Thursday, 19 August 2010

Week 2 - Player Picks

I'm really struggling for time this week due to work commitments, so for now I've decided to do a quick analysis of the fixtures and just list my player recommendations. If I get time in the next 48 hours I'll try to expand on my suggestions as I usually do, but it might not happen (it happened!)

Firstly, how lucky are Spurs to still be in the Young Boys tie? The pitch wasn't great, but that first 30 minutes was as bad as I've seen us under Redknapp & it could've been 5-1 before Pav made it 3-2. We definitely have a chance now it's back at WHL, but I'm not counting my chickens after that performance.

Secondly, we have some strange goings-on over at Yahoo, as some points have disappeared from the game (Wigan & Blackpool) affecting weekly totals and player prices. I'm hoping they sort this out asap, but at least they've been good at adding new players this week - Balotelli on there already, plus the Milner/Ireland swap. By the way, does anyone think Villa have got a fantastic deal out of that move? £20m AND Stephen Ireland for James Milner!? I honestly don't think there's a big difference between the two players, so it's absolutely crazy business in my opinion.

Thirdly, some injury news has surfaced - Kolorov (ankle), Nasri (knee), Modric (groin injury caused by stupid plastic pitch), Defoe (groin injury caused by stupid plastic pitch) are all set to miss this weekend's fixtures, while Boateng is again doubtful. Still unsure on Van Persie & Fabregas, but if they're both fit then you have to be tempted.

Now fixtures, and the Week 2 Fixtures can be viewed here, and you will see that it's a single week for all teams. For me, the stand-out fixtures are Arsenal home to Blackpool and Chelsea away at Wigan - they could both end up as thrashings, which is why the RvP and Fabs news will be so important. I also fancy Everton to put last week's defeat behind them at Goodison with a victory over Wolves (sorry Luke!). Wolves were decent last weekend but they're rarely good away (unless they play Spurs), so the Toffees should be back on track.

It was of course Blackburn who upset Everton last week, but they're another side that struggle on the road so I think Birmingham could be a good bet to notch their first win, while Manchester Utd have not enjoyed great times at Fulham in seasons gone by, but with Scholes pulling the strings again I think they'll win at Craven Cottage.

We then come to a bunch of "tough to call" games. Sunderland will be favourites to win at West Brom, but I think the home support could see the Baggies through to a draw and I think a similar thing could happen at St James' Park - 50,000 Newcastle fans should ensure Aston Villa find it tough going. I just don't know what's going to happen between Stoke and Tottenham, so I'll mostly be avoiding that one, while West Ham have their first must-win game of the season at home to Bolton, where again I can't really tip either side (although I predict it's unlikely to be a classic). One game I am looking forward to is Man City v Liverpool on Monday night, but I think we could see a lot of draws this week.

With that in mind, here are my player lists (huge thanks to Hans India for his assistance)...


Tim Howard at home to Wolves seems like the most solid pick this week, despite his blunder last weekend, Everton are very good at home, although I also like Ben Foster with vs Blackburn - Birmingham are pretty decent defensively and Blackburn don't score many away, so if you want to save a few quid then he could be your man over THo.

Jussi always makes saves, racked up the points last week and will have a chance of doing well at West Ham, while Scott Carson is the bargain pick of the week and I'm actually considering him at home to Sunderland (despite what happened with Kirkland last weekend) to spend extra on Chelsea & Arsenal players.

Almunia is in there because he faces Blackpool, but you'd need to be brave to spend £9m on a keeper who concedes from almost every shot he faces.

Van Damme

Bale is probably going to stay in my team for the season unless he gets injured - 18.5 points without a goal or even a SOT shows what he's capable of in his left wing role, but if you don't want  to (or can't) stretch that far then Vermaelen is the next best bet at home to Blackpool. He may be costly for a defender but he looks dangerous at every set piece, will get the odd chance to shoot from free-kicks and like Bale has the bonus possibility of clean sheet points every week.

Wenger may be forced to partner Verm with Djourou, who has recovered from injury, and if that's the case then he's a real is Ferreira, provided we can get news that he'll start, but it's possible Ivanovic takes his place to combat Wigan's height from set pieces.

Kolorov is out and Boateng is still struggling, so Zabaleta and Richards are both reasonably priced for City's game vs Liverpool, as is Agger although I've now read he may be out with concussion suffered vs Arsenal so Skrtel is an alternative. O'Shea, Steinsson & Onuoha are all priced between 6-8 and represent decent value and I'll throw Heitinga in with them - he didn't start last weekend but I think he'll be back after Everton's defeat.

If you're looking for bargains then there are two stand-out options, Stephen Carr thanks to his horror show at Sunderland and Julian Faubert who may even line-up on the wing for West Ham's game at home to Bolton - both priced under 5. Clark, Bassong, Enrique, Jones & Van Damme are others worth taking a look at if you want to do something a bit different.


