Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Week 27 - Player Picks

Week 27 is a big week...literally!

It spans 2 actual weeks (12 Feb to Feb 25), contains 14 fixtures and is a double-week for eight teams: Arsenal, West Brom, Birmingham, Blackpool, Newcastle, Tottenham, Stoke & Wolves.

As you all know by now, I will implore you to fill your team with as many double-gamers (DGers) as you physically can. Remember that even the worst DGer can still pull out one surprise score across two games (Gary Taylor-Fletcher's 22 points last month being a prime example). We've had a few people doubting this philosophy in the past but it really is the way to go, as we saw in Week 24 when plenty of managers broke the 200 point barrier.

If you are still a doubter it's an even easier argument for me to make to you on this occasion as there's a nice variety of teams playing twice, while the only decent fixture for the single-gamers is Liverpool v Wigan...come on, join us!

We have 4 teams playing at home twice and 4 teams playing away twice. I've listed the DG teams in "best fixture" order below, with a clear preference to those teams with home advantage.

1. ARSENAL - Wolves, Stoke
2. WEST BROM - West Ham, Wolves
3. BIRMINGHAM - Stoke, Newcastle
4. BLACKPOOL - Aston Villa, Spurs
5. NEWCASTLE - @Blackburn, @Birmingham 
6. TOTTENHAM - @Sunderland, @Blackpool
7. STOKE - @Birmingham, @Arsenal
8. WOLVES - @Arsenal, @West Brom

Arsenal, West Brom & Birmingham are the clear pick of the bunch with two very winnable fixtures and decent chances of a clean sheet in both games. Blackpool have more difficult matches but they always give a good account of themselves (providing plenty of attacking fantasy points along the way). The away teams will find it tough going, but it's always worth looking at set piece takers/cheap defensive options playing twice, even on the road.

Of course there are rotation risks in double weeks - with Arsenal the biggest worry as they play Champions League & FA Cup matches between the two fixtures - but the chances are the big guns get a rest in the FA Cup so they SHOULD all be able to play Saturday 12th (vs Wolves)->Wednesday 16th (vs Barca)->(week rest)->Wednesday 23rd (vs Stoke).

Spurs also have a Champions League tie to worry about between the two vital league games, but these are the big games players get paid big money to play in, so 3 games in 11 days should be achievable. Injuries & suspensions between games are another concern in such a long week, but once the deadline passes these are out of our hands so I try not to worry about them too much.

Now the big dilemma to be faced in a double week is which single game discounts to keep and which to drop. Discounts are still important, but as we near the final 10 game-weeks of the season you need make sure you get as many points on the board as you can, when you can.

I'll be keeping Kolarov @4.4 but Rooney is gone & I'm almost certainly dropping Nani @17.8. If I had him at his old price of 13ish then I'd probably keep him, but I don't want 18% of my funds tied up in a single gamer with a tough match-up. It means I'll need to pay over £20m to buy him back in future but I'm prepared to do that when required (probably for the United double next week!). Luckily it's something I can afford to do since dropping Bale as a season-keeper.

(While on the subject, Bale has apparently suffered an injury set back )

So with a clear focus on DGers, here are the recommendations for Week 27.



Van Der Vaart (awaiting injury news)
Adam (be aware he's on 9 YCs)

Van Persie
DJ Campbell

Analysis for each position will hopefully follow in the next 24 hours & I'll be back with the team news/injury update post on Friday.

My current team:

Szczesny, Kolarov, Olsson, Koscielny, Adam, Van Der Vaart, Bentley, Pennant, Fabregas, Odemwingie, Van Persie 

10 potential DGers, 0.42 left in the bank & I still hold Carr & Carew at discount behind the scenes.

I'm risking Adam picking up a 10th YC as I have him at 8, but that risk may well put you off paying full-price for him. I'm still thinking about bringing a Birmingham defender back in & VDV's calf injury is a concern. I've noticed Spurs don't play in Week 28, so if he's set to miss the Week 27 double then he'd have to go. The rest could well stay as is, with only minor tweaking between now and deadline.

That's it for now!

How's your own team shaping up? Which discounts are you keeping? Which are you regrettably losing?



gaius marius said...

what does this...

I still hold Carr & Carew at discount behind the scene.

... mean?

Stato said...

