Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Week 26 - Quick Round-Up

After a 24 hour delay the points from Sunday's match-ups are in so I thought I'd write a quick summary about a quite thrilling weekend of Premier League football. 43 goals in 10 matches, 41 of those goals on Saturday.

Top of the table Manchester United lost their unbeaten record to bottom of the table Wolves, Arsenal lost a 4 goal half-time lead to Newcastle after a moment of stupidity by Diaby, City & Tevez kept their title hopes alive with a 3-0 win over (now managerless) West Brom, Everton & Blackpool played out an eight goal cracker, Wigan & Blackburn shared seven goals, Niko Kranjcar scored a 92nd minute winner as Spurs stole the points from Bolton & Stoke came from behind twice to beat Sunderland 3-2.

Sunday contained the remaining two fixtures of the weekend and although there were only two goals they were both big results. Birmingham pulled themselves away from danger with a vital 1-0 win at Upton Park, a scoreline that left West Ham back on the bottom of the Premier League. In the final game of Week 26, Torres experienced a nightmare debut as Liverpool snatched a 1-0 victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to continue their astonishing revival under Kenny Dalglish. It really was an incredible weekend.

In terms of fantasy football, I had a solid week of 112 points which keeps me right on the edge of the Top 100. My last minute trades of Caldwell, Kelly, Lampard & Keane to Bridge, Walker, Bentley & Dzeko worked out well (+19 swing) but moving from Reina to Howard did not (-17 swing).

UPDATE: Tuesday's points adjustment takes me up to 116 for the week & in to 100th position exactly!

As we know it's a double week for 8 teams in Week 27: Birmingham, Newcastle, West Brom, Wolves, Arsenal, Stoke, Blackpool & Spurs.

Birmingham do NOT have a triple week, despite what Yahoo have listed. I have checked BBC Sport & The Official Premier League site to confirm the correct fixtures & the Everton game has been moved to 9th March.

Arsenal, Birmingham, Blackpool & West Brom have TWO home fixtures, so you'll want players from these teams, but remember that there are FA Cup & Champions League games in between the two sets of matches, so players will be at risk of being rested.

Currently I have this on my team page...

Szczesny, Kolarov, Carr, Koscielny, Adam, Van Der Vaart, Bentley, Fabregas, Carew, Odemwingie, Van Persie

and I still have £10.34m left in the bank!.

I'm considering upgrading Carew (held at 1.97) with that cash, or perhaps bringing Bale in for either Carr or Koscielny if he's back to fitness. Adam is a worry as he's now on 9 yellow cards, so if he was booked in the first game he'd miss Blackpool's second game (and an additional game after that), so that's another thing to think about & of course we're waiting on further news on Van Der Vaart's calf injury.

Apologies for the delay in posting after the weekend - I was out until 6am on Sunday night/Monday morning after going up to the Sports Cafe in London to watch the Superbowl, so spent all of yesterday in bed! I'll be back with the Week 27 Player Picks post later in the week. Please let me know how you did in Week 26. How's your early Week 27 team looking?



Anonymous said...

First, hehe

Anonymous said...

A pitiful 86 pts and no bd work also, i'm not too optimistic about the coming gameweek therefore.


Das Boot 8 said...

116.5 this week and up to a season-high 757 overall. Hoping to keep pushing into the top 500.

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Sagna Shawcross
Nani VdV Bentley Walcott
VanPersie Odemwingie Zigic


SfSS said...

I made quite a leap in recent weeks, with 129,5 this week, I am up to 1485 place with total of 2274,5 pts. While this position does not seem to be very high, it was 6000+ place just 4 weeks ago.

Have to make a decision on doublegamers, as i don't really want to drop the likes of Reina at 5+, or nani at 18,5, but i guess nani will go

Anonymous said...

Koscielny Carr Huth
VDV Adam Walcott Bently
Odemwingie RVP Carew


Anonymous said...

Koscielny Coleman Heitinga
Adam Nani VdV Fabregas Bentley
Vela Carew


kwyjibo said...

I had my best non-DG week of the season so far, with 141 points. Still can't seem to avoid at least one zero per week, this time out it was Suárez.

Moved up about 800 or so to 1529.

I'm really having trouble with my lineup this week because of discounts. I may have to let Nani go (5.22 discount), because I can't seem to find enough cash otherwise.

Ken said...