Malouda is pretty much a "must have" at Wigan and I really want Arteta at home to Wolves but it's tough finding the money when you already have other big names at discount. Ashley Young is being deployed as a support-striker by Villa's caretaker manager and should find plenty of space at Newcastle for crosses and shots, so I'm looking at him as a possible alternative to Arteta/Fabregas.

Wenger is still being coy about Cesc (& RvP) so I'm worried about spending that sort of money for a player who may only get 30 minutes, but then I thought that about Drogba last week! One person getting very little attention is Frank Lampard, but with Chelsea facing Wigan I could easily see a couple goals for him.

Adam, Dorrans, Jones & Silva are an interesting and useful quartet - affordable, guaranteed to start and all capable of good points, so a couple of them could allow you the spare funds to fit in more premium picks. Martin Petrov facing West Ham shouldn't be ignored, Etherington is consistent, Walcott will probably start after Arsenal disappointed at Liverpool, Albrighton should continue after two lively performances, while Tim Cahill faces Wolves and he won't get much cheaper than 8.5.

Larsson, Holden, Riveros, Ireland, Scholes & Rodwell are outsides bets if you're looking for some players that not many other managers will pick up...I have a real hunch on Riveros this week, but can't currently fit him in.

Van Persie


2nd Paragrah - after him you need to decide if you want to risk RvP. If you don't then Chamakh has to be considered as the next best pick at home to Blackpool. Berbatov will be on a high after his goal last Monday, Saha will want to break his duck for the season vs Wolves and Carew will get chances at Newcastle. At the same time, the Geordie's Andy Carroll looked semi-dangerous vs Man Utd so isn't the worst choice in the same game.

Bent will fancy his chances at West Brom, Balotelli got his Man City career off to a flyer last night but picked up a knock so look for last minute team news (tough when the game isn't till Monday night) and Elmander is beginning to look like a £10m striker & plays at West Ham. Zigic and Kalinic are cheap options to fill a space and you never know, they may even surprise you!

So that's it for now, but as I said I'll look to add some analysis for each position over the next couple of days (done!). Please head over to our Player Picks Poll to vote towards the AM Blog Team for Week 2.

We will try to fit as many of the top voted players in as possible, but obviously some of the most expensive will have to be left out as we only have £100m to spend.

Please let me know if there's anyone I've missed! How's your team looking?


p.s. We have a new Yahoo Fantasy Football resource available which has been developed by a couple of blog readers based in Turkey, Alper & İsmail.....

Football Funtasy

It's recommended reading, so please go take a look!


Anonymous said...

what about campbell @ west brom?

Assistant Manager said...

He let me down last week so I dropped him from the recommendations for Week 2, but you have confidence in him then go for it!

donut said...

Hello AM, hoping for a better week and this gives food for thought.

I would add Joey Barton for Newcastle to this list - a nasty looking player but took everything (corners, free kicks) on Monday night, played 90 mins and will get more chances to score big as he used to do a few years back.

Also, Kevin Nolan played and looked to get forward at absolutely every opportunity. He had a tough night because he had Scholes chipping away at him all the time, but for just over 5 I think he is worth it this week, even if it is against Villa...

Also, he is expensive but could be worth the price, Cech between the sticks...

DOn't have a clue this week but I am on this, which I am likely to change (as usual)!

Bale Faubert Carr
Malouda Nolan Barton JRod Fabregas
Drogba Kalinic


Sauce said...

Also AM, you forgot Wolves away last season at West Ham. They were pretty good that massively important night too. :)

Super Mick.

Assistant Manager said...

Donut - I refuse to list Barton for 2 reasons

1) He is a horrible, horrible man
2) He has a ridiculous moustache

Nolan might not be a bad call though!

Sauce - good shout mate, what a massive performance that was...still, Everton are a slightly tougher proposition than Zola's Hammers :)

donut said...

ha ha yeah Barton is a horrible horrible man but I have a feeling that he can pick up a lovely lovely amount of points this season if he manages not to get sent off...
Can't argue about your analysis of his top lip. Its not even "movember"!!

Saul said...

What about Henderson from Sunderland, would you consider him? Also, what is the likeliness of Albrighton starting if Aggy comes back and plays?

Anonymous said...

isnt djourou injured?


Dave said...

Now that he has been added to the game, will YFF managers be jumping all over the Balotelli pick?? Presuming he's fit, he must start (for that price tag) and should play central striker, flanked by Tevez and Silva. He's the kind of player that I would expect to do well on his debut for a new club, even if it is a tough match-up. Plus he likes to shoot, which is a great YFF quality LOL. I think I prefer him to Chamakh even, especially if one or both of Fab4 and RVP come back.

