Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Blog Cup - Quarter Final Results

The Blog Cup is hotting up! Week 24 was the Quarter Finals, and we were set to reduce the remaining 101 teams down to 50 in preparation for the semi-final in Week 28.

I've finished calculating the results, and the cut-off was...

175 points!

Congratulations if you made it through! Please see the results at the bottom of this post for full details.

Now, I know earlier in the season I had promised two more Blog Leagues & a second 1000 team Cup competition to follow in 2011, but it is now looking increasingly unlikely I'll have the time to fulfil this promise. Apologies if you were looking forward to this - I'm still exploring the options - but with gameweeks coming thick and fast now I really need to focus my efforts on the main aim of this blog; to produce player recommendations and team/injury news every week, as well as organising the conclusion of The Blog Cup.

I'll be back on Thursday with the Week 26 Player Picks, but for now please let me know whether you made it through! 

Also, how's your Week 25 going? And how's your barndoor team looking?


Rank  Team  Total
1 ---------- 235
2 S 231
3 Numero Uno 229.5
4 Axel's Eleven 222.5
5 VirusRedsNet [AM.Blog] 221.5
6 Peculiar Purple Pieman 219
7 WALOR 218
8 Bull 218
9 無名 217.5
10 Ultimate FC 215
11 Knockoutkingz 214
12 Shanghai Skyline FC 214
13 Fantomerik 211.5
14 Goal Hogs 207.5
15 A new king is born ~ RAJAGOBAL 206.5
17 PowerBola 205.5
18 Matang Gerdu FC @Malaysia 204
19 Fc Felixinho 203
20 Vancouver Whitecaps [] 199.5
21 AM Blog Team [AM.Blog] 197
22 itik 196
23 Hammer Attack 194
24 iceman [AM.Blog] 193.5
25 Real Sikopath 190
26 Eric [is Back] 187
27 World Cup WornOuts 186.5
28 Pride Of North London 185
29 AArshavin [AM.Blog] 185
30 Syaitan Merah V4.0 184
31 Ozonic Liquid 184
32 This Group Leader 183.5
33 Tai Tam Tigers 183.5
34 PBS Lions [AM.Blog] 181.5
35 CaptAwesome[AM.Blog] 181
36 Big Banana Bruises 180.5
37 go YETI 180
38 Showboat Superstars ** 180
39 Arsenal_Bergkamp [AM.Blog] 179
40 Fantastical Soccerball 178.5
41 Dynamo Chicken Kiev 178.5
42 CMC FC 178
43 Fighting the Drop 178
44 Last Minute FC***[AM.Blog] 177
45 Sgt. BA Baracus 176.5
46 Cabaroota queens oh ha cantona 176.5
47 tHe UnDerDogs 176
48 MU4ever 176
49 Crabs 175.5
50 ***Chizy's Rascals 175
51 Jaxy's All Stars[AM.Blog] 173.5
52 Poppy tiGeers 172
53 NUFC BenWang [AM.Blog] 171
54 Jeroxxxxxx 170
55 Bish Bash Dosh 170
56 SpartanReds.[AM Blog] 169.5
57 The Orphans 169
58 Read [] 169
59 White Boys-Croatia[AM.Blog] 167.5
60 Taf Tacklers 166
61 Home United 164.5
62 Philadelphia Backwash 164.5
63 New York Cosmos [AM.Blog] 162.5
64 SchinderleFC [AM Blog] 161
65 Mramor United 160
66 Justified 159.5
67 Bumbles 159.5
68 Electric Mayhem FC 157
69 AresnalSLK 156.5
70 Transformers 156.5
71 bolanos cf 156
72 Chiken Nuggets [AM.Blog] 155.5
73 Me'n Popoy !!! 154
74 Captains Casuals 153.5
75 Poop Ship Destroyer* 153
76 Dr.Shyteds 151.5
77 PK United 150.5
78 The Loons 150
79 mikeshi [AM.Blog] 149.5
80 pk all stars 149
81 Spurs 148.5
82 Athens United Assassins 148.5
83 came to drop bombs [AM.Blog] 148.5
84 jeringgg... 148
85 Twiglets 147.5
86 Chapacan FC 142
87 Black Organization 142
88 FC Awesome 140
89 Central Flyover FC 139
90 William United 138
91 FC Triplete 137.5
92 Vajnorska 135
93 SOTTY Peanuts [AM.Blog] 133.5
94 Glory United (Dennis W.) 130.5
95 Barcelona Drugs Baron 129.5
96 Lengkee Wanderers [AM.Blog] 128.5
97 Real Soni 122
98 AlbertWeskerFC 121.5
99 special one 114
100 Shohoku[AM.Blog] 109.5
101 Kak rOkiAH FutBol KElaB 99


ZZZ said...



Ian Sanderson said...

AM anything you do is a bonus so don't worry if there's no time for another cup competition, there's always next season.

Anonymous said...



kwyjibo said...

D'oh, missed by half a point! Oh...wait...I'm already out...

Congrats to those who made it.

Thanks AM for your hard work.

Miecio said...

