Friday, 11 February 2011

Week 27 - Update

Loads to get through - and lots of if has a big impact on the upcoming double week - so lets get right into the details.

- Tottenham will definitely be without Bale, Modric & Van Der Vaart for their trip to Sunderland. Not only is this bad news for Spurs as they have a really tough game, but it's bad news for VDV discount owners. There's no guarantee he'll be fit for the 2nd double game either & Spurs don't have a game in Week 28, so at least 2 (possible 3) zeros are on the horizon... I'm afraid the time may have come to let him go. It hurts.

- Djourou and Song should be back for the Gunners, while Van Persie & Fabregas have made miraculous recoveries from their midweek illnesses, but Rosicky & Nasri are out. Arsenal NEED 6 points from these next 2 leagues game, and Wenger knows it. "Cesc and Van Persie will both be playing" he said on the club's official website. Game-on.

- Ben Foster is fit for Birmingham, and Martins could get a start after impressing in training. My gut tells me he'll be on the bench in his first game, but he should get at least one start across the double. Zigic should continue as McLeish had realised that David Bentley crossing to a giant works quite well.

- West Brom have a caretaker in-charge for their first game & Roy Hodgson in-charge for the second game, which makes it even more difficult to guess how they'll line-up. Fantasy Football Scout are reporting Chris Brunt, Boaz Myhill, Graham Dorrans and Marek Cech are all back in full training, so they have a full strength squad to choose from.

- Blackpool will probably make changes to the side that lost at Everton, so it's difficult to pick from their array of attacking options. One thing we know is Charlie Adam is definitely available for the first game. Whether he's available for the second game depends on his discipline. Carney represents fantastic value in defence for under £4m. With Crainey out he's the only available left-back, so he'll surely start both matches. Goalkeepers Paul Rachuba & Matt Gilks are both possibly out for the season.

- Leon Best and Nile Ranger are back for Newcastle.

- Stephen Hunt & Dave Edwards remain out for Wolves, so Jamie O'Hara should continue & represents good value.

- Tony Pulis has a full squad to pick from but may will probably keep the same team that beat Sunderland last weekend.

- Louis Saha will be out for up-to 3 weeks with a hamstring injury. Such a shame for him after hitting his best form, but unfortunately it's been the story of his career.

- Chris Smalling will start the Manchester derby alongside Vidic after Ferdinand & Evans were ruled out through injury. Hernandez also likely to miss out after returning late from international duty.

- Luiz will start for Chelsea

- Suarez will start for Liverpool

- Robbie Keane is out for 6 weeks after tearing his calf (ouch).

I'll keep updating this as more news filters through throughout the day.

Now; I saw Ken ask an excellent question  in the comments section of the last post about inconsistencies in keeping discounts, along the lines of "why do you keep some players at discount but drop others?". I'd say it comes down to two things - cost and return.

Keeping a cheap player at discount (VDV, Kolarov) is less of a burden because you still have plenty of funds to play with. Keeping Nani in for a week you'd rather not have him for can take up 17% of your budget.  People who own VDV at £6m have been getting an average of over 12 points per game, that's a 200% return. Nani has been averaging an excellent 14 points per games, but at £17m that's a much smaller return, which makes it easier to drop him in weeks like this. Another thing to think about is the overall Top 10 - how often do you see them holding discounts in weeks like this? Very rarely.

As I said in my player picks post, if I had Nani at £11m-13m I might keep him, but at almost £18m I can do too much with money to justify it when so many other players have a double week. As for keeping Adam @ 8 (small outlay compared to 17 for Nani) despite his 9YC situation - we're taking a risk that he doesn't get booked in the first game, but even if he doesn't he can easily score 16 points in that first game.

That's how I feel anyway, but I'm probably trying to justify my own decisions(!) so I'd like to hear other opinions. One thing I think we'll all agree on is dropping players at the right/wrong time can be the key to success/failure. I'm probably dropping Nani & VDV this week knowing it could make or break my season.

