Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Week 28 - Player Picks

Week 28 is a double week for one team. Manchester United play twice: @Wigan, @Chelsea.

It's a pain when this happens, but you have to look at things logically. Wigan should be a simple win with plenty of good points for United players, so anything picked up at Chelsea is then a bonus. As we've seen with double weeks recently, this bonus can be very rewarding indeed, so it's definitely worth sticking a few two-game players in.

But who plays? Well, I'm predicting the following starting line-ups for United, although these are purely based on my own thought process. As you may have noticed, I'm not Sir Alex Ferguson, so don't take them as gospel...

@Wigan: (4-4-2) Van Der Sar, Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Carrick/Scholes, Fletcher, Giggs, Nani, Berbatov, Rooney

Pretty standard stuff at Wigan. Fergie has said Rio will be back for Chelsea, so Smalling gets the start here. I'm assuming it'll be Fletcher & Carrick or Scholes with Anderson & Park injured and I'm not sure he'll trust Gibson after some shocking performances (e.g. Blackpool away). Nani & Giggs out-wide (the only alternative being Oberton - unlikely), the usual two up top.

@Chelsea: (4-5-1/4-3-3) Van Der Sar, O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Fletcher, Scholes, Giggs, Nani, Rooney

O'Shea may replace Rafael at right-back to help combat Chelsea's height (Luiz, Terry, Ivanovic, Drogba, Torres) & Rio should be back. I think it'll be 5 in midfield / 1 upfront (Nani & Giggs supporting Rooney from the wings), which means Berbatov would be benched. I could be wrong, but Fergie always seems to play this formation in the biggest games (Man City, Arsenal & Chelsea this season & last season). United don't NEED to win this - they just mustn't lose - so it seems a reasonable assumption they stick with a formation that has worked well in the past.

Therefore, I'm thinking the only players almost certain to start both (excluding injuries/suspensions) are Van Der Sar, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Giggs, Nani & Rooney.

Again this is purely my opinion, Berbatov could play both games, but I'm going with history.

Now for the other fixtures...

Single Games Worth Looking At
MAN CITY v Fulham
ASTON VILLA v Blackburn
STOKE v West Brom

Everton v Sunderland
Newcastle v Bolton
Wolves v Blackpool

Remember Arsenal, Tottenham & Birmingham DO NOT PLAY  in Week 28.

With all this in mind here are the players, with a good mix of DGers and SGers...

Van Der Sar



Berbatov (if you think I'm wrong/think he'll score big @Wigan!)

That's it for players; quite a small list this week!

Now a big change of direction. If you're a member of the Facebook then you may have seen a conversation on there regarding Van Persie, namely that I'm considering selling him @13.xx for Arsenal's blank week. If I had him @9 I would be keeping him, but I don't. The general consensus is that I'd be making an error selling at 13 - and given his current form I totally see that point - but just FYI here's my thinking.

His hamstring injury has me worried. He's missing Stoke tonight, he'll play in the Cup final on Sunday, but then he could easily be rested or subbed early vs Sunderland in Week 29 ahead of the crunch Barcelona tie. That week will be a double for Everton & Birmingham, so another zero could be costly.

In addition, my recent tactic of dropping discounts has been working really well as I'm now 70th overall, just 20 points off the Top 50. I know I'm in good company because in Week 27 a massive 19 teams from the overall Top 20 dropped Nani. Ok, Nani hit 20 points, but this won't always happen, and the fact the most successful teams drop discounts seems to suggest it's the right way to go.

I want to finish in the Top 50, and taking zeros probably won't get me there. I can buy him back at £20m when I need to in future, but is that going to damage the rest of my team too much? I've not totally decided what way to go, but this is what I have (unsaved) on my my team page at the moment.

Van Der Sar, Kolarov, Smalling, Evra, Hitzlsperger, Silva, Giggs, Nani, Carew, Suarez, Rooney

I love it. Here's with RvP...

Friedel, Kolarov, Smalling, Evra, Hitzlsperger, Silva, Pennant, Nani, Carew, RvP, Rooney

Note, I could go Friedel to Howard, Pennant to Giggs. That would mean the only differences were Howard/RvP vs Van Der Sar/Suarez.

Maybe it's a crazy idea to lose an £8m discount, maybe I should just stick with the him for the zero.

