Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Week 2 - Points Are In

The Week 2 points are finally in, and as you can see above there were some huge scores...the top weekly score of 240 is the highest I've ever seen in a one-game week - 13 goals is insane!

With so many goals/hat-tricks about it really wasn't a good week for my internet to go down, but I end on 116 points, which I'll take. I've done my calculations and the team I couldn't save would've got me 141, so only 25 points lost...it could've been far far worse.

Looking at the overall leaderboard, I can see no fewer than 5 teams in the Top 25 with the [AM.Blog] tag: Blah Blah, Chuggington, WokWok, Realronaldo & Can $$$$ Buy Success, superb work guys. We also have the joint 4th placed team Liverpool in Blog League 4 and top of all scores across the AM Blog Leagues is Kak rOkiAH FutBol KElaB in Blog League 5 who is currently 2nd overall, so congratulations to him!

My current barndoor team for Week 3:  

Hart, Bale, Williamson, Faubert, Malouda, Adam, Walcott, Barton, Chamakh, Carroll, Drogba...

£4 million left in the bank and there'll be loads of changes before the deadline. I'll want at least 1 Man Utd player vs West Ham and possibly an addition Spurs player at home to Wigan...but i'll go in to this in more detail in my Week 3 Player Picks post later this week.

Let me know your Week 2 total and where you're sitting overall (I'm languishing in 8000th!). Who came in on the barndoor?


p.s. The AM Blog Team is badly struggling, only 102 points this week means we're down in in 20,000th...but don't panic, we'll turn it around! :)


Anonymous said...

had saha, arteta & howard (wrong bet against wolves), but still get a nice 134 thx to walcott bale chamakh malouda... newcastle killed not only villa, but us...


Anonymous said...

btw, nolan played as striker didnt he?


Doctor Teeth said...

What an insane week!

Finished with a mediocre (LOL!) 148 points. Carson was the big pay off for me given the cash outlayed but several other GKs fared as well or better than he did. Bale continues to mesmerize...he is playing like a young Ashley Cole with even sharper offensive skills. As much as it pains me to say it, I see him playing for Real Madrid in the not-so-distant future.

As for next week, decided to go somewhat against the grain and did not BD Andy Carroll who looks like an absolute beast (replete with Gladiator style ponytail) up front. Time will tell whether I will regret not buying him at 6 but I wanted to keep Chamakh (just think that he will continue to feature up front and he will be the recipient of great service from the Gunner MF) and I decided to lock in Berbatov for this weekend's match against the Hammers (obviously, my third striker position was filled by the pride of Abidjan who surprisingly only returned 13 points). I picked up Nolan on the BD, justifying him instead of Carroll since he should regularly pick up good phantom points (whereas Carroll could have some low scoring days when Newcastle play a stifling defense).

Very preliminary BD team:

Bale Skrtel Evans/Ivanovic
FloMal Holden Nolan Albrighton
Drogba Cham Berbs

Could switch out Evans/Ivanovic and Albrighton for Baptiste (interested to see how well Blackpool plays at home) and AJ who looked like the best player on a field filled with superstars yesterday at Eastlands.

Looking for a 5-0 win at WHL for Spurs against the Cuckoo Clocks.


BerbaOwnsJ00 said...

I had only caroll out of the Blessed trio Caroll/Bale/Walcott, so that means I have 130 points, which for such a week seems rather low :s
Bad decisions such as Howard, Djorou and Drogba cost me..
Anyhow... ;]

Anonymous said...

Beats me. I got 134points.

