Friday, 18 February 2011

All Eyes On Stamford Bridge

As we know, tomorrow's FA Cup 4th round replay between Chelsea and Everton has big fantasy football implications, namely it's effect on the Manchester United double in Week 28. If you've been hiding under a rock for the past 10 days, let me clarify the situation.

At the moment, Manchester United are the only team scheduled to have two games in Week 28. Arsenal, Tottenham & Birmingham do no play at all. If Chelsea beat Everton tomorrow then their 5th round tie against Reading would take place on 1st or 2nd March, meaning Chelsea v Manchester United would be postponed. This would leave United with a single week & Chelsea would be added to the list of teams that do not play.

Chelsea are clear favourites for the tie, so in all likeliness we will be dealing with a single week. In that scenario, I'd be going with something like this:

Friedel, Kolarov, Walker, Coleman, Adam, Silva, A.Young, Nani, Carew, Suarez, RvP

Obviously Van Persie will be taking a zero, but he is in sensational form & I'd never be able to afford him again given the current discount I hold. If Adam was booked vs Spurs he'd miss two games, so he'd be dropped. There would still be a few other changes to look at (maybe bringing in another Man City player, damn Tevez is expensive!) but that gives you the general jist.

If Everton pull off a shock & it remains a double, then perhaps:

Friedel, Kolarov, Luiz, Smalling, Adam, Silva, Giggs, Nani, Carew, RvP, Rooney

4 DGers in Smalling, Giggs, Nani & Rooney - that's probably the most I'd go for, although if Adam was suspended I'd probably switch him to Evra in a 4-3-3.

To be honest I'm hoping it remains a single week - I hate it when only 1 team has two games - so on this rare occasion I'll be hoping for a Chelsea win!

Have you thought about what you'd do in each scenario?



madness said...

i don't think Chelsea will have any problems advancing in the cup..

Kendo said...

ive spent the dough on teves and built around that it of a gamble tho Nik ;)

At least the deadline of 26th gives time to assess the FA cup results, you never know everton might pull off a result to go through and leave us with DG dilemmas!

Was the Chelsea Utd match listed after the BD or do I need glasses?

Kendo said...

Assuming there is no double game

which I had done anyway!

J. Reina

S. Coleman
V. Kompany
C. Smalling

C. Adam
Yaya Touré
D. Silva
J. Pennant

R. van Persie (9.08)
C. Tévez
Luis Suárez

Birty said...

It will also be postponed if Crawley draw with United. that's as likely as say United drawing at home with Exeter or Chelsea beating Everton!

Sorry, i'll quit the obvious trolling.

As I said before, I'd be happy loading with United players even if its a single week.

Anonymous said...

suarez? liverpool is playing away right..

Martin said...

How about

Koscielny/ Robinson/ Shawcross/ Aurelio
Nani/ Merieles/ Silva
Rooney/ Suarez/ Dzeko

Any opinions?

Kendo said...


suarez away from home yes but fancy a result v west ham?

Anonymous said...

Is nobody interested in Howard in goal at 3.58?

My team at the moment (assuming it isn't a DG):

Kelly, Kolarov, Walker, Smalling
Nani, Silva, Downing
Carew, Tevez, Suarez

Anonymous said...

At the moment,

my team (not the final for sure):

Olsson Coloccini Walker
Adam Silva Richardson Pennant
Carew Odemwingie Berbatov

Any comments ??


Linesman said...

My current non-DG team:

Kolarov Walker Richards
Nani Silva Meireles Young
RvP Suarez Carew

I may change Friedel for Howard so that I can get Rafael or Coleman instead of Richards. Meireles and Young may also go for two set piece takers, but for now I'm pretty happy with what I have.

Other then that I'm just waiting for Saturday's result like the rest of you. I'm hoping that Chelsea win because for some reason I bought Dimi instead of Rooney...although that may end up being a good move.

kendo said...

Dimi has went off the boil linesman but when you drop him he bangs in three or four:(

Kernal_Panic said...

Just a thought...
Everton always raise their game versus the bigger teams, plus chelsea ain't the same team since they offed wilkinson.
Personally I wouldn't count on anything, afterall arsenal beat barca, anything could happen this week!

Le Pantouflard said...

Howard at 3 and change looks good but I have been burned too many times by him this season. Sticking with another USA keeper, Big Brad Friedel.

Anonimouse said...

What do you guys think about Alonso as a filler for this week? With Ricketts out and Steinsson still injured he'll be the first choice I'm guessing.

greginho said...

i have ben foster
elokobi/ smalling/ zabelleta
van der vaart/ nani/ thomas/ silva
van der vaart/ rooney/ ba

if there is no double game,rooney and zabeleta will be gone for tevez and jacobson.

or i can do ashley young and upgrade ba to sturridge and upgrade smalling to wayne bridge or walker. what do you folks think

Renegades MGR said...

