Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The AM Blog Team

As I mentioned., unfortunately my main team can only be in the first 3 leagues as I'm already in my own private league + Jeremy & Neal's private league, which = 5 (maximum). The 5 blog leagues that follow will be on my 2nd Yahoo ID.

The team I'll be running on the 2nd ID in leagues 4 to 8 will be AM Blog Team [AM.Blog], which is the team I want us to pick as a group each week. I have decided the best way to begin this is to run a poll each week to allow readers to vote for their top pick in each position. I will then work with a couple of the regulars (Mike B & Hans India) to take the poll results and fit as many of the players into this team as possible. We'll be limited by the £100m to spend so not all of the top 11 voted players will make it in each week, but we'll do our best to find a balance.

There will be no barndooring and we will be starting with a blank squad each week, so most weeks we will be buying 11 players at full price (unless we are picking the same player for consecutive weeks, in which it would make no sense to clear out a player if we hold him at discount).

Myself, Mike & Hans will be in the chatroom on Friday nights/Saturday mornings so we can discuss this with other blog regulars and settle on a team each week. This is very experimental so I expect we'll need to make changes to the process as we go along, but I feel we have a good starting point.

So without further ado, here is the link to vote in the Week 1 Player Picks Poll

It could all go horribly wrong, but let's see what happens!



AdmiraLord Nelson said...

sounds like a great idea guys.

greginho said...

first time i can remember that arsenal only have 3 injuries. if they keep this up, they can win it.

Anonymous said...

Prices were updated again...damn i made the switch just in time.


greginho said...

what switch did you make?

Caleb said...

AM I really like this idea. As a regular reader, but limited time to post comments due to work, I will definately vote in each week!

I will try to join the chat room during Sat. However, I am not able to make it during Fri night (UK time) due to time difference.....

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

wow Lampard and Rooney already in a landslide for the blog team poll

Anonymous said...

@greg- I went from...



I don't know if it was the right switch but I really love Tevez fubol wise and he seems to do really well. His price is excellent!!!


madguy said...

having both Lamps and Malouda is overkill or not ?

Rich, team=liverpool said...

interesting idea! although i think the season will be dominated by bale, lampard, fabregas, gerrard, rooney and drogba, unless torres somehow keeps fit or RvP gets it together

Anonymous said...

I wish we could vote for 3 defenders..... 4 mids.... and 2 strikers for the poll.

Not just one each

Assistant Manager said...

That is not possible, and I dont think it would work. If people have 3 choices for a position 99% of people would pick Rooney and/or Drogba as one of those 3. I prefer using this method of 1 top player pick per position, and I can already see the benefit as we are getting some really interesting results.

Fidan said...

Hey everyone...!!!
Its been a long time since I last posted here, but I´ve been reading almost all the posts and comments. I´m in a eurotrip so I didn´t have enough time to engage myself in ffooty...!!!

Anyways, I love the idea of THIS team Nik and I´m really looking forward to it, cuz I always wanted to know how a team would fare if there was no BD and since it is a team with concesus it really makes it exciting...!!!

I´m just puzzled Nani is not on the MF list of pole. Any injury or team news that I missed, or you just don´t like his chances...!!!

Here is my definite (partial)team:

23.03m left

I´m considering;
1. JCole/NZog/FCampbell
2. JCole/Evans/Kalou or
3. Adam/Berb/FCampbell

But not a bit sure about any of them. There are other options imo, like Guthrie, Rodwell, Albrighton, Al-Muhammadi, etc...!!!
Really tough week to decide...!!!

Ok, see you guys in a couple of days and good luck with another crazy fantasy year


Anonymous said...

After hearing the news about all the transfers, this is my latest team


Kolarov Evans Ferreira
Petrov Malouda Adam Cole
Drogba??? Boselli Campbell

With 6.15 million left in the bank.

I quite like my defense and GK. Unless I hear that someone in there is injured or not starting, it's likely to remain.

I'm not comfortable with leaving that much money in the bank but don't have enough to upgrade Malouda to Lampard. Team will probably change again upon Ancelotti's press conference tomorrow.

It's great to be back and may all of us have a great season!


Anonymous said...

you could upgrade cole to malouda,
better line up at least...


Anonymous said...

or i could read your post....
work is sending my brain to mush...

Jon said...

@ bengoh

maybe upgrade Adam to either Valencia or Nani?

i understand the appeal of Adam, cheap and takes kicks, but either of these 2 Utd midfielders should (note SHOULD, not will!!) outscore him.

or why not upgrade Evans into Bale?

Assistant Manager said...

Hey Fidan! Nani should've been on there, I missed him by mistake, but you can vote for him via 'Other'

HarUtd said...