Also, Ireland looks interesting at that price. Another guy looking to prove a point, and will be playing on his birthday - we all know how players usually fare on those match days (ie: birthdays, 100th appearances, against former clubs, etc), so maybe a nice goal for him?

Any thoughts?

Assistant Manager said...

Saul - I know Jeremy rates Henderson, but he's not someone I know an awful lot about so he wasn't on my list. I was also wondering whether Riveros may steal away his kicks, or even his place in the team?

Fung - Reports are suggesting Djourou could be back, but we'll know more on Friday.

Dave - Yep Balotelli could be a fantastic fanatsy prospect as I agree City will eventually line-up with Silva, Balotelli, Tevez as a front 3, with Milner, Yaya & De Jong/Barry in a midfield 3 (Kolorov & Boateng providing overlapping width). Not sure where Adam Johnson fits in though, which is a shame.

Ireland will be a huge hit at Villa, I've always rated him, and he could be a good pick at St James' Park provided team news suggests he'll be thrown straight in.

Anonymous said...


Rob said...

I feel pretty good about this week - wasn't happy at all last week! Here we go (Balotelli dependant on tonight)....

Bale, Carr, Koscielny
Barton, Malouda,Albrighton, Petrov, Toure
RvP, Balotelli

I have pressed save yet - I'm still not entirely sure I want to get rid of Cech

Alper said...

djorou is injured

d.ghost is back said...

Balotelli is not shy about getting booked but he takes some free kicks, corner kicks and like Dave said he loves to shoot, plus he wins a lot of free kicks and i expect him to fight over any penalty kicks he wins.

Anonymous said...

Rob, Koscielny is banned for 3 games.

Anonymous said...

fabregas or arteta?

Anonymous said...

Koscielny is banned for ONE game only. Joe Cole is the one suspended for 3 games.

Anonymous said...

Kos is in fact banned for only 1 FA game because he had 2 yellow cards and not a straight red card...

Assistant Manager said...

Alper - All the reports I've read suggest Djourou has a great chance of playing.

Anonymous said...


Agger has a concussion. I think he's a major doubt for Monday.


Crazylegs! said...

Djourou and Song are both in the running for a Def spot, But Wenger is holding out on who will start exactly!
Koscielny banned for 1 game, Cole banned for 3

Zigic could be a good shout at home this week!

I like Carroll too..

Anonymous said...

What about Harper?

Crazylegs! said...

Balotelli could need a little time to settle in, not sure he'll go off on one in his first game, well hope not anyway as have no plans to bring him in!

Anonymous said...


how about beckford from everton?

Assistant Manager said...

I think Newcastle v Villa could be a high scoring draw (2-2, 3-3) so that counts Harper out for me.

Beckford is unlikely to start, Everton generally play 1 up so I think Saha will continue with Cahill off him and 4 more middies.

But these are just my opinions - never be afraid to go with you own hunches.

Anonymous said...

how about a.cole?

Saul said...

Ireland/Carroll or Adam/Albrighton, so many choices but it's hard to know which is best.

Anonymous said...

My team so far:

Bale Vermaelen Faubert
Malouda Albrighton Larsson Walcott
Drogba Kalinic Chamakh

Please comment!


Anonymous said...

Pretty satisfied with my team any suggestions?

Carr A.cole vermaelen
malouda rosicky dorrans t. cahill
drogs zigic chamwow


Anonymous said...

do we know if Ivanovic will play against wigan?


Dave said...

Well, so much for needing time to settle in! Super Mario scores on his City debut! He even took a couple of corners according to match reports. Into my line-up he goes, yes please. He is just the cocky type of player to ignore the hype of an EPL debut against Liverpool and deliver, and he can be streaky, so I expect more shooting and a goal. Helps that Agger looks set to miss out with a concussion. I'm sure I can stretch a few dollars to upgrade from Kalinic, even if it means a dirt cheap back line.

Dave said...

So here's what I have crafted:


And frankly, I think I love it LOL!! The back line needs to be dirt cheap, and it doesn't get any dirtier or cheaper than Carr, Faubert & Elokobi. If SMalling were to start against his old club, I would go for it, but he won't. In the MF, I'm assuming Fab starts, and Flo-Ma stays in to thrash Wigan. Dorrans is the main man for the Baggies as they make their home debut and I'm covering Everton's match-up with Cahill, who should pop up with a headed goal. I'm sticking with M-Pet, as I think he will perform well against a sketchy West Ham side, even if it's away. Up front, Drog is obvious and I am gambling for a sweet YFF bow for Balotelli - I figure with Fab and maybe RVP back for Arsenal that Chamakh may not score well despite the favourable match-up.

My only consideration really is perhaps replacing Cahill with Ireland, but I'm not sure I want to risk him even if tipped to start. But it would allow me to slightly improve Elokobi.