My BD Team atm is

Bale, Richards, Skrtel
Malouda, Holden, Scholes, E.Diouf
Drogba, Carroll, Pavl

Im not happy with Diouf and im unsure about Pav... Will Pav play? If not i will swap for Chamack


Justin said...

my weekly score was 198.50. definately my best score in a single game week in the 5/6 years i have been playing fantasy. i am ranked equal 4th in the entire thing atm.

the thing i find difficult to decide on is, i see the top players from other seasons make several changes every week. what i tend to do is try to keep season keepers when their values are low. drogba, bale, foster, maybe silva, balotelli, and torres as well. it's hard to take a player out once his value has gone up highly, cos then you basically won't be able to afford that player ever again. but i see the top players do that all the time. example, say torres' value goes up to 25.00 after a few good weeks. and then playing chelsea at home. i'll decide to keep him, because even though he may have a bad week, in the long run he will score regularly if fit, and having bought him at value 16, worth the one bad week. the pro's though would take him out, pick a better forward suited for that one week. get a lot of points, but will never be able to afford torres again. but since they make 6/7 changes every week. won't matter.

i find that strategy hard to do, but it's maybe the best strategy?

Anonymous said...

anyone knows if Gallas will play this weekend and when does yahoo intend on putting him in the game ????????

Doctor Teeth said...

Justin - nice job!

And, yes, you are correct...the true masters of YFF are very unsentimental managers who drop discounted players at the drop of a hat, focusing instead on match-ups and relying on informed hunches. Few of the top managers last season kept Vermaelen every single week as many of us did for the first half of the season. Surely, there are some players that even they will keep permanently barring injury (Bale for example). But, on balance, you will a tremendous amount of flux in their line-ups from week to week.

Lee B said...

@Justin, are you Chuggington, if so well done mate you swine(LOL), just ahead of me in blog league 6.

My team is Realronaldo currently in 18th place..... the only way is down.....
Is it too much to ask for to have another inspirational week and move further up the league.

I'm rightly chuffed about my teams performance but once again I can only thank AM and the rest of the AM bloggers.

BTW. current team is
Bale, Skrtel, O'Shea
Mal, Walcott, Adam, Holden
Cham, Drog, Carroll
Still got 4.32 in the bag. N'gog has a tempting match up against WB but I don't fancy dropping my forward line????!!
May also tinker with Adam/Skrtel...not sure.

Good luck to all for next week and lets see if we can get the AM tag at the top of every league.

Lee B (Realronaldo)

Anonymous said...

thanks AM & all blogger for the effort made. I really benefited from your posts & replies..i just pick-up 106pts for week 2..

atm, my current team will be:

Bale Terry Carr
FloMal Adam Scholes Lee
Drogba ChamWow Carrol

I still have 1.35 in the bag. But i wish i can put atleast one spurs player as they are against wigan. i'm doubtful with Carr & Lee..Is there are any better options available?


justin said...

@Lee B - no, my team name is liverpool, my season points is 315. it looks like it might be the only liverpool team who is near the top of a table. it looks like a long season, for the real life liverpool team :(

@doctor teeth - thanks, i'm happy i had such a good week, it's true the top players will have a few players for an entire season. they have a nice balance of season keepers, and players with great match ups every week. hopefully ill be able that skill one day.

my team for this week is -
gk - foster
def - bale, skrtel, kolarov
mid - silva, adam, ireland, walcott
for - drogba, torres, balotelli

ill drop kolarov if he doesn't seem likely to start, ireland, balotelli too.

i don't fancy silva to do much just yet. but i have a feeling eventually this season he'll start banging in goals like he did in the spanish league, and want to keep him while his value is down.

Anonymous said...

Well, DT, I have to say you and me are very similar. I too got 148 this week. I went up to 1155th, which is good for the time being. Also, I took in Nolan instead of Carroll as my Newcastle player for the weekend - don't be misled by their big win over Villa, because I believe @Wolves will be a very difficult match for them. I didn't want to get 2 Newcastle players, so I went for Nolan who is cheaper, plays in midfield and gets more phantom points compared to Carroll.
I'm going to be a bit unorthodox this weekend compared to the others, I believe. I also dropped Walcott after a fantastic weekend for me with almost 40 points, and didn't BD Hart as many did. I still don't have faith in ManC's defence, and Jussi was still cheaper on the BD. Of course I'll drop him for Week 4 when Bolton play @Arsenal, and luckily Harper's price didn't go up even with his CS, so I'll be able to buy him then when he faces Blackpool at home.
My other hunches are Elmander who has so far been fantastic on YFF - whether he scored or didn't, Lennon who should face an easy task home to Wigan, and Baptiste - he scored 6 points even when his team lost 0-6, and has a better-than-usual chance to keep a clean sheet home to Fulham. I also brought in Skrtel who is very cheap, but I'm not completely sure he's going to start - does anyone have a guess about that?