29th - AArshavin

There is still a chance to win this cup :D

outside top 500 in overall standing, but still there is still room to improve + many many unlucky decisions so far (for example: i got pantsil + stockdale that week <- pantsil own-goal against liverpool =/)

TARHEELS said...

I was ranked 2757 overall last week and have made it through in the Blog Cup. (In 18th.) Is any left who is ranked farther down than that?
Blog Cup weeks are my only good ones...

Anonymous said...

I wanted to make it into the top 50 but that stupid double week ruined it for me. Oh well, top 100 ain't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Up to 762 overall but OUT of the Blog Cup. Gutted. It was my best chance for silverware this season!

The Orphans.

Anonymous said...

Hello AM. Cabaroota queen ranked in the top 8000 and still in the cup!!! My minileague rival the free flying/falling is very supportive :)

gman26 said...

Where the hell did Gary O'Neil come from? He must have knocked Spector out of the lineup.

PBS said...

Yay 34th so still up and running in blog cup!

donut said...

36 and still in contention

I really want the Blog team to win though!!

AM any chance of letting us know how the Blog team is getting on or sending a link to its page, not sure how to search for it...


Anonymous said...

where is suarez? will his price start out really high considering he scored today?

Anonymous said...

Hey quick question. Does anyone know how long Squillaci is suspended for and will he be back for Arsenals week 27 double? Because Im going to want to have an arsenal dman that week and dont want to lose my Koscielny discount just for week 26.

Much thanks,

Anonymous said...

There goes my Cup dreams. I shall console myself that it was a close thing. Sticking with Hart punished me.

BD team

Kolarov Coleman Kelly
VDV Mereiles Hoilett Bentley (4 Adam)
RVP Dzeko Tevez (4 Elmander)

I did have Lampard at a discount but I couldn't get my head around how Torres will fit in.

I had intended dropping Mereiles, but tonights game hasn't answered any questions about how he fits into Kenny's plans.

McLeish showing new confidence in Zigic makes Bentley a better buy.

I was going juggle in Tevez for the Birmingham game but the was rumours he may not start. I can't resist him against the Baggies.

Hart and Coleman's good performances are no longer generating exciting rewards. Reluctantly they are both now in the firing line.


Anonymous said...

@anon Re: Suarez

It usually takes the Yahooligans about 2 weeks to make the new signs available.

Saurez's goal shouldn't bump his price up very much, as his starting price will be averaged down by zeros for recent games.

There is always Dzeko and Sturridge to console yourself with in the mean time. If you fancy a punt Zigic might also worth considering on the Barndoor.


TARHEELS said...

It's interesting how you can paint yourself into a corner with discounted players. On the backdoor, I was very lucky to get Szczeny as a keeper with only .03 point to spare as I picked up the 2 cheapest defenders as fillers.
Arse has at least 4 good matchups coming in a row, so I dropped my discounted queen (that's Reina in spanish).

Anonymous said...

Suarez on yahoo at 8.44. got him. was hoping to get him at around 6 though.

Anonymous said...

Thats quite the risk at Chelsea. If anything, David Luiz came in at 5.81. Now he may be a good pick for a cheap chelsea defender

Anonymous said...

Suarez starts at 8.44 :-(

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Wimbledon 1988 FA Cup Champs, no comments? MK Dons wish they could get to the FA Cup final....

Anonymous said...

I just prefer Rooney but Suarez looks very sharp, i think Liverpool will score @ Chelsea. He took to the league like fish to water and is not a great risk even @ Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Woop! Through to the semi final, brilliant. I have a feeling this is my year :D

My team page is like this:

Kolarov Coleman Koscielny
VDV Adam Nani Bentley
Dzeko Bent Rooney

I dont see me making many changes to this team, if any. Looks like Obinna is well and truly back on the scene too!


Anonymous said...

118 points this week. Happy enough.

My team is currently:

Koscielny, Kelly, Luiz
VDV, Nani, Richardson, Silva
RVP, Rooney, Suarez

I like the look of it.


Anonymous said...

made it through (44th). rank 3000++. but unlucky, kak_rokiah wasn't there..

-Last_Minute FC-

Anonymous said...

It's been a somewhat difficult season so far, but I'm proud to be #9 on the weekly performance this for week 25.

FC Real United

Anonymous said...

It's also been a difficult day for typing. I meant "list" not this.

Merv XI [AM.Blog] said...

I got 23.50 pts for the first 4 games. Who would have thought I could reach the 110 pt mark?

Definitely not sold on Suarez at Stamford Bridge. But David Luiz has a good chance of CS if he slots straight in the Chelsea backline.

Ken said...

Bolton players, Elmander/Holden Bah humbug!!

Have I learned a lesson? Gutted my team thinking great things ahead.

They are done on my team...

I also said that about Liverpool players and now I have 3-4 the past few weeks.

Bottom line...It's either I will never learn


I have a lot to learn.

I think I know which it is!!

Anonymous said...

I think Ivanovic needs a rest but keep feeling that There will be no CS in that game, i've dropped M.Kelly and i'm trying to replace Reina also.

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