Here's how it looks:

Szczesny, Carr, Kolarov, Olsson, Koscielny, Adam, Bentley, Pennant, Fabregas, Odemwingie, Van Persie

It's 4-4-2, it has 10 DGers, and I really like it. I'll wait until the morning to pull the trigger on saving it so Carew, Nani & VDV are still there behind the scenes, but I'm 99% certain it'll be my final team.

That's it for Week 27 - I'm likely to see you all in the chat-room tonight/tomorrow morning, but until then please let me know what you settled on! Are you dropping Van Der Vaart @ 6? Are you dropping Nani @ 17 (or less)? Are you risking the dreaded 10th YC for Adam?


UPDATE: Something interesting has been pointed out to me (via the comments section - thanks Dez) regarding Manchester United's "double" in Week 28 (@Wigan, @Chelsea), and it is this: If Chelsea beat Everton in their FA Cup replay next Saturday then their 5th round tie against Reading would take place on March 1 or 2, meaning Chelsea v Man United would be postponed, which would leave United with a single week. It may not change your approach, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


Anonymous said...


capiTeno said...

i just can't drop VDV, it's not possible, it's like pulling nose hairs... neccessary for success but bloody smarts !!

dark_devils said...

Good luck AM

lucidswirl said...

at 6.xx i have a hard time dropping VDV. if he goes down to 12 or so yeah, I can pull it out and maybe get him again but if he stays at 15 .... jeez.

LC said...

My team

Kolarov, Shorey, Carney,
Walcott, Bentley, Pennant, Fabregas,
Odemwingie, Carew, Van Persie

What do you think

LC said...

Also which Man Utd players would you barndoor for next week other than Nani?

Rooney, Berbs, Giggs, Rafael?


Anonymous said...

it funny when they 1st but they 3rd

Anonymous said...


finally with some advices, i finally dropped VdV & Nani to Walcott & Odemwingie..still gt 5++ and spend it on defenders...and still holding Adam @ 8...

My final team (perhaps)..:

Koscielny, S.Carr, Olsson
Adam, Fabregas, Bentley, Walcott
Odemwingie, Carew, Martins

Any Comments ??

Shan ~

Sam said...

Nik, I like your thoughts on the discounts. You have me seriously considering dropping Nani and VDV. I'm hesitating because there is still about 1/3 of the season left to go, 12-13 games right? That's a lot of time to make up for a missed week/tough matchup. Plus, Nani has a double next gameweek, even if one is @CHE. I don't mean to muddy the waters, but isn't that the nature of the game?

Anonymous said...

@Shan: Don't really like teams with same team midfielders playing together or the same team players protecting that clean sheet, but I might be wrong.

Seems like everyone hopped off VDV's bandwangon, same goes to me.

My current (most probably final) squad:
Koscielny, Kelly, J.Olsson
Adam, Fabregas, Brunt, Silva, Bentley
Van Persie, Odemwingie

Any comments before I hit save?


Anonymous said...

Adam still intact @ 5.40 ... sweet

Anonymous said...

why no1 mention A. Baptiste??

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post Nik, given me loads to think about, but so many good points in one post is very rare. Thx

Anonymous said...

Hi, anyone got a clue who's gonna start up front for Spurs, and who will be on set pieces?
Cheers, Jono x

Anonymous said...

This VDV issue makes things much worse for me. I planned to keep Nani @17, as he always has a good chance of performing well, especially at home, and also has a double-week coming up so I'll have the advantage of 5mil discount over him compared to those buying him on retail. I don't want to drop VDV, but if I don't it means I'll have to drop Nani for a DGer to afford the certain zero. Tough, but I think I'll keep Nani and drop VDV, who in the last 4 weeks hasn't scored above 10.
My worst problem is the lack of discounts - I didn't keep Adam nor RvP after some amazing weeks they provided me, and I paid for it with a huge drop in the ranking (now 736th after being 157th not so long ago), and I'm paying for it with a huge headache now. Of course, if I had RvP for 13.9mil and Adam for 8mil, I would have surely kept them, but Adam is now @14 and RvP @21 - the former has a YCs risk, and the latter might be rested for the second game (Wenger will want him fresh for both LC final and the 2nd match with Barcelona). Buying them at retail is far to dangerous, so I'm almost sure I'll avoid both.

