Saturday, 28 August 2010

Week 3 - My Team


Faubert  Skrtel   Bale

Walcott  Adam  Barton  Malouda

Carroll  Drogba  Berbatov

As I'm off on holiday to the South of France, my team (and this post) was done on Friday afternoon, so no last minute changes for me...and yes I've checked it was definitely saved! It means I won't be able to do any barndoor work, and you won't see any blog posts from me for a week, but I'm sure you'll cope :)

I feel like I've got a decent balance, with 2 Chelsea players (Drogba, Malouda), 2 Spurs (Cudicini, Bale), 1 Arsenal (Walcott), 1 Man Utd (Berbatov), 1 Liverpool (Skrtel), 2 Newcastle (Barton & Carroll with one eye on Blackpool at home), 1 Blackpool (Adam) & 1 West Ham (Faubert - couldn't afford anyone else).

The temptation was to go with Crouch after his superb hattrick on Wednesday, but I needed one Man Utd attacking player so decided I couldn't fit him in. Those of you who read the blog last season will know I'm happy with success of Spurs players even if I don't have them in my team (e.g. Defoe's 5 goals), so if three-metre-peter scores another couple goals in another win then I won't be too annoyed!

The rest is pretty self explanatory - Cudicini replaces Gomes and was great value, Skrtel has a great clean sheet chance, Bale a no brainer, Faubert is scoring OK for a £4m defender, Malouda a no brainer, Barton & Adam both under £6m on set pieces, Walcott held at £8m so I'm keeping him as Arsenal face Bolton at home in Week 4, Carroll is there for Week 4 too, Drogba was never going to leave, and Berbatov is there to ensure I have one Man U player vs West Ham.

Now as I said I won't be able to do any barndoor work whilst away, but that doesn't mean I can't offer advice for Week 4. Newcastle face Blackpool at home, Chelsea are at West Ham, Arsenal are at home to Bolton, Man City host Blackburn & Spurs are at West Brom...these are the stand-out fixtures so look to load up on the barndoor.

That's it - Mike & Hans are picking the Blog Team from the poll results this week, so you can check out their selection after the deadline here:

Good luck to all - please post your team in the comments! Who are you picking up on the barndoor?



Pop Thy Collar said...

Thought I'd dip my toe in the cool refreshing waters of 4-3-3 this week. But it could all go pear shaped or tits up, depending on your preference. Hello funtown!





TwoFace said...

good line-up AM, it can't get any better than that..

THis is mine though:-

Bale Skrtel OShea
Valencia Malouda Adams Davies
Rooney Carroll Crouch

I'm playing catching up game so i can't have Drogba means i hope Rooney will do the business for me or i'm screwed..i really want Cudicini but i have a feeling it could be another big week for Foster

Valencia better perform if not it will be his last appearance in my team everrrrr..hehe

SIL-80 said...

Apparently I have 8 players on the roaster same as AM, with the exception of Faubert (Elokobi), Barton (Huddlestone) and Adam (Etuhu).
I am also playing catching up game within my own private league and I do hope that Berbatov perform as I am the only one in the group that has him. Anyway, my team looks as below :

Bale Elokobi Skrtel
Malouda Walcott Huddlestone Etuhu
Drogba Carroll Berbatov

Good luck to all...

birty said...

bale, evans, a cole
malouda, walcott, lennon, scholes, adam
carroll, crouch.

avoided last minute tinkering which has seen such classics as Milner for NZogbia (0 points) and Walcott for Holden (30 point difference)

sabz said...

Foster, Carr, Skrtel, Bale, Shcoles, Walcott, Malouda, Lennon ,Rooney, Crouch, Heskey...

Bradley said...

Wow, the south of France. So jealous... :)

Our line-ups are very similar AM, which should make you very, very nervous:

Carr Skrtel Bale
Walcott Adam Nolan Malouda
Carroll Drogba Berbatov

I'm not sure why I didn't replace Carr with Faubert. I believe that's what they call "a mistake." On the other hand, when I did my BDing last weekend, I purposely chose Nolan's SOT production over Barton's kick taking -- possibly a mistake.

