Saturday, 21 August 2010

Week 2 - My Team + Blog Team

DISASTER - I'd written the "Week 2 - My Team" post this morning before I went out, but I never save my team until around 15 minutes before the deadline just in case there are any last minute changes and I decide to keep has backfired spectacularly this week as when I returned home my internet went down for 20 minutes and didn't come back up until it was too late. I was therefore unable save my changes, and I'm left with a team containing a number of players I didn't want.

The team I am stuck with is Jussi (didn't want him), Bale, Faubert, Kolorov (injured), Adam (didn't want him), Malouda, D.Jones (didn't want him), Alrighton, Petrov, Drogba, Kalinic

That was my barndoor team from last Sunday which has £9m still in the bank, and it's missing 4 players I had unsaved on my team page - Foster, Vermaelen, Cahill & Chamakh.

I went to the effort of writing my initial team post, so you may as well read it, but I feel it was a complete waste of all the effort I put in to the blog this week, I'm really gutted but need to just get on with it now and hope the damage is limited...somehow I doubt it seeing as I have ZERO Arsenal players and ZERO Everton players.

This is the post I had written for the team I was MEANT to have....

Faubert  Vermaelen  Bale

Malouda  Albrighton  Cahill  M.Petrov

Kalinic  Drogba  Chamakh

Wow, this week was tough. I was really torn on a number of decision this week, but above is the team I settled on, as I look to improve on last week's 73 points (yes - Yahoo have finally sorted out the midweek points glitch).

Last week a lot of teams were similar, with the only real difference between 60-70 points & 90-100 points being your decision on Rooney or Drogba. This week I deliberately did more work producing a larger list of players in my weekly recommendations to give more choice to blog readers and I'm hoping we'll start seeing a bit more variety from here onwards

Foster in goal meant I already had the Birmingham clean sheet covered, so I decided to go with Faubert over Carr as my cheap defender. Bale was always staying after his flying start last weekend and Vermaelen comes in despite his high price because he's so damn dangerous at the Emirates.

Malouda was a no-brainer, and I barndoored Albrighton as I expect him to continue his exciting start to the season at Newcastle. I needed at least 1 Everton player at home to Wolves, so decided that man would be Tim Cahill - although he makes me nervous as if he doesn't score it'll probably be minus points), and my final midfield slot goes to Martin Petrov despite a disappointing 5 points last week...I have a bit of a hunch about him.

I think everyone who reads the blog will have Drogba this week, and I imagine around 90% will also have Chamakh who has a great chance to open his Arsenal account today. I was really happy with these 10 player's but I only had 3.31 left to spend on my 11th, so was about to start rearranging....but then I realised I had barndoored Kalinic for 3.29 last week! That was a stroke of luck really, so I decided to keep him as a filler, with the bonus that 1 shot on target returns his value.
That completes my Week 2 team, and I'm quite pleased with it - I definitely think all 11 players should play which is the first thing you need to try do. Players who nearly made it Howard, Carr, Djourou, Dorrans, Larsson, Walcott, Balotelli & expect all to do well!

Now on to The Blog Team, picked mainly by Mike & Hans this week (thanks guys) with the results of the poll used as our base...


Bale  Faubert  Carr

Dorrans  Adam  Malouda  Albrighton

Drogba  Chamakh  Balotelli

It was a disappointing start for the blog team last week, so lets hope things improve in Week 2.

Now, to do your stuff on the barndoor you need to know what lies ahead in Week 3, and the good news is there are loads of teams with nice fixtures, meaning lots and lots of choices.

Spurs face Wigan at White Hart Lane (9-1 last season), while Man Utd & Chelsea are both at home, facing West Ham & Stoke respectively. Liverpool play West Brom at Anfield and Arsenal travel to Blackburn and will probably have Fabregas and Van Persie fit to play 90 minutes. Those  are the teams I'll be focusing on, with maybe a sneaky glance at Man City players (Balotelli?) as they go to Sunderland.

That's it - please let me know what you think of the two teams above and what you settled on for Week 2! Who's interesting you on the barndoor for Week 3?