Right now I have:

Kolarov Jara Carr
VDV Nani Adam Fabregas Bentley
Odemwingie Beattie

But Jara, VDV and Adam will be dropped, though I can't figure the replacements right now.



Ken said...

Thanks AM...I have so much to learn.

My thoughts were in the area of the BUY BACK. My funds are maxed out each week and with City a little week this game (my opinion) letting Nani go at 17 and (if) he does well in the one game he does have this week, that would mean gutting my team to get him back at what is sure to be around 22-24. Others may have the funds and with him in a double feature and me NOT HAVING him could be the best way to kill my chances down the stretch. Currently 3rd in the league I am in.
I know it comes down to (my) choice. I have made it. He stays. We will see how it pays off.

I can only hope all those who post here continue, because each post helps in some small way.

Thank you very much for all your hard work.

Good luck to you.

Birty said...

Keeping Nani @ 15 and Adam @ 6 combined were both easy decisions, what to do with Rooney is harder. I will probably keep him @ 14 and its that sort of conservative decision making that will keep me in the 2000-4000 rather than in the top 1000.

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks Ken - it is really tough & to be honest mate there's isn't always a right/wrong answer. I could easily regret dropping Nani if he scores 20 points+ as he'll stay at £22m+, but then if he scores 6 points & drops to £19m I'll be delighted. It's about going with your gut feeling, but even more of it is just pure luck... good luck this week! :)


Linesman said...


I have the same problem with Adam. I dropped him a few weeks ago only to pick him up again at 14...if I sell him I could really improve my defense, but past experience tells me Adam in one game will probably get more points than defenders in two.


Should I drop Adam for Brunt and get Olsson/Carr or Djourou/Carr??

I'm getting very nervous and excited for this week. Good luck to you all!

Anonymous said...

Some tweaks to my team and it's looking like this:

Kolarov Carr Ridgewell
VDV Adam Fabregas Bentley
RVP Odemwingie Carew

Hold VDV at 6.14 and just can't bring myself to pull the trigger. If I sell him now, I must be sure that I don't want him back. Given my timidness, I'd probably keep him and hope he makes it for the blackpool game.


Kendo said...

Linesman pennant will be playing against ars ur keeper and defender??

Dez said...

@Sam and others

I'm pretty sure in saying that if Chelsea win their FA cup replay against Everton then their match with Man U will be postponed. So no double week for Man u although their one game would be vs Wigan.
That would mean it'll be a blank week 28 for Ars,Birm,Chel and Tott

gaius marius said...

trying this...


kolarov carney shawcross

VdV fabegas bentley adam walcott

RvP odemwingie

i just can't pull the trigger on VdV @ 5.5 even at the prospect of two empty weeks, not with so much time left in the season. he might even recoup to play the second match.

Linesman said...

Interesting point Dez...makes it harder to buy back the likes of Rooney and Dimi. Especially after selling Nani and buying him back for 20+. Anyway, that's something to think about after deadline, but thanks for the heads up.

In a double week it's tough not to pick players playing against each other. Pennant will get points whether or not he scores a goal through crosses and set least that's what I'm hoping ;)

gaius marius said...

thinking ahead to week 27 -- is it crazy to line up as...


kolarov evra smalling

(VdV) nani fletcher carrick anderson

(RvP) berbatov

three inactive discounts, kolarov and the rest MUN.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Nani could be a big differential this week, i'm happy to be on Nani's side! I can easily see him scoring 20+ points, probably outscoring most of the double gamers. Fabregas really hasn't been producing good points lately, although i would still say he should outscore Nani slightly. I'm planning on having 2 single gamers - Nani and Kolarov. I don't think i'm giving away much, if anything..i still have 9 DG'ers.


