Saturday, 19 March 2011

Week 30 - My Team

Friedel, Heitinga, Smalling, Kolarov, Walker, Hitzlsperger, Van Der Vaart, Nani, Defoe, Suarez, Van Persie

No time to do any more to my team yesterday evening or this morning, so I left it how it was. Obviously I'm missing Ashley Young & Darren Bent, but I'm happy with the overall balance.

Please let me know wphat you ended up with - and good luck!



Starky said...

1st, almost same except i have Lamps

Dave2 said...

Defoe, VDV, Bale all start, according to Spurs site!

Anonymous said...


dropped bentley as a doubt coleman is cheap as is lampard and barton

Anonymous said...

i`m second...hehe..-ahmad khairul nizar-

Superfly Jim said...


was 0.01 short of changing out Friedel to Almunia...

Anonymous said...

same with AM except valencia & wilsher to heitinga & nani

Sulldaddy said...

Not a lot of overlap here.

I went with:
Howard/kolarov, smalling, walker/ hitz, BFAY, meireles, hoilett/ bent, RVP, and held Carew @1.97 as an enabler. But may ditch him next week.

I wasnt convinced that Spurs would score big against WHU, but of course they will now since I flipped out Defoe and nasri to fit in RVP and hoilett. That was my last big shift of the night.

Next week I think Ars is a nice matchup and ManU looks good too.

Who has been BD'd already this morning??

greginho said...

ben foster
luiz, walker, smalling
van der vaart, lampard, downing, hitzlsperger
ba, van persie, suarez
my last minute change was nasri and bent for van persie. i hope it works out for me. it would have been nice to keep nasri at 12 for next week though

Anonymous said...

Finally ended on:
Luiz - Smalling - Heitinga
VdV - Nasri - Nani - Hitzlsperger
Defoe - RvP - Suarez

I want to bring in better players but don't know who to exclude between Nani, Bale, and RvP. They all have decent matches next week but would all be at full price.


kendo said...

Bd ing already rvp and valencia discovered a good filler Murphy b ham @ 2.60 v Bolton

Bradley said...

I'm not happy with my team, but here I am:

Walker Smalling Heitinga
Hitzlsperger VdV Nani Wilshere
Suárez Gyan RvP

Having Howard in goal's probably a mistake. He's a holdover I have cheap, and I was having trouble finding anyone else I liked.

Ian Sanderson said...

Coleman Walker Salgado
Adam VDV Nasri Hitzlsperger Young
Suárez Rooney

Last minute swap of Luiz for Salgado.
Have BD'd Salgado & Young for Luiz & RVP.

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Coleman Walker
Osman Lampard Hitz Hoillet Adam
Suarez RVP

No Spurs players. I Baled out at the last minute and switched Bale/Kuyt/Defoe for Walker/Adam/RVP.

I wan't sure who Harry would start and Tottenham have always lacked something after European games.


Anonymous said...

Chicharito is off after the first half. Bullshit.

Also, if a coach gets a match ban, how come he's allowed to call in on the bench and also meet the team at halftime? It kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

im very GLAD not picking RVP.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's time to pick Lehmann on the cheap. Almunia shocking again.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Holden is done for the season.

Anonymous said...

Bent now officially on my dead-to-me list :-(


greginho said...

i knew that bent and defoe were points chasing that is why i switched bent and nasri to van persie and ba

Anonymous said...

@greg: ah yea greg your the master. That's why your in the top 500 right?

Birty said...

Bent is back on the dead to me list - I think that's the fifth time I've put him on there.

Evans' tackle was no worse than Carragher's. Guess Fergie should be careful what he wishes for!

As for Fergie communicating to with his team - I've heard he's going to name himself as one of the 7 subs for the FA cup semi so he can sit on the bench

Anonymous said...


in last minutes i plan to change bent for ADAM but not time enough


Anonymous said...

First time I picked Bent and that was the last too. NEVER again.

Anonymous said...

well I learned that you have to lock your lineup to lock in barndoor prices now. just lost my discounts on RVP and adam. an extra 7 mil to get them both...ouch.

