Friday, 12 February 2010

Injury Update 12/02/10

Injury news from
Fernando Torres is being tipped to make a shock return for Liverpool in their critical Premier League match at Manchester City next weekend.

The Daily Mail reports that he has 'stepped up his fight for fitness and started running again' after a month on the sidelines.

'Torres was given the all-clear to begin running on Tuesday and was seen lapping the pitches at their Melwood training headquarters without any ill-effects,' the newspaper discloses.

However, as The Sun remarks, 'it is at the other end where the Reds are struggling ahead of the vital Premier League clash, which they cannot afford to lose.'

Sotirios Kyrgiakos will still be suspended for the trip to Eastlands while 'Jamie Carragher is battling to make the game after limping out of Wednesday's defeat at Arsenal with a damaged groin. There are fears it could keep him out for 10 days - which would take him right to the wire as far as the City game is concerned.'

Ryan Giggs' injury woe may not be as bad as first feared. Though Manchester United reported on Thursday that Giggs would be out for a month having fractured his arm against Aston Villa, the day closed with Sir Alex Ferguson voicing his optimism that the Welshman will be back in action for the second-leg tie with AC Milan in the Champions League on March 10.

"Ryan's had a plate put in his arm which will stay there for 2½ weeks. He will still be able to train and he might be available for the second leg against Milan but it's a long haul," said Fergie.

Due to their early exit from the FA Cup, United have the weekend off and The Times says that 'Ferguson will be planning to recall Rio Ferdinand, suspended for four domestic matches, and Nemanja Vidic, after a nerve injury, for next week's return to European competition.'

The day ends in y so here's the inevitable bad news for Arsenal. According to John Cross of the Daily Mirror, who tends to have the inside line at the Emirates, Andrei Arshavin has been ruled out for ten days with his hamstring injury, meaning he 'will miss the trip to Porto next week and is a major doubt for the Premier League clash with Sunderland.'

And there's more bad news to report: 'Midfielder Alex Song is also a doubt for next Wednesday's Champions League trip to Porto after damaging knee ligaments against Liverpool.

'Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is hoping that Song's injury is not as bad as Arshavin's but both would have been definite starters for the Porto game.'

At least Samir Nasri has been cleared to feature after being given the all-clear following his head injury against Liverpool on Wednesday night.

From Chelsea's perspective, the announcement that Ashley Cole will be out for three months with a broken ankle effectively means that he will not play for the club again until next season.

'Medical staff at Stamford Bridge have effectively discounted Cole from further involvement in the Barclays Premier League title race,' notes The Times.

'Yuri Zhirkov is likely to cover at left back for the immediate future, perhaps including the first leg of their Champions League round-of-16 tie against Inter Milan, but Ancelotti will also consider switching Branislav Ivanovic to the left flank and using Paulo Ferreira, Alex or, when he is fit, Michael Essien at right back.'

It's annoying that Zhirkov is listed as a midfielder, but he's still a great filler. Also, with Giggs & Nani out, Valencia is surely a must for Week 23.



AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Where does Beletti fit in to the Chelsea back line shuffle?

Anonymous said...

The possibility of Pompey being liquidated really worries me. Does anyone know what will happen in that case? I mean, will all of the points earned from the Pompey matches be deducted retroactively, or will all of the remaining games that involve Pompey result with 3 automatic points in favour of their rivals?


Danyel said...

Yes AM - Valencia. But who do you think Fergusson will use on the other wing?

Danyel said...

Nani is not in the "FA Suspended Players List". Will he be available for the 2nd game (against West Ham)???

Kukuski said...

Coming from earlier debate on this blog, YFF is the healthiest hobby I've discovered in a long while:
==> No more major heart-aches from Arsenal
==> No more excessive outings (I got to make sure my teams are in order...)
==> Just love the feeling of topping my local league
==> And all that practically free of charge
==> Etc.

Here is my proposed team for the coming week:
VDS / Bale, Brown, Evans, Hutton / Carrick, Parker, Fletcher, Faubert / Rooney, Cole / @ 99.78.

AM et al, please rate my team.
I'll be back shortly for your comments on this team.
Many thanks in advance.

Take care and best regards!

Manager, Kukuski FC.

Fidan said...