This has never happened before in all the seasons of playing this game - total f**cking nightmare!

Oh well, shit happens...good luck to all :)



Conswaila said...

Dats a disaster AM
Maybe it will work for the better

Wat u think

mudwalkerz said...

Foster - Verm - Bale - Jara - Adam - Albrighton - Dorrans - Henderson - Arteta - Drogba - Carroll

Hope it turns out somewhat ok for you AM...
And perhaps unwillingly.. but I guess you, pDax and me are about the only living souls on earth, besides blackpool supporters, that hope shamakh will not do well just yet. ;)

Anonymous said...

bad luck AM.. I was just looking at your team in blog league and was wondering why do you still have kolarov in there!? But you never know, maybe it all comes good in the end!


Dave said...

Oh no AM!! Sorry to hear that. Hope your pick that remained, which aren't so bad really, do very well for you. Don't forget that Bolton beat Hammers twice last year IIRC and have not lost ot them in 6 matches - there is hope ;)

I like Gerrard next week, and Bale, though I will be watching Spurs closely this week to see who plays, with all the injuries. Someone like Kranjcar can really step up right now.

DJ PIGG said...

Oh no! What a disaster, AM! Still, it's early in the season... plenty of time to make up any points you might lose.

My team:

Bale, Carr, Verm
FloMo, Albrighton, Adam, Ward
Drogba, ChamWow, Kalinic

I'm not overly pleased with the team but with Bale, Verm, FloMo & Drogs all must-haves, I didn't have much of a budget for the other seven players!

Anonymous said...

I really feel for you, Nik, but if it's only 4 players (and those who are not so important like Drogba or Malouda) I'm sure you can handle this during the entire season. I was actually quite amazed to see that the team that you wanted differs from mine by only 3 players:

Bale Vermaelen Faubert
Malouda Albrighton Larsson Walcott
Drogba Kalinic Chamakh


P.S: If you could publish a link for the The Blog Team's page I would be very happy, because I'm in your first group which doesn't contain that team.

khong-ten said...

The next time you go to the team early on is not? Too late I do not see it!

Birty said...

That's tough mate. But I'm sure its happened to all of us. Like last year when I accidentally sold Bale when I had him at like 5 - I was trying to barndoor through my phone on the way home from watching a game.

Apart from AK-13 who may still play, none of the choices are bad ones. Also, why couldn't Kolarov have #47?

Alper said...

soory for you Nik, I hope you will do better as far as you can...

pk all stars said...

unlucky am .it maybe worth you finding out if there is a internet shop near were you live in case this happens again
last year i had to work every saturday so finalised my team on friday evenings. i still finshed in top 500 teams.i dont think you lose that much by finalising on friday.

Anonymous said...

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Raconteur said...

Sorry to hear about your squad confirm problems AM. Happened to me a couple of times last year, either forgot to save, or internet went down, and once due to a hangover :D. A few times it actually worked out ok, so fingers crossed for you.

Spam? Your blog must be getting pretty popular if you're attracting spammers!

Thanks for keeping up the blog, it's my regular read, along with Neal & Jeremys, although I tend to find myself agreeing with your insight more.

Bradley said...

Oh dear. My sympathies AM with your plight. Kolarov won't play, but maybe the rest will work out.

My team:

Bale Carr Steinsson
Malouda Albrighton Dorrans Arteta
Chamakh Kalinic Drogba

I'm worried I don't have more Gunners. Traditionally I have trouble picking the right ones, but with all the injuries and the usual evasive Wenger-speak, Arsenal's line-up had me more flummoxed than usual. Arteta's my Fabregas substitute, so hopefully he'll come through for me.

Anonymous said...

My team:

Bale Faubert Distin
Petrov Silva Adam Malouda
Drogba Chamakh Saha

Birty said...

Two for Bale now. You should get extra points for a finish like that second one.