My question is....while we search & search for those players who will produce week in and week out and then also be lucky enough to have them on one of the best scoring teams and then ALSO have them at a good/great discount...the perfect storm so to speak and then for the sake of one double game week, even think of letting them go. First year player & still learning but.....Nani stays on my team unless hurt and then it will be how bad is he hurt.

Am I missing something?

Ken said...

Just to add a little something..I had Berbatov on my team for 3 points this past week.

I can understand letting the hit & miss players come & go regardless of discount or even year point totals... but it seems Nani has 9 points before the game even starts.

Anonymous said...

A below par 98 points this week. Dropped to 400ish in the standings.

My team is looking like this

Kolarov Ridgewell Koscielny
VDV Adam Bentley Fabregas
RVP Carew Odemwingie

Still considering defoe, thomas and walcott as options. I think Foster is the way to go this week in nets. I don't trust the arsenal defence, especially after the way they crumbled against newcastle.


Anonymous said...

Baptiste Jiranek Koscielny
Vdv Adam Bentley Jarvis
Rvp Odemwingie DjCampbell

holding Barton, Carew and Walcott(all Bd'ed)
But i think i might go with that formation

Thx Nik, keep up your good work ;)


Anonymous said...

walcott or fab? shawcross or squilaci? defoe or DJ campbell?

Anonymous said...

VDV Walcott Adam Fabs Pennant
RVP Carew

Was doing BD work on saturday while trying to do 2 other things and accidently dropped Kolorov. Have enough to get him back but am pissed at myself. Back 3 were going to be Gunners for 2 home fixtures but right now I don't know. Could be Bale Kolorov Shorey.


Anonymous said...

NIK--Super Bowl??? Really?

Superfly Jim said...

130.5pts and up to 489 overall (my highest ever).

BD Team:


£10.79 left to spend...

Thinking of changing out Huth and Carew to maybe Koscielny & Odemwingie and I want to get Fabregas in there somewhere. However, there are going to be selction doubts at WBA due to DiMatteo leaving (even if Odem should be spared), Fab4 hasn't been great lately and ARS just shipped 4 goals to Newcastle so.....

Anonymous said...

Nik, are you confirmed in dropping both Nani and Rooney for DW? I hold them both at discount too, and maybe could end up keeping Nani but trade Rooney for Fabs/Bale.

Anonymous said...

@WMA:I'm not sure if Jiranek will start both games. You could go for one of Carr, Roger Johnson or Ridgewell for a nailed on starter in the Birmingham defence. The most budget friendly is Carr, which will allow you to do a staight swap with Jiranek.

I also don't like DJ Campbell. Defoe or even Carew will be better options. If you go with Carew, it will probably give you enough funds to upgrade Jiranek to Ridgewell or Johnson. Baptise is another not guaranteed to start and Blackpool don't keep clean sheets. Maybe you could consider another brum defender in place of Baptise? I myself am likely to go for both Foster and Ridgewell as my Birmingham defensive coverage.

Just some thoughts... Sorry if it came out too long winded.


Ken said...

Opinion: I have only 5.27 to spend and I am sitting on "Wilshere" and cannot give a good reason why. Is this a bad pick and is there ANYONE in that range who would be a better fit?

Pick will fit any position, so I am wide open for suggestions.

Anonymous said...


Early in the season top 1000, then dropped to 5000, and now slowly fighting back to mid 3000's. Like my team but have 3 questions:

(1) VDV Injury, and will he play both games ?
(2) With Djourou out will Squillacci play ?
(3) Will Carson NOT play ?

Defoe,Van Persie,Carew

All answers to 3 questions and other help would be appreciated. GK thing has ruined my season so far.

Anonymous said...

bale or VDV or fabregas or odemwingie?????

is it wise to keep nasri(8.19). Now is 14.21
and he's coming back in 2 weeks.? What do you think? I could change him for bentley or ...

Anonymous said...

Odemwingie/Shorey (or other defender 5 or below)



Have a sneaky feeling about Martins...anyone completely disagree?


Martin said...

I too have a sneaky feeling about Martins.

Although McLeish's praise for 'more goals to come' from Zigic leaves me with some doubt.

Anonymous said...

week 27 double gamers... thinking of the following-

Kompany / bardsley / carr
VDV / Adam / Bentley / fabregas
odemwingie / defoe / Carew

9 dgers any advice??

Anonymous said...

