Saturday, 5 February 2011

Week 26 - My Team


Walker   Kolarov   Bridge

Nani   Adam   VDV   Bentley

Dzeko   RvP   Rooney

What do Jeremy, Neal & myself always tell you? NO LAST MINUTE CHANGES. And what did I do at 11:55am this morning? Made four changes of course.

S.Caldwell, Kelly, Lampard & Keane were traded to Walker, Bridge, Bentley & Dzeko.

It's the first time I've done it this season, but I decided my defence was just far too weak & Lampard was eating up £13m with a tough game against Liverpool. With a double week next week (more on that in a minute) I was unlikely to hang on to him anyway, so upgrading my defence made sense & Bentley is still a good pick. After making those 3 changes I had enough to go back from Keane to Dzeko and decided that was smart seeing as City had one of the stand-out fixtures this week. Will these moves pay-off or backfire? We'll have to wait and see!

Now a quick word on Week 27, and as we can see from the team page it's a big one...

Week 27 (deadline: Sat 12 Feb 12:00 GMT, for games Feb 12 to Feb 25)

But please note that the fixtures on Yahoo's page are WRONG. These are the fixtures included...

Saturday, 12 February 2011
Man Utd v Man City, 12:45
Arsenal v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Birmingham v Stoke, 15:00
Blackburn v Newcastle, 15:00
Blackpool v Aston Villa, 15:00
Liverpool v Wigan, 15:00
West Brom v West Ham, 15:00
Sunderland v Tottenham, 17:30

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bolton v Everton, 16:00

Monday, 14 February 2011

Fulham v Chelsea, 20:00

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Birmingham v Newcastle, 19:45

Sunday, 20 February 2011

West Brom v Wolverhampton, 12:00

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Arsenal v Stoke, 19:45
Blackpool v Tottenham, 20:00

So that means double games for Birmingham, Newcastle, West Brom, Wolves, Arsenal, Stoke, Blackpool & Spurs.

Birmingham do NOT have a triple week, despite what Yahoo have listed. I have checked BBC Sport & The Official Premier League site to confirm the correct fixtures & the Everton game has been moved to 9th March.

Arsenal, Birmingham, Blackpool & West Brom have TWO home fixtures, so you'll want players from these teams, but remember that there are FA Cup & Champions League games in between the two sets of matches, so players will be at risk of being rested....something to think about.

I'll leave it there! What did you end up with? What do you think of my trades? Who's coming in for the double?

Good luck!



Anonymous said...

first ahahahaahahah

Anonymous said...

AM - unless I'm missing something I always see this on the fixture list for next week:
Wed, Feb 23 Everton v Birmingham

So it would actually be a *triple* week for Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

Thu, Feb 24 Everton v Birmingham

is birmingham having triple games? AM.

Miecio said...

I made last minute changes too :)

Koscielny, Bidgr, Caldwell
Adam, Lampard, Bentley, Arshavin
RvP, Rooney, Bent

Assistant Manager said...

Please read the post, there is NO triple for Birmingham!

Dave2 said...

Everton-Birmingham is NOT on Feb. 24, as AM mentioned. It's been rescheduled for March 9. Check the Everton site, EPL site, etc.

So, for the double week, lots of good looking picks - enough to make me dump almost all my discounts (ie: Nani, Tevez, etc). So, looking at this:

Kola, Bale,
VDV, Adam, Bentley, Brunt, Fab
Odem, Defoe

Though Barton, Etherington, and Oba Martins could be interesting too....

Anonymous said...

My team for week 26

Kolarov Bridge Coleman
VDV Adam Nani Bentley
RVP Dzeko Keane

Next week's DGs are interesting. Some discounts will be lost for me. Lots to think about as usual. Good luck everyone!


kit said...

some people have the cheek to comment without reading first lol

Assistant Manager said...

Remember that there are FA Cup & Champions League games in between the two sets of matches, so players will be at risk of being rested....something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nik, you're the best. I was loading up on Everton and birmingham

The Greek. said...

Wednesday 23rd February 2011
Barclays Premier League
Everton v Birmingham 20.00
Postponed - now being played Wed, Mar 9

donut said...

I like the changes Nik, Lampard was a one-off last week surely and Bentley could be a season keeper...

I guess your problem this week will be whether to drop Nani/Rooney at discount or just to go with the DG week...

