Monday, 23 May 2011

Week 38 - Points Are In

It took them a while but Yahoo have got the final points of the season up on the board (although the "latest points" total is incorrect on the "home" page, check your "my points" page for an accurate total).

What a final day it was! I'll write a detailed post later in the week but I'm sure you all witnessed the incredible drama of the relegation battle as it unfolded in front of us. Congratulations to Blackburn, Wigan & Wolves; commiserations to Birmingham, Blackpool and West Ham.

I scored 98 (3,754 points in total) to finish in a personal best 59th overall, 6 points away from a Top 50 finish. Although being that close to the Top 50 was a bit disappointing (damn you Krul & Craddock for -6.5 combined) I'm pleased with my season and hopefully I can crack it next year!

Please let me how you did in the final week, and where you finished overall?



kendo said...

Hi Nik

105 this week

After a bad start finished top of my own private league and 1,690 overall was aiming for a top 2000 finish so I'm really happy.

Really want to thank you for all you hard work and will miss the blog over the summer.

Take it easy for a while mate!


Benjamin Wang said...

Thanks AM, I had fun this season. Have a good rest, you've earned it!

Scott said...

A great season came to a slightly disappointing end yesterday with 88.5 points bringing me to 3750.5 overall, good enough for 63rd overall (but 3.5 points behind AM, our fearless leader, and 10 points out of the almighty top 50). Fabio not even making the bench torpedoed my top 50 ambitions (I won't mention Krul and Craddock since many managers had them on their sides). Special shout out to Kellz who finished in 11th overall, just missing out on an amazing top 10 finish.

Two thumbs up to Blackpool for bowing out with class at OT...they were the side that I least wanted to see be relegated and Ian Holloway will certainly be missed next year. Little to no respect to Wolves who stayed up through the backdoor despite a listless first half but such is life in the EPL. Yesterday had to be one of the greatest final days in the league ever...amazing drama for two hours straight.

Thanks to everyone - especially AM - for a great season. Yesterday is one of my wife's favorite days of the year as she knows she will be able to recapture a semblance of my attention for at least a few months. See you all in August...anyone care to wager a bet on Adel Taraabt's price on opening day?


Doctor Teeth

bolanos cf said...

Finished 101 overall. pretty disappointed since i was tied with u AM before the final GW. anyway i would like to express my greatest gratitude to all of ur effort and all the managers who have been resourceful all season. a sweet moment for my team in the europa league as well as i managed to reach final but fell short against bunch of idiot @ madness. congrats mate, u fairly deserved the accolades. see u guys next season :)

SK said...

Below is my score. Even is the best of my life but still feel dissapointed. I can still done better. Hope I can have better result on next season. Thanks for your effort AM! We all appreciate it.

Total points: 3,653.00
Overall rank: 236

kwyjibo said...

Whew! Made it! Sitting at 849 at the start, made several bad picks, knew I was going to drop...thanks Krul, Craddock, and the news that Zabaleta would not recover, meaning a start for Kolarov that turned out to be false...

But, ended up with 71 points, dropping me only 70 spots to 919. So, I did it! My first ever top 1000 finish! Barely!

919th place
3,526.5 points
21/9539 for my first ever top 50 finish in my 'fans of' group
25/100 AM Blog League 1
12/99 Fantasist Superleague 2

And, ALL OF IT thanks to this Blog. Thanks Nik, and all who posted throughout the season. This is by far the best YFF blog. I sure hope YFF and this blog continue for many years to come.

So, now I need a goal for next season. Top 500? We'll see.

I hope the rest of you had great results. Thanks for all the input. See you next season!

Ken M. said...


Finished with a total of 3307.00 points. Very happy. 81.5 points this week.

Last minute changes cost me 11 points and I ended up 1.5 points (behind) 3rd place which was the BEST I could have hoped for in my league. Darn!

Scored nearly 200 points more the second half over the first.

What great fun:

Next year hopefully I will be looking at a higher finish. Congratulations to all those who finished with their own personal best.

gaius marius said...

final week: 102.5 -- total: 3427, good for #1994 in the rankings.

most telling, though, remains the split between the first half (before i stumbled onto and the second.

first half: ranked #8421

second half: ranked #905

thanks, AM.

S.P. said...

finished with a very solid 92 pt's to win my pvt lge with a very commmanding 150 pt lead. :)). 99th percentile again. 3476 pt's. inside the top 1400. would like to push top 1000 next year. doubt he reads this but well done to Matang Gerdu fc. it must be really tough at the top. to win by a 100pt+ margin is terrific. lets hope for an AM blog team at top next yr ! big thanks to Nik for all the quality posts this season. i'm sure you'll achieve top 50 next year. just look at all those keeper disasters you had at the start.
just 50/50 toss ups that kept going wrong. quite funny in retrospect but not at the time !
quite ironic that you should finish on another one ! i had Cudicini, but it took Pav to bale him out with the win pt's ;)

matt said...

