Variables are whether Ozil lands at ManU (please). And if Man City signs head case Balotelli, which may screw Tevez.

Saul said...

Following the comments for the City game today, I'd say Kolarov is gonna be a season keeper. He was taking free kicks and had a few SC's. Now if only yahoo can add him to the system.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Boateng/Kolorov, Bale, L. Koscielny
M.Petrov, Adam, Malouda, *Hunch*
Drogba, Boselli, Chamakh

not too bad. may have 6 or 7 season keepers in there, who knows..


Saul said...

@Munsoned - That is so funny, I out of the 10 players that you listed I have 9 of them in my team. Instead of Chamakh/*Hunch* I have NZogbia/Hernandez.

Anonymous said...


hi AM,from your previously post you mention that before picking a player,and think is he will return their value? so for bale, you think he will return his value in every game?


joshtottenham said...

@ gkinz.

Bale was getting a solid 10 points a game last year, without goals (which he was scoring every other week). I personally expect him to be taking more kicks this season as well, and he may find even more space on the left now that Lennon is back. Unless you think spurs as a team are going to tank for some reason then I think he is probably worth it. Also, form wise bale was excellent on tuesday against benfica...However, spurs first game isnt great, and is the early game, so if you're not sure then leave him out, watch the game and then put him in if you think he is worth it. Long term the only downside is that he takes some horrible tackles due to his pace, which have led to medium term injuries in the past.

Doctor Teeth said...

In considering the Bale decision, I think you have to look at it this way: would you buy him as a MF priced at 13?

Let's look at the MFs that are priced similarly to Bale:


I would say that Bale certainly stacks up favorably with half of those players...and that's when not taking into account the fact that Bale will rack up clean sheet points from time to time. Spurs had 10 clean sheets last season so put Bale down for ~60 points that all of the other players listed above will never accrue.

It's tough to calculate now that YFF has taken down last season's weekly stats (the bar graph is still active but it is cumbersome to view) but I would guess that from Week 20 on, Bale was one of the top 4 fantasy points players in the league last season (along with Lamps, Drogs and Tevez). For me, it's a no brainer to have him on your side from day one.

Anonymous said...

thanks to joshtottenham and doc teeth. i will think about that..^^


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