When there are big DGs we all know that they pay off, so personally I am 99% likely to be dropping Nani (don't have Rooney) and going with the DGamers. Currently, I think my only keeper will be Kolarov (4.x just too good to drop)

Currently very similar to AM team with a Midfield most people have!

Kolarov Bridge Figeroa
Nani Adam Bentley VDV Fabregas
RVP Keane

With the DG in mind have switched to

Kolarov (Bridge) Squirrel
Adam Bentley VDV Fabregas (Nani)
RVP Carew (1.97 and just scored so will go up!!)

Bridge and Nani I will change after I see what happens to them this weekend...

Ian Sanderson said...

Bos Evra Kos
Adam Van der Vaart Fabregas Silva
R. van Persie Dzeko Rooney

capiTeno said...

can we have another week of "birmingham have a triple week" like we had "torres is banned for 5 YC" a few weeks ago, that was hilarious...
don't bite the bait Nik ;-)

Birty said...

Bardsley, Coleman, Rafael
adam, nani, fellani, albrighton
gyan, odem, rooney

having the fixtures wrong makes it tough to plan but for next week my 4 changes are

Coleman & Rafael to Jara & Djourou (maybe R-Jo)
Fellani & albrighton to Brunt & Gardner

Anonymous said...

Will these moves pay-off or backfire?

dzeko not starting!

Assistant Manager said...

yep, not a great start!

Anonymous said...

no Dzeko ahahahhahaha Nik AHAHA

Oh..I forgot I dumped Carew/Hart for Dzeko/Howard in the very last mitnute...


Anonymous said...

Actually birmingham are listed as having a triple week! Prove me wrong its in the list!

Mikey said...

Birmingham have 3 games but they will not be strong because they have Torres suspended with too many yellows .....

BL said...

I have both Rooney and Nani on ~4 discount each. Should I ditch them for DGer next week? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

gaius marius said...

taking the advice of you guys, dumping old plan (building as much value as possible) for new plan (aside obvious value holds, pick matchups) here's the barn door squad for week 27:

foster (@5.2)
kolarov (@5.3) - olsson (WBA) - djourou
VdV (@5.5) - nani (@15.2) - fabregas - bentley
van persie (@9.3) - sturridge (@2.8) - odemwingie

thinking even about chucking nani for adam...

stunning to see dzeko on the bench and *kolarov* playing as attacker!! mancini serious about their defensive problems, apparently....

SK said...

So pissed right now. I had Tevez and Huth but decided to reshuffle my team to Rooney, Walker and Young instead. 5 Goals right there. I only hope Rooney scores a brace to make up for it.

Miecio said...

"Birmingham do NOT have a triple week, despite what Yahoo have listed. I have checked BBC Sport & The Official Premier League site to confirm the correct fixtures & the Everton game has been moved to 9th March."

confirmed here:

no doubt, Yahoo made another mistake

Anonymous said...

dzeko on the bench and I switched out richardson for cahill and cahill on the bench. This is ridiculous. This is my last year playing this shit game. Barndoor bs makes this game pretty stupid since all your success is pretty much spawned by barndoors. Ff you didnt BD nani or RVP because you had other shit going on you've lost so much ground.

Anonymous said...

Tim Howard will spoil my week..he is simply bullshit..


Anonymous said...

gosh...4 goals from Saha...3 for Tevez..


Anonymous said...

Anyone know why VDV was replaced at half-time?


kwyjibo said...

38 goals so far!

Unfortunately I only have 3 of them...expecting a drop...

Some crazy games, though, so many goals in just a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4:08 PM, February 05, 2011

Talk about sour grapes! The guy sounds like he needs to be on suicide watch....

Seaforth and Litherland said...

Talking of last minute changes, I persuaded myself to drop Carew from my team at around 11.40am - thought he was too much of risk of a negative score. Only 21 points missed as a result...

Anonymous said...

Philip Dood Really Suxxxxx.... Does he have eye????

Anonymous said...

tim howard - absol joke. blackpool had 3 shots, and he lets the lot in. not a single save !


Anonymous said...

who the hell is abdul razak??

SK said...

@ Anon 4:08:

You don't need to barndoor week in week out to be successful. My time difference makes it difficult to buy/sell players when games are often going on, so I may miss it. I also realized that I end up keeping only ~30% of the players I have BDed. I am currently in the top 100, and I can attest that what is holding me back from a top 10 position is whether I am picking option A, B, or C. For example, if I kept the lineup I had sometime last night, my team would have scored 10 goals this week. Instead now I have 6 goals + Rooney left.

