Sunday, 15 August 2010

Week 1 - Saturday & Sunday

The opening weekend of the new Premier League did not disappoint one iota, with plenty of great goals, shocks, controversy and drama.

As you'll probably know I've not had the best start after my worst fears stated in my Week 1 Team post....

Yes...I'm scared about a Drogba hat-trick.

...came true, but more on that later!

It all started with Tottenham v Man City yesterday lunchtime, and I thought Spurs were excellent, very unlucky not to take all 3 points...take a bow Joe Hart (although a couple of his saves had a touch of "hollywood" about them). Gareth Bale should've won it for us, but he did enough to justify his cost with 18.5 points and looks like he's set for another outstanding season. Kolorov looked decent in the first-half but was withdrawn with an ankle injury, so picked up just 2.5 points.

It's now that I have to apologies for recommending this weeks biggest flop, Chris Kirkland, who scored -10 after Wigan were humiliated by newcomers Blackpool. I was so confident the home side would win this at a canter that he seemed the only real option given his price, but it backfired really badly and I'm sorry all those who have taken the hit. All Wigan players were a waste of time, including Boselli, but Adam proved a great pick with 12 points.

Aston Villa put the loss of Martin O'Neil behind them (for now) by despatching West Ham comfortably, and it looks like it could be another long season for the Hammers. Meanwhile, Wolves won their opening game for the first time in 11 seasons as they beat Stoke, who lost new signing Kenwyne Jones to injury in the first-half. Dave Jones' free-kick was my favourite goal of the weekend, bringing back memories of Matt Le Tissier, superb technique, beautiful strike.

Blackburn got off to a flyer as they surprised Everton 1-0 at Ewood Park, thanks entirely to a shocking (but very rare) error by Tim Howard which allowed Kalinic to knock in an empty net. Bolton & Fulham played out a dull 0-0, Petrov grabbing just 5 points, while 10-man Sunderland threw away a 2 goal lead over Birmingham after the idiotic Lee Cattermole was sent off in the first half, with Frazier Campbell doing nothing.

We now come to the bane of my weekend, Chelsea 6 West Brom 0, a Didier Drogba hattrick bringing him 35 points...ouch! It was made all the more painful by the news (on Sky's Sunday Supplement this morning) that Wayne Rooney is a doubt for Man Utd's opener, making my decision to go with him over Drogba an even bigger error. I was sitting in the pub watching this game with a group mates and the majority of them had Drogba in their teams, so I'm sure you can all imagine their joy as my mistake became very apparent! I was saved by the excellent Malouda's double strike, with the damage done by Lampard minimal after he failed to return his value despite a goal.

The final game of the weekend was full of incident as Liverpool and Arsenal drew 1-1 at Anfield. Joe Cole and Koscielny were both making their Premier League debuts, and both were sent off for completely contrasting reasons. I think Cole probably had to go - it wasn't malicious at all but it was so late, he came flying in and it was dangerous play in my opinion. Liverpool actually played far better without him, as Ngog gave them a lead that was only snatched away at the last minute due to a Reina howler. Arsenal were disappointing without Fabregas / RvP on the bench and Almunia all over the place - Wenger must bring in a new keeper in before the window slams shut in 2 weeks time. Kosielny's 2nd booking in injury time for handball was harsh, and we're left without a fantastically cheap defensive option for Week 2.

So that was the opening 9 games, with Man Utd vs Newcastle to go tomorrow. I sit on a below average 58.50 points with O'Shea, Valencia and (hopefully) Rooney left, so I'll say a prayer tonight and hope to edge towards 80 points for the week - a par score. I'm a touch disappointed (23,000th place lol), but it's a long season ahead so I'm not letting it bother me too much at this early stage...we all make mistakes!