Anonymous said...

YES, finally im back in TOP 900.

Anonymous said...

nasri is dead to me. i had dropped pennant for dis frenchie. what a waste1


greginho said...

well it doesn't matter where you are ranked. last night two of our esteemed blog regulars, who are in the top 500, where telling everyone to avoid ba and keep bent and defoe they both where telling everyone to pick up ashley young.

i was the only one who was telling people to pick up ba. they were telling people that young was going to go off because he was the penalty taker of villa and a midfielder playing as a forward . they said bent was due a goal as he will continue scoring. they said defoe was the most streaky player, since he just scored he will score lots more. it didn't matter that it his first 2 goals of the year.

well i am glad i picked up van persie, ba and suarez because they are smart picks not points chasing. i feel sorry for all the people that picked every player they told them.

if i would have picked nani instead of van persie i would have had 9 more points so that is the biggest regret.

Kellz said...

@greg: Agreed, although I kept Defoe and AY, Bent was worth dropping for RvP, however I made the wrong call by dropping VDV with him instead of AY. But you have to admit Defoe had 3 gilt edged chances, and when I say that, I mean he had a wide open net after Lennon's shot came right to him off the post and he shanked it away from 3 feet. Over all I am satisfied with Defoe @8mil getting 7 pts, Ba @8mil got 9.5pts so not much more but an improvement none the less. Had I actually done what I was going to do before finally deciding on AY, was RvP/Pennant. But we all live and learn, and honestly the matchup on paper pointed to goals and the most likely source being AY. I expect AY to score a goal on EVE after we all throw him into the "dead to me list"

Kolaorv, Luiz, Lampard, Howard, and Suarez for me to go gotta improve that 30.5pt start of mine!

greginho said...

kellz well suarez still has to hold up his end of the bargain for my statement to be true. i am just kicking myself for letting my feelings for arsenal pick van persie away when nani was at home, but i just realized that nani only had 6 more points. i wonder did they update nani's score i could have sworn he had 21 points?

The Boozehound said...


Ba was listed all week as doubtful so avoiding him made sense. You really should not gloat over your gamble paying off, it makes you look petty.


greginho said...

well if you saw the abuse i went through you would know my refief.

Anonymous said...

After the disappointment of only 89.5 points last week, I jumped into the top 200 this week. Scored 103 points with Lampard and Kolarov to go. Many thanks to Adam, Hoilett and Gomes. These three were not popular picks but they did very well.


Anonymous said...


It seems to me you live for the abuses, like you draw them to you. You could have
made your point without mentioning the other 2 bloggers.
I don't need anyone telling me who to pick but still listen to every advice. I had Young Bent and the Hammer because everyone was going on about them, still can't blame anyone because i had already made the choice to pick them.

Birty said...

Does Almunia get an assist for Odemwingie's goal?

Only thing I'll add to the Bent debate is that I did warn you all on Thursday morning that I was picking him and he always plays badly for me. Like I said above, think I've had him half a dozen times over two years and always vowed never to pick him again.

Ian Sanderson said...

I'm sure throughout the season we all make good decisions and bad ones.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Everton/Fulham points?

I dropped Defoe and fit Adam in :)

However to do that I took a flyer on Victor Moses. Bad idea :(


Ken said...

Suarez & luiz are all that's left.

My total for my wonderful Villa picks netted me a whopping 4 points for 3-players. I have not been that happy since oh-2 weeks ago when I had Torres & Tevez get me the same. I also still find a way to get the zero, just to add to that great feeling.
61 points with the two above players to go..yuck!

Adam over Nasri was my only saving grace.

It's back to the drawing board for next week...

Hope you did better. Hard not to.

Ken said...

A funny story..
I tend to gamble on American football. During the week I have many conversations with people who will tell me that I am making a mistake by choosing a particular team & point spread.

After the game was played and I (was wrong) these same people would give me an ear full of "I told you so's"
My response is always...How much did you win??

