Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Week 1 - Monday

Just the one game on Monday night, as Manchester United ran out very comfortable winners over a Newcastle side who worked hard, but are going to struggle this season unless they can keep the ball...although Andy Carroll will prove a handful, especially at St James' Park

It finished 3-0 largely thanks to a Paul Scholes master-class, but in all honestly it should've been more had their finishing been sharper - I doubt Berbatov will have a better chance for an Old Trafford hattrick.

It was a match that cemented my decision to go with Wayne Rooney as a complete disaster; he failed to score and was subbed after just 60 minutes and 4 fantasy points. Had he scored one goal and gained maybe 15 points it would've certainly taken away some of the sting felt from Drogba's hattrick. But he didn't score, and to be honest he looked pretty damn poor all evening.

I find it amazing to see what's happened to Rooney over the past few months - last night he was clearly struggling to control the simplest of passes, his first touch was clumsy with the ball often bouncing 10 yards away from him, he's lost his burst of pace and his shooting was rushed and erratic. There were still glimpses of class, with his movement still a threat and some lovely flicks, but you can see he's currently battling some demons, either in his head or his body, or both. It was frustrating to watch him, not just because of YFF, but because I'm a football fan who knows what Wayne Rooney is capable of.

Anyway, I also had Valencia who won me a mediocre 5 points, while John O'Shea (who I thought had a shocker) got me the bare minimum 6 from his clean sheet. It was enough to lift me to 73.5 points for Week 1, upto 15,000th overall, not exactly what I was aiming for but I guess it could've been worse.

My barndoor team is more-or-less the same, although I brought in Carroll for Chamakh just to give myself the option. As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, he will cause defenders problems (he should've scored his header when losing Vidic at 0-0), especially when Newcastle play at home with 55,000 Geordie fans behind them, and he seemed full of confidence to take shots on. Saying that, I doubt I'll keep him for Week 2.

Let's leave it there for now - let me know how you ended Week 1...pleased or disappointed? Who came in on the barndoor? Plans for Week 2?


p.s. If you missed out on the blog leagues we've had 2 drop-outs, so there is now a space in League 5 and League 6...be quick!


Anonymous said...

I scored 80.5 points by the end of the weekend and went up to 9185th. Rooney was horrible, but Evans proved to be a wise pick with 10.5 points. I'm still quite angry at Yahoo for not giving Etherington his assist points, but that isn't such a big deal anyway.
I've changed almost my entire team ahead of week 2, keeping only Malouda, Chamakh and Kolarov. Malouda, because he's great and plays Wigan. Chamakh, because he's a striker and plays Blackpool (at least I hope he plays). And Kolarov, because he's probably the best value for money right now in the game if he recovers from his injury and makes it.
I'm still not going all-in on ManU and Arsenal, even though they have good match-ups. They both showed their talent this weekend, but also looked completely not sharp. I brought in the only one who looked sharp from these two and that is Nasri. Of course, Chamakh is also in.
Now there are the obvious choices - we all have to have such choices - in Drogba, Albrighton (where did they hide him?!) and Bale. Kalinic is in for his price and Howard is in for his solid home match-up with Wolves. I'm afraid of Everton's usual form at the starts of seasons, but I still can't really ignore him when he's under 8mil. Roger Johnson and Larsson complete my team, but they're both the most likely to go. I still can't count on Brum. Larsson looked good, and he has a better chance of staying, Roger is just a temporary solution.

Kolarov Bale RJohnson
Malouda Albrighton Nasri Larsson
Chamakh Kalinic Drogba



Anonymous said...

i scored a miserable 60 points -- my worst start ever to a season, especially after the decision not to get drogba and the decision to have kirkland in goal. i had 5 players with less than 2 points (Figueroa, Ivanovic, Chamakh, Campbell, and Bardsley who in the end didnt play).
that said, my current team is incomplete. at the moment i have cech, bale, lennon, malouda and drogba at their week 1 prices. i also have Nasri, Chamakh, and A. Cole (who i stupidly forgot to BD).


DeviLxDeviL said...

79.50 points so far with 9, 966 overall rank. I'm quite happy with my points as there plenty of manager who scores below 50 and let's hope next week will be a better week for AM.Blog manager.