I must admit my mood was lifted significantly by the fact my Week 1 Player Picks post broke the blog's "comments" record with a whopping 134, and we also beat the previous record for number of blog hits, with over 5000 visitors on Saturday. I'm really really happy with this - it makes it all worth it, thank you so much for all your support! :)

My current Week 2 barndoor team: Jaaskalainen, Bale, Kolorov, Faubert, Malouda, D.Jones, M.Petrov, Albrightson, Chamakh, Kalinic, Drogba

I still have £8m in the bank with this team, so one of my midfielders (Petrov?) will be upgraded to Arteta or Fabregas if he's back. I'll wait on injury news for Kolorov, but he may go to Boateng if available. I'm not sure about Chamakh but Kalinic @ 3 will probably stay as a handy filler. Jaaskeläinen may be swapped out (possibly for Howard or even Carson to save £££), Faubert isn't a certainty but he is dirt cheap, same for Jones, but Bale, Malouda & Drogba will stay for the foreseeable future.

That's it for now - please let me know how you're getting on after the first weekend and who you brought in on the barndoor. I hope you had a better start than me...was anyone unlucky enough to have the quadruple whammy of Kirkland, no Drogba, Joe Cole and Koscienly? :)



Kellz said...

well I am on 26pts with Rooney, Nani, O'Shea to go. Really hoping Utd can turn my fantasy horror week into a half decent week.

Last year at this point I was in the top 700, but I currently sit in the misery of the 60,000th. But this is just 1 week of 37, and 1 bad week isn't going to hurt your team in the long run.

My team so far: Jussi, Bale, Kolarov, O'Shea, Albrighton, Malouda, Adam, Dorrans, Drogba, Zigic, Chamakh.

I am really trying to get in Fab4 as he sohould fully rested and good to go after his long WC (where he hardly played and shouldn't be tired) and his "chest cold". But I have to drop Bale, which I completely misjudged on getting so many damn pts. Hes worth 13mil and is a premium middie as a defender.

Okay come on Nani hattrick, Rooney double, and OShea CS with 4 assists via crosses.

Birty said...

I'm 99 out of 100 in league 1 so it could've been worse. a united clean sheet and a valencia hat-trick may move me up though.

what I'm most upset about is that at some stage during the last two weeks, I had Jaski, Terry, Milner and A Young in my side and then with the extra time to spend tinkering switched them for Kirk, NZog, Aggy etc. This week I'm going with my gut. My team today is my team for next week (barring injuries!)

Heitinga, Bale, P Jones (who?)
walcott, arteta, flo-ma, albrighton
saha, zigic, and chamakah

Anonymous said...

Yeh - quad hurt for me and 35.5 points!!!!

ToffeeDave said...

Hey AM good post though I disagree with Wigan being a complete waste of time. Yes Kirkland was a flop, but not one person in the world including any blackpool players though they would pump 4 past Wigan even if we knew their defence was shambolic from last season. Other than Kirkland, the only options I recommended to anyone was Moses and Rodallega who both scored 8.5 and 10.5 respectively, given their prices it is not bad at all.
Other than that I sit at 82.5 points with Kirkland my GK and Valencia and Hernandez to play tomorrow so im expecting a very realistic 100 point opening week. Also unless Newcastle pull a Blackpool (trademark :D) I will have picked 6/10 correct outcomes in all the matches this week.

Pop Thy Collar said...

Yes I had the dodgy quartet of Cole, Koscielny, Kirkland and no Drogba but managed to return 64 points with Rooney to play (hopefully) by Malouda weighing in with 15.5, 12 from Adam and a handy unexpected 10.5 from Rodallega!

Third in my private league so not a complete disaster for week 1...

Bradley said...

54 points with Rooney (I hope) and Valencia to go. I too had Kirkland but not Drogba. The former was just bad luck (Wigan for the "Bolton Rule"?), but I have only myself to blame for the latter. I failed to observe the "Beckham Rule" for Drogba, particularly given Chelsea were at home to lesser opposition.

My current BD team:

Kolarov Bale Clark
Valencia Malouda Albrighton Dorrans
Chamakh Kalinic Drogba

Valencia definitely won't stay. I just haven't decided whom to replace him with. Hart might have to go if I need to free up some cash. Clark is currently just a placeholder, and Kolarov might be unloaded depending on his ankle situation.

Tony said...

Justified here... thats right, your leader of Group #2 haha, but for how long? =(

I still got Nani, and eff Kirkland!

Anonymous said...