Anonymous said...

@gaius week28 you mean?

gaius marius said...

yes, sorry, that's exactly what i mean.

kellz said...

@gauis: I am not trying to be mean, but day team is probably he worst way to go this week. Here's why: Firstly if Chelsea qin their FA CUP replay against EVE they wont play Utd next week meaning no double week for Utd. Secondly Utd are playing in a very heated derby match that rarely produces clean sheets so Evra and Smalling are terrible choices. Third the likes of Carrick, Anderson, and Fletcher are terrible fantasy players who hardly score good points even if hey play well in real life. Thinking ahead is one thing but those players wont rise in price. Keeping Nani and Berba is fine IF you must, but as AM has said in his player pick post, it is important to take as many double takers as possible. Especially since there's real value in Arsenal Bham etc.

Again not tryin to be mean I am sorry if it sounded like that. Just trying to get you to see another way. If you decide to keep your current team then best of luck! I just think you can maximize your pts going with double gamers.

kellz said...

@gauis: just saw your updated post that you mixed game weeks up. So scratch what I said. Thought you were going with that team for this week according to you first post. Sorry!

gaius marius said...

@kellz -- no apology necessary, my screwup entirely! and the point stands re: carrick, anderson and fletcher -- not at all sure it wouldn't be better to pick well-matched single-gamers....

Anonymous said...

What's about Pienaar?

Anonymous said...

my name is kote beng kak..
my team this weak

olsson konceisny sagna
barton fabregas pennant larrson
vela carew persie

i/m 100% sure vela will score due to his performance now... 100%

Anonymous said...

my final team(think so)
gk: szczesny
def: coleman koscielny g.caldwell(filler)
mid: walcott fabregas wilshere adam
frd: odemwingie carew RVp

carew or palacios?

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to like any Newcastle players this week. Newcastle is on the decline, but still have 2 fixtures this week, and even though both are away its against Blackburn and Birm. Thought Barton, if on the BD @ 11, or nolan could be good picks. Still thinking about it but have the following lineup at the moment:

kosc - kola - carr
adam - walcott - fab - bentley
RVP - Odem - Zigic

Have Kolarov @ $8ish. Im afraid to drop him incase he has a decent week and eithe stays at the same price or goes up. I just cant see myself paying over $12 for a defender, even though he gets a lot of attacking pts week in and week out. Anybody know if City plans on keeping Kolorav playing midfield like he played last game, or will be be back to playing defense.

Ive got VDV(6ish) and and barton(11ish) behind the scenes but its about time to drop VDV, and quite possibly for the season unless he drops a bit in price.

Any suggestions are appreciated


Anonymous said...

Do u reccomend pienarr?

Anonymous said...

Hello Kote BengkaK Lol :p
Guys no one pick ZIGIC?? wich one is better zigic - M. Kelly (@5.97) or Vela - Olsson ?
Need Advice Please guys.. Thx..
- T T M -

Anonymous said...

jiranek or s.carr or jara guys??
need help

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm did anyone else notice Birmingham had a third game v. Everton on the week 27 fixtures at the start of this week? I loaded up on Birmingham but was worrying that it was too good to be true... turns out it was haha.

rwlwhite said...

Kolarov - Djourou - Carr
VDV - Fabregas - Brunt - Bentley
RVP - Odemwingie - Suarez

I'm considering dropping VDV for all the above reasons and replacing him with Ian Evatt of Blackpool. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...


How much cash will u have with dropping VDV and what u have in the bank?


Anonymous said...

Pienarrrrrr does anyone recommend him?

SfSS said...

@anonymous 8:52

Pienar is not a bad choice with tot having so many injuries, but at the same time 2 away games may suggest you can pick other 2 gamers, also he has never been a big fantasy scorer

kwyjibo said...

It's tough, because even if you drop VdV (@6.14 for me), it really doesn't give you a lot of cash to play around with. Dropping Nani (@17.00), on the other hand, opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Running out of time...but picking a team this week has actually been quite challenging. Losing a bunch of discounts kind of makes me sick to my stomach...