Also, my last minute tinkering was to take Walcott out. Last week it was to take Milner out. If anyone wants to win some money - or get some points - next week I shall be removing Nani at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

same thing happen to me AM! i went out with friends and forgot too save changes my team first.. i want foster/verm/barton/chamakh but now i stay with hart/faubert/wallcot/adam.. really don't want faubert and adam.. the only thing good now, wallcot scored the first goal for arsenal.. just lets see what happen next, whether it's disaster for me or things will work out..


Anonymous said...


Bojan said...

After fantastic 39 points in 1st week i am around 70 000th overall...

My week 2 team:


Verm Distin Johnson(Birmingham)

Eth Arsh Brunt Arteta Walcott

Chamack Piquionne

P.S. This Bale-guy is crazy... 2nd goal was fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

I replace T.Walcot with T.Cahill, someone remind me not to do sumn like that again. d.ghost

Anonymous said...

@AM - I guess the Jussi pick doesn't seem so bad now, right? :)

Best of luck,

Bradley said...

PK conceded by Steinsson. Great. Looks like that hole I started digging last week is getting deeper. Bolton had better keep that CS, or I'm screwed.

Thank god for Bale.

[SAI] said...

Foster saved pen, 2x pts
Zigic and Chamakh are too bad T-T

Anonymous said...

AM your 4 unsaved player did played well ...ditch some points out of something...bad luck 4 u

Anonymous said...

damn the close to my first clean sheet...ah least its no kirkland

glory for bale. and chamakh finally came thru.

Anonymous said...

I am quite pleased with my final selection:

Malouda-M Petrov-Walcott-Scholes

Last minute stayed with Walcott!


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how Mark Davies of Bolton did today ? Any assists ? I'm trying to BD either him or mikel..I'd rather have Davies considering he's an attacking mf..

Benjamin Wang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Benjamin Wang said...

Sorry about the bad luck AM, it will happen to all of us sooner or later, nothing much we can do we the internet goes down.

Benjamin Wang said...

"when the internet goes down...." Typo

Anonymous said...

vermaelen clean sheet, goals for cahill and chamakh, penalty save for foster..ouch AM..thats gna leave a mark


greginho said...

hey all
my team is
ben foster
bale/ dann/ clarke
silva/ malouda/ larsson/ walcott
chamakh/ kalinic/ drogba

so that is a good week so far for me.
7 goals walcott 3, bale 2, chamakh, malouda
3 assists drogba 2, larsson
1 penalty save

my 7 year old son had:
7 goals walcott 3, bale 2, chamakh, malouda
2 assists sagna, van persie
1 clean sheet sagna

Anonymous said...

correction 4 assists for the drog

Anonymous said...

good day guys!

can somebody explain to me on Barn Door stuff?
Let say I want to BD walcott & sell M.Petrov, will I loss my Petrov point for this week? I wanted to do this before Walcott price rise up!

Looking forward to the opinion..thanks


Anonymous said...

MySL if you drop Walcott for Petrov now you will still get Petrovs points this week since you team for this week is already locked so go ahead and make the switch


SK said...

@MySL - You will not lose M.Petrov's points. Once the deadline is over, any changes you make will not affect the current gameweek, so you will not lose Petrov's points nor will you gain Walcott's. So if you sell/buy Petrov/Walcott and save your team changes before Walcott's price jumps, you will be able to buy him at the cheaper price (which is 8.63 right now).

Anonymous said...

@C-Hawk : thanks for the info..i'm quite new to this game.. =)

@SK: thanks long the BD period will occur?


SK said...

@MySL - Yahoo is very inconsistent. Sometimes they add the player's points and adjust the player's prices fairly quickly (less than an hour) while other times they may take even more than a day. There is also often a small window after Yahoo adds the players points before the prices change as well.

Dave said...

While I was checking in to YFF to check for points, I decided to scan the leaderboard line-ups. Interestingly, only 2 of the top 50 had Walcott this week, and only 3 had Arshavin. Quite a few (nto worth counting LOL) held Bale, which is not surprising, and Chamakh was well represented on the leaderboard. Elmander popped a up several times.

But what shocked me a little was how many "top 50" teams were holding players that were injured. And not "50/50 to start" type players, I mean guys that all match previews listed as being crocked and definitely set to miss out - Defoe, Nasri, Modric, and a quite a few teams opted for real pieces of junk in order to accommodate several expensive players.