66 points, and I'm pretty disappointed. I knew Terry, Jussi and Malouda did well for me before the points came up, and I estimated about 60 points from the 3 of them. They ended up with 54. Etherington and Petrov were below average, while Campbell and Chamakh were a waste of time (albeit, fortunately, not a waste of cash). I knew before the weekend that JCole is a bad pick and I even believe I wrote that somewhere here in the blog, but he was the only midfielder that could fill the 7mil hole in my team, so I picked him. Should've picked Adams instead... Kolarov was an annoying pick as well, and I really hope his injury isn't that bad. He has a lot of time to recover as ManC play on Monday.
Evans and Rooney to go. I hope the doubt over Rooney is a part of SAF's tradition of hinting that he won't play before games in which he starts and scores a couple.

Week 2 team:

Kolarov Bale RJohnson
Malouda Nasri Albrighton Larsson
Kalinic Drogba Chamakh

I'm quite happy with this, maybe only Johnson isn't right as I'm not sure how good Brum's defence really is. Maybe Nani and Faubert instead of Johnson and Larsson? Maybe. Still a long week ahead.


Rich, team: Liverpool said...

i had the quadruple whammy, 58pts thanks to bale, malouda, anelka and rodallega, but man! seeing cole get red for injuring one of my guys.. then seeing that guy come out for the second half against expectations.. and get red too!!


Skippy 11 said...

Good Post AM. As far as Capt Kirk goes; I had him and J Cole, Kirk was a budget pick for keeper for me and sometimes you get what you pay for.

I am normally pretty weary of freshly promoted teams as they hase something to prove. Remember you had other keepers listed also.

Drogba, as I stated in the chat room Fri night, can score 3 in 20 min, definitely worth the risk for me. I was burned last year by not picking him and I promised myself this year would be different. Maluda and Bale helped to round out the 91 pts. I still have O'Shea to go for the week.

My -13 from Kirk and Cole did not hurt to bad this week.

Week 2 so far I have Picked up Jussi and I am thinking about Chicharito and Campbell.


Saul said...

Great week for me with 91.50, Valencia and Evans to go tomorrow. 100 point mark is in sight but you never know.

I won't post next weeks team since it's not done but the players I will be keeping-bringing in are Bale, Drogba, Malouda, Chamakh and maybe S.Carr...any reason I shouldn't choose him?

Well good luck guys and good luck to Manchester United tomorrow. Come on Evans and Valencia!!!

donut said...

good summary AM!

Had almost same team as you so in the same boat...

Bizarrely have very similar looking BD team with Drog, Chamakh (even though I didn't think he looked great today), Kalanic, Bale, Malouda, Faubert, MPet in common...

I have taken 11m hit on Cech between sticks which I hope will repay over the next few weeks, and like you I think Malouda, Drogba and Bale will stay...

Having watched Spurs game on Sat, I thought Modric ran the show and could easily score some big points if he keeps playing this he is another I have added and potentially will keep.

Lost interest in Boselli already, but I think I will stick with MPet one more week, although I did notice he came off for MTaylor who seems to be on the bench again...

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

got 54.5 with only Wayne Rooney left to play tomorrow...where do I begin on the mistakes I have made in my team this week...

first off Moses(8.5) then Yaya(7)
then there was Gary Cahill(14.5) and Stephen Fletcher (12.0) and finally Drogba(35.5)
These were all players that I wanted to put in my squad but did not.

The only bright spots were Malouda Bale and Cole the rest of the players were pathetic or mediocre.

Saul said...

How about Onuoha, S.Carr or Faubert as defenders for week 2? They're extremely affordable and if you want to free up some cash elsewhere so you can get Drogba, Bale, Fabregas, Arteta it might help.

STLRam01 said...

A Whopping 34 pts for me! Didn't have Cole, but I had the triple of Kos, Kirkland, and no Drogba. I have Rooney and Nani tomorrow. Malouda had 25 of my points, and Holden had a nice 6.5, other than that it was a disaster.

Current BD Team:

Bale, Kolorav, Terry
Malouda, Holden, Albrighton, Dorrans
Chamakh, Kallinic, Drogba

May change Kolorav, Dorrans, Hart, and/or Chamakh. I'll def keep Bale, Drogba, Holden, Drogba, and Malouda. And most likely keep Terry and Kallinic.