BD Foster, Fabs, Dorrans, Chamakh and Kalinic. I think Fabs will start and RVP will come in 2nd half. Anyway i don't like Kalinic this week but he is dirt cheap. I predict Chelsea, Brums, Spurs, Villa will get CS. But against Newcastle with huge supporters i just don't know whether Villa can keep their CS.

Team ATM:

Clark Carr Bale
Flomo Albrighton Dorrans Cecs
Drogs Kalinic Chamakh

Anonymous said...

hoping too break 100 points after last night, but valencia performance can just get me to 99 points. but, i think it's quiet okay considering not a great week for all of us..

BD team:

with 4.05 left.

my def probably will stay, as also malouda and drogba and i also want at least 1 player from arsenal.

with fab4 probably back, i'm considering to sneak him into the team but first i have to downgrade my keeper to carson then also swaping campbell with kalinic. so i don't know if i can do that after kirk's disaster.

the other option is maybe i can just upgrade adam or albrighton. swap hart with foster to get more cash.


p/s : robinho is in the game. where's balotelli?

Anonymous said...

One obvious AM.BLOG in the top 50. "Can $$$ Buy Success?"

shadowgex said...

who do you think is a better combo next week?

fabregas + mikel

arteta + rodwell

total about 21.5

cfcboss said...

i'm pleased with my 105 points.
for next week i like the value of saha, nobodys mentioning him at 8.85 vs wolves, could be a bargine, as does cahill & arteta.
getting arteta is issue, got to drop bale, if i'll want to get arteta.

cfcboss said...

mikel or either rodwell is not a starter, so i'd go with arteta + silva.

Saul said...

107 pts!!! Things worked out and I'm happy about it. My goal was to reach the 500 mark(551 currently) and I've already accomplished that in the 1st week...so week 2 100th place here I come lol.

My groups My rank
Fans of Man United .........112/36428
AM Blog League 1 ...........2/100
The Twilight Zone 3D .......3/35
AM chatroom regulars .......2/90
Beat the Bloggers 5 ........1/99
Fantasist Superleague 4 ....4/100

Looking forward to having a very competitive season, and meeting new fellow bloggers, friends in this community. My week 2 team currently...


I'm thinking about going for Harper in goal to free up cash and upgrade cahill to Arteta. What do you think? Good luck to all in week 2 and cheer up if you've had a bad week, the season's long!!! Cheers to the beautiful game!

Anonymous said...

finished the week with 97.50 at 1794 position thanks to Drogba, Malouda, Evans, Bale and Adam all scoring double digits, though Kirkland, Joe Cole, Koscielny, Kolarov and Javier Hernandez disappointed.

Brought in Foster, Silva, Faubert, Saha and Chamakh for Kirkland, Koscielny, Hernandez, Joe Cole and Evans so far.

Kolarov Bale Faubert
Malouda Silva MPetrov Adam
Drogba Chamakh Saha

Eric said...

I ended up swapping Drogba out for Rooney last minute in fear of Chelsea resting him. We all know how that turned out lol. Finished the week with 67.5 pts.

Week 2 Team so far:

Bale, Kolorov, Carr
Malouda, Adam, Arteta, Rodwell?
Drogba, Chamakh, Kalinic

Having a hard time so far finding a good balance. I guess I had just gotten used to having Bale for so cheap last year.

In goal I'm eyeing T.Howard, but not sure how I can fit him in. Arteta is a bit of a hunch, and Everton has a good matchup vs Wolves. Rodwell I probably won't keep. If I can afford to I may switch him to Wilshere, or maybe Dorrans.... or Silva. Just need to find that cash somewhere!

How is everyone else shaping up for Week 2?

Eric -(Cesc in the City)

LuDa said...

I'm new to this game and I will truly appreciated if someone can explain to me the concept of "Barn Door".

Anonymous said...

what about barton?? i didn't see the game.. is he taking the free kicks and corners?

mags said...

my throw away team did 121 points even having zeros from Hitz and Kosc and barely points from Kola, Silva, and Hernandez!
My main team got 89.5 with Kirk and J.Cole (both are dead to me!) Sitting at 4141 and hope to move up this week!
Main Team right now is
Hart (while I like THo this week I think Hart has the better matchups through September)
I dropped Malouda to upgrade Kirk and pick up Bale. We will see if that haunts me.