Hope the amount I like the look of this squad isnt a bad sign LOL

Anonymous said...


Kos is banned, so who is the suitable player to replace the central def?? djourou is injured...
what about the midfielders of arsenal??
plz comment..

kwyjibo said...

Taking some chances this week, including one player who may not play, so I can fit Bale-Malouda-Fabregas-Drogba all in my team. I hope it pays off.


Not sure what people think. My biggest worry is, if they fix the glitch and player prices change, and my team ends up over 100 points, what happens then? Still no fix in sight, and no response for 2 days from Yahoo to my email about it.

Saul said...

@Dave - I like your team as well, unfortunately you had to sacrifice Bale to fit Fabregas in but it looks damn solid to me! Although I would have to disagree with you in regards to Chamakh as I think that RVP and Fabregas would only add extra value to him. He should start alongside RVP, RVP possibly running one of the flanks.

On another topic, according to Yahoo! commentators, Albrighton had another excellent game today which can only mean that he has a good chance of starting in the weekend...but who will be sacrificed in his place with Agbonlahor's likeliness to play? I'll keep my eyes out on team news Friday as I have him in my team, although for 7.04 :(

AM - What do you think about Diaby, Rosicky and Walcott? Who is more likely to play? Now on Adam, should I keep him in my team? I just don't know if he'll get too many chances vs. arsenal but since their defence is a little shaky atm I might gamble on him at a meere 5.43. What do you think?

My team at the moment is...


2.65 left to spend but all I'll be working on is my midfield. Players I'm considering are Walcott, T.Cahill, Diaby, Ireland, Petrov, and Carroll with a 3-4-3 formation. Suggestions and comments will be taking into great consideration. Thanks guys and good luck on your team.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@AM the only Everton Midfielders listed are Cahill and Arteta! I think you should feature others!

Kellz said...

Well less than assuring comments from Wenger who admits he is thinking of Fabregas and RvP but insists he needs to ease them back in, stating "those players returned on Aug 5th and would need 3-4 week to regain fitness". More and more looking like both will sit on the bench with BPool coming to the Emeraites. I think this means Wenger is hinting his side are well enough to beat BPool without the duo, which honestly, is going to happen, although another BPool upset would be unreal.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

and why would you recommend Rodwell? why not recommend Beckford too!?! I mean they are both doubtful to start!

bean said...

Balotelli is very tempting at that price, but he did come off with a knock in injury time today. Mancini isn't worried, but maybe a risk of not starting against Liverpool?
I guess even coming off the bench, he won't need to do much to repay his value.

powder said...

What about Skrtel?

sabz said...





plz comment...

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

interesting squad are you sure Rooney will get back to his scoring ways at the Cottage?

Cusut07 said...


Plz rate my team ^^

Anonymous said...

A1 So? Who do you think is the better choice?

Larsson + Albrighton?


M. Petrov + Walcott?

I alredy have Verm and Chamkah

Thanks. A1

Dens said...

Here is my team so far this week.

Bale P.Jones C.Clark
FloMa MPet C.Adam Dorrans
ChamWoW Drogs Kalinic

Pretty much settled on this team unless team news states players injuries or players not starting and so on.

Advices are welcome if you have any. Thanks

Saul said...

Alright after careful consideration my team is atm, and possibly final...


Anonymous said...

My team for this week( subject to innumerable changes)

Olsson Verms Carr
Arteta Mpet Silva Dorrans
Diamanti RvP Balotelli

Not sure about the Diamanti pick though. Please advice.

Cheers !!!

donut said...

Good to see other teams, gives me ideas and thoughts!

Since Balotelli came off the bench last night to score in ManC 1-0 win(interestingly for Barry leaving Tevez, Ade and Balotelli on the pitch) I am more hopeful about him starting...

Bale Faubert Carr
Malouda Arshavin Nolan Barton
Drogba (Chamakh Balotelli Carroll)

I am going to pick 2 of 3 in brackets and would be good to know what you think about the options


donut said...

oh yeah - keshari - dunno about diamanti, thats a tough one,
saul like the look of your side and carson could be a good calculated risk (a la kirkland last week?!)
a1 i would go option 1.
dens i know clark and jones scored high last week but i don't know if they are regular starters most weeks? if they are, they could be very good choices...

Gasper said...

My team

Bale, Verm, Carr
Cahill, Wallcot, Silva, Mal
Zigic, Chamwow, Elk

Had Fabs in till today but mr.Wengers comments convinced me otherwise

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Howard Carr Arteta OR Carson Givet Fabregas?

Dens said...

Basically i picked jones and clark as fillers but both should start as jones will be playing in midfield and clark should be playing as davies just returned from injury and also played in midweek so thinking like a manager, i wouldn't want to risk davies so early in the season.