I've also had a rough start to the season, although unlike you, I'm solely to blame for my picks last week. Hopefully both of us will get back on track this weekend.

Anonymous said...

My team for this week

Bale Evans Koscielny Skrtel
Malouda Adam Scholes
Drogba Crouch Ngog

I had Foster since week 2 and he has a pretty ok fixture, while Koscielny comes back after missing out in the last game. Evans has a great chance of a CS, while Scholes is in good form. Crouch is there coz they face Wigan and Ngog is kind of a wild card for this one.

Bale, Malouda, Adam and Drogba has been around since week 1 and wont be leaving this week.

Anonymous said...

Reports earlier forced my hand, heard that carroll was injured??? so put in's my team 4 what it's worth...
C. Cudicini
G. Bale
L. Koscielny
M. Skrtel
F. Malouda
T. Walcott
J. Mikel
T. Huddlestone
D. Drogba
P. Crouch
J. Carew

SK said...

I'm worried about my lack of a Chelsea forward in Anelka/Drogba but I really wanted Gerrard/Torres. Slightly worried about RvP. Didn't see the game, but I hope the injury isn't anything much. My team is actually only 3 names away from AM's:

Bale O'Shea Skrtel
Malouda Adam Walcott Gerrard
Chamakh Carroll Berbatov

GTR34 said...

Bale CS gone. Wigan scored in the 80th minute.

GTR34 said...

When I least expected it, Spurs screwed up:) Bale is worth keeping, but the rest are not good.

We'll see if Drogs can return his value. One pen, but did he do anything else.

This is what you call the hangover after the record breaking goal fest last week.

The matches have been rubbish so far, so fingers crossed for better point scoring in the rest of the games.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like predicted goal festival in WHL did not happen, glad i didn't take Cudicini and kept Foster, although Bale and Pav surely dissapointed today. Add to this nothing from Chamakh, and no CS for Koscielny and the week doesn't look to be great. Hope points from Drogba and Malouda and phantom points from Adam and D.Jones save my score a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Lampard is out for at least a couple of weeks (hernia operation), making dropping Drogba even more painful. Any ideas who is going to start in Lamps place.

Dave said...

Anyone want to share their BD work? I picked up Walcott since it seems he cemented a starting position today and has a favorable fixture coming up. Dropped Lennon who was not worth his price today. Brought in Harper to face Blackpool at home (dropped Cudicini whose value had seemed so certain).

Dave said...

@anon 6:28

It's not clear yet that Lampard will miss game week 4, since the EPL takes next weekend off. If he does miss it and you want to make a play on his absence, consider investing in Essien rather than trying to guess who will take Lampard's spot on the roster.

kwyjibo said...

A further testament to how well AM Blogger's are mediocre 78.5 points had me rise 300+ places overall, +6 places in my 'Fans of' group, +5 places in Fantasist Superleague 2, but...DROP two places in the AM Blog League 1.

Congrats to all, and to blah blah from AM.Blog, the current overall leader!

Of course, still a few games to go, but I've only got 2 players left, so I don't expect much. But still, overall, my best start ever at YFF thanks to all of you here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not a dream start for me 71,5 pts. with skrtel and foster to go, 25000 smth. overall after finishing in top 500 last year, hope things will improve


Anonymous said...

the members of AM blog are doing really well.. very happy for all of you.. i'm also doing well today with 96.50 with 3 players to go.. hoping my remainder player will score well tomorrow..

thanks again for AM and the other members for the great infos and opinions.. keep it up!

p/s : congrats to blah blah and chuggington...


Birty said...

Got 88 which would've been better if the Spurs from last wednesday would've played instead of the ones that did show up.

BD -
Stockdale, Vermaelen, Williamson, Flo-Ma, Walcott, Duff, Nolan, Caroll, Jones K and Dembele.

Not happy but it'll do for now.