Birty said...

I'm off the bottom of the blog league #1 in part by the inspired choice of Fletcher who has always been my security blanket, he always gets 7+ when I pick him. I've decided not to do any messing with my team on friday or saturday because I messed it up last week unless i get some injury news.

Foster, Bale, Heitenga, Luke Young, Walcott, Arteta, Flo-Mal, Albrighton, Holden, chamakah, zigic.

bad first 30 mins for Spurs AM, still its not a surprise that they've been found out. I heard that Arsene Wenger / Mark Lawrenson / Alan Shearer spent the last few days with Young Boys.

Anonymous said...


If a player performs well you can bring him in to your team for the following week before the points are updated, and only pay current price.

e.g. Boselli is priced @ 6.39 at the moment - if he scores twice vs Blackpool his value will likely jump to around £10m-£12m, but if you see he's scored during/just after the game and don't have him in your team you can quickly buy him for Week 2 at 6.39. You usually have a 2 hour window depending on how quickly Yahoo update the points/values. You don't get his Week 1 points but you save a huge amount on buying him at full price for Week 2.

I need to know when I draft in a player (for instance - in this case Boselli, by selling Kalou) on the barndoor, should I also 'confirm team changes', or leave it there just as it is?
And if I do confirm team changes, doesn't it then affect the fluctuations in my other players' market prices?
Say, I had Lampard, Kalou and Bale, amongst others, in my team for Week 1. Upon bringing in Boselli for Kalou on the barndoor, and confirming team changes, will it have no impact on the points earned by Lampard and Bale, or even changes in the market prices of these players? Will it not affect my 'Available Funds' situation?

AM - you should provide a link to an explanation of the barndoor somewhere prominent.
PS - Young Boys!! Shocking!


Anonymous said...

On Paul Scholes' "master class"-- Yahoo awards his effort a whopping 4.00 points--- which ties for 11th place on the MAN team for the match. He was named MOTM and given bonus stars, raves in the press, etc.

On the FPL Fantasy game, Scholes tied for second with 11 points out of ALL midfielders who played this week-- what's that 2nd out of about 100 MF who played.

Is there a teachable moment here? I just have to realize YFF is just an inexact game-as all FF are- the categories are clear and Scholes 5.00 value reflects that. So "them's the rules". Fine by me. Just a bit strange that the YFF system doesn't recognize a great effort. This has to be close to the worst example of that.

I am a first time player.

Patrick said...

My first draft.. comments?
Vermaelen, Bale, Carr
Malouda, Nasri, Rodwell, Albrighton
FCampbell, Chamakh, Drogba (.19 left)

Carr and Howard b/c, well... they couldn't possibly have two terrible weeks in a row (could they??) and they were cheap. I BD'd Albrighton, Drogba, Chamakh, and Malouda. I'm counting on the real Blackpool to show up at Arsenal, Everton to thrash Wolves, Bham and Fulham to stand up at home to Bburn and ManU, respectively. Wigan/Chelsea is going to be a let-down for a lot of people, but Drogba/Malouda will still take care of business in a 2-0 win.

kwyjibo said...

Silly question, but, where does Yahoo get their statistics from? They've got some obscure stats like 'Last Ditch Tackle', or 'Pass Intercepted', etc. What is their source?

The reason I ask is because I wanted to create a Fantasy Football league as a programming exercise, but I have no idea where or how to get the stats to actually do it. Not to mention track every player from every team on a weekly basis.

There has got to be some sort of stats API that Yahoo uses. Of course, my feeling is that it's not free, in which case that would kill my project idea, anyway...

...just thought I'd ask...

Guy said...