STLRam01 said...

I'll probably hold onto Albrighton at 5.47 as well.

DJ PIGG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DJ PIGG said...

74 points despite choosing Kirkland, Cole and Ferreira (-15 points) and with N'Zogbia and J.Boateng not even playing!

Don't feel you need to apologise for suggesting Captain Kirk, AM. More than 16% of everyone playing the game had him in goal.

Anonymous said...

very decent week for me so far sitting on 86.5 with both valencia and scholes to go.Ngog was a pretty good hunch pick. so, possibly a 100pt week. my team for next week is pretty sweet :)

A. cole salgado carr
Malouda LCY Modric Dorrans
Zigic Ngog(?)Zigic

carr is a great pick at 4.68 with birmingham at home where they don't allow many goals. foster is there for the same reason. Salgado is another bargain and I like his veteran guile. Dorrans takes the set pieces at west brom and they play sunderland at home. Mcleish should start zigic after a solid performance off the bench ngog might go any ideas for a striker/mf around 8?

saitofall ---> saitogenetic

Saul said...

Saito - Can you afford Tim Cahill? He should do well vs. Wolves for 8.xx

Saul said...

...T. Cahill, Nasri, L. Bowyer, Diaby and Bily(if playing).

Anonymous said...

cahill and nasri are definitely enticing, I will take a look.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting on 87.5 points with O'Shea left. Certainly can't be disappointed with that overall score, but it is almost completely the result of Drogba and Malouda.

Kirland was clearly a waste at -10. The other two Wigan players, Alcaraz and Boselli, at least gave some positive contribution. Ivanovic didn't start, which was fairly shocking to me. I switched away from Ferreira after the news of Alex returning thinking Ivanovic would be on the right. I should have just stayed safe and grabbed John Terry. Etherington and MPet were disappointing as well.

Most of the work I did on the barndoor isn't going to be terribly helpful anymore. Koscielny is going to be replaced, and he lost value anyway. Kolarov, Silva and Chamakh all went down in price as well. Simply keeping Drogba, Malouda and Adam are the best things I did on the barndoor.

Luckily, a lot of guys dropped in price, so I'm currently resting on a lineup of:

Sagna, Kolarov, O'Shea
MPet, Malouda, Adam, Albrighton
Drogba, Chamakh, Saha

I could still grab Howard or Almunia if desired. The defense/goalkeeper are the most likely to change at this point.

Cech's Mates

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

best BD team in the game kids:

Bale Givet Faubert
Malouda Fabregas Silva Routledge
Drogba Kalinic Chamakh

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@ AM

who is D.Jones????

greginho said...

very very average start for me. i had 4 players in double digits, bale, malouda, rodellega and kirkland. unfortunately the last one was negative. i reeled in 62.5 points with valencia left to play. i am 3rd in my private league, but by a distance. to give you an idea how far, my brother is in second place and he had hart, drogba, adam, and malouda,with rooney and hernandez to go.
i am going with the birmingham and arsenal matchup, mainly.
so i have:
ben foster
bale, kolarov, scott dann
silva, petrov, malouda, larsson
chamakh, kalinic, drogba
i am keeping faith in silva and petrov, playing much better match ups this time around. i think that blackburn does not travel well, so it may be 0-0 or 1-0 or if i am lucky 2-0 with birmingham being the better team.
arsenal's matchup is great, so i am thinking of putting van persie for drogba, then i can keep valencia, if he plays well against newcastle. i may pick up stewart downing in that spot. what i want is cesc, so i will have to do some jigging around. karl henry is only 4.25, if i go down from petrov, i can have a midfield of silva, cesc, malouda, henry and a strike force of van persie, chamakh and kalinic.
i think i like that last one better.

Baooo said...

Funny with 38 pts, I'm 79/100 in both Beat the Bloggers 5 and AM 8... and HOW DID SOMEONE GET 162 pts?!

Anonymous said...

was anyone unlucky enough to have the quadruple whammy of Kirkland, no Drogba, Joe Cole and Koscienly? :)

that's me :(

Anonymous said...

guys, how about gibbs for week 2 since koscielny red card, he is banned?

SK said...