Anonymous said...

yeah having RvP at 9 and nani at 15 each scoring 20 pts a week doesn't help at allll


Anonymous said...

and as I say that my rival for first place scores with nani and I lose my cs with vidic in a nice 8 minute window. lose about 50 more pts between not having nani or rvp.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Although my team (Raf, Nani, Rooney) may have taken a big hit I am covered in goosebumps from that game.


D said...

Well done wolves...finally!!!
It's quite great as i had only nani in my team n he scored...great week 4 me as i had saha n RVP...hoping a '150 points' week :)

Thanks AM
p/s : seems like your GK jinx still haunting you :)

Chaos said...

140 points with Reina and Bridge left, I'm now in 368th place, nice :-)

Oh and Shrewsbury won away today, a great day all round...

Anonymous said...

I'm in the top 20 now !! Woohoo !!

chrism said...

94.5 with 4 left, still climbing up the table, now 1460 and 34/100 in AM Blog Group 1. After my disaster start I feel good, been going up 100 or so places a week. Dunno if there is time to get back to the top 100. I hate double weeks, too many deep discounts now on season keepers-VDV, Kolarov @ 4.4 Charile Adam, Van Persie @9.33 thank god he has a double.

Only thing for certain is I've given up on Rooney, time to throw him under the bus. Problem is at 14.3 who the hell to put in his place. I just dropped Dzecko and BD'ed Suarez, see how tomorrow turns out. Its really the only spot in my line that I haven't figured out yet.

chris m
velvet underground allstars (rising from the dead) maybe I'll change the name to the Velvet Underground Vampires, be au currant and all that.

Kellz said...

What a crazy week! Arsenal defensive crisis has finally shown through, and give credit to Newcastle who never stopped fighting and totally deserved the draw. There were 8 PK's given as well, amazing. Congrats to Wolves on their massive win over not so invicible Utd. If Liverpool can some how over come Chelsea that would cap a fantastic week.

110.5pts with Reina, Bridge, Lampard, Bentley to go.

Current BD Team:

Bale, Shawcross, Kolarov,
Barton, Pennant, VDV, Adam, Bentley,
RvP, Odemwinngie

I quite like the look of this team, but the biggest question is Bale, who is in training but with AC Milan on the schedule, you have to think he'll be rested at some point. Otherwise my midfield has a set piece taker from each strong Double Game side, and my 2 forwards have the most favorable match ups on paper.

I am looking forward to tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Guys, does Man U have a double in Week 28 like they do on FPL. Just want to confirm or deny this before I pull the trigger on dropping Nani this week

Anonymous said...

yes manu have a dg but they play chelsea

Anonymous said...

VDV is injured and will miss the game against sunderland.

Anonymous said...

86pts, no player left terrible.
Bd team

Kolarov jara 4.25
Nana vdv cesc walcott bentley
VanPersie odemwingiev

Anonymous said...

Of all the mistakes I made, dropping Adam was the most painful.o

Staffer said...

Morning AM-ers!

Decent week for me till now with 96.5 pts with Reina,Kelly and Bentley to go. I made one last minute change and I went from Adam to Silva and it didn't bacfire that much but I regret losing good discount on Adam for the DG week.

I'm adding a lot of DGers for next week. Currently on:

Berbs,Van Persie,Carew

I moved + 8 places and I'm on 396th place...

Wish you good luck today and clean sheet for Liverpool :)

Anonymous said...

I had

Kolarov Bridge Coleman
VDV Adam Young Silva
RVP Carew Tevez

I think I'm doing ok with 131.5 pts and Bridge remaining. I took Tevez and Silva over Dzeko/Nani which wasn't a bad idea. But the switch from Walker, Richardson to Coleman, Young was bad. if only I kept Richardon and walker, and use the reamining funds to get Hart, I would be so much happier this week!

Birty said...

Dimateo has been sacked.

I'm predicting Martin O'Neill, you heard it here first.

Kamal said...

Now, WBA line up will be unpredictable.

Superfly Jim said...

Current BD Team:

Kelly / Huth / Walker
VDV / Adam / Bentley / Barton / Meireles
RVP / Carew

7 DG's and 10.5m left to spend...!!!

Any suggestions for the spare money left over to improve that team ?

Anonymous said...

Wow Reina is a clean sheet machine now. I was so ready to ditch Reina for Sczczney for the dg week but I think a single match of Reina with a great matchup is the way to go. Plus, Arsenal are off Week 28 so I would have to just sell him anyways and then I wouldnt have my huge Reina discount.