@GS There are many examples in the FPL game where a player basically gets points only for the amount of time he played. At least in Yahoo there are more ways of scoring points than just by scoring or assisting a goal or getting the bonus (I may be wrong but I think that only gets awarded to players on the winning side, and only to three players per match anyway). The trouble with Scholes is that he tends to accumulate yellow cards and fouls, which all chip away at his points. In Yahoo you tend to find that players who regularly get close to goal - either by shooting or by crossing into the box - will score best. Of course it tends to be those who score the most goals who score the most points, so Drogba scored most in both games, but in Yahoo you'll see wide attacking players doing really well who don't do nearly as well in FPL.
It's my 5th year playing and my worst start - 54 points for 41,000+. But I'm not downhearted yet and certainly hope I don't start making panic picks. For the first few weeks there will be plenty of 'lucky' teams around making inspired picks, but in time you'll see some familiar names making their way to the top. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Still, 150th place (my last year's finish) looks a very long way off.

Saul said...

mags - Although I like your anticipated thinking, Man City have Liverpool next week. Hart has a tough test vs. Man City away and I think THo would be the best premium keeper. I, and we who have been in this game for long, have realized that the best way to go is to choose keepers week in week our, depending on match-ups. O'Shea and Wilshire would be a gamble, with AW having Fabregas, Nasri, Diaby, Arshavin, Denilson, Walcott, Rosicky and Eboue. On O'Shea, he may be rotated for Rafael Da silva or Brown if he pleases, you never know what the old mastermind(genious) will do.

Now going on to my team which is the following...

Bale-Carr-Kolorov(if playing)
Drogb-ChamWow!(All credit to genious Jeremy)

Good luck to all for Week2.

AM- Although Spurs lost today vs. Young Boys, it was a great result. You, and myself, will welcome them back to White Heart Lane with a whooping. Spurs to the CL in style!

Saul said...

...Sorry I meant Hart has a tough test vs. Liverpool next week.

markygoods said...

I dont know where Yahoo get their stats from but i know skysports get there stats from Opta, Opta are an independant company who specialise in sports stats.
Spurs were hardly "found out".
A mixture of nerves combined with a below par performance in the first half resulted in us going 3-0 down, much better second half where we showed great character to get it back to 3-2 although we rode our luck on occasions. Spurs are the fourth best team in England based on 38 league games last year, We'll tear them appart at the lane.....
Anyways enough about that, finished up with 112.5 for the week and sit at 235th place.

kwyjibo said...

Thanks for the info. Considering that Opta have a testimonial quote from EuroSport, it might be where YFF gets their data. Many Premier League clubs seem to also get data from them. They don't list prices, you have to contact them, which usually means it's really expensive!

And, I also agree with you about the Spurs. With a +2 away goal advantage, I think they are still in good shape with the next match at home.

Anonymous said...

Drogba and Lamps are being rested this weekend according to Sky reports.

Anonymous said...

Week 2:
Baptiste Carr Williamson
Malouda Adam Downing Silva
Chamakh Drogba van Persie


Maxer said...

@anon 12:45.. link please..

end up the week with 80points.. had kirk, and 3 'dead' df of kolarov, koscielny and bardsley..

anyway, so much praised for paul scholes, but yahoo only gave him 4points.. what's up?..


Kellz said...

I doubt many on here can feel worse about their opening week total than me, and if you happen to, then I am even sorrier for you.

Finished a horrifying 42pt week with no Drogba, J.Cole, and Kirk, along with nothing from anyother player expect Malouda. Such a difference to last season where I scored in the high 180pts and was ranked in the top 700th week 1.

But 37 games means so much room for improvement, a top 500 finish is definately not out of the cards.

For week 2 I am feeling a bit pushed to make some sacrifices for the big guns I think will exceed to gain some ground. This means finding any way necessary to get in Drogba, Malouda, Bale and Fabregas. I think my two fillers might be gambles but if they can atleast get me their value in pts then I should hopefully have my big guns do the rest.


Bale, Kolarov, Faubert
Fabregas, Malouda, Albrighton, Dorrans, M.Davies
Drogba, Chamakh

Fabregas should really be a no brainer if we hear he is over his "chest cold". There will not be a BPool upset and Fabs will be the man pulling all the strings. I am expecting not just assists but goals, and he will be back as penalty taker. Malouda and Drogba away to Wigan seems sure keepers aswell and Bale will continue his destruction of the left wing against Stoke. However he did play 90min tonight, might be something to watch.

