Saturday, 26 February 2011

Week 28 - My Team

Van Der Sar

Kolarov   Vidic   Smalling   Evra

 Nani   Scholes   Fletcher

 Carew   Rooney   Dzeko

Mental. Could pay off, could backfire, but it's by far the riskiest team I've picked this season. Dropping Van Persie was something I'd considered all week, but choosing 8 Manchester United players wasn't really in my plans until last night. It means my hunch Hitzlsperger misses out, Suarez was downgraded to Dzeko & I couldn't fit Giggs & Vidic in, so I chose Vidic. Lets see how it goes!

On the barndoor you'll be wanting to pick up Everton & Birmingham players as they have a double scheduled next week, but like last week it could be affected by a potential FA Cup replay, so that's something we need to keep an eye on.

Please let me know what you settled on; and good luck, especially if you're in the Blog Cup semi finals!



Raconteur said...

Probably not 1st, woo!

Birty said...

Who's this Roonei you picked? I no know him but pick him anyways

Foster, bardsley, evra, vidic, walker, nani, fletcher, scholes, gyan, odem, roonei

Anonymous said...

Probably not 2nd, woo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was the busiest I've ever been before a deadline. Last night I dropped Kompany for Pennant, and this morning I thought of dropping the Evra-O'Hara-Pennant trio for Smalling, Meireles and Gutiérrez. This switch seemed very wise to me, but I contemplated it until 10 minutes before the deadline, when I pulled the triger. 5 minutes later, and Meireles was replaced by Vidic.

So I have only 4 DGers, which could backfire due to the number of people loading ManU players like there's no tomorrow, but as I have absolutely no belief in ManU players other than Vidic, Nani and the occasional Rooney in terms of fantasy football, I feel it might be something that seperates me, in a good way, from the crowd. There wasn't a chance in hell, heaven or anywhere else that I would pick EvdS for 2 away matches.

Kolarov Walker Smalling Vidic
Silva Nani Gutiérrez
Rooney Ba Dzeko


Bradley said...

Smalling Walker Shawcross
Silva Nani O'Hara Giggs
RvP Carew Rooney

I don't really like this team, but here I am. Good luck everyone!

neil said...

Van der Sar


Giggs,Fletcher, Hitzlsperger,Scholes

Rooney ,Suárez, Dzeko

Fingers crossed for big points!

greginho said...

when i saw the 2 away games i knew that, lately, only nani has been getting away points, so i wanted to stay away. the chelsea game is going to go to the blues and manure is not going to take it lightly. i see many yellow cards and maybe a red card for a frustrated united team, as they see there place at the top go away. this is a tough month for manu and arsenal will be on top at the end of it.
like i said before i am staying away.
ben foster
kompany, smalling, luiz
van der vaart, nani, thomas, silva
van persie, rooney, ba
i am expecting a clean sheet from luiz. city defenders have a chance to outperform its red neighbors, this week, so i went with kompany instead of a manure defender.
i am hoping for big points from nani. thomas has a chance for a goal and an assist so he stays and silva is the only offensive player for city. rooney will not do much, but feel obligated to get him in and ba, is a barndoor pick, that i am willing to take a risk on.

Anonymous said...

My week 28 team:

Van Der Sar
Kolarov Smalling Evra
VDV@6.14 Nani Fletcher Scholes
Rooney Carew Suarez

7 DGmers in total. Kept VDV at a big discount as he's likely to be back next week. I am a big fan of him although I'm getting a bit frustrated by his constant injury problems.

All the best AMers! :)


Anonymous said...

Can O'Hara play against Spurs next week?


Anonymous said...

kolarov smalling wilson
nani vdv a.young o'hara
van.persie rooney berbatov

i'm at 751 top 500 is the target, so i'll keep my discount. this really is my first full season, so i'll use it to learn a thing or two.

rwlwhite said...

good luck nik. hope it pays off for you. i didn't have the guts, or time, to be that adventurous:

Kolarov, Walker, Smalling
Nani, Silva, Fletcher, Mereiles
RVP, Suarez, Dzeko

I decided to take 0s on RVP and Szczesny this week. There was no way I was losing that discount on RVP when he's been on such form. And I have a rule of never spending more than 7 or 8 on a keeper but I want szczesny for the rest of the season but I wasn't prepared to pay over 11 or whatever he went up to to get him back in

Anonymous said...

my bd team 12.96 remaining
T. Howard EvertonSell at 3.58
(market price 3.79)Defenders
A. KolarovMan CitySell at 4.43
(market price 10.53)S. ColemanEvertonSell at 8.54
(market price 8.54)L. RidgewellBirminghamSell at 10.75
(market price 10.75)Midfielders
NaniMan UtdSell at 13.88
(market price 22.34)R. van der VaartTottenhamSell at 6.14
(market price 14.72)J. O'HaraWolvesSell at 5.93
(market price 7.46)T. HitzlspergerWest HamSell at 5.49
(market price 5.49)C. GardnerBirminghamSell at 8.95
(market price 8.95)Forwards
R. van PersieArsenalSell at 13.90
(market price 22.06)J. BeckfordEvertonSell at 5.46
(market price 5.46)

Anonymous said...

Smalling / Evra / Kolarov
Reid / Barton / Meireles / Carrick
Rooney / Dzeko / Carew

Good luck to all!

Ian Sanderson said...

Smalling Evra Vidic
Adam VDV Nani Dorrans
RVP Carew Berbatov

Bobby said...

Berbatov is on the bench... Hernandez starting.

gaius marius said...

LOL @ no berbatov -- serves me right. but scholes!


somehow i knew, AM, that you'd come around to a batch of DGers. :^) brilliant selections, btw.