Well done Blah Blah and chuggington!!!

greginho said...

A nice 93 points with ben foster and sebastian larsson. i should get to 100. not seeing anyone with larsson, lots of bartons and nolans, etc. if they just get there costs i will get to 110 and go further than 9th in the AM table. i now lost a place and dropped to 888th in the world.

the only player that didn't get their values were williamson and chamakh, but they will stay in the team, thanks to van persie being out and williamson is at home against blackpool next game.

about lampard, his absence, might mean the death of malouda, fantasy wise. whenever lampard is not there kalou seems to come in. he pushes malouda further back. last year malouda returned his cost only one time, that i remember when kalou starts, that was a blowout with malouda getting a late late goal to get his points. for the sake of arsenal's chances i hope lampard misses the whole year, but for the sake of malouda's fantasy production, i hope for a swift recovery.

Anonymous said...


i think lamps absent maybe not for too long.. the replacement for him is not kalou i guess.. with ramires and benayoun is available, 2 of them might get the chances in the starting line-up.. benayoun can replace lamps.. also, if ramires starting, essien can replace lamps role..

greginho said...

good because i don't want kalou in there stealing maloudas fantasy points

Dave said...


I agree with anon. Benayoun would be more likely than Kalou to take Lampard's place.

However, as I mentioned above, I wouldn't count Lampard out for GW4. GW4 is two weeks away, the surgery is very minor, and others have returned to play one week after having this operation.

Finally, if it does appear that Lampard will miss GW4, then I would recommend picking up Essien rather than trying to gamble on Lampard's replacement. He is almost certain to start and will assume an even more important role in the attack than he already has if Frank is sidelined.

Anonymous said...

yeah, me too.. let's hope it will be like that..

Crazylegs! said...

All those Drogba droppers are wiping there brows now!
Just loved hearing that another had dropped him this week, more points for me..Ha ha

Hooligan Gangstaz said...

Well, Nik, you're looking pretty good so far. All three strikers scored, three of four midfielders scored, Adam had a strong day. Faubert may have hurt you a bit...he played poorly.

Thanks for the tips...I'm as high as I've ever been right now in the rankings. 400-something overall, 4th overall of Villa fans.

Hoping Jussi has a strong day tomorrow & I'll break the 100 mark.

Maxer said...

good week for me.. 102points with reina and skrtel to play.. i got 4 goals in malouda, walcott, carroll and drogba.. although carroll points drop a bit for the yellow.. points from bale, koscielny, barton and adam too.. chamakh disapoints me, but am keeping him for w4 for arsenal good matchup..

some good decision i did for w3 are..
-drop fab after bd him earlier week..
-drop harper..
-drop faubert..
-barton and carroll instead of nolan and willliamson..

anyway, looks like i'm keeping my w3 team for w4, but will see if any injuries arises this 2 weeks..

cheersss all...


No Name FC said...

not a good week for me:

Cudicini and Crouch really dissapointed. Now i learn something. Don't ever change your team last minute. I brought in Cudicini for Jääskeläinen and Crouch for Berbatov.

Anyway Rooney, Bale and Malouda save my team. I have another 3 Liverpool trio to go (Kuyt, Jovanovic and Skrtel) for week 3. Hope to get some points from this trio.

I BD a few players for week 4:

Harper in; Cudicini out
Gohouri in; Jones out
Barton in; Kuyt out
Tevez in; Ronney out
Rodallega in; Crouch out
Carroll in; Jovanovic out

The players remain in my team : Bale, Williamson, Skrtel, Malouda, Simon Davies

Ban said...

End up with 83.50 points in first day.
Not much good enough for me in my private league. Still 3 to go tonight.

This week regret that changed Foster to Cudicini as keeper. But is ok, week 4, BD-ed:
Harper as keeper;
Stam from Wigan;
Barton from Newscastle;
Carroll and Dembélé as my forwards!

Good luck for day 2!

Anonymous said...

what is the actual correct method to barndoor? do we need just to 'save' or 'save' & 'confirm'?