Scott made a number points on Facebook:
Points per game since RVP's return to action? 25.5, 13, 33, 30.5, 12.5, 24.5, 25.5. That's an AVERAGE of 23.5. All single-games mind you. 10 goals, 2 assists, 22 SOTs, 4 match winners during that stretch. On all set pieces and PKs (and most corners) for a surging team. Credit to you if you can find the strength to drop him, even at 13.
A very good argument! And I know he's probably right, but that doesn't mean I'll go in that direction.

What d'you reckon? And how's your team looking?



Assistant Manager said...

Just re-read this, sorry it's all over the place this week, not much structure, but hopefully helpful.

p.s. 1st!


Anonymous said...

tq NIK!

idk either to keep or to let go both vdv(@5.51) and rvp(13.9).
hoping you can help

cheers ;)

WMA (Bale Forever)

Linesman said...

2nd to you Nik! and thanks for all the great points you brought up!

I have RvP at 9 so it's not a tough decision for me to keep him. That being said, I am struggling to decide whether or not to get VdS instead of Rooney to improve my midfield, Giggs or Pennant, Friedel or Howard, Smalling or Shawcross, Suarez or Carew...tough choices all round.

My team right now:

Kolarov Evra Shawcross
Nani Silva Pennant Hitzlsperger
RvP Rooney Suarez

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

at 9.08 he stays!

Dead Leg United said...

I'm keeping RVP at 13. The points you'll end up losing out on over the course of the rest of the season (assuming he stays healthy) when you don't have him make him too valuable to drop. Same with Nani at 15. Glad I kept him.

And I seriously doubt Giggs plays both Saturday and Tuesday. Hasn't Ferguson been resting him on the back end of double weeks for a while now?

I'm really kicking myself for completely blowing off my team for two weeks over the holidays. I'm bouncing back, but if I'd have paid attention, I'd be way further up the standings. Oh well. Pay me and I'll pay better attention, I suppose.

kwyjibo said...

If, and that's a BIG IF, I drop RvP (@13.90), I could have:


Otherwise, which isn't so bad either:

It's a tough decision, because Arsenal doesn't have too tough of a schedule the rest of the way, but I can't afford Rooney without dropping RvP.

Anonymous said...

I got Koscielny @ 5.03. Should I sell him?


Doctor Teeth said...

I will reveal my alter ego as the "Scott" above. It's a tough call, AM!

Can I just say a big WHAT THE F&*$CK!?! I bought Kyle Walker last week and held him at some price in the 6s (can't remember the exact price but it was definitely well below 7). I knew that I would probably have THow as my GK next week but definitely wanted to have the Villa clean sheet potential covered. I made some temporary (i.e. unsaved) trades for some of my other players (brought on mostly by Adam's 10th YC) but ultimately decided against all of them, waiting to make further moves until Friday. Lo and behold I click "Undo all changes" and now I hold Walker for his current market price of 7.19!!! What the hell!?!? It has been awhile since YFF has made me want to throw my computer out the's not even a huge loss of funds, it's just the principle of the matter! It's episodes like this that make me think YFF should charge everyone $1 to play the game just so they can actually hire some semi-competent monkey to run the game.

Thus endeth the rant.

Theo with a hat trick today (ugh - I just threw up in my mouth a bit typing that).

Anonymous said...

If you think Giggs will start both games, why do you not list him in your starting line-ups for both games?

Dead Leg United said...

I lost my discounts on a couple of players yesterday when I undid some changes too. Because Yahoo is crap.

Superfly Jim said...

Keeping RVP @ 13 but he needs to deliver next week...

Current Team:


Feel happy with it so far...

Anonymous said...

I'm sticking with my guns Adam, VDV (both @5.5) and Van Persie (@9). My main argument being that there are still quite a few games to go. If this was crunch time and there were less than 5 games left I would seriously consider offloading any and all of them. With just under ten games to go for each of them, I'm bound to get more points out of these guys then they've been costing me.
Besides, who can you buy in midfield for 5.5 that is going to be worth a rodent's sphincter?

My guys: Brad Friedel; P. Evra, C. Smalling, David Luiz; C. Adam, R. van der Vaart, Nani, D. Silva, D. Fletcher; R. van Persie, W. Rooney

I'm doing alright at 518th overall.