Well, it IS only week 2, so we can expect plenty of movement in the rankings. And there is lots of time left to climb up the leaderboard.

AM - I'm glad that Jussi made many saves and stopped a PK too. While your "nearly men" did OK, I think you may have squeaked enough points to limit the damage/lost points.

Dave said...

AM (and all), let me recount you a YFF story, hopefully it makes you feel a little better.

I am something of a YFF addict and all my friends know it, and we have a great time in our group. We're competitive, talk trash, all do the barn-door business, etc. The roster deadline is 7AM my time, so I am usual awake with 30mins to spare, checking any last minute injury news and making potentially bad last minute switches of players. So one morning two seasons ago, my internet connection crapped out with 1/2 hour to go and my line-up was incomplete - only 9 players in there!! I had never confirmed the final moves for whatever reason. Panic set in!! Nothing worse than scoring a goose egg in one week. I tried re-booting my computer. Nothing. I fiddled with the modem, etc, nothing. Call tech help. Nothing. Dammit, what to do?? I pondered calling a YFF buddy to make my changes for me, but thought it a tad rude to ring him up at 6:30 in the morning LOL. Then it dawned on me...

I hopped into my car and sped off to may parents' house, which is 7 minutes away. There are no internet cafes in my area, so this seemed like a good (desperate) option LOL. It is worth mentioning that due to the obvious urgency, I neglected to change out of my pajamas and just threw on a long coat to get in the car, along with flip-flop sandals. I must have looked like a flasher or some kind of creep LOL. I had a harried 7 minute drive to sort out the 2 or 3 moves I needed to make, and of course under this pressure, I could not recall prices or match-ups.

I screech into the driveway, jam the key in the door and head for their computer. My parents being retired, it should not have surprised me, but they were awake at 6:45 in the morning on a Saturday LOL. Coffee + a crossword LOL. I scampered up the stairs and yelled "Can't talk, soccer pool emergency, Dad!!". They have an idea about the YFF stuff, so it may not have been a big deal, but still they found it odd and were confused as to why I was there. I tried to explain it while I logged in. I got mad at them for not having my YFF site bookmarked. OK, I didn't, but I thought it ;) I made a couple of rash moves and hit 'confirm' with just a minute or two to spare, safe in the knowledge that I would at least get SOME points even if it was not my ideal, more thought-out roster I wanted.

I wish I could save these frantic picks all scored goals or has superior performances, but they were unremarkable, and I don't even remember who it was. I am pretty sure that one or two did not even play (see...without my typical pre-game last minute injury checking...). I ended up winnign my group that year, and my "dedication" (YFF craziness??) helped LOL.

So I hope that illustrates that even bad YFF scenarios can still play out well over the long haul. I won't even tell you about the time I was in Cuba for a vacation and racked up a $130 international cell phone bill from the beach, trying to get a friend to fix my line-up for me.

Anonymous said...

Bale has 5 target shots and 2 goals (one of them is the victory goal) .LOL!!

Anonymous said...

um..whats with the prices of all the players..i think walcott's actually went down..

MPFC/KPM said...

Actually it looks like all the players' prices have reverted to prior to Week 1 levels. Kind of a reverse barn door in certain circumstances. Some real Yahoo problems this year.

MPFC/KPM said...

So if anyone wants to buy Drog, Bale, Malouda etal at their opening season prices, go ahead and jump on it. Bale will probably be up to 19 or so when Yahoo finally gets their act together. Unfortunately I already had them at their opening day prices, but I did do some other shopping just now.

MPFC/KPM said...

BTW, hope I don't piss anybody off by pointing the double barn door situation. It is what it is, and until Yahoo pulls their proverbial head out of their proverbial hindquarters, we are going to see this wacky stuff over and over again. Thought I would help out all the blog folks since this is a community of sorts (IMO).

Anywhooo....happy bargain shopping ladies and gentlemen.

Saul said...