Although i know that Clark might be a risk playing against a Newcastle side at home with the towering height of Andy Carroll.

But like i said, i would certainly change the lineup given any news of players injured or not starting.

AdmiraLord Nelson - I would go for the safer bet of Howard Carr Arteta. Carson just reminds me of another kirkland. Givet looks fine with game staring for a goalless draw and fab is doubtful. But if he starts, major points there.

Anonymous said...


why heitinga? he was not play last week..

Crazylegs! said...

Whats with this Chamwow, surely its just as easy to put AKH at the end of Cham as it is to put wow at the end no!

I mean what about all those fantasy teams called Chamwow my Bitch up, not quite the same ring has it..;-) ha ha ha!

Crazylegs! said...

Just heard that Liverpool are letting Dirk Kuyt go, Can't believe Hodgson is going to let a player like that leave the club, I mean his work ethic and rate are second to none and he is the Pool engineroom..

Scousers will be a lot poorer without him in my opinion!

Anonymous said...


Apparently Balotelli limped off the pitch last night with an injury. Source: the Metro


kwyjibo said...

According to FantasyFootballScout, Balotelli remains a serious doubt. So, I'm not sure which way to go. Switch for Chicharito and pick up Balotelli on the Barn door? Are other people keeping him?

Anonymous said...

Damn damn damn Wenger...
AM - will Fabregas start?

broharvey said...

My team:

Bale, Skrtel, Faubert
Gerrard, Malouda, Silva, Adam
Drogba, Chamwow, Kalinic

Any advice or opinions are welcome.

Anonymous said...

what about wilshere??

Kristijan said...

who do you think it's better to have in the team for this week ? chamakh/balloteli/caroll i need to pick 2 out of theese 3....i think balloteli and caroll... pls share your opinions

Anonymous said...

From the Fantasist's Friday chat.

The Fantasist: As you will no doubt have noticed, points for the Wigan-Blackpool game were awarded then removed. I know this because 23 points worth of Rodallega and Adam have gone missing. The word from Yahoo!'s engineers is that it will be fixed. Beyond that, there's not a lot I can tell you. It seems like there's some sort of technical nonsense every week and the only positive thing I can say is that these things normally get straightened out. But if I say what I really think, I won't be doing this blog much longer...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the comments, I think I will run with option 1. Good Luck this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Need one last piece, a midfielder for 7.99

Ireland, Albrighton, Fletcher, YaYa or suggestions?

Current Team
Bale O'Shea Carr
SPetrov Malouda Modric ??????
Kalinic Drogs Baloteli


Assistant Manager said...

Some injury news...

Modric, Defoe, Keane, Pav, Dos Santos could all miss the Stoke game.

Kenwyne Jones could return.

Kolarov & Boateng definitely out and Balotelli is a doubt

Van Damme a doubt

David Dunn struggling to be fit

Saul said...

@BCB - Modric and Balotelli are doubtfull to play for week 2. Modric picked up a groin injury after playing Young boys, and Balotelli came off limping in extra time on Thursday's Europa League.

Of the options you have up there though, I'd go for Albrighton since he's been in excellent form lately.

Anonymous said...

albrighton dorrans barton or ireland? one possition to fill i have many doubts about

GTR34 said...

Goy my team sorted at last. Think it look sfailrly strong in most departments, but then I thought that last week:(

Bale, Vermaelen, Carr
Malouda, Silva, Albrighton, Cahill
Chamakh, Drogba, Kalinic

Have 1.1 left, and no way to upgrade to Arteta. Too much doubt about Fab and RVP. Balotelli also falls into the doubt category, so better to play safe. Anyway, there's still time for last minute news.

Good luck to all - we can hardly do worse than last weeks debacle.

Anonymous said...

big changes maybe I am crazy

Carr Faubert Verms Ivanovic
Malouda dorrans Cahill Arshavin
Drogs Derbyshire (sky sports tips him to start for brum)


2pai said...

guys here the news about fabregas

i think he will be on the bench

Anonymous said...

Mancini confirms that Balotelli will play on monday.
source skysports.

by supercoach

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:42PM Bartons a thug with a ridiculous mustache and Ireland will need time to adapt. Id go with either Albrighton who has looked stellar in 2 matches but may need a little rest or Dorrans.

i have a decision of my own that id like some help with
A Young and either Etherington/Petrov or Arshavin with either Eth/MPet/Larsson


Anonymous said...

thanks C-hawk, actually i managed to fit both dorrans and albrighton with o cost of cutting silva


Saul said...

oh man tought one C-Hawk but I'd go with A.Young/Etherington. Tottenham are having fitness problems atm so might be a good time to take a chance on good old reliable Etherington.

I have Arshavin because I didn't have enough to upgrade to A.Young but hope the recommendation helps.

Anonymous said...

djorou,fabregas,cambell or clark,whitehead,drogba??