@ Kukuski - Woah, 9 dg. That HAD to be a good thing, unless it contains 2 rotation "victims"(Brown,Evans) and 4 players (YFF) average at the best (whole MF)...!!! But if your gut feeling says you should load on dg no matter of whom you pick, then I think thats the team you should like. Btw, Valencia IS a must and maybe Evra too. So, I'd make some changes, imo...!!!

Good Luck...!!!

My provisional team:

I'm still holding Almunia, Rosicky and Diamanti on dc but the other options I'm looking at so far are: James,Shorey,Vidic,Samba,Fabs,Milner,Downing,Park,Diamanti,Bendt,Piquionne and Kalinic...!!! Sooo, everything can happen...!!!

Any suggestion???


Fidan said...

And Agbonlahor too. Even if that means I'll go against all my principles and pick him ahead of Milner :(

Naning said...

@SF - I don't know what happens in the PL, but in sweden if one team is disqualified or such in the middle of the season ALL matches they have played will be deleted. All points and goaldiff will be deducted. Good for the teams that has lost against pompey. Bad for the teams that has won.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

still stuck on;

Bale(2.65) Hutton(4.02) Mouyokolo(1.76)
Cesc(17.51) Etherington(9.39)
Arteta(7.88) Rosicky(6.69)
Drogba(20.74) Kalinic(2.36) Rooney(23.21)

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I seriously doubt Portsmouth are going to get liquidated! Someone will save them somehow.

Naning said...

As for YFF...

The team I'm considering atm is as follows:

Verm, Bale, Shorey, (Evra)
Crystal Eth, Rosicky, Valencia, (Milner)
Tuncay, CCole, Rooney.

Given is a season keeper(hehe). So is Verm and probably Bale. I finally dropped RJohnson after a few less impressive YFF-weeks. Shorey took his place.

Etherington gets another week after his impressing show earlier this week. Rosicky should be a starter for Arsenal against Sunderland, and is great value @6.69. Valenia is a nobrainer for the double week.

Tuncay is staying at just 4.57. He should easily return that against Pompey. Cole has a double week and should be a sure starter for both games. At 9, there's not much to think about really. And Rooney is also a no-brainer.

That leaves me with 13.19 to spare for one player. Atm I'm mainly considering Milner or Evra. Evra should get two games and even though none of them are that easy, I'm sure he will return his value. Milner has a good matchup, but he has disappointed me so many times. Evra in the lead so far ;)

Kernal_Panic said...

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone for coming out of the cupboard and admitting how much time they spend on this, anoraks united!
Current thinking


Verm Bale Brigde

Etherington Fabs Arteta Valencia

Berbs Bendtner Agbonlahor

Although I'm thinking about dropping fabs for nasri, what with arshavin out, he should get a shout. with the surplus cash going for evra in defense, although I don't think man u will keep a clean sheet against the toffees. Arteta is coming back so its a question of getting him while he's cheap, plus Everton seem resurgent of late, and they're a quality outfit.
Berbs is just a feeling, been quiet of late, ferguson has to rest rooney soon.
Carlton cole is another possibilty, but its a question of cash.

And another bit of english slang, 'its all gone pete tong!' meaning shits up or wrong. I seriously over use that one ;-)

Fidan said...

Guys, can you rate this team:

I can still switch James/Fabs to Alm/Milner or Vidic/Bendt to Evra/Kalinic...

What do YOU think???

Afrikan said...

Please rate my team:




Bradley said...

George Boateng's suspension has been overturned:,19528,11661_5945198,00.html

@Danyel: Nani's been added to the FA's "Suspended Players List." Rio Ferdinand still isn't there for some reason. The FA seems a little lackadaisical with their updates.

Saul said...

I just tore my team apart and came up with one that I'm pretty satisfied with...


Only confusion I have is should I go for Agbonlahor instead of Milner? What do you guys think? I still have something like 2.xx so it's a posibility.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

does anyone think like me and see Arteta at 7.88 as a steal?

bean said...

almost forgot that there's no EPL matches this weekend..

since work is slow at the moment, i'm still tinkering with the team even with another week to think about it:

Hutton Bale Shorey
Valencia Fab Carrick Ether
Bendt Drog CC

(Hutton is kind of weak, but allowed me to get Carrick instead of Zhirkov or other fillerish players)

@Admiral - yes, great great price for Arteta, just hard to say if he's set to start regularly. I think he's still somewhat fragile

for those considering Agbon, he's a doubt for FA Cup match this weekend,,10265~1963268,00.html i'm sure he's probably fine for next week, but who knows

Anonymous said...