Currently on:

Thinking of:

But I just...can'

Anonymous said...

@ kwyjibo

Neway you would try and fit another ars player in there? They have the best chance to score big pts this week with 2 home games. You would prob have to free up some cash somewhere else im thinking tho.


Anonymous said...

Holding Adam and VdV at 5.43 and 5.53 respectively. Therefore I am not dropping them.

Finalized my squad:

Kolarov, Kelly, Sagna
Adam, VdV, Barton, Walcott
RvP, Odem, Zigic

Hart is a risk but if he gets the shutout he'll score 20+. Cannot commit to Szccncncnny because Arsenal tends to be scored on more frequently than City. We'll see how it works out. Besides, I want to keep Hart for the season considering the discount I hold on him.

SfSS said...

Current team

Kolarov Clichy Sagna
VDV Adam Fabs Bentley
RVP Carew Odemwingie

7 in the bank, any ideas for upgrade? don't really wanna drop VDV

Anonymous said...

I dropped 'em all and don't care.

Kosc Djourou Carr
Barton Bentley Fabs Walcott Adam
RVP Carew

C'mon BarTOON

Anonymous said...


I personally dont like carew. He just scored, and prob wont score again the rest of the season. Ur defense is pretty solid, maybe get rid of him for another 2 gamer. zigic or some1 else, maybe even a midfielder


E said...

Loads of really good advice here, especially AM, thanks everyone.

Kolarov / Sagna / Carney
Adam / Barton / Bentley / Febregas
Suarez / Odemwingie / Zigic

It's getting to the point in the season (13 games left I think?) when it doesn't matter so much to me. I'm 1000s down so I think I'm just playing around now, and certainly next week. Those of you who're set for a good overall final position, go for it and good luck! For some reason this season I couldn't get over 100 regularly each week.

SfSS said...


Thanks, but i guess i will keep carew if not for possible big points, but for a run of good matchups + as money saver @2, you cant even get a lousy defender for that, and here is starting forward who only needs one SOT to return his value

gman26 said...

Any thought to Carew not playing both games?

"Ricardo Fuller is back after compassionate leave and will be battling for a place in attack alongside Kenwyne Jones, Jon Walters and John Carew."

Hard to let him go at 1.97 but not if he doesn't start both.

joshtottenham said...

What no-one is mentioning in terms of dropping players is who you replace them with. Now a lot of people are saying drop Nani... but I am looking at Fabregas (who seems to be the only decent option I could afford different to who I have) and wondering if that makes sense. Sure he go off on one and score 2, but looking at his return I doubt it and I think Nani for the rest of the season looks possibly better. VdV is more complicated cos we don't know how long he is out for, but would you rather have say D.silva for 13 games or VdV for 10. The numbers say VdV is better (obviously this ignores the gain from being able to rotate but I'm not seeing many great options at 6 ish points). Obviously you want the key guys from the DG sides but once you have RVP, Brunt, ODemwingie, Bentley + Sczez/Foster there doesn't seem to be any players you MUST have.

Anonymous said...

John Carew did not leave as Aston Villa's 3rd choice striker to be Stoke's 3rd choice striker - he was man of the match vs Sunderland & he will start both games provided he doesn't get injured (which is another issue altogether)

Anonymous said...


Completely agree with u that hes a deal. I actually picked him up on the BD but just dropped him today. Was just thinking that u had $7 in the bank plus his value, thought u could find some1 else who could almost guarentee u a better return. Id just hate to leave $7 in the bank b4 a double week. Maybe u can upgrade somebody else.

After reading Gmans comment i would also reconsider replacing him incase he doesnt get you two starts.


Anonymous said...

Josh - People who want to drop players will make arguments for, people who want to keep players will make arguments against. Everybody's doing it!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about the potential man united fixture that case nani definitely goes.


SfSS said...