Whats wrong with P. Evra ???

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@HarUtd, Evra might be getting rested.

seems that The Fantasist has also set up his own blog leagues.
check his latest post...
the first 5 leagues are already full.

Assistant Manager said...

Looks like The Fantasist is using a lot of Jeremy & Neal's ideas combined with a couple of the new things I brought in last season and rolling them all in to his blog. This is no bad thing and it's good to see a lot more effort from Yahoo this year, the Official Blog should be of better quality than it was last season.

I'm even more keen for blog readers to add the [AM.Blog] tag to their team names this season as it would be great to see some of these team in the Top 10 when listed by The Fantasist each week!

Mark said...

The Fantasist lack of comments on the foreign games is puzzling. I wish he'd (they) would comment on why the French game is dead and the Serie A game seems to be the same way. Although Spanish Yahoo has a fantasy blog as well, it seemed pretty basic.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I have my [AM.Blog] tag.

perhaps they did not have the man power to operate all of those games in a timely manner...I remember them having problems with the games last season

cfcboss said...

joined the fantasist superleague 2, i noticed there's some fellow bloggers.

EVERYONE, but a tag after your team name. :)

anybody has a man u news about who's starting? want to get either nani or valencia, but never know who's playing for man u, besides rooney, vidic..

Anonymous said...

@cfcboss - Valencia is starting for sure because he's the natural Right winger for united. On the left wing you'll have to choose 1 of the 3...Nani/Giggs/Park. Previously I had assumed Nani had that spot nailed the way he finished last season but, with Park doing well in the WC and friendlies, now you just don't know. I'd assume the United line-up for their openning game would be something like this...

Valencia/Fletcher/Scholes or Gibson/Nani
Rooney/Berbatov or Chicharito


Anonymous said...

Welbeck signs for Sunderland on a one year loan. We can't catch a break, can we? Even after KJones left and I was sure Campbell starts vs Brum, they have to bring anoter striker. Do you think he'll start? I don't think he'll play on the wings with Reid and Malbranque playing, so he must play as a striker. If he plays. A day and a half to go and it's not getting any easier...


AdmiraLord Nelson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


I don't think he'll start the first match. He might come in as a substitute but I really doubt he'll start.
5 or 10 games in, I see him starting if he performs well.


joshtottenham said...

Lampard or Rooney? Not really convinced by either...

Anyone else picking a cheap front three?

Ive got Chicarito (ridiculous name), Boselli and Kalou and I am unconvinced that the first and last will be starters.

Anonymous said...

@ Joshtottenham

I have picked rooney and lampard both. They're my only big cash players. Hope they bag at least one.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting Gerrard and Kuyt, plus 3 cheap strikers chicarito bosseli campbel. Since i couldn't make up my mind, i decided to try something quite different. d.ghost is back

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Fantasist Super Leagues still open as of 11:30 GST...

Super League 6
" " 7
" " 9

join quick, chance to win prizes!

Saul said...

Check out "The Week Ahead" at Jeremy&Neal's blog, great read...

Fidan said...

Guys a quick and short pole of my own :P

a) Kirk


b) Kirk

I need some quick votes as I don't have enough time to toy with my team and I'm travelling on saturday...!!!
Thnx in advance

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bale injured? Now i'm really worried of picking bale for 13 pts on the first week and he's injured.


MBS said...

I need some help here guys :S

I don't know who to pick, Carew or Albrighton... Albrighton seems like a very gook pick but the fact that nobody mentions him here makes me a little insecure.

So my question would be: Which is more likely to happen?

To get 8.5 points from JCarew or
5.5 points from Albrighton
(with their price converted in poins)

Any Ideas???

Eric said...

Hmmm starting to have that last minute itch again.





Ban said...

Problem for N'Zogbia owner!!

Loss him or get him?

Anonymous said...

bale injured? where did you hear this Dark?

Bayu E. Putra Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Not sure if he's going to start for 13 pts..sigh..~


Anonymous said...

Not taking chances with Bale, so.....

Here's my Final 11


Larsson, M.Petrov, J.Cole, Essien,Gerrard

Boselli, C.Jerome

Comment please??


Anonymous said...

Not taking chances with Bale, so.....

Here's my Final 11


Boateng, L.Baines, R.Johnson

Larsson, M.Petrov, J.Cole, Essien,Gerrard

Boselli, C.Jerome

Comment please??


Mr D said...

Fantastic week for me.

9 goals in total

Bale (2) Walcott(3) Cahill(1) Malouda(1) Chamakh(1) Drogba(3 assists) Foster(penalty save) Sagna(cleansheet + assist) Faubert(assist)

Fraizer Campbell did nothing for me though and Silva to go.

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