DG doesn't matter as Manu only has 1 player worth owning. You can't expect any fwd other than Rooney to play both games and he's been unproductive. Their mids, except Nani, don't produce and get rotated. The DEF don't rate and VDS costs too much.And if you don't already own Nani you're probably not competitive anyway.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...


Anonymous said...

everton is about a six to one underdog, and of course we know underdogs never win.

kendo said...

looks like chels eve is going for a replay!

how would that effect the dg?


Mell 10-11 said...

Holding transfers might be advisable right now for the proposed delicious double; Everton are holding Chelsea at the moment; Anybody still have Chelsea players to begin with? Poor form, new players don't click, there might be a long way to go for Chelsea to do a catchup on United ;D

kendo said...

Doh! It goes to extra time!

Keep up kendo!!

Anonymous said...


it's already a replay..

Anonymous said...

Like kendo, they will actually need a replay. Whether it will be taken place on the next week?

Anonymous said...

Kendo today's game is a replay. It goes to OT, then shootout, if no goals. Geez.

Anonymous said...

its so refreshing to see a top club choke hard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

six to one underdog WINS. Way to go. Wow, a lot of overconfidence in the earlier posts.

Anonymous said...

Double gamers for United... Seems like united will go through...

donut said...

lovely Double Game for ManU and no-one else!

Howard (great performance today deserves selection!)
Evra Kolarov Spector (or another filler)
Nani Scholes Adam Dorrans
Rooney Berbatov RVP (9)

Got the big ManU 4 as I see it - Evra Nani Rooney Berbatov
Scholes at 2.75 will definitely play at least one if not both as he will play v Chelsea.
Berbs might not play v Chelsea but I'm not not having him after the last time he had DG and scored 5 or something...

Anonymous said...

So DG for Man U. Some selections dilemma here.

- How long is Ferdinand and Evans out? Will Smalling play 2 games?
- Who's the preferred right back, Rafael or O'Shea?
- Will Giggs play 2 games in a week?

Current team:

Van der Saar
Kolarov Walker Evra
VDV Nani Fletcher Meireles
Carew Suarez Rooney

I can go even more Man Utd by switching Meireles to Giggs and Walker to Smalling/Rafael/O'Shea.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Chelsea lose...i'm so glad i BD Nani and Rooney. I'm loving the look of my team for next week:

Kolarov Evra Smalling
Nani Adam Coker Silva
Rooney Berbs Carew.

Obvioulsy i need score heavily, as no doubt van persie will continue to punish me after that..


Anonymous said...

Without Park there's a bargain in the United midfield somewhere. Thoughts on who? Giggs looks likely to factor for one of the two. Anderson has been reintroduced to good effect recently. Scholes might see time getting forward as well.

So far:

Kolarov - smalling - carney
Vdv - nani - Anderson - scholes
Rvp - Rooney - berbatov

donut said...


Kolarov Evra Smalling
Anderson Fletcher Nani Scholes
Rooney Berbatov RVP

Going large and losing discount on Adam...

Irons, like it. Anon, you inspired me to make more manu changes. Who knows if it will work!!

Will wait till midweek before pulling the trigger on this Manu centric team!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bother overloading my team with Man Utd players. Berbatov probably wont start at Chelsea, and the likes of Fletcher, Anderson, Scholes etc. can't be relied upon to score points, even in double games. I'm happy with Nani, Rooney and Smalling.

donut said...

personally I think there are 4 unavoidable ManU double gamers...

Evra - will play twice and under 10 is a bargain
Nani - even at 22 you need him
Rooney - will outscore most
Berbatov - 59 points last DG week, need I say more...

Scholes at 2.75 I would almost add to this group. He will definitely play at least 1 game and probably 2, but for this price even 1 game is good enough...

Fletcher, Anderson, Giggs, Smalling I would put in 2nd camp - if you can fit them in then do it. Fletcher and Giggs will start v Chelsea...
Smalling I guess depends on fitness of others but he isn't playing in FA cup game now which is a good sign in my view...

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha chelsea loser!!!! gone into the deepest sea... hahhahahhaha... better news if they get relegated from epl... hahahhaha

chrism said...

Ok. Anelka and Cole take two of the worst penalties I have ever seen-Anekla's was the lamest-and Everton gets through.

Now. As I understand the situation ManU still has a double. Sheesh I am getting totally confused. Arsenal, Birmingham and Spurs don't play.

So I take a 0 from RVP because I have him @9. I thank my gods that I previously dumped VDV and Bale. And I go looking to load up on ManU players. That's sort of the drill isn't it?

Ken said...

Personally, I an having a little trouble with this Manchester United double game. The first game at Wigan looks very promising across the board for Man U. but....

That game #2 at Chelsea. Where are the "advantage" points one may get from this double game. Serious, who will "rack them up" in this one. Nani and.......??? and he if a big (if) in this one.

