Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Week 21 - Tuesday

Only one game in the Premiership last night, but what a let down it was for those of us who jumped on the Chelsea Double-Week-Wagon.

Burnley & Hull (even away) were 2 games the majority of us expected Chelsea to run riot in, at least 1 clean sheet & 2 comfortable wins with plenty of points along the way. Unfortunately, after their 1-1 draw with Hull last night I'm left feeling very disappointed.

I didn't see the game last night but from what I've read Hull were worthy of the point, & it's another unexpected twist in what continues to be an unpredictable Premier League season. The only certainty appears to be that Didier Drogba will keep on scoring.

I had 4 Chelsea players - Cech, Ivanovic, Lampard & Anelka. The 4 of them cost me roughly £10.50m, £9.41m, £18.69m & £15.51m...well over half of my entire budget. They did okay for me on Saturday,  but last night they combined to contribute just 14 additional points to my weekly total, leaving me on 98 with 5 players (Baird, Duff, O'Hara, Utaka & Zamora) to play tonight.

My barndoor team currently looks like this: Given, Garrido, Shawcross, Bale, Whitehead, Etherington. Petrov, N'Zogbia, Kalinic, Tevez, Adebayor

So a big concentration of triple gamers. I want Rodallega in for certain, possibly Lee & Steinsson too, while I'm unsure over Adebayor Petrov, Whitehead & Garrido. There will still be plenty of tinkering before deadline, & I'm hoping for some random drops in player values after Fulham v Portsmouth tonight (see Tevez dropping by over 1.00 after Monday's game).

Quickly, before I round off my post, some injury news from

Obviously, we wouldn't exactly bet our mortgage on it happening, but Owen Hargreaves could make his comeback - of a sorts - when Manchester United take on AC Milan in the Champions League later this month.

Hargreaves - remember him? Midfielder, combative, quite good - is finally back in training, though the Mirror says that he is only 'alternating between working with the first team and the reserves'.

Nonetheless, Sir Alex Ferguson has reportedly craftily dangled the carrot of a CL return in front of Hargreaves by promising to include him in the squad to face Milan 'if he complete a full week's training'.

"I would like to seem him make the squad for the Champions League fixtures against AC Milan, but we won't rush him," said Ferguson.

"We are being patient with the rehabilitation following his knee operations and he is alternating his training with the reserve and first-team squads, working for two days and then resting a day.

"It's a matter of him regaining his confidence and, when he is able to train every day, that will be the moment for him to return to match play."

Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner says he hopes his injury problems this season are over but, disappointingly, he hasn't declared himself fit again to start this Sunday's game at Chelsea. Because that's the sort of information this column needs, not waffle about a spell on the sidelines being the equivalent of "hell".

Fortunately, The Independent is more obliging. The newspaper has revealed that Arsene Wenger 'hopes to be able to recall Croatia striker Eduardo and France midfielder Abou Diaby from injury for the trip to Chelsea'.

This just couldn't be better timed...Wayne Bridge is set to make his first-team comeback this weekend for Manchester City.

'Bridge has recovered from the knee injury which has kept him out since the 2-1 home win over his former club Chelsea on December 5,' reports The Sun. 'Bridge, 29, went to Eastlands to see his team-mates ahead of Sunday's victory over Portsmouth. He has not asked for any extra time off and is expected in training today.'

But bad news for Fulham: Andrew Johnson will undergo an exploratory knee operation to discover whether he requires further surgery which could rule him out for the rest of the season.

The news is a further blow for Fulham manager Roy Hodgson who already has forwards Clint Dempsey and Zoltan Gera suffering with knee complaints. USA international Dempsey has knee ligament damage while Hungarian Gera took a blow to his knee in training on Tuesday.

Johnson's injury comes at a bad time for Fulham, as Hodgson allowed Diomansy Kamara to join Celtic on loan believing Johnson was progressing well from his injury.
Bad news for Gera owners, he's out of tonight's game & bad news for those of us who picked up Garrido on the barndoor - Wayne Bridge is set to return this weekend so his place is surely at risk.

Let me know how you're all getting on after last night's game. Who have you got left tonight...and most importantly, how is your barndoor team looking?

My Player Picks post will be up tomorrow!



Anonymous said...


Two Face said...

Barndoor Team:-

Lee,Etherington,Petrov,N Zogbia

Got 6.23M to spend..If Garrido might not be playing than Shawcross looks a good bet..but I'm still open to Zabaleta

Hinrik said...

My team:
Figueroa Scharner Bale Steinsson
M.Taylor N´Zogbia M.Petrov Modric
Rodallega Benitez

Anonymous said...