Anonymous said...

Being different this week. That stupid yahoo has not returned my rodallega and adam's points. And I found myself in the bottom after that.

My likely team this week.

Bale Carr Faub
Mal Adam Wallie Henry
Bento Drogs Caroll

Will be very different from many teams i suppose. but its interesting, and I myself would like to see how it ends.

Please do comment on my team!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Saul i originally wanted Young and Larsson but couldnt afford them both which is why i ended with my current dilemna. Ive got Albrighton in my midfield too and may drop him so i dont have to Villans when i add Young.


rwlwhite said...

here's my team as it stands:

Bale - Djourou - Givet
Malouda - Holden - Wilshere - Albrighton
Drogba - Chamakh - Balotelli

There are a few risks in there: injury prone djourou, wil-he-start-shere, holden who most won't have picked, and balotelli who could miss out (or get sent off before the game starts!)

i'm quietly confident though, that if these players all start, there could be some good points to be had!

Anonymous said...

ive decided (for now) on

Bale Carr Faubert
Floma Albrighton Young MPet
Chamakh Drogba Kalinic

Was planning on swapping Mpet to Eth but havent been able to bring myself to make the switch yet.


Cescy said...

help please people...

djourou, larsson, carrol


faubert, malouda, balotelli

thanks, Cescy.

Anonymous said...

is balotelli gonna play on monday ?

should I go for balotelli or carroll ? advice anyone ?

team so far :


O Shea - Terry - Bale

Malouda - Albrighton - Adam - Scholes

Drog - Chamakh - (Carroll/Balotelli)

7.74 to spend on either balo or carroll
I could also bring in Kalinic instead and upgrade Albrighton to Ireland.

Pleaaaaaaase help


Anonymous said...

also Jussi or Foster ?

I'm severely scarred by Kirklands molestation from last week..

- Dimebag

Anonymous said...

For C-Hawk, I also agree that sticking with A. Young is the best way to go from the option listed a while above. I've been waiting nearly a year for Arshavin to re-awaken. He was completely absent last week. I know the matchup is great, but I have very little faith in his performance at this point.

My team, as it stands now:

O'Shea, Carr, Faubert
Arteta, Malouda, MPet, Albrighton, Adam
Drogba, Chamakh

I've switched around a lot in the last day by upgrading from Saha to Arteta. Just a gut feel that Arteta will be the one to really go off in that game. That meant downgrading Vermaelen to Faubert in order to have the available points. The defense is incredibly cheap, and thus incredibly shaky. I'm hopeful those three can just stay on the positive side and return the nominal value. I expect Tim Howard to have a very good game. Probably not going to have a chance to get him at that price anytime soon either. The midfield is where I'm looking for all the return. Malouda, MPet, Arteta need to have big, big games. I tried to avoid a lot of questionable starters after getting burned last week by Ivanovic. If I can avoid dealing with a will he or won't he play scenario, I'll grow less grey hairs.

Cech's Mates

Anonymous said...

I'm probably sticking with this, but if anyone has any last minute advice I would love to read it.

Bale Vermaelen Faubert
Malouda Albrighton Larsson Walcott
Drogba Chamakh Kalinic


Anonymous said...

LOL @ those thinking of putting Djourou at their lineup. He looked like a complete train wreak in pre-season. If he starts, I am willing to bet that Arsenal will not get a clean sheet.

Anonymous said...

good day guys!

my current team:

A.Cole Verma (M.Salgado/Ivanovic/Faubert/Carr)
C.Adam M.Albrighton (Modric/Ireland) T. Cahill
Drogba (Kalinic/Carrol/Balotelli) ChamWow

any comments guys? Will Modric, Fab4 & Balotelli play?


ICEBERG said...

My current Team :

Bale Verm Baines
Malouda M.Pet Larsson Albrighton Dorrans
Chamakh Saha

Pls comment.

Anonymous said...

Fab4 and Balotelli will probably play but the question is how long but Modric is out with a groin pull.


Saul said...

@MySL - Faubert and Carr are a good cheap option to go this week to free up cash for your midfield. Modric is doubtful and Ireland I'd have to see if he starts his first game before I chance him. I have Drogba/Carrol/ChaWow! so you know who I prefer, but know that Balotelli came off limping after City's Europa League game...Kalinic is cheap as well but If you're going that cheap I prefer Campbell.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opinion given..I might not going to pick Balotelli due to his injury doubts..I still hope that Modric will be OK & fit to play..

Good thought! but Ireland looks promising & eager to start, but I'm not so sure whether he will be the starting XI or not..Campbell/Carrol seems OK but Carrol will be playing against aston villa & Campbell always have inconsistent performance..


Anonymous said...

Guys, which midfielder worth for 9.64m?



Anonymous said...