All good MPFC - You said it, we are a community!

afif-here said...

thanks for the barndoor post really helped me out

Anonymous said...

So what's good? I have about 2 points of value, I would surrender in Berbatov if I trade.

I do have a choice between:
A. Berbatov and Albrightson or

B Kalinic and Milner

Or should I try for Ireland instead of Milner and trade Walcott for Valencia?
Current team,
ben foster
Bale/ Carr/ Koscielny
Silva/ Malouda/ walcott/ Albrightson
Chamakh/ Berbatov/ Drogba


Crazylegs! said...

Dave love the story mate!

I have had a couple of emergencies over the years playing this damn game, I won't bore all with the details, but looking back is sometimes embarrasing!

Sorry you flaked it AM and hope you get yourself back on track again..

joshtottenham said...

MPFC, brilliant, it is now pointless that I kept Adam at a discount through a particularly tough week.... I've been playing this for 5 years and I can't remember it being this unreliable before.

joshtottenham said...

Also, those of us who picked Bale, Malouda et al early have no price benefit on those who jump on the bandwagon two games later. Annoyed.

Nour said...

very Annoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyed

Anonymous said...

Nour and Josh
I had Bale, Chamak, Malouda and Drogs and Berbatov- and held all of them plus Adam for two weeks and now I am kinda back to July. Only Berbs and Foster kept any value. This YFF is kind of irritating.

<My first time-- is FABs worth carrying a Def Mid at 3.00 or should I try for some balance with Milner and Albrighton.?? Thanks. GS

Nour said...

milner is a little expensive while there are more cheaper options that can score decent points.
for Albrighton, lets see what will he do tomorrow

Saul said...

For week 3 I'll be looking at Hart, Dempsey, Gerrard, Berbatov, Defoe,'s all about Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Fulham for the easiest schedules. There are some bargains to be had in those teams such as Gera and Scholes.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo.... what a joke. Last year I had huge success as I got Drogba, Varmalen, RoJo and later Bale early before their prices skyrocketed holding the discount to gain ca$h on the competition.... this year; having Bale, Malouda, Drogba, and Adam early has done nothing for me as now EVERYONE knows these are must have players and will pay the same.... C'MON YAHOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish google would take this game over; this has become a joke.

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of being sour we should consider the wide open doors of the past 2 weeks as official recognition of bard dooring as a valid YFF tactic. It seems fairer now that even casual players can BD with time to spare.

Mike B said...

Nah let's be sour :P

It is annoying, i was picking my team, saved a load of changes and in the process my goal keeper went up by 2 million!

I think that the prices won't be corrected untill the next points update, so if this keeper plays a blinder tomorrow morning and get's alot of points, there's no chance of getting him back, at the cheap price he should be at now!

Can next weekend be normal please Yahoo?

bean said...

@Mike B - which goalkeeper went up?

bean said...

it will be intersting to see how much the player prices jump once the points are updated. will they be adjusted based on their "new" prices or will they adjust based on their "real" prices (the ones with all the discounts from last week)?

couple observations from saturday's games:

wolves are hacks, no offense to wolves fans, but they got away with so many cheap fouls. the referee was terrible in that match. i'm keeping an eye out for set piece/penalty takers from whoever plays wolverhampton.

everton were unlucky to not come away with a win, but i thought arteta looked a bit off. also, i thought beckford was pretty worthless, not sure why saha didn't get the start. and where's the Yak?

i was also unimpressed with Chamakh. He seemed pretty off. Walcott was great, don't think I've ever seen him play so well.

Guy said...

Hard luck AM but at least it shows that your judgement was good. The players you didn't want will have gained some points so it could have been much worse. At least you still had 11 players!
I'm pretty annoyed about the price thing. There has always been a sort of blip, normally at the 12.00 cut-off time, when player prices seem to move back a bit so I suppose this is basically the same thing. My decision to stick with Hart in goal this week because he'd never be as cheap again looks poor now. After Kirkland I didn't like the look of the cheap keepers, but with Jussi, Foster and Carson all doing well I've probably lost out there, and now anyone who wants Hart for next week gets him at the same price I have him anyway.
The only saving grace is that if I'd freed up cash I might not have gone with Walcott :D

Staffer84 said...