BD'd Adebayor, Given and Petroc but want Rod in, need to get rid of Lamps or Rooney or both.

Had 'The Hunt' in last night, top scorer so far this week waiting for Zamora and Schwarzer for tonights match. Sitting on 105 with a great shout at choosing Rooney over Fab after having both in last week.

Naning said...

I'm looking at this team atm:

Verm, RJohnson, Bale
Duff, Etherington, Petrov, O'Hara
Tevez, HRod, Chucho

I think I am more or less settled on my defence and forwards. I will probably try and fit N'Zogbia in the midfield, but I am not 100% sure how just yet. Another player that might show up is Larsson. The Birmingham trio has been giving me a lot of points this season. But we'll see what happens.

And for the current week, I'm at 110.5 with Duff and Piquionne(hopefully) to go.

Ian Sanderson said...

112.5 with Baird and Duff to go. Agree last night was disappointing.

BD'd Drogba after his goal and despite only scoring 10 he went up 2 pnts to 20.

Current team...
Bale Baird Scharner
Modric N'Zogbia Taylor de Jong
Tuncay Rooney Drogba

With 4 units left looking to upgrade de Jong.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Not only was it a let down for Fantasy Pts. (sigh) it cost me some cash too. That's what makes this great league so hard to predict! Now I dont feel so bad about my Arsenal losing at home to Man U. If the great Chelsea cant even go north and get 3 points against lowly Hull. At least the Arsenal beat Bolton at the Reebok in a statement game.

Anonymous said...


Vermaelen Bale RJohnson
Duff Etherington N'Zogbia Petrov
Tevez Rodallega Kalinic

Very mcuh like Naning's. The Petrov choice is the one that worries me the most, as I'm not sure how many games he'll start and how stable he will be. Having said that, I think he's the best option from ManC besides Tevez - Adebayor isn't consistant and scores no phantom points; Bellamy isn't a sure starter as well; SWP usually underperforms on YFF; and Ireland isn't in a role that is as much attacking like the rest. And Petrov takes set-pieces, of course.
Lee looked great against Liverpool and was very close to a goal, but I'm not sure if he's a better choice than Etherington, N'Zogbia or Petrov. I don't like any triple-game defender, so I'm going with RJohnson. I also thought about Larsson and Benitez, but the other options are better.

113 points so far in a good week, Duff, O'Hara, Baird and Schwarzer left. Hoping for a CS for Fulham with O'Hara winning corners and crosses while Duff scores a hattrick.


Doctor Teeth said...

Happy Wednesday.

Sitting on 110.5 points after yesterday's disgusting performance by my Chelsea players....Cech, Terry, Lampard and Anelka returned a combined NINE points against a relegation-bound Hull side??? That means that Steven Hunt almost single-handedly overshadowed their collective performance yesterday. Steven Mouyokolu and Jozy Altidore both had more points than each of those four players did for the double week. Ugh...don't get me started.

My provisional team going into the partial triple week:

Bale Shawcross Stenisson
Modric N'Zogbia Etherington MTay
Tevez Kalinic HRod

I actually like my team but am toying with the idea of swapping out Steinsson and MTay for Cahill and Lee (would leave me with 1.7 left over which I wouldn't really know where to spend). Very nervous to not have Rooney at home against Pompey but that ship has already sailed...I am looking at not being able to afford Rooney or Drogba for the remainder of the season without playing a couple of fillers (although Bale and Hutton would go a long way towards helping that situation).

Fingers crossed for a great Spurs performance at
Elland Road later today.


Bojan said...

My BD team for now, 3-4-3:

Given - he will stay there for sure this week...

Bale - he will stay here whole season...

Shawcross - sure starter, good when goes forward, and plays for very defensive team with good matchups... I think he will stay also...

Scharner - he was injured but now he is healty... plays in midfield (3 goals, 2 assist and 15 SOT's)... I think i will do with Wigan defender(better matchups) then Bolton(Steinsson)... 3rd option is Garrido (6,87) or some other City defender but there is too much players fighing for spots... Zabaleta, Richards, Ounuha, Toure, Boyata, Lescott, Bridge,Kompany and i have Given to cover CS for City...

Whitehead - best filler of the week... tipped by Pulis to be offensive and shoot on goal... sure starter @3,98... only sure player in my midfield

For other 2 or 3 places i have N'Zogbia(10,64), Etherington(9,39), Petrov(9,54) on small discounts an Taylor and Lee(price fell yesterday from 9,22 to 8,85)

Roddalega - nice games, he takes kicks and penalties and his team needs to win a game or two... i usually miss with him but i hope that i will guess right this week...