Evening all, could you rate my team please:
heitiger, skrtel, evans
arteta, malouda, carrick, valencia
drogba, carew, bendtner

Does anyone know if any of the above are injured or suspended.

Ron Manager

Anonymous said...

@ bean - ''yes, great great price for Arteta, just hard to say if he's set to start regularly. I think he's still somewhat fragile.''

....Agreed, I think he is still a bit fragile, but with Fellaini and Pienaar out I don't think Moyes has got much choice other than to play him. I think that he'll start.

Ron Manager

bean said...

btw, is Timmeh Howard the Chelsea physio now? (picture above)

Anonymous said...

On Pompey, in case they go into Liquidation, their results are erased and prospective matches are cancelled.

More news here.

If a side cannot complete their fixtures then a league has no choice but to scrub their results from the table.

Such a move would have limited impact at the very top: Manchester United completed the double over Pompey on Saturday, so would lose six points; Chelsea have a game against them to come, so would lose only three, leaving them five points ahead of United who would have a match in hand.

The status quo would return if that match was won.

In contrast, the race for third and fourth would be shaken up considerably - distinctly to Liverpool's advantage. Their 2-0 defeat at Fratton Park, their worst league result of a poor season, would be stricken from the records, while at the same time Arsenal would lose six points, Manchester City likewise, Spurs and Aston Villa three each.

Even with defeat against Arsenal tonight, Liverpool would remain contenders for third, and become strong favourites to be at least fourth.

At the bottom, Bolton and West Ham both have precious victories against Portsmouth, with the Hammers taking a point in their other meeting. Sunderland drew twice, and would lose both points.

As that trio dropped down significantly, Wolves, Burnley and Wigan - aside from Liverpool, the three sides Pompey have beaten - would stay still in terms of points, but all would move up the table as those around them dropped.

Anonymous said...

From football 365

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, how does my team look?

Bale Evra Shorey
Fab4 Valencia Bentley Milner Park
Kalinic Berbs

Concerned that I have only 4 DGs. All are from Man Utd. Amazingly I got bentley at 10+, he's now gone up to 16+. He seems to be in good form even though he's a single gamer. Will he start against wigan? Love my midfield though, except for park. Will he get two games?

Is it wise to invest in so many single gamers this week? Honestly I don't really like any of the double gamers on offer. Both teams have at least one tough match.

Still have one week to ponder over any possible changes. But I should try not to overthink things, like AM mentioned.

I have a second team as well but they are doing slightly worse than my first team. I don't spend so much time changing my second team, so I'm not sure if that theory applies to me.


Anonymous said...


i little bit confius right now

i want choose this team

g.bale wilkinson m.solagdo
p.scholes m.carrick f.malauda a.valencia
w.rooney d.drogba n.bendber


g.bale wilkinson c.baird
p.scholes m.carrick f.lampard d.whitehead
w.rooney d.drogba n.bendber

thank for your advice

-gaban fc-

Anonymous said...

Etherington's been stretchered off in FA Cup tie v Man City

bean said...

I hope Etherington's injury isn't serious, but sounds like it could be:
"Could be a medial lingament job for Etherington. It was more of a slip than anything, but you could see his knee buckle under him. Horrible." (from soccernet)

Dave said...

A bummer for Tevez holders hoping for a triple game from him - looks set to miss the Tuesday game, returning to Argentina for family reasons, according to Mancini on soccernet.

Fidan said...

Ohhhh MY GOD...!!! Tevez OUT?!!! Man, that hurts. You see, none of my PrivateGroup managers has him. I'm crying...!!!

Anyways, enough with moaning, after all thats what FANTASY football is all about. A great deal of it is about having LUCK...!!!