So to sum up:

Bale Skrtel Baptiste
Malouda Albrighton Nolan
Chamakh Drogba Elmander



Anonymous said...

average week considering the top scorer is 240. i end up with 150.50 points, currently top in my private league.. top10 in in blog also chat reg league, 591 overall.. it's all thanks to AM and also the blogger for the great info every week.. still, it's a long season so i hope to improve more and stay in top1000 at least in this season..

current team:


probably will changes a lot but i definitely keep bale,malouda and drogba.


agree with you on elmander, and i think skrtel will start because he start 2 games in a row, so probably he will keep his place..


The orphans . . . . said...

Some exceptional, "outside the box" selections for this week already up.
Many thanks for sharing them.
That is one of the great things about this blog.
Props A. M. for keeping the faith

Anfield Road FC said...

121 points for me, despite no Drogba, Malouda or Bale (thank god for having all the Newcastle players who scored!)

I've gone the conventional route for this week and taken in everyone's favoured players, though notice no one else has gone for Pepe?

Skrtel, Evans, Bale
Adam, Nolan, Barton, Malouda
Drogba, Chamakh, Drogba

Bradley said...

Only 113 points. I'm stinking up the joint so far this season. 14,192 overall so far. As both owner and manager, I may just have to fire myself. Hopefully I can get out of this funk soon.

Congratulations to those of you who managed to profit from this week's points windfall.

My current BD team:

Bale Carr PJones
Malouda Walcott KNolan Scholes
Drogba Carroll Berbatov

The premium players are sucking the life out of my team. I'll probably drop Walcott; not even God can predict Wenger's line-ups (although that's why I didn't have him in the first place :( ). I reluctantly dropped Chamakh for Berbs, which I'll probably regret.

kwyjibo said...

In a 'normal' week, I would be very happy with 132.50, but this week was far from normal! Overall I shot up 2000+ places (2253rd place), and almost 100 places in my 'fans of' group, in which I am now in spot 57. By far my highest for both.

But, I dropped a bit in AM Blog League 1 to 21, and to 14 in the Fantasist League 2. AM Bloggers are doing great so far! Congrats to all of you! Woo hoo!

Did you see which footballer leads the total points category? Bale! I'm so glad I got him early this year. He's a beast, even without scoring a goal.

Anonymous said...

Blimey Anfield Road FC, you have enough money for two Drogba's? :)

Rob said...

What does everyone think to Blackpool? Was the first game a fluke or are they going to do a Burnley and make their home their fortress (at least for the start of the season). Harewood and Baptiste would seem a great buy now going into a home game against Fulham who never travel well and get almost all of their points from home games.

You have to like Man U, Blackpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Bolton though. Home match ups that seem like easy wins.

Currently (and completely open to change I have:

Bale, Baptiste, Robinson
Beron, Malouda, Jenas, Etuhu
Drogba, Jovanovic,Harewood

With 4.01 left to spare.

Really think I should get Berbs in though because he should run riot this week....

Rob said...

For Beron read Barton :-)

Staffer84 said...

Evening guys,
I am 68th in the overall ranking with 184 points for this week. I'm really happy about it since this is my second season in YFF. My team name is DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog] and my BD team looks like that:

Thank you for the fantastic blog AM - I am sure you will make it up for this awful week for your team!


Anonymous said...

guys help me.
which do u prefer?
holden or albrighton?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how Gerrard had around 5 shots on target in 5 minutes against Citeh, yet Yahoo have given him, wait for it.... 0 shots on target and a grand total of 4.5 points??

Anonymous said...

thanx AM ~ surreal...

Anonymous said...

Odd... My unsaved barndoor picks have all shot up in price - now my team value is over 100 and I can't save it.

I don't remember that happening before. Anyone else?

Saul said...