More often then not they say they don't gamble and they won nothing. me silly, but if (I KNEW) that a certain team was going to win/lose, as they stated, I would be sending this post from my Yaht or privite plane.

I always wonder how someone can know and not take steps to reap the rewards.

Funny, I would.

Anonymous said...

My response to you would be "How much did you lose?" What a messed up world where being wrong and losing money trumps being right and not winning money for it.

Anonymous said...

my bd,,,



o hara..duff..dempsey..adam


duff or nasri..plz help me,,,tq

plz rate frenz...

Ken said...


Truly, that's what you got out of that?

The right & wrong involved GAMBLING!

Are you telling me that if you were POSITIVE a horse would win a race..100%

All you would do is wait until the race ended so you could let everyone know how right you were?

You travel on a much higher road then I do.

Anonymous said...

Luiz and Suarez have come good for me today, should hit around 120pts I reckon. Could have had a really good weekend if I didn't have Friedel in goal.

Current BD team:

Walker, Luiz, Cole
Van der Vaart, Valencia, Adam, Ramsey
Van Persie, Suarez, Ba

Anonymous said...

Greginho, yet again you proven that you are a cock. It takes a lot for me to hate someone I have never met, but you have acheived this. I wish you misery.

Ian Sanderson said...

anon @ 11.16pm - it takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

Greginho, there will always be a large amount of luck, fortune and chance involved in picking these teams, especially in a leaue as erratic and unpredictable as the EPL. On paper Bent and Young were decent picks - Villa looked good going forward against Bolton 2 weeks ago, and they were playing at home against the team with the worst away record. But it didn't work out that way.

Similarly, I picked Tevez a few weeks ago when Man City were at home vs Wigan, which I was convinced was going to give big points. Instead he scored a horrific 0pts. These things happen, you choose and confirm your own team so don't start throwing insults around at others because their advice didn't work out. Ultimately, this is just a fun game to play and you probably should get out more and stop taking it so seriously.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Blue Brazilians!!!

greginho said...

i too dropped nani for tevez that week and was horrified to see a zero points for 90 minutes from tevez

Anonymous said...

@Greg: Honestly greg, the reason you get so much flak is because all of ur posts somehow deflect blame away from you onto something else, or you gloat and boast about your picks that work out.

Example: We get it, your a frustrated Arsenal supporter, but that doesn't mean the entire world is out to get Arsenal. Bottom line after every loss or dropped point, all we hear is "Arsenal were cheated, we deserved more, the ref blew the game for us, blah blah".

Seriously, you can only blame Arsenal or Wenger for their short comings, refs make bad calls, its called being human. But if Arsenal were truly title contenders they would be winning games against teams like Sunderland and West Brom and Newcastle, even with bad calls and injuries. Stop make excuses and whining when the result doesn't go Arsenals way, because honestly is Arsenal who are ultimately the culprits.

We all love having good weeks, but letting you know you only sound self centered and conceded when you boast about how your picks were the correct ones. Bottom line not every pick works out the way you think, it was a correct call to think Villa would continue their home dominance over Wolves who have a terrible away record, only 1 win previous to that game.

I am not trying to pick on you or join the bashing, I am simply pointing out how I and others perceive the way you sound in your posts and comments. But I urge everyone to keep the blog a safe and welcoming place for all participants. I am sure this is not what AM set out to create. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

uhmmm... isn't the point of fantasy football to point chase?

Anonymous said...

somehow i just wonder if torres is the new sheva at chelsea.. thought guys?

Anonymous said...

@Greg here is something you might find useful: the reason you boast about your winnings, and find excuses is that you have what is called in psychological terms a 'fixed mindset': for these many people, each victory represents a needed confirmation of their qualities, so they talk about them; each poor result however is seen as a failure of their skills, and calls into question their qualities, so typically there are excuses each and every time.. So this is typical in games, sports, schooling and work, and often leads to refusing to participate in things which they aren't instantly good at too.