Louie B said...

Don't you just hate it when one of your defenders gets subbed when he's 1 minute away from clean sheet points (Evans subbed 74th min). 89 pts so far with Jussi, Skertl yet to play.

Anon - you need to save and confirm

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 5.53am, save & confirm..

Hinrik said...

I have to say that AM is very good at this. Very intelligent picking. :) I have lost many points this season because of "injury" news and changed my team on the last minute.

Hinrik said...

This was my team for this weekend:

Bale Carr Skrtel
Gerrard Malouda C.Adam Fletcher
Drogba Kalinic N´Gog

No Name FC said...

jussi jaaskelainen was red carded..luckily he was not in my team.

Anonymous said...

@LouieB: Yea thats the worst, but Zamora's 35th min goal cancelled out any BPool Clean Sheet no matter if Evatt was subbed, but luckily he still go 7pts :D

GTR34 said...

10 man Bolton down 2-0, now back to 2-2. Great free kick by Blake.

kwyjibo said...

Well, there goes my week...thanks Jussi...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that Given is a good pick @ 8.48 ? Considering he's pretty much a shoe-in to sign for Fulham before the transfer window shuts and hence before GW4...

Fulham have an relatively easy game @ home v Wolves aswell.

Just my two cents :-)

Superfly Jim

Anonymous said...

@jim: how sure are you on that transfer saga? i've BD stockdale for GW4..

@kwjibo: jussi broke my heart too..damn! surely i lost my faith in himself unless he prove his worth after this..

bad week..

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that Ahmed Al-Muhammadi is worth a punt?

Anonymous said...

pussi really ruined me this week.. he is DEAD to me!

Birty said...

swapped Jussi (-5.5) for cudacini (-1) on thursday - would've been better off with Captain Kirk and his zero.

Saul said...

86 points for the week, not great but not bad either. Somehow with that score I managed to maintain myself in the top 100, 86th overall ranking. Dropped Drogba but it didn't affect me because I brought in Torres who also scored well for the week, but that switch led me to bad choices. Good to see a few AM Bloggers in the top 50, keep it up! My BD team...


Definitely not done, I have to find a way to get Newcastle attacks, Carroll a must, but I can''t decide which one of Nolan and Barton.

greginho said...

why is i can never make a prediction with any confidence, it seems logical that, sitting at 93 points with ben foster and larsson to play, i would get to 100, but no, i had to make the prediction, now i have lost 2 points. i even made the prediction that i might go up in the rankings in the blog leagues too. next time, i won't be so confident. the fantasy gods, seem to be paying attention.

Miec said...

kompany, bale, o'shea
malouda, walcott, adam, m.petrov
caroll, ngog, berbatov

I was quite happy with my team (only ngog and petrov was making me concerned) but 108 pts this week send me up to 1030th place

Thank to you, AM :)

Skip said...

is Jussi out for 3 games or 1.. i think its is 3 no?


kwyjibo said...

@Skip - It was a straight red, so yes, it should be 3

Anonymous said...

Straight reds do not necessarily result in a 3 game bans. It depends on the circumstances, e.g.
- last defender who is shown the red card for denying a goal scoring opportunity is only banned for 1 game
- players dismissed for abusive/offensive language is suspended for 2 games

In this case, Jussi is shown the red card for violent conduct, which would indeed result in a 3 game ban.

Anonymous said...

@ Hans India

Hi Hans - Well done for your tournament...
Just one thing - the first match between Lowestoft & Bow 7 seems to be incorrectly scored.
Lowestoft is attributed with more points.
Keep up the good work!

kwyjibo said...

For those of you, like me, who are annoyed that Yahoo decided to leave out the rest of the world with their 'UK' only video posts, you can at least get all the highlights from the games.

I found a great link (no, I'm not affiliated in any way...). No analysis, just highlights, but still better than nothing. Maybe I'm slow, and the rest of you know already, but just in case:

Anonymous said...

thanks has been rectified.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Arteta for England!?!

kwyjibo said...

