Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Blog Cup - Semi Final Results

Want to know the 20 teams who have made it through to the final?

Well, see below... :)

The cut-off was 119.5 points - huge congrats is you made it!

The Top 20 will face off in Week 32 and the team with the highest weekly score will win the £20 prize. It's not much, but hey, it's something! You may notice the AM Blog Team is still there, and in the event of this team winning the cup, the prize would go to Hans India, who has been picking the team for the past couple of months since I dropped the weekly poll. Huge thanks to him (and Mike_B!) for all the help this season.

As we don't have a deadline this weekend (FA Cup) I'll be taking a break for a few days, but I'll be back with a full set of Week 30 posts from Monday onwards looking to bounce back after a disappointing 93 points in Week 29.

Are you through to the final? How did Week 29 go for you?


Rank  Team  Total
1 PBS Lions [AM.Blog] 141
2 Tai Tam Tigers 140.5
3 Real Sikopath 139.5
4 Hammer Attack 136.5
5 Arsenal_Bergkamp [AM.Blog] 136.5
6 Shanghai Skyline FC 136
7 無名 134.5
8 Eric 133.5
9 S 130
10 Ultimate FC 129
11 Big Banana Bruises 129
12 CaptAwesome[AM.Blog] 126
13 A new king is born ~ RAJAGOBAL 125
14 Numero Uno 124.5
15 Bull 122.5
16 Peculiar Purple Pieman 122
17 AM Blog Team [AM.Blog] 121
18 Matang Gerdu FC @Malaysia 120.5
19 Fighting the Drop 120.5
20 Knockoutkingz 119.5
21 Axel's Eleven 117.5
22 Syaitan Merah V4.0 117.5
23 tHe UnDerDogs 115.5
24 Fantastical Soccerball 115
25 World Cup WornOuts 114.5
26 Ozonic Liquid 112
27 ***Chizy's Rascals 110
28 iceman [AM.Blog] 108.5
29 AArshavin [AM.Blog] 108.5
30 Showboat Superstars ** 108
31 Last Minute FC***[AM.Blog] 108
32 Fc Felixinho 106.5
33 Goal Hogs 105
34 WALOR 104.5
35 Cabaroota queens oh ha cantona 104.5
36 Vancouver Whitecaps [] 103.5
37 Sgt. BA Baracus 102
38 PowerBola 101
39 itik 100.5
40 ---------- 99
41 This Group Leader 98.5
42 Crabs 97
43 CMC FC 96.5
44 MU4ever 96.5
45 Fantomerik 91
47 Pride Of North London 72
48 Dynamo Chicken Kiev 71
49 VirusRedsNet [AM.Blog] 63
50 go YETI 18.5


Miecio said...

29th - only 108.5 pts =/
good luck for all 20 players who are in next round

lipantata said...


Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Thanks for the work, Nik. It is nice to go through to the final after I got knock out in 3rd round last year. Lampard/Hitz saved me in AM Blog Cup and CL this week.

Tayo said...

How did "go YETI" get to the semi-final????

Congrats to the finalists....

Anonymous said...

comment from the official blog

by MorreyPaul

Woo Hoo, I won the week on the whole game!!!

174.5 points.

Am now 51st overall....I'm 6th in The Fantasist Super League (-) The Vuvuzelas Of Chaos - 2,837.5

So "Chaos" from this blog is that morreypaul guy who sucks up to the fantasist? funny! (o:

MarkH said...

Close but no cigar sitting in 24th with 115 points, I'm Fantastical Soccerball. Would have loved to advance, but I'll take finishing 24th out of some 1000 teams I think.

A belated shout out to "Wannastop" who won the La Liga Cup and is on pace for a double with taking the AM La Liga Blog League as well. For much of the season he was the top La Liga player in the world and is still in the top 5 now.

PBS said...

Hooray, 1st in semifinal!! Too bad it wasn't the final....

Anonymous said...

I'm in the final with 120.5!! I can't believe that was enough.

Thanks again for all the hard work running this Nik.