176 pts. for the week(282.5 total) and 53rd place overall standing.

Leading most of my leagues except for the one below, which happens to have a certain someone with team name 'Kak rOkiAH FutBol KElaB'. Great job by the way and keep it up, it's always good to see this blog being well represented! I cannot believe how well my first 2 weeks have gone and hope to keep it up. Oh and did i mention I'm also 5th place in overall 'Fantasy Superleagues'?

My groups ...................(My rank)
AM Blog League 1 .............1/100
The Twilight Zone 3D .........1/36
AM chatroom regulars .........2/100
Beat the Bloggers 5 ..........1/100
Fantasist Superleague 4 ......1/100

At Justin, you're right. If you want to be at the top and stay there you cannot have attachment to players. I, for example, have dropped Drogba to get Defoe,Berbatov, and Ngog...as well as upgrading my midfield and defence. Anyways it's all a chance you take, sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't...but it is that chance you take that separates you from the rest!

AM - I want to thank you, you genious, for this blog! I give all credit to it and it's knowledge for my fortune of YFF success thus far. I want to thank all my buddies and the community for all their suggestions and assistance. Keep it up!!!

Saul said...

I have Reina as well Anfield, he is the premium keeper for the week and the one most likely to get a CS.

cfcboss said...

week was good, main point-machines were bale, walcott, got 154 points, rised in the rankings to near top 300 overall.
240 points is not real, makes you think, what just happened and only 154, sickening.

my hunch for the week - barton gave 12 points, sticking with him.

barndoored berbatov for 11,27 today when prices where updated, i recommend skrtel 5~ great value if plays.
thinking of going with gilks as my goalkeeper over 4~ quite cheap and against fulham might to well.
elsewhere drog, malouda, bale obviously staying and that limits my budget.

Anonymous said...

@Justin and others talking about top teams:

You guys are correct in that they don't hold on to players often. Also, my observation of consistent top 10 teams are that they frequently played a back 4--not all the time, but much more than the average bloke. Also, in regards to expensive strikers, many seemed to have gotten the same/similar numbers many weeks by playing a cheaper option with an average to decent matchup.

However, one caveat to this is that last season to stay in the top 10 or break into it you HAD TO HAVE Bale at 2.65 or thereabouts. The team that was constantly 1-2-3 rank dropped from the top 10 overall because he did not hold onto Bale when he was cheap. The reason for this was that Bale got decent points even with matchups you normally would not play.

I'm in the top 4,000 overall (this is usually where I start to fall =p)

Good luck to everyone, and nice to have AM.blog in the top 10!


SK said...

I think a problem with how we select the blog team is that it is more like a popularity vote, so while the most obvious picks will be selected (Bale), guys outside most people's radar (Nolan, Carroll, Walcott) would be ignored. For example, Walcott was a definite pick this week because I believed his pace would trouble the inexperienced Blackpool defense, but reading the comments on this blog, it didn't seem that too many thought so. It will also only do well if many of the favorites of the week do well, which may or may not be the case. If the blog team scores fairly well (100+ on average week) it is likely that many other teams have scored similarly or better, so would not increase in rankings much. So with the way we are selecting teams currently, I will be very surprised if the blog team ranks within the top 20% of the AM Leagues.

I had a fantastic week with 202 points to go 30th overall, and unless I continue to have amazing weeks like this, this will probably be the highest I will ever go this season. My team ranked around 1500 last year, so I want to at least fit into the top 1000, if not 500. As a college student in the US, I have a slight disadvantage in that I cannot wait for last minute news, but this is only my third year playing so I am still learning.

My current team:
Bale O'Shea Steinsson
Malouda Walcott Scholes Albrighton
Chamakh Carroll Anelka

Dropped Drogba for Anelka for now. I'll probably go either for Gerrard, Torres or Ngog, and if it's one of the first two, I'll probably drop Anelka/Drogba. Surely Chelsea won't have another 6-0 win. I'm keeping Walcott to check if this week's results were a fluke, and while he may not start, he should still return last week's price if he keeps his form even as a sub.

scottchesterhall said...

