Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Van Persie Out For A Minimum Of 3 Weeks


Robin van Persie will be missing for at least three weeks with the knee problem he picked up in the Carling Cup Final.

The Dutchman got the injury while scoring Arsenal’s equaliser late in the first half. He soldiered on until the 68th minute before being substituted.

He has to go now I'm afraid - even if you have him @9.



Anonymous said...

just what arsenal needed before barca

Linesman said...

Oh no :(

lbarroso said...

This makes dropping him last week much easier to take...

Benjamin Wang said...

So, sell RvP@9? I think so given that we're fast approaching the end of the season.....what do you think my fellow AM blog readers?

Assistant Manager said...

He has to go now I'm afraid - even if you have him @9.

kwyjibo said...

@lbarroso - you and me both!

Linesman said...

Time to switch RvP for Torres and hope for a Chelsea revival.

Anonymous said...

Ever such a shame.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah

rwlwhite said...

i too have dropped him already, but one thing those still holding him at 9 might (and i use might very loosely) want to consider is this:

RVP might be out for 3 weeks, but look at Arsenal's next 4 premiership games:

March 5th: Sunderland (H)
March 19th: West Brom (A)
April 2nd: Blackburn (H)
April 10th: Blackpool (A)

even if RVP is out for 3 weeks, he only misses 2 games as they're 3rd game, Blackburn (very gd match up for arsenal) is 4 and a half weeks away, and he comes back for that and then away to a fading blackpool team. All i'm saying is this, if people were willing to keep Bale and/or VDV at discount because they missed 2 games, why not keep RVP.

I certainly considered this and I'm annoyed to have lost him at great discount, but like I said, just something to think about for those with hope

Anonymous said...

i just dropped Persie for Nasri, with Persie and Cesc out he'll be back on free kick and penalties, right?

rwlwhite said...

*sorry, 'their' 3rd game!*

rwlwhite said...

here's something else to think about with fabregas, RVP, walcott and the like missing out

A certain Mr Aaron Ramsey has just returned to the club, priced at a favourable 5.69. maybe he could get some game time in the run up/aftermath of the barcelona game. Shame he's ineligible for the Leyton Orient replay, because I'm certain he would have started that

Ken said...

Saha, who has been troubled with a hamstring injury of late, crashed his Ferrari into a fence on Sunday but David Moyes has included him in his squad to face the Championship side.

Bad leg & bad driver.....

Ken said...

News just in.......

Seems it was the fence that hit the Ferrari not the other way around. According to local reports the fence had been drinking.

petro said...


i agree with your point. to be honest if I had Van P @ 9 I would seriously think about keeping him. A few weeks down the line maybe not but Arsenal have a decent run in and it is two games only most probably.

Anyhow, I hope my brother drops him, it's been devastating me for weeks!

Anonymous said...

I would keep him if he just missed the 5th March, but if he misses the 19th as well, he may well have to be dropped :(

Alex Darlo said...

The key to the two reports I read are the key words 'minimum' and 'at least'.

RVP is made of glass, look at his history, three weeks could turn into six and by then too late.

After finishing top 100 last season I have been floating around 5,000 all season until I changed from holding discounts to just picking based on match ups just after Xmas and now I am in top 1000 and scoring over 100 each week, for me this is the tactic and the way forward, RVP was gone before last week.

Bender or Chamwow anyone?

Assistant Manager said...

Alex - you took the words out of my mouth.

Van Persie has just missed a game followed by a blank & he'll miss at least 2 more. Sell - if he comes back in a month and you want him (e.g. for an Arsenal double) then you'll just have to pay the £20m. Until then, use the funds to pick up points elsewhere. There's not enough time left to keep taking zeros.

Anonymous said...

The problem with RVP and most Arsenal players is that they are usually always out longer than expected and if they do return on schedule they will undoubtedly re-injure themselves. I have him at 9 but he will be dropped once all the injury news for the weekends games comes out.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, gotta think of possible replacements now. Was considering getting rid of Carew anyway. Hmmm... Got some thinking to do.

May sell RVP for Beckford. Suarez, Dzeko of course other options.

Gonna be a tough week for forwards, gotta shuffle up my lineup.


Linesman said...

Nik - everyone here is doing significantly better because of you so your advice is taken and RvP is gone! I've now lost all my discounts besides Kolarov...hopefully Hitzelsperger can fill some of that void.

Alex - Wenger seems to be favouring Bendtner over Chamakh. At 7.15 I will probably get him on BD this weekend to free up some points to get Bale or Nani back.

Half an hour til kick-off!!

Anonymous said...

Beckford late to tonights match because he doesn't give two hoots. Pick him if you dare.

Martin Kelly out for a month with a confirmed hamstring tear. Nice to see Kenny finally admitting to the blindingly obvious.

Anonymous said...

time to buy David Luiz...


greginho said...

van persie is staying

Linesman said...

Everton beat Chelsea then lose to Reading? At least the double week is still on...

Congrats to Chelsea!! Gotta love their two Brazilians

Anonymous said...

Everton lost! That means DG week is on, right?! Definitely drop RvP and pick up some DGers ...