The other mindset is called growth, a result is what it is, good or bad, it doesn't mean anything, and a bad one represents an opportunity to learn new skills or perspectives. Recent Harvard studies have shown that this second way of thinking is far more successful, the best players of this game know that tevez at home to Wigan was a good pick, whether or not it worked, and they get straight on with working out what should be the next good pick..

You interested in this, google "Dweck mindset" and read her book, anyway thought I'd put something potentially useful out there, explains this particular behaviour, and I did the same for 25 years so I sympathise!

PS as a Liverpool fan "Suarez you legend' and as a man holding VdV at 5.5, "drool"

Anonymous said...

@ blog trolls, shut up

Ken said...

Got to love a good "debate?"

Back to the task at hand....After all, that's why we are all here?

My new & improved team?


Rina..needed to get someone in there, and price was right.
Smalling..looking like a keeper at the price I hold.
D.Silva..Should do well,may look to move at some point. I could do with funds left. Will look to move
Hitz...Still not sure. Tough match up.
RVP...Had too,could not wait any longer.
Suarez..if well, he should be around for awhile.

STILL WAITING for point updates.
Hopefully, this team will do better?
Of course...You never KNOW.

Good luck all..

MPFC/KPM said...

Since I am all knowing, here is what MY crystal ball says for Gameweek 31.

I will agonize over keeping my BD lineup or make changes based on uncertain injury news. I make a few changes on Friday and wake up early on Saturday to get team news for the early game, but will fall back asleep before I get any actionable news.

The two guys I dropped on Friday will each score a brace and their replacements will score a combined 7 points.

Oh, and my goal keeper will score negative points, along with at least one of my defense.

I will get in the chat room and see a whole host of people bragging that they have 176 points with 5 guys to go.

Etc. etc. etc

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Failed to wake up in the morning and Forgot to save my lineup before the deadline

Heitinga => Luiz
Beckford => O
Old lineup had $6 in the bank

Possible cost me 20-30pts
I am not complaining because it will be a disaster if I saved my team with 10 players with a unconscious mind.

I will feel better if Beckford will start next game (saha injury) since I still have him at $5 and I hope VDV's price wont drop more than a cent before the double game week.

Kolarov, Walker, Luiz
Hitz, Lampard, VDV, Adam
Beckford, RVP, Suarez

Beckford is probably the only player I will change for this week.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Yahoo still hasn't posted the points for the Everton/Fulham, Sunderland/Liverpool and Chelsea/Man City games??

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Assistant Manager said...

Cut the abuse please, or I'll have to start moderating comments.

Anonymous said...

@anon: its because yahoo is run by a bunch of monkeys who obviously didn't get paid their weekly banana

Anonymous said...

Remember this game is free. so be patient.

Ken said...

As I continue to post, I will make every attempt to keep my thoughts on target. I plan on being around for some time as I truly enjoy the sport.

I believe this to be a great place to learn & share ideas. Times when I do post my opinions on player choices, it is with total understanding that my knowledge is limited but maybe..just maybe, I could be the one to encourage another as (some) of you have done for me.

Thank you all...

Great words.... Thank you! So much said with so little effort.

Linesman said...

Thanks Nik. I was getting tired of reading unnecessary banter. This is an amazing blog for us to share ideas and help each other excel at YFF so lets not spoil it.

Not a great week for me...67.5 with Suarez, Howard and Kolarov to go. I'm one of many who were let down by Young/Bent.

I've promptly dropped them and this is what I have right now:

Kol Smalling Luiz
Hitz VdV Adam Valencia OHara
RvP Suarez

Trying to prepare a little bit for the double and I have a feeling Cech will be a great buy at 12. RvP at 17.82 and VdV at 15.29 limits my midfield options, but hopefully they will be fit to play both games during the double.

Vancouver Whitecaps said...

While we're waiting for points to be updated, any thoughts on a Fulham striker (Zamora or Johnson) for next match? It's against Blackpool so I would think some opportunities?

Backcountry Dave said...

Points are up and a few adjustments as well. Adam was finally given SPG points.