Came in with a satisfying 141 (I had a hunch about Andy Carroll...but only after considering him from your suggested strikers...ty!).

Great tips on Faubert (I generally try to avoid Hammers) Carroll, and Carson (3 Mil for 14 points). Of course Bale continues to be ridiculous...he's kind of like a cheat in this fantasy league.

I currently find myself in 1374th place overall, but 12th among Villa fans. Highest I've been yet.

Thanks for the tips, Nik.

Raconteur said...

127 points for me, which is pretty dissapointing, considering what was on offer.

Saul & SK, congratulations on a great start. You're both great contributors here, and I always make an effort to read your postings for sane advice.

My BD team is:
Bale, Koskielny, O'Shea
Malouda, Nolan, Scoles, Walcott (will be getting rid of)
Drogs, Carroll, ChamWOW

Couple of observations/questions:

Why are people picking Barton over Nolan? My memory is poor, so i can't remember how the two were in fantasy terms when they last played PL, but Nolan has played the first two games tucked in behind Carroll, shoots on target a lot, and gets goals. Surely a better pick?

Charlie Adam, confusing! They win 4-0, and he gets 11 points only, and then they lost 6-0 and he somehow gets 6.5 points. Too early to make up my mind, so i'm off him until it becomes clearer.

GK position is still confusing me. Got Hart on BD, but surely ManCity can't suddenly become defensive gods over the course of one summer? I like Jussi, Foster & Harper, should all keep clean sheets at home.

Anonymous said...

Which keeper to keep as a season keeper?


Lets face it. They arent really gonna get much cheaper than the 8 mark. I have Hart at 8.83 at the moment..


Bradley said...

@Raconteur: I think people selected Barton because he takes a lot of the corners/kicks. Unfortunately, he's also a YC magnet. I took Nolan for his higher SOT production, although he's no stranger to referees' books either.

donut said...

Hi folks

great debate as always!!

@Saul - congrats you are having a great few weeks and making the right decisions! I was convinced on this blog to replace Nolan, Arshavin and Carroll with Dorrans, Silva and Arteta so whilst I am keen to listen I am also pretty cautious this time round. I am really keen to understand the dropping Drogba call - 2 6=0 wins and playing Stoke who have lost 2 games... I know v Stoke 6-0 is unlikely, but surely a Drogba brace would be expected?
Anyway, would be good to understand!


Saul said...

At Raconteur - Regarding Adam, the fact that he got 8 points for doing squat vs. Arsenal just gives him more value...he seems like he's the kind of player that will give you fantom points no matter what.

LC - I'm not a fan of season keeer goalies, i tend to choose them according to match-ups. For week 3 I'm going with Pepe Reina as he has the most obvious chance to get a clean sheet.

My current team atm, changes to come...


I like it except for Ngog, I'm just not sure he'll start but asside from that it looks good to me.

Raconteur said...

Bradley, that makes sense then. Wondering if I made the wrong choice, as just looking at Barton vs Nolan without goals, looks like the one with the porn star tache is the better producer, picking up extra points for crosses.

Saul said...

Rancouver, Donut - Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the input.

Anonymous said...


Best ever, thanks AM and the bloggers! Crushedmy privte group and moved to 17th in Blog League 8

BD team

Malouda-Scholes-Walcott-A Johnson

Thinking of one change

A Johnson and Kalinic


Davies (filler) - Chamkah

or add in C Adam

Concerened though about being too heavy in Arse players. Any thoughts/recommednations?


Anonymous said...

212 for me with 11 goals and finished 19th for the week! wow! makes up nicely for the 50.5 in week 1... best 1-game week ever and maybe even best week ever, even including 2-gamers!

shame my team went and spoiled it by losing 3-0 to man city...

Taf Tacklers

Raconteur said...

Saul, that's why I was confused. When his team won 4-0, he didn't perform well, and when his team lost 6-0, he performed well considering. He certainly looks like he gets phantom points across the board. At his current price, I can jump on at a later date, if he continues to perform over his value.