Anonymous said...

Is it worth keeping David Luiz, even though its a DG week? I have him at 5.63...

LC said...

David Luiz - A very lucky Man!
Vidic red card was harsh. I personally do not think it was even a yellow card. You can understand the frustration though.

Nani was shit scared of Ivanovic and Rooney was being fouled but referee was blind as fuck so it didnt matter!

Anyways - Chelsea deserved the 3 points. They were better than Utd.
(Cheating Twats!)

Team for next week so far is

Kolorov, Luiz, Coleman, Baines
Arteta, Cahill, Bentley
Tevez, Carew, Beckford.


FLScott said...

@ LC - Jermaine Beckford could miss out because of a groin problem... might want to watch that one.

Ken said...

I was afraid of Ivanovic and I was just watching...plus I live in Detroit!

Ken said...

Why do I feel people are shying away from Saha this week?

Injuries aside....

Is it he is to costly? I have a grand total of 13.24 invested between Saha & Carew counting my .03 left in the bank. Any suggestions on a better (duo) breakdown for this week?

Anonymous said...

@anon - Keeping Luiz,

I have just picked Luiz as a replacement for Kelly. Walker is still pretty good value as well.

Chelsea and Manc City have both got excellent matchups, there are as good as the double gamers in my opinion. Big problem is knowing who will start.

Everton now have little to play for. I don't fancy them away against a lively Newcastle. Followed by a game against a Birmigham side that will stifle anyone for 90 mins.

Birmingham vs W Brom is a high pressure local derby and relegation scrap. On a tight pitch, with a poor surface I cannot see it being a goalfest.

DG's that are undervalued are Osman an Howard. The Birmingham defenders, Bentley and Arteta should return their value over 2 games.

Even with injuries, Arsenal are going to roll over Sunderland, and after tonights defeat Man Utd will be going to Anfield fired up for a win.


kendo said...

Just bought Luiz

Already bd d beckford??

Sell or not to sell rvp????

Worth sellin him @ 9 for Ba?

Anonymous said...

When does Arse have a double week? After RvP comes back? Loose 2 weeks now, gain one back later.
Maybe Ba, but how many goals can the hammers score?


Anonymous said...


I have Saha pencilled in but I may not keep him because of the difficult matchups. I'm looking to squeeze in at least one more Chelsea or Man City player and an Arsenal player. West Ham also look quite attractive for a change.

Kolarov Luiz Coleman Walker
Ohara Osman Arteta Lampard
Saha Suarez
+ £8.5

I'm only sure of keeping Kolarov and Suarez at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping Everton would draw with Reading tonight so the DG was postponed. The problem is that I want Tevez and others, for they have good looking fixtures, but I now feel obliged to play Birmingham and Everton players. Similarly, I dont want to drop Nani @ 17. Tough decisions to be made. Currently looking at:

Kolarov, Luiz, Baines, Johnson
Nani, Hitzlsperger, Bentley
Carew, Martins, Beckford

Not happy with this team though tbh.

Anonymous said...

@ greginho i was over 50places behind you but bad decisions have seen u drop behind me, i see you're about to make another one. Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

@greginho, let the stubborn make mistakes, atleast we don't have to hear him whine over Arsenal losing because of luck and not for being outplayed, oh wait we already heard that one, time and time again....

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Champion league Round 2 result updated.

Kellz said...

@Anons: Come on guys, lay off greginho, this blog isn't about singling out a person and slaggin them off. Let him make whatever moves he wants to make, next season you just may find yourself looking up at greg in the top 10, YFF changes that fast.

Lets keep it classy, were all friends here!

LC said...

Looks like Tim Cahill is out for the DG week !



Anonymous said...

Fellaini out for the season!

Anonymous said...

cesc out, rvp out, walcott.. good bye CL!

kwyjibo said...

It really is kind of amazing to see Barcelona's record atop La Liga. 76 goals from 25 matches! Only 13 against! A +/- of +63! 68 out of a possible 75 points.

The premier league is definitely more balanced, 33 points separate top from bottom, vs 47 for La Liga. But if you want to see goals, Barcelona is fun to watch.

With all the Arsenal injuries, it's going to be a tough second leg. The reason they won the first leg is because of the three players who are now out.

Still, in Football, anything can happen. We'll see ...

Anonymous said...

Just Like INTER MILAN vs BARCA, all Inter Milan Player in the Defence / we call Negative Football.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't slagging Greginho, just saying. The only Persie performed so well was because he was allowed to fully recover, with Arsene switching back to default mode i don't see that happening this season. We might not see that Persie this season. I envisaged this scenario playing out with him being rushed back and getting injured and once the injury was confirmed i dropped him yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Negative football? I see football is the only sports where you tell the competition what strategy to use so you can beat them easily and then get pissed when they refuse to use it. Why do you have defenders midfielders and forwards? Why not just 10 forwards since the aim is to score goals? If you want to know why all teams shouldn't play like Barcelona, look at how stùpìd la liga is and compare to the premiership where teams where teams use the best strategy available to them to achieve their goals for the season.