Good info once again Nik.
Especially the VDV stat for us to ponder.

Anonymous said...

olssen or olsson? west brom right?


SLASH said...

Beattie set to start for Blackpool . . . Anyone buying him???

Assistant Manager said...

J.Olsson of West Brom (post updated with correct spelling!)

"I still hold Carr & Carew at discount behind the scenes" means I have them at their discounted barndoor prices but I have brought Olsson & Pennant in to their spaces in the team for now (unsaved).

Anonymous said...

vela,van persie,vela

should i sell vela for jiranek at discount?

Anonymous said...

based on fixture next week Man Utd will play 2 games right? 1 march, vs chelsea.. anyone know?

Josh said...


What's your thinking on dropping Adam @8 due to the 9 YC? He may not pick-up a yellow in 1st game so still be a 2 gamer, but best case he will be missing 2 games coming up soon.

He's been huge the last 4 weeks but he had a 9/10 week stretch where he averaged only 4.8 points with his highest return 9 points...

Miecio said...

I'm looking for defender at under 10 (playing for other team than arsenal and birmingham).
Is Olsson good choice? I know nothing about him.

Anonymous said...

still holdin' richardson at below 4.. sweet..

Anonymous said...

isn't Bale ready for next game?

Anonymous said...

will hutton play, why was he not fielded last week?


Assistant Manager said...

Yes next week Manchester United are the only team with 2 games.

Josh - I'm hanging on to Adam for Week 27 & praying he doesn't get booked in the first game. He had a quiet spell but now he's playing for his future (well, future transfer) I expect big things from in the double provided he plays both. You're correct, as soon as he gets his next YC he'd face a 2 game suspension, so then it gets tough whether to stick or twist if you hold him at 8.

Miecio - Olsson is WBA's towering centre back, a major threat from set pieces.

Assistant Manager said...

Read the post, Bale may have suffered an injury setback.

Hutton appears to have lost his place to Corluka after a series of errors.

Hulk said...

why fabregas AM?
you didn't buy walcott before his price's update?

Anonymous said...

Kosc, Carr, Shawcross
VDV@11, Adam@8, Bentley, Fabregas, Barton@11
RVP@9, Odemwingie

I'm thinking of Jara or Eardley in def, and I'll drop VDV for Pennant probably if he's out for sure which would allow me to up my defenders a little. I'm just worried about Arsenal defence...

Gunners for life

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.00PM : nice pick "vela,rvp,vela"?

olsson ridgewell baptiste
vdv adam bentley thomas
rvp odem dj

rate my team pls, and btw Nik id like to ask you a question,

I want your opinion about Arshavin, will he be rotated??

WMA (Bale's Die Hard Fan)

Birty said...

with United's doube including easy trips to wigan and chelski i'm leaning towards keeping rooney as well as nani.

when rooney scores 19 goals against city - all of them in Fergie time - you'll all be sorry ;)

Assistant Manager said...

I just prefer Fabregas over Walcott, call it a hunch.

Anonymous said...

what kind of defender is olsson? i know little about him. Is he a central def or a full back?

Anonymous said...

if money aint a problem, is baptiste (blackpool) worth considering?


Anonymous said...

hi, shall i keep Reina at 5.71, or swap to Szczesny for the double week?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:08 PM, I would totally swap to Szczesny just because of the DG fixture, and they are both easily winnable games as long as Arsenal's defence is solid.

kwyjibo said...

I have so many debates right now on dropping single gamers: Nani @17.00, Meireles @10.09, Hart @9.00, Kelly @7.46...

What about Palacios as a filler @3.71?


Linesman said...

for the double week I'd avoid trying to use fillers. As Nik said, there are 10 weeks left and keeping Nani at 17 for a tough single game may be costly.

As for me I'm going to start taking some big risks so I've already sold Nani, VdV and ready to sell Adam.

Anonymous said...

9 the same players as you Nik. I'm just on R. Johnson + Lampard(Brunt) and you are on Koscielny + Pennant.

hope you have a massive round! :-)


Linesman said...

The only two positions I'm struggling with are the keeper and forward..

Foster vs Szczesny
Carew vs Odemwingie

What do you think?

SfSS said...


Szczesny and Odemwingie, though i have both forwards you mentioned. Depends on other players also.

GYAN said...