MySL out of those choices i prefer MPet. He had a quiet debut but Walcott and Ireland may not get the start. SPet had a big game last weekend but he is usually not a very high point scorer, Bowyer isnt a bad choice but MPet has the potential to be a weekly fantasy stud.


Anonymous said...

I do agree with u, but somehow I have a feeling that J.Barton will make a huge impact against villa..Its hard choice but perhaps M.Petrov will be a better choice..


Anonymous said...

Please help.

Carroll/Albrighton or Balotelli/Ireland.

Really can't make my mind up.

FLScott said...

@MYSL - Yes to Petrov.

Saul said...

@Anon 9:49 - Carroll/Albrighton as they have a better chance to start and seem to be settled in their team.

Saul said...

...Balotelli/Ireland are good options but imo it would be better to wait after this week to see if they start and how they do. Last season I missed out on points because I took risks on players that I thought would start and they didn't, result...big fat 0!!! City have so many options up front that you have to think that Mancinni might want Balotelli to get settled in the EPL first before making him a starter.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal is doing my head in to be honest.

Will Vermaelen be a good a bet for a clean sheet?

Will Walcott start for Eboue?

If Fab and RVP start were does that leave Chamakh?

The only guaranteed starter in midfield is Arsharvin but he is out of form.

Anonymous said...


Bad news, latest reports say Balotelli has already been sent off a 9.34pm tonight. Straight red apparently.


Anonymous said...

My Team;

Bale - Verma - Carr
Adam - FMal - Arteta - Albrighton - Ireland
Chamakh - Saha

Im tried to try to fit Drogba so i made a team without him!! hope this is not a big mistake. (again!!)
Im not so happy with my forwards but cannot find anybody who will score for sure (except Drogba!!)
Any comments?


Anonymous said...

greetings lads,

What are your thoughts on Ivanovic starting ? I already have Terry but I'd rather take him off for Ivanovic provided hes starting.

Anyone ?


Anonymous said...

Ivanovic did play for like 15 minutes the last game so chances are that he's fit and starting against Wigan. I dont know though, I'd also like to hear what everyone else thinks.

What about Scholes ? Surely Fergie won't rotate the man of the last match ?

Anonymous said...

where is rooney?
is he injured or just forget his name?

Cescy said...

right team done and saved, comments please...

carr verm faubert bale
albrighton barton malouda
drogba saha chamakh

unless any major news comes through i am sticking with this...allows for 5 different clean sheets and spreads point around, hopefully barton will stay on free kicks etc and malouda and drogba are the scorers vs wigan. i am hoping wenger starts chamakh and the rest of the team has a nice balance...roll on tomorrow.

p.s yahoo points glitch all sorted now, wigan vs blackpool points are back...

Cheers, Cescy.

Anonymous said...

Rooney is not injured. Just not scoring goals.

I think Ivanovic is a good pick.


What are the odds of Ireland starting?


Wilshere or Silva?


Anonymous said...

its so tempting to choose balotelli.damn it.
is he surely will not start against liverpool?


Anonymous said...

Im fairly doubtful over switching from Terry to Ivanovic as well, I'm taking the risk however and Im gna be pretty disappointed if Ivanovic doesn't start.

I'd think Ireland has a better chance of starting over Sidwell and Coker, especially given the gap left by Milner.

Normally I'd go for Silva over Wilshere given he has a better chance of starting but given Nasri's injury and Walcott's performance last game, your guess is as good as mine. Still silva would be a surer starter I feel.

Berbatov Fan said...

I trust in my fellow BG players! I got 96.5 last week which is pretty neat. Second year in YFF and I really like your blog AM. Last year I was into top 2000 which is good for a beginner.

My team so far is:


I will defintely stick with most of them. Just thinking some good alternatives of Faubert and Nani but cannot think of anything good. Any advises? Does anybody know whether Evra will play since he is on the injured list?
Thank you for the great blog and great community AM!!! Good luck to all!

My team name is DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog]

FLScott said...

Rooney nots doing squat - see world cup.

Anonymous said...

Im really torn between either Jussi or Howard ..Howards pretty dependable considering its a home game...but Jussi always makes a fair number of saves and West Ham doesn't have the greatest attack..

Thoughts ? Jussi or Howard ?

Also I'm unsure as to whether Ivanovic will start


Anonymous said...

let's hope that balotelli can play against liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Im not risking Balotelli. I'll prob BD him in if he does end up playing and scoring.

My team as follows :


O Shea - Terry - Bale

Adam - Scholes - Albrighton - Malouda

Drogmatic - Carroll - Chamakh

Would love some input from you guys. Should I swap terry for ivanovic and bring in howard for jussi ? Other than that I'm pretty content..although I could also consider swapping Scholes for Silva given ol Fergies rotation policy


Ron10 said...