BTW people who think nani will score 20+ in only fixture against man city might be very wrong, city tends to plays defensively + could really do a beating to united tomorrow with "dream" defender smailing starting. Luckily for united, evans is injured

rwlwhite said...

GB - I have 7.76 to spend if I get rid of VDV. Evatt is 7.36, has 2 games and is the top scorer overall for his price

joshtottenham said...

Is Squillaci not back?

Anonymous said...

Is there a doubt that Zigic will start with Martins in the squad? He surely wouldn't lose out after 2 goals in 2 games, would he?

Anonymous said...

Currently sit with


I'm not happy with my squad right now.

Should I sell Nani(@17), concern about MU single game if Chelsea win the cup game. If i sell i can upgrade both vela and carney.

Really need help right now.


Anonymous said...

Very good post, Nik.

However, I need to point out something from the comments, owing to my annoyingly perfectionist nature, and considering the fact that a lot of people reading this blog are allophones.


One CANNOT write/say "advices". It is wrong and it's an eye-sore.


Thank you.

Sean said...

Haven't seen much chatter about Defoe or Tot strikers in general... wondering if VDV is out won't Tot need production from somewhere else?


Sitting on :
Koscielny Olsson, Carney
Adam, Bentley, Fab4, Barton
RVP, Defoe, Vela

Anonymous said...

Yea and to add to Anon 12:40am, AM you need to remember I before E accept after C! Gosh! Come on I mean really!

Ken said...

Eye'm shure we are knot sew pickie hear that a phew errors in spelling kneed to bee taken two task...

then again,,eye kood bee rong

markygoods said...

my 2 cents on the drop/don't drop debate,
there are two mind sets, the first is that in keeping a discount on a player who is injured or has a single game week, you sacrafice potential points to alow you to have more money to spend elsewhere in the following weeks which may lead to you gaining more points.
The second is to forget about discounts on injured players/single gamers and to maximise your points potential for that individual game week.
There is a reason why the likes of Kellz(top20),AM(Top100 or so) and AB(Top3) are all doing so well, they do as all the top guys do, they take the second option.

Andy Johnson said...

Charlie Adam of Blackpool Numbers Game

Ok according to the above link Adam has played in 29 games 25 in premier + 4 international okay all 9 of his Yellow Cards are against premier teams
1 each against Newcastle, West Brom, West Ham, Bolton, Stoke, Liverpool, Sunderland, Man Utd, and Everton.

Okay so round off 29 to 30 next game is 30 anyhow and round the 9 yellow cards off to 10 the limit.

Okay the result is he has a 1 in 3 chance of getting a yellow card. Or basically a 33% chance of getting a yellow Card.
Also since he doesn't have a yellow card against ashton villa or tottenham yet gives all the more reason. So ok I will go with adams.

Maxer said...

finally saved my team.. dropped big names such as dzeko, tevez(@20) and vdv(@7), with some fillers palacios, caldwell, jacobsen & howard is off the team too..

koscielny, carney, murphy
adam, fab, nani, bentley
rvp, odem, carew

10 DGs + nani.. anyway, good luck everyone..


Anonymous said...

My team,
kelly, shorey, jara
pennant, fab, walcott, bentley , brunt
rvp, carew


Anonymous said...

Chamakh? Is he hurt/suspended/traded. Have not seen him mentioned.

Anonymous said...

the reason you don't drop VDV is the same as holding Kol at 4.4.

Anonymous said...

im strugling to choose between walcott or arshavin?

where is mr. prof genius when we need him.

Kellz said...

Pick Walcott

Kellz said...

@Anon 3:52: Actually its completely different. Holding Kolarov at 4.4mil when hes still healthy and play on Saturday is far different from holding VDV at 6mil when hes ruled out of Saturday's match, quite possibly ruled out for Blackpool's match and given the fact Spurs don't play in game week 28 (next week) thats 3 potential 0's when Kolarov will start and play.

Its basically holding a player you know has value but won't play versus holding a player who has a tough matchup in a double game that will play. Pretty different in my book.

But it was very hard to drop VDV and no one is going to blame you for keeping him.