@Ken : Your choice of wilshere isnt bad at all
@bengoh91 : There are a lot of players to be considered and i'll take your opinion as well :D

my team atm :

Bale Ridgewell Baptiste
Vdv Adam Bentley Wilshere
Rvp Odemwingie Carew

Holding Barton, Walcott behind the scene
Hoping to get any feedback

WMA (Glory Glory Man United!)

Anonymous said...

Not much difference in my team compared to what I`ve seen on the blog so far...

Carr Kola Johnson
Adam Wilshere Bentley Barton
Martins RVP Odemwingie

Greetz Milijas

markygoods said...

127.5 and up to 222, just 47 odd points behind you Nik, I'm not happy with my team yet, have a feeling Tevez is gonna be big against united!! I know, single gamer right but remember RVP last double week.

Linesman said...

From the looks of it there will be very little that'll separate most teams next week.


I have a feeling the Liverpool Wigan game may be a good one to gamble on even if Pool are not playing twice. I will also drop Walcott and dgrade Foster to Szczesny if Bale is fit.

Anonymous said...

98 points last week for me. My team:


Not a chance am I dropping Nani. I may switch Fab to Brunt and upgrade Jara.


Bradley said...

After playing "par" for the last 2-3 months (including squandering the last DG week) and bouncing around 1500-1700th place for the duration, I scored 142.5 (as of today's points fix) and currently sit at 1088th.

My BD team needs LOTS of work. Right now I have 15.32 in cash on hand. Like many people, I have a strikeforce begging to be upgraded, but I'm not sure to whom. I might go the 5 MFs route. I might also be able to go a little more expensive in DF than I normally do. So many options...

greginho said...

3 points disappeared so i now only have 97.5 for the week. my picks were fine, i made one mistake i misread who jerome thomas was playing, i would never have had him at city. salgado was another disappointment. those were not nearly as bad as the only 1 point for obinna. he is a good fantasy forward and only had one point. i had two penalties commited too.
my team for next week is all doubled up. koscielny would never have commited a penalty not given up a goal, if diady hadn't overreacted to some horrible tackling from barton and nolan. it made it worse when squillaci came in.
ben foster
koscileny, roger johnson, elokobi
van der vaart, walcott, bentley, thomas, adam
van persie, odemwingie
i am happy with this team, i may change out elokobi though

donut said...

SOOOOO much luck involved in this game and it seems to be even less easy to predict than normal...

Drogba, Lampard, Rooney gets you 9.5 points
RVP, Nani, Tevez gets you 80.5 points

Ah well, reasonably bad week for with what I would normally think is a reasonably good score of 100.5 points, droppping me down 70 or so place to 532...surprised the drop was so big but I guess its very close around the 500 mark...

I had a feeling Reina would do ok but still followed the crowd and went for Howard...never mind these things happen!!

Dropped Nani already - he has been scoring big but I will take him back for the Manu double in a few weeks regardless of cost and make up the difference elsewhere - there are far too many bargains now with all the loan moves which means I have 12.x leftover as it stands which is likely to stay that way unless Bale is back...

I like the walcott call this week but I like fab4 more. He has not scored enough points for the way he plays for the last few weeks and I predict a massive week for him...including 2 or 3 goals...(wishful thinking perhaps!)

VDV will go straight out if he is injured and I will replace with walcott if that happens...

WMA i like it, wilshere plays quite defensive however so you might want to look elsewhere. Having said that he can score easily...

AKol Baptiste Jiranek
Adam VDV Benley Fab4
RVP Carew Zigic

12.85 left, would love to do CArew to Walcott but can't quite make it!! If Bale is fit its Jiranek to Bale...

Das Boot 8 said...

Thanks to the points adjustments today, I gained 1.5 points and also enough available funds to move from Pienaar to Defoe. Happy with my team at:

Kolarov Kelly Carr
Adam Nani Meireles Bentley
RVP Odemwingie Defoe

Any thoughts? Hopefully this team will keep me moving up the overall standings. Good luck everybody!

Kendo said...

Koscienly Coleman skrtel
Adam brunt fabs Vdv Bily
Rvp vidic

Think ur right linesman Liverpool worth selecting despite no dg

Think zigic was a good bd replacement for keane

Brunt unfit for norn iron worth risking?


Ken said...

Team so far:





Not sure what I think of it right now. Odemwingie is like Berbatov. Neither one has EVER scored while they were on my team.