Morning guys,
My team for this week:


This is the best week I've ever had for now with 9 goals scored and 4 players to go! I really hope to break the 10 bar. Good luck to all and thank you AM for the fantastic blog and keep your head up - I know you will make it up!


Gasper said...

Best week in my YFF so far.
I had:
Theo (3), Bale (2), Elk (2), Mal (1), Cham (1) and Cahill (1). So i have 10 goals, probably a couple of asist and a Verm CS. Top 50 of the week here I come :)

Documentary said...

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Anyway, blog is great. Good luck!

Munafix said...

i feel like a fool for not having Bale on my team. :(

Anfield Road FC said...

No Bale, Drogba or Malouda for me but my gamble on Newcastle has more than made up for it with Enqirue, Nolan, Barton and Carroll.

Rooney probably not playing today isn't even bothering me too much in my current mood!

Bale, Malouda and Drogba BD'd for next week :o)

L'Orange Noir said...

Ok, so I traded out Walcott on Friday for Carroll.

This time yesterday I felt sick. Now I'm completely at a loss!

Should be quite a good week for me in the end.

Anonymous said...

I should trust my instinct to put carrol & barton ahead of kalinic & petrov! what a miss! they were stud in home game..


Lee B said...

I can't believe this week.

Started with 98 points last week for a top 2k start and this week wow....

Already had Drog, Malouda, Bale and Chamakh; added Walcott and wait fot it.... Carroll.
Foster saved a pen, bit of a shame about the young villa winger albrighton. I went for Brunt over Dorrans coz he scored 13 goals last year.

Anyways, thanks to AM and the rest of the regular posters, I could quite easy be in the top 50 this week.

BD team for this week.
Bale, Skrtel and O'shea
Malouda, albrighton, walcott and adam
Drog, Chamakh and Carroll.

I see clean sheets for ManU, Spurs, Chelski and Lpool. Chelsea's next 3-4 games are all easily winnable so I won't be moving out Drog and Mal.
Carroll's a revalation so he'll be staying but i'm looking for a way to get in Torres coz he looked really sharp in midweek.

Anyway thanks again guys

Lee B (Realronaldo)

Anonymous said...

pretty good week for me too, i had drog, malouda, chamakh, bale, carroll and scholes. best week so far..only disappointment being my defense with goddamn ivanovic getting a yellow and being subbed. o shea also lost on the cs along with my gk howard.

Can't beat Lee B though, he had it all..lucky bastard..good call on walcott..I have him on BD


Anonymous said...

btw will Koscielny be back for Arsenals next game ? against Blackburn ? I'm unaware as to the rules surrounding red cards..


SK said...

Pretty amazing week. I got 2 hattricks in Walcott and Carroll, brace in Bale, and two other goals from Malouda and Chamakh. A CS and penalty save also nice, but I thought Verm would contribute more offensively, and since I considered Sagna instead, I might be a bit disappointed. With the Yahoo current pricing problem I hope Drogba scores at least 23-25 pts, because I would have downgraded to Anelka if I had him at full price. With Yaya Toure left, I think I'm realistically looking at 170+ points, which will be my best in this game for any single game week.

kwyjibo said...

So many goals this week to be had...if I had made the right picks. Argh! Only 4 goals for me. On a 'normal' week, my score would probably be not that bad, but it sounds like a lot of people got 5-10 goals this week. Congrats!

Only Balotelli to go, and he may not even play.

Anonymous said...

guys I need help !

who has a better chance of keeping a clean sheet ?

Jussi at home vs Birmingham ?


Harper away at Wolves ?

Please help !!

- Jake-o

Saul said...

Yes Koscielny back for Arsenal vs. Blackburn.

Anonymous said...

i think Koscielny will be back.he only banned for 1 match only.

wow for caroll and walcott.hattrick hero.
bit jealous to lee b and sk for having both of them.:)

hmm for next week which one better?
jussi or foster?


