Monday, 21 March 2011

Week 30 - Quick Review

This is a quick post to summarise how things went in Week 30. But first things first, congratulations to Matt Jarvis for his first full England call-up. One of my best mates is a Wolves fan & a blog reader, so he asked me to mention this momentous event in the history of Wolverhampton. Done.

Now, all the points are in after a typically unexplained delay by Yahoo, and overall it was quite a low scoring week. Some of the most fancied picks flopped - specifically Ashley Young & Darren Bent, as well as Nasri, Lampard, Torres & Hernandez - but there were some big points for others; Charlie Adam & David Luiz being the stand-out performers. Honourable mentions to Nani, Suarez, Pennant, Coleman & Hoilett, who all picked up decent scores.

In terms of the league, I think Manchester United are nearly home-and-dry despite another less than convincing performance. They have a fairly easy run-in and I can see Arsenal dropping more points, so I expect they'll have the title sewn up with a game or two to spare. Chelsea are looking back in form so should seal 3rd, leaving City and Spurs to fight it out for 4th. Who knows, maybe Liverpool could make a late charge too? Meanwhile, at the bottom, 3 points separate 8 teams after vital wins for Wigan & Wolves made things even tighter. It should be an exciting finish to the Premier League season!

As for my fantasy week, I stayed in 65th place with a usually-below-average 84 points, which backs-up my earlier comment that it was quite a low scoring week. Being away all weekend meant I saved my final team on Friday night and was unable to do any barndoor work on Saturday, so I missed grabbing Adam, but I don't think I missed anyone else major.

Remember, we don't have any games this coming weekend due to international fixtures, so the next deadline isn't until 2nd April, but this is my very early Week 31 team:

Harper, Kolarov, Smalling, Luiz, Hitzlsperger, Adam Johnson, Dempsey, Nani, Defoe, Suarez, Van Persie

It's a work in progress. Harper may raise some eyebrows, but he had been in good form until this week's -11, so I think he's quite a decent pick with a home game. My defensive trio will probably stay as it is (although I do still hold Walker @ 5-ish behind the scenes), Nani, Suarez & RvP will stay too, but Hitz, Dempsey & Defoe are still up for debate. Adam Johnson is a hunch as I think he'll get a start after City's recent struggles & he should get set pieces, but I'll wait until much nearer the time before setting that one in stone.

Let's wrap it up there, as this post was really done to allow you to reply and let me know how you did in Week 30. How's your Week 31 team looking? Where are you sitting overall? With only 8 weeks to go now, are you close to where you hoped to finish in the overall standings/your private leagues, or have you still got some work to do?



Anonymous said...


roonaldo said...


Ken said...

104.5....Never would have guessed it! Luiz & Suarez saved my week.

You are right..Harper? I am on Rina this time around. Not so much him but Pool's "d" seems to be rolling out some nice clean sheets, and I like clean sheets!

Good luck

Linesman said...

Pretty happy with 95 pts for the week with the disappointing Villa pair. Still 190 pts ahead of 2nd place in my private league so hoping for a strong finish.

Posted my team on the previous thread, but here it is again:

Kol Smalling Luiz
Hitz VdV Adam Valencia OHara
RvP Suarez

Great point about Johnson. I can straight swap OHara for him, so I will be keeping that in mind.

Two weeks to decide on a squad, but I can't see many other changes for me. I don't like gambling on keepers usually so I may chicken out and trade Cech for Nasri, Dempsey or Barton.

chrism said...

112.5 And I may save my team and stop screwing with it for the run in. I have

Smalling Kolarov Luiz
Adam VDV Nasri Hitz
Torres Rooney Suarez

I actually like how everyone is playing I have deep discounts on Adam Kolarov Luiz. I am sick of giving away discounts for DG weeks. Torres is finally getting it together. Rooney is playing great even though he is not scoring My only regret is I let RVP go at 9 and I can no longer afford him otherwise I would have him instead of Torres and a super team. I know Chelsea has a DG week coming up, I think with ManU, not sure, so I may just stand pat. I wish I had Bale, but he looked a little lost out there on the weekend. And now way too much $$ now.

So baring injury I probably won't break up this bunch until the top four and bottom three are near decided and then start picking people playing games that matter.

And doesn't Citeh absolutely suck :)

chrism/velvet underground allstars heading for the top 100

Anonymous said...

115 points with Luiz, Adam, Suarez, RVP and VDV and at least a positive 4 from Howard, all of whom I will keep. Put in Cahill for next game. Moved up about 240 slots to just below 2700. So a slow grind- and finally a decent week.

Is there a way to check overall rank over the season or do you have to write it down each week?

I think Kolarov is way off the boil, but at such a low cost - hard to give him up- I don't have him. I think Nasri is another under-performer recently.

Remember there is a DGW for Che, Bir, and ARS in GW33 (a lifetime away in this game- but buy those guys on the dips--... IMO. and I think MCY "citeh" has NO game for sure that week.)

Again thanks for the blog, Nik-- it helps in the big FPL game to play this one, I am under 175 in that one- kind of happy about that as a first year player.


LC said...

Hi guys.

Once again AM another great post.
Keep up the good work

I scored a disappointing 79.5 this week, so hopefully 2nd April week will be better.

I currently hold

Gomes (8.30)
Kolorov (4.43), Smalling (4.94), Luiz (6.10)
Nani (18.59), VDV (15.29), Valencia (6.53), Hitz (7.13), Henry (3.05)
Suarez (7.47), RVP (17.82)

Remaining Funds = 0.33

Valencia may go and so will Hitz and Henry but not sure about others. Any ideas?


alex said...

hi, guys!Am-nice work as's a great feeling to read your updated blog after getting up in the morning!
What concerns previous week...quite satisfied despite 85,5, as I'm still ahead in my group for 130 points!
As an advice for week 33, guys what about fulham...i fancy this game to be for sure with goals, so options of start-pushing Zamora and solid Dembele are quite tempting!
And how about another chance for Almunia?