Foster + Djourou or Carson + Oshea
i already have Carr and Faubert
comment please

gman26 said...

Is it me or do I feel like I'm too focused on the midfield this year? Seems like there are a lot of values there right now. MPetrov, Henderson, Silva, Malouda and Albrighton right now there. I had Henderson last week. He's like that NBA player that's about to take a leap this year. Like Michael Redd in his second year.

Maxer said...

saved my team for week 2..

bale, carr, faubert
adam, malouda, albrighton, *hunch
drogba, chamakh, kalinic

drop roon, petrov, kirk, kolarov, koscielny & scholes from last week, and bd albrighton and bale who is not on my week1 team.. i like petrov and scholes, but have to drop them to fit in albrighton and my hunch middie..

love this team at the moment except i'm wary of carson.. but checking his stats last week, although he allowed 6goals, he did have 5saves.. so finger crossed he'll do enough to return his value vs sunderland..

cheers and good luck everyone..


Ron10 said...

S. Carson

S. Carr

J. Faubert

J. O'Shea


F. Malouda

C. Adam

M. Albrighton

M. Petrov

D. Drogba

M. Chamakh

W. Rooney

Anonymous said...

will Cesc Fab4 play?


bean said...

carr terry verm bale
malouda dorrans adam
drogba chamak

and in FPL:
evans dann dawson
malouda bale ether petrov arteta
rooney drogba(c)
subs: hahn, boselli, jara, fig

good luck everyone.
thank you Assistant Manager

Anonymous said...

Walcott or Cahill????

Anonymous said...

should i keep zigic? he's a good pick, but only if he starts. some sources say he'll start, some say he won't.

Anonymous said...

i am very proud that my team is almost the same as Bean's ;D
Carr / Bale / Verm / Alex
Malouda / Dorrans / Adam
Drogba / Chamakh / F.Camp

anyway @Anon 9:46, Cahill i would like to believe is a better choice beacause 1. cahill is more likely to start, 2. cahill plays at home, while walcott plays away, 3. wolves and blackpool are both relatively weak opposition compared to everton and arsenal, but blackpool is confident from a 4 goal trashing of wigan AND they have many experienced players on their squad, who have played for many years either in the prem or in lower leagues

@Anon 9:50, i do believe Zigic will start, but i cant be a 100% sure. what are your other choices...?


Anonymous said...

Walcott plays at home

Anonymous said...

@ neoncoffee

my other option are caroll, balotelli or kalinic. if i pick kalinic i can upgrade dorrans or silva to cahill. but my gut says to stay with zigic.

what a dilemma :)

Anonymous said...

*@Anon 10:13 woops sorry. so stupid of me :') but i suppose the other reasons still stand.

@Anon 10:19, for me i'm debating whether to drop campbell for kalinic-- Rovers have scored in each of their last 22 top-flight matches against Birmingham since a 1-0 away defeat in April 1960. then again, gut feeling is a very powerful thing-- the last few times i ignored my gut feeling, i regretted it.

Anonymous said...

now that there is more chance walcott will start, should i drop m.petrov to get theo?


Anonymous said...

Balotelli or Cahill ????

Opinions please

Superfly Jim

Anonymous said...

Scrap that - I dropped Adam and went with both !

Bale / Carr / Faubert
FloMal / Albrighton / MPet / Cahill
Chamwow / Drogba / Balotelli

Rate my team please.

Superfly Jim

Anonymous said...

Faubert or P.Barrera?????

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@ 10:49 - Faubert - he's likely to play in midfield so will get more points than barrera.

Superfly Jim

Anonymous said...

Pincha en el Link

Anonymous said...

Djourou or Faubert????????

rwlwhite said...

i'm going to voice my discontent at chamakh's nickname of ChamWow! I think it's rubbish!

couldn't anyone have come up with something like Chamakhatrick or, chamhattrick...or just champ!

i like my choice of jack wil-he-start-shire

Anonymous said...

why are so many ppl bi*ching abt the name ChamWOW is catchy and funny if u dont like it dont type it but dont waste readers time complaining abt it.
wk 2 team
G. Steinsson N. Onuoha P. Jones
F. Malouda S. Holden A. Arshavin D. Silva
D. Drogba L. Saha M. ChamWOW
I knw its different and thats y i like it good luck everyone.
just bubble 4 me(am blog)

Anonymous said...

Very shaky but if it works out i expect a nice total this wk: my team Ac Trinidad
J. Jääskeläinen
G. Bale,J. O'Shea,Míchel Salgado
F. Malouda,M. Petrov,C. Adam,Antonio Valencia
M. Chamakh,W. Rooney,N. Kalinic
this team worries me went heavy on Manure players(the team i hate so much i wish they get relegated no disrespect to anyone)but to late to make changes now. i guess time wld tell
Red Eyes

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