@EVERYONE - Me and my friends in my private group openned a discussion of the ratio of luck within YFF success. I insist that it is 60/40. 40% for LUCK, 60% others (team news,knowing abilities of a specific player,"weighing" the opposition,etc)...???
What do YOU think, whats the ratio of LUCK in it...!!!

Btw, I'm SO close to a team (I really like):


BenHaim should cover (the possible) CS for Pompey, cuz I think EVERYONE'll pick DJames. I think I'll go for Alumunium, having the long term factor on mind...!!! I know Kalinic is simply a filler but he enables me to afford Alm/Fabs/Valencia/Rooney, so I think its worth it...never mention he can come up with an odd goal (or two :)).

Any suggestions???

Anonymous said...

My latest team squad.

Cole Anelka Bendtner

Etherington AdamJohnson Arteta Ashley

Clichy Bale Shorey


greginho said...

my team is not loaded with double gamers. my defense and goalie are unchained for many weeks and have been producing at very low costs. cesc is staying for the rest of the season. i thought that duff would keep his spot from the last 3 weeks, but malouda's form is irresistable.
robinson (2.57)
vermaelen (6.01), ryan nelsen (5.10), bale (2.7)
cesc, malouda, valencia, parker
diamanti, cole, bendtner

i wanted noble and noticed that he lost his starting spot the last game to diamanti. diamanti is one the two attacking midfielders who are right behind cole. parker still produces fantasy-wise, but colison has lost it. bendtner has a real chance to score and/or get an assist. he is at a great price. i can upgrade to virtually any player, because i have 4.87 in the bank. not sure, though that i want to.

Afrikan said...

looks like blackburn's feb 22 and mar 2 home games against bolton and b'ham will be rescheduled cause of FA Cup replays. anybody heard anything?

Anonymous said...




for me 2nd team looks more balance but i don't like bendtner and c.cole.. for 1st team, i'm counting on drogba to do the job, while salgado and kalinic as fillers(don't care they play or not).. just can't decide..

AM or anyone can u give your opinion which one is better? or any better options?

Fidan said...

@ Anon - 2nd team...You got 6games (Evra,CCole playing 2g) so it is 6vs4. 1st team has Salgado (a potencial "red"), Zhirkov (playing DF and registred in MF, so off goes the CS) and Kalinic who is a space-waster imo, considering you have Drogs @20.74. So, ultimately it is 2nd team. You just might consider Evra/Maxi for Vidic/Park (just a thought ;))...!!!

Good Luck...!!!

Anonymous said...

will vidic play both games?

Kukuski said...

@ Fidan:
Many thanks for your comments on my team and your general presence on this blog. I was away from internet access all weekend...
By the way, you've got a very good team there! I thought you were considering Evra, why the change of mind?
Best regards to all!
Manager, Kukuski FC.

Anonymous said...

Tevez back in argentina for stoke game...stupid triple weeks!!

Fidan said...

@ Kukuski:
Thnx mate. On Evra issue. I just read the news on Vidic missing the trip to Milan so I think a change of hearts can still happen ;). But...I really consider Evra as a very expensive deal, considering that he can well lose his both CS (@Eve and with WHam fighting for a goal and hoping for a point @OT), and ~12m for fantom pts is way too much, imo. So, I was considering Vidic as a cheaper option, due to the fact of having more chance to get a goal from his headers or even some BS (as CB), but I may well get back to Evra or get Tompkins ;)...!!!

My renewed team (2g LOADED):
Rooney,CCole,Diamanti?!! (I cant believe I said this)

I still have a lot of cash to spread around so there is nothing definitive, and I like the first team better...

Anyway, thnx for reply...!!!


Kellz said...

Option 1:
Almunia, Bale, Evans, Illunga(Spector)
Valencia, Park, Rosicky. AJ
Rooney, Tevez, Diamanti

Option 2:
James, Bale, Evans, Evra,
Valencia, Park, Rosicky, AJ
Rooney, Tevez, Diamanti

Anonymous said...

@Kellz: Evans is not guarenteed to start. You could get vidic instead. Park is a good choice. I have him too and see that not many people own him. A chance to move up the rankings for us.

Personally I like your option 2 better because there's evra in there. I feel that evra+james will outscore illunga+alumnia. Alumnia is a good choice but I don't like the look of Illunga.

Just my two cents' worth.


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