Anonymous said...

114pts is good enough for me this weekend. I have a similar BD team to you AM, but gone with Almunia in goal, switched Hitzlsperger for Ba, and keeping Adam @ 12.75. Considering dropping VDV, but may keep hold of him with the DG week coming up. Adam Johnson is a good shout, and I'm also thinking Aaron Ramsey could be a cheap one to get hold of. Keeping Luiz @ 5.63 is a no-brainer, and may keep Walker now his price has shot up. Would love to have Nani but may have to settle for Valencia.

Ian Sanderson said...

98.5 points.
Bit of an error swapping Luiz for Coleman just before deadline, costing 20 points.
Ah well.

Anonymous said...

Alumnia :(
Kolarov, Smalling, Luiz
Adam, VDV, NANI, Meireles
Suarez, RVP, little Pea

i bd, Pepe Riena but will wait and see if Lehmann will be ready to start in 2 weeks!!

Skip from Texas :)

gman26 said...

Weak week with 87 points. Very disappointed in Nasri and Hitzelsperger. Since I cracked the top 1,000 a few weeks ago, I'm treading water at 822 overall but leading my league comfortably.

Anonymous said...


Luiz, Smalling, Wheater, Coleman
Hitz, Kuyt, Dempsey
Suarez, RVP, Saha

...Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

85 points, No thanks to Bent, Young, Hitzlsperger and i also chickened out on Luiz.

Al Habsi
Kolarov Richards Luiz
Nani VdV Hitzlsperger Dempsey
VanPersie Odemwingie Suarez

I plan to get Harper and since you mentioned him i'll do it but close to the deadline. worried bout Dempsey with all Forwards for Fulham nearing full fitness. Finally, Balotelli will come in for Odemwingie or Suarez.


Anonymous said...

85 points, No thanks to Bent, Young, Hitzlsperger and i also chickened out on Luiz.

Al Habsi
Kolarov Richards Luiz
Nani VdV Hitzlsperger Dempsey
VanPersie Odemwingie Suarez

I plan to get Harper and since you mentioned him i'll do it but close to the deadline. worried bout Dempsey with all Forwards for Fulham nearing full fitness. Finally, Balotelli will come in for Odemwingie or Suarez.


Ken said...


Personally, I like that team...a lot

I do like D.Silva this week, even better after his price fell.

Hope City does not suck next week as I currently sit with 3-players.

Good luck all

Anonymous said...

Good week for me, 107 pts. My saved team, and i really like it:

Kolarov Smalling Luiz Walker
Hitz Nani Adam Dempsey
Persie Suarez

Walker is only player i'm not 100% happy with although there is no denying he is a bargain @5.72. One thing i noticed with him was his price jumped up after 8 games, not the widely expected 7 games. Maybe it's now an 8 game rule?

Anyhow, you may have started a johnson bandwagon AM! If it looks like he will play a decent part he's coming in for Walker. I can just afford him with 0.07 spare. Dzeko and O'Hara are interesting alternatives.


donut said...

Bad week of 66 and big drop from 148 to 317 overall - but at least it means you only need a few points to make a difference...
Made all the wrong decisions, Young/Bent/Defoe (who should have scored 4!)/VDV - Van Persie scored and only got 12 and Friedel who I knew I didn't trust let down my faith with -1 (and lucky to get that, as Wolves could've won by more)...

Never mind! That's the luck of the game!

Currently holding this but it will change and might change entirely except Adam who I held until suspension and can't believe I didn't stick with him after but got him on BD at least...


Time for a break now - see you all next week


Anonymous said...

Well after 5 seasons, I have for the first time ever got onto the leaderboard!

A points tally of 85.5 points helped moved me from 51st to 48th.

I'm 260 points ahead in my private league, which I last won back in 2008.

Tayo said...

@ Irons (Anon 12:24 PM),

That team had better score REALLY BIG in the next game week because I have 8 identical players...

Best regards to AM and all ye bloggers!

Bradley said...

83.5 points. Bah!

I managed to BD Adam and Luiz. Too bad I didn't pick them up before the deadline.

My BD team at the moment:

Walker Smalling Heitinga Luiz
VdV Wilshere Adam Nani
Suárez RvP

It will no doubt change over the next couple weeks. I have Heitinga, Howard, and Wilshere for so cheap, upgrading any of them will require dumping somebody in the Nani, VdV, Adam, or RvP genre.

Anonymous said...

99 points (and guess which GK kept me from getting 100?). Laughing now about my previous post where I said I might drop Adam and spread his points around -- oh so glad I didn't. Picked up Luiz on the BD and he looks like a keeper through the stretch run. Still stuck at 52nd in my blog league but hopeful of breaking into the top half. Even more fun to watch is that my GF (QP FC) is clawing her way out the 90s with a great run of form.

Anonymous said...

What about Jason Puncheon? I havent seen any Blackpool games, so I dont know why, but he's averaging 12+ points per game. (in the 4 games he's played in the last month)

I dont know if Charlie Adam's absence was the reason for Puncheon scoring, but he is only at 7.52 right now.

Birty said...

Had a good Saturday but a terrible Sunday and went back down all the places I'd gone up on Saturday.

Still not long till the Fantasy Cricket Starts

greginho said...

puncheon was going to be my surprise pick so thanks for bringing him out in the open. there is one other midfielder i like that is under 8.

Anonymous said...

I was considering picking Puncheon but went with Adam instead, have Adam @ 12.75 so will keep him now, but Puncheon looks a decent shout, he is playing well and is attracting interest from other PL clubs -,19528,11700_6816772,00.html

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