Well firstly a big thank you to all involved with this blog.
I decided to try YFF after a fairly successful first season on the official game (won my private league in first season) I then thought i would try the YFF game as someone recommended it.After some terrible weeks (45000 Overall rank)
I stumbled across this blog around week 8/9 and broke 100 points 2 weeks in a row.
Around halfway through the season my rank had gone from about 45000 to 30000. 
( Just to clarify didn't copy anyone's entire team just needed help with the few positions I was stuck on)
After getting used to some of the pricing, barndooring and which type of players to pick/avoid.
My rank has risen to a final rank of
20,157 Overall & 865 Spurs Fans League.

This is probably not a good rank but its my 1st season so am quite pleased and hope to better it next year.
Again Thanks
Team Name ? - (that is my actual team name)

barglancy said...

Finished with 101.5, moved up to 313 overall was hoping for top 250 but I'll take it. 11th in AM Blog 1, and 46th in Fans of Liverpool.

Don't put too much stock into first half and second half differences. More double weeks in second half may account for higher scores.


Papa Bear said...

Another great season comes to an end...i been playing for a few years now and i think i will try and make that illustrious top 1000 next season...i retained my trophy in my private group which i lost last season and came i am champion again and i must admit that after discovering this blog this year i have approached my player picks with alot more confidence....ended the season on 3252 and i hope to get to 3500 and above next season....Thanx Nik and to all the contributors in the comments section because u guys have made it a great season...

Jigga_All_Starz signing out

DavidKBritt said...

Hey Nik,

Finally registering at the end of the year to say a big thank you. It was my first year playing and I set the goal early on of making the top 2000. I spend the whole second half of the season hovering between 2300 and 5000, but in the very final week I broke the barrier for a 1804th place finish (3440.5 pts). Couldn't have done it without you. Also, I crushed my British friend who challenged me to it in the first place.

I think my chances of playing again next year hinge on the removal (or extension) of the barndoor. I was willing to wake up at 4 in the morning a few times to beat my friend (I live in California), but I really don't think I could muster the will for another season.

But here's hoping I'll be back to your website next year bristling with anticipation! Huge thanks for a fantastically run site.


chrism said...


Sincere thanks for your time, effort, patience and insight for another great year. There's no way for a firm count but there are probably 8-10 of your blog regulars in the top 100 overall which a major achievement. Unfortunately not me, finished @ 1138 but won my private group- the last vestiges of, for the 3rd year in a row.

One CL final to go, and its time for the great footie withdrawal.

I am elated to here your going to put up with us all for another year.

velvet underground allstars

mwahid said...

Hello Nik and the regulars..

Just to drop my 1st note here…

A very big thank to Nik for your great blog and to all the regular commenter/chatters as well. Without this informative blog and the updates from you all guys, for sure I may not be able to win my private league and the overall 2010/11’s YFF Premier League.

To me, anyone who has found this blog would be in a very huge advantage to win his private league. So, wishing Nik and the regular commenter/chatters well and be able to come back with the latest updates and recommendations again next season.

Thank you very much

Matang Gerdu FC.

alexis said...

Hello everyone and Nik in particular!
Thank you ALL for the beautiful season of FF as I even got a habit of checking whether I saved my team or not at 12pm on Saturday, what shall I do for next 3 months, i'm puzzled!
Anyway I can share the happiness over my result
41 st overall
27st for second half of season
!I'm happy as never!
All tributes to the man who gives us numerous information concerning the teams and their rotation))
I'm proud to be a part of this blog and to have the tag AM. Blog after the name of my team!

Nice summer to everyone, enjoy the sunshine!
Cheers to all of you! See you soon!

Alex.Team (AM. Blog)

Kellz said...

Thanks for the shout Doc!

Truely an epic season and hard to believe my finish when I started week 1 with a score of 47pts.

As always an awesome blog and thanks for your hard work Nik. Good luck next season I won be around until november on account ill be floating in the bering sea out of Dutch Harbor for my marine biologist position. The hardest part is ill miss all the transfers and the first 15 games!


kwyjibo said...

@mwahid - Congrats! Spectacular job. The only player this year over 4000 pts. Don't know how you did it, but, enjoy your win!

HarambeeStars said...

Great season to you all and a big THANKS to Nik and everyone else on this blog!!

@mwahid - Congratulations!! Incredible work and good luck next season!

Matt Fisher (Fishinho) said...

thanks so much AM! I finished 600th or so, but won the league with my best friends by 21.5 which is what counts to me. Couldnt have done it without you (and your craddock pick last week!) thanks again.

Lon3LySp33D said...