What are the odds Martins features in both games?

Johnson said...

What about Nile Ranger? Bargain at 3.9?

donut said...

Great post AM, very clear and great information!

I think one thing to add which someone did mention is that West Brom have a new management team in place and we don't really know who will play, which I think adds a little additional risk to their squad...

That being said, I don't think they have an enormous choice and would expect the core of the team to stay the same...

Also worth looking out for are the INternational friendlies going on tonight involving England, Northern Ireland and Scotland not to mention reasonably big Premier League involvement from Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Portugal, Holland and Spain. Friendlies I know but some big DG players will be involved, like Brunt, Adam, Morrison, Wilshere, Walcott, Cesc etc...

Anyway just saying that I would wait for after these games before making any big dropping decisions...

Although I have already done the Nani thing, not taking my own advice!!


Anonymous said...

Am I correct that Arsenal doesnt have a match Week 28?
If thats the case, I dont think dropping my discount on Reina for Sczczny is a good idea since from now through week 28, they would both play the same number of games, correct?

Assistant Manager said...

One of the key mistakes people make is the assumption you can't drop a player at discount because you won't then have him for the following week. Nothing is stopping you having Szcezsny for two games this week and then dropping him for Reina or an alternative playing keeper next week, you'll just pay a bit more. As we're running out of gameweeks make sure you get the maximum number of games out of your XI each week by allocating your funds accordingly each week.

Ken said...

Peer Pressure.....Peer Pressure!!!!

O.K.! I have put Nani on the trading block...although I have not pulled the trigger.. yet!

But I will..I KNOW IT!

It's Peer Pressure. Peer Pressure I tell you.

It's the reason I have smoked pot since it was called "grass" or "hippie lettuce"

The reason I am still a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The reason I have that "scar" I just don't want to talk about.

The reason I still have that herpes thing because getting a "hooker" is part of growing up...right?

And I don't get me started on the anal wart thing.

I have not sold Nani yet, but a couple more postings and......I just won't be able to help myself!!

It's Peer pressure, pure & simple.

SfSS said...


In that case do you plan to drop RVP @9 after this double week :)? I agree on most things, but it is hard to get rid of big players on huge discounts, reina has earned a lot points recently, so i would not be so keen to drop him @5+, at least no yet

Benjitrain said...

I need some advice. I have Foster at 9 but for one of my spots I have a filler of Eboue. Is it worth it to downgrade to Szczesny + one more for something cheaper than 6.16.

Wilshere or Ranger or Vela or Stephen Ward

Thanks for the help AM team :)

Dave said...


I would go Szczesny and Vela. No question.

Anonymous said...

Wigan will score against Pool. Get rid of Reina :)

Anonymous said...

SFSS makes a good point AM. Maximizing players is great, but is dropping RVP at 9 worth it or is the 0 a must?

Anonymous said...

I agree Nicks point but immiediately knew people would jump to the most extreme comparison they could think of to disprove it, i.e. vPersie. He is an exception as he's held at a 12m discount and is a set piece taking penalty taker for a title challenging team, likely to average 15-20 points per game from here on in. The most anyone holds Reina at is 4-5m, hardly breaking the bank to get him back in if you really wanted to after the double week, and he's bound to go negative a few times once the Dalglish factor wears off. You could never buy back vPersie once dropped now. I think that's common sense

SfSS said...

@Anonymous 11:35

You proved your point, can't really disagree, but people who would drop reina at 5, would preferably have szczesny for double game, who may score a lot, but knowing arsenal's defence might not, so it is basicaly 2 games vs. 1 game and 5 units discount, does not sound so astonishingly tempting. I don't say it is not worth to try but definitely less obvious than dropping nani, which can really help improve a squad a lot

Assistant Manager said...

Exactly. Kolarov @4 & RvP @9 are always exceptions. The guy was asking about Reina, who is not in my opinion, as he can be bought back at an affordable price!

Assistant Manager said...

(my last comment was to anon @ 11.35)!

Anonymous said...

I am holding Carew at 1.97 - a double gamer (hopefully with Fuller return).... who will allow me to buy Rooney and Nani at full price.

I know others are wondering the same thing.

Andy Johnson said...