Still can't understand your decision to drop Drogs against Stoke, but you tend to outscore me, so who am I to question? lol.

Anonymous said...

Just expeimenting with a team.
What do you think to this?

Im taking a major risk with Drogba but, oh well!

Bale, Skrtel, Koscielny
Malouda, Adam, Gerrard, Lennon, Reo Coker(I cant afford anyone else :-))
Carroll, Defoe

Let me know what you think otherwise i will be reverting back to

Bale, Skrtel, Koscielny
Malouda, Adam, Holden, Routledge
Carroll, Drogba, Pavl

Eeeeeek.... Tough Decision!!!!


joe said...

damn i love this blog.
helps me a lot.
my team for week 3

bale carr skrtel
flomo adam nolan albrighton
drogs caroll chamakh

i'm thinking to pick walcott but my instinct
tells that walcott performance can be one hit wonder.no offense:)
drogba most likely to score.
his on top of his game right now.
not sure bout albrighton tho.
any suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Annon at 5.53:

You have to SAVE your BD team before Yahoo resets and posts points, scores and new player values. Unsaved picks will likely become too costly and your available funds likely will go into the red.... so you can't save at the old price.

Look ahead to next week, make your picks and SAVE-- of course you will lose the inherent value of your player and can only re-select that lost player by paying his new price.

What I have now figured out is that if the value of your old unchanged player or a newly saved player goes DOWN (at any time), your available funds go UP by the same amount. Clever of YFF, which is about the only thing good I can say of YFF this week.
(Since I am a new player- others will make sure I am correct.)

Saul said...

Joe - Aston Villa coach said that the reason why they were beat by Newcastle is that he started 3 of the same players in the same week, I'm thinking he'll rotate players for next match. Also keep a look out for the Europa League bacause if Albrighton starts most likely he'll be left out of the weekend match.

The orphans . . . . said...

Here is my BD team:
Harper @ 3.88
Bale 12.89, O'Shea 6.74, Carr 4.62
Malouda 12.87, Adam 5.49, Scholes 5.00, D.Jones 4.71
Berb 11.27, Carroll 5.96, Drogba 20.54
thinking of dropping Carr, D.Jones, Carroll and Drogba

Anelka, Defoe, Skrtel, Holden (+.67)

Anonymous said...


plz visit the below mentioned website and signup as we are starting a new tournament "KNOOOCK EM OUT" from this weekend (28th aug).


Tournament rules and fixtures are already announced.

cheers !


greginho said...

the link is not working for me. is there another one to use?

joe said...

thanks man.

i think i wanna change jussi for reina to free up some cash and change albrighton for scholes
dunno yet

greginho said...

the third time was a charm hans, but did i miss the AM chat rooms group?

Anonymous said...

@ greg...
Unfortunately, only members of AM CHAT REGULARS GROUP are eligible for the tournament. Now its full and you can join only if someone pulls out.


P.S. We are trying to weed out managers with multiple teams.

Kellz said...

Just a heads up for those who, like me, are very interested in Arsenal's potential line up away to BBurn, particularly for those of us with Walcott/Chamakh (I dropped Chamakh for Berbatov however).

This is from FantasyFootballScout "Team News"

23/8 Laurent Koscielny returns from his one match ban and will likely partner Vermaelen in defence here with Song likely to shift to a midfield holding role with Rosicky the most likely to drop out of the Arsenal midfield that started the game against Blackpool. Sebastien Squillaci is expected to sign on Tuesday and could also be a factor in the back four although Wenger seems likely to give him time to settle before drafting him into the starting XI. Both Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie are in line for starts here but the latter could remain on the bench as Wenger opts for a 4-5-1 away at Blackburn. Chamakh’s place is now under threat then, particularly for away games such as this. Fabregas is set to come in with Wilshere the unlucky player likely to drop out. Walcott will surely maintain his starting role following his hat-trick last time out.

Something to consider and monitor!

Saul said...

Kellz - So although Koscielny might start, there's a posibility Wenger might bring Squilacci for him in the 70th minute to ease him in the game...killing any possible CS points Koscielny might have. I'm staying away and would rather go with Skrtel, Bale, and BAptiste or Carr

No Name FC said...