Tevez - I think that K2 is killing his game like Drogba is killing Anelka and Lampard... I think that everybody will have him so if i choose him that wont be big miss but i have bad hunch about him and scoring goals for week 22... 80% i will choose him

For 3rd spot i will have Stoke forward... i have money to get all 3 options... so i will wait for team news and choose between Sidibe,Fuller and Tuncay...

Bojan said...

forgot to write a line or two on chelsea game... I had Cech,Anelka,Lampard and Terry... With Anelka and Lampard i am not suprised but Chelsea had to get one CS this week... I hate picking keeprs up... i hope that Schwartzer and Fulham will concede tonight to easy my Chelsea pain...

ToffeeDave said...

Ahhh good ol' reliable Drogba. Not too upset over the Hull game as I had Ivanovic and Drogba, with Hunt and boateng who turned his negative first game into a positive 1 over the 2. 93.5 with Baird, Paintsill, Duff, KPB and Zamora to go tomorrow. I think Fulham win this one 2-1 or 3-1 with Duff getting in on an assist and probably a goal as well. Seems to be everywhere for them since dempsey went away. Hopefully KPB can score one of his wild attempts today. I want rooney so bad but cant fit him into this lineup I have.
(secret defence, sorry gotta make ground up somehow)
Drogba, Tevez, Roda

I am the first time, completely satisfied with my team but I would like to fit rooney in somewhere. That would mean sacrificing a good midfielder and in form striker in tevez for rooney+filler

Anonymous said...

Which Man City players do you all think is a good pick? I currently have Given, Garrido, Adebayor, Tevez and Petrov, but who do you think will start all 3 games?

Stato said...

I think:
will start all 3

Anonymous said...

Chelsea chelsea. Don't know what to say. Cech is a waste of money. Should have got Given instead.
But still want a fulham CS tomorrow as i have baird, as well as duff.
My top scoring player this week: Well done Stephen Hunt! Finally one of my hunch picks paid off!

Anyway my team for next week looks like this:
Bale Garrido (6.87) Hutton (3.55)
Lee Eth N'Zogbia Fabs
Tevez HRod Kalinic

2.74 million in the bank.

Not sure if garrido will play. Same goes for hutton. Will he start for the black cats?

But if I were to swap the both of them out, I don't have enough funds to buy defenders such as shawcross or steinsson.

Unless Fabs goes......


Anonymous said...

Btw I have fabs at 17.51.....


Mrljo said...

what's up with micah richards?? is he injured or what, because he wasn't even on the bench for the last game.

What do you guys think about ireland? is there a better mid for 9.30 this week?

Anonymous said...

Toffee Dave - are you seriously withholding your defensive line-up from the blog? Your heightened sense of self-importance (see the ill-fated attempt to subject us to your fsntasy nonesense earlier this season with your podcasts) is so laughable that it defies belief.

STM said...

@Mrljo: Richards suffering from calf injury, almost certain to be ruled out for match vs Hull, but targetting to be back vs Bolton on Tuesday.

Ireland may not play 3 matches.

Anonymous said...

One question AM, do u think it's a wise choice to keep bale since there will be double and triple matches coming out, with B Assou-Eko'o coming back?


Mrljo said...

Cheers STM!
i think i'm going to drop ireland for lee and maybe upgrade garrido..

Ban said...

122.5 points for now after Hull City vs Chelsea.
A little disappointed to Chelsea's players (Anelka and J.Cole), just 0 point for Jcole yesterday and Anelka a little.
But a big win for Hunt and Myhill which was home draw to chelsea! Myhill having -1point after vs Wolve but after Chelsea game, getting 11point! So totally up 12points after played with chelsea!
But taking a big risk when picking Myhill!
Myhill is my favorite player!

I just bandoored Adebayor, Kompany and Cahill from everton. regret haven't bd Tevez and Petrov!

Still having Boateng, Utaka, Duff and Baird for today! Good luck to Am and all of you!

Bojan said...

@ Ban
kompany is injured for 2 weeks... move him out...

Fidan said...

My bd team:

Eagles(6,24),Ethe(9,39),Duff (13.7x),xxx

As you see there is NO Wigan player, so it WILL change come friday. SURE to be there are: Given,Verm,Bale,Eagles,Ethe,Rooney,Tevez...!!!

Now, I have 4 options:

1. Zab/Nzogbia/JMcCarthy/HRod (drop Duff:()

2. GCaldwell (Bridge,AFaye)/Nzogbia/Tunch

3. Hutton/JMcCarthy/HRod

4. Hutton/Zabaleta/HRod (4-3-3)

I'm leaning towards the the 1st one (and maaaybe the 3rd one) but...what do YOU think?

Any suggestion???