SK said...

@Anon 9:38 - Hitzlsperger? Granted he's 5.57 and yet to play a EPL game. All 3 are great discounts and worth keeping, but if I were you I would make a gamble and drop either Adam or VDV (probably VDV). Taking 3 zeroes in a week with 5 ManU players playing twice away is too risky IMO.

Somehow managed to get a decent group of players with both Nani @21 and Rooney while keeping RvP. Whitehead is in for goal potential and blocks (Only Chelsea, Arsenal and ManU take more shots than WBA). Should I save?

Smalling Kompany DavidLuiz
Nani Hitzlsperger Silva Whitehead
RvP Rooney Suarez

Anonymous said...


TARHEELS said...

Aw, that's not fair. AM, you shouldn't be first. You ruin the dreams of so many juveniles who love you so much they have to hang around their computer all day to see when you'll post... :)

TARHEELS said...

And for Anon at 9:38:
Have you seen the market price for rat sphincters in Malaysia these days?

FLScott said...

Rolling as such - Comments welcome:

Brad Friedel

C. Smalling
F. Aurelio
P. Evra
N. Vidic

S. Sidwell
M. Carrick

J. Carew
W. Rooney
Luis Suárez

Good luck all!

Anonymous said...

Ah crap, the old 7 game rule has come into effect on Szczesny. I thought an Arsenal goalie for 6 would be a season keeper but he's shot up to 11.

And yeah, rodent sphincters aren't as cheap as they used to be. Bloody credit crunch.

Doctor Teeth said...

FYI - I'd like to recommend Andy Reid as a cheeky pick in the absence of Charlie Adam...they guy was GOLD early last season. Not sure if he will be on set pieces.

davis said...

Hey AM, I'm one whole point ahead of you in the overall rankings. Let's hope we can both make that fabled top 50 come the end of the season.

phish said...

Howdy, just had a scout around the various "fans of" groups. Here's the leaders of each club with the total number of fans in brackets.

Arsenal 2769 (35,584)
Aston villa 2649.5 (1922)
Birmingham 2512.5 (853)
Blackburn 2588 (783)
Blackpool 2717 (1920)
Bolton 2679 (578)
Chelsea 2719 (28,766)
Everton 2639.5 (2595)
Fulham 2562 (1173)
Liverpool 2838.5 (31,516)
Man City 2726 (8434)
Man Utd 2835.5 (67,569)
Newcastle 2692.5 (4429)
Stoke 2578 (632)
Sunderland 2561.5 (751)
Tottenham 2688 (7289)
West Brom 2592 (783)
West Ham 2611.5 (1796)
Wigan 2559.5 (571)
Wolves 2657 (1186)
Other 2706.5 (12720)

Turns out the Brum fans suck at fantasy football and not many people like Wigan. And to save you doing the maths, there are 211,850 people playing YFF in total. How many of those are active I haven't a clue

Das Boot 8 said...

@DocTeeth - YOU'D like to recommend Reid?? Haha, I recall that conversation going just a bit differently, but that may just be me (Just giving you a hard time).

Hopefully Reid will play (and take kicks) for Blackpool, but if not who is another good option under 7 for this week?

FLScott said...

@ Das - How about Carrick or Sidwell?

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Fantasy Football Challenge
Champion league Group stage #2 Round 1 Result/Standing are updated

Anonymous said...

How about odemwingie? no one interested?
And about Hitzpelger, who is he? why evryone picked him... Help pls thx

Max said...

has Giggs recovered?.. seems like he's in everyone team.. any news?..


Anonymous said...

vidic/best(big disc) or luiz/rooney ?

Anonymous said...

mate, you should stop playing fantasy football if you don't know who hitzlsperger is..please.

Anonymous said...

My current team:

Looking to downgrade Gyan@9.75 or Cahill(to O'Hara maybe) so that I can swap Dempsey@12.78 to Rooney/Berbs

Also any news about Antonio Valencia? Isn't he supposed to return to the squard by the end of February? Will that Ecuadorian make a surprising return in the Chelsea clash?

Any comment is welcome!