In Fantasy La Liga, my 4 midfielders managed a total score of -1.5! Wow. Bad.

Luckily the rest of my players rescued me enough to get 6th place in the AM Blog Fantasy La Liga group, ~5900 overall.

Fantasy La Liga would be much better if there was a blog like this one to help out with the picks...

Anonymous said...

What do people think of the last minute transfers? It's good we have an extra week to figure it all out...

The interesting ones to me are:
-van der Vaart to Spurs (although still unconfirmed as of this writing)
-Gyan to Sunderland
-Hleb to Birmingham
-Di Santo + Cleverley to Wigan

Do you think they will make an impact in terms of YFF? Which others do people like?

Saul said...

...add pennant to that list as well, he was a beast Fantasy Wise.

Kellz said...

RvP possibly sidelined for up to 4 weeks:

This makes Chamakh, now under 7mil thanks to his underwhelming outing against BBurn, and very nice buy for the next couple of games.

I think this also means Walcott will retain his starting flank role as well.

Saul said...

Kellz - He's gonna be a big hit for week 4. I BD'rd him on the weekend and kept him due to RVP's glass leg.

Another cheap player, and on form, I'm considering is Gardner. He's scored 3 goals in 2 games and should be a good bet home vs. LiverPool. But then again we have so many other last minute transfers in Gyan, Hleb, Cleverley, Pennant, and hopefully VDV so we'll see.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to pick new signing player!
Yahoo please add player in list before this week!

Anonymous said...

I think Experienced Fellow Managers should come-up with the "player picks" in absence of our beloved AM. Hmmm?


GTR34 said...

Cleverly has been added to the game at 5.47 for Wigan. The other transfers have not been added yet.

Anonymous said...

thanks GTR34...lets share the updated info together...after all this is the blog meant for rite...


Anonymous said...

Cleverly wasn't recently added in, he was only switched from Utd to Wigan, just like Konchesky has been switched from Fulham to Liverpool.

Still waiting on the addition of the new players, probably gonna wait until next week for that.

Anonymous said...

3 bad goal keepers in a row. Who looks good for this next week?

Dave said...

@ Anon:

I would say Harper, but what do I know. I've picked 3 losers so far too.

Kellz said...

@Anon+Dave: I'd say Harper, but I think BPool could get a goal away on Newcastle.

But what about Kirkland for 1.17mil? He should be on the bench and even if he does start Sunderland don't perform well on the road.

Otherwise Foster could be a good pick as Liverpool really haven't kicked their offense into any sort of gear. This should be a low scoring game with many saves on both sides.

If you want expensive Cech/EvDs although Utd are on the road to EVE, but they haven't been a huge goal threat although they were VERY unlucky not to take something away from Villa.

Lastly, Cudicinni may have let in a soft goal to Wigan, but if Gomes is still out, I feel Spurs defense will prove adequate enough to stop any West Brom attack and therefor would make Cud even more of a bargain under 5mil.

Hope that helps, we still have a lot of time to choose!

Anonymous said...

which one is better?
bale, koscielny, ferreira/jose enrique/williamson
malouda, walcott, adam, barton, reo-coker (filler)
drogba, carroll


bale, koscielny, ferreira/jose enrique/williamson
malouda, walcott, adam, barton
drogba, carroll, chamakh

Saul said...

Anon 10.57 - I'd say second one. Even if Hart has a great performance of 25 points(and that's best case scenario), Reo-coker will get you at max 3 pts...or even negative pts. On the other hand, Harper and Chamakh have a posibility to combine for a max of 35 to 40 points. Really what I'm saying is that you're relying on Hart to come up good for 2 players.

Anonymous said...

thanks Saul for your great advice, personally i also feel that the second team is better. the only reason i'm hanging on to team 1 is because of the great discount on Hart and Hart is not a bad keeper. i'm the kind of fantasy manager who doesn't like to change players week in and week out, i only change max 2-3 players each week.

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