Ok Well here goes it looks funky but lets see what you think of this

Koscielny, Carr, Jara, Eardley,
Adam@10.25, Bentley, Wilshere, Brunt,
Van Persie, Odemwingie,

Any help or comments would be appreciated?
Would you keep Adam at the 10.25 range or dump and get someone else?
Thanks for help AM Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta keep Nani this week, many ppl in on 5+ discount, and seeing how I've still got VDV @ 5.5 he isn't going anywhere either! Hated dropping both United strikers but can't justify inclusion with the one derby matchup, weren't on huge discounts anyway... everyone will load up for their double, which Chicharito is bound to ruin. Though another Berba hattrick this week will leave me furious, he's so much better at OT. Oh well, it's already done in my team, and if it wasn't I wouldn't be able to afford Walcott as he's already gone up .6 since I brought him in and saved team.

Data Head said...

@gman26, chuckstar, and others -

I took your advice from about a week and a half ago and redesigned my blog so that the information is front and center in the posts. I have also included info on value against current prices, measured against performance over the last few games. (Unfortunately, the data still aren't sortable, an issue I address in my Q and A.) Since I said I wouldn't risk angering AM by plastering my url all over his site, I will say that mine is the same address as this one, with "uk" replaced by "stats." If you check out the site, leave some comments, by all means.

Anonymous said...

okay, here is the dilemma. I have RVP and VDV, both doesn't look so promising to me.

VDV is injured, though im not sure how bad it is.

as for RVP:

He had that stupid freaking flu and he didn't play last night. *but hey, its just a flu*
but looking at the fixtures, I have a feeling Wenger will want to keep their in-form striker fit for barcelona. and there goes one of the 2 games. though he will likely to play in Stoke match, but im really worried about the wolves match. considering chamakh now.

Any advise guys?

If I drop him, I'll have loads of cash to actually buy another good players, looking at martins instead of carew and if i dropped vdv, bentley/ eth looked good too.

disappointed with brunt, but not odem =)

Hope The Reds demolish Wigan this week.


FLScott said...

@ DarkZero - how about Fabregas?

Anonymous said...

yea, saw that fabregas also has some stomach problem *you've got to be kidding me*

but in my opinion, he has been under performed this season, so I'd rather pick nasri *injured* or walcott. arshavin...i can't comment on that guy. haha


Anonymous said...

Sh*tHouse - Really? Fabs is stomached out...... this throws a kink in the chains.

Anonymous said...

will jiranek play both games? anyone~

Anonymous said...

You can forget about Berbatov scoring a hattrick against Citeh, it'll be a miracle if he get a SOT. Unless there's a red card you can expect a low scoring game with only the defence getting good scores.

lipanboy said...

my team atm:
kolarov - koscielny - carr
vdv - adam - meireles - bentley
rvp - suarez - odem

i think want to change carr to jiranek.
jiranek is the new guy right?
i hven't watch him playing for birmingham..
so is he good?which position he play?will he play both games?
he is at 6.37 right now.

will suarez start vs wigan?thought of drop suarez and replace with pennant..

is odem reliable for this 2 home games?

Shadow said...

Anyone have any idea on Blackpool new guy J.Puncheon seems to be very impressive in his first appearance

south of europe said...

Nice guy, very promising and in my team for 6,65

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

filler pick of the week, Nicky Shorey. Chris Hughton will likely start Shorey.

G-man said...

Nick Shorey - any thoughts? WBA with 2 decent CS chances, takes some kicks, cheap at 5.80.

G-man said...

@AdmiraLord Nelson - I would agree on Shorey. Didn't refresh, and was posting my comment without seeing yours immediately before.

Anonymous said...

is meireles worth keeping @8+ during DGW27 ?

Anonymous said...

I think so... pool is at home to wigan..

Anonymous said...

currently on..

kolarov, kelly?, jiranek?
vdv?, nani?, adam?, bentley,
rvp, carew?, odem?

with 0.38 available funds. too many doubts, should i replace kelly@5.97, jiranek@5.78, nani@17.76, adam@8.64, vdv@12.15, carew@5.07 ?? not pleased with my current team at all!
already dropped reina, meireles & walker, kinda regret dropped the first 2 for zzny & odem since both zzny & odem prices has dropped!


donut said...

Folks I wouldn't personally worry so much about this "flu" thing - sounds like an excuse from the club managers to stop their best players getting injured in the friendly matches last night...