Keep that in mind.

Not sure why some are looking at Wolves defenders with two road games over players like Evatt. And yes, I know about the clean sheets, but I find myself loading up to much with Arsenal players and feel it is best to look elsewhere.

Only .69 left so I think this is my best shot.

Good luck all

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


FLScott said...

@ greginho - why not switch Elokobi for Koscielny, they're the same price, but even with Arsenal's injury ravaged team I'd take him over a wolves defender anyday. Plus Arsenal are at home for 2 matchups, and wolves are away at both. Just a thought and best of luck mate.

FLScott said...

just realized you already had him....... derp.

Anonymous said...

anyone know who the set piece takers are for Wolves? I am finding different info everywhere I look.

Anonymous said...

how about tim cahill, any news bout him> is he a good player to pick?


Anonymous said...

tim cahill only plays once so no he is not a good pick

Anonymous said...


Kolarov Sagna *****
Nani VdV Bentley Brunt ****
VanPersie Odemwingie

I have 14.49(walcott 12.77) left, i need a defender and midfielder/forward, don't know what players to pick

Rulf said...

Hi all,
Pls rate my team.
need ur help.Thanks

carr shorey bridge
Adam VDV Pennant Barton
RVP Best Zigic

munafix said...

Anon 4:14
Hunt, Ohara, Milijas thay take kicks for wolves.

My team so far:
szcz, kos, kol, carr, adam, brunt, bentley, vdv, rvp, martins, carew.

17.91 left.

Anonymous said...

my team for now: szczesny bale coleman g.caldwell palacios adam nasri(8.19) fabregas RVp carew odemwingie


Anonymous said...

pls comment jason puncheon?

Anonymous said...

just a quick reflection : having Vela, Carew and Zigic (all at BD price) in front should always result in more pts than the price invested. Am not sure if the same return may be expected from Odem or even RVP.

Another remark : Djourou is far from sure to start. (ref physioroom 3mnths !)

most economic team so far ;

Carr (BD) Kosciel (BD) Kola (BD)
Adam (BD) VDV (BD) Bentley Wilshere
Vela Zigic Carew

and shitloads of money left obviously.

To consider / await :
-news on Djourou, Bale, VDV
-news on arsenal lineup (upgrades to walcott, fabs)

Anonymous said...

9 goals last week and 145 points moved me up to 641.

I love this comment from Donut above:
Dropped Nani already - he has been scoring big but I will take him back for the Manu double in a few weeks regardless of cost and make up the difference elsewhere - there are far too many bargains now with all the loan moves which means I have 12.x leftover as it stands which is likely to stay that way unless Bale is back...

The Bale and VdV news will effect EVERYONE'S teams.

Picks this week:
1) all double gamers from home teams if possible
2) only keep single game discounts if you need that advantage in your private league
3) pick players who play for teams that must win; i.e. Birmingham near drop zone
4) W.B. scares me with new manager - not sure who is guaranteed to play
5) Beware of Arsenal rotational shuffle
6) Adam one yellow from two-game suspension
7) Liverpool vs Wigan still a good single game option

Also, to think about:
Week #28 double for M United & no games for B-ham, Arsenal, & Tottenham
Week #29 double for Everton & B-ham

Can someone shed some light (I am out of time) on which of the double gamers are involved with Cup games in the next week(s)


Anonymous said...

You missed out Spurs double game, mate.
and why is Sessegnon still missing?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12.31.

Sweeping statement! Bale & VDV news will affect EVERYONE'S team

It won't affect my team, and i'm currently positioned 370th.

Haven't had them for months.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.
My team this weak
carr walker carney
adam fabregas arshavin walcott
RVP zigic
problem is arsenal player rest, adam yellow card and my fillers
i already dropped VDV & bale & nani, last weak 98point . Suck howard
cheers moonoo

Anonymous said...

currently thinkin off :-

Kompany / bardsley / carr
VDV / Adam / Bentley / fabregas = 3.41 left ( or keep nani @ 17.88 = 0.64 left )
odemwingie / defoe / Carew

please comment


Anonymous said...

This is my first season playing YFF
I have question

If I buy a player at 5.00 during the game but not yet save,
after the the match his price moved up to 8.00

if I save my team after market value=8.00, will I get him at 5.00 or 8.00?


Anonymous said...

@JR - To have a player @ a particular price, you need to save.

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