Thoughts on this anyone.
Thanks, jroll

Ian Sanderson said...

My last minute change was Reina out despite having a huge discount Sczezney in cos obviously Arsenal would keep a clean sheet against Carrollless Newcastle and Liverpool would get hammered by Torres and Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know I could post on this site! When it first started my puter wouldn't allow me too! I have been suffering in silence for sooo long. Get ready for tons of irritating questions!
Long time reader.


Anonymous said...

Currently sitting on:
Carr -- Walker -- Olsson
VDV -- Bentley -- Adam -- Barton
RvP -- Odem -- Carew

Still have 5.6 left which is great but I hate leaving this much on the table at the deadline.

Anyone feel like giving useful advice for upgrade?


Anonymous said...

last minute change was adam to cahill who was benched....lost out on 15pts.

week 27 double gamers... thinking of the following-

Kompany / bardsley / carr
VDV / Adam / Bentley / fabregas
odemwingie / defoe / Carew

9 dgers any advice??

gman26 said...

Toekicker - restrain yourself if possible. Please don't ask who K2 is. Although, he is gone thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Yo gman26, No problem! Been reading this and N&J's blog 4-eva. I aleady know what the BD is and who FBFDB, FBFAR, FBFAY and BFFL are.
I'm just worried about Torres being suspended and how to deal with Birmingham having three games this upcoming week. J/K.

- ToeKicker

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha...first dick Anon response! Now I truly feel a part of this blog! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Beckham will start for ManU this week?

Kendo said...

Same time Torres starts for Chelsea ! :)

kwyjibo said...

17. West Brom
18. Wigan
19. Wolves
20. West Ham

Wow, not a good year to be a team starting with the letter 'W'...

Anonymous said...

pennant taking FK now for stoke? not etherington?


Anonymous said...

LOL. saw Beckham on the Chelsea vs Liv game last nite. I was enjoying the match until he appeared on the tv and made me say "WTF, Beckham?!?!"

The least person you'll expect to see there! lol.


Anonymous said...

no points yet boring! I regret selling reina for szczesny in preparation for the DG week already!

Anonymous said...

wow...currently on 101 pts with kelly, meireles & bentley points yet to update. dropped reina with great discount for zzny, i'm more regret now after i dropped meireles with great discount for pennant only for meireles to score the winning goal. now i would look stupid for getting him back at 11+.

Anonymous said...

When YFF update our point? what takes it so long

Superfly Jim said...

86.5pts with Reina, Kelly, Meireles & Bentley pts still to be added. A good week :)

gman26 said...

Aloha Toekicker.

Martin said...

Kos/ Squill/ Carr
VdV/ Fab4/ Brunt/ ?
RvP/ Martins/ ?

I'm keen to get at least one Away team double gamer in to my squad i.e. Tottenham or Stoke really - teams that are more likely to score away from home.

I've narrowed it down to
Vela/ (Pienaar or Pennant)
K. Jones/ Wilshere

Any opinions?

Linesman said...

From the two options you listed I'd go with Vela/Pennant. Only because Pennant is taking set pieces for Stoke.

My current team is


Right now I need to decide whether or not to dump Walcott or VdV and get Meireles before he becomes too expensive. Although he doesn't have DG Pool v Wigan is a very tempting fixture.

I've also invested a lot of points in defence, which I may change depending on how I feel about Carew at the end of the week. Other options would be Jiranek and Shawcross.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jon said...

Points from Sunday are in

Absolutely Fabregas - 104.5 points, current total 2,234.5, current position 2,278 (+84)

currently on

Szzz; Kola, Kos, R Johnson; Adam, Bentley, VdV, Walcott; RvP, Zigic, Odem with 1.5 in the bank

waiting on news about VdV, and obviously the midweek internationals are going to cause chaos, but i for one am glad that RvP has got man flu and has pulled out of the Holland game. Fabregas also out of Spain squad, so he might be worth a look for the double week ...

Chaos said...

157 points, currently 353rd place....

Also now have over a 100 point lead in my private league.


Anonymous said...

Heard any news on VDV? haha. I am more or less settled with my team except VDV, if he's injured, I might drop him off.

Decent week for me, 119 points in overall. Seems like keeping reina was a good choice.


Anonymous said...

105.5 pts with two players not playing (Suazo and Cahill.) lame

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