I am fully behind double gamers but as AM says there are some exceptions which break the rule. This season Kolarov@4, RVP@9 and Nani@13 are too good to lose. (we had Bale@2 and Drogba@10 last season remember)

I would put VDV@5 in that same camp EXCEPT a few things - he is not on best form, he is potentially injured and he has a game free week. Apart from that I would have him in the exceptions box.

Kolarov@7, RVP@15, Nani@17? Sell and buy back later in my view...get in double game player and test your luck. As AM has said, there aren't enough weeks left to hold on to any but the very biggest discounts...and even then there is an argument for not holding them and keeping your team flexible.

Anyway I can't decide Carew or Odemwingie. Would love Odemwingie but do I like the Carew 1.97 (plus the fact he has DG and may do just as well) for next week to help me get Nani/Rooney back...

Decisions decisions!!

MRA i would replace jiranek, nani, vdv and carew and have a look to see what other options you can get...

Anon, I would keep meireles at 8 - he seems to be on fire all of a sudden!

ALN/Gman - Shorey used to be immense FF player, hopefully he gets a game as I am thinking about him, but just not sure about West Brom team with their new manager

lipanboy, Jiranek is centre defender and will play probably alongside Carr. Your team looks good but I wouldn't personally pick suarez this week (I would if it was DG for Liverpool)

Kol Baptiste Jiranek
Adam Bentley Fabregas Walcott
RVP Carew Zigic

12.09 left to spend somewhere...any advice anyone? Carew to Odemwingie is an option...

LC said...

Carew Season keeper for me.
1 - He will play
2 - Super Cheap
3 - He will free funds for the likes of Nani and Roo next week.

Just on Nani and Roo. Is Rooney the best option for DG weeks or would Berba be. Berba and Hernandez has come out better in the last DG week.


LC said...

On RVP for next week

How many people who hold him at 9 will take the zero?

Lucky for me i hold him at 19 so its not an issue for me to drop him.


LC said...

Also for this week...

Thomas or Nolan?


Superfly Jim said...

Have changed a few in my team:


Still holding Meireles, Carew, Huth and Walker @ discount in the background. Don't know who to drop to get Meireles back in there though.

Much will depend on Sat morning team news...

Anonymous said...

here goes:-

Kompany / bardsley / carr
VDV / Adam / Bentley / fabregas = 3.41 left ( or keep nani @ 17.88 = 0.64 left )
odemwingie / defoe / Carew

please comment


Elvin said...


what do you guys think of my team? and what about leon best?
thinking of dropping adam and take up brunt instead..what do u guys think?

Jon said...

Would really appreciate some thoughts on

Fabregas or Barton - both at current price. Cesc has better fixtures but not as productive as he has been cos RVP has most of the kicks, and Barca game and CC Final right after two league games might limit his playing time. Barton guaranteed starter, takes kicks, etc


Zigic (BD price) or Martins - cost roughly the same, want one of them, but which?


Anonymous said...


Best is as good a choice as any for the price. Alternate options would be Vela and Suarez and Bentley.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Adam: Food For Thought.
I guess some of you must be thinking Mr Adam will score huge points in this up coming double game week but (and it's a big BUT) He's on 9 yellow cards so one more and he misses the TOT game. So what does a man do with 9 yellow cards? Does he play it safe meaning we should pick him or does his recent habit for picking up yellow cards suggest something deeper? (3 yellows in his last 4 games) I think he's gunning for a rest i.e he's looking forward to a 2 match ban so he'll pick up another yellow this weekend to ponder over his future at Blackpool.
What say you guys?
Off to the fridge to get another beer ha!

Anonymous said...

Another decent defensive option for Newcastle is Danny Simpson, for anyone who doesn't want to choose from the usual suspects.


Anonymous said...

how about NOLAN? is he can be considered as a good pick?

Anonymous said...