I see a hard fought maybe 1-0, winner ????

Maybe one of the goaltenders could come out of this one with 15+ points but I doubt it.

I see this (double week) for Manchester as being more like a (1.25) week.

All your money in attackers better pay off at Wigan because points in that Chelsea game could be rare.

Or am I wrong?

Lee b said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong;....

As much as Berbatov looks a decent buy, he can't score for toffee against a decent side nor does he score away from home.....usually.

Got a feeling this could bite me in the arse!

I'm intrested in what Dimitar Berbatov Fc has to say???
Any other comments welcome.


chrism said...

@ Ken If today's loss to Everton is any indication Chelsea may be in trouble. Drogba looked like he didn't want to be there, Anelka took a two step run up to a penalty and hit a soft lame shot. I wouldn't be surprised if one of his team mates, if any of them care anymore, kick the shit out of him in locker room. They should. Everton basically won without a striker, Saha was out.

So ManU may light them up. Psychologically I think the might be toast.

Ken said...


Totally agree., but I just feel Chelsea at home with all that's "gone wrong" lately will, on their worst day, just want to "muck" it up with M.U. in what could turn out to be quite a boring game.

Truly hope I am wrong as I still hold Berbatov as well as Nani & Evra. I am looking to let Berbatov go and will most likely do so if Adam manages to keep playing, but will almost for certain keep Evra... and Nani is here to stay.

Best of luck to you..

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Smalling Spector
Nani VdV A.Young YayaTouré
VanPersie Rooney Berbatov

I'm probably the only one who expects berbatov to start the 2 games.


Staffer said...

Morning AMers...

I'm changing almost all of my team for next week. I'm currently on:

Berbatov,Van Persie,Carew

I was even thinking of dropping Van Persie at 9.27 for a moment (given I'm aware of his injury history and I believe he has averaged about 17 games a season since he is in Arsenal and he has already played 15 this season) but then I decided I've gone mads and decided to keep him since he has been producing fantastic points. I think I've never chosen Kuyt this season but Kenny seems to trust him and I can't think of anybody else worthy at 12-ish with a decent game. Any ideas will be appreciated. I think Realronaldo was looking for my opinion since my team name is DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog]. Berbatov will definitely start @ Wigan and I believe we'll see both him and Rooney on the scoresheet for this game. I'm definitely backing him to score 20+ but I'm almost positive that he will be benched against Chelsea. Even though, I'm sure he will play around 120 minutes in both games (90 from Wigan game and at least 30 from Chelsea game). You are saying that he is not scoring against decent sides but I would totally disagree. First, he is not playing against most of the decent sides away fixtures cause SAF seems to deploy only 4-5-1 and he still keeps faith in Rooney only because he is English IMO and because of his extremely high salary. Yeah, he scored a magnificent goal against City, very important goal, but still he couldn't control a single ball during the game. He was completely out of touch. I cannot name more than 4 or 5 games this season in all competitions where Rooney has played above average and I can name probably 5 or 6 games where Berbatov has played below average - you can do the math. Don't get me wrong, I really like Rooney's style but he definitely does not deserve to be the first name on the team sheet. Don't forget that Berbatov has a pretty decent scoring record against Chelsea - I believe he has scored 3 with Tottenham and 2 with Man United. And you were saying that he is not scoring against decent sides - can you please let me know which are the non-decent sides so I can enhance my knowledge. IMO all EPL teams are decent sides and I remember him scoring 3 vs Liverpool, 1 vs Chelsea, 5 vs Blackburn, 4 vs Birmingham, 1 vs Everton, 1 vs NewCastle, 2 vs Sunderland - I believe all of them can be regarded decent teams. Cheers!

Thanks for your fantastic help AM.

Anonymous said...

@Staffer - in the league shield United played with 2 strikers

kendo said...

Still Think teves is better choice than been

United players don't always get double games berbs giggs etc could be a gamble stocking up on utd

kendo said...

Been = berbs ;)

Yeong Chuan said...

AM, why you choose Friedel ?

Anonymous said...

Up to 225th place, well done Brunt!

154 points for the week so far.

Birty said...

Foster @ 6
Bardsley, Evra, Smalling (maybe Anderson or Scholes), Rafael (maybe O'Shea)
nani, adam, giggs
gyan, odemwingie, rooney

I'm a bit worried that fergie will tinker with the back 4 for wigan and chelsea - it'll be interesting to see who plays on wednesday as they'll likely face chelsea a week later - as for wigan, I have an unsubstantiated hunch that thinks Valencia may get a run out against his old club.

Dave said...

Which is more likely to get 2 games--Giggs or Berbatov?

Anonymous said...

Hi AM - -
Please confirm that next week is the semi-finals of the AM Cup challenge..... 51 teams left.
some how I have managed to survive.

Thanks for your hard work on this competition :)


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