Anonymous said...

sweet I think I'm gonna wait for BD to close cuz if i'm right Koscielny's price should go down given his week one red.

Do correct me if i'm mistaken, and I would probably go for Jussi over Foster. I have good ol petr cech in goal for a miserly price of 11 :D


Anonymous said...

Yea bolton only conceded one away from home this week, saved a penalty as well. And birmingham conceded one at home, also a penalty save i think.

I was impressed by newcastle's performance against aston villa so maybe Harper ?

Anonymous said...

yeah i think i'll pick jussi.
playing at home should be an advantage for bolton.

chelsea probably go for another 6-0 victory next week.haha wondering how amazing it would be if that happen.


Anonymous said...

Would it be better for me to have Cech as my Gk or Terry as my defender ?

- Big Red

Anonymous said...

looks like 6-0 is this seasons new 3-0.

Im pretty torn between having either Jussi or Harper as my gk for next week. What do you guys say ? Whats Newcastle's chance of keeping a CS against the Wolves ?

- Steve

greginho said...

big red pick terry, goalies have little chance for fantasy points, just saves and chelsea is not giving up a lot of shots. if he gives up a late consolation goal, you are blessed with between -2 and 3 points. terry can get 5 or 6 points in fantasy easy, without a clean sheet.

Anonymous said...

@big red
yeah im having the same problem.
at the end of the day,i'll pick jussi as my gk n terry as my df.much cheaper.:)

jussi will play at home next week.
harper away.i think jussi is the better choice
but who knows.


greginho said...

i am keeping foster and trading out dann for oshea and a horrible last minute change to clarke. clarke's team gave up 6 goals, so he is gone for koscielny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. I shall heed the advice of my blog brothers.

- Big Red

MPFC/KPM said...

Any thoughts on Jussi vs. Stockdale? Fulham plays Blackpool on the road and it could be beneficial for Stockdale. Not sure where (if) Schwarzer fits into the picture.

Basically Jussi/Hangeland or

Thoughts please ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

@mpfc, I can see blackpool scoring at least one against Fulham, Jussi has a better chance of a CS at home so why not jussi/jt

um walcott is guaranteed 2 start next week given his hatrick right ? im a bit concerned given that both fabregas and rvp are likely to start..


Kellz said...

@Dime: From watching Arsenal's first two games Chamakh has starter as a central striker then pushed out wide to the flank with the introduction of RvP. This makes me think the right side wingers (Walcott/Eboue) are most at risk for being displaced. Fabregas shouldn't have any affect on Chamakh. But it definately something to watch and read about. Honestly I still think Wenger will introduce RvP and Fabs slowly and I can see a Walcott retaining his place v BBurn.

Anonymous said...

My fears exactly. Regardless, gna BD walcott and decide when the time comes.

Also, I didn't watch the arsenal game but I hear walcott screwed up his fair share of chances as well. I only had carroll on my team becuz i watched him against man u and saw him as a very potent goal threat.

Any tips on Walcotts chances of scoring against Blackburn ? Was he really that good against blackpool ? I always thought of him as an on again off again kinda player..not very dependable


SK said...

@Dimebag - I think a lot has to do with Blackpool and their lack of experience, but as an Arsenal fan, that was the best performance I saw from Walcott for at least a year. He was constantly a threat on the wings and repeatedly made great runs. Walcott isn't a good shooter or crosser, but he knew where to place the ball. Even if he keeps his form up, he won't score every game, but he should return at least his value from crosses, corners won, and SOT.

greginho said...

i don't want a 30 year old defender signing on to arsenal. squilacci may be very good, but is too old.

Saul said...

Wenger would be a fool not to start Walcott after his incredible game, he was by far their best player and all I know is if a player is on form, keep playing him...see Messi for Barca, played almost every game no matter opposition.

Saul said...

With Squilacci coming to Arsenal, does that mean Koscielny's spot is under threat?

Anonymous said...