Best of luck!

Kellz said...

Chamakh is fit and healthy but content to warm the bench as RvP has thrust himself back into the line up after a lengthy injury spell on the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

guyz need ur help! which is better?
Fabregas-brunt-defoe /
Walcott-brunt-defoe /

Anonymous said...

walcott...are you ok?

Anonymous said...

Will M.Kelly play? in yff injury lits, he is questionable.. Please help guys

Anonymous said...

I am really struggling this week on the discount players, especially on reina & meireles, coupled with the favourable match for liverpool in week 28 against west ham. I have reina at 5-ish and meireles at 8-ish.. dropping them would means that I definitely can't afford to buy them back...
Any thoughts?

SK said...

3:58: Walcott. Arshavin played quite well before Arsenal imploded so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets 30 pts. But Walcott is more likely to score. It's hard to say because we don't know if either will start both games.

4:32: If VdV returns, then defoe will probably only start 1 so option 3 is best. If not, go with option 1.

SK said...

5:11 - Meireles is worth keeping but I would let go of Reina because there's other good GKs at your price.

Anonymous said...

Well done Nik...

This is my team..





Is it worth to change Odem to Vela.. COMMENT PLEASE..THANKS

Anonymous said...

Which one is better for this week, Fabregas or Walcott?? Comment please..

Anonymous said...

@5:39 Personally I would choose someone who would surely start in any games rather than their potential points. That is Fabregas who is the captain would have start both matches including Barcelona, while Walcott's fitness level is not as good to Wenger's liking. Just a suggestion though. (I had the same exact problem, but went on with Fabregas.)

Anonymous said...

Eardley or Evatt ?!

Anonymous said...

My wife or my girlfriend? The Porsche or The Jag?

Anonymous said...

Reina will return as many points as the dg goalkeepers.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know if Martin Kelly is playing?

Anonymous said...

Why would you drop Reina? I don't see any gk that'll keep 2 CS.

Anonymous said...


thinking dropping suarez..but dun have idea to replace with a midfield@striker at 8mil..can i have suggestion?

Anonymous said...

The jag and your girlfriend certainly.

Anonymous said...

heres my team


Agger - M. Kelly - N. Shorey

Bentley - Fabregas - Adam - Pennant - Walcott

Suárez - Vela

2 things, is kelly and agger playing? i hold them on discount, everyone else is current price :P

and is it worth it if i downgrade on on a few midfielders to buy Van Persie?




Anonymous said...

annon 7.11 I would go with your wife, she was much better

Anonymous said...

my current team (dunno where I can change with 0.32 in the bank)


doesn't like a 4-4-2 formation for a double week. anyone can confirm jiranek will play? would like to have a brum def but can't stretch to carr. or I can switch jiranek/koscielny for carew/defoe/shawcross. any thoughts?


Martin said...

Morning managers!

Song or Gutierrez?

Martin said...

Scrap that, I upgraded to Bentley and downgraded a discounted S. Carr for C. Smalling instead!

I'm on.

Kos/ Squill\ Smalling
Fab4/ Brunt/ Pennant\ Bentley
RvP/ Martins\ Defoe

And perfectly happy with it!

Kendo said...

Decided to swap suarez for beattie with dg and miereles for Walcott

Kos carney sagna
Adam fab brunt walcott
Rvp zigic Beattie
Feeling lucky but I said that last week ! ;)


Anonymous said...


Really wish I could fit in Barton and poss Fab4 but can' looks like this will have to do. I could downgrade Odem to Vela but Vela only has 1 goal and 3 SOTs in 6 matches.

Kol - Kos - Carr
Adam - Bentley - Brunt - Walcott
VanP - Odemwingie - Best

SIL-80 said...

This is my team...

Koscielny Carr Wilkinson
Adam Barton Walcott Meireles
RVP Odem Defoe

10 DGs. Decided to drop Reina for Szczesny as 2 arsenal home games are too tempting, but keep Meireles even though he is only playing once. Banking on him for longer term return..
Hopefully things work out...
Good luck to all..