As for my low price players, Albrighton had a stormer of a first match, no need to think he cannot replicate that against Newcastle. Dorrans is in a very decent home match to Sunderland who will commit fouls (if not red cards) to let him take his lion share of FK's, and Kolarov is hopefully fit taking kicks but still facing my Liverpool.

Foster in goal hopefully keeps a CS, win or draw, doesn't matter, but I need my cheap keeper to pull this one out :D

Good luck guys sorry if you read my long post!

Tony said...

104 Points and leading the Beat the Bloggers group 1 and also winning the AM Group 2! My claim to fame!

Kellz said...

For everyone who heard the news of Drogba and Lampard here is a link to the fantasyscout, who puts the rumors into a somewhat perseptive:


Niggling injuries are the concern, not something to jump ship on - for now..

orphans said...

I am fortunate to have Bale, Drogs and Malouda (along with Scholes, Kolarov Adam and Chamakh) at their week one price. The salary total of these 7 is 69.74. Basically, that would leave me with four players for 30.

The player I like is Fabregas. His salary is 17.44. Carson, Carr, Davies (2.71) might be the fillers. Anyway, I get them all in but not sure if I have weakened the team too much to go for Cesc in his first match back.

I guess the question is:
O'Shea, Terry, Brunt, Albrighton or
Fabregas, Kovalov, Carr, Davies?

Anonymous said...

What's with all this ChamWow business? Surely Chamakh isn't that difficult.... Or am i missing something?

Saul said...

3-5-2 formation for me Week 2.


I'm leaving Fabregas and Arteta out because they're just too damn expensive and I just don't trust them to bring their value....well, Fabregas most likely will but if he didn't start the first game he might be a gamble for game 2. All starters!(pending on Kolarov news). Biggest mistake I made last season was to gamble on players who 'may or may not' start.

As you've noticed the only Everton Player I have in my team is THo because I have been watching Wolves play since late last season and they're no pushovers, tough team to beat and should be more difficult this season.

Good luck to all and feel free to agree, disagree to the above stated. 107.00 pts. for Week 1 and planning on finishing top 100 this season. I feel I have what it takes with the experience gainned from this incredible blog, community!!!

madguy said...

Are you sure Cesc takes penalties ? Last year he did because RvP was out, but now he is back and taking penalties again? No?

bean said...

i tinkered and found a defense i really like. end up invested heavily there, but kind of like it:
carr terry verm bale
dorrans nolan malouda
chamakh drog f.camp

unsure about chamakh, if RVP is back he could be sitting the bench. looked like verm was taking a few of the set pieces, which will certainly change if/when fab and rvp are back, but still.. bonus. i also like nolan, take a look at last years stats in championship and playing at home. his disciplinary record is worrying though

mehicoradio said...

had a bad week, getting only 68 points in the end and sitting at 21,819 :/. Right now the team looks like (will probably screw around with it though):

Jussi (50% on if should keep)
Bale, Kolarov, Faubert
MPet (probably drop), Nasri, Albrighton, FloMa
Drogs, Campbell (not sure if i'll keep), Chamakh

mehicoradio said...

also, any thoughts on the Newcastle wingers? it would seem like they could end up with a few assists and a fair amount of SC (so maybe not outstanding picks, could could put up some decent weeks now and then). Though mostly opinion.

Anonymous said...

Week 2
Baptiste Clark Faubert
Malouda Adam Downing Fabregas Dorrans
ChamWow! Drogba



DeviLxDeviL said...


Nasri out for a month. Yay? :-p

Anonymous said...

Kolarov out for 2 weeks or more.

Boateng most likely out against Liverpool, probably back against Sunderland.

as per MCFC.co.uk.

GTR34 said...


Nasri out for a month, so most likely to see Fab playing. Doesn't get easier does it:)

Kavedas said...

Drogba&Lampard are doubt for Wigan game !!?!!!???! will Mr.Carlo play with us again ?

Anonymous said...

My team so far:

Bale / Ivanovic / Carr
Albrighton / Pienaar / Malouda / Adam
Drogba / Kalinic / Carroll or Zigic

Anonymous said...