-W.M. Wong

Anonymous said...

darn.. still having szczesny @5.67 and his price shot up to 11.28. should I drop him now since he'll have a blank week but he's still no.1 for a team challenging for the EPL title?
I don't understand since if ppl are going to hold on to rvp with discount, why won't they hang on to szczesny with discount?

my team atm:
kolarov kelly walker luiz
adam nani silva
rvp shrek carew

thinking of swapping out
szczesny --> vds
kelly --> smalling?
adam --> hitzlsperger?
carew --> ??
luiz --> ??

comments/suggestions are helpful. TQ


John Doe said...


MU DG are both away and we all know that MU performing badly outside OT. Having VDS might not be wise.

Anonymous said...

Am - - I agree with your MU line-ups though I have strong doubts about Giggs getting two games as a starter. Either way, he will play in both and get at least 75 + 20 minutes at a minimum. In a normal week if I could be guaranteed that Giggs would start, I would probably pick him.

I am not in the camp of keeping players who will get a zero this coming week especially when there are two double weeks in a row.
i.e. sczecny.... get Howard now and for next week's double = 3 games vs 1 game for Sczezcny (damn can't we come up with a nickname for this guy!!)
i.e. RvP..... Vidic for 3 games vs RvP for one
i.e. Adam . . . Fletcher for 3 games vs Adam zero
i.e. VdV . . . I guess I would keep him if you held on to him this long.

I kept Drogba through ACN last year. HOWEVER it was much earlier in the season and his discount at the time was 12.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow, you've totally change my view on keeping players on discount! it sound so much easier when u said "Vidic for 3 games vs RvP for one".
On the other hand, what would be the return of Vidic vs RvP for the balance 10 GWs?
I've made up my mind to drop Szczesny, Adam & Kelly but not RvP. All of them can be bought back (price of 9-14) without hurting other players.


mags said...

current team
Evra Smalling Walker
Nani Pennant Bradley VDV (@6)
RVP (@9)Carew (@2) Rooney
3.03 left in the bank
worried about all the zeroes but not sure who to change.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

hey Nikos, I just clipped the Jeep link like 25 times! :P

Anonymous said...

Just 147 last week, no more zeros, dropping vdv @6 and vanpersie @13. Am i still the only one who expects Berbatov to start both games. United will play with the same forward line as yesterday against Chelsea. Presently i don't think Giggs is a better winger than Rooney.

Kolarov Smalling Wilson Evra
Nani A.Young O'Hara Pennant
Rooney Berbatov

madness said...



Anonymous said...

i have 9 Man.Utd Player in my team.

please help


Anonymous said...

off topic: how come allan hutton hasnt played the last couple of games? I cant find any injury news on him? he was not even benched againt b'pool.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys first post here. Firstly, great site I have been following this for a the past few weeks and I must say it has helped me. Having said that, I have a big dilemma now:

Kolarov Smalling Vidic Evra
Nani Silva Hitzlsperger Meireles
Carew Rooney


Kolarov Smalling Vidic
Nani Silva Hitzlsperger Giggs/Meireles
Carew Rooney Suarez

That would leave me with 2.74-4.63 spare units which is quite a fair bit. First option will leave me with 0.43 units. I'm wondering if it's gonna be overkill with so many MU defenders.

Any other suggestions? I have Nani@13.88 and Carew @1.97 so I can play around quite a fair bit since the rest (except Kolarov/Silva) are at almost market price.

P/S: I'm not hesitant to take risk. I've already had 4 weeks of big fat zeros due to stupidity :P But I've moved much in the past weeks breaking into Top 10000 again and top of my group. So doesn't really harm me to go big and hope for a miracle. :)

Anonymous said...

Wigan 0 : 0 M.United
Chelasea 2 - M.United 0
Wigan 0 : 5 M.United
Chelasea 0 - M.United 2
God knows

Anonymous said...

Thinking about to save below squad, any commnet about it?

kolarov smalling K.Foley
Nani Fletcher Scholes Downing
Van Persie Rooney Dzeko


Ken said...

Darn: Being a first year player, until this past week I have never heard of Hitzlsperger.
I know he has a thunder foot but other then that I know nothing about him. I would hate it if I had to stop playing because of that.....

Sometimes, when you see a crowd of people running in a particular direction and you are lost, maybe you just run with the crowd.

and...maybe not.

I know have him on my team..low risk?
I guess if he were 10+ I would have to rely on my own knowledge of the game before picking him,
since he is not...I will run with the crowd and learn as I go.