Here's a double point possibility filler list:

Rachubka Bpool 3.81 * h h
Szczesny Ars 5.33 ** h h
Myhill WBrom 4.38 ** h h

Carney Bpool 3.21 ** h h ?
Shorey WBrom 5.80 ** h h
Shawcross Stoke 5.05 * a a
Stearman Wolv 5.79 * a a
Jara WBrom 4.48 ** h h

Ferguson Bham 4.24 * h h
OHara Wolves 5.90 ** a a
Wilshire Ars 5.48 * h h
Mulumbu WBrom 5.95 ** h h
Scharner WBrom 5.58 ** h h

Carew Stoke 5.36 ** a a
Vela WBrom 5.46 ** h h ?
Ranger Ncstle 3.73 * a a (If no Kuqi)?
Sidibe Stoke 5.98 ** a a ?
Kuqi Ncstle If added in time * a a)
Martins Bham may start : 6.56 ** h h

h - home a - away match
? check team sheets

Have a great double

Anonymous said...

Nolan is a less riskier option than Adam imo.

Anonymous said...

check out my team:
gk: szczesny
def: g.caldwell coleman clichy/koscielny*
mid: adam palacios fabregas walcott/VDV
frd: carew RVp odemwingie

Anonymous said...

g.cahill/ivanovic + palacios(2gamer) or
s.coleman + jack wishere(2 gamer)

check out my team(again)
gk:szczesny def: coleman/g.cahill/ivanovic koscielny mid: palacios/wilshere fabregas walcott adam frd: carew RVp odemwingie

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

myhill/ clichy shorey carney/ vdv hoilett bentley fabregas walcott/ rvp tevez

Anonymous said...

I heard brunt might be a doubt for his first game.. Any ideas?

Kendo said...

Think brunt was just cryin off playin for norn iron mid week I'll bet there's a miraculous recovery! :(

Dropped him for meireles in protest ;)


Kendo said...


Jiranek bham as a filler? Dg and has played last two 6+ average??


Ken said...

Just maybe I got it....



Nani(will score 26 pts this week!) Wilshere/Fabregas/Bentley/Barton


Letting VDV & Adam go. Agree he (Adam) cannot play up to form look'n for a book'n.

I am worried about VDV but will make up for it by all the points Nani will get this week in just (one) game.

Backcountry Dave said...

Handy list, Pauly, but cross Rachubka off it...

It appears he may be out for long stretch.,,10432~2290096,00.html

Backcountry Dave

Anonymous said...

BFDB? who is he? i'm new here.

Anonymous said...

Should i change Dzeko to L.Best?

Anonymous said...

BFDB => David Bentley


FLScott said...

@ P.K. - No.

Anonymous said...

mind explaining the reason? Dzeko's average points are far lower compared to Best's.
Plus, Best is a double gamer...

FLScott said...

Guess it would depend on what you've got Dzeko priced at. If you've got him on the cheap I'd keep him, he's still a newbie, but I expect him to have a breakout any day now. Just a hunch, but go with the double if you feel better about it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

hey nik, no love for dawson?


Kellz said...

Alot of people seem to be struggling with their discounted players. I thought I'd offer my opinion on the matter:

I'd say the top discounted players the majority of us hold are RvP, VDV, Nani, and Kolarov. Out of all these players, its tricky to know which ones too keep or drop. Heres my breakdown:

RvP@9-11mil stays, regardless of the Champions League, I bet he sees 120+ minutes.
VDV@6mil stays, even though hes currently a doubt, his injury is listed as a knock, and even if he only gets action against BPool, theres more than enough chances in that game for him to reach 12+ pts.
Kolarov@4-5mil stays, even with a truely daunting task of taking on Utd at Old Trafford, hes been quite clearly capable of 6+ pts even with no CS
Nani@13-15 stays, anything above I suggest you drop him. Its going to be a rough, hard fought game with Citeh, and with the relatively good midfielder DG picks, its just not worth it to risk Nani this week.

If you have any of these players above the stated prices, you might want to reconsider your options with the exception of RvP, might be hard to do it, but even at full value, hes probably a solid pick.

Heres my team currently:

Huth, R.Johnson, Kolarov
Barton, VDV, Pennant, Adam, Bentley
RvP, Odem

Hope that helps, good luck!

Anonymous said...

@Kellz - thanks i've got the aforementioned players @ those prices, Nani @13 but i wont drop him cos of the double week coming in week28. Dg weeks i've been good to me so i hope i can squeeze in 6 players that'll score big.


Linesman said...

Solid team Kellz!

Mine's very similar to yours except my defence due to some sloppy trading a few months ago that ruined my midfield discounts.