Rosicky sustituira a Nasri??

kwyjibo said...

WTF?! Yahoo is at it again. For the third year in a row, they are screwing up the game. And this time in week 1! Amazing...

I suddenly lost 7.5 points. CAdam's stats now say: Total Points: 12, Week 1: 0. All his points are wiped out from the calculation, even though it still says he has 12 total. On the plus side, Kirkland is now only -2.

The week 1 leader suddenly disappeared from the leader board.

And, my team manager says 'you have unsaved changes' even though I made no changes! Three years in a row now that this has happened.

Already in week 1 with the problems, Yahoo...WTF?!

Saul said...

Don't worry they'll fix it. If you noticed Man City's roster, Milner is now in their team...Yahoo just ran into complications and is just trying to make us all happy, they'll fix the issue though.

Anonymous said...

wow plus one on the last comment, adams points have vanished, they best sort this out!

Anonymous said...

Yeah what gives? Kirkalnd conceded 4 goals (-12) and made 2 saves (+4). Adam had an assist (+4) and 2 fouls committed and 2 drawn, with no cards. How does that add up to zero? Must be "Bring Your Child to Work Day" at YFF.

Anonymous said...

Must be "technical difficulties." Capt. Kirk's profile shows no goals conceded, but still -10 points at the bottom. Hopefully YFF hasn't been hacked.

Bradley said...

Boselli and Alcaraz have been zeroed out too, so YFF appears to have screwed up the data for Wigan-Blackpool. They still can't believe it happened apparently.

Nasri out for a month after minor knee surgery: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_6320190,00.html

From the SkySports Transfer Clockwatch chat an entry from my "Rumors I Hope Aren't True" file:

"James Pearson: Skysports.com understands that Tottenham have made a surprise move for Egyptian striker Amr Zaki. Zaki could join on a permanent deal or a season-long loan. West Ham are also said to be interested in the ex-Hull City and Wigan hit-man."

Noooooo! Zaki just refuses to go away. He's like Jason in the Friday the 13th movies (speaking as a Toon fan who has to put up with Joey Barton on the payroll, thank you very much Big Sam).

matt said...

yeah adam just lost his 12 points, as did boselli, and capt kirk went up to -2

DeviLxDeviL said...

Milner to City and Ireland to Villa


Saul said...




Anonymous said...

wondering if Ireland is going to be thrown on right away. He hasn't play 90 minutes in what seems to be an eternity. Wasn't a bad fantasy option for City up until the past year.

Also, is Albrighton guaranteed a start? If Agbonlahor is back, I'm not so sure. The other question is: who is going to partner Petrov in midfield if Ireland is not set..Sidwell? hmmm


d.ghost said...

Balotelli will surely start, wonder why YFF have not added him yet.

Anonymous said...

Re Zaki: By "hit-man" Sky must mean thug b/c Zaki hasn't hit the net since the first half of his spell at Wigan. Can Mido be far behind?

Kellz said...

Ancelotti reassures press that Drogba is actually fit and ready to face Wigan.


So just keep your eye out, but I am now ever more confident Drogba is starting and coming away with 3 goals.

2pai said...

whats wrong with YFF?????where is my point???? hope they will fix it ASAP..tq

Ian Sanderson said...

Just back from hols so had to pick my team over 2 weeks ago....
Kirkland Bale Evra Baird JCole Malouda Adam Silva Petrov Rodallega Bent
67.5 points, pretty disappointing.
Need a bit of research/help/wholesalechanges for week 2.

chrism said...

Capt KIrk from -10 to -2 ok but Adam to 0. WTF Yahoo

@ DR Teeth if you are reading. On the beach, up past the volley ball courts, blue/white blanket with umbrella or chris.merrow@comcast.net, my house has finally has wi fi!!!

Biggest issue for me this week. I want Ireland bad, at 7.99 I just can't fit him. Remember 2 years ago, he was a YFF God. Villa would be foolish to sit Albrighton, he was their best player last week. This could be a very good and underated midfield.

I have Rosicky in figuring he's going to start in lieu of Nasri.

Balotelli is a lunatic and City deserve him.

Ozil should have gone to ManU, stupid, stupid stupid.