Good luck to all this week

kendo said...

My team a bit different nut feelin lucky this week ;)

Coleman smalling evra
Silva pennant nani nolan
Rvp Carew agbon

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Giggs will play 2 games in a week?

Anonymous said...

Which combi is better Berbatov/Rafael or Giggs/Vidic?

kwyjibo said...

Why I like the YFF game more than fantasy premier league:

My FPL team currently has 6 players injured or suspended! Since we're only allowed 1 free transfer, I'm basically looking at a disaster there. I've pretty much given up on that one.

My only consolation is the UEFA Fantasy Champions League where I managed to hang on to 1st place in the AM Blog league.

Oh well, back to YFF:

To fit in Rooney I'd have to drop RvP and switch Vidic to Evra. That's another thought, but, I'm not sure about dropping the RvP discount.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Oh, and did i mention...


Anonymous said...

It's possible that Berbatov is the lone striker against Chelsea with Rooney pushed deeper, maybe even on the wings. Can a 37 year old Giggs really play 2 games in 3 days? Even Fletcher could be pushed out to left midfield.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

to whom ever hit undo all changes last week and lost their discounts from the last update, they were right, in some cases when you hit undo all changes you can lose the last price fluctuation from the most recent just happened to me as i had Smalling saved at 4.45 then i hit undo all changes and now he is 4.50....I swear that I am telling the honest truth.

Anonymous said...

i have adam for 5.54, should i drop him so instead of playing him on my bench for 3 of the last 8 games along with david luiz... or should i play the double weeks more and play evra and fletcher this week and even more doublers next week???

also, for those who are questioning who Hitzlsperger is... he is a good posession midfielder who will take a lot of set peices for a team that despritly needs a guy to put some in the net... so for five he is a bargin, but can the mighty hammers start to score more, thats all you have to ask yourself.

Anonymous said...

Who's Itzlspelberg? Never heard of him, still haven't heard of him and i'm not going to stop playing yff for that.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised nobody is mentioning Tevez. Man City are at home v Fulham and that is the exact kind of game he gets points in.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

i have Tevez :) at 18.62

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

why are people talking about having to stop playing for picking hitzlsperger? Am I missing something?

Dead Leg United said...

Dropped Adam for O'Hara, who can be a stud when he gets the PT. That goal last week was sick, but no fluke.

Anonymous said...

Is nobody interested in BEGOVIC in goal at 7.58??? I would fancy Stoke to keep a clean sheet at home against West Brom. Any thoughts???

kwyjibo said...

Have you seen this? Funny!

Anonymous said...

shitzelburger playing the mighty reds - ditch him ok !!!

donut said...

anon begovic is a good option I think for that price. Can't quite afford him myself but thought about it...

DLU - O'Hara is a good pick

Adam@5 VDV@5 RVP@9 in my opinion are all very difficult "drop" decisions. 10ish discount for a player who will certainly come back and make up the points is a lot...

At the end of the day however its only really RVP who will break the bank to get back if required, which for me makes him the only undroppable. If he is fit he will play after the cup final - Wenger needs him as he is on fire...

RVP@13 for me is also undroppable, although I am with you AM on the dropping discount thing. Some are exceptions - I have mentioned Drogba@10 and Bale@2 last season. For me RVP@9 and Kolarov@4 fall into that camp...and RVP@13 prob just squeezes in there too...

I am sitting at 485 having dropped a bit in the past few weeks. Time to shit or bust so its ManU for me and a big finger crossing exercise!!

Kolarov Evra Carney
Nani Scholes Fletcher Carrick
RVP ROoney Berbatov

I look at this team and cringe but I've made up my mind and will take it if it all goes wrong...

I think Berbatov is just about ready for a big score...

Linesman said...

I'd like people's inputs on picking Suarez, O'Hara, Walker or Dzeko.
I'm leaning towards Suarez, but if Stevie's back I feel Suarez won't get as many points. After the Man City's game today it is a little to go for Dzeko...
What do you think?

Same thing happened to me with Evra and Smalling when I was trying a few things and undid my changes.

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Valencia? I think that he will be back from injury soon. Does anyone have any info on his return?

Anonymous said...

valencia is getting close to ready but not quite yet


Anonymous said...