I myself am pretty sure Walcott won't start against B'burn, and for several reasons. First of all, we know Wenger, and we know he's able to put someone who's on form on the bench just to prove a point that no player has a sure starting spot. Secondly, B'burn away isn't such a good match to play Walcott - it will be a very physical game with a lot of tackles, and we rarely see Walcott playing well in this kind of matches. Eboue, Chamakh and Rosicky are wingers that fit this match much better. Thirdly, B'burn are WAY better than Blackpool, especially at home, so Wenger might start with the entire Chamakh-Arshavin-RvP trio in order to win it, which means Walcott will be left out.
And about Squilacci - I really can't tell. We'll have to wait and see about that, so I'll avoid both of them unless there are any reports regarding who starts. Koscielny didn't really impress me in the season opener and on the pre-season, so Squilacci might have been brought as a starter - he's from a relatively big club like Sevilla and started several times for France - but his age might imply that he's actually a back-up. Anyway, it's for now a Stay-Away issue.


Saul said...

@SF - I see your point but even though are very physical, Walcott's speed and ability to draw more than one marker could be key to open up Blackburns stubborn defence.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory about the points, though I'm pretty sure it's wrong. Maybe the delay is intentional? I mean, after last week's match between Liverpool and Arsenal, the points were published in about half an hour, which is really quick, and right afterwards came the points for all the others. Maybe Yahoo are waiting for all of the games to end before showing the point, which SOME logic. Only a theory, a very weak one, but still.


Stevo said...

My line up for weekz 3 sofar


Balez, J.Enrique, Carr

Gerrard, Malouda, Petrov, Barton

Chamakh, Carrol, Elmander

5.5 mil left in the bank,

Should i Drop Foster for Friedel playing @home vs Everton (gonna be available @ 6-7mil after 0-6 nightmare)?

Elmader, Barton & Carrol was impresive so far, I think I gonna keep them for awhile

@Chamakh should I replace him with either Balotteli/Ngog/Heznandez/Pavlycheko?

Last but not least should I drop M.Petrov for DirkKyut or Arsavin or Duff?

Joshtottenham said...

haha, loving the love for walcott. All the uk papers are going on about how he's finally showing the quality he showed against Croatia for England. 2 years ago. There's another word for players who have one good game every 1-2 years: average. Also, it was against Blackpool....If Lennon and Walcott switched teams Walcott would never get a mention. Still, did my fantasy team the world of good.

Crazylegs! said...

Yep Walcott goes off on one and the world kisses his boots, Alan Hansen got it right on MOTD saturday evening!
He doesn't have a footballing brain and will always look good up against poor opposition, he never performs like that against the top clubs..
For me he is very average and Cappello knew that and left him at home..

Anonymous said...

Phew what a week! Gutted to miss out on Walcott but had most of the other big guns.

Bale Carr Faubert
Malouda Dorrans Albrighton Arshavin
Drogba Carroll Chamakh


greginho said...

yea lennon and wright-phillips showed how much better they are then walcott, by getting out played by the really tough midfields of USA, Algeria and Slovenia, but against Germany it was understood because Germany is a traditional powerhouse, featuring veterans at every level. oh wait Germany played all of their youngsters and dominated. the youngsters that capello chose were nowhere near in comparison.

Anonymous said...

heard french footie expert- phillip au clair say he expects squillaci to start ( over koscielny ) . can't see it myself as 8 or 9 mill for Kos is a lot for a reserve. certainly one to keep a very close eye on. squillaci's lack of match fitness may rule him out for bl'burn.


Anonymous said...

here's a link with those phil au clair quotes.


Anonymous said...

Lennon is a very good player but he has nowhere near the talent of Walcott, if Walcott hadn't had injury problems throughout last year he would have been in the squad ahead of Lennon. Walcott will be one of the best in the world within a few years, just ask Messi. Lennon is just another Wright Philips, an exciting player but that is all.

Anonymous said...

Then again messi rates j gutierrez as one of the best players in the epl. Footballing genius yes, but not quite on the mark with his ratings.

Anonymous said...

Walcott/ Mikel (or M. Davies)


Rosicky/ Silva (or Barton)

I hear rosicky had a pretty solid game and I always thought he was hard done by his injuries. That guy always had a lot of promise.


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