I remember someone saying either here or at another site that newly promoted sides take the opening game very seriously. And, knowing that 80+% of the people here chose kirkland, I opted instead to go with Alcaraz instead with Mignolet in goal. I also ditched Bale for Ferreira and Kolarov last minute, and disappointed that they weren't in the game long enough to record CS. 80.5 pts with Valencia left isn't bad, but most came from Drogba (last minute pick) and Malouda, and wish I had Bale and Adam instead of Essien (1.5 pts..) and M.Petrov

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

tough week for all filled with much regret indeed! but Alas! there is still like 37 weeks left!?!? no fretting allowed my friends!

bean said...

the top player had 4 blackpool players. promoted sides always seem to come out fast out of the gates and surprise people. wish i would have listened to that idea and kept Adam in there... went with scholes instead.

madguy said...

66.5 points..not too good, but I guess not too bad either. Had Kirk and JCole :(

madguy said...

Oh and O'Shea and Valencia to go today

arg230470 said...

109 with kirk & of blog league 8 YAY ME!!

kos & kol are out for danns/basham; silva replaced by ward & chamakh is in for boselli

disappointed with the length of time it took for yahoo to sort the points out (what's new) - means everyone now has drog!

arg230470 said...

oh, kirk goes and stays gone!!

jussi for the forseeable i think :)

DeviLxDeviL said...

70.50 so far with Rooney and Valencia to go. Btw, i am happy with Albrighton and C.Adam and not to forget Kirkland :-)

Okay, Hatrick for Rooney and Doubles for Valencia :-D

Anonymous said...

Sat on 60pts with Rooney left to play.

Week 2 team so far is

Bale, Kolorov, Carr
Malouda, Albrighton, Arshavin, Dorrans
Chamack, Drogba, F.Campbell

Budget Remaining - 0.74

I think Campbell may have a decent shout at scoring this week.

Any suggestions for changes?

Thanks in advance.

markygoods said...

107.5 with Valencia to go, Could of been better if I hadn't picked Capt Kirk who's on the Dead to me list now, dizzy heights of 245 th overall but as we all know there is an awfull long way to go. picked up verm and chamack on the B.D

kwyjibo said...

Not a bad start, 89.5 points. 10th place in blog league 1, 7th place in Fantasist superleague 2, and 2185 overall. But, I'm due to drop today as my only player from the Monday match is Chicharito. So, unless he scores a hat-trick like Drogba, I'll be down a bit.

I was right. Kirkland + 2 red cards prevented me from breaking 100 points.

Got rid of Kirk, Kos, and JCole immediately, of course. And, switched Boselli for Chamakh. We'll see about Kolorov. For now, my team sits at:

Bale Kolorov Kompany
Malouda Adam MPet DJones
Chicharito Drogba Chamakh

Still a long season to go...

Anonymous said...

"was anyone unlucky enough to have the quadruple whammy of Kirkland, no Drogba, Joe Cole and Koscienly? :)" that was a cold stab in the heart :[

Anonymous said...

awful week. no show boateng. kolarov inj. koscielny & j cole sent off. no drogba. rooney now a doubt. i took kalinic and d bent out off my team midweek. bizarre bit of good luck .. i somehow slept on the cech news and left hilario in. gutted about that until kirkland flopped and let 4 in. bfay was one of my few hits ! silva & boselli did ok considering the outlay.
keep up the good work with the blog !

Anonymous said...

29 Pts. with Scholes, Valencia and Rooney to go. Shocking.

I didn't have Drogba or Malouda, and had Kirk and Cole. Thank God i had Bale.


billthegrunt said...

For once a late change paid off as I put Drogba in for Rooney. And my disaterous choice of Kirkland in net was more than offset by Drogba, Malouda, Bale and Adam. Currently at 95 pts., sitting 5th in my blog league with Valencia still to play. I'm planning to keep my Big 4 in the lineup as long as it's feasible and maybe add one more big gun. BD'ed Zigic, Kalinic and Albrighton, and might have also considered Harewood had YFF made him available. Instead they sneak him in late at 9.54.