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:03

The girlfriend in the back of the Porsche was even better!

Anonymous said...

jose enrique@carr...which one is better??

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Carr Koscielny
Nani VDV Fabregas Bentley
RVP Carew Odemwingie

I'll be keeping Nani. I have him at 13 and he's been outstanding and he has a DG next week. Not too sure about VDV though as he's not been doing as well lately and he's injured for the first game and has no game next round, but I have him at 6

Anonymous said...

@10.03 Carr is better. birmingham home

Anonymous said...

Here's my team


Trying to be different by putting Ether in the place of bentley, not really willing to let go the discount on Meireles.

Most likely no more changes unless pennant taking ether spot and upgrade my defenders.

Any advices?


Anonymous said...

Re: jddh1982
"Holding Adam and VdV at 5.43 and 5.53 respectively. Therefore I am not dropping them"

I'm in the same boat as you mate. If both players did not play, I'm pretty sure that I could assemble a sound squad for around 89mil using 9 players. No worries there!

My big decision is the midfield.

My present midfield: Adam, VdV, Bentley and Fabregas which leaves me with just over 16mil. I'm considering another Arsenal midfielder.

Would you go for Walcott or Arshavin?
Arshavin doesn't seem a popular choice judgeing by other squads on this great forum. Why?

PS Great post AM

Strumpet said...

L Best or O Martins ??? I'm wrestling with this one. Oba would be nailed on for me if i knew he was going to start but my worry is he'll be a bench warmer at least in the fist game. Best I think will play both games but maybe not the same return from 2 away games. Dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Guysss please.. Will M.Kelly play???
Thx for ur help

roonaldo said...


roonaldo said...


Anonymous said...

He's already warming up now... will play..

Arse Wanger...

Anonymous said...

just a point of note for those plumping for blackpool defenders:

Blackpool have a 'keeper crisis with Matt Gilks and Paul Rachubka out and Richard Kingson short of fitness. James Beattie...yes, James Beattie might play in goal!!! Clean sheets? Uh, nope!

Dan C said...

Anyone else tempted to keep Reina at 5.18, instead of going with Szczesny?

I've been burned by poor keeper choices all year until I got Reina in, so feel like I owe him some loyalty! Also got Arsenal CSes covered by defenders:

Kolarov Sagna Koscielny
Adam Bentley Barton Fabregas Walcott
RvP Carew

Thoughts appreciated!

Anonymous said...

you guy just play a mind game so that people will not drop VDV, thus u just can simply climb up the scoreboard because many people with VDV will end up with less points as there is no way he play any next 3 matches...

meyo said...

i'll keep vdv at 6.XX if i know he will play vs blackpool.. but nobody knows.. so i decide to drop him & make my final push with hunch. currently i at 672th place & my best position so far is 445th. the only way to go forward is "dont afraid to take risk"..

Anonymous said...

final team for this week "

Koscielny, S.Carr, Olsson
Adam, Fabregas, Walcott, Bentley
Carew, Odemwingie, Martins

Shan ~

Anonymous said...

Dan C.. I am in similar situation with you, a choice between Reina vs. Szczesny. It is true that Reina has been awesome for the past 4 games, keeping CS and gave me a lot of good points. However, my thought is that Szczesny having DGs that potentially getting both CS is too great to let go, given that I am chasing the top teams in my private league. I am pretty sure that a lot of ppl will go for Szczesny as well. As AM said, the top managers in the league rarely keep players at discount when it comes to DGs. I am going for Szczesny. Hope it turns out well.

Dan C said...

Thanks, anon. I went with Szczesny, hope we don't regret following the crowd :)

Anonymous said...

I love the mind games on this thread!

Keep em coming! I've heard DVD is out, apparently watching "Escape To Victory"!

Kendo said...

Looking at barn door no arsenal or b ham games listed ?

Anonymous said...

I have VDV at 7, Nani at 15, and Adam at 5...2/3 worked out

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