Anonymous said...

WoW!!! I am so glad I got rid of Berbatov and Giggs!! Woohoo!! I got scholes, and all 5 DGers playing....Nice!! Had feeling Hernandez would play....Damn!! Anyway good luck all!!!

Yankee said...

What happened to Barton today? Not seeing comments on Soccernet or elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Sturridge earlier, damn he has scored again!!! Too many choices!!!

Anonymous said...

Barton had a barney with manager so dropped!! lol

Anonymous said...

Happy with my team so far. 4 clean sheets (van der sar, evra, smalling and vidic) and 2 goals from rooney and o'hara. An assist from nani. Hope carew, shawcross and suarez will perform well tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

O'Hara is great but will he play the next game against Spurs?

DeviLDeviL said...

Good move Nik, anyway RVP gonna haunt u back :p


gman26 said...

87 Points with Luiz, Kolarov, Silva and Dzeko left. After being ranked around 11,000 in November, I've slowly but surely climbed up to 1,280 overall. Hopefully I can crack 1,000 at season's end. I'm glad I kept van Persie as well. Hopefully he stays healthy.

Anonymous said...

good call on saying to start giggs earlier this week, that start really helped me...

Anonymous said...

Lol fantasist

MNille said...

Hello lads! Sweden calling... Magical site Nik! I have a question: I BDed a seven players for next week, but by accident I forgot to "save changes". My roster costs 107 units, and I got full squad, but i cant sdave changes. Will I earn my points? Please help me! BR MNille

Linesman said...

119.5 with Kolarov, Suarez and 5 DGers to go. Overall a pretty good weekend so far.

I'm still not sure which Brum and Everton players to get, but for now I have Coleman, Arteta and Saha on BD.

Who are you guys getting for the coming week?

Anonymous said...

111 with zeros from Van der Vaart and Van Persie, plus Wilson and Kolarov to go. Rooney, Berbatov, smalling and Nani for the double. No complains therefore.


Anonymous said...

Barn Doored 7 Everton players today, record perhaps?

Moved up 3 places to 233rd today, 74 points.

Anonymous said...

-6 so far for the fantasist, crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

O'Hara cannot play against parent club TOT next week. (Please confirm this someone- I am 99% sure.)

Beckford EVE had a slight groin injury towards end of today's game, plus was quite lucky on his goals.

Barton (NEW) pulled a thigh muscle during warm ups, aggravating an injury from a few days ago and couldn't continue. No idea how serious.

Giggs seems quite likely to play against CHE. Thanks AM for this wonderful blog.

Remember guys, Luis (CHE) is very good and may soon pop up in price-- not sure when the unwritten 6 or 7 game rule takes effect for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey AM,

Where is BEBE in the picture?

are the picture is not UPDATE? or what?


Anonymous said...

101 points so far. 3 players to go Shawcross, Carew and Suarez. Got 6 DG players (Van Der Sar, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Rooney).


Staffer said...

99 pts with Kolarov,Carew and 8 DG to go...I hope at least 6 of them start on Tuesday. My team:


My BD team:



Anonymous said...

My BD team look like this:

Coleman Baines Carr
Nani Bentley Ferguson Arteta
Carew Beckford Zigic


greginho said...

big game for arsenal today. i am so pissed at wenger, with a healthy and rested nasri, why the hell did he start cesc against stoke. walcott had and injury that was part of the game, but fabregas was not 100%, so why risk him. the team won without him anyway. now nasri will take cesc's spot, but it is not the same, and it is not easy for cesc to not to lead the team out onto the pitch as captain. wenger has to be really smart about his rotation, why does cesc play every game? i will not jinx it by making a prediction, but my heart is dying for a trophy.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous

'Remember guys, Luis (CHE) is very good and may soon pop up in price-- not sure when the unwritten 6 or 7 game rule takes effect for him.'

Probably after 6 or 7 games.

Anonymous said...

you jinxed it greginho

Martin said...

Going against all common sense I have 7 Everton players and 4 Birmingham players..

greginho said...

the way arsenal lose is always so tragic. they seem to never be beaten by the best team, but by the luckiest. it doesn't matter who is in goal, they will always muck up the big game. remember the final of the champions league with barcelona. lehmann got an early red card, and arsenal had to play with 10 men the whole game. they were not outplayed by barca, just under manned. lehmann was definitely a world class keeper too.

Anonymous said...

quit moaning about luck. arsenal shouldve been down to 10 men after 2 minutes and wouldve been facing a penalty. birmingham did well to overcome bad officials, they deserved the win, congrats to the underdog!

TARHEELS said...

wonderful match, arse v. birm.
And greginho, if there seems to be a stretch of bad luck against a team, it's because they're doing something to deserve it.
lehmann was always a red card waiting to happen, and it finally happened in a big game when refs couldn't let it go by. maybe the same in the bad luck department for szczszcz, who's never looked to sure.

Anonymous said...

greginho said...

the way arsenal lose is always so tragic. they seem to never be beaten by the best team, but by the luckiest.
EXCEPT Today the best team won, a gritty underdog, who played injured and got no help from a clear penalty by Arsenal. Arsenal was lucky to lose by one. RVP made a brilliant, ballsy goal and that was it.

GK and Def made a schoolboy mistake because the GK is 19 years old and lacks experience.

I like Arsenal, but if they continue this go for FOUR, they will end up with Nothing.

Anonymous said...

thumbs up for birmingham!
ha ha..

Anonymous said...

any injury updates on the following players:

1. RvP (Arsenal)
2. Beckford (Everton)
3. Silva (Man City)
4. Cahill(Everton)

I would like to include them in my team for GW29 before price further shoot up.


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