If VdV is injured I'll have to go with Koscielny/Jiranek in defence and get Walcott...

If anyone sees a better option let me know.


Anonymous said...

@Kellz - thanks i've got the aforementioned players @ those prices, Nani @13 but i wont drop him cos of the double week coming in week28. Dg weeks i've been good to me so i hope i can squeeze in 6 players that'll score big.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I just gathered some Successful Cross Statistical Analysis

so it seems Nani, Baines, Barton, Downing, Malouda, Brunt, Larsson, and Etherington are all in a bunch for the top SC scores....hmmm...4 of those are on DG's...but let this be also noted, that David Bentley already has 18 successful crossed in just 6 games played! he seems to be the master of the field...Cheers!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Jarvis is not far behind them either so make that 5 DGer's who can cross!

Anonymous said...

i like my team(except g.calwell)
coleman koscielny g.caldwell
adam fabregas walcott wilshere
carew odemwingie RVP

9 double gamers!!! Please rate my team?! :D

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.12 nice team mate.

Who is better arshavin or walcott cause i 've a problem ?

Anonymous said...

hello nick,
did you see the injury report for week 27.its a shock cos lot of my player on that list.its a big issue for me rite now cos have to decide to change the whole team or not cos most of my player is on discount.

Anonymous said...

100 replies again, this blog is awesome!

(101 now!)

Anonymous said...

Van der Vaart out for Sunderland match


Anonymous said...

any news about B.FOSTER?

in injury report week 27 (
he is injury TUMB.

he will play?


Ken said...

Thinking I see a few inconsistencies in the, who to keep at what discount thing.

My examples are people seem to be keeping VDV even though there is a (fair) chance he will only play one game. Adam seems to be staying on a lot of teams even though it remains quite possible he also may only have one game pending a yellow card which I believe he has 3 out of the last 4 games.

But it seems somewhat universal that Nani at 17 or more should be a sure drop? I know the match up is a poor one but he also has double games upcoming with good match ups.

I see it as Adam/VDV/Nani playing the same number of games over the next few weeks with the nod going to Nani! That gap gets bigger with VDV playing before he is ready and have something serious happen & Adam (will) be out a few games. Just a matter of time.

Just an opinion

Anonymous said...

walcott, fabs and RvP are a doubt the game. Not good news seeing I currently have them all.

Kenny said...




van Persie(14.20)


Anonymous said...

@anon 2:29

Fabs & RvP are both playing when I checked on the Ars website just now.... they seem to have both recovered from a "travelling for a friendly match" virus


Anonymous said...

I think i'm going to drop VDV @6.14 - its been fun Rafa, thanks for the ride! Rafa only playing 1 game and having a blank week next week is too much to miss, especially at this stage of the season. I'm keeping Nani, becuase it's Nani! He will no doubt get minimum 10 pts which would be good enough for me, with the double next week. I'm sure the money from the 4-5 discount will be put to good use!

Does anyone have confirmation on the spurs blank week next week though? Can/Will this change? My team atm:

Kolarov Koscielny RJohnson
Adam Nani Bentley Walcott Brunt
Carew Odem.

1.15 spare. Can't say i'm over the moon with it, but it's ok. Unfortunately i made the terrible decision no to ride with Van Persie, all i can do is pray.


Anonymous said...

and Foster has recovered from his thumb injury so he will start for Bham (from the Bham website)


Anonymous said...

A team @ last. Possible change, van der vaart to bentley

Kolarov Jiranek Sagna
Nani VdV Walcott Brunt Rosicky
VanPersie Odemwingie

Anonymous said...

VDV is out for 2-3 weeks... any good replacement from spurs now that bale is also out ?..


Anonymous said...

my name is kote beng kak..
my team this weak

olsson konceisny sagna
barton fabregas pennant larrson
vela carew persie

i/m 100% sure vela will score due to his performance now... 100%

NaD4123 said...

@-NG : Out for 2-3weeks??where did you get that news??

Anonymous said...

I am practically all in on Arsenal and Birmingham!


Too much? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

pienarr or lennon?

Anonymous said...

what are the chances of Martins or Odemwingie getting two games?

FR said...

is lennon is good choice? or any good DG plyer below 11?

Anonymous said...

Tottenham will definitely be without Bale, Modric & Van Der Vaart for their trip to Sunderland.

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