Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stupid Football

And yet Tottenham lost 3-1. A week after beating Milan in the San Siro. Bollocks.

Fair play to Blackpool, a massive 3 points for them, but it's a result that puts a huge dent in our hopes of another Champions League spot. If Spurs had a striker who could score goals in the league then we would've won this one by 4 or 5, but we don't, so we didn't. In case you weren't already aware, Charlie Adam picked up his 10th booking of the season in the 93rd minute, so he is now suspended for 2 games. I've already dropped him @ 8.6.

The last thing I want to do right now is spend 3 hours writing about fantasy football, but I know I have to do this week's player picks at some point today, so they should be up tonight once I've calmed down.



Anonymous said...


Ian Sanderson said...

Hmmm...I have adam at 5.4 and VDV at 6.1.

Leaning towards keeping them, although Dorrans is a cheap replacement that couldscore big - but is so far unproven.

Ken said...

I was (lucky) to have dropped Adam before this double week (put in Campbell) and then went heavier on Arsenal..but of course I did not hold the great discount so my decision was "easier".

My team this week:
Carew/Bent/Suarez...(zero) in bank.

I still DO NOT see any great advantage for Man U. in the Chelsea game. Unless you held good/great discounts on players from either side, in a "normal" week I would lay odds that there would be very little activity in grabbing players for this game...but a double is a double. Right?

Birty said...

i'd have vidic, nani, rooney and evra for the wigan game anyway. any points from chelski game is a bonus.

now to keep adam at 6 or go to Walker of villa?

Anonymous said...

Kranjcar on bench that is the problem!
Stupid coach, he gives him two wins and he benched him!

Anonymous said...

that the great way of showing benching a winner player ;p

Doctor Teeth said...

Gutted. I can't remember a game with so many shots being cleared off the line or - bloody hell - rolling in front of goal, begging for a tap in. Such is the life of a Spurs supporter...there are not many teams that will beat Arsenal, Inter and Milan in the same season that they lose to West Ham, Wigan and Blackpool. Don't hold your breath...Wolves up next. If ever there was a game where the risk of not ponying up the cash for a striker in January was on display it was last night by the seaside.

What has happened to Jermain Defoe? He has gone from one of the first names on Cappello's team sheet to an inept, neutered finisher in the matter of months.

Anonymous said...

Meh, Spurs have scraped so many lucky wins this season that a result like this had been coming, I just hope their season now collapses and they fall out of the top 4. It would be so funny to see all the arrogant Spurs fans crying like little girls.

Anonymous said...

Riiiiiight...but United have no "lucky" wins this season.

Luck is the intersection of talent, preparedness and opportunity.

MPFC/KPM said...

You almost have to wonder if Charlie Adam drew the yellow card on purpose. 93rd minute, game out of reach. AND, the BBC live text said it was a 'rash tackle' and others said it could have easily been a red card.

Bit of a payback for not letting him move during the transfer window?

Anonymous said...

mpfc it was about the most stupid tackle i have seen, opposite end of field, leading by 3== no earthly reason to go in two footed. ridiculous.

Data Head said...

AM, I appreciate the stats, for sure. And I would like to say that what makes any sport interesting to watch is that it can't be boiled down to numbers and logarithms. Why did Man U lose to Wolves a few weeks back, or Barcelona to Arsenal in the Champions League (I know, first leg away, but still)? Sometimes the ugly game gets the job done, which is not to take anything away from Wolves, Arsenal, or, in this case, the Tangerines.

greginho said...

i can sympathize. try being an arsenal supporter. this list of the stats covers about all arsenal games where all of the chances and possession is theirs, and they lose or tie, except against barca of course. you just have faith that the damage is limited.

Anonymous said...

@Data Head

i agree with numbers of stats doesn't matter, but don't ever say Arsenal play ugly!!

Anonymous said...

Its a long time since we had a fight in this forum.

Bring it on !!!

Calling all the arse-anal / manure / loserpool fans.

Let normalcy prevail.


gaius marius said...

currently for week 28:


kolarov - smalling - spector

vdv* - nani - scholes - fletcher

rvp* - rooney - berbatov

sounds like rio may be back for chelsea, reducing smalling's value. really sacrificing to take all of nani, rooney and berbs.

yutz said...

scoring question -- is a shot that is cleared off the line not counted as a "shot on target"? I had defoe in lineup and he was only credited with one SOT, despite having from what i read two shots cleared off line.

Data Head said...

@Anonymous 3:18 PM. Dare I say that I enjoy watching Arsenal among all the EPL teams because of their often smooth style of play? Every team has pretty and ugly games. Xavi critiqued a Liverpool-Arsenal match from '08 in a negative light: "The ball was lost or robbed every 30 seconds -- that is not beautiful football. Football is played with the ball, it is about moving it from one side to another to find spaces, to find yourself in superiority on the wing, to have little moments of magic."

Anonymous said...

@guts: unfortunately a SOT only counts when its saved by the keeper and shots cleared off the line are counted as blocked shots for the defender.

Anonymous said...

Football is the only sports where all parties are expected to use the same style/tactics. If you don't play like Barcelona/Arsenal then surely its not football. I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Valencia? I think that he will be back from injury soon. Does anyone have any info on his return?

Anonymous said...

Those are the stats of a game when Pavulochenko starts.
Adam card had to be intentional. He can't be that stupid.


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