Backcountry Dave

Anonymous said...

points updated already..

Anonymous said...

david luiz 23.5pts.ouch!

Anonymous said...

My BD team:

Kolarov Coleman Smalling Luiz
Hitzlsperger Nani Adam
Ba Suarez RvP

1.44mil left, but I think it's the final team unless something meaningful happens in the next two weeks. Only Howard is not on a discount, but I can't really see any better 'keeper for Week 31, so he should stay as well.



Anonymous said...

Good gambling analogy used. I thought it illustrated a great point.
Thanks to Luiz I ended the weekend on 92.5 points. Al-Habsi also provided a serviceable 9.5 points off of a risky proposition.
Amazing that Ba's price dropped after a 9.5 point haul and an average of +13.00 but I noticed that he is on his fifth game which means that his price should jump after the dreaded 6th or 7th game...I forget which. I'll probably pick him up on the BD after this week's match with ManU.
Suarez is also on his 5th game so same for his price as well.
OR...maybe I'll drop Defoe and Valencia for Suarez and Ba this week...any thoughts?


lbarroso said...

Only got 88 pts for the week and moved up to 377th. Must of been a bad week for most...

greginho said...

well i got an average score of 104. luiz and suarez pull me trough my sunday, but lampard failed to live up to billing. my most expensive players didn't do there jobs, downing and lampard didn't get nearly near there cost. van persie got over 10 but when you have to pay 17 for him now 12 points is a disappointment. if i would have done nani and adam who where on my team sheet last week before downing and van persie i would have had more. next adam or duff are coming in for downing and ridgewell came in for walker. that is it because the rest of my team has great matchups.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a key week to think about picking players with a view to the following weeks.

94 pts from this week was ok. Saved by Coleman, Luiz, Suarez & Van Persie.

My current BD team is:

Kolarov@4 Coleman Luiz
Nasri Valencia Hitzlsperger Ramsey
Suarez Van Persie Defoe

I would think Ba is a good pick for BD next week unless you fancy him to get something against Man Utd. Spurs should be better away against Wigan so Defoe is a better bet, but would prefer VDV now he is getting back to match fit, same for Bale - still needs a game or 2 tho probably, since he was out for longer. So I'm hoping their prices will drop a bit next week for the following double game week...

Juggernaut (aka Juggs)

Anonymous said...

Not a great double week for Spurs though!

Sunday: Away at Man City
Weds: Home derby vs Arsenal


Anonymous said...

Chelsea is much more attractive...

Saturday: Away at West Brom
Wednesday: Home vs Birmingham

mmmmm tasty!

Juggs (again!) :)

Anonymous said...

DG week is still a few weekends away, but here are the games:


home vs Sunderland
away vs Chelsea


away vs Man City
home vs Arsenal


home vs Liverpool
away vs Tottenham


away vs West Brom
home vs Birmingham

Looking at these fixtures, Chelsea have the standout fixtures. Arsenal and Tottenham both have difficult matches, and Birmingham have an okay home game and v. hard away game. My early thoughts for a potential team for that week is:

Almunia, Jiranek, Luiz, Koscielny, Van der Vaart, Lampard, Ramsey, Adam, Van Persie, Torres, Zigic

10 DG'ers + Adam. That team would currently cost me 110.28 including my discounts on Luiz, VDV, Adam and RVP, and this is all just random thoughts now anyway - form, injuries and prices will all have to be looked at in a few weeks. I may move for Jiranek and Ramsey now however and be ready on the BD for others.

greginho said...

i already have ben foster($5.85) and picked up luiz and lampard for 3 weeks now with this week in mind. i have van persie and van der vaart($6) and barndoored rigdewell, too. i think ramsay may be an ok pick, but he might be put in a more defensive role, so i think ramires might be a great option under $7.
i will probably only have van persie from arsenal and van der vaart from tottenham. i am hoping torres starts scoring.

Anonymous said...

Yes Ramires is a good pick - seems to be finding some form now.


Anonymous said...


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