Monday, 14 March 2011

Nani Returns To Training

Nani returns to training -
Nani handed Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson a boost on Monday morning by returning to training.

The Portugal winger was not expected to be back until after the international break.

He suffered a gashed leg following a challenge by Jamie Carragher in the defeat by Liverpool last week.
Sounds like he has a chance of facing Marseille and is is likely to be ready for Bolton at the weekend. Are you still hanging on to him at discount?



Anonymous said...

First - AK

Anonymous said...

2nd, I hold him at 11.18 :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Childish. Iam the 4th!!!!

Anonymous said...

bodoh punyer carragher!!

Ken said...

Sorry to say I did let him go. Only held him at 17.00.

Allowed me to go with VDV and Adam over the next week or so, which I believe will bring me better results. Both are "saved" but continue to monitor.

Looking to "Villa" this week to bring in some much needed points as I hold no less then 3 players at the moment.

Looking forward to the week ahead.

Anonymous said...

7th lol. I still hold him @13. So many options for me.

Anonymous said...

Good news maybe, this is what i have at the moment. Not really final as i hope to get A. Young in.

Kolarov Walker Smalling
Nani VdV Hoillet Hitzl
Bent VanPersie Rooney

Tayo. said...


Could it be true that it's a double-game week for Chelsea (2 home matches) and Birmingham (2 away matches)????

In addition to the 10 EPL games for this weekend, I also saw on The Guardian newspaper sports page:

23 Mar, 19.45 Chelsea v Birmingham City


If true and confirmed, THAT would change EVERYTHING for the week....

Regards to all!!!!

madness said...

chelsea - birmingham is on 20 April

Assistant Manager said...

Tayo it's a single week for all!

Saturday, 19 March 2011
Tottenham v West Ham, 12:45
Aston Villa v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Blackburn v Blackpool, 15:00
Man Utd v Bolton, 15:00
Stoke v Newcastle, 15:00
West Brom v Arsenal, 15:00
Wigan v Birmingham, 15:00
Everton v Fulham, 17:30

Sunday, 20 March 2011
Sunderland v Liverpool, 13:30
Chelsea v Man City, 16:00

Guardian fixtures are wrong. Chelsea v Birmingham is Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Anonymous said...

This changes my planned team quite a bit, was looking at bringing in Valencia @ 6.77 but may now stick with Nani @ 17.

Backcountry Dave said...

It will be interesting to see what SAF does now that Valencia is back in the picture. In the past, he usually played Valencia on the right while shifting Nani to the left where he seems to be significantly less effective. At least there seemed to be a correlation with Nani on the left and poor fantasy returns. Anyone else notice this or am I a victim of selective memory?

Backcountry Dave

Anonymous said...

Bale or VdV?

I've managed to fit RvP Bale and VdV on one team but I'm going to drop one of them to improve the rest of the team.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

who cares what position you guys post your thoughts!!! grow bunch of jokers!!!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone considering RVP @ 18.15 for this week? He is expensive and an injury risk, but he also looks like the only player who can score goals for Arsenal right now.

Anonymous said...

Friedel Walker Luiz Smalling Nani VDV Hitz Young Shrek RVP Carew

Anonymous said...

The Nani injury scam was right up there with the van Persie ("min.4 weeks out") sandbag job.
Disgraceful Wenger the lying sack of shit cost me 9m


Anonymous said...

Good News, I got NANI at @12,98


Anonymous said...

Do all of you agree that Nani will go to Italy at the end of the season???


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