-lfcinpa (Fighting the Drop)

Backcountry Dave said...

I suppose it's possible but back when I used to read that tripe, I caught MorreyPaul in a couple of lies. Not embellishments, flat out lies. So in the event that it mattered to me, I would be extremely skeptical.

Backcountry Dave

kwyjibo said...

Since dropping out of the Blog Cup, I've scored enough to qualify on every other Blog Cup week! If not for one bad week, I'd still be in it. Oh well.

Congrats to those who did make it! I'll have a beer for you ... Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff as always AM.

PBS you got me by 1/2 a point! Crazy, as I was worried I would not make the cut off.... guess my week was much better than I thought :)

Good luck to all.


Anonymous said...

congrats to all finalists.

Last Minute FC

Tayo said...

A massive earthquake, followed by a tsunami, has hit Japan!!! Let's spare a thought for those affected. The goings-on around the world make football-related worries pale into insignificance...

donut said...

Big Banana Bruises still hanging in there...thanks for arranging this AM. 1 from 20 is quite a final - any thought of changing the rules up a little and taking 10 then through to a smaller final of 5 in the penultimate week - same chances of winning but a little more suspense!!

kwyjibo there are i'm sure lots of people in your position but that's the point of the cup...

Anonymous said...

i think is good to keep 20 teams in with a chance of winning it, gives everyone a chance. last year he kept it down to 2 people in the final so only 2 people have an interest in the final, this time 20, much better!

Anonymous said...

oh no..first time i participated in the blog cup, and i came quite close to reaching top 20. haha..maybe next time i'll have better luck..hihi..had vdv for 0 and giggs -2.5 in my team..bummer..haha..anyway, goodluck to the finalists..

-tHe UnDerDogs-

Anonymous said...

tayo == tsunami about to hit hawaii and then mainland, hope for the best for all in northern japan=== first christchurch now sendai, largest quake ever in japan. peace to you all. glad to have a minor diversion like ff.

kwyjibo said...

As others have stated ... the news this morning about the earthquake and tsunami kind of puts everything in perspective.

I hope everyone here, and their families, are safe.

Anonymous said...

MOURINHO will be replace Alex FERGUSON?

Anonymous said...

Same ol Arsenal, just a different day.

Anonymous said...

Stopped supporting them in 98, you can call me whatever you like. 7 defenders with the only midfielder being Darren Gibson and they still lost, show me a pussier team in Europe.

Anonymous said...

just got back from the game, arsenal were better across the park, man utd just wanted it more, and that from a liverpool fan. men of the match nasri and van der saar who was man utds most important player by a mile.. but its same old man utd, didnt play well but won again..

Anonymous said...

@Backcountry Dave, of course it was all lies! People used to go on that blog and complain, coz quite frankly it's truly truly awful, but I don't understand the modern mentality of looking at something you hate.

It's a bit like that old TV show "points of view" with ann robinson. People would write in and say "i watched so & so for 1 hour and thought it was rubbish" Then don't watch it!


p.s It won't let me sign in...

Data Head said...

AM, I need to get a hold of you because I would like to ask your permission about displaying your header on my site. I recently decided to change my Links listing to a more visually appealing and engaging Links page, where I list the name of the site, include a picture of its header, and write three quick bullet points about what I enjoy about that site. You can see what I have in mind here:

At your request, I will remove the header.

Data Head

Backcountry Dave said...

Salop (if that's your nickname),

If you think I read that crap, you couldn't be more wrong. I thought the first sentence was clear enough but if not, let me set the record straight. It's been over 2 years since I've set digital foot in the 'official' blog nor was I complaining about 'it.' Coincidentally, my reasoning for this is essentially what you stated so you are preaching to the choir.

Backcountry Dave

Anonymous said...

lol, Salop is the nickname of Shrewsbury Town FC.

Backcountry Dave said...

Ha ha, Thanks,

I figured it was something like that but I wasn't certain. Turns out to also be a Creole exclamation but I considered with the international flavor of the readership it could also be a Middle Eastern or Asian name.

Backcountry Dave

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