Little bit disappointed with the performance of my team this week. Had Howard (0), Bale (33.5), Vermaelan (8.5), Carr (1), Malouda (14), Dorrans (5), Arshavin (18), Bent (2), Chamakh (19) and Saha (-0.5). A bad decision to bring in Saha for Carroll and Bent for Walcott half an hour before the kick off.

For week 3, i BD a large number of new players and i am confident Liverpool will bounce back this weekend to beat West Bromwich therefore i BD Gerrard and Kuyt on my team. At the moment, my team look this way:


I am thinking to swap Carr with Skrtel and try to keep the other players.

greginho said...

thanks for the invite hans, i will make sure when i start a chic fantasy group to invite everyone but you. no just kidding.

Anonymous said...

no name fc, take off kuyt.. he won't be playing..

Eric said...

In any other week I'd be extremely pleased, and somehow I feel slightly disappointed finishing the week with -only- 129.50 PTS.

BD Team so Far:

Bale, Skrtel, Evans
Malouda, Nolan, Adam, A.Johnson
Drogba, Carroll, Chamakh

Not sure on Evans... may switch to Terry, Vermaelen, Assou-Ekotto or similar. Some good matchups this week for sure. Could also go with a cheaper option and upgrade the midfield a bit. Kolarov maybe?

In Midfield I'll be holding onto Malouda for the foreseeable future. Nolan played well over the weekend and has a good match vs Wolves. I used to love picking him a few years back. I'm not entirely sold on Adam yet, but he is cheap and has been producing above his value. I think I will hold him for now.

Adam Johnson looked great for City, so I grabbed him on the BD. I'm not sure if I should hold onto him or not though. Don't expect Walcott to produce so much this week. Maybe Petrov vs. Birmingham?

Drogba and Carroll will stay put. Chamakh I may swap out for Berbatov, or maybe Defoe.

What do you guys think?

Good luck to everyone... fingers crossed for another goal filled week =)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

it's been a fantastic week for me here (202 pts!) considering this is my first year of YFF..thanks to AM and all great participants, hopefully can hang on through..

my biggest scorer is Andy Carroll and it's my hunch pick at the very end actually, but it proved the best hunch

anw, my current BD team for week 3:

Bale, Baptiste, Faubert
FloMa, Walcott, Nolan, xx
Drogba, Carroll, xx

Drog,FloMa,Bale might be season keeper, but apparently it is subject to change, might move EVdS with jussi...
anyway still need more advise from you guys, keep up the good work!



Anonymous said...

Potential Defoe holders

Looks like he'll be out of action for a while. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/t/tottenham_hotspur/8941715.stm

-Banned in DC

Anonymous said...

Week 3
Bale Baptiste Skrtel
Malouda M.Petrov Nolan Adam
Drogba Berbatov Carroll

Comments please.


Benjamin Wang said...

Just a thought, does the theory that each player must return his value in points apply to Drogba? He is, in form, all over the pitch with goals/assists and even on FKs and PKs, but will he hit 21 points every week? I doubt it.

So should I fill my team with consistent players who return their value and score a consistent 100 for 100 every week? Or bet on big names like Drogba who might / might not return their value?

Anonymous said...

Hi All;

just wanna share something that will not help others in choosing fantasy players and points..

maybe all of u wonder where the team name "Kak rOkiAH FutBol KElaB" is from?...

it's not mine actually. u want to know the meaning of "Kak Rokiah"?

of course everyone knows "FutBol KElaB" for football club rite...

"Kak" means sister and Rokiah is a person name. however it refer to an aunt/ aunty or normal person name and sounds Cynical/funny/silly at my place...

after all proud to have a countryman with high scoring points and being highlighted by others with funny name...

congrates "Kak rOkiAH FutBol KElaB"...!!!

TM yang 1
(this 2 weeks is S***..bottom of private league compared to final stage AM challege/cup last year)

bean said...

kranjcar, nani, duff seem decent options at their price and matchups.. if they're certain to start

Matthew said...