Anonymous said...

Nani @21.10
Current price: 21.16

It seems it's a good time to drop him to fit in DGers, and buy him back up on the BD at almost no loss...unless you have him at discount.

Anonymous said...

Huth got a negative half point. gotta love this scoring system.

My other comment is offside goals, Stoke is the latest victim, so each coach moans about them, players smash things, we bitch, and not a word about instant replay for offside challenges to plays resulting in a goal. FIFA brings the 14th century to football.

We solved this in the States, but as in most things we 'oversolved' it and now instant replay is used too much and slows down the American football game and I moan about that.

There has to be a better way in the epl. I'd just like to see the score done properly and if it's after a goal, it wouldn't slow the game down. I think we will see it say 30 years from now.

Zapatista said...

I have already dropped him last week. Risked! and I am very happy to get that news.

Miecio said...

I'm not so sure about dropping RvP.
I have got him at 9 and he's going to miss 2 match weeks. So it isnt as bad as you think with 8 games still to play.

What about AM cup? Despite holding RvP and Adam and Giggs in my team (-3.5 pts) I think I have a chance to progress.

Anonymous said...

Sell... sell.. sell... n buy tevez at full price

Ken said...

I look forward to Greginho's comments.

(1) He does not post anonymous. Not that there is anything wrong with that,I just believe it's nicer to get an "overall" feel on how a person views the game.

(2) I believe he has acquired good insight to the game & players.

(3) I believe Kellz said it much better the I ever could.

Back to the (much needed) work on my team.

Ken said...

Hope I am not off base here. Since I have very little knowledge of the game I have to rely mainly on stats & advice.
That being said... Arteta at 13.05?

I see a lot of people including him in this weeks double feature but here is what I see.
He has only scored more then 10 points 5 times. The last time being 14 weeks ago. The next highest total was 8 points and that was last week.
He only has 9 shots on goal in 23 games and (tends) to average somewhere between 4-7 points a game 18 of 23 times.
That would mean 8-14 points for this weeks double.

I have dropped him, brought in Tevez by making my defense somewhat weaker.


LC said...

@ Ken - Arteta is one of those players. If he in the right mind for the game can be absolutely amazing or if not, then absolutely shit.

Over a double game period, i would think he will get his value back in points.

ATM im considering

Kolorov, Coleman, Jiranek, Luiz
Arteta, Bentley, Bilyaletdinov
Carew, Tevez, Torres

I still have Beckford @ 5 and Howard @ 3 in the background.
Will see what the situation is like on Friday before saving these changes.
Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Bilyaletdinov is good but worry that he may not start for 2 games. Bentley and Arteta are considered decent choices but if there are no one to receive their crosses,their points will not be high.


Any suggestions ?

MPFC/KPM said...

Lessee here.....Greginho had Rooney in his lineup this week. I had Berbatov in my lineup this week. Greginho had Luiz and I had (wait for it) Vidic. I could go on but you get the point.

So who is the moron and who is the quasi genius in that little deal? I believe the answer is clear.

Anonymous said...

for GW-29 (did'nt save yet):

any suggestion??

Linesman said...

MPFC/KPM - I guess the only consolation is that both Vidic and Luiz got the same amount of points. You and ManU were both unlucky, but who could've predicted that SAF would start Chico for both games?!

I have one dilemma this week and that is whether or not to drop A Young. I have him at 12.97 and looking forward to the next few games I really want to keep him. Is this a smart move for this week?

Anonymous said...

A few questions for the gurus here.

Keep Tevez @ 18.57?
Keep Nani @ 17.88?
Keep Carew @ 1.97?

I want DGers but dont want to drop Nani or Tevez. Hard choices to make!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone considering Jack Rodwell? He played 90 minutes last night, and with Fellani and Cahill out he will surely be getting game time over the two games. Could be a good buy @ 3.71?

Stato said...

@Anonymous 4.35pm.

I'm thinking of going with Jack but ....
I'd like to have 2 B'ham DG midfield and 2 Everton DG mid as well as keeping faith with Tiote and Hitzl but that comes to 6 DG which I can't have. T and H did well for me last week and could do so again for 5 million a piece.
Currently on selecting 4 or 5 of Arteta, Rodwell, Bentley and Gardner, Tiote and Hitzl.
What do you think?

Also, GK dilema.
Many options:
Howard DG, Foster DG, Reina, Hart, Green, Jussi, Szcz .... ??????????

Any thoughts, anyone?

Anonymous said...

tahts the problem with RVP! he is WEAK!! always GETS HURT!

i just knew this was going to happen!!!


greginho said...

well i didn't know i would get the ball rolling by stating simply that i was keeping van persie.

lets see how i get treated by my next statement.


Anonymous said...

Am I stupid to put Scott Carson in goal @ 1.6 and keep Tevez and Nani in my team?

Anonymous said...

You're the man greginho!!!

Anonymous said...

its easy to see why you're in free-fall

greginho said...

ben foster has 2 games at 5.85

Anonymous said...

So this van Persie injury was total BS after all. Thanks Wenger, you asshole.

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