Justin said...

koscielny got his second yellow for kicking the ball away

Anonymous said...

i got 92.50 and i still got valencia and scholes to go.
very dissaponted having kirkland and koscielny.
haha overall im very happy with my team.


Anonymous said...

I had Kirkland, Koscienly and NO Drogba. Also, I had Cesc (don't know why I thought he'd play.) I swapped him in at the last minute for Malouda. See how well that worked out. LOL.

Now I got Rooney and Chicarito left to play. Let's hope Rooney and Chicarito combine for 5 goals.

And can't do much about Kolarov. These things happen. I was a little disappointed with David Silva's performance. But Man City stunk up the joint in the first half anyway.


Anonymous said...

Damn i took a gamble on Fabio since Evra was supposed to be rested and i just saw that he isnt starting which sucks but my other choices were Boateng or Kos so in the end it isnt too bad. Im now sitting on 63.5 points with Roo, Nani and Fabio on the bench.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, he's starting BerFailtov? Lame


Anonymous said...

man utd awesome today.
scholes performance was magnificent.
berbatov having a good day.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't that impressed with the red devils tonight, I thought the Magpies lost their bottle early on and made it an easy night. Rooney has turned into a spectator and Berbatov finishing is way off. Hernandez looks sharp on the break, but looks completely lost when in traffic.

Credit to the Newcastle fans though. Makes a nice change for there to be some decent atmosphere at Old Trafford.

Kolrov Bale Carr
Silva Adam Malouda Nasri
Drogba Chamakh Carroll

I'm expecting the Tangerines to be squished, but so difficult to pick the right Arsassins.

Liverpool looked impressively well organised and motivated. If only they had a reliable striker..

Anonymous said...

@Justin: Kos got a 2nd yellow for a hand ball

joshtottenham said...

That was like watching a football game in a film rather than an actual match... Seemed like the toon had decided they were going to lose before they turned up. United were poor in my opinion, crossing from Nani and Valencia was consistently appalling, Berbatov put only 1/3 clear chances away, Rooney didn't achieve anything meaningful beyond a touch on for Fletcher to score. Either they were coasting from the kick-off or they are they worst of the top 4 I've seen so far, with the 2nd easiest opposition. (Also it was a fantasy disaster for everyone I had except Scholes, who still got booked).

Maxer said...

i'm dropping rooney for next week to strengthen elsewhere.. do u guys think this is wise?.. my other 2 fw is chamakh and drogba..

on the BD i got bale (which i drop earlier) and albrighton..

thinking on getting cesc (if there's news he's playing).. if he's in, m.petrov will be dropped..


Bale, DF, DF
Adam, Petrov, Malouda, Albrighton
Chamakh, Drogba, Rooney

any suggestions?..


Cescy said...

maxer: how about foster in goal, also carr is a good cheap defensive option. other than that i would have an arsenal defender, so maybe verm or sagna and zigic looks like a good choice so maybe swap him in for rooney and upgrade elsewhere...maybe that will allow for petrov to become fab4?


Mike B said...

Another sorry performance from Wayne Rooney! He just hasn't been the same since he turned his ankle last season. He now has the first touch of an elephant.

I should end up at just over 80 points by the time it's all updated again, which i guess isn't too bad all things considering. My best buys were Bale, A Young, Adam and of course Malouda.

Onto next week, and i hope we can all banish these memories and see a considerable climb in the standings! Positive thinking guys!!!

I have 2 possible teams i am considering. I like them both equaly so it's very tough to choose.

Faubert, Carr, Bale
Albrighton, Fabregas, Adam, Malouda
Chamakh, Drogba, Kalinic


Faubert, Carr, Bale
Walcott, Arteta, Adam, Malouda
Chamakh, Drogba, Kalinic

Now i have written it down i think i prefer the team with Arteta in as it gives me the best part of Everton, while still allowing 2 Arsenal attackers.

The defense is awfull, and so is Kalinic, but Drogba taught me a lesson this weekend, so needs must.

Maxer said...

thanks for the suggestion cesky.. anyway, after tinkering for few hours.. i come up with this..

bale, kolarov, smalling
adam, petrov, malouda, albrighton, scholes
drogba, chamakh

i love hart.. superb gk vs spurs.. and at home vs liverpool is not that bad.. he can continue his great run..

scholes and albrighton are amazing for their first match..

my doubts are kolorov and smalling.. kolorov might play since his injuries looks not that bad.. and smalling might get rotated.. hmm hopefully.. but this still will change hoping that cesc will play vs blackpool..


