Thursday, 5 August 2010

Random Stuff

1. Jeremy & Neal are in the process of posting up their club-by-club previews (in alphabetical order - currently on Bolton) ahead of the new season, and they are bloody useful - I highly recommend everyone heads over to to have read.

2. Blog League 7 will be opened tonight at 7pm UK time, so if you don't yet have a space in a league yet then please make sure you check the blog for the details tonight or tomorrow morning. If that fills up then the final Blog League (8) will follow next week.

3. If you happen to be playing the Official Fantasy Premier League game this season (I'm sure many of you do as it seems to be the popular option for office leagues), then please join the AM Blog League using code 101159-129333. There are unlimited spaces.

4. Something a bit different - I've also set up an "I Know The Score" League, which is a Premier League prediction competition.. It shares registration with the official fantasy game mentioned above so you only need to register once.  Note there are only 50 spaces in a prediction mini-league and I will be giving out the code for this league along with Blog League 7 details tonight at 7pm UK time.

5. If you are a Facebook user, please join our Facebook Group!

6. My Week 1 - Player Picks post will be worked on over the next few days and will hopefully be ready early next week. I'm a lot busier with work nowadays, so finding the time is going to be a lot tougher this season...please bear with me.


p.s. Speaking of "Random Stuff", Liverpool to be owned by the Chinese government!?


Anonymous said...

nice one,i play both games so will join your premierleague fantasy football group. cheers for group 7,its crazy how quickly the other 6 filled up.

matt said...

need a little help with my team, whether its just any new player suggestions, or suggestions on what to do with my spare 10.34 and a midfield spot
currently on:

petrov/malouda/adam/ (space)

Mark said...

Speaking of random stuff...

For anyone interested, I setup a La Liga group for anyone interested. Several (19) have already joined up, still time to join (8/29 first games). There will be at least 1 Cup type competition as well during the year there (check the message board in the group).
ID: 371
PW: yahoo

Anonymous said...

Just waiting for Arsenal to sign a new keeper to go straight in to my team for the season! Fingers crossed they will!

bean said...

I found this interesting (from Soccernet):
"CIC is said to have assets of £209 billion, which would allay fears over the funding of the deal. The Times claims manager Roy Hodgson will be given £150 million to spend."
that's a nice chunk of cash if the deal were to go through in time, but certainly very strange for Liverpool would be partially owned by the Chinese government. I would guess that FIFA would have issues with that..

Anonymous said...

Just joined your BPL league. Will be interesting to see how we fare vis a vis yahoo

kwyjibo said...

Well, it just got harder to make changes as prices just went up and most transfers will now be at a loss...only one of my players didn't change, the rest went up from .01 to .1(Drogba).

This sucks, they didn't even play yet. Looks like I'm pretty much locked into my choices for now.

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