Thank you Nik..I read your blog since Week 16 and now have overall rank in Top 5000. Although the record not nice but i really need to thanks Nik very much..I have improvement in 2nd Season. Hopefully I can have better and better score after this season in future. By the way, how can i join the Blog League in next season? Can i put [AM.Blog] at the back of my name? i wish can join you Nik in next season..Although this season just ended but i really hope next season to come as soon as possible..

Very thanks to Nik..

kendo said...

Matang gerdu is in nik's am blog league 6 massive respect ! It was all down to nik's advice lol!

Congrats mg hope to see you here next season!

kendo said...

Posting your team before deadline each week! ;)

Станислав said...
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Станислав said...

Nik, thanks for all the advises. It's been a wonderfull season of EPL and fantasy football. Never imagined of finishing on 300th place in the overall rankings, but you helped me a lot.

Thanks again.

Greetings from Bulgaria.

joo said...

absolutely brilliant [AM.BLOG]

Latest points: 59.50
Total points: 3,621.50
Overall rank: 345

This was my first season ever, and got there despite getting a zero for the first week. (I started second week)
Special Thanks to AM for his hard work every week. We all know how hard it is to keep up throughout the season like AM did. Hope to see you next season.

absolutely brilliant [AM.BLOG]

The Jackal said...

Hi Nik!
Thumbs up for a brilliant blog season. Wonder what would happen if some of the keeper picks 1st half have been better :) I never (or seldom) write here, more active in the chatroom, but just wanted to say thank you for doing so great job with the blog. When people sometimes swear at you, don`t bother (they may not have a brain to put a team together themselves) :)

Ended 15th place this season, very satisfied (92 pts this week). But I can`t help thinking of Heitinga and Caldwell`s points this week, if it wasn`t for those two, I maybe would have managed 10th place! Always annoying when cheap picks get good pts (and you don`t have them).

Congrats to all teams doing so well this year. And special thank you to the contributors on the Chatroom: No one mentioned, no one forgotten! (you know who you are) :)

PS. Good luck fishing for monsters Kellz, we thought we would fight for AM Chatroom win, but Southcity beat us both on the finish line... Darn.. :)

Maestro Harriers

Kellz said...

@jackal: amazing season buddy so up and down. Southcity came out of no where in the final 3 weeks! Either way this was the most competitive season I have been part of in terms of fantasy and real life! Congrats for the top 20 finish!

Only 2 weeks until my training is over and I hit that ocean! Unfortunately since I will be working for a government agency I wont be able to be shown on the Deadliest Catch even though I could work on one of those boats!

Have a great summer everyone!

Ps great season to all the chat regulars!

bean said...

Thank you Nik, such a great blog. I haven't been commenting as much 2nd half of the year, but check in regularly.
Total points: 3383
Overall rank: 2656
Have a great summer everyone!


Anonymous said...

Total points: 3,433.50
Overall rank: 1,899

Chaos said...

Quite sure by now that Mr Argiropoulos will be getting a slightly enlarged cranium, but have to agree with the posters above that this is a quality site.

Finished the season 13th overall, absolutely delighted, 6 years I've been playing YFF and never been on the leader board before, never mind finishing on it, I also won Wk29 which I will never forget, and was placed 2nd overall since Xmas....

96 points for the final week.

Won my Beat The Bloggers league on the final day of the season after the legendary Maestro Harriers had led it for months, also held onto 2nd in Fans of Others.

Private league wise, the last time I won it was 2008, so after watching 2 other teams take my title away I couldn't be happy to get it back.

Hope everyone has a good summer and see you all back for the start of the season.

p.s Sorry to end on a sour note but Shrewsbury lost their league 2 play-off semi final to Torquay. Another season in League 2 awaits us, after 3 play-off losses in the past 5 seasons I'm starting to think we shall never go up....

Anonymous said...

Moved up over 70 places in the final week to finish 219 overall. That is up from 721 last year. Hoping to crack the top 100 next year. Thanks Nik, and everyone on the blog. This is only my second year playing, so I dont comment as much as I read, but this site has been a big help. Thanks again, I can't wait until August.

- 721 and moving up

leam said...

Hi Nik,

Thanks alot for this fanstansic blog. Never the less to all those who participated in the AM chatroll where we regularly gave advices and share informations with one another. After a tough season, I would like to congratulate all AM bloggers for their achievement regardless of rankings. I'm also very please that a handful of us representing [AM.Blog] made it into the top 50 leadership board. This shows how strong our AM.Blog community is!!

Lengkee Wanderers [AM.Blog]
Total points: 3,769.50
Overall rank: 43

P.S: Thanks again Nik for your fantastic blog. Without this blog, I won't achieve my best ranking till date :) (this is my 2nd season)

Best Regards,

munafix said...

disapoint with the pick of DJC, King dan N'Zog(4 points combine), not to mention Craddock and Krull since everyone had them, earned 97 points to moved up 90 rank finished 595. was hoping for top 500, but 595 is my personal best so im fine.