Rukkie said...

Smalling wont get start for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

This might be a long post, but i thought i would contribute some thoughts for your next week's line up.

We really should start looking at some players who do well despite having a bad team.

For example, Wigan, inspite of the thumping, Rodallega, Moses and Alcaraz did quite well.

Of these three, Moses is the one with the most potential.

If you were to look at each team's under-rated under recommended but above average performers, there would be good pickings.

Somewhat like the following team

Goalkeeper : Jussi

Defenders : Skrtel, Alcaraz, Givet, Clark

midfielders : Adam, Modric, Moses

Forwards : Zigic, Bent, Rodallega

Unfortunately, this team will have no big star players, nor the 20+ points scorers.

And will be quite cheap, so makes you feel you need a big name

Any thoughts on whether this will work, to select such players, maybe have a team with four to five of these sure starting, steady performers.

I would say Jussi, Givet, Adam, Bent and Yayga should be a staple for any team.



Anonymous said...

Not a bad start for me - 95.5pts.

Current BD Team:

Bale / Kolarov / O'Shea
FloMal / Adam / MPet / Albrighton
Chamakh / Drogba / Kalinic

With £2m to spend...

Superfly Jim

Rukkie said...

to SL: You dont seem to know Yayga, he is inconsistent. He managed to score well this time around because Wigan didnt get dominated despite the scoreline, they just sux at defending. Bent is also inconsistent in term of scoring, he could put out 20+, and the next game he got 0. And of course this is just from last season. Only one fixture finished this season, so there are a lot more to see, I just dont see any concrete evidence that we gotta have those kind of players in our team.

joshtottenham said...


Not sure Adam will be consistent either. It's happened before (A.Young @ Watford), but Adam is supposed to be the guy that does everything and he 'only' got 12 points in a game his team won 4-0. I can't imagine they will do that well again for the rest of the season, so I'm unconvinced by Adam at this stage. Also Bent is not massively cheap and neither is Rodallega. Modric is now playing a deeper role than he did last season, and he didn't rake in the fantasy points then, better to think of him as scholes with less yellows. Your other points are interesting, hadn't considered a fair few of those and you could well be right. My team is crying out for a couple of cheap players who are consistent!

afif-here said...

I got just an average 79 points..hopefully it gets better throughout the season

Anonymous said...

80.5 points on week 1 after solid 10.5 points from Evans and poor 4 from Rooney. I was hoping that during the update Yahoo will also fix Etherington's points who for some reason didn't get the 4 points on his assist to Faye, but that didn't happen. I'm pretty sure now it's not going to happen, so that really annoys me, but probably 4 points over an entire season aren't that much.


kwyjibo said...

I knew I would drop a bit since I only had Chicharito in the Monday match. Overall 90.5, not a bad start. If not for the triple whammy of Kirk + Kos + Cole, I (as well as many other people, I imagine) could have got to 100+.

Congrats to those who did get to the 100+ mark.

Did you see the team of the overall YFF leader, Brian the Lion Heart? Drogba + Malouda + 5 blackpool players! 162 pts. Is he psychic?

macgill said...

@ joshtottenham - adam managed to get 12 points (9 if you take away the assist) without a single shot on target (you should expect shots to come). This might suggest he will be great at picking up phantom points throughout the season. When he gets a couple shots on target, scores a goal, he will score very well for his price. Modric also scored 9.5 points against a tough Man City team without a single shot on target (again you should expect more), goal, or assist. Personally I like both of those performances and I think they suggest we should expect consistent performances from these two.

Chi said...

Kirkland, no Drogba, Joe Cole and Koscienly........

that's me... :(
also taken Rooney over Drogba after keeping Drogba all season last season... *sigh

Anonymous said...

hi AM

just looked at my points again and C.Adam is now giving me ZERO points when I clearly had his points on Monday. Do you still have his points?
Anyone else got zero for him suddenly?
Thanks for your input


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