One more week to see if Rooney gets his head straight.

Anonymous said...

my team for week 2.

bale o'shea carr
malouda valencia scholes adam
chamakh drogba kalinic

balance = 5.8

any advice.tq


Anonymous said...

hope they give bale the 3 sot points from a fk that he wasnt credited for

Anonymous said...

"Bale's shot from the free-kick is on target but lacks zip and Hart makes a simple catch"

Anonymous said...


I don't like the valencia or scholes pick. fulham looked pretty sturdy at the back the opening week and they performed well against MU last year. scholes, apparently doesn't score well fantasy wise no matter how well he performs. I might drop valencia for t. cahill and scholes for modric/dorrans/wilshere or even drop o'shea for carr and fill the mf with fabregas and dorrans


Kellz said...

@Joe: Why not drop Scholes/Valenica for Arteta/Wilshire, if you can afford it?

Anonymous said...


thanks 4 the advice.i've made some changes

bale o'shea carr
malouda adam modric henderson cahill
drogba chamakh

might swap cahill for kalinic and get better df than o'shea.
dunno yet.


Kellz said...

@Joe: Modric is out injured

Lamin said...

About 15 points were deducted from my score (from C. Adam and Bosselli). Have that happened to any of you?

FLScott said...

Don't get it - why are so many people hyping Chamakh? Total wayste bucket. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

My points were deducted too! (on a bright note, but not really, Kirkland is a little less of a penalty)

I lost points on Rodallega and C Adam

Kellz said...

Guys just give it until tomorrow for Yahoo to fix it, they were obviously updating errors such as Ethrington being awarded his assist pts and adding in some new players (derbyshire), so in the end i believe it will be sorted out.

Rukkie said...

A very good pre-season form striker with very high chance to start in one of the top 4 teams and cheap as heck, with a very favorable match up? yes that is why people are hyping on Chamakh

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@ Kavedas, you are excatly right this makes the Fabregas choice 20 times easier!
@ Chrism, No, Rosicky will not start in lieu of Nasri injury, this injury just sheds more light on the fact that Arsenal are nothing without Fabs. Though I wish Rosicky would be able to start more! :(

Steven said...


Bale J.Enrique Kolarov

M.Petrov A.Young Albrington Malouda

Carroll Elmander Chamwow

* may drop A.Young for Arssasin
Elmander for Saha

Any comment ?

Anonymous said...

damn...is kolarov and modric injured?


Anonymous said...

Balotelli is now in the game, at 6.25. Good price, but worth a punt against Liverpool? Don't think so, really. What're your opinions, guys?

Ireland & Milner have both been transferred to their respective new teams too.

And are Chamakh and Albrighton sure to start?

-Bombay Blues

Anonymous said...

And to add to that ^,

Ramires in the game too, at 5.43.

-Bombay Blues

mehicoradio said...

Kolarov is out for at least 2 weeks, damn :/. At least the yahoo game it doesn't cost to make transfers (i got burne on fpl by doing an early transfer this week :/, gotta eat even more points now). Telegraph is saying Djourou will be back for the Blackpool game (looking at taking a chance on him). Only thing that scares me off is the news that a deal is imminent for Sebastien Squillaci (was pulled from the Champions League qualifier to avoid being cup-tied).

The orphans . . . . said...

My team 65 salary on 4, 35 on 7.

Bale Carr O'Shea
Adam, Fabregas, Malouda, Davies, Etuhu
Drogba, Shamwow

Anonymous said...

Balotelli a good bet @ 6.25? If he debuts this week.


Anonymous said...

Anyway of knowing who will play more Chamakh or Balotelli?

FLScott said...

@ Rukkie - Arsenal is in pieces, and stick with Chamakh if you think 1.50 points is worth cheap as heck. See you on the bottom tiers mate.

FLScott said...

When a team as a whole (Arsenal) scores less than Drogs did solo, there is a problem... a big one.

Anonymous said...

Mehicoradio i wouldnt be to worried about Sebastien Squillaci displacing Djourou this weekend, even if he is signed today he most likely wouldnt be thrown in right away, id be more concerned about Djourou being rushed back from injury.


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