PS: great season to all blog reader. have a nice summer. see you next season.

Paphos Toffees said...

Shocking November / December and a disappointing tail off to the season left me just inside the top 1000. Disappointing as nowhere near as good as last season but still my second best showing so far.

Firstly congratulations to my group winner Resurgam Argyle - the league doesn't lie and you won pretty comfortably in the end mate.

Secondly a huge thank you to Nik for all your hard work this season, and also to the regular bloggers here, on the chatroll and to Hans India & Co. on the FF Challenge site - top blokes (and ladies) one and all!!

Looking forward to August already!

Anonymous said...

I finished 1090 in my first season. Krul keep me out of first 1000. I hope next year I can move up to 500th place. Thanks for the blog AM and thanks to all good people on this blog. Good luck in real life until we meet again next season!

Anonymous said...

79 points my defenders and gk combined to give me -5.

A Big thanks to Nik, and all the other regulars Kellz et al. Special thanks to Greginho and the fantasist, both motivated me in different ways. Hope i didn't forget to mention Jeremy and Neal?

Proudly Nigerian
Total Points 3592
Final rank 477
AM Blog league (2) 15
Fantasist Superleague (5) 3
Beat the Bloggers (8) 8

My first full season, so i'm kinda happy. Hope i'll have the time i had this season to follow the game and the blog. Anything can happen in 3 months.
Top 50 will be the target then.

Cheers Ebi

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Nik - this blog is fab. Only got 94.50 pts this week - took a zero from Kolarov who didn't play either of the last 2 matches! Grrr.

Total Points: 3379.50
Final rank: 2714
AM Blog league 8: 47
Fans of Everton: 51 / 2733

Still I made nearly 300 places on the last day to break into the top 3000, so not too bad for first season. Aiming for top 1500-2000 next season.

Foul Master said...

Finished with 106.5 points for the week, giving me a grand total of 3,433.50 and a final ranking of 1,899. I climbed 432 spots in the final week.

I finished about 1650 last year if I recall correct, so a little down, but still not bad.

Won my private league, finished 47/99 in AM Blog League 45/100 in AM Chat room regulars, 1st in my private group, 38/99 in Beat the Bloggers 1, and 94/8107 in Fans of Tottenham.

Team: Donkwater Athletic


Ken M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken M. said...


What a wonderful opportunity that awaits you.

Be well, Be safe, and most of all enjoy.

"Sometimes God calms the storm,sometimes HE calms the sailor".

Smooth sailing....

Backcountry Dave said...

Hey Nik,

Woodford Reserves [AM.Blog]
Total points: 3,731.50
Overall rank: 85

AM Blog League 1 4/100
Beat the Bloggers 3 1/99
Starting11 Group 2 3/99

My second season playing and knowing who any of the players are. I have learned much about the nuance of this fine game from your blog and the associated community. Without that, I would have never finished this well so please accept the credit you and the other contributors deserve.

Congrats to Matang and the other leaderboard finishers. Matang, I hope you will be back next season and we can pick your brain a bit, well done!

Cheers from Backcountry Dave
(Hunter_Thompson in the chatroom)

Chaos said...

From today's Fantasist blog...

"but in any case Yahoo! Fantasy Football will be back next season in an exciting new format"

I realise the Fantasist gets a lot wrong i.e no more double weeks, but will be interesting to see what exciting new format means.

kwyjibo said...

@Chaos - thanks for the heads-up. I wonder what the "exciting new format" will be, too.

Next season I wanted to run two teams with different tactics to see what works better. But, now, I guess it depends on the new format. They won't announce it until the fall, I imagine.

And, to give some credit to the Fantasist, there weren't supposed to be any double weeks. They followed through on that in the first half, but it was the freak winter that caused so many postponements that pretty much threw the 'no double weeks' out the window.

Wayne said...

Thanx AM following your analysis and advice has made the difference in my team selection. I definitely will return next season to take advantage of your insights and suggestions. Cheers! COYS!!!

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Thank you, Nik, for making this community and all the works. I am sure I wont' able to achieve this ranking without your help.

Congratulate to everyone who achieved their goal.

Also, Thanks to Hans_india & Mike for creating the FFC tournament and congratulate to the Winners of CL and EL.

hockhoo said...

Team name HoYa. Wk 38 pts: 87.50
Discovered this blog after wk16, and this is what happened:
1st half rank: 47,090
2nd half rank: 607
Overall rank: 6,850
Total points: 3,193

Qualified for most improved?

Thanks Nik and every one.
@mwahid: Congrats & Tahniah.

One disappointment this season: MU 19, L’pool 18,

Good luck to you all and see you next season

neil said...

total 3462
place 1500 im sorry because i was in 100th place after 10 weeks

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