Anonymous said...

my team:

ethrington, zogbia, m'carty(wigan), lee
ronney, tevez, yagya..

ToffeeDave said...

more anonymous shit talk. Yes im withholding my defence because I find it fun to compete, not to simply have the same team give or take 2 players. You of course dont think for yourself and can go back to your parents basement while they feed you, dress you, and change your diapers you cute little baby you.

Kellz said...

@Fidan: Can you do Zabs/Whitehead/HRod? if not maybe wait and see if players prices drop slightly? One thing I have noticed is when midfielders don't score, all midfielders prices drop slightly. Maybe something to watch :D, example is no CS yesterday and Scharner's price dropped by .02mil

bean said...

pretty underwhelming week for me, 89.5 with Schwarz, Murph, & Mok left to play.. can't believe how few points Chelsea produced.. I sure hope Fulham can make up for their poor first match.

surprised there aren't more picking up Drogba

Hutton Bale Shorey
Lee McCarthy Ferguson Ether
Tevez Drogba HRod

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anonymous@3:28pm...ToffeeDave is a twat!

Anonymous said...

Guys and gals,

I've been holding Bily - is he still suspended or just shite in Moyes' eyes?


Ian Sanderson said...

Oh dear, the anonymous posters are back and making fools of themselves.
Currently Given is my only Man City player...gulp.

Jimmy_Boy said...

Hey guys. I made a tooblar for you to make navigating the fantasy football world easier. It is free and takes a few seconds to download. Would appreciate it if you took the time to download it.

Anonymous said...

My bd team is really heavy on triple gamers as are most of your teams, but I kept lampard at discount because chelsea actually play when they are facing an actual challenge :P. Plus, I always like having one of my team in fantasy be part of my favorite club in actual football.

Bale Steinsson Bridge
Lampard Cohen Lee Etherington
Tuncay Adebayor Hrod

I know Bridge is a gamble, but after the depressing draw with Hull I can't really convince myself to take the time to figure anything else out. Cheers

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

With Kompany injured might Garrido slot into his roster spot?


Anonymous said...

My Squad de' Death:

C. Kirkland

C. Baird
A. Hutton
G. Steinsson

M. Petrov
M. Taylor
D. Whitehead
J. McCarthy

C. Tévez
H. Rodallega
E. Adebayor

Kirkland's out, but that's leaves me with a possible 28 chances/games to score in if everyone plays all three.

With 1.6mil to spare.... good enough for now I think. - Comments?

Anonymous said...

Hutton ~ now Mancienne


Greg said...

Bale Baird Steinsson
Ethrington Petrov N'Zogbia Whelan
Drogba Rooney Tevez

Any suggestions for alternatives to Whelan/Baird? I've got nothing to work with, only .14 free funds. Thinking about upgrading Baird to Bridge or maybe Whelan for J. Gomez

Overall I'm satisfied, not changing frontline, Given, and probably Bale for the rest of the season so my remaining options from week to week are kind of limited...

Anonymous said...

Which Man City defender do you all think will start all 3? I think Toure will probably do, but he is too expensive. Considering Bridge, Garrido, Zabaleta and maybe Richards....

Kellz said...

Martinez talks about immediate introduction of Moses and Moreno into the line up, possible displacement of HRod/Scharner for 1 or more games?

bean said...

kind of worried about HRod now..

Gasper said...

My team for the week.

Bale, Shawcross, Hutton
Barry, Lee, N'Zog, Whitehead
Tevez, HRod, Bellamy

Does anyone know if Bellamy is in the squad? I'm a bit worried since noone is picking him.

STM said...

Well, Martinez didn't say that he would start BOTH the new boys in the same match. So, I don't think HRod is at risk.

Jason Scotland will be the one dropping to the bench, 0 goals so far from your striker isn't really good statistics. I think Scharner may be at risk too.

But then with the new additions, who really knows what formation Martinez is going to employ. :-) Just my humble opinion of course...

Anonymous said...

who thinks that this is a pretty good team?



STM said...

Ah, I see new players added to YFF already. Some pickings at decent prices.

Found anyone you potentially fancy in there?

Anonymous said...

Whooping 185 points this week in the top 10 for the whole league .. makes a change!

time my luck took a turn!

ive dropped shwarzer for sorensen with his triple gamer ???

got tevez back for his triple

duff hunt and ohara seem to be worth sticking with..

and replaced maluda with etherington instead of eagles..

Kendo (earlybathunited)

Bojan said...

Jimmy Boy - nice toolbar...thanks

jd said...

need some advice from u guys rooney rely worth it at full price??? i knw hes exp but theyre playin pompey at home...any advice will be appreciated..
oh btw, nice toolbar jimmy boy..

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