Oooh it's tricky this week but my unsaved team looks like this:


I'm reasonably happy tho I'd like to upgrade Berbs to Rooney, altho I'm hoping Berbs will play twice with Roon on the left against Chelski as SAF did against Marseille.

Would have liked to fit A.Young or Bent in too - home against B'burn is potentially a high scoring home win.

Dropped RVP@13 - damn I hope I don't regret it.


FLScott said...

Ditching Suarez - going with Fortune,... got a good feeling about him beating on Stoke. Just a hunch, but pool's been too eratic lately, and I fancy this choice. We shall see...

Anonymous said...

@FLScott: I guess a current 7 game unbeaten streak in all competitions with 5 wins and two draws while keeping 6 clean sheets is pretty erratic.

Just a word of note, Stoke are usually tough at home, West Brom gave up a 3 goal lead to West Brom and struggled to a 1-1 draw with Wolves, and with Gerrard being a doubt an other the verge of being left out (most likely) Suarez will be taking direct Free Kicks against West Ham, so yes you should go for Fortune.

Good luck sir :D

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I think you meant West ham lol

Anonymous said...

Old man Giggs play twice? Even if he does, his average is 5ish so what's the point. Same for Evra.


girish Ramjuttun said...

I bought C.Adam for 10. He is suspended for this week. Do you think think I should keep him or drop him?

Many thanks

Eldwin said...

@annonymous @ 9.53am.

That is what is fear the most which means all investments might end up with nothing. Of course Nani and Rooney I will go for them since I dont have RvP/Adam on discount. Reading some of the posts I have actually thought of Tevez too. But he needs to score 2 to return his value. I was actually wrong about this part the last time thinking at 20 it's hard for him to return his value and he ends up with 30ish :(

Anonymous said...

pls comment
save & confirmed = O funds avail.

Anonymous said...

@Eldwin: I would get Tevez if I have the money.

@girish: I think you should drop Adams@10 since he will be suspended for 2 games. And when he return he has 2 tough away matches. You'll still be able to get him back. Discount of 4 and 2 miss games are definately not worth it.

My current (unsaved) team below:

kolarov walker luiz smalling
nani silva fletcher
rvp@13.9 rooney suarez

I have my own dilemma, hope to get some advice.

1. drop szczesny but for who? don't really trust friedel or howard, they might even return -ve. vds is expensive and away to chelsea is tough, probably no CS and/or a draw.

2. drop rvp? since he's having a blank week and hamstring and FA cup and European cup to follow. But he's on fire, taking all the kicks and also kind fixtures. If I drop him now, I won't be able to get him back and have to turn to Nasri for pts.

Hope to get some advice to help me make the decision. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone suggest which is a better combination?

Vidic -- Yaya -- Rooney
Evra -- Scholes -- Tevez

My thinking is that everyone will be going for Rooney so this might be a chance to do something different.


Anonymous said...

MRA ..... hold on to szczesny.


Anonymous said...

probably my final team :

Kolarov Smalling Walker
Silva Pennant Hitzlsperger Giggs
Carew Berbatov Rooney

available funds : 1.22

Any suggestions esp. on the midfield part..any good replacement for hitzlsperger or giggs ? pls comment..


Staffer said...

Currently on:

Berbs,Van Persie,Carew

I'll change it after the update post and I'll probably drop Van Persie at 9.27 cause we are nearing the end of the season and avoiding 0s could give me a chance for top 100 in the end. I'll probably switch Van Persie,Silva,Kuyt and Evra to Rooney,Fletcher,Carrick and Vidic. What do you think lads? Am i mad to drop the points machine Van Persie at such a discount?I have the internationals in mind as well as the fixtures Arsenal have - LC final, their match of the season at Kamp Nou, FA cup replay - it seems the Dutch will have many games to play and given his injury history... well you know it. So it seems I'll have 8 DG and probably 5-6 who will definitely start both games for United. Wish you all big scores this week and 6 points for United in order to secure the 19th...


Staffer said...


I don't have money for Carrick so it is Scholes instead so now it is:


Go United!

kendo said...

Help guys!

Have Kelly @ 5.87 value 9.09 should I replace him and if so who with?

0 .78 in bank


kendo said...

Dont see the point in filling up. With united players when he rotates

There is no double game for many and games away from home Inc Chelsea?