I'm not convinced Nani will be a regular starter. I know Scholes can't keep starting every game, but Giggs hasn't started one yet and Ferguson seems to be keeping faith with the old guard. I would advise you wait a few more games and see how many Nani features in

Anonymous said...

Quick Question.
Whats the likelyhood of Jenas starting against Wigan?


Anonymous said...

Anythought on Kompany? I bought him at 6.6 mil replaced Carr; with MAN C current form he will likely get CS even play away @ Sun. Hes on average 14.5 pts with 7 Passes intercepted 2
Clean sheets 7 Blocked shots 8 Tackle Won.

Currently Line up
Bales Williamson Kompany
M.Petrov Gerrard Barton Malouda
Chahmak Carrol Elmander

I want to bring Ngog @6.5mil in for Chahmak or Elmander but I dont know Is it worth it since I got Chahmak @ 6mil and Elmander @ 7mil?

Alex Darlo said...

I have jumped off Cham with RvP back it's too much of a risk, I am also thinking of 'losing' the restrictive Drogba, noting how many of the 'top' Teams cope without him to bolster other areas.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
Finished this week with a low 101.5 points.
Thanks to Arteta + BFAY + Valencia for getting me a grand total of 12.50 points.(& Silva +Balotelli too)
ELK, Carson & Carrol saved my team from the brinks of disaster with 76 pts.

Anyways let's move on to Line-up
Vidic Bale Baptiste
Barton walcott Lennon Bright-one
Mario Caroll Torres.

The bright-one pick is subject to change. I am not so sure about walcott as well. I think torres is going to start scoring big one of these days, what better match than @home to West brom.
Please feel free to point out any obvious flaws in my team.


Anonymous said...

Only 111pts from

Bale Carr Faubert
FloMa Albrighton Cahill MPet
Chamwow Drogba Balotelli

I had Bale, Drogba, Floma, Cahill, Chamwow and could only manage 19.5pts from the other 6 players !!!!!

My current BD team:

Bale Carr Koscielny
FloMa Walcott AJ Cahill
Chamwow Drogba Carrol

Thinking of changing out Kos, AJ and Cahill. Total of £22.5m to spend - any advice would be great.

Superfly Jim

Doctor Teeth said...

@Benjamin Wang

While it is correct that the best paradigm for analyzing player values is to consider whether they will return 1 point per million spent, the analysis should shift slightly for season-keeper stud players like Drogba and Bale. If you really are going to write those players names in your team sheet with permanent ink, then the week-to-week performance starts to matter less and you care instead about the likelihood of monster weeks. You can live with Drogba returning a paltry (!!) 13 points in a given week since he will in all likelihood return with a 32 point week in the foreseeable future.

That being said, over the course of the season, Drogba is very unlikely to return 20 points/game. The season PPG leaders typically average in the neighborhood of 16 points/game. This is probably what causes the top managers to not ride a premium player like Drogba for an entire season but, rather, swoop in to select him when the match-up is appealing and/or his price has been depressed due to a bad outing or two.

Personally, since his discount is only 1 million currently, I'm toying with the idea of swapping Drogba out for Torres/Elk this weekend to free up a bit of cash.

Anonymous said...


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The orphans . . . . said...

Thanks for the time it took to create this, Hans_India.

Anonymous said...

good day guys..

i still having 12.95 for 2 midfielder positions..can somebody recommend me any affordable & worth player for such that limited money?

my BD team:
Bale Terry Clark
Adam FloMal $$ $$
Drogba Chamwow Carrol

is it better to go for scholes/lee or nolan/???
or do you have any suggestions?


Saul said...

@MySL - I'd say switch formation to a 4-3-3 and get Skrtel and Scholes. Skrtel would cover the liverpool CS that you're lacking and Scholes is on the form of his life, although be wary because he's played 2 games in a row and Fergusson may rest him for a game(although I don't see that happening). But really you don't have many other good alternatives since players values went up after the good performances on the weekend. Hope that helps!

Benjamin Wang said...

Thanks Dr Teeth

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