Anonymous said...

phish thanks for the stats, 4000 out of 212000 sounds better to me with the perspective.
50th is amazing guys.... good luck. My biggest mistake was Kolarov-- not keeping him at 4.xx. Also taking about five more zeros than the top players thru out the season, and holding Malouda a couple extra weeks didn't help.

kendo said...

@girish Adam @ 10 is with dropping I think Silva or pennant?

Guys I would hold rvp at any price!


Anonymous said...

simple: Giggs or Barton (11.2)


Anonymous said...

From fantasy football scout:

Predicted Lineup: Van der Sar, Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Fletcher, Nani, Gibson, Rooney, Berbatov.


Anonymous said...

@Kendo: I'm still having Kelly@5.97 behind the scene but he has to go for Smalling as I need the extra $ for other players. If you can't find any suitable replacement for Kelly@5.87, why not just keep him @WHU?

I have come up with 4 set of 11 players. This week I'm having one the toughest decision to make in YFF. Mainly due to RVP, to drop discount and get 0 or to hang on to him @13.90 (with injury & cup ties)??... argh...


Anonymous said...

Something to take note of:

Everton vs Birmingham Double at risk

Anonymous said...

another food for thought for those who is considering dropping ROBIN VAN PERSIE.

"Robin van Persie, Laurent Koscielny and Abou Diaby are expected to be available for the Carling Cup Final on Sunday."

and for Kendo:

Martin Kelly has picked up an injury and was replaced at half-time in Liverpool's Europa League tie with Sparta Prague.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@Doc Teeth, Linesman, and anyone else who lost their discounts by clicking on the "undo all changes" button...Yahoo sucks! agreed?

I am just happy that it wasn't a large margin i lost that could have kept me from getting/fitting in the right player

kendo said...

I know Kelly was replaced last night that's why I'm asking have gone for Rooney instead of berbs and replaced Kelly with Coleman after including ya ya I think he is a bit of a bargain ??


Anonymous said...

I have RVP @9,69 so I can take a risk with him.

Anonymous said...

are you sure? Hitzlsperger will be in the squad?

chen said...

How about Richardson

is him a good choose???

Blue Blood

Anonymous said...

any comment about J. Elmander ????

Anonymous said...

is smalling and giggs going to play both the games ?????
plz reply ..........
hope u score well......

kwyjibo said...

@Anon 6:57AM - I think Fantasy Football Scout updated since you posted. Giggs is in there now with this update:

"Alex Ferguson has stated that both Ryan Giggs and Michael Owen could both be back in contention here. Given United’s shortage of left-sided midfielders, Giggs could come straight into the starting line-up, whilst Owen should take his place on the bench."

Predicted Lineup: Van der Sar, Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Fletcher, Nani, Giggs, Rooney, Berbatov.

But, keep in mind the key word 'predicted'. The Scout does his homework, but still doesn't know 100% for sure. So, anything can happen!

Don't the managers ever think of us fantasy players?!

kwyjibo said...






Those are the 3 teams I'm debating over. It's tough, because Arsenal's schedule doesn't look too tough the rest of the way, and that's still a huge discount, even at 13.9.

Anonymous said...

hey guys need some help here..

dzeko or suarez?


Anonymous said...

this player i bought in week 27..for week 28,who should i sell and buy?please advice me..

koscielny dawson robinson
molouda sidwell meireles palacios richardson
rvp suarez


Anonymous said...

The CHATROLL is constantly down. Nik, is there another way to make live chatting happen?


Anonymous said...

I am going for 7 ManUtd players : Smalling, Evra, Vidic, Carrick, Giggs, Nani & Rooney. Plus Friedal, Shawcross, Carew and Suarez.

Fingers cross!


Anonymous said...

anon @ 3.17
my advice is better for you to quit YFF immediately

gaius marius said...

i've been all over the place, but the deciding factor isn't rational -- it's that, if berbatov goes off, i will be inconsolable if i don't have him in the lineup after mulling it so long. SO we have:


kolarov - smalling - walker

VdV* - nani - scholes - hitzlsperger

RvP* - rooney - berbatov

Anonymous said...

anon @ 4.38
why you give sh!t advice?! Some peeps gotta start somewhere!! It is still fun to beat your mates, one does not need to be in the top 500 to enjoy playing!!!

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